Words on encouragement when life may seem toughie..
milubing | 11 February, 2010 05:41


How not to ever give up in any particular situation or instance?

Step one :
Don't give in to foolish thoughts of failure.

Step two :
Don't give up.

We all have our personal Vendettas...

Take a deep breath.. move on!



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Blogger BiRu | 11 February, 2010 07:25

Yea! Ok! I dun give up den! Omg. This motivates me so much! on the verge of breaking down. -.-


Blogger th-JESS | 11 February, 2010 09:01


no matter what you do, as long as you preserver it'll be sunshine after the rain!


Anonymous YUJING | 11 February, 2010 13:04

WOW:) but @ times, it's srsly difficult. when you decided to move on, someone started pulling you back. it's just like rainbow doesn't always appear after rain.


Blogger qIaNhUi | 11 February, 2010 20:51



Blogger Adeline | 11 February, 2010 22:02

thanks for the encouragement, nic :D
very true!! i feel encouraged after reading this entry!! i think that's what you tell yourself also right? :D and i believe it helps!



Anonymous syl | 11 February, 2010 23:34

Encouraging one another eh? :)
Yeah, everyone Jia you! If you think you can, you can.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 12 February, 2010 00:25

Yes, strongly agree that together we can make it.
It's the same for voting MLB's songs up Yes933 Long Hu Bang: With just a handful of guys & gals casting their votes, not only will the song never appear on the chart! It also wasted all the voting coupons sent by that handful group.
So, let's jia you and "chiong" again.

If you think you can, yes you can!

Lunar New Year is round the corner now. Wishing everyone A Happy & Wonderful Tiger Year.


Anonymous Pek Choo | 12 February, 2010 01:24

Dun give up! Jiayou~ :-D


Blogger binz | 12 February, 2010 02:17

it always seems easier for us to encourage ppl ard us than to convince ourself in any situation.. but what to do, just gotta hang in there! everybody add loadsa oil!


Anonymous Anonymous | 12 February, 2010 02:41

It's easy to say it through words than doing it with actions.


Anonymous Anonymous | 12 February, 2010 22:17

Giving up = Failure

Therefore one must never give up no matter how tough it gets.

With determination, one can overcome it!

Go! Go! Jiayou! ^^


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 12 February, 2010 22:17

From Teenage (March Issue):



Anonymous Jane | 13 February, 2010 01:31

Jiayou dun give up!!! :)

谢谢 musiclover_rock2008!

新年快乐, 恭喜发财, 万事如意, 春风满面!!! HUAT AH!!!:DDDDD


Anonymous angie | 13 February, 2010 12:04

ur actions are determined by ur outlook of life.

sunshine or rain = way of life..something u can't avoid
if u can rainbow = is a bonus, grab it..

giving up = is u do no actions as u think the actions will be futile

quote from a line in V.... “An inch. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.”

so an inch may be small to you...but it's a mile for some people...

So, bingo!, say it in action by not submitting to foolish/negative thoughts..

Thinker, catch The Other Boleyn Girl movie, an introspective plot...

1 incident,

2 ways of life,

the ending?

- one person seeking mercy under a sword..
- one person liberating the inner Vendettas to pursue happiness..

Happy Spring Festival!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!



Anonymous ik | 14 February, 2010 01:34

Wish everyone happy Chinese New Year and also a great Valentine Day!!


Anonymous mighty mouse | 14 February, 2010 03:04

Sometimes when things get tough, obstacles keep poppin up at every stage. it's tough not to give up. Then on the way it's nice to discover a comrade in the midst. together, you keep reminding each other of the goal in mind. When your comrade leaves u hangin n things look really bleak, some angels appear n do smthg to make a difference. As if they hv been planted there to make your day so much sweeter cos of the tough times b4. Though transient, It's these lil' bright moments which makes me tink even for a while, life is good! :)
A memorable chuxi, always happy to eat reunion dinner. Here's wishing everyone here 新年快乐! 心想事成!


Blogger th-JESS | 14 February, 2010 06:20



Anonymous WeNdY | 14 February, 2010 09:24

祝大家新年提钱(前)快乐!1314168(一生一世一路发)!恭喜发财 + 虎年行大运喔!!=)) P.S: The music of love(MLB) is playing in every heart:) Happy Valentine's Day 2 all!! ;)


Blogger Sam Wong | 14 February, 2010 10:43

Wishing MLB and the MLB family 新年快乐! May we be reminded of the positive things in life and fight like a tiger. Cheers!


Anonymous Jenny | 14 February, 2010 13:09

Wishing all:

gong hei fatt choy

xin nian guai le

hu hu sheng wei

most impt: shi shi dou shun shun li li


Anonymous syl | 14 February, 2010 13:45

Happy chinese new year to everyone!
May the tiger year be filled with happy moments!:)


Anonymous YUJING | 14 February, 2010 14:45



Anonymous qIaNhUi | 14 February, 2010 22:24

Wishing ALL 虎年 新年快乐 ~
&&& Happy Valentine's Day Too ~ ♥


Anonymous capri | 14 February, 2010 22:34

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of u a prosperous year ahead! Bless with good health and happiness!

Happy Valentine's Day too!


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 14 February, 2010 23:15

gong xi fa cai and qing ren jie kuai le...
wish milubing and mlbians a very happy new year and happy valentines day to u guys and your love...
i had to work morning shift today and it didnt turn out well...whatever la, i can't think positive now so shall not think too much. nitey~


Anonymous sofui | 15 February, 2010 02:05



Blogger Adeline | 17 February, 2010 12:33

May you all stay strong & determined like a tiger this year!


Anonymous arieth | 17 February, 2010 14:17

I happen to chance upon your blog. 新年快乐 MLB. Jia you.


Anonymous mlbian | 18 February, 2010 01:12

Happy tiger year, jiayou MLB N mlbians!


Anonymous nic | 18 February, 2010 20:49

hoi hoi! happy new yr to all!!



Blogger th-JESS | 19 February, 2010 01:48

mlbs so quiet this cny! more gigs!!! more gigs!!! ROARRRRRSSS!


Anonymous ik | 20 February, 2010 11:25

pls go to http://asiaonlinevote.blogspot.com/2010/01/vote-for_3240.html to vote for milubing....

Lets vote hard... Jiayou!!! :)

Have a nice weekend! :D


Anonymous ik | 20 February, 2010 11:37


Vote for 最具潜力狮城新人王


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 20 February, 2010 11:55

Voted! Huhu.


Anonymous mlbian | 20 February, 2010 14:39

i just voted. jiayou everyone


Anonymous Jane | 21 February, 2010 00:59

I think i share this link before.. haha.. Anyway thanks ik for sharing it too..

Just voted! Let's all jiayou and vote hard.. If can everyday vote for milubing.. Thanks! :)

Enjoy ur sunday..


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 22 February, 2010 00:49

Hi Fellow MLBians:

Please cast your votes for the following categories as mentioned by ik above. Cast your votes for all categories nightly. The closing date is near, we need to votes harder. Anyway, it is free. Just spend some times nightly to votes for MLB.




Please check out the respective results yourself.

Let's Chiong & Votes, Votes, Votes...

Thank you very much to those who have voted, but please do not stop voting until the closing date.


Anonymous ik | 22 February, 2010 20:40

i think these 3 voting links can vote more than once..cos i tried just now they accept..so vote again ya?


Anonymous mighty mouse | 22 February, 2010 23:03

Another year, another voting round...it'll be great to hv a mlb cny gig w mlb's interpretation of the chingchong cny songs :D now huayi fest on, hope they will invite more local chinese bands (aka MLB!!!):D to perf for the fringe programs in future so there is a another platform to intro our local chinese bands to more people. Yeah!


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 23 February, 2010 02:18

you may votes for many times in a day, but only 1 vote was accepted with point per category.
pls look out for the figures!
we only hope that more mlbians will join us in the votings, cos it is ending soon!


Anonymous nic | 23 February, 2010 05:28

Thanks people for the voting.. really got heart :)

BUT the result ain't that important k k?.. enjoy the process..

The music..

The performances..

At last - The memories!

Lotsa Lurve...


Anonymous sam | 23 February, 2010 10:53

Yea. Agreed. Cheers!!


Blogger Adeline | 23 February, 2010 20:52

my previous comment wasn't shown! ROAR.
anw, i voted too!



Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 23 February, 2010 23:02

quoted from uncle phil,
"but only 1 vote was accepted with point per category."
me don't understand wor, advice?? thanks~

that day i was drinking milopeng at work then i realized i missed milubing a lot...

me still busy working lo, but new plans are coming up =D...hoho~

milubing and all my friends jia you...
take good care too...


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 24 February, 2010 01:27


what i meant was: per day per category, per person only 1 vote will be accounted for, eventhough you may keep repeat in votings.
which means, just vote all the 3 catrgories with 1 vote per day per person (rather per pc - due to ip address)

hope you have a clearer picture now. feel free to call me, if you are still in doubt.


Anonymous Anonymous | 24 February, 2010 11:32

每个奖项都可以在每隔十二小时投选. 每一台电脑可以在每一次投票, 投选十二大奖项, 但每个奖项只能投选一次. 如要再投票, 就必须等十二小时过后.

So one can vote TWICE a day using the same PC/IP address.


Anonymous ik | 27 February, 2010 13:33


=== Date 截止日期: 3月15日2010年, 中午12.00pm ===

Vote for 最具潜力狮城新人王

=== Closing Date 投票截止日期: 2月28日2010年, 中午12.00pm ===

Hurry up.....


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 05 March, 2010 02:40

Yo.. what happen to this blog? Where have MLB & MLBians gone too?
This place is so quiet for more than a week liao!
Wanna see it warming up soon!


Anonymous Anonymous | 05 March, 2010 15:54

knock knock!

milopeng tiga


Anonymous xinmin | 06 March, 2010 00:04

This really encouraged me a lot. Thanks for making my visits to this blog very mood-lifting ones, always! :)


Anonymous someone | 06 March, 2010 01:28

'Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway'.. agreed?


Anonymous sam | 06 March, 2010 03:34

Hmm.. Can't catch it. Too late now i guess.

Hi Uncle Phil. Hi all..

Been quite a while.


Blogger Adeline | 06 March, 2010 15:35

Yes :D too quiet. Zzzz! MLB & MLBians, where are you all?


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 06 March, 2010 23:49

Hi Sam,
Thanks for your response.

Hope to see you guys posting more often, in order to warm-up this place!

A beautiful Sunday to everyone here.
Ya, btw will you be taking part in the OCBC Cycling-Race tmr?


Anonymous nic | 07 March, 2010 01:07

Pika BoOo!



Anonymous mlbian | 07 March, 2010 01:33

gd luck, uncle phil


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 08 March, 2010 22:53

me ah, just resigned my job but found new job le, office job at a factory at tuas...Tuas South Ave that side...damn far but then no harm trying out hor...
angie jie also got 1 job offer for me that time but i guessed i didnt get through. thanks her for the offer still..

take care lo milubing and mlbians..


Anonymous Anonymous | 09 March, 2010 18:05



Anonymous ruiting | 10 March, 2010 11:07

HELLO PEOPLE! currently having attachment. haha (:
have fun peepo!!!


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 12 March, 2010 11:27

saw this from twitter...

""One good thing about music - when it hits you, you feel no pain.""


morning milubing and friends =D


Anonymous Anonymous | 13 March, 2010 01:28

Genial fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.


Anonymous mighty mouse | 13 March, 2010 01:36

kkk, sure or not. to emo people out there, when sad songs hit u, it can bring on the pain. such a morbid tot, let's banish it on a fri nite! Here's to a restful wkend before the grind of the week starts again, g'nite people!


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