milubing | 30 November, 2009 00:37

mlb :

So you enjoyed..

Nic's HIGHness?

WeiQi's groovy beatbox?

Sam's uncontrollable red ears?

We've got the letters and little gifts.. Thank you for making our day!

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Anonymous Anonymous | 30 November, 2009 00:43

the performances are GREAT!! ^.^b

im in e process of uploading the video.heh. :)



Blogger qIaNhUi | 30 November, 2009 00:44

WE Love the day lots.!
We feel it ALL :)


Blogger -WHEY` | 30 November, 2009 00:44

we enjoyed, every single thing :D



Anonymous Anonymous | 30 November, 2009 00:44

XIAOQIAN~~~~~~ <3



Blogger Jean | 30 November, 2009 00:46

Thanks for making our day too!
enjoyed myself a lot today..super nice performances!=D


Blogger qIaNhUi | 30 November, 2009 00:46

Jo, are u calling me -_____-


Blogger Jean | 30 November, 2009 00:46

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 00:48

cfm high like nobody's business man:D

♥♥♥ many.


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 00:49

YES YES YES we enjoyed all xD

weiqi, rest early since you've got flu!

nic, calm down abit, if not later cannot slp xD

sam, dont shyyyyyy !!


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 00:49

p/s: u made our day too !


Blogger -WHEY` | 30 November, 2009 00:53

we couldnt sleep cos we were waiting for new tag on blog!

and now its up, we'll be high throughout the night!

rest well guys! :D bet u guys must be tired after all the photo taking! :)


Anonymous JoAnNa | 30 November, 2009 01:04

Hi babes,

I have uploaded a video - 迷路兵 想握你的手 @ BISHAN J8 聚唱会.

As I have problem in uploading in Youtube,I decided to upload at Youku instead. =)


Happy watching!! =)
I still have other videos yet to be uploaded.
To let everyone 心痒痒,I shall post each performance per day! :)

PS: See that golden hair!! So glaring sia!! MUAHAHAHAHAs. =P



Blogger Elise | 30 November, 2009 01:06

Enjoyed the gig at J8 so much!! And the little white pony did you guys proud too! (Little pony deserves big hugs from all of us!! Hehehe! :P)


Anonymous Jane | 30 November, 2009 01:07

Glad that u all enjoy urself..

Nic is always high... Opps haha...

Love weiqi de beatboxing... :)

Sam dun shy...

Watch the videos at youtube le... Nice performance... :D


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 01:08

im still HIGHHH from the event today. LOL

the 3 mlbs smile till face cramp alr ba xD


Anonymous Jenny | 30 November, 2009 01:10

MLB & MLBians, trust u really enjoyed the "HIGH 翻天 moment”with the new songs. Next event, you will see my little boy thr, he was quite sad this afternoon that he couldn't attend again...

p.s. to IK & Phil, I left the line aft leaving the comment, but still sincerely thanks for your offer to help. I do read the blogs once I am free during these hours.


Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 01:20

only managed to upload this, because the rest v.longgg:( & my eye just cannot tahan alr larh. just enjoy this for now:D

>> http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1286279005167&ref=mf

more picas + videos will be up:)

brain still HIGH, yet eyes cfm not high alr. *shutting down*:(


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 01:20

hello jenny ! ;)
thou i dont know you, but err, hi ! ;p
anw i have an extra album, its signed. do your boy wants it ? i'll give it to him ;)


Anonymous Jenny | 30 November, 2009 01:33

JoAnNa, tks for the upload at youku, it was great! I saw the GOLDEN hairs! the first line came to mind was: waseh! my hair was oso highlighted with tat 3 weeks ago, now faded to copper n gold, hahahaha

th-JESS,my boy wants to hv the handshake n take new pictures with the "kor-kors". No worry de and many thanks ya.


Anonymous Jane | 30 November, 2009 01:38

Thanks joanna.. Haha i think that golden hair shld be qian hui de ba... Opps... :X

Hello Jenny... How are you? How's work? Cya soon... I miss u and ur little boy... He is cute.. :)


Blogger Sam Wong | 30 November, 2009 01:43

Hey people.. Didn't know that my ears gave me away today. OH.. We'll do better next time. Really tired now, gonna hit the bed. Will read each one of your letters when i'm up tomorrow. Just wanna say that even though i may or may not reply you directly, i appreciate everyone of them ya. Cheers!


Anonymous ZHU meiyi (: | 30 November, 2009 01:46

enjoyed to the max! :D
thanks for the wonderful performance!



Anonymous Jenny | 30 November, 2009 01:48

yo~ Jane! my dotter always remembers u as SG Ella, so my son oso follow mentioned u as Ella jiejie le.

For the past few days, I tried to brain washed him to address MLB as "kor-kors" and not 'uncle'... really scare tat malu incident at IMM happen again when he said 'uncles'(me PENGZ!)

Will Benny read this blog? My son remembers this Uncle Benny very well after the concert, he is looking forward to handshake with him also.

Wishing all have a great week ahead.


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 01:50

@ jenny: okay ;)

haha sam, its so you to have red ears ;p but its really nice eh, today's performance.
u shld rest early ! its been a long day ;D and slowly read. i wrote alot of.. craps ;x

weiqi, time to create a facebook xD u dont have to take photos or upload them, with us tagging u, ur pics would have a whole lot already xD


Anonymous PINKIEEE | 30 November, 2009 01:52

Nights :P


Anonymous Jenny | 30 November, 2009 01:53

WeiQi,Sam and Nic,

Remember to do more hair treatments & facial if u r able to.

Good nite to you guys.


Anonymous PINKIEE | 30 November, 2009 01:56

Yujing, stop screaming my name!!

happy birthday to the birthday girl! :O


Blogger qIaNhUi | 30 November, 2009 02:10

OMG, Jane, how come u know that's me =______=


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 03:07

haha qianhui famous ;p


Anonymous nic | 30 November, 2009 03:07

Really had fun.. well fun is tiring... haha..

jump jump more la.. keke.. i dont mind being more tired if you giuys tire with me! keke..

eating medicine and going sleep now..

lovely gifts.. lovely thoughts..

hope u guys had fun.. duno when's the next..

but we hope soon :)

lotsa lurve!

(think i need wireless headset mic if wanna jump even more haha)


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 03:27

hahaha we've had loads of fun too ! see how high u guys get us fans to be ;p

have a good night's rest ! and like ivy said, u were so 'mai li' yan chu that ur veins were all showing. relax relax! xD sweet dreams ;)


Blogger -WHEY` | 30 November, 2009 03:41

haha, donno when's next? but we're so looking forward for the next already! haha what about another concert like the previous one? :P

alrighties, take care MLB and MLBians! :)

i think i'll dream waving my left hand and singing 把梦放左手 ... :D


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 04:47

agree with li whey ! concert concert !! ;P

cant wait for the next event already ;)


Anonymous nic | 30 November, 2009 04:54

duno when's the next.. next up is rest and facial.. but gotta wait for pay come in haha.. getting bad leh the face.. cia lat..

anyway uploaded the vids to my FaceBook...

Chi Xia Yu Zhou

Yin Shi Nan Nu

Courtesy of Wei Qi's Dad :)

Nite all..


Anonymous nic | 30 November, 2009 05:16

starting to miss the view from the stage already.. miss the shouts.. miss the happy faces..

not for the fame.. but for being able to be in the service of all your ears :)

reading through the tags on the blog.. its quite overwhelming how ppl unrelated can relate to us via music..

share some love ppl.. FB each other.. get connected.. come to the next performance as an entire Family :)

That would be sooo cool!

The band doesnt like politics.. and we hope everyone would be smiley to everyone as there's already too much animosity in the world :(

Share some care and concern.. So nice to see ppl being happy..

Oh my.. i'm soo random.. forgive moi..



Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 05:48

woah.. weiqi's dad was thr to support ? so cool !!

well we miss mlb too.. and yeah, fb does let us connect more.. and woah, its almost 6am.
nic's a night owl too. lols

welcome to the world of spoilt biological clocks, me & pinkie is regulars xD


Anonymous Anonymous | 30 November, 2009 07:02

It's a NEW FACES era.


Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 | 30 November, 2009 07:18

yeah yeah ...

great performance indeed ...

high~ thumb up up ~


Anonymous ruiting | 30 November, 2009 09:11

Am in school now!! But still very high!! My fren say I siao alrdy . LOL. It was really the best autograph session! All please rest well! :)


Anonymous Pek Choo | 30 November, 2009 09:41

Morning to everyone.

We had enjoyed the fun yesterday!
You guys made our day! :D
Really loved the ending part...
Thanks for the photo taking session too!

Thanks everyone who has share the video and pics. I have to start uploading mine soon! :)

Rest Well & Take Care yea.

We hoped to see more upcoming events!



Blogger binz | 30 November, 2009 10:07

gosh suffering from post event symptoms! it's like physically damn tired but the mind is like in a damn high state! and omg my voice is changing :S

yday was really really really great! thanks loadsss guys(:

and ahh i love wq's dad! when i saw him set up that huge tripod with the camera high up i was like woahh.. then now is yayy we get to watch the video!

off to study my last paper! haha yday was in such a mood as though i got no paper today :x


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 30 November, 2009 10:29

Felt th highness.
Heard th awesome beatbox.
Saw that pair of shy red ears.

Power la!! :D

Performance totally swept us off our feet.
How t not get high w such an atmosphere right! (:
I guess now it's time for th milos t get some rest? So, rest well! Really.
Till we meet again YAY.


Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 10:33


missed yesterday sooo muchhhhh!


Anonymous flora | 30 November, 2009 12:35

Hey Nic, yup notice your face is not at the best condition now. I can recommend a clinic to you. It is located at Tampines, a very famous one. It call Niks Maple Clinic, specialize in Skin. I went there to see the doc about 3 times and my skin got really good. And best of all, no oral medicine. However the worst part of this clinic is you have to queue. It opens at 830 am, but you have to go queue at 6am. And by the time you finish consulting and step out of the clinic, its already noon. I always go after work, start queue around 6+, and once I have no bus to go home at all, cos its already past 12... But you only need to see the doc 2 or 3 times. And you just need to buy the lotion to maintain, no need to queue for that. Oh, by the way, each time it costs me about $100+ for consultation and medicine.
So if you can't sleep at night, you can go there to queue :P Sure can be the number one patient and go home by 10am.

Oh good news, before I post. Just found out that this clinic has a new branch at West Coast. So you can go to that one. Look at the clinic roster and see when Dr Ong is on duty. She is the one that created such a long queue.


Blogger -WHEY` | 30 November, 2009 13:44

agree with binz! post event syndrome lahs! i miss the performance so much and was still so high last night that i couldnt sleep and i overslept! LOL

yeah FB is probably the best media for communication cos everyone has it :D

finally you guys have the time for yourselves and your family alr :) so do rest well! :D

btw those ppl who took grp pic with the milo boys, i saw the pics uploaded alr :)


Blogger Elise | 30 November, 2009 14:09

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Elise | 30 November, 2009 14:10

Ya... it's post-event syndrome. Physically tired (plus being on the verge of falling ill again from hot weather yesterday) but mentally "high" right up till now when I'm at work.


Blogger marilyn | 30 November, 2009 14:20

Ye ye ye my friends li ying so nice help mee get the album and get sign toos .. but too bad cant take pic wit mlb ... AHHHHHH ~~~~~~
sooooooooooo saddddddd :(
but its alright la ii still have their album with the signature too .. uue all really must enjoy le and get highhhhhh highhhhhhh highhhhhh into the sky .... if ii go ii also sure will get highhhh highhh into their sky .... ba mo fa shou zhou you bu kai le ~~~~~~~~
Thanks for the video ii really love it ...


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 30 November, 2009 14:25

sian lor, looked like i miss lots of fun =(...
still, ting shuo pekchoo already help me get my copy signed by u guys le? thanks pekchoo and thanks milubing! she will pass me my album during her free time then i'll get high again that time? haha...

I saw sam's and nic's fb flooded with lots of pictures already...thanks for sharing the videos here as well? I'll view during my free time ba, need to prepare for work liao. jia you everybody~

QUESTION: psst psst, does that mark the end of the xuan chuan for this album already? meaning, when will be the next time I could possibly see milubing again?


Anonymous shihui | 30 November, 2009 14:26


hey guys, yesterday was fabulous! *two thumbs up*
anticipating for the next one to come!!! ii hope to be SOON! ^^
Thank you, Nic, Weiqi & Sam for all your effort, we appreciate everything you have accomplished to show us your best and make us proud of you, jia you! more to come!!! C;

good rest for the time being and enjoy urself!


Anonymous Adeline | 30 November, 2009 15:46

I was totally swept off my feet by the performances <3 really loved the singing and autograph session!

Continue to rock and im soooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to more events with MLB :D

love love love MLB <3


p/s: i still feel so high when looking at the pictures :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 30 November, 2009 16:13

Yalo.YOU guys stop complimenting and crediting anyone for videos, pictures or whatsoever things like this mah. Just make a general thank you can le. Otherwise, you all just make the girls to compete with one another and want attention, and losing the focus on music. :

You guys can start to stop the politics.


Anonymous aizutto | 30 November, 2009 16:21

Nic,Sam & Weiqi :
Thank you for the wonderful performances.It was totally awesome.

And thank you for asking about my sister..Told her and she got shocked that you asked. =)


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 16:52

er, was any politics being carried out? i seriously dont know o.O

anw, relax people, mlbians are one, we all are heading towards the same aim, supporting mlb all the way. dont have to see if that person's tall or short or anything yah ? afterall, the more united we are the more support we can give mlbs.

so, join your 'groups' together and we'll call ourself a family, not 'groups' yeah ?

anw im trying to upload my videos so the rest that didnt get to go can enjoy what we enjoyed too. i think thats the main aim, i believe all mlbians are not uploading the video to see who videoed better also. so cheers ! enjoy the video and continue to love mlb to every bits ;)

p/s: didnt receive any more replies from apple's side ;(


Anonymous PINKIE IS SHWUFANG. | 30 November, 2009 17:05

Haha, looking forward to th next event mans!!



Blogger Elise | 30 November, 2009 17:18

I feel good standing amongst the fellow MLBians because the members of this big family are all sensible people as I could see. Very cute too! :D


Anonymous Pek Choo | 30 November, 2009 17:29

Here to share some photos for ysd event! :D



Anonymous nic | 30 November, 2009 18:00

Dear anonymous..

Being thankful being and grateful for what ppl have done is BASIC COURTESY. If because of thank you's ppl start getting jealous.. its a very sad thing. Have some sense self worth.. filming down videos and getting thank you's is not what there is all in life.

It's just thank yous.


Thank you Anonymous.


Blogger LiYing_Fion | 30 November, 2009 18:05

Hey Marilyn.. ..
Faster check when is your off day and let me know.. .. LiYing 我呢 is getting busier towards the end of the year as i got 4 project presentations.. Hahax..

To Nic, Sam and WeiQi.. ..
You guys continue to Work Hard and Play Hard!!! Have plenty of rest and go for FACIAL!!! Hahax..


Blogger NIColette LeE | 30 November, 2009 18:06

just came home from school. today went school and i was still HIGH lor~ thn my friends was like saying i today siao ready. HAAHAA. thn teacher teaching i'm not listening at all and almost kena scolding:(

& can't wait for th next event. Can't wait to get so HIGH again~ ytd was great fun(:


Anonymous ruiting | 30 November, 2009 18:18

agrees with jess!

seriously anticipating for the next event. lollol.

MLB power lah!
(very long nv say this le hor? lol!!)


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 18:36

haha yeah, MLB POWER LAH !

milo gives people physical energy,
mlb brand's milo gives us mlbians brain energy. so we're super brainy high but physically drained. LOL

and nic sounds fierce ontop xD
lax lax.

anw anon, maybe u dont know us mlbians well enough, we actually dont compete for attention, but we stay together as friends, attend event together and cheer together, sing together. after events we even go have a drink and chit chat, its a type of friendship that is formed because of MLB. because we love MLB and so we love one another. its not about the attention we get, its about giving support to a band we like and we have faith in.

anyway we wont lose focus on MLB's music. we would bother attending events and videoing down because we love their music. if we only want attention , we wont even bother videoing to keep it as memories keepsakes, but instead we'll do all we can like maybe scream n shout like mad women to get MLB's attention instead of singing along and videoing down to share, so yup, maybe u just dont understand us well enough, we will always welcome you to take a step forward and get to know us in future mlb events to come. when you understand each and everyone even if its only a little bit, u will understand us better.
dont judge a book by its cover ;)

i'll be glad to say hi if u would ever like to join us for events ;)


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 18:42


here's some videos to share, PINKIEEEEEEE's hat is inside xD can see her swaying to the music. hahaha ;X i tried my best to keep my cam high angled to avoid her hat alr xD

[ping chang @ J8]
woooh weiqi ! xD its glad u no longer shy away from singing. haha ;D
can hear the mlbians singing along too.

[xiang wo ni de shou @ J8]
woooh, i likes. can hear all 3 of them singing really clear-ly.
p/s: i actually video it for self enjoyment also, not attention seeking ah . T_T
enjoy ! ;D

the rest are still uploading. youtube's giving me alot of trouble. from ytd tried uploading , left com on overnight and only 2 videos done thus far. thrs still the heeren videos tt i hadnt uploaded yet. anw thsoe who didnt attend the event can see this videos to not miss out anything ya ? ;)
enjoy ! lovessss !


Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 18:52

nice one Nic:D


Anonymous nic | 30 November, 2009 19:47

Just being honest..

So don't mind me being direct and abit sacarstic at times.. but i'm the same friendly smiley.. just at times.. abit too intuned to my emotions.. So do forgive me yea.

gd day to all :)

Thanks for the vids.. those that didnt go now can relive it :) Kudos to all uploaders!



Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 19:50

haha, well.. everyone's just sharing what they got, so yep, those that want to enjoy watching can enjoy, those that dont like, ignore it lor ;3

and nic dont worry, its good to be honest. haha. plus what u said is true.. its just basic courtesy to say thank you, thats all.. not like everyone would go counting hw many thank yous they recieved.


Anonymous Pinkie is shwufang | 30 November, 2009 20:02


I'm being low profile leh.


Anonymous ruiting | 30 November, 2009 20:29

haha shwu fang ur low profile ytd didnt work lei. end up its the opp. LOL.

yeahhhh, everyone's sharing vids and picas! if we are competing for it, i think everyone will put BIG credits inside pics or vids already. but u see! dont have!!! so we are not competing. hahaha!

nic eating dinner now riteeeee. LOL.


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 20:36

lol yeah ruiting's so right. we didnt even edit the videos to show its taken by us eh.. lol.

and PINKIEEEEEE, dont tao yan me lah, im in love with you alr leh. ;3 HAHAH
and low profile doesnt work lah, pink hello kitty !


Anonymous xinmin | 30 November, 2009 21:32

I'm getting high again watching all the videos posted ;D Haha, anyway i just realised something, quite dumb for me to go think about these things la, but the rightone for 冷晚餐 id the intro for 吃下宇宙. Am i very lag or what.. hahaha. I just totally 开窍 today.


Anonymous ruiting | 30 November, 2009 22:09

everyone's suffering from after-autographsession-effects. lol. just like after camps, after-camp-effects. lollol.

weiqi, did u tag at my blog? (:



Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 23:00

LOLOL. no worries larh Nic:) yea, the smiley that never fail to smile widely yea?^^

Ruiting, cfm is Weiqi:D he's always so sweet & cute one lorh.. & he will do that! LOLOL! right right Weiqi?:p

Sammm, are you eating eggs now? LOLOL. okay i'm just random.


Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 23:00

&& before i forgot something vvv. important,



Anonymous mighty mouse | 30 November, 2009 23:25

Woah, thanks to MLB for putting up a good show yesterday!!! :) MLBians rock too!


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 30 November, 2009 23:30

From this week's i-weekly (album review):



Anonymous Uncle Phil | 01 December, 2009 00:34

Hi fellow MLBians,
So glad to know that everyone who had attended last Sunday's autograph signing session are atill very HIGH. But, please don't forget to send out your voting coupons with 吃下宇宙 for Yes933 LongHuBang by tomorrow noon, and send SMS to cast your votes b4 Thursday noon.
We need to votes harder to push it to the TOP of the chart. Let's Jia-you... ;)


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 01:00

uncle phil is sooooooooo enthu ;p i'll send in mine tmrrrrrr !

mlb's chi xia yu zhou must be FIRST on the charts !! =p


Anonymous Nicolette | 01 December, 2009 01:07

yeahh. uncle phil very enthu(:

i sms-ed to cast vote just now le(:
MLB's chi xia yu zhou can top th charts der~ JIAYOU(:


Anonymous nic | 01 December, 2009 01:24

steady la!


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 01:30

if everyone cast 1 sms and 1 coupon, then really steady alr !


Anonymous Anonymous | 01 December, 2009 02:05

How to vote via SMS?


Anonymous YUJING | 01 December, 2009 02:06

LOLOL. anonymous, i just ask this question to someone.



Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 02:15

i wont say credit uncle phil, i'll say thank you for the infos ;)
anw, here's info on votings

1) I-weekly coupons
Fill in the song title 吃下宇宙 and the artiste's name 迷路兵 and then fill in your particulars and mail it to:

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

Coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

above info is with thanks to uncle phil ;)


Blogger -WHEY` | 01 December, 2009 02:15

yes vote vote vote! i've few coupons i asked my friends to fill in earlier on.. btw i donno why i cant seem to find the coupon in some of the iweekly issues :/


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 01 December, 2009 02:16

O_O a lot to update~~ haha...
hello nic~~

haha here is the place where friendships grow and blossom...we dun compete for attention...we even extend our friendships to outside...like if some of them have other common idols outside, they can get crazy together as well, as for me, during my free time i will jio some of them to watch movies with me at my workplace also - for free. if someone's birthday is here, some of us will meet up and celebrate as well.

no doubt we might have our own cliques la, but in our circle of friends everywhere, there will sure be ppl whom we r closer with and not so close with?

its the start of the last month of the year le, lets hope our 2009 will end with a blast. have a gd rest ba nic~
sweet dreams to sam and weiqi too, since high chance sam might be sleeping liao and duno where is weiqi...haha...


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 02:16

oh yes, do rmbr tt 1 person is only allowed to cast 1 vote, e.g 1 coupon 1 sms, so do not repeat vote yah? cause even if u vote 2-3 times they will only record 1 and void the rest.


Blogger Strat | 01 December, 2009 02:29

How to sms ar ?? Forgot le ... Can someone sms me the format ??


Anonymous yp | 01 December, 2009 02:35

just a reminder, for those who helped to fill in coupons on sunday, we'll be mailing them tml so pls do not send it again otherwise the votes will be nullified. you can get your family members to fill up and send it out though. just remember not to use the same handwriting. yup, thanks! :)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 01 December, 2009 03:00

Yeah.. m glad to see so many mlbians responsing the votings. Thank you very much. :)
As Jess had mentioned: if everyone casted 1 vote by sending coupon & another vote by SMSing, i dun see any reason for not hitting the TOP lor! hehe...
Time to repay what MLB had done so much for us... please cast your votes, ok?

Wow.. its nearly 3am le, i better retire to bed & zzzzz!
Goodnite & sweet dreams to MLB & MLBians. :)


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 03:13

wow.. i didnt know thrs so many mlbians that are as night owl as me. and yes its 3am, uncle phil u have to work so u better turn in. hahaha

anw, about the voting, well i posted the format, courtesy of uncle phil on top, so if everyone can do their part n sms + send in coupons, then im sure we'll have good news soon ! ;p

anw, yp, we filled up 2 coupons at SHA right? after this coupon that you're sending in for us, have the other one been used or still with you? cause i dont want to repeat the votes too..

anw, i'll be sms-ing in with my mom's phone n all, maybe u can get your family members to vote via SMS too , while coupon, do avoid the same handwriting. they're so strict ;(

get your frens to listen to mlb songs so they'll get hooked and then start voting too ! WOOHOO !

oh yea, weiqi's kind of missing in action, must be hibernating so he can recover from his flu i guess..
get well soon weiqi !


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 01 December, 2009 03:18

me too me too!
i'm actually starting work at 9.30am later but i'm still here! haha...
jia you jia you...lets chiong together~
strat, u may want to scroll up? or sms u the format will be easier?
nitey everyone


Blogger marilyn | 01 December, 2009 08:13

Good morning mlbians oh vote time ^^ hahas can anytime vote right :)
when iish de date due ^^


Blogger marilyn | 01 December, 2009 08:15

takecare weiqi give uue three jiang xi ji goes to sam and nic :) hope ur sicks recover faster and can compo more songs yeah ~~~~~


Anonymous ruiting | 01 December, 2009 10:07

I miss Sunday! 2 days Liao but still thinking all over again about the event hahaha!!


Anonymous Nicolette | 01 December, 2009 10:15

yeah, WeiQi got to take care and rest well thn recover fast(:

I used many many people's phone go cast votes. friends and family(: going out w/ friends later, so can ask more people to lend phone to cast votes(:


Blogger Elise | 01 December, 2009 13:06

Yayy. Voted! Gonna use my other phone to vote too. :)


Anonymous yp | 01 December, 2009 14:09

jess, i've mailed the coupons that you guys filled up during sha. the ones that you guys filled during j8's auto session will be mailed in 2 batches. one set for this wk and the other set for next wk.

before i forget, prepaid lines cannot take part in voting.

and someone asked me how to search for mlb's fb pg on sun, so here u go.


Anonymous nic | 01 December, 2009 15:24

i miss sunday too!

Good noon to all!


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 15:47

hmm, yp, i didnt fill on sunday, so the SHA ones have been used? if yes then i can start mailing mine.. thnx anw ;)

and yeah, i keep re-watching my videos.. i miss sunday LOADSSSS !! ;3


Anonymous Nicolette | 01 December, 2009 16:29

I'm at HMV and guess what? Milubing's album top the charts for chinese albums(:


Anonymous yp | 01 December, 2009 17:13

yes sha ones all mailed. oh i din pass to u? sorry but in any case yup u can send out urs.

oh yes, mm, thank you for ur coupons! someone passed it to me, will use it for subsequent wks. thanks!


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 17:37

yp, its ok, no worries. i can send myself ;)

are we allowed to vote for other songs too in the same week? or 1 person 1 vote for 1 song per week?
i wanna vote for yan shi zheng, love it to every bits ;3


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 01 December, 2009 20:00

Nicolette, really eh u saw MLB's album topped the chart eh? Last week i saw is no.2.
OMG.!!! Can i scream now? Hahaha... MLB POWER LA :D


Anonymous ruiting | 01 December, 2009 20:42

topped the chart.
good news good news.

thumbs up!


Blogger th-JESS | 01 December, 2009 21:01

haha yeah, it surely is good news. and its time for MLB to change the side bars <<<

its no longer triangle album, its now the super super rocker pretty 3 ren tao can ;p


Anonymous Pekchoo | 01 December, 2009 21:19

Top Chart!!
Soooo happy for you guys!:D



Anonymous Pekchoo | 01 December, 2009 21:19

Top Chart!!
Soooo happy for you guys!:D



Blogger Jodie [: | 01 December, 2009 21:29


Their album topped the charts?
That's totally awesome to the max (:



Blogger iceprincess92 | 01 December, 2009 22:01

I totally enjoyed the day too.
well.rest well.
it should be tiring for all the three guys.
congrats on topping the chart!


Blogger sze+ | 01 December, 2009 22:32

I enjoyed the day!!
Continue to 加油 okok??
Will be supporting MLB always!! =D
Looking forward for more production and events from MLB!
rest more and take care! =)


Anonymous ruiting | 01 December, 2009 22:39

where is weiqi and sam?
*searchs high and low*



Anonymous Nicolette | 01 December, 2009 23:02

i almost screamed when i saw MLB's album at the top of the chart.(lucky i didn't) i thought i see wrong siols.
wanted take picture but i think when i got soo happy and told my friend i wanted take picture of it, i said too loudly:(
sooo... the shop assitant came over before i got my camera out of my bag to tell me i can't take pictures in the shop.

&yeha, where's weiqi and sam? *joins ruiting in searching for them* LOLOLOL~


Anonymous YUJING | 01 December, 2009 23:27

lets scream,


anyw, I guess Weiqi's mugging barh? think his papers haven finish. it ends on the 7th.. my friend from NTU told me. think should be the same? as for Sam, I think he is walkingrunningcyclingwackingeatingresting? hahah.. too many possibilitiesss:p wherelse Nic, think he's weighing his optionsss? or.. being busy @ his Echo, or maybe crunching on the cookiesss:D LOLOL. okay.. s.random larh.

misseddd so much.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 01 December, 2009 23:42

Yo..I am so glad to see many new faces & also more male fans attending the 2nd autograph signing session. Hopefully all these male fans will attend future MLB's events. Then Ivan & me will not feel so lonely, especially when either one of us cannot attend event!
Seem likes MLB's fans (MLB Family) is growing... hehe :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 01 December, 2009 23:49

Yo.. I am so glad to see many new faces & also more male fans attending the 2nd autograph signing session (from the photos posted by MLB in their FB). Hopefully all these male fans will attend future MLB's events. Then Ivan & me will not feel so lonely, especially when either one of us cannot attend event!
Seem likes MLB's fans (MLB Family) is growing... hehe :D


Anonymous ruiting | 01 December, 2009 23:50


i scream liaozxz!!
very very very loud!

7th their paper end.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 01 December, 2009 23:55

hey, wat's wrong with this blog? the first time i posted the above comment, it did not shows at all (even i refreshed several times). But after i resend again, it shows double postings! So paiseh..., sorry.

Oh.. I need to sleep le, tmr (few hours later) got to wake up at 4:45am to get ready for work!
Goodnite & sweet dreams + Good day ahead to everyone.. :)


Anonymous YUJING | 02 December, 2009 00:10

RuiTing, yea lorh:S
start mugging alr not? JIAYOU(sss) kay! though I also s.lazy because no breaks for our MST @ all:( don't like the new principal, ycuks.


Blogger Elise | 02 December, 2009 00:18

*screams with Yujing and Ruiting... "Weiqi!! Sam!! 你们在哪里?!"*

Weiqi: Hope you're feeling better from the flu you had on Sunday. :)

Sam: Feasting on eggs? (I love eggs too!) Muahahaha! :P


Blogger th-JESS | 02 December, 2009 00:34

lols.. all scream, i shall not scream.

yujing n ruiting, good luck for your papers !


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 02 December, 2009 01:09

I dun scream. I type.


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 02 December, 2009 01:11

I don't scream. I type.


Blogger qIaNhUi | 02 December, 2009 01:29

I don't scream. I type.


Blogger Elise | 02 December, 2009 01:52

Dear fellow MLBians (and of course MLBs)...

I forgot to mention something. I dedicated the song "Chi Xia Yu Zhou" for all MLBians on Y.E.S 93.3 Xian Ge Ji Yi... Date: 8 Dec (Tues) and timing is between 9-11pm.


Anonymous nic | 02 December, 2009 02:31

Hush hush.. we just came back from ktv session keke.. even enjoyment can be tiring de.. keke.. time for us to unwind! Last few weeks were crazy!!


Blogger th-JESS | 02 December, 2009 02:42

woahhhhh. ENJOY SIOL. ktv !
but yeah, you guys deserve the break, afterall album topped the charts and you guys have worked really hard. woohoo ;)

then again, weiqi and sam is still MISSING ! XD


Anonymous Jane | 02 December, 2009 03:09

Cool!!! Congrats!!! :)

I keep watching the videos... Haha... Nice performance... :D

Okay elise... Thanks... I will listen to xian ge ji yi on 8 of dec if i can... :)

Wah u guys sure enjoy de loh... Haha... Yup enjoyment can be tiring de... Glad that u guys relax urself... :)

Take good care... Dun sleep too late... Night!


Anonymous ruiting | 02 December, 2009 08:35

jess holiday alr very shiok hor. LOL!

ktv session!!!!
so fun! lollol.



Blogger dreamer | 02 December, 2009 12:19

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 02 December, 2009 12:20

ruiting: eh, my this holiday u long enjoyed b4 alr lo ! hahaha

yea ktv siol. imagine the 3 of them shouting at ktv singing their own songs ;p so cool. hahaha


Blogger sze+ | 02 December, 2009 14:21

I've smsed my vote! I hope it isn't too late??


Anonymous Adeline | 02 December, 2009 14:24

WOOOHHH~ KTV! HAHA. next time we should have a ktv session with MLBians and MLB alsooo! HOW COOL IS THAT! :D

i guess nic will sing those HIGH HIGH songs one! haha [:

SAM, WEIQI, NIC, must take care! past few weeks must have been busy for you all! but dont forget to enjoy, play & relax!! :D

miss sunday's event so much (:


Blogger th-JESS | 02 December, 2009 17:40

woah adeline, ktv session for gathering, i think we'll be embarrassing ourselves infront of the pros ! hahaha

i still miss sunday loadsssssss ;(


Blogger -WHEY` | 02 December, 2009 18:37

everyone's missing last week already! ME TWOOOO!

mlb gathering!! HAHAHA since the other time sam was absent, the gathering wasnt complete! HAHA.. :x

gathering + ktv! WHEEE! sounds good :x

where'd mlb gone? yoohoos~


Blogger th-JESS | 02 December, 2009 18:41

haha yeah, liwhey's right, sam ws absent the 1st gathering i attended, but if im nt wrong weiqi's still exam-ing right? maybe aft weiqi's exams and when mlbs have all rested ennuf then we can have a gathering !

and sze, no worries, not too late yet !
and once again people, this is the formet for the sms n the coupon voting ways.

1) I-weekly coupons
Fill in the song title 吃下宇宙 and the artiste's name 迷路兵 and then fill in your particulars and mail it to:

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

Coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

again, thanks to uncle phil ;)


Anonymous PINKIE IS SHWUFANG. | 02 December, 2009 20:09

mia-ed for 2 days.
start work already!!
tiring, but hor.
i keep singing mlb songs when i count all the stock sia.. and i keep seeing numbers cause each individual stock is marked with numbers.. omg now i think i will dream of numbers man.

JESS, did you just say you fell in love with me already? (2daysago.)
LOL, taoyan i shy la.

stop screaming for me D:



Blogger th-JESS | 02 December, 2009 20:45


lolol mlb songs are still on my mind totally. hahaha

ok la, <3 HAHAH


Blogger Elise | 02 December, 2009 21:32

KTV + gathering with MLB... sounds exciting and gonna be fun! I am also missing the fun all of us had last Sunday very much.

Me too! MLB's songs are still on my mind especially Chi Xia Yu Zhou and Pin Chang... or I should say... the songs can't be easily taken off my mind because I've been playing MLB's albums on my hi-fi and also through my iPod when I'm on public transport. :P

I was quite tempted to scream for you also... hehehe. *runs off and hides below the table*

Pardon me for my randomness... am still extremely "high" on last Sunday's fun. XD


Blogger -WHEY` | 02 December, 2009 23:00

hahaha! im not so much of a fan of pinkieeeeeeee yet but i can still take part to scream.. *liwhey screams for PINKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!*

btw, i've been listening to the album very much after the CD was launched.. you feel happy or sad, the songs can always relate some how.. xD


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 02 December, 2009 23:02

I may not know who you are, but thanks for the dedication to all fellow MLBians. And hope to see you at MLB's event soon! :)

Thanks for voting thru SMS, it is still not late for voting by SMSing. Perhaps you may want to cast another vote by sending coupon (cos coupon voting will accumulate 70% of the final result, whereas SMS only 30%).

You are making me so paiseh! Please don't keep thanking me, we are all doing it for the sake of our dearest MLB. Everyone of us are playing a part in this voting matter, without every MLBians' support, there is no way I can push MLB's songs up the chart.
We need to be UNITED in order to receive good result. Let's Jia-you & Chiong....ah!

Yeah.. I also wish there could be another Family Reunion soon! But wondering MLB already picked the new leaders to help YuanPing? Without the leaders, many things cannot be done too! Thanks to all leaders.. :) If the leaders need help fom me, may feel free to approach me. I'll be most willing to help if I am free & available. hehe..
Yes... I also want Karaoke + Gathering together. Imagine the whole family singing together! That will be Awesome lor.. :D


Blogger Elise | 02 December, 2009 23:29

@ Uncle Phil:

No problem. :)
Like Jess has mentioned, it's because of our love and support for MLB that we all came together as a family... The song dedication (i.e Chi Xia Yu Zhou) is my way of sending "jia yous" to everyone (regardless of whether you're working or studying) in this big family.

Haha. Am looking forward to another MLB event and I hope to be able to come for the family reunion when the next one is coming! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 01:01

lol liwhey, its like an addiction right, then subconciously you will just play MLB's song whenever u on ur com or smthing. thats for me xD

@uncle phil: uncle phil dont paiseh ! hahaha. im just showing courtesy , afterall u took time to type the format and let us mlbians follow, so we dont have to go slowly figure out.. and yeah, everyone have to show support, but u show more support than anyone else .. from the times i chat with you, i can see and feel your dedication ;)

karaoke huh.. i can already imagine the screams and everyone singing along to MLB's songs xD

and yup elise. its the love we show ;) and thanks for the dedication ! *hugs


Blogger sze+ | 03 December, 2009 01:53

Thanks Jess and Uncle Phil for replying me! Can I get the coupon from Dec iweekly? cause I couldn't find Nov issue anymore.

lols..I couldn't stop listening to MLB's song too.. whenever I am on my way to school, whenever the laptop is on, I will listen to MLB's song without fail..

I do really hope there will be such a gathering with MLB, and may I join the MLBians too?? :X


Anonymous Jane | 03 December, 2009 02:39

KTV & gathering with MLB woh! Sounds exciting and fun! Weeeeeee!

Hope there is gathering soon also hope i can attend...

I also listen to mlb's song when i'm on public transport and at home... :D

Although i dun noe who are u but hello... U can join us too for the gathering if i am not wrong... More people more fun.. :)


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 03:22

hi sze, yes u can! every iweekly have a copy of the coupon, but do be reminded that 1 person is only allowed 1 vote per week, so dont send double, it'll get void. and if u want to send for your family members, make sure the handwriting is different, if not they'll void it to. idk why are they so strict =\ but yeah.

anw, iweekly is out every tuesday ;) and votings cease every thursday if im not wrong .. but coupons hold 70% so its best to send in both sms n coupon to help pull mlb to the top positions !

and YEAH, thats what ive been doing too. my desktop have all the tracks ready to be played everytime im awake or smthing . [i dont off my com ;x]
i have the CD in my laptop, i didnt remove it at all lol. and my hp & ipod is playing the songs too. X_X

and YEAH SURE, u can join us and be part of mlbians ! i'll be glad to say hi ! just tt u can come to me and tell me who u r. cause i actually have a really bad memory and i'll most prob forget you even if u show me a picture. HAHAHA XD

gathering gathering , WOO ! *zi high*


Anonymous nic | 03 December, 2009 12:13

nice :)

When the high is over.. all that's left are memories of what happened and the anticipay=tion of all that's to come..


I also duno keke..

gd day to all!


Anonymous Adeline | 03 December, 2009 12:46

YUP YUP :D just suddenly thought of how fun it would be if there would be such a gathering.

to nic: we are soooooooooooooo anticipatingthe next gathering :D wooooohoooooo~

and to all MLBians, have a nice day :D
im in school and it's so boring :D


Anonymous Adeline | 03 December, 2009 13:46

to th-JESS: hahaha. wont lahh :D MLB wont mind bahs :D not about the singing. but about gathering together and having fun ma :D HOHO


Blogger sze+ | 03 December, 2009 14:15

hahas mlbians are so friendly!
really thanks for the welcome!
will be getting the iweekly by today! =D

nic: the high will never be over!!


Anonymous Jane | 03 December, 2009 14:16

Hello Nic.. :)

Jiayou!!! Have a nice day all!!!

Yup i agree with adeline.. is abt the gathering together and having fun... :) Gathering soon? :P

Video during Autograph session at Heeren... Enjoy... :D




Blogger Elise | 03 December, 2009 14:37

Nic: I'm still a little high from all that fun we all had with you guys on last Sunday. Crazy right? Kekekeke...

Adeline: You feeling bored in school and I'm feeling totally bored out at work because it's year end. Nevertheless, MLB's album is keeping me alert at work because their music REALLY rocks. Very addictive too. :DDDD


Blogger Adeline | 03 December, 2009 15:14

WOOHOOO~ yes. im listening to MLB's songs currently too :D and their blog is not closed since this morning :D HAHA.

super addictive, especially 品尝! i can like.... memorise the whole song and listen to it all overrrr againnnnn~

oh yes, im considered new here so let me do a self intro.

Adeline here, Republic Poly Year3 :D


Blogger Adeline | 03 December, 2009 15:15

to sze: lets get our iweekly today today! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 15:38


hahaha welcome to mlb family ;D


welcome to mlb family tooo !!

AND ALSO, hope to see you new comers in the next gathering or smthing yeah ! i know abit random, but *HUGSSSS*


Blogger Sam Wong | 03 December, 2009 15:42

Halo everyone! Seem like you're having fun. That's great! I've been busy.. See ya all soon.. How bout next week?


Blogger -WHEY` | 03 December, 2009 15:57

hello sam! (:

yeah! next week :D what event issit?!oh crap! i wish i dont have exams and will be free then!


Blogger Elise | 03 December, 2009 16:01

Sam: Next week? Which day? :P


Blogger Adeline | 03 December, 2009 16:08

to sam: WHENNNN~ as long as can gather, i anytime also can lahhhhh :D and yes, sam, you finally comment liao ;D

what you busy with?

to th-JESS: woohooooo! *hugs* too :D hope to see you soon! hahahaha! can add me on facebook/msn den can chat more ;D woohoo~


Blogger sze+ | 03 December, 2009 16:40

hello sam! :]
when will be the next gathering? lols! i am so looking forward!!! =D

th-Jess:*screamss and hugsss back!!* xP


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 16:41

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 16:42

oh yeah, weiqi mia for 4 days alr, is he very sick or smthing ? haven recover frm flu ?


Anonymous Nicolette | 03 December, 2009 17:37

hello sam!~ (:
what you busy w/ arr? mia for 3days.

YAY~ next week(: i superr free. only one day need go school for competition~hope it won't clash(: ohh, got what event next week huhh? i'm superrrr excited now~ *screams*


Anonymous Nicolette | 03 December, 2009 18:17

Check this out~ [明星]四格漫画- <"真心话">


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 18:19

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 18:22

OMGgggggggg the comic is super cute !
and i AM right, nic is always the DEVIL !

and weiqi have that -.-''' thing on the first pic. HAHAH then 2nd pic the faces.. omg LOL
3rd pic weiqi suck thumb !! sam got ? on his head xD

super cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Anonymous YUJING | 03 December, 2009 18:37

next week?! its exam week man:( srs arh? hopefully i can make it.


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 19:11

haha yujing, exam also must relax ;)


Anonymous syl | 03 December, 2009 19:16

yesyes, next week pls! =D


Anonymous ruiting | 03 December, 2009 19:19

next week YJ and me mid sem test omgzxz. lolol.

wow sam u heard all our screams and finally appeared!! :DDD


Anonymous ruiting | 03 December, 2009 19:21

the comic so cute!!!
weiqi suck thumb cute ttm. hahah!


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 03 December, 2009 19:50

NEXT WEEK.?!? Wat thing wat thing ?!?


Blogger Adeline | 03 December, 2009 20:07

HAHAHAHA (: not sure next week got what. haha. woohooo~ so many MLBians online :D HAPPY :D

those having exams, jiayou ahhhh~ :D


Blogger th-JESS | 03 December, 2009 21:39

lol yeah, weiqi super cute inside hahaha

qianhui, next week maybe gt gathering or smthing. idk ;p

ruiting yujing, GOOD LUCK ! jia you jia you


Anonymous ruiting | 03 December, 2009 22:56

hehehe thanks thanks.

if next week really got gathering, that would be my motivation to study alr. haha. just like the autograph session, chiong my assignments and proj. lol!


Blogger Adeline | 03 December, 2009 22:58

got gathering, i confirm turn up! :D wooohooo~

and weiqi, where are youuuuuu~ :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 03 December, 2009 23:04

Oh...No..., hopefully there isn't any event next week. Cos, i m on afternoon shift again! Sigh..
I dun wanna miss MLB event again so soon! :(

We always welcome new comers to become mlbian and forming MLB Family. :D
Please dun feel shy..


Blogger Elise | 03 December, 2009 23:32

The comic strip is so cute. All the three of them got really cute and amusing expressions. XDDDDD

Yujing & Ruiting: All the best to you girls for your mid term. Jia you, jia you!!! :DDDD

Adeline: Think Weiqi must be mugging for exams too. That's why MIA during these few days. ;)

*a "family hug" for Adeline & Sze+*


Blogger sze+ | 04 December, 2009 00:26

Elise: *hugging Elise back!!* hahas! =D thank you for the warm welcome to mlb family! =D

Uncle Phil: Thank you Uncle Phil for the warm welcome too! I am always looking forward to have a gathering with MLB as well as MLBians!! =D

really looking forwards to meet up, I can imagine it would be real fun!!! =D


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 00:29

haha uncle phil, hope so hope so !

and yep, we welcome everyone to join us as a mlbian ;p

sze, i look forward to meeting you too ! incase you dont know, my name's jess. but i think its quite obvious right. im just being nonsensical here xD


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 00:31

yes yes :D looking forward to meeting up with MLBians. and i think the comments are flooding this entry =x HAHAHA. everyone's so excited about it! YAY! :D


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 00:32

to Elise: yay! *hugs Elise back* :D woohooooo~ everyone's so fun :D

Elise, add me on msn: adelinepang174@hotmail.com


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 00:32

haha yeah adeline ure right. anw, have you added me on fb yet ? i dont think i received ur invitation. or maybe i did, i dont know xD


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 00:33

to th-JESS: not yet. added you in msn only. facebook not yet :D adding now~


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 00:34

ah on msn ? i never receive ;x its ok i'll add u.


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 00:37

added you on facebook alrdy :D


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 00:39

haha ok.. i added u on msn. sorry i had to ask if u added me yet, cuz i dont anyhw accept fren req on facebook.. =p will go add u now ! IM GLAD U JOINED US AS MLBIANS ! *BIG BEAR HUG*


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 00:48

i didn't receive any request lehhh! JESSS why lidattt! ):


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 00:49

LOL.. errr, i try add again, lets stop chatting here, we're like spamming mlb's blog, later they kill us ;x

anddddd, weiqi is still missing ;\


Blogger sze+ | 04 December, 2009 00:51

th-Jess: hello Jess! really nice to know you!! my name is Sisi, sze is my short form..hahas! mind if i add you in facebk also?? my email is morningalz@hotmail.com =D


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 04 December, 2009 01:14

HAHA nvm about the harmless spamming, thats how we get to know each other back in the superband blog days. haha those days we would even have a few hundred comments in a page. the guys won't mind as well, so long as its not something offensive?

haha i hope to see sam didi next week also but i don't think can leh, just told my supervisor i can commit more next week =X...

haha maybe weiqi is busy with school work? maybe FYP? haha. wish weiqi jia you, we miss ya~

hello nic~~ haha anticipay-tion? let us know early early...thanks! haha...



Anonymous th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 01:18

haha sisi, just add me ! no worries! ontop got my email ;x

ah nvm, add me at jess_yeow@live.com, both msn n facebook ;)

and allo quizzy ! haha not offensive, but more like chatting. i feel bad spamming xD

and yeah, weiqi's most prob still having exams i think.. jia you weiqi. you're missed! alot !


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 04 December, 2009 01:35

welcome back, u seems to be very busy lately. so long nvr see u le! do take great care of yourself, dun overworked yourself! hehe.. :)

you may add me in fb if u wanna too. feek free to post your comments here too. u r already a mlbian belonging to mlb family. :D

thanks for chatting juz now. too bad gotto sleep soon. chat with u again soon. have a nice day ahead. ;)

nice chatting with u too. hope you have already connected with lorita.
all the best to both of u in hk.

MLB & fellow MLBians,
Goodnight & sweet dreams... :)


Blogger Elise | 04 December, 2009 01:36

Nic actually hopes that we all connect with each other, and I believe it is the same with Sam & Weiqi too (refer to one of Nic's and Sam's messages in this same page), so the "chatting" over here should be considered as quite harmless, so long as we all respect each other.

Any MLBians are welcome to add me on MSN at relaxing_melody@hotmail.com . Just let me know that you're a fellow MLBian. :)


Anonymous mlbian | 04 December, 2009 01:42

Was at TP's CD Rama, MLB's 3rd baby at no.8 chart.


Blogger dreamer | 04 December, 2009 01:42

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 01:43

nights uncle phil!

elise, i know..i was just joking. me n adeline chat till abit too song alr ;x

mlbian, 8?!!? but HMV's 1st ! looks like HMV loves MLB more xD maybe cuz both 3 letters ! haha


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 04 December, 2009 01:46

thank u uncle phil, haha i'm always strolling around here during midnight la, just that at times i might be too lazy to leave comment. HEE~!

haha jess~ no worries la, dun fight can liao. haha!

so many email address ah...ok lo later i add u gals in fb also. but in fb i only use my real name so if u saw a pets society picture then that prolly is me liao...

take care~


Blogger dreamer | 04 December, 2009 01:46

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Elise | 04 December, 2009 01:53

Jess: LOL. :DDDD

Quizzy (and all other fellow MLBians): I can only add people on FB but people can't add me coz of the settings I used. I got 'stalked' by someone on my FB account previously, thus the privacy settings. So you all may have to provide me your FB email address (that is if you want to add me) so that I can add you. :)

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