Developer's Diary #1 + Press Con Grp photo :D
milubing | 19 November, 2009 22:00

: Hi all, and welcome to part one of our special report... the developer's diary.. sorta.. haha..

As mentioned in the interviews, this time round, our songs all follow a central theme, which is food. But food is used as an analogy, because: it ties in so tightly with us Singaporeans, it helps describe different flavours of music, it helps describe a setting or mood, it is something that everyone understands because everybody has to eat, it reflects on the relationship between the people sharing the meal together ETC.
In our opinion, it was the strongest theme amongst the many themes we had, so we came out with many stories, and then we decided to write songs as a medium to tell these stories.
So food was the theme that led to many issues and scenarios (literal food was not the subject, we were not talking about particular dishes) and hence the birth of the songs.
Next, we were asked to help to think of more album concepts, and at first I came up with an ice-cream cum lacoste pastel colours concept, but after reviewing the compos we made, I felt that MLB's 3rd album consists of more emotional songs than fast, energetic ones. So the ice-cream concept was withdrawn (keep for next time hehe) and a new idea was being formulated. Later on, we got introduced to Xiao Ye lao shi(a respected player in the industry who wrote the lyrics for 冷晚餐 as well as the MV director for 吃下宇宙, super multi-talented man), and after reading his lyrics, I was inspired and it led on to a whole new concept = The Big Banquet/Feast.

What is 'The Big Banquet'? Basically, the album represented a banquet of songs, of different variety of tastes, carefully prepared by the chefs and waiters of an imaginary mansion of music, and the 3 hosts, invited everyone to come taste and feast on the (initially) 10 course meal. Thus the theme of food or a banquet was brought to life. Meanwhile, there was a decision made by the production team, that the look of MLB should go up another level, and we should be more matured than our 2nd album. At this point of time, this is how we looked :)

*Forgot to mention that this picture is when we were testing our fitting, thus the mugshot pose, in fact nic was the only one not wearing his shoes, only socks, that's why i removed the lower part. It is not from an official shoot, but just for archiving, considered as behind the scene.*

*this picture on the other hand, was from an article in the newpaper, taken during our initial
吃下宇宙 MV shoot*

Coming back to the album, I had a goal in mind, which was that this time round, I wanted the album to be 'INTERACTIVE' whereby people would really hold the album in their palms and flip it open and close, fold it around.. basically look at it like it were a beautiful crafted origami rather than your usual traditional album. So I came out with the following idea:

What does this mean? oh yes, it means so much... the above will be explained in Developer's Diary #2... coming soon :D

P.S. thanks for coming down! there were more of u.. it's ok, we'll take family photo again some time soon! :D btw, credits go to Qian Hui.. haha i used her photos.. :p


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Anonymous syl | 19 November, 2009 22:30

Waiting for chapter two :D


Anonymous YUJING | 19 November, 2009 23:14

craving for more:)


Anonymous flora | 19 November, 2009 23:24

Don't know why... I think the "before" pic is very funny, especially Nic's look in it.

This developer diary is good, making us looking deeper into the music and the story behind it. Looking forward to the #2.


Anonymous weiqi | 19 November, 2009 23:25

慢慢来吧。。。 relack relack... :)
btw, if Nic jump off stage, i'll jump on my keyboard... and err.. sam will cartwheel perhaps? haha.. dunno.. :p


Anonymous YUJING | 19 November, 2009 23:35

LOLOL. all jump, then we how? we jump up stage arhhh!:D


Anonymous weiqi | 19 November, 2009 23:47

yup.. than u all take over our instruments ya.. haha..


Anonymous Arolf | 19 November, 2009 23:52

Mr Chan, you seem very ying recently. Now school holiday? Your last yr in uni, dont need to work on final yr project or thesis??


Anonymous weiqi | 19 November, 2009 23:54

orh Flora... so bad leh u.. despite my tight schedule i still bother to do this thing for mlbians and u say i eng... thanks ya... grr.. Ok peeps.. thus #2 will take a lil longer (-_-*)..

kiddin la... but seriously, doing it for u peeps oki? not eng at all sorry.. super duper busy..


Anonymous Arolf | 19 November, 2009 23:59

Just kidding :P
I found that I tag more often when I am super busy too, like now. Think tagging and reading blog has became my escape to small relaxation.

Heh heh, even busy, must still sleep ok. I think Singapore Zoo only prepare for 2 panda, don't think they have the budget to have another one. Take care and sleep tight!!


Anonymous mighty mouse a bit OVERexcited tdy :D | 20 November, 2009 00:07

thanks for the developer's diary#1! After 2nd & 3rd listen, my my, it is no doubt in my mind dat the effort u guys put in has paid off. I can truly say this is my fave album out of the 3 so far!:) this feast is super sumptuous!!!:) i m spoilt for choice for my fave dish. now the melody for track 3 keeps haunting me liao, esp sam's beginning part. track 2 超喜欢 the WQ's keyboard (another haunting refrain) plus sam's singing got super sad feelin, plus nic's emo singing. faint lor, heart pain wn i listen to the song:D track 5, nic's breathy singing in front may not sit well w some but i super luv this song, abit restrained 的疯狂。 dying to learn to sing my heart out along the song, esp the emo part plus the drums solo... faint again. :D track 6 oso like melody, esp like the kb here too. track 7 luv the guit!! stripped bare as compared to the rock track, the beauty of the melody stands out, only thing is dunno why sam's singing sounds a bit bland here aft a while(sorry!). due to personal taste,the fast tracks not really on my hit list :P makeup aside :P, musically overall this 3rd baby is a OMG for me!!! :D


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 20 November, 2009 00:09

Developer's Diary #1! Nice One :)
#2 Soon Ok :D
The b4 pic was really kinda funny-looking lo, like wanna take that kind of criminal photo u know u know, luckily u all never take the number boards in ur hands, if not i really gonna LAUGH OUT LOUD =X =X =X
But with the b4 pic, den we can see how huge the difference is when we look at the after pic... It will just made ppl "eyeballs enlarged" & go: WOW! ♥♥♥

Now past midnight le, means is fri le, &&& so it's gonna be TOMORROW le! *SMILE SUPER WIDELY*
LOVEsss ~ ♥


Anonymous YUJING | 20 November, 2009 00:12


take over instruments, end of performance sun bian bring home! cfm no prob larh(^^) i'm going to grab the keyboard of yours man Weiqi, so that i can practise for my Music Appreciation module. finish this sem's module then return you:d wahahah! then those students of sam can just wack all they want alr. as for the guita, just pluck nia:p



Anonymous weiqi | 20 November, 2009 00:25

ok, i added some captions to the photo.. should have mentioned those info earlier.. no wonder u guys confused haha..


Anonymous YUJING | 20 November, 2009 00:27

s.noob:( i was wondering hard.. what's w/ that "BEFORE PIC" you people were mentioning. then i was like.. where got pics siaaa? so i decided to ask Qianhui JIEJIEEE! & she told me yes, got picsss arh. so i kept refreshing refreshing refreshing & refreshing:S then realised i have to click on the "MORE" to read/ view MOREEE(-.-)|

sian diaooo.

but not too late to know it now:)


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 20 November, 2009 00:31

LOL :)


Anonymous weiqi | 20 November, 2009 00:32

yujing.... (-_-!!!)


Anonymous YUJING | 20 November, 2009 00:39


now i also finally see the "Sam slap model face" picasss alr. LOLOL!

know what i did yesterday? i click on the only pic that i can see(which is the 1st one), save down.. and spot, "where got Sam slap model?" keep zoom-ing in and out.. yet i only see sam's back:( LOLOL! totally pissed off w/ myself. yet, i never ask larhhh:p


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 20 November, 2009 00:51

Nvm my dear, now u know already :)


Anonymous Anonymous | 20 November, 2009 01:09

Looking back to the old videos, the last part of this video,
So proud!


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 20 November, 2009 01:47

aiyo dun jump and injured yourselves ah...haha~
thanks for sharing the developer diary...
i am damn slow lor, now then realized nic is back on his specs again...haha~
nitey everyone...
milubing jia you~


Blogger binz | 20 November, 2009 05:51

nice.. it's so meaningful to know what is planned behind what we see! it makes the appreciation deeper(: thanks loads for spending the time to come up with this! anyway, WQ did you like crop you three out and put it together in 1 pic for the before pic? the thought of you three standing like that together taking the pic just makes me feel that you all will somehow be laughing!

aww very gan dong looking at the old video anonymous posted! the way eason said it and the expression of his..


Anonymous nic | 20 November, 2009 06:16

Oh my.. we look like crap! haha..


Blogger NIColette LeE | 20 November, 2009 07:20

developer diary#1's nice!~
can't wait for#2(:

ytd night here so interesting lor~ didn't come see. forced myself to sleep cause today have school~ sad la~ ok. have to go now if not later late for school again(:


Anonymous Pek choo | 20 November, 2009 09:21

Long entry... Finish reading developer dairy#1 :)

Can't wait for #2.

JIAYO for tml events!! :D


Anonymous weiqi | 20 November, 2009 12:54

well.. bro.. nic.. everyone looks like crap without make up and hair styling.. it's reality. i'm sure that mlbians all know this too, and they support us for things deeper than skin deep.. like our music? our hardwork? our characters? The truth is that I hate, yup HATE, this plastic world that is so dependent on looks. sigh. but well, no one looks young forever.. so everyone will understand when they get old.


Blogger NIColette LeE | 20 November, 2009 13:05

yeahh, weiqi's right. it's ok la nic~ we'll still support you even if you look like crap(but you don't look like crap ok?) w
hat most important is you guys make NICE! music(: which is definitly more important thn looks bahh~


Anonymous PeiShan | 20 November, 2009 13:25

post read.
i shall wait patiently for #2! =D


Anonymous capri | 20 November, 2009 13:37

thks weiqi for putting some time into making this for mlbians.

d 1st pics really look like those criminal pics.. haa.. ;p & it's taken b4 u all cut hair, so can see tat all 3 d hair long long.

so d album wif d 3 pics like tat is for us to fold into triangle & display lah... but we bu she de display & get it dirty. btw, d autograph will b on the individual pics or will b on d album cover?

hope tmr's autograph session wont delay in time coz i cant stay late.

see ya then!


Anonymous Anonymous | 20 November, 2009 13:37

the track2's MV is up at this link.


enjoy. =)


Anonymous Jane | 20 November, 2009 13:48

Thanks Weiqi for sharing #1.. Looking forward to #2..

Yup Weiqi is right.. No 1 looks young forever..

Thanks anonymous for sharing the videos. WOW 饮食男女 mv is nice!!! Nic very good at acting... :) Yeah favourite and share it at facebook!!! :)

capri: I think they will sign on the album cover ba... But i hope they can sign it on the individual pics...

My friend called me & asked 2moro if i can change working time with her? I told her cannot cos i got something on after work.. She like dun believe me like that, still asked me really cannot huh?

Yeah 2moro is the day! Jiayou for 2moro event! :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 20 November, 2009 14:28



Anonymous flora | 20 November, 2009 14:33

For the autograph session tomorrow, does it have to be HVM purchased album? Better check that out else your albums cannot be autographed tomorrow.


Blogger Sam Wong | 20 November, 2009 15:02

Doesn't have to be bought from HMV Flora, as long as it is original.

Well said WQ, and he really did put in a lot of effort and had some very good ideas that we 3 liked..

I don't remember watching the video other than hearing and reading bout it. Really Encouraging. Thank you.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 20 November, 2009 15:45

Wow.. weiqi, thanks for sparing some of your precious times, preparing such an interesting post for us. Really like the developer's diary #1, shall wait patiently for your #2. :D

After watching the MV, I personally feel that you guys can be actors too. Jia-you... who knows, maybe one of these days we might see you guys acting in local drama!

Yeah... tmr shall be a day for us to be together as Family & party. WooHoo... :)


Blogger th-JESS | 20 November, 2009 15:58

alright, tml is the qian chang hui, finally !! and my tprawks thingy has also come to an end, would like to thank everyone esp weiqi who told me to think more abt all the polys and my choices etc, anw, im really glad that i'll be able to go thr tml, to see mlb! cuz i was feeling really guilty that i wasnt able to turn up for the conference session.

anw, i saw the ying shi nan nu mtv, moved me to tears. i can feel the story behind the song... yeah. anw, great job peeps.

for this developer's diary, its also a very meaningful job done, it lets us feel 'closer' to mlb, let us know how things develop etc. so yup, like i say, its really meaningful.

cyas all tml ! sorry for my absence these few days. tp rawks drained all my energy. ;D

p/s; on the other hand, I SAW LIWHEY ! xD


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 20 November, 2009 18:15

From RazorTV:

1) Taste our music (Milubing's new album Pt 1)


2) They couldn't stop crying (Milubing's new album Pt 2)


3) Too ugly to be a boyband? (Milubing's new album Pt 3)


4) Single or attached? (Milubing's new album Pt 4)



Anonymous qIaNhUi | 20 November, 2009 19:33

Watched the MV le.! *CLAPS* Well done guys :)


Anonymous sofui | 20 November, 2009 19:41

i just had a nice 8-course dinner..i love it right from the appetizer to the dessert^^..second last course was a fab surprise..love the guit!! love the guit!!..just wanna let you guys (winkz-winkz) know that the dishes you have prepared are tasty..so i will definitely come for seconds and thirds and ...

as for the look of the restaurant ma..i think a much more raw look (ie less makeup?) will be better?


Anonymous PekChoo | 20 November, 2009 19:47

Yay watched the MV alr.
The MV was NICE & Touching.

You guys have done a great job~! :)

JIAYO for tml event!

Sigh~ I can't go for tml event, you guys enjoyed yourself! :)

See ya guys next SUN! :D


Anonymous xinmin | 20 November, 2009 19:58

I like this post! Hahaha, kind of cool to know the story behind the album. :D But for the MV, i don't understand it. Oh man, not as mature in thinking yet. hmmmmm, let me watch it again..


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 20 November, 2009 20:10

ohhh... No no no, the grp photos not credit to me la, is credit to PEG, Syl & Jane... HAHA! My photos are taken frm them de =P


Blogger limedrops | 20 November, 2009 21:47

Hello, happy birthday to meee. Heheh. Ok random i know. :P


Anonymous syl | 20 November, 2009 22:02

omg. the MV is nice!! =D
and and, is that pandan reservoir?


Anonymous capri | 20 November, 2009 22:45

thanks Jane, shall see tmr! & see u there!

d mv is nice! i like it. ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous | 20 November, 2009 23:07

Huh, i thought Pegg was the one who tagged all the group photos?


Anonymous capri | 20 November, 2009 23:13

sam, no red ears tis time ;p


Anonymous Anonymous | 20 November, 2009 23:19

Oh, just saw qianhui's tag. ps


Anonymous yp | 20 November, 2009 23:45

hi all,

pls wear your mlb tee tml k.

will be bringing my remaining lhb coupons for you all to fill up too.

jiayou guys! :)


Anonymous capri | 20 November, 2009 23:46

thks for d razortv links! juz watched them. :-)

time for bed! nitez all~


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 21 November, 2009 00:26

Yea.. hopefully all MLBians who have their MLB's tee, will wear it for tmr & next Sunday autograph signing session.
Be proud of yourself as a MLBian, wear it to show all ppl in SG. This is another form of promotion/advertisment for MLB. After all, the boys have put in so much efforts to design & order the t-shirts for us.

Gdnite MLB & fellow MLBians.
See you guys & gals tmr. :)


Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 02:31

shout tml.. we are gonna shout too :)

The stage is a place where we have fun.. and you guys have fun.

DOn't miss it...

See ya all laters!


Blogger pegg | 21 November, 2009 03:02

see ya guys ltr.. =)
but in the meanwhile, pls rest early first la, nic!!!


Blogger -WHEY` | 21 November, 2009 03:40

MV was touching! AWW! we want more! haha, more comes tmr! we're gonna scream our lungs go upside down! wheeee!

super duper looking forword! :D:D:D


Blogger NIColette LeE | 21 November, 2009 07:50

Good morning all(:

today's newpaper got MLB's news(: the electric new paper doesn't have th article yet. so can only go buy a newpaper to see(:
mlb jiayou for today's auto session!~ see you guys l8r!


Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 08:08

dont forget the claps for the song! haha


Anonymous Anonymous | 21 November, 2009 09:32



Blogger -WHEY` | 21 November, 2009 10:09

i remember the claps already

*getting read for CLAPSSSSS* wheeee :D


Anonymous xinmin | 21 November, 2009 13:11

Hey all, theres an article on milubing, on today's (21st nov) the new paper, its kind of depressing for me, the headline was: Third time unlucky? Local band milubing may break up if its third album tanks.
I read le, quite :/ i dont know how to say..


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 21 November, 2009 14:30

Mi Lu Bing's Nic was "sad for three weeks" from his tragic role in their MV:



Anonymous Jane | 21 November, 2009 21:35

Thanks musiclover_rock2008 for the link.

Thanks MLB & the rest!!! I enjoyed myself! U all rock!!! :)

The autograph session end fast!!! Haha i want more! I hope 29th i can go J8! Now i still dun noe what time i work on 29th cos rooster not out yet..

MLB & MLBians: Have a good rest! :D


Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 21:54

thats tabloid.. it kinda spices things up a lil don't ya think? Haha.. It's their way of catching attention so we just try to understand abit la hor.. ppl's jobs..

But indeed 3/4 (the back part) of the article is very well written.. I would actually commend it.

Captured ppl to read about the band! :)

So don't worry.. part and parcel of life.. but no Edison ya? :)


Thanks for the link!