Heeren.. nice air-conditioning.. minimal sweat :)
milubing | 21 November, 2009 21:44


Honesty Don't know what the toot we were singing on stage as HMV's location is indeed a cylinder.. sound bounces up and down through the "column" above us... on stage was kinda a mess in terms of audibility.. (nature of types of locations)


Your smiles made it all fun :)

Apologies for not jumping as the stage was very small this time around.. ain't wanna fall over.. Walk 2 steps.. at the edge liaoz.. haha..

Thanks to those who came.. next time dare to clap hor! No need pai seh de!.. Thank you for supporting us all this while and the years to come!

Recent update from Long Wang.. They requested us to get all the MV rough cuts down from Youtube and facebook.. it was accidentally leaked out by mistake.. thankies thankies!

Post a Comment ::

Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 | 21 November, 2009 21:56

yeah i'm the 1st to leave comment ...

hehe ... yupyup indeed the stage is small ...
and today is so high ...

glad to see your ...

is nice ...

jia you worx ...


Anonymous aizutto | 21 November, 2009 22:04

It was nice seeing you all after a long time. =)

Your performances is really good.I know the stage is a bit small..

Last time,auto signing is always outside but now,the outside got that restaurant / bar,cannot do there anymore lor..


Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 22:18

A quote to share..

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glassed to avoid being recognised.



Anonymous Jane | 21 November, 2009 22:24

Yup the stage is small but we enjoyed it! :)

Glad to see u all at there! 3 songs not enough, i want more!! ENCORE ENCORE!! LOL!

Jiayou and take good care!


Anonymous Anonymous | 21 November, 2009 22:36

I was reading the TODAY's paper today. & I read this article about you guys.. I was quite shocked with what the news had reported. But, the only question I wanna ask is,

Is the Article True?


Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 22:47

"we just launched our album" & "we gonna break up"

Doesnt make much sense dont it? haha.. dun worry. Tabloid.


Anonymous ME(: | 21 November, 2009 22:51

glad t hear that! phew. (:
so continue t jiayou lots lots!
looking forward t another round of awesome performance next sunday.


Anonymous Anonymous | 21 November, 2009 23:04

Thank! The article's CRAP!

You guys rock on:)


Anonymous shihui | 21 November, 2009 23:07

Nic, we nv paiseh hor, jz tt no one noes how to clap den if clap wrong lagi jialat rite?! nvm, nx week we learn le den we will make sure we clap very loudly, if possible, ii will bring clappers along to make it a blast. lol!

AWESOME performance, yet not used to the stage. well done, guyz~


Blogger NIColette LeE | 21 November, 2009 23:11

i tot if really this album didn't do well you guys are gonna break up:(

today was fun. and nic, you could just jump.. no space on stage, jump off th stage la~(:


Anonymous Crissa | 21 November, 2009 23:13

It felt so good seeing you guys after a while!

I enjoyed watching you three boys signing the albums from offstage, haha sound stalkerish, but you guys did an awesome performances neverthless.

Keep it up!


Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 23:34

Question.. If the album doesnt do well..

How will we survive?


Just a question to ponder.

We don't have basic pay you know :)

You cant imagine the returns compared to sacrifices we've made for music.

Not complaining.. but remembering this fact to spur myself on that we will make it someway somehow.. that one day, i capable be able to walk into a music shop to purchase whatever guits i need to record with without fear of the next meal.. do not need to worry when I can save enough to do my lasik.. when i can save enough to buy whatever clothes i'ld like to wear.. when i can save enough to buy new audio equipment.. when i can save enough to get my car liscense.. when i can save enough to buy a car.. when i can start saving for my rainy days of the future when i'm old.

The world doesnt see the sad facts unless they are brought into light or blown out of proportions.

Living a life of music doesnt pay well at all. Just hope one day it may pay sufficient.

Apologies. Sad facts.



Anonymous nic | 21 November, 2009 23:38

Shant add to the list of when i can(s).


Anonymous shihui | 21 November, 2009 23:39

one dae, it will paid sufficient which ii believe.
remember, music are recognised whole wide world. =)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 21 November, 2009 23:41

Wow.. I love today's performance very much. Could be too long never see you guys performing Live! I can hear Sam hitting the drums loudly.
Yeah.. after seeing & enjoying today's performance. I am very sad that I could not attend next week's event, due to my work schedule lor! Haiz...
Yo.. I was so paiseh when the host JiaHui called me for an interview. Really dunno what to say leh! Wondering did I said anything not right? And from today onwards, everyone will know who is uncle phil liao! hehe... blushing
MLB, we are so proud of your great work. Jia-you for next week's performance, my heart & soul will be there with all of you! ha..ha..


Blogger Elise | 21 November, 2009 23:52

迷路兵 being one of the few local bands that I liked a lot right from the start, 《吃下宇宙》 was kind of mind blowing and got a bit high on adrenaline rush from listening to it LIVE at The Heeren. Very nice. :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 21 November, 2009 23:56

believe & have confidence in yourself & MLB. I am very sure that one of these days, MLB's music will be well known throughout the glode, everywhere. Imagine you guys was praised by 2 famous artistes during last & this year's SHA, and one of them was from a band group who have won many music awards.
MLB, conitinue to produce great music and dun give up! There are many artistes who spent many years to get recognised (tanya took more than 10yrs).


Anonymous syl | 22 November, 2009 00:17

performance was greattt!
very close up!
and now i'm so sad that i cant attend next week's session. aww.

hmm yes, i agree that doing music is tough, but if you didnt try, you dunno how far it could bring you to right? have faith in whatever you do, even if it did not succeed, you didnt let yourself down.

and i'm very proud to be a mlbian k. we all have faith in your guys. SMILE =)


Blogger qIaNhUi | 22 November, 2009 00:23

Today's performance shiok lek, though the stage is really SMALL. But WEIQI eh, is u sing too soft, or your mike on too soft?! Had more confidence & Sing louder k! LOL =X
Few of us got clapped lek, but cos we see the rest like nobody clapped lek, so we also abit paiseh paiseh, heee =P

Overall, an enjoyable autograph session, u guys looked really good today, shuai shuai :)


Blogger sirong [: | 22 November, 2009 00:26

sorry for the late upload.

ok, the grp picture is up on my facebook.



the link.

i only upload 3 picture cos of some freaking system failure. upload gonna finsh liao,( the whole thing) , then suddenly upload fail. so i only uploaded the grp pictures.



Anonymous aizutto | 22 November, 2009 00:30

Nic,be strong!
You got to have faith in you and Mi Lu Bing.I am sure you guys would be able to go far.

Do remember that we will always be supporting you no matter what.


Anonymous 小猪 | 22 November, 2009 00:51



Anonymous classmate | 22 November, 2009 00:54

smsed wq once i read the newpaper. was worried for him. but he told me that the reporter's motive was to grab attention of the readers, by blowing things up. sad for him becos i can see that his performance was affected by the article today. hang in there man. i am sure your supporters and friends know that you always put in your best. God bless you.


Anonymous LiYing | 22 November, 2009 00:59

Having the chance to be on stage with you guys really made my day!!!
It's worth skipping an hour of Uni's "fun" lecture..
Hahaha.. Sam, Nic and WeiQi.. Continue to JiaYou!!! ^^


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 22 November, 2009 01:02

sian de lor, now i can't see u guys as well on next sun le...
but glad that u guys had fun =D...
might get pekchoo to help me to let u guys sign...
i hope i won't have to wait too long to see u guys again le lo =(...
milubing jia you~

my friend once told me, in the cruel singapore, its very hard not to pursue your dreams due to money. but i do hope you guys will always be happy still? perhaps because i value happiness more ba...



Anonymous Pek Choo | 22 November, 2009 01:15

Ysd Binz & I have managed to hear the whole event, credit thanks to SYL for the help! :)

You guys take care & rest early ya! :)

Cya guys nxt SUN! :D



Blogger Sam Wong | 22 November, 2009 01:28

HEY! Was great seeing all of you again.. Uncle Phil, you said very nice words today and we're proud of you.

We all know that Nic is one who never fails to put in his best in the music; he'll go without sleep to ensure a good sound..
WQ has been working so so hard despite being the student and artist as we all know too.

Regarding the Papers' interview, there are facts in it about the reality of life. We'll love to live the dream, we need to survive to live the dream - my personal thoughts. But for now, we're all out to make this album a good one! In whatever way we could..

Promise a good show this Sunday!
Thank you everyone, goodnight..


Blogger qIaNhUi | 22 November, 2009 01:33

Yeahhh SUN! :)


Anonymous YUJING | 22 November, 2009 01:42

Dearest MLB, 既然爱,我们就为你们加油!

don't be affected, *smile* kay:) today's performance was COOL! craving for next SUN alr:D && when you guys sing 吃下宇宙, do take note on our 左手 leh.. LOLOL. 右手 will not be open up because it has to 抓紧爱和自由! wahahah:p

pica(s) of today;


Anonymous Jane | 22 November, 2009 01:45

Yup uncle phil dun worry u said it nice! But i can see that u nervous when jiahui interview u.. haha lols..

No problem sam! Yup we got faith in mlb! Arghhhhhh 2moro a long day for me! Working 12.5 hrs!! Tired.. Night all!!

Have a nice sunday!


Anonymous syl | 22 November, 2009 01:46

one of the songs sang today, 玩。味!



Blogger binz | 22 November, 2009 02:52

oh man.thank you lovely people for the pics and videos(:

gosh gosh gosh can time like fast forward for next sunday to come more quickly? yay sun sun sun!


Anonymous nic | 22 November, 2009 02:56

Dont worry uncle phil.. it was great.. the nicest things are words said from the heart :)

Thanks all for participating is the sing sing game hehe..

Anyways.. Its really unfortunate and sad that Wei Qi was put in a bad light..

He aint a person that will throw in the white towel halfway. I know. Coz I KNOW him.

Only when we reach a DEAD dead end.. then we'll find other means of survival.. yet still keeping music close to heart. You never know.. one day far far long long time later Sam's doing his drums thingy.. I'm doing my recording thingy.. Wei Qi doing MVs for ppl.
All still music related.. yet the closest we can get to the original passion.

Thanks again for all the support given.. hope our music will linger for as long as the erosion of time can put off :)

Don't worry about the article.. most important.. live the present.. Anticipate the tml that awaits us :)

Will find time to update my blog soon.. been a very tiring week with all the technical preparation for the digital side of the band.



Anonymous Insomiac | 22 November, 2009 03:14

Hey nic,

I know what you mean by when I (can).

That happens to me as well. I live by the cents every day too. cause all my films and video stuffs are too expensive. I feel so paisei to even take $$ from parents all the time.
And I always say, if I am an admin staff, I can earn a decent $2k every mth, have nice clothes to wear, go for dinners and lunches with friends, have time to make sure that my room is tidy, so I wouldnt have to sleep among piles of clothes, books and research papers, or worse props everyday.

But in the end, isn't the integrity in arts that keeps our heartbeats alive and going? Everytime I try to imagine myself an executive or something else, I just can't, because it is so not me. And I would still choose poverty over that stable job. Some people are just destined to be restless and spilling with energy..

I guess it's just about the right season for open doors and financial stability. Cause the world so wide, there bound to be someone, some people touched by your determination, that they'll want to be part of your passion. tsk.. that's where $$ and sponsorships come in.. heehee..

hee.. no worries man.. even if you are poor always, there bound to be someone or some people who are in the same boat.. let's poor together and be true to our hearts and arts.

*but ya, no worries man.. you so handsome, some model jobs as sidelines can tide you through, worse come to worse. haha! that's my backup solution and last resort for myself, but I'm not to the stage to sell my face yet.. lala..


Blogger th-JESS | 22 November, 2009 03:18

RIGHT! today was great, cuz its MLB afterall ;D as long as got MLB its great xD

anw, the videos i took, the volume's very soft , most prob cuz of the environment.. oh well =( i do think tt mlb's mike today, the volume was UBER low, too low infact. we couldnt really hear the singing. but again, maybe bcuz of the environment. but then again, GOOD JOB GOOD JOB.

esp WEIQI'S BEATBOXING ! i took video of it! xD
weiqi, you're super super good at it, really ! [AND IM SURPRISED U KNOW WHO I AM XD u said my name when we were taking photo. *surprised*]

when walking up the stage to get autograph just nw, NERVOUSSS !!! im like, OMG GO UP TGT LEH D;
the guard dont let ;(

but anw, sam rmbrs me too ! xD ok cool ;x does nic knows who am i ? xD

heh, anw sunday i'll be there again too ! ;D i'm uploading the videos now, will take few hrs i guess, so i'll be leaving it overnight while i go sleep ! so umm, will post up links tml. and i saw the group photo. thankies ! loveees!

anw uncle phil, one thing i agree with you totally, MLB'S very qing qie, tts the most attractive thing abt mlb. dont worry, u didnt say anything wrong, we agree fully with you ! mlb is LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD !!! ;D

alright, why i do feel that everytime i tag im like writing a compo ._. too long winded. sorry xD



Blogger th-JESS | 22 November, 2009 03:21

anw, abt the article, when i heard abt it from pekchoo, i was super *heartsank*

i'll never want to see MLB go down, im really glad its untrue. medias are like that, they like to 'pick bones in eggs'

but no matter what, MLBians will forever be with MLB. 5000 copies, SURE CAN ! if not we MLBians can go promote for MLB for free. then not 5000 only, 50000 ! xD

anw, im really glad the article isnt true at all, im glad MLB will still be MLB, cuz MLB's not only a band, its a source of energy for us MLBians ;)


Blogger binz | 22 November, 2009 03:34

ahhh jess i like that last line! yup yup mlb is our 精神粮源!hang in there guys! in reality we can only put in the utmost effort and hope for the best outcome. whats really happens isn't within our control.. 尽力了,总有一天会有回报的!


Anonymous nic | 22 November, 2009 03:37

Jess.. if I'm right you're the one with long hair and FB regularly haha..

Insomnia :

May sound "off".. but wanna say.. like the blacks say


Haha.. Yes.. its always poverty.. as previously mentioned.. it's a fact.. and I'm not ashamed.. we're just OK TO DO PPL almost poor that are DRESSED extravagantly on stage to sell our art.

But for the sake of passion.. we have to "pop-pify" the arts. NOT COMPROMISE. It's still ART.. at a different depth and not the prefered era. Let me explain.

POP music means POPULAR music. In some societies METAL is POP. In some.. bag pipes are pop?!

Its just a matter of classifications due to trend and times.

The sound of the Backstreet boys were pop in the 90's.

The sound of Black Eyed PEas in the early part of this decade.

The sound of Jonas Bros is pop now.

Just examples.

Hope our music be the pop of the near future with us starting the trend.

U2's the Edge made and discovered the foundation Delayed guitars (most prob most ppl here aint know what I'm talking haha)... THE GIST : he made a sound that is common 20 years which would be a major part of Bands like Paramore's sound.

Hope we're the pop of the future.

Yan Shi Zheng may just be the pop of the future which even we ourselves don't know yet.

Let's say we're artists trying to be artistEs trying to sell our ART.

GReat tags.. forgive my long windedness here.. have always been a fan of ingenuity :)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 22 November, 2009 09:22

Wow.. didn't know that this place was so happening last night. After the autograph session, I rushed to my buddhist class (was late) and by the time I reached home already 11+pm. And I was too tired (cos I woke up at 4.45am) that I slept suddenly without switching off my lappy!
Yeah, I am glad that I didn't said anything wrong during the interview. Of course I am nervous, as I was caught unprepared. But all those words that I said, are true & sincere from my heart.
Stay tune to today Yes933 LongHuBang, I have a very strong feeling that 吃下雨宙will be up on the chart. Fellow MLBians, please continue to cast your votes (sending coupons & SMS) to push this song up to the TOP (Yes, we can make it happens).
Its Sunday now, MLB pls have more rest. Next week there will be a better show (still thinking of ways to see whether I can be there). Hope MLB & MLBians have a Beautiful Sunday.
MLB Jia-you... and you guys are always POWER-LAH... ;)


Anonymous ruiting | 22 November, 2009 10:31

couldn't make it for yesterday's autograph session due to the piling school work.
but ima going for the next sunday's one!!!

hopefully i can make friends with MLBians by then and support MLB tgt! <3



Anonymous aizutto | 22 November, 2009 11:13

I'm still high from yesterday..haha.
It was definately one of my pre-birthday gift - seeing MLB just before my birthday.
I have to work on birthday..first day some more.. =(

If I don't have schedule next week,I will try to make it down. =)

MLB jiayou!


Anonymous Anonymous | 22 November, 2009 11:18

An entry in 小寒's blog...
Just to share...

Author: 小寒



Anonymous Anonymous | 22 November, 2009 11:27

Third time unlucky? (From The New Paper):


Well, 1st of all...NewPaper is a more of a sensationalised papers, so their headings and content tends to be really "out of the box" and "superficial".

Secondly, Singaporean are skeptical towards our own local band. Many would rather support sole male or female singer, or overseas one. So we have to begin with ourselves to show support.

Thirdly, nowadays people seldom buy albums (coz is not the only way to listen to good music)...so using albums sales to judge "good or not" is no longer valid.

Anyway, I hope MLB will continue to strive on, be it what challenges they will faced. :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 22 November, 2009 12:42

Yo, haiz.. 吃下宇宙 is still not up Yes933 LongHuBang.
Let's jia-you and votes harder!


Anonymous Pinkie a.k.a shwufang. (: | 22 November, 2009 13:12

ba meng fang zuo shou!!!

Great day yesterdayyy!
Nic sing ying shi nan nu until so emo cans! haha.

anyway uncle phil, you were so cute on stage yesterday cans. i wanted to scream UNCLE PHIL loudly but i shy la. hahaha!

anyway jess, hello! nice knowing you. in the end i still ran to you before you went up eh. don't need scared next time la. mlb won't eat you up. hahaha. :P

k see you people next week again if you people are going. i'm going there to support again. heh, though not getting their signatures again.

see you people soon! loves (:


Anonymous Pinkie a.k.a shwufang. (: | 22 November, 2009 13:14

before i forgot.
let's draw on our left hand again next week kays! loves. (:


Blogger th-JESS | 22 November, 2009 15:21

PINKIEEEE ! eh, not scared mlb eat me up. i gt stage phobia, like will suddenly trip or smthing. LOL XD
anw, really nice meeting ya too !

nic, yea yea, my hair's long and im almost 24 hr on fb LOL

ruiting: yeah u sure can approach us mlbians! i was really shy at first tts y didnt actually attend mlb stuff, [actually i got to know qianhui many years back alr, LOL]
so yeah, do join us on sunday! i'll umm, tell u what i wear, then u come find me ok? LOL ;x


Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 | 22 November, 2009 15:27

MLB no matter what happen in the further ...

just cherish now and your will never regrets anything ...


MLB jia you jia you jia you ...


Blogger th-JESS | 22 November, 2009 15:37

and instead of third time unlucky, we shld call n scold the new paper till they change it to



Anonymous YUJING | 22 November, 2009 16:12

LOLOL. Pinkie, cfm draw:D

MLB's going to ROCK J8 next week! hopefully the stage's biggy enough to jumpjumpjump!


Blogger sirong [: | 22 November, 2009 17:17

came across this quote on the net,

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

isnt it true?
in life, things dont always go the way how we want it to go. it always go the opposite direction , with some obstacles, hardship.

but it was only all these that made us a stronger person. agree?

actually, during yesterday performace, can see something was bothering weiqi. cos its very rarely that he dont smile. its very saddening to that.

WEI QI ! ((:

and lastly, another quote:

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."
~ Sir Winston Churchill

this quote suits you guys. cos yesterday performance was really abit... ermmmmmm sound system abit funny ah. but MLB spirit is still there. sound system might fail, but you guys didnt lose the enthusiasm .



"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 22 November, 2009 19:25

Haha.. Jess, I saw the words: few yrs back, i was like huh??? Oh den i suddenly rmb: ya hor, indeed =P
&&& Yujing/Shwufang, Steady la, this sun our whole grp draw that thing :)

WEIQI, Cheer up Up UP k. Heartache to see u like this lek :(

We Shall All ENJOY, SMILE, SING, JUMP, CLAP, & ROCK The J8 Venue On SUN Ok! :D
LOVEsss ~ ♥


Blogger th-JESS | 22 November, 2009 19:34

haha qianhui, i dont rmbr hw i actually know u years back, i only rmbr mlb blog or tag or smthing, then i got to know u, bt i never participate in mlb activities, feel very 'out' but at least now .. heh.
im happy to be a part of you mlbians ;) proud to be called a mlbian !

sirong: yeah, i noticed too.
weiqi, i hope the article isnt the thing bothering you, or maybe its your exams etc..
no matter what, rmbr mlbians are behind you, no matter what happens or anything. jia you jia you jia youuuu !!!
rmbr 'yi xiao hai guo tian kong'


Anonymous xinmin | 22 November, 2009 20:57

Heng ah..


Anonymous capri | 22 November, 2009 21:28

mlb, it was a great performance ytd! lucky i can stay to watch.

hee... gotta admit i'm one of d pai sei one to raise my hand. ;p i'm more reserve in this kind of outdoor events. but if concerts, i'll get high! when can we hv d nxt one???

sam, u r quite good in rembering who we r huh. *thumbs up*

cant b there for nxt wk's event, so i'll juz support fm my heart. all d best to d performace too! i'll look out for any videos.

rest well all~ starting on a fresh new week in few hrs time.


Blogger qIaNhUi | 22 November, 2009 21:32

The pic to put as our msn display pic.? LOL :)


Anonymous Pek Choo | 22 November, 2009 21:42

qh lol~ all of us can put it as our dp pics! :)

1 more wk to go for the Auto Event!

Can't wait to see ya guys performing. :)

We shall all HIGH + SING LOUDLY + SCREAM + JUMP with you guys on that day and rock Bishan J8! :D

Rest well & Take Care.


Anonymous ruiting | 22 November, 2009 21:50


actually less than one more week.
because now 9.50pm liao.
next week starts at 5pm.

anticipating! <3


Anonymous weiqi | 22 November, 2009 21:51

hey mlbians, just wanna say that all the letters and stuff u gave us are all with jasmin, she will pass to us tmr.. so we haven't read the stuff yet ya? :) hope the msn pic comes in handy :) *back to school, exam on tues!*


Blogger qIaNhUi | 22 November, 2009 21:52



Anonymous capri | 22 November, 2009 21:57

weiqi, gambatte for ur exam

p/s: u seems to hv lost wt too huh... eat more!


Anonymous ruiting | 22 November, 2009 21:59

WEIQI: JIAYOU on your exam!


Anonymous Pek choo | 22 November, 2009 22:00


Jiayo!! Just tell urself u can do it! :D
Rest early yea. :)


Anonymous Anonymous | 22 November, 2009 22:04

Heeren Videos:





Blogger binz | 22 November, 2009 22:06

oh cool then everyone with the same dp! it will look so seh if we are to have a mass conv then everyone same dp!

weiqi jiayou jiayou! my 6th sense tells me that all the exam papers to be done on tues are gonna have flying colours! cuz im having my second last paper on tues too!


Anonymous syl | 22 November, 2009 22:40

Weiqi jia you for exams!
Dun push yourself too hard though..


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 22 November, 2009 22:41

Jiayoujiayoujiayoujiayoujiayoujiayoujiayoujiayoujiayoujiayou for you exams kk! take care lo.


Anonymous ik | 22 November, 2009 22:50

weiqi jia you!!

吃下宇宙 still not up Yes933 LongHuBang. pls vote harder! everyone can vote both coupon and sms.


Anonymous YUJING | 22 November, 2009 22:55

I also want,
WEIQI JIAYOU(sss):D share you my lucks, *sharing in proccess*!

WEIQI, you cfm fat after your paper tomorrow. course too much "YOU" alr :p but its worth larh hors? SMILEEE BIGBIGWIDEWIDE okay? ♥♥♥


Anonymous weiqi | 22 November, 2009 22:59

wow! thanks peeps, got a shock when i came back... now i very 'you' le... facial foam, where are u... :D
btw, 5 stars for u peeps who drew 'meng' on your left hand, really world class lameness.. i was impressed indeed. U all deserve this: (-_-!!!) 3 Lines, no less. Congrats!!! :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 22 November, 2009 23:29

poverty lies in the mind.

"the fulfilling of a bowl of instant noodles, the warmth of a cotton quilt"

既然爱, 我不左右你.




这样, 我觉的您很棒!



Blogger pegg | 22 November, 2009 23:58

a video to share.

the guys being interviewed by jiahui talking abt their new look, what are the things that they normally will quarrel or fight.

and how SAM "SAVES THE DAY"~ hees =p



Anonymous LiYing | 23 November, 2009 00:07

All da best to ppl having exams this coming week!!! Including myself.. Hahax.. =p


Anonymous Anonymous | 23 November, 2009 00:21

quite interesting pegg, can see weiqi use leg to hold the mic stand, then sam quickly take the mic stand.. good team work MLB! thks 4 the vid!


Blogger pegg | 23 November, 2009 00:29

paiseh, din knw the quality was so bad. cux i converted the format and edited the video, thus the not so good quality out.

paiseh paiseh.


Anonymous Anonymous | 23 November, 2009 00:30

Tks Pegg indeed, spotted the Red Ears on SAM again when SAM became the HERO saving the mic stand!


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 01:03

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 01:04

i know say ilu abit weird, but ILU ! hahaha

i was like regretting nbr take video of the interview, will uber miss their jokes, esp nic's expression when sam say 'like the mv' XD, sam's 'ying xiong' and weiqi's 'kfc & old coffee'
muahaha =p

peeps, im having trouble uploading videos to youtube, it keeps coming up as 'failed[aborted]' after searching n all, i realise alot of ppl having the same probs, really sry for not being able to upload the vid, will try to get it done asap !

weiqi, JIA YOU FOR YOUR EXAM ON TUES! *pass all my luck over* o lvls over for me le, now pass to you ! muahaha ;x
gogogo, u can do it!
since your face very 'you' right, see this video =p
hahaha! i shared the link b4, but since ure stressed out by exams, no harm having a little laugh =p


Anonymous weiqi | 23 November, 2009 01:25



Anonymous mighty mouse goes lalala | 23 November, 2009 01:31

cheer for MLB! even if u guys go indie, will still support 这三位可爱的男生!!! and hor tdy i heard the brief notes of guit in track 3-super nice! excited...i discover smthg new each day :)


Anonymous mm | 23 November, 2009 01:32

since u r ard... bopian mus shout WQ JIAYOU! :P


Anonymous Jane | 23 November, 2009 01:34

Thanks for all the videos and pics.. Arghhhh sian sunday i cannot go to Junction 8 cos i working afternoon shift.. Weiqi jiayou!!!

Hope to see you all soon..


Anonymous weiqi | 23 November, 2009 01:57

tmr got interview! gotta slp early ba.. so that not in a daze when taking questions.. jialat! i think tmr then can study more... anywas, should be ok de la :p

my friend found this software for vista and win 7 users! Expose clone of mac for PC!!! installed it jus now, works like a charm, come here and share :)



Jess, u can try this software (link below) for converting videos to .FLV b4 uploading to youtube, u will get less errors at the expense of poorer quality that .FLV gives...
also friend's recommendation :p


Anonymous weiqi | 23 November, 2009 01:58

WA mightymouse.. steady la u... :p indie sia.. haha! thanks for your faith!


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 02:07

oooh okay, thanks weiqi. will try converting b4 uploading. it seems that alot of peeps are having the same prob on youtube. ;(

anw, im still recovering frm the shock that u rmbr my name, HAHAH ;x

okok, go sleep !!! its 2am and like u said, u have interview and exams on tues.
jia youuuuu!! *dance arnd shouting jiayou*


Anonymous Anonymous | 23 November, 2009 02:17

for today my favorite song is '厭食症', 越听越好听!
pleasantly surprised by the sub-theme '只要你微笑'.
nic can be so different. thumbs up!

3rd album is the best one!


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 02:25


This video's actually taken cuz i was really impressed by weiqi's beatboxing, thought it would be really nice to share ;D

Anw it's the 5th contestant [Ivan]'s turn to sing MLB's Chi Xia Yu Zhou ;)
Grats jiahui for winning btw!


Anonymous Jane | 23 November, 2009 02:37

Weiqi... it's 2.36am le.. is late go sleep!!! Jiayou!!!

Jess thanks for uploading it... I got record it down too... Shall upload it when i am free...

Congrats jiahui!


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 03:29

OHkay, now i've uploaded photos, but youtube still dont let me upload the videos of the 3 songs ;(

so, i've made the album public, everyone can see. here's it ! enjoyyy


Anonymous mlbian | 23 November, 2009 12:31

today's straits times - Lifestyle
pg C8, an article on MLB.

'From Milo to set meals'.

this reporter is much kinder to our local boys.


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 23 November, 2009 16:25

From today's Life (ST):





Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 17:02

YAY~ thank you musiclover!

i love ST, they're so much kinder to MLB, at least they rendered supports to mlb.

im still turned off by Newpaper's article. *bites on ice so i wont call them and scold in a moment of anger*

about venturing to china n taiwan... *digs pocket* do we have enough to fly thr? xD


Anonymous pinkie a.k.a shwufang | 23 November, 2009 18:05

Salute us please :P

HAHAHA. i wanted to go and buy ST.
but uber lazy to get out of house -.-


omgggggg. i hate my mountain of homework. eee.

anyway. gl to weiqi for your exam. tmr right? :/

k. ciaoz allzxx


Anonymous ruiting | 23 November, 2009 19:29

wah sam's reaction damn fast!
haha shuai!


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 23 November, 2009 20:04

Haha... WEIQI very "YOU" now le huh... LOL! &&& The Drawing Of "Meng" Was Originally Created By Liwhey, The greatest lamer of our lamer grp, hahaha =X But i found it very creative lek, hor hor hor =P

&&& Yeah, Read Today's Straits Time! Super Big Big Nice Nice Photo Of MLB! LOVEsss ~ ♥


Anonymous pinkie a.k.a shwufang | 23 November, 2009 20:13

We are a bunch of lamers.
huhuhuhu :X


qian qian qian qian shou~


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 23 November, 2009 20:17




Blogger NIColette LeE | 23 November, 2009 20:37

Latest News (23/11/09)
- 迷路兵 second autograph session will be held at bishan Junction 8 on 29 November 2009 at 3pm. Fans will get to take pictures with them.

copied this from dragon one entertainment's website(:


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 20:45

when did we not take photos with mlb XD opps ;x


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 20:45

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Jane | 23 November, 2009 20:47

Thanks musiclover_rock2008. Nice & big photo! :)

Yup Sam de reaction is fast... Shuai lah!!! lol at shwufang and qianhui...

Thanks nicolette... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH i cannot go on 29th at Junction 8... U all enjoy urself... Take more pics and videos... Thanks alot...


Anonymous  | 23 November, 2009 20:53






總於把它買下了. 謝謝,很好聽.


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 21:30

@ 我 : dui bu qi, i cant type chinese, but anyway, its a good choice to buy MLB's album, ta men de ge zhen de hen hao ting, ni bu hui hou hui de. enjoy listening !


Anonymous ruiting | 23 November, 2009 21:52

S-I-X more days!!!


Anonymous YUJING | 23 November, 2009 22:45


Weiqi, just be "YOU" for now larh, its okay one. no need facial foam larh! hahah:D those "YOU" very precious one leh^^ must treasure:p & yeaaa the 5 stars goes to our dear teacher/ mommy LIWHEY! she teaches us that! its pretty cool lorh.. so we're consider the World Class Coolest Lamers leh^^ see, you also impressed by us alr. hahah:D anyw, coming Sunday.. just take note of the World Class Coolest Lamer's left hands again lorh!:p cfm coolniceprettylame ttm!


Anonymous Anonymous | 23 November, 2009 23:10




Oh man…I almost fainted when I read the papers saying that MLB is gonna disband. Well…I dont know what to say. They have put in efforts and Wei Qi has tried his best to make things work as the band leader. I always like to pat him on the shoulder as I think that he is one good and hardworking chap. Cheers!

(a supportive boss indeed! :D)


Anonymous Tiffy | 25 November, 2009 07:27

Erm just to ask, ruiting are you new to this webpage or smth? Cuz never seen ya comment here before. Lol. But anyways, still wanna put a big shoutout here to MLB and all the mlbians(esp those i have known): continue to keep on pursuing your interests and never give up k? Jiayou!!:D although i know the last few lines has no relavance to this article at all. Still, although i can't be around for any events for the time being i still hope that i can meet you guys again someday ya?

PS: oh, and a very early good morning to everyone who's reading this too. =D

Cheers everyone~


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