Woo Hoo~
milubing | 23 November, 2009 22:40

mlb :

WOW. The MLB POWER 之旅 vols. 3 is so nicely done! Thank you to Yuan Ping and the team, and all who played a part in it. The short notes, pictures, letters, all are wonderful memories we'll always look back to.. POWER LA!

For those who don't know what we're refering to, its a booklet made by some MLBians. We'll show it to you sometime in future..

Looking forward to meet all of you NEW and OLD friends on Sunday?!


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Blogger Strat | 23 November, 2009 22:55

Haiz... Can't go again.. Thought it was on sat and took off... Then today a friend told me it was on sun... Rushed to call manager to change day ... But CAN'T... The sec I saw the sms, I wanna cry le ... SO look forward to enjoy myself yet ... I got an empty sat.. Haiz... Sorry ... Can't be there ... But I bought the album le ... Hehe... Nice songs ...


Anonymous weiqi | 23 November, 2009 23:01

Cheer up Strat, will always have another time la. btw, r u still workin at benny's? which branch?

Everyone, pls don kill me.. cos today after the iweekly interview, i rushed back to school and quickly took my bathing equipment, and as i rushed down the hall I bumped into my classmates, and i exclaimed:"Hey guys, i'm so dead, i've only covered 3 out of 12 chapters for tmr's paper!" the reply was:"oei, u want me to knock ur head ah.. the paper is on thurs la dude..." Moment of silence as i froze in my slippers...

p.s. I read the letters le, but will have to read again cos just now in the van very hard to concentrate :p

Now gotta still study hard, cos i planned my wednesday schedule le, can't cancel. But it's a good thing, cos seems like got extra time to cover the rest of the chapters! here I go!!!


Anonymous syl | 23 November, 2009 23:04

Haha blurblur weiqi!
But I guess it's good news for you lah.
Cant make it on sunday too. :(
All have fun k! :)


Blogger Strat | 23 November, 2009 23:13

Ya. Tiong bahru ... Will cheer up tml ... Today will remain sad ...


Blogger th-JESS | 23 November, 2009 23:15

LOL, blur weiqi. its expected to mess the days up when you're sooo busy, i can see that actually. but its good isnt it? so then again, JIA YOU. i know u very YOU already, but no choice la! bear with it. after your papers u can wash them with FACIAL FOAMMMM xD

p/s: at least u found out its not tml, or u'll be at sch tml and then stun ! xD


Anonymous Anonymous | 23 November, 2009 23:33

good thing,Qi.
then you have more time to read thru and digest your notes.



Anonymous pekchoo | 24 November, 2009 00:08

WeiQi, jiayou for your exam! =P
See you guys on sun.
Nite =D


Blogger Strat | 24 November, 2009 00:11

Wei Qi,

Jia you for your exams... I heard about the story le...I believe you nv say such things.. Haha... Hope you feel better le ...


Blogger sirong [: | 24 November, 2009 00:13

good luck for your exam uh. jia you ((:


Anonymous sofui | 24 November, 2009 00:30

weiqi, i can only say u still blurrr blurr de lor...anw, all the best in your exams!!


Anonymous ZHU meiyi (: | 24 November, 2009 01:15

hahaha, that's funny. =X
good news for u ma.
more time to cover up the chapters.
slp early and good luck for your papers! (:


Anonymous Jane | 24 November, 2009 01:34

Haha blur blur de weiqi... Good news for u... Jiayou~~~ :)

I cannot go this sunday... Enjoy for those who going...

Sleep early and good luck!!! Night all...


Anonymous RAH | 24 November, 2009 01:46

blur blur weiqi.. muahahhaha. funny. =) but also good leh. gt more time to study luh.. anyway best of luck for ur paper okay! jiayouuuu.. heh heh~~~ xD


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 24 November, 2009 01:52

Haiz.. I oso can't attend this Sunday event, cos I m working afternoon shift lor!

Jia-you for your exams. You can blur now, but not during the exam. OK? All the Best to you... May you passed all your exams with flying colours, yeah..

time to zzzzz lor! goodnite & sweet dreams to MLB & fellow MLBians.

Oops.. before I sign out. Another reminder: PLS REMEMBER TO CAST YOUR VOTES FOR 吃下宇宙 UP Yes933 LongHuBang. Everyone may send a voting coupon & oso send 1 SMS to cast your votes. Let's Chiong & votes harder, hopefully the song can be up the chart on this Sunday. Then you guys/gals can celebrate at J8 during the Autograph signing session.


Blogger th-JESS | 24 November, 2009 02:11

@all those who cannot attend on sunday: NO WORRIES! i will do my job and try to video everything down ! xD

im afterall, one of the more xian kong one now ;x but once i start finding jobs then .. =( but then, MLB STILL COMES FIRST XD


Anonymous yuanping | 24 November, 2009 02:32

ok guess wad, i thought my paper's tml too. thank god this particular penguin tried to scare me by saying maybe mine's today which made me check and realise it's on wed. now i really need to knock my head against the wall. -.-

regarding the book, hope it does serve the purpose of bringing you guys down memory lane ya? i realise some of the messages are too blur to be read, will upload it somewhere so that you guys can read it k. :) hmm and sorry ppl, i dont have a picture of the final product cos my camera sort of died, time to get a new one now.

longhubang: thankyou uncle phil for posting. dont mind i just copy paste ya? :)
龙虎榜 投选方式
1) I-weekly coupons
Fill in the song title 吃下宇宙 and the artiste's name 迷路兵 and then fill in your particulars and mail it to:

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

Coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

Votings will end on every thurs.
Thus, if you wish for the song to appear on the chart this coming sunday, you have to make sure you send out your voting coupons before Tue noon and sms before Thu noon.

Note: Each person are only allow to send a voting coupon per song per week.
Do not use the same writing for different voters too.

okie i gotta slp and continue mugging tml. yay to extra time lol! weiqi jiayou! :)


Anonymous duckling | 24 November, 2009 08:05

Our blur weiqi...Hahaha....
Reminds me of your first day in school... :p
All the best for your exam! JIAYOU!


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 24 November, 2009 08:24

weiqi and pinky both study until siao liao...
Strat can cheer up de la...i'm also surrender to fate liao...haha...
jia you everyone...
i gotta run for work le~


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 24 November, 2009 08:25

btw weiqi, how to squeeze 9 chapters within 2 days? i was stunned for 1 sec lor. but u jia you~


Blogger NIColette LeE | 24 November, 2009 09:45

hahahaha(: WeiQi blur blur de..
but good news lar~ you got more time study. but how to finish studying 9chapters in 2days? anyways, all th best for your exam~
jiayou to WeiQi and all others who are taking exams too(:


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 24 November, 2009 10:31

haha th entire page is filled w "blurblur weiqi" so I shall add on t it - aiyo, weiqi why you blurblur de. :p but at least you found out about it in advance instead of walking into an empty examination hall. all th best for your last paper! :D


Blogger iceprincess92 | 24 November, 2009 10:47

hihi,good luck to the MLB guys for the performance on sunday.take care of yourselves before the performance kz?


Anonymous weiqi | 24 November, 2009 11:26

[BREAKING NEWS]: This just in.. Nic's laptop fell to the ground yesterday during an accident @ the interview. To his horror when he turned it on this morning, he found a super big crack(s) on the screen and now the monitor only displays the upper half of the screen! Shaitz... Pictures of the laptop coming soon, must post man...cos the 'little white pony' that has served us so well for the past 2 years is now really in a very bad shape. Our heart aches as we see our dear comrade cry in pain...the pony has been taking the weight of our music..and screaming each time we're on stage(now u know why i always look at it while performing, making sure it doesn't trip and fall). sobs..poor white pony.. the 2 years have been hard on u...pls try to tahan for this weekend's gig cos repair is out of the question costing $1.3+k... sobs...


Anonymous weiqi | 24 November, 2009 12:12

whoops, repair should be $880 b4 gst & service charge...


Anonymous syl | 24 November, 2009 12:15

Take good care our dear little white pony.
May you survive this ordeal.
Maybe some addition knocks would bring it back to normal? Haha oops. :x


Anonymous ruiting | 24 November, 2009 13:54

Wah Wei qi good thing u bumped into your classmate lah. Haha now you got more time to study. :D


Anonymous flo | 24 November, 2009 13:54

Poor thing!!! Aiyo, very expensive to repair, especially screens. Remind me of my handphone when I dropped it to the floor. It cracked and my friend asked me if I had a new screensaver or wallpaper. Arghh... worst part, I cannot find a repair shop who can fix that phone...


Anonymous LiYing | 24 November, 2009 14:11

To Weiqi..

At least you got more time to study..
I reached to only to realise that i missed out at least 3 chapters and my test was only 20mins away.. Hahax..
But lucky those chapters didnt came out much.. ..
If not it'll be the first module i fail in Uni.. .. Hahax..



Blogger th-JESS | 24 November, 2009 14:39

Oh no... ;( what a bad news. laptops normally last like, 1yr plus then start having problems alr.. 2 years + a drop .. omg. lets just hope it hangs in there !! *prays prays prays*

anw weiqi, exams more important. gogo!! study! ;)


Blogger Elise | 24 November, 2009 14:40

Hello Weiqi, all the best for your exam on Thursday... oh yeah, will be going down to J8 this Sunday to see you guys perform again. Yayy!! :D

(I can imagine how bad the "injury" of the little white pony is. Ouch! )


Blogger binz | 24 November, 2009 16:00

oh my tian!! on the brighter side, at least there's still half a screen to see and can faster backup whatever hasn't been backed up! hopefully the pony can 渡过难关..


Anonymous YUJING | 24 November, 2009 17:39

omg, hope "it"'ll be fine. still remember sam was inside "it" during our gathering @ china town's echo. & he appearing on the stage singing out loud w/ you guys. arghs:( may "it" well asap, praying hard once again.

& WEIQI arh.. thats so you larh can? BLUR. LOLOL:) okay bear w/ all our "YOU(s)" for you again for your papers:D can only use facial foam after your papers finished:) jiayou(sss)!

its alr week6 for me in sem2 in poly. week8 will be the exam week.. its like so darn fast larh:( & this time round i don't have any break @ all for me to study:( simply yucks! gota chiong & work hard alr. jiayou(sss) to all who're taking exams soon too:D


Blogger NIColette LeE | 24 November, 2009 17:51

OUCH! th little white pony 好可怜哦~
*prays hard* for th little white pony to be fine.

& yeahh, it really cost a lot to repair cracked screen. last time my laptop also like that. sadd lo~


Blogger NIColette LeE | 24 November, 2009 17:58

oh, btw.. th sunday autograph session is 3pm or 5pm?
ytd dragon one website write 3pm thn today write 5pm.. so confusing la~


Anonymous weiqi | 24 November, 2009 22:06

it's 5pm :)


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 24 November, 2009 22:46

&&& may NIC's macbook survive thru this sun. performance. But den in future how? To repair, or buy a new 1 =/


Blogger th-JESS | 24 November, 2009 23:25

hey peeps! ;)
anw, i just dig out sat's new paper frm my bro's bag, thrs the interview with MLB. anyone wants me to upload it? its not really a nice piece of interview, but i'll upload if anyone wants to view?

p/s: mlb dont get upset over it please ;(

and, im reaaaaally tempted to write in to TNP and scold them for it. REALLY!! *screams & grabs hair*


Anonymous Anonymous | 25 November, 2009 00:03

Its' already being uploaded if I am not wrong. But seriously, the reporter whom wrote that piece of article really thinks that he/ she is a phychology person. He/ she can judge humans by their little random movements and eyes-contact? Ridiculas!

Is this is the only way for him/ her to survive in the media? Maybe. But whatever it is, its over.

I guess and have fate in MLB that, you guys will not be bring down by this article. Infact, you guys would work even harder and show them, you guys can do it! & is doing it well:)

Best wishes.


Anonymous Anonymous | 25 November, 2009 00:03



Blogger -WHEY` | 25 November, 2009 00:27

weiqi, it does happen to me at times when i forget when's the actual exam dates, i donno what i filled my mind with also, but at least u "scheduled" for early revision, so not so bad? good luck for your exams!

sad story of nic's lappy! hope the problem is resolved by now!


Blogger th-JESS | 25 November, 2009 00:35

@ anon: yes i agree its ridiculous, cause i am VERY tempted to write in to TNP and chide them, i was just wondering if anyone wants to read it.. i dont believe any crap about the article. i have absolute faith in mlb no matter what becomes of them, or whatever decision they make. so yeah, i was just umm , trying to see if anyone want to read that ridiculous article.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 25 November, 2009 00:47

I will support u lor. If you need, I can give u my signature too.

jia-you for your exams.

so sad & sorry to hear abt your lappy's issue!


Blogger th-JESS | 25 November, 2009 00:50

UNCLE PHIL U ROCKS! HAHAHA ! oh yes, i am writing them an email now. they shldnt be publishing such ridiculous articles. this is like, local news paper dont support local band? and i even mention that i dont like their article title!


Anonymous Anonymous | 25 November, 2009 00:57

just my pov, i feel that there's no need to make an issue out of the news article. the reporter might have just spice up the contents to attract more readers.

this is simply the ugly truth of life. we just got to admit it.


Blogger th-JESS | 25 November, 2009 01:20

well, i just think that they shld put more effort into considering the feelings of others. the title itself is very well, upsetting. im not requesting them to make an apology or anything, just to let them be aware of how we think.


Anonymous Anonymous | 25 November, 2009 01:23

well, just like what nic mentioned, it's tabloid. this issue is already over, so no pt bringing it up again.

i meant no harm. but just feel that there is really no need to make a big fuss. just let it go. the contents might not be true too.