What You pay for is what you get
milubing | 26 November, 2009 02:46

Thank you all for the lovely car and concern.. we really appreciate the heartfelt thoughts of all...
At last.. done.. this
is what you get from Sim Lim for cheap cheap repair
. 200 bucks for the Apple's 858? Dream on manz.. if you're Thinking about quality.

BUT!!! can use can already.. no complains.. this white lil pony has served us 2 entire years.. So put a lil heart into it.. DIY...

Super glue and all the entire frame... quite a joke but yes :)

The band has survived this major ordeal for now.. adapter giving up.. screen breaking.. 2 yrs of hardcore usage for a laptop is a long time!! Guess they're omens that change is a necessity.. but it'll be another story
for another time. 3 cheers to Apple!
The final cut.....

Hope the super glue lasts (hahaha)



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Blogger th-JESS | 26 November, 2009 03:00

well it looks brand new to me xD

anw, lets hope apple gives a favourable reply. have u tried contacting them ?

anw. its good that only 1/4 payment is needed eh, and then this sunday things will be perfectly fine !


Anonymous Anonymous | 26 November, 2009 03:23

look nice! boys, jiayou!


Anonymous Marilyn | 26 November, 2009 07:55

Ye Ye Ye finally done wit the lappy hope that sunday will more smoothly and we can jump and sings together ^^ cya on sunday :)
Cheers cheer cheer to Apple apple apple :D
the super glue pls last long man .. Yeah !!!


Anonymous Jane | 26 November, 2009 09:14

Good morning! :)

Yeah done with ur laptop le... It look nice... Hope the super glue will last long...

I going to work soon le... Have a nice day! :)


Anonymous rah | 26 November, 2009 09:32

nice one nic~
super creativity. haha.
but at least able to use after all this creativity then it great. haha
..yes must last as long as possible..lol~


Anonymous Anonymous | 26 November, 2009 09:34

good job!

when u're at the verge, make use of ur strengths!


Anonymous ruiting | 26 November, 2009 10:22


looks like it's in good shape now.
from pictures i see no flaws.

smart choice!
rock on MLB!

3 more days to SUNDAY!


Anonymous weiqi | 26 November, 2009 10:33

even though it seemed like a bad thing that happened(the laptop drop), it was the mlbians who shined brightly during the adverse situation, offering all kinds of help and support... u guys rock, and that's why we always work hard to bring u better music each time. Jiayo people! and thanks for the jiayos. I'm going for my war at 5pm later haha.. :)


Blogger binz | 26 November, 2009 10:48

looks normal and can use jiu hao le(:

haiyo evening paper ah. better don't drain out too much brain juice before that! i once geh kiang go do alot of timed practice b4 afternoon paper then by the time the real paper come, too drained out!


Anonymous ruiting | 26 November, 2009 10:53

weiqi remember to bring all ur equipment before going to war. sword, shield, etc. lol.

jiayou! :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 26 November, 2009 11:45

yeah.. glad that the lil white pony are back in go shape. 3 cheers.. to nic. sunday surely can perform well, but too bad i can't be there.

yo weiqi, once again jia-you hor! ya, pls rmb to bring all necessary things to your battle. have confidence that you'll win the war. hehe...

sam, dunno what you are doing but oso all the best to you. :)

well, its almost lunch time. enjoy your meals guys n gals. i m reporting for work after lunch. ciao... n good day to everyone.


Anonymous pinkie a.k.a shwufang | 26 November, 2009 12:27

the laptop has recovered!
eh, i hope you used super strong super glue uhh. -coughs-
i'll stare at the laptop on sunday. hahaha.

k anyway. jiayou weiqi.
rmb to bring your sword and shield and helmet and armor!

can bring the milubaby for lucky charm also! lol :X

k off to do my fantastic homework!!
seeya on sunday.


Blogger Elise | 26 November, 2009 13:19


祝你在‘战场’上打败你的‘敌人’(‘敌人’= 考卷),凯旋归来! Hehe. :D


Anonymous weiqi 伟奇 | 26 November, 2009 15:12

打战啊!还剩下两个钟头给我烦脑一下… 我有透露到今天的考试是两百个MCQ吗?haha!希望不会太难吧,况且已经收到了你们的“加油”,应该是ok的 :)


Blogger Jodie [: | 26 November, 2009 15:24

Glad that the laptop is fixed (:
It looks brand new (:

OMG WEIQI!! I'm so not used to seeing you typing chinese! =X
HAHAHAH~~ Do this more often kays? :D
When you guys venture Taiwan next year, everything would be Chinese worh :D

AHEM!! I still feel super tired after my flight yesterday morning =X


Blogger th-JESS | 26 November, 2009 15:33

nic, the human error thing, maybe make some excuse ;x say that the screen broke when u opened your laptop ;x

muahaha ;x
i rmbr a fren dropped her phone into the sink and she said it was caused by rain, and SE really repaired for free D;

anw, updates : no reply frm Apple yet..

and weiqi: 1 HOUR 28 MINUTES TO WAR ! prepare ! xD gear up ;x
200 mcq... omg. sitting thru 40 mcq nearly killed me , 200 is madddd.
but anw, good luck !


Anonymous 辣妹 | 26 November, 2009 15:36



Blogger Jodie [: | 26 November, 2009 16:02

Calm yourself down kay? (:

Sorry that i missed it out =X


Blogger NIColette LeE | 26 November, 2009 16:11

WOW! the laptop looks kinda new to me ler~
hope the super glue can last long la~

&WeiQI, soooo not used to seeing you type everything in chinese. looks怪怪的咯~ hahahaha(:


Anonymous weiqi | 26 November, 2009 16:13

thx thx :D


Blogger NIColette LeE | 26 November, 2009 16:14

OH YA! 200mcq is simply crazy la~

but anyways, jiayou WeiQi(: you can do it der~


Anonymous YUJING | 26 November, 2009 17:56

WEIQI jiayouyouyou, many "you" give you! LOLOL.


Anonymous YUJING | 26 November, 2009 17:56

WEIQI jiayouyouyou, many "you" give you! LOLOL.


Blogger th-JESS | 26 November, 2009 19:04

hoho, weiqi fighting war now. anw weiqi, SMILE MORE! recently u look really unhappy or troubled..


Anonymous weiqi | 26 November, 2009 19:12

woohoo! it's done :)
I double checked, and no point staring at questions that u REALLY don know how to answer.. set it to random, and then I strolled out out of the exam hall at 6.40pm.. a tit bit early.. and now i'm back in ADM, at my laptop.. and u know wat? i left my student card on the desk just now.. :p
Called my friend WeiHao to help me get it back le haha... damn.. why sia.. why so blur... sigh...
last time not like that one.. now adays hor... sigh..


Blogger binz | 26 November, 2009 19:28

woah wq so pro ah can double check le still got time left ah. wad was the duration supposed to be? haiyo think your remedy to getting more blur is REST!! too tired jiu hui like that de la.. that time i also left my student card on the desk after my morning paper, then that same day still got afternoon paper lor! heng i saw my tcher holding a card walking in front of me that has a face which looked like me then i realised it was mine!


Anonymous weiqi | 26 November, 2009 19:30

haha binz.. i laugh at u so u can laugh at me too :p
I not pro leh, i think u never read this sentence: "no point staring at questions that u REALLY don know how to answer"



Blogger binz | 26 November, 2009 19:46

hahah got read, but shld be still got alot you know ma, or else it feels kinda scary to walk out though no point staring but will still stare awhile de ma, in case the correct option decides to start waving at you!


Anonymous YUJING | 26 November, 2009 20:32

haiyooo WEIQI arh, BLUR is also not exactly a bad thing larh:) its cute to be BLUR @ times larh. so don't sigh kay:D *sigh will make you old worh*:p so SMILEEE & LAUGHHH more! LOLOL. this time round, your BLUR-ness can say is come from not enough rest? yeppp.. so rest MORE man!


Anonymous YUJING | 26 November, 2009 20:32

haiyooo WEIQI arh, BLUR is also not exactly a bad thing larh:) its cute to be BLUR @ times larh. so don't sigh kay:D *sigh will make you old worh*:p so SMILEEE & LAUGHHH more! LOLOL. this time round, your BLUR-ness can say is come from not enough rest? yeppp.. so rest MORE man!


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 26 November, 2009 22:11

WOW, glad tt the little white pony is temporary fine now. Let it do it's very very best in this sun performance, b4 it R.I.P again ba. LOL!



Blogger NIColette LeE | 26 November, 2009 22:20

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger NIColette LeE | 26 November, 2009 22:21

some voicebox.sg thing(:

Music IN乐前线 - 迷路兵《三人套餐》——”三新两异" : http://ourvoicebox.sg/posts/mlb_musicin_layyen_26112009


Blogger th-JESS | 26 November, 2009 22:52

weiqi, u too stressed le thats why ! relaxxxxxxxxx !!!


Anonymous :) | 26 November, 2009 23:31

for new pony.. :)

singtel promo.. $$88/mth for a new macbook

last time upgrade $500 for a macbook pro.. can check if still applicable..


Anonymous mlbian | 26 November, 2009 23:46

all the best for the coming auto, maybe those mlbians going can try bringing some friends, so can introduce them to MLB's music. cheers


Anonymous weiqi | 27 November, 2009 02:28

super loads of helpful ppl here :)
Night guys...


Blogger Afro Green | 27 November, 2009 02:49

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 27 November, 2009 04:13

in the end did u complete the questions u dun really know how to do?
try to finish the questions u know first, then save some time to tikam the questions that u duno? at least when u tikam u still have 49% chance of getting correct?

when we r too busy we tend to forget everything, but student card hor, xiao xin yi dian wor~ =D

happy long weekend everyone, i still gotta work =(.


Blogger th-JESS | 27 November, 2009 04:13

opps , used wrong acc to post just nw, wanted to say good night n sweet dreams weiqi xD


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 27 November, 2009 04:14

btw, weiqi watch "2012" already? do check out "Case39" when u r free, quite a nice show =D...


Anonymous marilyn | 27 November, 2009 12:32

yo this sunday working sia morning shift somemore and ii cannot take off feel like want to tae mc sia than ii wan to go j8 to see uue all again .. bah mo fan zhou shou ~~~~so tiring loh this weeks no off day :( ii want to cry le :'(


Anonymous weiqi | 27 November, 2009 12:39

quizzy ah.. of course i filled it in la haha... mcq leh, don fill in is really sotong le hahaha... 2012, nope no time to watch that.. maybe got time for fantastic mr fox HAHAHA...and looking forward to avatar :p trailer looks promising although plot feels cliche.. well..
Jess = Afro Green???


Anonymous marilyn | 27 November, 2009 12:44

weiqi ii also going want to watch the fantastic mr fox sooo cutee loh ~~~ hahas .. just tiqam can liao cause mcq right .. jst 1,2,3 or 4 :) heehee :P but still must read some of it and jiayous too weiqi .. give uue miracle and a jiang xin ji goes to sam and nic ^^


Anonymous marilyn | 27 November, 2009 12:57

hari raya haji to mlbains ^^
going to work le .. jiayous for mee worrx will be a busy day for mee :(
wish ii wont get a headache :)


Anonymous Jane | 27 November, 2009 13:17

Weiqi.. type chinese words here more.. :)

Marilyn.. at least sunday u work morning loh.. Sunday i work afternoon, i cannot go to j8.. Enjoy and take more pics okay? Thanks.. :)

Hari raya haji to all of u.. Hope u all enjoy urself.. :D


Anonymous ik | 27 November, 2009 13:27

glad to see little pony back to life, i wanna to see again..



Blogger th-JESS | 27 November, 2009 13:45

LOL weiqi, afro green is my TPRAWKZ group's colour. im helping out with postings on the blog.. ahahaha ;x

omg avatarrrrrrrr ! a must watch! sure alot of ppl watch, like transformers. most prob must book b4 hand.. for now, im off to watch new moon ! xD


Anonymous rah | 27 November, 2009 16:47

LOL. weiqi..
welcome to the blur family~~!! *cheers* LOL.

dun worry.. cause u r nt the only one who is blur. i think my blurness can even fight with u lor. lol~~~ xD muhaha! *grins*


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 28 November, 2009 00:12

:S avatar will be in 3D format for your info, and i watch the trailer at work le...looks amazing in 3D format...sure a lot of ppl but for all of us working in cinemas sure die =X...haha no la, wish us good luck...
haha fantastic mr fox ah...havent watch yet. can check out the reviews if u want - http://www.insing.com/movies/Fantastic-Mr-Fox/id-26000000?nav=60250

haha i'll be working full shift on sunday leh...try not to pon work ba...the guys wouldn't want us to pon as well, so for their sake we shall all jia you together ba.



Anonymous mighty mouse | 28 November, 2009 01:24

i also wanna say phew...crisis over...wow never knew dat such cheap n innovative fix exists :P mus take pic w magic pony liao...make sure it stretches its wings for the pic ok? :D


Anonymous weiqi | 28 November, 2009 02:09

Goodnight to all!
Fantastic Mr Fox is just great.. it's how dialogue, script, how it saves the show. Witty and beautifully crafted. Animation(stylized) is half of what coraline brought to the table, but it still does the job well especially with George Clooney's voice over.
Only thing that i'm curious about is how the characters tear so easily. But it's nice. If they had a part 2, u can count me in :)


Anonymous Jane | 28 November, 2009 02:56

I want to watch treasure hunter and the storm warriors which is coming soon de.. Is late le.. I going to sleep le.. Later working full shift.. Goodnight all.. Sleep well.. :D


Anonymous nic | 28 November, 2009 03:32

gd night to all!


Blogger th-JESS | 28 November, 2009 04:19

i just got home.
nights to all too. haha =p


Blogger th-JESS | 28 November, 2009 04:19

i just got home.
nights to all too. haha =p


Anonymous marilyn | 28 November, 2009 10:34

Good morning everyone :) going on later work AHHHHHHHH ... how si tol morning shift ii feel like want ttake mc cause ii not enough rest plus if ii really take mc de hua ii also can come down and watch the performance and take lrtts of ics toos :) Wahaha jane thanks jane but ii think they don lets me to go off so early if ii work morning shift on sunday so ii still thinking whether want to take mc anot :(
haizzz ~~~~~
any suggestion cause ii working this whole weeks and ii no off day le :(


Anonymous marilyn | 28 November, 2009 10:37

Good morning everyone :) going on later work AHHHHHHHH ... how ?? tol morning shift ii feel like want take mc cause ii not enough rest plus if ii really take mc de hua ii cansleep more than can also can come down and watch the performance and take lortts of pics toos :) Wahaha jane thanks but ii think they don lets me to go off so early if ii work morning shift on sunday so ii still thinking whether want to take mc anot :(
haizzz ~~~~~
any suggestion cause ii working this whole weeks and ii no off day le :(


Anonymous marilyn | 28 November, 2009 11:45

Yeah ruiting jie ^^


Blogger th-JESS | 28 November, 2009 13:30

marilyn, if you really feel that u dont have enough rest i think its better that you take a break, but also that is if u are sure tt ur work place have enough people for the day, if not it's kind of bad =3
anw, rest well !


Anonymous LIWHEY&QIANHUI | 28 November, 2009 18:56

wheeee! so looking forward to tmr!! :D

take care guys :D you'll rock the whole bishan and some even say jurong LOL!!


Anonymous ruiting | 28 November, 2009 21:57

am excited for tmr! :D
marilyn do take care of your health (((:


Anonymous Pek Choo | 28 November, 2009 23:25

Finally can see ya guys tml! :D
Rest early yea.


We'll rock with you guys tml.


Blogger marilyn | 29 November, 2009 01:30

ruiting jie thanks ya .. ii will uue toos .. but later ii need to go to work somemore iish morning shift don know can rush down mah :)
ii jin liang to rush down cause ii end about 630 like this leii somemore don know the event will end at what time sia ... AHHHHHH~~~~~


Blogger -WHEY` | 29 November, 2009 01:54

yay yay yay! im too excited to sleep! haha :D

15hours!! TICK TOCK TICK TOCK! clock's ticking to 5pm! :D:D


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 02:26

yeah, cant wait for tmr ;)


Anonymous duckling | 29 November, 2009 12:01

Looks like i can't make it to the autograph session today :(

All the best to MLB & the white pony!



Anonymous ik | 29 November, 2009 12:32

吃下宇宙 up 933 longhubang no.19



Anonymous Uncle Phil | 29 November, 2009 12:34

Yeah.. finally 吃下宇宙 had went into Yes933 LongHuBang at No. 19 today.
Thanks for all who have voted, but we need to votes harder to push it to the TOP of the Chart.
Yes... we can make it, if everyone put in effort to cast your votes. This is one of a way, we show our support for MLB. let's Chiong.... :D
So sad that I am unable to attend the autograph signing session today. You guys rock the house, k!
Hope everyone have a beautiful Sunday, especially with MLB singing very nice songs to you.


Anonymous yuanping | 29 November, 2009 12:35

吃下宇宙 no. 19 on longhubang. :) [thanks peg!]


Anonymous Anonymous | 29 November, 2009 12:42

再接再励 !!


Anonymous Jane | 29 November, 2009 13:06

I think yesterday u guys enjoy at zirca there...

Congrats! Continue to vote hard...

I cannot go too but my heart will be there... Haha lols... Enjoy and rock the stage... :D

Enjoy ur sunday... I going out to work le.. Bye... :)


Anonymous Jenny | 29 November, 2009 13:36

MLB jia you for this evening performance!

i hv to miss these 2 sessions as i hv events to work on. But my supports are always there!

FYI, my Chinese colleague also find this album has improved a lot. So, if there is another autograph session at either IMM or BPP, i will pull them there to support, yeah! (Also, to get one album with MLB's autographs and courier to Beijing for Tracy's daughter.)


Anonymous ik | 29 November, 2009 13:50

Jenny, you need my help?


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 29 November, 2009 13:50

Hi Jenny,
Welcome back! So long nvr see u around at events and this blog too.
How are you doing lately? Hope to see you at event soon!
Take care & great day. :)


Anonymous LiYing | 29 November, 2009 21:02

To Marilyn.. ..

Hey gal.. helped you got your cd signed.. how are you going to thank me??? i took time off from studies u know??? Hahax..

Msn me.. ttly.. =)



Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 22:03

woooooooooooh ! today was HIGH and GREAT ;D

the poor mlbs , smile till very tired alr.. xD


Anonymous ruiting | 29 November, 2009 22:10


the 3 boys must be very tired! BUT REALLY SO HIGH LOR TODAY.



Anonymous flora | 29 November, 2009 22:13

Weiqi keeps saying Nic didn't take his medicine today. haha.


Anonymous PINKIE feels so paiseh today. | 29 November, 2009 22:13

Just reached home.
So high lah please.

Sam, your red ears are always giving you away. Huhu.

Weiqi, you booked plane tickets already?? GO WHERE, never tell us!!! Sad la.

And by the way Nic, it was really sweet of you to say "I want to listen to you guys sing rather than I talk"

AWWWWW, i hope our singing didn't disappoint you. HAHAHA.

SO HIGH MANZX. boomzx, tonight don't need sleep already... LOL Ohmygod ):

My biological clock is so screwed that i sleep at 6am everyday.



Anonymous PINKIEEEE | 29 November, 2009 22:15

Oh and Flora!!
I don't think you remembered me..
But long long long time ago we talked before!!! Hahaha. Nice seeing you today. With long hair!!

lAst time was spaghetti curls eh.. haha.

And NIC remember to take your medicine!! LOL oops.


Blogger NIColette LeE | 29 November, 2009 22:20

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 22:24


and yeah, i like the part weiqi say nic never take medicine, HAAHHA xD

anw, weiqi, its good to see you smiling alotttttt today ! ;D
at heeren u look like very stressed or smthing.. lol ;p and if u going overseas rmbr to bring gifts back !! LOL xD

the 3 mlbs must be super tired today alr.. =p and pinkie, dont worry, i sleep at 5-6 am too. we can be owls together. HAHAHA


Anonymous Nicolette | 29 November, 2009 22:24

just reach home~
today was really HIGHH la!(:
and had soooo much fun(:

poor MLB.. soo many people ao guys have to smile soo much today~ cofirm very tired le hor? Have good rest~



Anonymous xinmin | 29 November, 2009 22:26



Anonymous Pek Choo | 29 November, 2009 22:27

Today performance was really GREAT! :D
We have really enjoyed singing + screaming loudly & rock BISHAN J8.

It's was so HIGH!
GREAT & HAPPY to see you boys.

Rest Early & Take Care yea.
Hoped you liked the gift! hehe...

Ps: Photos will be uploading tml! :)


Anonymous Nicolette | 29 November, 2009 22:27

heeeheee. i think today i also can't sleep. but tmr got school very early. so have to force myself to sleep tonight


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 22:36

lol, too high le, the songs are still stuck in my head!


Blogger -WHEY` | 29 November, 2009 22:37


we were all so high that i probably wasnt behaving like my usual self! haha and i bet the rest of them also! HAHA!

NIC: i think today you very 放! haha you sang like.. you were really enjoying and we were enjoying as much as you were :D GOOD JOB!

SAM: i agree with pinkie, your red ears giving you away! haha, but really i keep seeing the ears going red.. haha red = good blood circulation! HAH :D

WEIQI: today's singing of 吃下宇宙 was like flawless, and u did it well despite catching a cold earlier on, but i hope that you're feeling alright by now after sweating out everything just now.. :) btw we could have lend you a black marker to write 梦! HAHA!

to think of it, we sang our hearts out in the end.. WE SCREAMED away, having fun! we're really touched to hear nic say you want to hear us sing! AWW..

to think of it, 你(们)快乐,所以我(们)快乐!

i wished that this would never end, because we enjoyed too much!

THREE CHEERS TO MILUBNG! HIP HIP-HOORAY! xD (not forgetting little white pony who survived through giving us so much fun!)


Blogger Elise | 29 November, 2009 22:41

Dear 大家,

Here are some photos from my camera to share.


(My home is actually one bus stop away from J8 and my mum told me she heard the screams. Hahahaha!! MLB rocks!!!)


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 22:45

WOAH, 1 bus stop away also can hear us ? WE PRO XD
anw elise, i didnt see u today? or maybe i did jsut i dont know which one's you xD

and yeah, i forgot, weiqi, since u caught a cold shld rest early yeah , and maybe grab some flu medicine.
but anw, today u really SING alr ! not like SHA tt time shy away xD
go wei qi go ! ;P and eh, my jacket's from taiwan. not mango xD

nic, we know it's not sweat ;p but its ok, its good to be emotional rather than emotionless =p

sam: yeah, we know you're nervous from your red ears. HAHAHA

oh no, im still super high now. really !


Anonymous YUJING | 29 November, 2009 22:50

yeaaa, AGREE! today 超 HIGH to the MAX one siaaa:D 多希望时间能停留在 0500 to 0800++ 的那一刻!memories kept deepdeep in my heart:) everything today was totally touched & sweet larh..


I miss shouting "PINKIEEEEE~"


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 22:52

yujing, next time we'll shout for u ;p


Blogger -WHEY` | 29 November, 2009 22:54

haha, last week i only had 1 hour of sleep before going to the event, but the HIGHness lasted for very long? 9pm still wide awake but go home immediately K.O!

today? i couldnt sleep last night till 5am?! haha but i woke up on my natural alarm, even earlier than i expected! WHOA power of the milo! hahah, people need caffine.. we dont need, we keep THINKING - MILO, immediate boost dont even need to drink! haha!


Anonymous ruiting | 29 November, 2009 22:55

shwu fang u say hi machiam u just know me. LOL.

all the songs are still running in my head. haha. super highhhh~

pictures here!

WEIQI, look at this photo!


Anonymous ruiting | 29 November, 2009 22:57

YUJING, i miss shouting COMB. LOL!


Blogger Elise | 29 November, 2009 23:05

Jess: Haha. Like you said, we all pro mah. BTW, I was wearing a grey T-shirt with a black vest and jeans + the rose pink adidas shoes. Think Ivy mentioned me when I was getting the autographs before having the photo taken with the boys. Me too, am still quite high from just now at J8. :P

Weiqi: The beatboxing you did... it's absolutely fantastic. Oh yeah... I like the song 饮食男女 so much that I somehow figured out the keyboard intro of the song on my own in a simplified manner. And of course, I'm hoping to be able to play the whole song...hehe. Last but not least, take care and rest well, so that you can recover faster from the flu. :D

Nic: Noticed that you got high from singing 吃下宇宙 and nearly jumped off stage... hehehe. :P

Sam: Though you're nervous like you have mentioned, you handled the nervousness very well. Jia you!! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 23:08

haha elise, i didnt notice leh, sorry, even if i saw, i got stm which i'll most prob forget anything by now, but next time, SAY HI MAH ;P did u see me thou ?


Blogger Elise | 29 November, 2009 23:12

Jess: I probably didn't see you just now though I was there since 3 plus in the afternoon. Weather a bit hot today, so can't think and concentrate properly.


Anonymous ruiting | 29 November, 2009 23:27

back to reality tmr. school day. :(


still so high now!!!


Blogger -WHEY` | 29 November, 2009 23:35

yeah, ruiting, tmr is school day, AGAIN :( monday's blue :/ boohoo!

so we have to tune down to "low" den we can sleep! LOL i havent had enough of lame jokes from just now..


Blogger -WHEY` | 29 November, 2009 23:35

yeah, ruiting, tmr is school day, AGAIN :( monday's blue :/ boohoo!

so we have to tune down to "low" den we can sleep! LOL i havent had enough of lame jokes from just now..


Blogger th-JESS | 29 November, 2009 23:42

@ elise: haha ohkay ;D

ruiting, go sleep, you'll dream of today, so u can continue in ur dreams xD

tuning down to low.. very hard eh ! lucky i dont have to tune, holidays ! but it's my last dec holidays too . D;


Anonymous PINKIEEEE | 29 November, 2009 23:54






Anonymous PINKIE | 29 November, 2009 23:57

I seriously wanted to dig a hole and hide cans :/


ok, happy schooling to the girls.
but im rotting at home, till i become rotten already. abcdefg :/


Anonymous singyin | 30 November, 2009 00:00



Blogger pegg | 30 November, 2009 00:00



Blogger qIaNhUi | 30 November, 2009 00:00

I'm here!
Yeahhh today is really highhhhhhh highhhhhhhh highhhhhhhh.!
Thumbs up for all the performances, woo hoo.! Now i listened to 吃下宇宙 will be very high seh =P

The finale, was really sweet, We sing rather den MLB talk, tt's was really sweet of u, NIC ~ ♥
&&& den i was really too high le, omg =P
Thanks MLB for the lovely day, we all simply LOVE It Lots Lots Lots :)


Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 00:01

HAHA ^5 pinkie, holidays ftw ;x
anw, just rmbr nt to hold the board wrongly , maybe she'll forget u by then LOL. dont sad dont sad ;x



Anonymous yuanping | 30 November, 2009 00:01



Blogger th-JESS | 30 November, 2009 00:02

idk whos joelyn, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;)


Anonymous Nicolette | 30 November, 2009 00:02

yeahh(: holidays DOES rock~

but even when it's holidays i'll have to go back school one week 3/4 times for CCA cause got competition:(
sad larr~ holidays still go back to school.

tmr school but now i still can't sleep lor~ don't knw siols:(


Anonymous Anonymous | 30 November, 2009 00:02

Happy Birthday Joelyn!!!


Anonymous Nicoeltte | 30 November, 2009 00:04

& idk who you are but still,


Anonymous penguin | 30 November, 2009 00:04

fellow MLB fan!



Anonymous JIAHUI | 30 November, 2009 00:04



Anonymous Nicolette | 30 November, 2009 00:04

& idk who you are but still,


Anonymous Anonymous | 30 November, 2009 00:05



Anonymous Annoyomous 3 | 30 November, 2009 00:06



Anonymous YUJING | 30 November, 2009 00:06

I know whos' JOELYN:) happy birthdayyy!

just scream your lungs outtt,


Anonymous Joelyn | 30 November, 2009 00:21



Anonymous Jane | 30 November, 2009 00:55

Thanks for sharing the pics... Glad that u all enjoy it... Watch the videos at youtube le... Nice performance~~~~ :) Can hear you all girls sing...







Blogger marilyn | 30 November, 2009 14:15

yo to liying >>>>
Thanks for help mee buy and get sign manx love uue lortts ii will see when my off day and return uue the money yeah and we go shopping tgt and had dinner tgt !!! really love uue muacks :P
jiayous for this coming sat exam oh ~~~~
give uue a jiang xin ji^^