*in hiding*
milubing | 04 December, 2009 03:43


Hi all, my apologies for MIAing a while.. well,besides the flu(thanks for the best wishes), some crazy changes at school, my crib was kinda messed up again, so i needed some time to get things back in place.. did not check my email for bout 3 days too :p also been packing my stuff for dreaded reservice! not that i don miss my camp and all the crazy stuff we do.. but.. i don feel physically ready. :(
kinda sad cos i'm not physicallyt prepared for the training.. but well, should be ok de ba..
p.s. we did an interview with iweekly, should have some kind of report with pics, and tmr we're doing one with TEENS, also pics :)
when's the next time u'll see us? how bout tmr? mmm... u name a place, we name the time :D

Post a Comment :: 1 – 200 of 209 Newer› Newest»

Anonymous weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:46

you've got super neat handwriting!took me a while to realize that it's not typed out. i remind u of ur classmate?hmmm.. I finished the candy le haha, thanks! Glad to know another fellow keyboardist! :D

hey hey, thanks for the gummy bears haha.. after NTU gonna try out this music thingy and see how far it goes :) I used to teach beatboxing during my JC days... that's when i met my talented junior Charles (now in sg idol). I must say however, that to be more precise, i am actually doing vocal percussion rather than beatboxing, cos usually when u mention beatboxing it involves much more sound effects and flowery beats. Mine's more for acappella, cos i used to be in 3 diff accapella groups before MLB was formed. There are a lot of tutorials out there if u wanna learn, for example http://www.youtube.com/user/StitchBeatbox#p/u where Charles gives free lessons :) Hope this helps u!

LiWhey, QianHui and YuJing:
Thanks so much for the yummy cookies... I ate all le haha. besides the alphabets of my name there was a big hear at the end! it was kinda super sweet though, wat was the real ingredients? haha.. thanks ya? it helped prevent me from getting gastric that nite on the way back on the bus. Must have cost u gals loads of time..thanks ya? p.s. my bottle cracked when i took it out in the bus, dunno how it cracked but well, had to finish all by the next day cos scared go soft..

Hey hey, the blog is a place where we share and communicate, and help each other. What i say here is nothing compared to the jiayos we get all the time from mlbians! So no worries la :) Thanks for the jiayos!

oki, will try to smile more.. and the shy thing.. yup, it's my weakness i guess. innate la.. family background, so a bit more reserved. But will try..have always been trying :D <--still trying haha.. all the best with the choice u make in the end! :)

Hey hey, u should try to get to know more mlbians, they are a friendly bunch! super heart-warming de.. sometimes when we dunno a person we can get the wrong impression one la.. just need to give each other some time :D As for the blue hair... not easy to maintain leh.. this colour drops real fast! so kinda ex.. tat's why i'm thankful for shunji matsuo, helping us with the hair colours :)
I'm sure some day u could try the colour ba haha.. :D p.s. i don think i tagged at ur blog leh :P

oei.. ur card hor... very nice :D haha... scared u didn't i? :p thanks for the super blink blink key chain :) thank u for supporting us right from the start.. and many of the rest too... u really blinked the card ya? did u really stick the studs one by one? thanks ya? ;)

the photo is really nice! must be the photographer damn good ya? haha... glad to see u too, been a while le, and must be busy at work ya? i dunno but from your letter can tell that ur not really happy... hope that thing's are going fine at work, pls take care of urself too ok? :) u jiayo too!

I'd like to thank Uncle Phil too for helping everyone collaborate to get us into the longhubang :) mlbians ROCK!!!


Anonymous weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:51

oh ruiting, yup now tat's me haha :p


Anonymous th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 03:51

WOAH. weiqi u MIA so long and suddenly back with a ... cough, and a long comment..

hmm, ure still sick ? rest more ya ? and haha.. its ok, stage fright, sooner or later you'll conquer it ! afterall u guys will make it big and it'll not bother you anymore ^^

anw, on sunday u smiled alot more, infact giggled ! ;D and yeah, thanks. im still quite troubled by the choices to make. apparently my frens told me the course i wanted isnt really ideal.. cuz jobs are limited and all.. but if i go for business studies then the things i learn will be too vague.. oh well ..

anw, on sun u were down with flu.. then now cough ? i dont knwo if its to start a new post or what.. but ya lah, still get more rest ya. aft all u guys worked really hard for the 3rd album ;) u deserve a good break !

oh ya, have ur exams ended ?


Anonymous weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:59

naa... i'm ok le :) bothered bout all the packing and planning though :p wa jialat.. so late le! 4am!!! i gotta kun le, tmr interview!!! take care Jess, yup my exams ended le :D

p.s. choose something that u would enjoy doing, have passion for, but rmbr to balance passion with $... nite!


Anonymous weiqi | 04 December, 2009 03:59

happy belated Joelyn!!! :p


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 04:00

oohh.. okay.. good luck for interview then ! and take care too. song eh ! exam ended alr. i know the feeling xD freeeeedom ;x

and yeah .. i will. got alot to consider for now. bleah. have a good night !


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 04:01

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 04:11

lol go to beddd. its 4! interview interview. later they'll wonder why u look so panda-ish !

anw, i have faith in you to conquer stage fright, so JYJY.

and im spamming the comment board again. opps ;x


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 04:11

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Jane | 04 December, 2009 04:21

Weiqi glad that u are ok le.. .Jiayou for 2moro or rather later de interview... :)

Huh we will see u all 2moro or rather later?? Really?? Arghhhhhhhh i cannot attend cos i working afternoon shift... :(

Hello Sam! Next week?? Which day?? What event?? I hope i work morning so that i can attend or even off on that day. :P

Hello Nic! "the" stage will come... Jiayou!

Good night and take care...


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 04:46

wow. so actually mlb and mlbians are night owl too. and i thought im the only one that would stay up till the sun rises. hahaha
hello jane ;)


Blogger NIColette LeE | 04 December, 2009 07:59


waaaaa. WeiQi say meet tmr(or is it l8r?) and Sam say meet next week(:
WOW!~ that'll make up to 2meetings huhh? and yeahh, WeiQi so late haven't sleep, l8r when interview take pictures you'll look panda-ish lo~ hahahaha(:

gotta run now~ l8r late for school again(:


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 10:05

Hello everyone ;D

WEIQI, so you feeling better? haha.
you take good care okay! glad to know you're fine :D

really! next week? :D haha. tmr i cant. working lehhh~ rahhh!

ohyes, weiqi, you rmbr me? :D
haha. i was the first few to get my album signed. and i even told you to get well soon :D HAHA.

then the 2nd time i went up was with my friend, sisi. LOL.

and today's friday!!! have a great weekend :D

p/s: confirm with me about gathering leh :D


Blogger Elise | 04 December, 2009 10:20

Yo Weiqi!

Wahahaha. The power of optical illusion. The "handwriting" you saw is actually typed out. I was kinda sad because for the time being I am refraing from using my right hand too much on writing because of the ligament tear I had from a sprain on my right wrist since September and it's still recovering. Any keyboardist would dread such "accidents" on their hands. :(

Haha... yup, you reminded me of my Sec 1 & 2 (in 1998 & 1999)班长... now you know I'm also a 1985 "baby". Hehehe XD. Had been kinda high on MILO.

If there is really a gathering, do confirm soon! :DDDDD


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 10:37

wahhh~ i hope MLB can tag my blog too :D

den i think i'll be the happiest person on earth :D

to ruiting: you're so lucky!


Anonymous Ruiting | 04 December, 2009 10:49

Weiqi u are back!! heard our screams too? Lol recovering well from flu and cough ba. Haha oh ya I just saw. So funny ur name so long chan weiqi from MLB haahaha thanks for tagging! Am currently waiting for my turn to do presentation!


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 11:15

to ruiting: RUITING :D although i dont know you, but jiayou! and i saw you on sunday :D hahahah! but abit paiseh to go talk to your clique! LOL. hope can talk to you more at gatherings/events :D



Anonymous Joelyn | 04 December, 2009 11:18

Thanks for the belated bdae wish weiqi ! :D


Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 13:01

Hi adeline! Actually wanna reply u in the previous th but then I using itouch so quite hard to type haha. Oh u saw me? Haha how u know it's me wan. Lollol! Hehe yeah sure we can talk more during the next event wan! :)


Blogger Elise | 04 December, 2009 13:05

Oh yeah, Weiqi... dunno if you have seen the pics in the public photo album on my facebook.

This one is really 经典 coz the caption I used for the pic is "Weiqi and the little pony":

And this... you really have a very nice smile you know... XD :


Anonymous PekChoo | 04 December, 2009 13:11


hahax... Hoped you liked the Blink Blink yea! :)



Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 14:06

the comments are gonna get flooded again :D

to ruiting: HAHA. saw your blog and saw your picture :D i was the very lonely girl in white. LOL! shorts & white. i reach almost the same time as you all, the big grp! :D HAHA. duno any MLBians yet ma. can add me in blog also :D

www.lamerrloosers.blogspot.com (:
or msn, adelinepang174@hotmail.com


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 14:47

MLB tagged my blog! so funny. in the end, the name thr really MLB =.= LOL.

who isit who tagged? :D
sam, nic, weiqi? HAHA.

very want to find out! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 14:54

BOO ! yeah, im here to flood comment box again ;D

RUITINGGGGG, PRESENTATION JIA YOUUU ! i'll be here singing mlb songs with pom poms supporting u ? muahaha xD


Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 14:55

bored while waiting for the last class to start!! It'll mark the end of this week but it'll also mark the start of MST. Lol. Final lap alrdy!! And i wanna have gathering too!! Haha oh ya weiqi is it when u shampoo ur hair then u will see blue dyes dropping. Lollol. Then colour fade alr.


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 14:56

LOL BLUE DYE DRIPPING. ruiting u kua zhang leh !
its permanent dye .. even thou will fade but drip... hahaha


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 15:01

me & jess super enthu can :D always flooding. OMG! LOL.

sam,nic, weiqi, forgive usssss! :D


Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 15:12

Haha i also very enthu! But use itouch tag abut xinku haha


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 15:24

hahaha (: at least can tag ma. eh? i thought itouch got wifi. the format different isit?


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 15:25

bleah, im back to spam. LOL
ok joking.
anw here's my set of videos, i still have 2 that i hadnt upload, that one i gotta combine 2 parts together, both videos accidentally pressed stop.. so gotta find time combine them then upload !

anw here's a few from heeren, for ppl like pekchoo who didnt get to attend !

Chi Xia Yu Zhou @ heeren

Ying Shi Nan Nu @ heeren

Wan.Wei @ heeren

the other 2 vids i haven upload is for j8's performance, there was 4 songs, but anw here's 2 videos and 1 short video of sam & his CHI HEN DUO XD

Ping Chang @ J8

Xiang Wo Ni De Shou @ J8
[weiqi's beat boxing at the start !! super nice !]

Sam replying to Ivy's 'eating alot' question xD

ok, i promise i try nt to spam anymore LOL


Blogger th-JESS | 04 December, 2009 15:27

opps 1 more,
the contestants singing chi xia yu zhou,
i video-ed ivan's turn, cause can hear weiqi beatboxing really clearly. i thought it was super nice.
anw here's the vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCGSY7NRIYc


Anonymous Pek Choo | 04 December, 2009 15:29

Ruiting, haha...
I'm working and going online.
Time flies so fast!!

I'm so looking forward to their next event! :D


Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 15:50

Haha Jess ah my presentation early in the morning la. LOL! But thanks anws! Haha pekchoo that's so good lah. My time crawling like snail. Hahaha. Ya got wifi but then quite hard to type mah. For me lah hahaha ..


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 16:01

Pek Choo, you Paige in facebook right?
HELLO. Adeline here :D

and yes yes, super looking forward to their next event!


Anonymous Pek Choo | 04 December, 2009 16:17

Ruiting: I dont have wifi I using company internet line. hahax...

Adeline: Yes. Hahax! Looking forward to their event! :D


Blogger sze+ | 04 December, 2009 16:23

weiqi: glad that you have recovered!! but still must take good care alright?? Jia you for all the events coming and looking forward for the interview on the magazine! =D


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 16:54

sam sam, 你在哪里?
weeeee... hope got gathering next week! confirm i turn up! HOHO [:


Blogger sze+ | 04 December, 2009 16:59

th-Jess: Jess!! I've added you in facebk already =)

yea yea agreed with Adeline! hope got gathering soon!! =D


Anonymous YUJING | 04 December, 2009 17:38

I think I spotted the "Event" today.

Book Fest @ Singapore 2009 @ Suntac eh?
11th December 09(Friday),
0230PM - "Express Your Science in Comics!" by Otto Fong
0330PM - Storytelling: "Adventures with Nicholas"
0430PM - E-Learning in a Fun Way
0600PM - 迷路兵聚唱会
0630PM - "Jumbo Spelling" by Christabel Hong
0700PM - "吃对食物,远离医院" - 台湾生机饮食专家欧阳英


Blogger Elise | 04 December, 2009 18:13

Serious ah? Next friday really got event? Hehehehe. If really have then I confirm turn up. ;p


Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 19:03

wow JY thx for the info yo!

i totally love the date and timing man. just after my exam! woohoo!


Blogger Elise | 04 December, 2009 19:24

Then we all can meet and go together. Yayy!


Blogger -WHEY` | 04 December, 2009 20:36

AWWWWW I CANNOT GO!!! i want to go :/ nan de i holiday le den got event i can go and this time i need to go camp on 11th! :/ SIGHS!

anyway, weiqi, those wasn't real ingredients definately.. haha *whispers although some are real* LOL! hmmm maybe the bottle got hang here and there den it cracked! haha, saw the "face" right at the bottom of the bottle? :x


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 04 December, 2009 21:32

Album review from Straits Times (Life):



Anonymous Anonymous | 04 December, 2009 23:02

签唱 29 Nov 09 @Junction 8


Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 23:10

my goodness i now then realised i made a typo error on previous tag, shld be YJ not JY. lol. omg blur alr. haha.



Anonymous ruiting | 04 December, 2009 23:18

OMG!!! the video from anon, got our last part super high de moment. omgzxz. totally miss it alot alot.

thanks for uploading!


Blogger Adeline | 04 December, 2009 23:25

YAY! im going. onzzzzzz! :D just nice friday and after lesson. suntec is not too far away :D can reach de :D sze, let's go tgt :D


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 00:03

Adeline: hahas sure!! let's go together after our lesson!! =D
i wanna see MLB and MLBians! MLB will rock the stage again!! *happy! Qi-dai-ing!*


Anonymous nic | 05 December, 2009 00:10

Haha.. Its always soo lovely to hear ppl's voices louder than ours :)



Anonymous YUJING | 05 December, 2009 00:29

nic, really? hahah:D

I feel that its lovely to hear ourselves louder than you guys:p LOLOL. the v. high state of us, screamingshouting out the song instead of singing.. but the feeling is COOL!


Blogger Elise | 05 December, 2009 00:29

Yayyyy!!!! Can see MLB and get connected with fellow MLBians again!! So excited. :P


Blogger Adeline | 05 December, 2009 00:33

we'll sing along with you :D HAHAH. rock the stage again mannnn!



Blogger Elise | 05 December, 2009 00:36

Let's all rock with MLB and get everyone HIGH HIGH HIGH again!!! XD


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 00:36

woah, friday ! but 1/2 hr only ah ;\


Anonymous Jane | 05 December, 2009 00:40

Hello jess. Yup i am night owl.. :)

Thanks jess and anonymous for the video... Nice performance by the guys! Can hear mlbians sing & scream... Haha...

Thanks yujing for the info... Thanks musiclover_rock2008 for sharing the link...

I still dun noe what time i work on friday... I hope i can go on friday...

Hello Nic... Haha really? :)

Where is Sam & Weiqi? How's the interview? Hope u guys enjoy it.. :D

Have a nice weekend...


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 00:40

This comment has been removed by the author.


Anonymous Jane | 05 December, 2009 00:45

Huh friday only 1/2 hour only?? So less... At least 2 hour ma...

Haha lols jess... I seldom buy teenage magazine de... But i will buy it de cos got mlb interivew... :)

Jess u every month buy teenage magazine de huh? I buy teens more than teenage magazine... :D


Blogger Elise | 05 December, 2009 00:48

Will get a copy of it though I'm no longer a teenager anymore... hahahaha. :P


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 00:49

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 00:59

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Adeline | 05 December, 2009 01:00

jess, you so zaiiii~ :D YAY! MLB's on teenage :D woooooohooooooo!


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 01:03

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 01:07

nic: hahas..because all of us are looking forward till the day we get to see MLB rock on the stage again!! Jiayou Jiayou!! =D
how was the interview?
Waiting for teenage to be published this coming issue! xp


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 05 December, 2009 01:08

waaaaaaaaaaaa must i be that suay??
my supervisor letting me clear leave on THURSDAY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY lor. asked him if thurs de can change to fri (before i saw the above tag) then he say cannot lor. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
but he's so kind to let me clear leave, i duno if i want to tell him u guys having event on this day liao...aiyo..

suan le la...


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 01:14

aww poor quizzy ;(
well we'll take videos for u bah .. ;)

and people who want to buy teenage, teenage is release into stores mostly around 15-16th of the month, and im really glad mlb gets interviewed this month. because for the new year issue they normally make it really pretty, with extra decorations etc, so more ppl actually buy this special issue, and MLB IS INSIDE !! so more ppl will get to know abt mlb. wooohooooo !!
*dance arnd


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 01:15

Jess: YEAA!! the letter was awesome!! =D


Anonymous weiqi | 05 December, 2009 02:33

wow, so many tags in a day??? super tired la, packin my navy stuff.. I read all the tags le, reply tmr. Btw, kinda sad that the fri event i most likely can't turn up cos will be in the sea at that time haha... Sigh... Nitey!!!
P.s. mlbians, pls help me beatbox for nic and sam this friday oki? :D


Anonymous weiqi | 05 December, 2009 02:48

Apologies, its teens magazine not teenage :)


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 02:48

aww weiqi ;(
i cant beatbox ! totally cant ;x i watched the video n when i tried i laughed like crap ;x

anw.. enjoy packing, sneak some snacks in xD anw do take care yeah ;( i'll miss u ! hahaha


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 02:49

AWWW ! whyyyy ;( teenage shld feature u guys too . grrr. i was happy for nthing ! i tot teenage really saw the letter lol. embarrassed now ;(


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 03:07

weiqi: ahhhh..that's a bad timing.. but do take good care while you are in the sea! maybe u can do beatbox in the sea!! lols! *crap* =X


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 03:08

lol.. maybe u can record your beatboxing n while sam n nic sing , they can play it .

hi night owl sze ;)


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 03:12

hahas Jess! that's a good idea too! lols! hello night owl Jess! =D


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 03:13

lol ;)
szeeee , the letter didnt get thru .. it wasnt teenage.. but teens that interviewed them ;(


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 03:15

hahas, it's okay girl, I believe teenage will soon request to interview MLB soon, cos MLB got the 实力! hahas we still got teens to look out for! =D


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 03:16

haha hope so ! hmm. i wonder if teens is gonna put MLB as their poster .. i certainly hope so !


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 03:19

Yes! I hope so too!! if teens put MLB as their poster, that will be great!!

oh ya! I added you in facebk and msn ok?


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 03:19

oh ok, did i accept yet ?


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 03:21

hmmmm...I go double check! lols


Anonymous Jane | 05 December, 2009 03:22

Hello Weiqi... I dun noe how to beatbox... U really good at beatboxing... :)

Enjoy packing and dun sleep late yah... Okay thanks weiqi for telling us that is teens magazine instead of teenage...

Haha jess paiseh liao... Opps... But hope they will have interview with teenage magazine next time...

Jess: Good idea... ;)

Working full shift later.. Yawn.. Good night... Enjoy ur weekend... :D


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 03:24

jane.. yeah loh, so paiseh now. i was still screaming at msn just nw, super happy. then now.. *hides in 1 corner start drawing circles*

emo alr !

and i didnt see ur tag just nw..
anw i buy teens , teenage and 17 every month .. ;)


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 03:38

jess dont paiseh...you make the effort to write letter to teenage already very nice le! this show that you are very supportive, so it's a good thing, dont need paiseh de.. =)


Blogger Adeline | 05 December, 2009 09:23

you all really owls :D HAHAH.

weiqi, why cant be there! SOBS. got something to pass to you lehhh! HAHAHA. maybe i can pass to nic/sam okay! :D and we cant beatbox as well as you lahh! your beatbox is BEST :D me like me like!

i cant be night owl cos im working later on! ]: not good. MLBians, goodmorning! HAHAH. think i cant post comments until tmr lehhh! SADDED! cos i've got standard chartered tonight until tmr ):


p/s: friday, faster come! miss seeing MLB on stage :D


Blogger Elise | 05 December, 2009 10:59

The whole family of MLBians here will definitely miss you during your absence from the band. Though we can't beatbox as well as you could but we can sing & clap with Nic and Sam though... :DDDDD


Anonymous syl | 05 December, 2009 11:25

WEIQI Jia you k!
Dun worry abt fri, we'll help to cover up with our screams and singings:)
See you soon ya.


Anonymous ruiting | 05 December, 2009 11:45


weiqi cant turn up next fri!?!?

u'll be out in the sea alr ah.
then do take care ok!!!

we will miss u!
miss us also k! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 14:56

we'll miss weiqi loads ;\

but yeah, weiqi must take care at sea yea,


Blogger sze+ | 05 December, 2009 15:26

yar, MLBians will miss weiqi lotz =D


Anonymous weiqi | 05 December, 2009 15:35

heya.. Will be ok de la haha...
will blog about the back to camp experience :)

And jess, should be i paiseh, not u.. Cos i typo


Blogger th-JESS | 05 December, 2009 17:04

lol weiqi, maybe the sea monsters will get you ! kidnap u and ask u perform beat boxing for them xD

eh no lo.. ur fault, u make me paiseh. cuz i was jumping and screaming on msn when i tot was teenage. super paiseh. lolol ;x


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 05 December, 2009 18:12

Popular Book Fest Info:



Anonymous Anonymous | 05 December, 2009 19:31




Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 | 05 December, 2009 19:49

Weiqi ... Take care of urself alright ... MLB take care too
when we see have our small gathering again ??


Blogger Adeline | 05 December, 2009 22:08

YOYO [: poor me just came back from work. but im going out again!

weiqi, you take care okay! we'll all miss you and look forward to your return [: HAHA.
and and... WEIQI, you nvr reply my comment leh =x were you the one who tag my blog as MLB?




Anonymous weiqi | 06 December, 2009 00:25

still got more letters i haven't replied!

ShiHui! Thanks for the black long card in the nice envelope!! :)

Qian Hui! wa u rmbr qf10 ah!!! :p the marshmallows i eat le haha.. couldn't resist in the end!

Syl!thanks for the encouragement haha...give birth in taiwan..funny la u..



Anonymous nic | 06 December, 2009 00:44

All say goodbye to mr wei qi! He's gonna be under the hot sun and in the cool blue.. hope he doesnt fall sick during this period.. still got FYP!

Oh my my..


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 00:45

aww.. when is weiqi leaving ?
take care weiqi ;( i'll miss you ! ;D


Anonymous mighty mouse | 06 December, 2009 00:58

Enjoy ure reservist WQ :P and stay safe!


Anonymous weiqi | 06 December, 2009 01:02

Li Whey, i gotta go back check the bottle for the 'face'.. it's in school on my desk now.. haha :P

sze u are another night owl too! jialat ah! and u can't beatbox under water...

ruiting u are right bout hair dye dripping all over after showering.. but nic and sam's worse i think...

Elise gao xiao la u.. me and the white pony? :p ur idea bout the clapping is great! everyone pls rmbr to clap!

Jess(another night owl) , anyone can beatbox de, just need perseverance can le haha..but good idea about the recording haha

YuJing, good information u found ya? haha... friday event!!!

Jane jiayo at work la!

Adeline u work for standard chartered? ya la it's me :P

Syl thanks for the jiayo!

梦想号 ur very sharp! somehow u caught some drift haha.. *hint hint*

monday is approaching!!! weird anticipation! quite a joke leh, today i couldn't find my boots! after i emptied the store room then found them in A4 paper boxes! :p


Anonymous weiqi | 06 December, 2009 01:03

bye mr nic! :p


Blogger Afro Green | 06 December, 2009 01:04

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 01:06

sh*t ! wrong acc again !

anw i was saying -

lol ooo ure leaving on monday ? aww ;( hw long u gotta reservice for?

and GOGO record now then XD


Blogger Elise | 06 December, 2009 01:11

Nic: We're so much looking forward to sing + clap with you and Sam on this coming Friday!! Yayy! Hehehe. =) But of course I'll miss Weiqi, our coolest beat-boxer + keyboardist brother of the MLB family who's going to be absent for the event because of reservist...

Weiqi: This description "The Coolest Beat-Boxer + Keyboardist Brother" really fits you so perfectly. :DDDDDDDDDD

Pardon me for the randomness again!! Hehe. :P


Anonymous PINKIEEE/shwufang | 06 December, 2009 02:27

i can't make it on friday!!
Shucks man.
I knock off work at 515, but i need to take th stupid company bus to get out of jurong island and the journey takes half an hr -.-
i'll reach jurong east at 6.
by the time i reach suntec it's already 630.
OMG, and i guess the performance is over?

k, i shall go and cry -.-


Blogger sze+ | 06 December, 2009 06:37

weiqi: hahas you are kinda a night owl too! lols if you try beatbox under water, that will be so cool! (the next minute you will find fishes looking at you...and there you have your fishes for dinner!!) wahas! *dont mind me being lame again*

ok serious now...remember to take good care while you are managing with so many things like fyp and reservice...Must Jiayou!! MLBians will give you support!! =))


Anonymous YUJING | 06 December, 2009 10:34

yeaaa Weiqi, spotted a poster @ popular while queueing! then i asked for flyer.. then being v.excited, i started to mass sms alr:p LOLOL. jiayou sailing anyw, enjoy the hot sun, cold wind, blue sea! at the same time remember to stay healthy(MUST):D oh yea, haven done learning the beatbox thingy.. got to learn for exams next week first. hahah.. if not can try it on Fri. anyw, we'll miss you truck loadsC:

bye & tgc mr.CWQ!


Anonymous YUJING | 06 December, 2009 10:38

@sze you cfm lame. but i don't mind joining you! hey Weiqi, do bring some fish back then:D sotong & stingray too yeaaa?!


Anonymous YUJING | 06 December, 2009 10:38

@sze you cfm lame. but i don't mind joining you! hey Weiqi, do bring some fish back then:D sotong & stingray too yeaaa?!


Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 | 06 December, 2009 12:48

...?? very sharp? as in?

haha .. yupyup gathering gathering ENCORE !!!

miss u guys

weiqi i loves ur b-box ...

everytime u b-box u just make me high~


Anonymous Jenny | 06 December, 2009 13:30

Dear All, I will be there with my kids on Dec/11. See u there! I saw the timing only 30mins, so will there be any autograph session? Small boy is looking fwd to this event again.

Nic, u hv to eat more fruits & veggie n drink more water to detox, this will minimise the skin (face) problem.

Weiqi, hope u get well soon.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous ik | 06 December, 2009 13:54

good bye weiqi :p

hehe.. actualy 2 - 3 weeks very fast over de lah..
at least u found ur boots.. last year my brother couldn't find and go and borrow fm his friend.

anyway, take care..


Anonymous Jane | 06 December, 2009 13:56

Thanks Weiqi... Let's jiayou too! When u leaving? Enjoy ur reservist! Take good care... :)

Jenny see u if i going on friday... Drink more water and take good care...

I going to work le.. Bye... :D


Anonymous ik | 06 December, 2009 14:00

《吃下宇宙》on Longhubang no.16
DJ said 不满意就要努力投票..of cos we nt satisfied..so lets work harder..


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 14:55


to weiqi: haha. i go as volunteer! and how you know is for standard chartered?! :D SMART EHH? :D hahah. next time put your name ma. and you so funny! i saw MLB, you really go put MLB =.= laugh so hard when i saw it lorr (:

and weiqi, we are soooooooooo gonna miss you (: come back and share your experience okay! anticipating your return :D weeeeeee~

to nic: we are gonna clap & sing with you & sam coming friday :D very very excited :D


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 14:59

oops =x sorry for spamming. but just want to thank YUJING for the info :D very much appreciated!



Blogger sze+ | 06 December, 2009 15:11

YuJing: hahas sotong and stingray not enough de! we should ask for lobster and abalone! :X


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 15:13

lol yeahhh, thanks loads to yujing ;)

jenny, see you there !

and sze, lobster n abalone sia ! i not so bad, i only want oyster and crabs. LOL


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 15:37

sze, you not online in msn. but you come here comment ;D LOL! MLB's blog must be opened all the time in your screen. den keep refresh every 10mins ;D HAHA.

you all very funny lorr. should choose the fish also; salmon & tuna =x HAHAH


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 15:55

adeline.. we all think too much alr lor. i think if weiqi really go catch fishes, his navy superiors would be like.. ?!@#!@?#! hahahaha


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 16:15

learn survival skills when out at sea ma :D HAHA. his superiors will praise him de =x say he got such good fishing skill! can survive.. VERY GOOD :D


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 16:16

LOL ._. maybe when the superiors hungry, then say umm ok, catch some FISHIES ! then when weiqi catch alr, they say very good, let him come out early and he gets to go on friday ! ;D


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 16:32

okayy. maybeee... we are really thinking slightly, slightly only ah, too muchhh LOL but i hope it really happens! so weiqi, happy fishing and be prepared to surprise your superiors with your good fishing skills =x HAHAHHA.

lame lame. im feeling very very cold leh~ brrrrr~


Anonymous YUJING | 06 December, 2009 16:47

wao, like MSN siaaa.

@Adeline&Jessica, nah.. this is for youyou >> (-.-|||) Weiqi taught us, 3 lines no less.



Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 17:00

HAHAH. yaaaa~ i think weiqi read what we wrote, will give the =.= face! LOL. confirm one! too bored ma! HAHA.

YUJING, add me in msn leh :D


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 17:03

LOLLLL. yujing, u still sotong n stingray leh ! stingray later sting weiqi more cham right ! LOL


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 06 December, 2009 17:40

Woo.. a very tired day of work today! Leaving home at 4am and juz reached home. But on my way home, I sms ivan & pek choo to check for today's Long Hu Bang's result, cos I am eager to know the position of 吃下宇宙. Thanks Ivan for replying me with the position #16.
Yeah.. fellow MLBians, let's continue to votes harder and push it to the TOP. According to Ivan, the DJ also hinting to us that: if at this position, and we are not satisfied, we must votes harder!
MLBians, lets stay UNITED and votes harder and proof to the DJ that we (MLBians) are a group of very supportive fans of MLB. Yes.. We CAN votes till 吃下宇宙 hit the TOP of the Chart. :)

Thank you very much for those who have voted to push 吃下宇宙 to #16 today. Cheers... :D


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 06 December, 2009 18:02

Goodbye & take care, weiqi!
I want prawns, thank you belly muchie. :D


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 06 December, 2009 18:04

Uncle phil!
I saw you working today. LOL. I was on th bus & it past by you. :p


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 06 December, 2009 18:06

Oh.. yeah, 吃下宇宙 had gained 2pts last week and 5pts today. In total, it had accumulated 7pts as of today. Let's jia-you in voting to accumulate more points. These points will be used to calculate the nominees of next year SHA.
So, if we want MLB to win an award in next year SHA. Then we must make sure they got nominated. Therefore these votings are very important.


Anonymous YUJING | 06 December, 2009 18:10


Weiqi, just bring back whatever sea-food + sea-creatures you can get eh?:D i don't mind having a starfish as pet, :p


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 06 December, 2009 18:11

where did u saw me, Bras Basah Rd or Nicoll Highway?
Hehe.. so paiseh leh!
Sure that u never see a wrong guy? hehe... :D


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 06 December, 2009 18:27

WEIQI, jiayo for ur reservice.! Dun get so tanned till we cant recognise u hor... LOL Jk =X
We'll miss ur beat boxing on fri.. Hopefully i can rush there in time to catch the perf too after my work. Gonna CHIONG eh ~~~


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 18:28

haha qianhui take care too ;)


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 06 December, 2009 18:43

hwaiting fri!


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 19:13

skali weiqi bring back SHARK. nehmind ;D sharkfins (: good for skin leh! woooohoooo~


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 06 December, 2009 19:29



Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 19:46

to qianhui: HAHA. very lame i know =x HAHAHA. wear jacket [:


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 19:50

to weiqi: oh yes weiqi! :D thanks for replying my comment ;D very glad you replied. your reply made my day! WOOOOHOOOO~


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 06 December, 2009 20:08

Uncle phil, I don't think I saw th wrong person leh. About close t 9am at outside Raffles Hotel there, haha.


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 21:10

haha. this comment page very happening [:
and where's sam? he seems to be missing leh!

wonder what he's up to.... hmm..
sam, faster come back comment! [:


Blogger sze+ | 06 December, 2009 21:18

yar lo... where is sam???

i am gonna mail the iweekly coupon by tml! =D


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 21:20

rmbr to sms too ! ;D


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 21:41

i bought my iweekly today [: gonna mail either tmr or tuesdays too [: HAHAH. MLB MUST GET INTO #1 LONGHUBANG [:


Blogger Adeline | 06 December, 2009 21:44

okay guys, i go sleep le. nvr sleep for one and a half day le. super tired de [:

gdnight to all MLBians and of course, to the lovely boys [:

sam, nic, weiqi, goodnight :D

p/s *chants friday, friday, friday, friday........*


Anonymous nic | 06 December, 2009 22:50


The blog so happening argh?


Autograph for Friday I'm not sure.....

Will ask k k.. tml mediacorp open.. today sunday all resting not in office..

Friday ish coming!


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 22:54

lols yeah frydayyyyyyyy !!! FRY US FRYDAYYYYYYYY ;D

anw weiqi booking in alr right, TAKE CARE !


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 06 December, 2009 22:59

sometimes it can be fun returning back to camp for ICT, cos it is time to meet up old frens once a year. you might find yourself enjoying though the training might be tough.
anyway, jia-you & take care...

oh.. friday, i confirmed can't attend the event, as i will be working in the afternoon shift (2.30-11pm). Nic, Sam & fellow MLBians, enjoy yourselves on friday. :)


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 23:00

its ok uncle phil, i'll be taking vids again ;) you'll still get to see their performace ;D


Anonymous nic | 06 December, 2009 23:26

oh my...


Blogger th-JESS | 06 December, 2009 23:27

why oh my leh ? o.O


Blogger Elise | 06 December, 2009 23:29

Oh ya... adding on to Yujing's reply about the event on this Friday is at Hall 401 to 404 (Suntec Singapore, as you all already know).

More info:

In order for you all to find the stage easily, here is link of the map within Hall 401 to 404:



Anonymous YUJING | 07 December, 2009 00:03



Anonymous Uncle Phil | 07 December, 2009 00:09

Yo..Super tired & wanna sleep soon! Tonight cannot be night owl le.. haha
goodnighr & sweet dreams to everyone one here. Have a great week ahead. :D


Blogger -WHEY` | 07 December, 2009 00:54

weiqi, take care in reservice! haha, maybe u need sunblock?! LOL! :x navy sounds fun though~ haha!

while everyone is anticipating for friday, i'm not! :/ BOOHOO! anyways, even though i will not be there physically, my heart will be there! :D *still thinking on how to sneak out of camp* :/


Anonymous shihui | 07 December, 2009 00:59

weiqi! you are most welcome! =) have fun in the deep blue sea.


Anonymous syl | 07 December, 2009 01:50


milos performing? =D


Blogger sze+ | 07 December, 2009 01:58

Thanks Elise and YuJing for the information about this friday!

th-Jess: hahas I had sms-ed already! =D


Anonymous tiffy | 07 December, 2009 02:12

to sze+: i know this is super late but still wanna extend a warm welcome to the mlb family over here frm hk. *three cheers* oh, and fyi: my name is tiffany or you can just call me limedrops for short. Heheh. And, like what weiqi said: mlbians r friendly so dun ever be shy to intro if you do see me or other mlbians at events ya? Btw, you can also add me up on fb too. Email is holyregions@hotmail.com . Hope to seeya and all mlbians out there real soon! :) Weiqi: you take care of yourself while out at sea yeah? And its okay if you forget who i'm cuz i only appeared once and that was at e last gathering. :P


Blogger th-JESS | 07 December, 2009 02:18

omgggg syl !! thanks for the info.

another thing to look forward to ;)

sze: haha okay

liwhey: aww, no worries i'll vid for u ;D


Blogger th-JESS | 07 December, 2009 06:35

take care weiqi !


Anonymous ruiting | 07 December, 2009 09:58

today is monday, 4 more days to FRIDAY to see MLB and 4 more days to end my examinations. hahahaa.

anws my lappy crashed alr.

then cant always come to this page that often alr. haha.

oh and 4 more days to take back my lappy.

so friday is really a big big day for me!!
really looking forward to it!!

and good morning everyone (:


Blogger Adeline | 07 December, 2009 10:22

to ruiting: GOOD MORNING [: no worries, your itouch still got wifi. so better than nothing. hope your laptop gets fixed soon [:

yes yes, im soooooooooo excited for friday (: yay!

thanks Elise for the info. makes it easier to find the place. very much appreciated babe!

and weiqi, we miss you truckloads! come back soooooooonnnn [:

and nic, yes. this blog and comment is sooooooo happening! LOL. and like what yujing say, really like msn. HAHA.

sam, you are MIA. ):

have a great day guys!


Blogger Elise | 07 December, 2009 10:38

Ruiting: Jia you for your exams! :D

Adeline: You're welcome sweetie... shall see you, Sisi & Jess (and other MLBians too) at Suntec on Friday. :P


Anonymous ruiting | 07 December, 2009 11:09

wah!! the 2010 countdown.
totally love the location.
opp khatib MRT open space.
so near my place. HAHAHA!!!

thanks Elise!
and yep Adeline, i also hope to get back my lappy. i miss it alot. LOL!


Blogger Adeline | 07 December, 2009 11:34

ME AND SISI GOING FOR COUNTDOWN. and best of all, admission is freeeeee. i want go thr early early den can stand in front! hope not alot of people. and yes, khatib is great [: HAHA! khatib is after woodlands right? LOL =x


Blogger Adeline | 07 December, 2009 11:51

to ruiting: no worries. laptop will get fixed soon =x i just realise forgot to reply you in previous comment [:


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 07 December, 2009 15:48

Album review from tis week's U-weekly:



Blogger th-JESS | 07 December, 2009 17:48

khatib super far for me ;( i wanna go see mlb.. but D;

anw, i just realise sam MIA for veh logn alr.. lol ;3

nic n sam must be too enjoy life alr, while weiqi is suffering in navy. poor weiqi lol

anticipating for friday's arrival !!!


Blogger Elise | 07 December, 2009 18:26

Jess... if you really can't go down to Khatib to see MLB, then we take vids for you lor... cheer up, girl! ;)

Yeah, am super duper excited to see MLB again and counting down to this Friday.


Anonymous Jane | 07 December, 2009 18:40

Thanks Elise... Yeah friday friday! I will chiong down to suntec after my work on friday... ;)

Thanks musiclover_rock2008 for sharing... :)

Yah loh Sam been MIA for very long liao.. He must be busy and enjoying life... Haha...


Blogger Elise | 07 December, 2009 18:58

You're welcome Jane! You can add me at relaxing_melody@hotmail.com on MSN if you like... :)


Anonymous Nicolette | 07 December, 2009 20:15

waaaaa~ khatib? super far ler~ i want go but scared event till midnight thn l8r go home take taxi will be SUPER expensive cause midnight no more bus le :( hope i can go down..

&ya lor~ sam MIA for very long le~

&can't wait for friday to come~ superr excited(:


Blogger th-JESS | 07 December, 2009 20:41

elise darling, thankkiewssss ! but i'll most prob go down ba.. for the sake of MLB no choice xD

jane, see you on friday. so far i think i haven talk to u b4 huh ;D


Anonymous Nicolette | 07 December, 2009 21:19

Jess.. you live Eunos there isit? not sure if i remembered correctly~ if yes thn can go back tgther if both us got go lar~ i live around there too(:


Anonymous ruiting | 07 December, 2009 22:15

haha no worries bah they'll always extend the train and bus services on eve of new year. :D


Anonymous Nicolette | 07 December, 2009 22:34

To Ruiting: really? hahahahaha.*smiles*. if like that thn i confirm can go lerr~(:


Blogger Adeline | 07 December, 2009 22:52

JESS! try to go also. those who stay far from eunos, try to make it for the countdown [:

if really cant make it, im sure many will take videos, including me. soooo... HAHA.

and yay! 4 more days to fridayyyy! [:


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 07 December, 2009 23:11

Oh..Shit! Again I gonna miss another MLB's event, as I am required to work on 31st Dec for the Marina Countdown from 7pm to 2am.
*Note: Khatib is in Yishun.

Fellow MLBians,
Tmr is Tuesday liao, please send out your voting coupons by noon time tmr! And also cast your votes by SMSing. We really need to votes harder to push 吃下宇宙 up the chart and finally hitting the TOP. So, everyone of us do play a part. Let's chiong ah... :)


Blogger sze+ | 07 December, 2009 23:11

to tiffy: thank you for the warm welcome!! you are very friendly!! the rest of the MLBians also very friendly!! I really feel very happy to know all of you! =D

Tiffany, I had added you in msn and facebook already, and my name is Sisi =D hahas your short name is very cute, limedrops sounds very nice!

to Elise: mind if I add you in msn also?? =)


Blogger Elise | 07 December, 2009 23:11

Looks like Adeline and me... both of us are really super high.

For those who wants to join us for dinner after the 30 minute 聚唱会 on this Friday, 11 Dec, you're most welcome! The more the merrier... Hehehe. :P


Blogger Elise | 07 December, 2009 23:13

Sisi: No problem... go ahead and add me on MSN... :D

Uncle Phil:
I sent my voting coupon today! :P

Oh yeah, Uncle Phil, we'll take videos for you and those who can't go for the countdown at Khatib. :)


Blogger sze+ | 07 December, 2009 23:14

to Uncle Phil: CHIONG AHHHH!! hahas! Uncle Phil, mind I have your msn again? =X


Blogger Adeline | 07 December, 2009 23:15

sisi just told me today that she find it very happy & fun to chat here. very glad to know everyone:
Elise, jess, yujing, ruiting! [:

i knew sisi one yr back alrdy. HAHA.
but thanks everyone for making this blog so happening!

<333 MLBians


Anonymous Jane | 07 December, 2009 23:18

YEAH MLB's song (饮食男女) at Yes 933 just now!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!!

Yup Jess we haven't talk to each other before yet...

Lol at elise and adeline so high at here...

Thanks Uncle phil let us noe that khatib is in yishun.. I tot is at khatib there woh.. haha... Any link of the countdown?


Anonymous yp | 07 December, 2009 23:29

the final batch of lhb coupons that you guys helped to fill in during the j8 auto will be mailed tomorrow. noticed that some of you have sent out coupons on your side, can you please drop me an email at milubing.fc@gmail.com so that i can remove your coupon from the stack to avoid wastage. thankies! :)


Blogger Adeline | 07 December, 2009 23:36

to yp: thanks yp [: ALOT!


Blogger th-JESS | 08 December, 2009 00:49

haha im glad to get to know u girls too ;)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 08 December, 2009 01:55

Thanks for all those who have voted, let's see how high it can reach.

I hardly use msn, you may add me at fb. my id is Phil Koo and email address is forevermlbian@hotmail.com

Thank you very much for taking videos for mlbians likes me who are not able to attend MLB's event. Really appreciate. :)


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 08 December, 2009 02:09

thanks for all the updates...already updated in lostsoldiersmlb.blogspot.com liao...

so confirm i cant make it for the friday's session lo, will be working. i saturday and sunday then on leave lor...
but the 31st dec de i can TRY asking :D

flu virus has invaded. take care everybody


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 08 December, 2009 02:10

Yo.. time to zzzzz lor!
goodnite & sweet dreams guys n gals.
only 2+hrs for me to zzzzz, gotto awake at 4.45am
hope everyone have a great day ;)


Anonymous nic | 08 December, 2009 04:21

wah.. all so steady :)

Cant wait for countdown.. those big stages the sound is always big big shiok shiok.. haha..

friday is coming le.. another round for everyone :)

btw talking about "wei qi catch shark"..

My friend's dad is a fisherman.. caught one! took photo.. upload tml :)

Small one though.. quite cute.. like catfish


Blogger th-JESS | 08 December, 2009 04:31

haha.. i cfm will go for the countdown since mlb's gonna be there, but most prob aft count down i'll have to trouble hw to get home LOL.

and yeah, friday ! ask weiqi sneak back, swim back and perform too xD

shark cute sia ._. thats like, scaryyyy la.. maybe ask ur fren's dad rear it at home.. yang yu xD


Blogger LiYing_Fion | 08 December, 2009 08:22

Count Down.. 3 more days..


Anonymous ruiting | 08 December, 2009 08:47

Haha Jess just take train normally.. Train service will be extended wan haha.. For me, I live at yishun. So yayyyy !!


Blogger Adeline | 08 December, 2009 09:18

YA YA ask weiqi sneak back! LOL.

nic, you super funny! so random lorr. suddenly remember your friend's dad is fisherman! and yes, very excited for friday lehhh! HOW HOW!!!!

HAHA. and i hope MLB really can reach #1 in long hu bang! [: WOOOOHOOOOO! mlbians forever so steadyyyyyy~ [:


Blogger Elise | 08 December, 2009 10:10

Nic: Small shark... that sounds really cool... hahaha. :P

Yeah... can't wait for the count down too... can't wait to see MLB (in full force) jammin' on the stage again. Can't imagine how "high" we'll all get on that day... Hehe. :P


Blogger -WHEY` | 08 December, 2009 10:59

haha after reshuffling my schedule, i'm going on friday! hoho.. :D

take care everyone! :) looking forward to friday!


Blogger Sam Wong | 08 December, 2009 12:59

Greetings to all.. Been kinda busy and tired lately.. When i reach home at night i'll head straight to bed.. Yea.. But its great to see ya all chatting. New friends! Steady la.. Take care people!

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