milubing | 23 December, 2009 12:35


From the IC :

Hi all,
Here's a series of events coming up:

Sparkle On 2010
Date: 31 December 2009
Time: 730pm - 1230am (MLB performing at around 8pm according to Sam)
Venue: Open field opposite Khatib MRT StationFree entry, tickets not required.

Ch 8 Countdown Party 2010
Date: 31 December 2009
Time: 1030pm - 1230am (entry time will be informed via confirmation email)
Venue: Vivo City*Tickets required.

The Sheng Siong Show
Date: 2 Jan 2010
Time: 8pm - 9pm (entry time will be informed via the confirmation email)
Venue: Mediacorp Theatre*Tickets required.

I've got 30 tickets each for Vivo City Countdown and Sheng Siong Show. [thank you Veron! :)] Simply send an email to milubing.fc@gmail.com with the title of the event as the subject, together with your name, contact number and the number of tickets required. I'll get back to you asap. Any enquiries can be directed here or via email. :)

Steady la. 3 cheers to Yuan Ping! Thank you!
Have a great day all. =)

Post a Comment ::

Anonymous Uncle Phil | 23 December, 2009 17:22

Yea.. Finally there is an event which i can attend.
Thanks ik for informing and requesting the tix for me. :)


Blogger th-JESS | 23 December, 2009 17:33

haha yeah, see ya uncle phil ;)
does the tickets have seat numbers or smthing ? i think its best for all mlb to sit tgt right.. then we shout also more power xD


Anonymous angie | 23 December, 2009 22:04

all & all...

have a musically joyful Christmas!

& an extraordinary good new year!



Anonymous Uncle Phil | 23 December, 2009 22:51

Yo.. I was juz wondering, how come we do not see snow here this year?
Can we see snow after a long year! hehe... I wanna feel the coolness. :)

Ya, see u if we happen to attend the same event! You should know which event I'm attending right? ;)


Blogger Adeline | 23 December, 2009 23:08

sooooooooo many events! SHIOK SHIOK!
i going for vivo countdown. sheng siong i still thinking [: anw, who's going for the sheng siong show? :D


Blogger Elise | 23 December, 2009 23:17

Uncle Phil: Shall see you at the Sheng Shiong Show. Hehe :D

Phew... I finally got my tickets for the VivoCity Countdown. Collected them at MediaCorp. Yayyy~!! (And... I ran into Weiqi's talented junior -- Charles, coming out from the studio while waiting in the ticket collection queue...hahaha!)


Blogger NIColette LeE | 23 December, 2009 23:28

waaaaa~ so many events(:
i want go all~ *exciteds* can't wait for all the events to come!(:


Anonymous yuanping | 24 December, 2009 00:02

haha thank you sam! (i hope i got the right person :p)

jess, sheng siong show is free seating, so we'll most prob get to sit tog. vivo countdown is on first come first served basis.

anyway, i'm out of tickets for sheng siong show. :( but if anyone is still in need of tickets, you can email me, i'll try to get it for you. :)

all those who emailed me before this comment, you're assured tickets to sheng siong show. i'll reply with the confirmation etc by this weekend. pardon my tardiness, very caught up with fyp. :(

tickets for vivo countdown still available for request! :)


Anonymous mighty mouse | 24 December, 2009 00:27

Woo, sounds like a very happening countdown. It's christmas eve oredi, wishing everyone here a happy christmas, full of joy & laughter!!! :)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 24 December, 2009 00:51

yuan ping,

真的辛苦你了!should have get someone else to help you while you can make use of the times preparing your fyp.
Anyway, just to confirm whether ik had requested the sheng siong show's tix for me?

you are so smart lor! can still remember that i can't attend the countdown events. so, see you, jess & all the rest of the MLBians who are attending this event.

Ya, it is X'mas eve now. Wishing MLB & MLBians a very Merry X'mas.

And now its time for me to zzzzz.
Goodnite & sweet dreams to everybody. :)


Anonymous YUJING | 24 December, 2009 00:53

many people have been saying, MLB's 3rd Baby is 1st on the HMV chart yea? so on the 18th December barh, i passby HMV & decided go in bio bio see see.. then I SAW IT!

& *TADANG* I snap it down,

Illegal action.. shhh:P


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 24 December, 2009 01:03

Woo Hoo.! 1st on the chart! Congrats.!!! Sooo Proud Of MLB La!
&&& Weee so many upcoming events ~ ♥


Anonymous syl | 24 December, 2009 01:07

Merry merry xmas to all! :D
Enjoy the long weekend ahead!


Anonymous kangeroo mm | 24 December, 2009 01:44

skip back here...forgot to say, read the i-mag interview... funny... the part abt someone can actually say 井底之蛙 :D and the 1 week analogy, intg. ok, ok, confirmed surely skippin out to my lovely warm bed this time :P


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 24 December, 2009 01:44

i assume its sam didi that post this? haha i saw the trade mark "steady"...can FEEL it...haha...

haha pinky steady la, xin ku ni le. jia you for fyp. fyp very sian we knw~
i've already emailed to try my luck for the vivo countdown liao. think sheng shiong show i dun ask for it ba, i better guai guai go back to work, cos for the request for off on the 31st, i already plead with my supervisor-cum-best friend for 1 wk liao until he's tired of my nagging liao hahaha.

merry xmas eve~
tml i working 4pm to 6am...


Anonymous mm | 24 December, 2009 01:46

till 6am!!! poor thing. take care of ureself q_me. better get a good rest now, nitey! :)


Anonymous JIAHUI | 24 December, 2009 01:49

Thanks YP! Xin ku ni le! <3


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 24 December, 2009 02:00

haha mm jie...why called yourself kangeroo mm...in short its still mighty kangeroo ah? hahahaha...
no la, cos my workplace this week got mid-midnight show...last show end at 5 plus...gd lor, no need to spend $ on taxi...


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 24 December, 2009 02:41

haha 4get to say, thanks~


Anonymous Jane | 24 December, 2009 02:53

Thanks Yuanping.. :)

Yeah 1st on the chart! Congrats! ;)

Wow until 6am!!! Long working hours... Jiayou Quizzy_me & all... Me working 12pm-10.30pm!

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy! Have a nice day! :D


Anonymous yuanping | 24 December, 2009 03:31

eh dont thank me. thank veron! she got us the tickets! :)

uncle phil, yup ik requested for ss show ticket on your behalf already. will get back to you all soon! :)

i've got more than enough vivo countdown tickets, so feel free to request! :p

ok really gotta crash. nitey!


Blogger th-JESS | 24 December, 2009 05:32

thanks yuanping ;) and yeah ok i saw your reply. all mlbs gather tgt, wooh. we'll rock the place together =p

anw uncle phil, thou i saw the answers, i guessed the sheng siong, cause u mentioned u cant go for coutn down right ! hahaha xD

anw yujing, i tried to snap a pic and the guard came to me and i got so scared. u clever eh, got to snap LOL.

and alright, early merry christmas to all darlings here ;) & also to mlb of cuz. im going overseas in a few hours so take careeee ! and have a merry x mas peeps ;)

xoxo !


Anonymous duckling | 24 December, 2009 08:16

Merry Christmas to all!

Happy Holiday!


Anonymous shihui | 24 December, 2009 10:55

Dear MLB and fellow MLBianz,

Season's Greetings!!! c;
Have yourself a fabulous Christmas time which filled with lots of joy and wishing you a spectacular new year!

Shi Hui


Anonymous ruiting | 24 December, 2009 12:07


have to wish now if not tmr go genting then cannot wish le. hahaha!!


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 24 December, 2009 17:34

WooHoo, MLB's 3rd baby is on the #1sales chart in HMV. Congrats MLB. Hopefully there will be a gai-ban soon!

YP, thanks for your prompt reply. Once again, jia-you in your fyp.
ik, thanks once again for informing & requesting the tix for me.

Wow.. seem likes many MLBians are away for holidays. Please take care (especially if u r at snowing countries) and enjoy yourselves.

Thank you very much for all the season's greetings. :)

Yea.. I am having my off day on Christmas! But New Year Eve will be a hell day for me, cos I'll need to work till 2-3am! That's why I am unable to attend MLB;c countdown events. I will be somewhere nearby the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown event.


Blogger th-JESS | 24 December, 2009 22:38

poor uncle phil haha but dont worry ! sheng siong event jian !

okay, i know im 1 hour and 23 minutes early, so pls treat it like u see this msg 1 hr 23 minute later xD


im gg overseas in a while so cant wish alr. festive of fun laughter peace and joy ! sooo stay happy and have fun alright ?

loveeeeeees all ;)

take care! and umm 'see you' when im back xD


Blogger princess tickles tiffany | 24 December, 2009 23:19

merry christmas and a happy new year in advance to nic,sam,weiqi and all the mlbians out there. Hope everyone will enjoy this day. peace out~


Blogger Adeline | 25 December, 2009 00:11

Merry Christmas to Sam, Nic, Weiqi!
and Merry Christmas to all MLBians <3

thanks for bringing so much joy into my life!
Have a blessed christmas and i hope you all receive many many presents okay! [:


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 25 December, 2009 00:21

Merry Christmas All :D


Anonymous capri | 25 December, 2009 01:07


Have a great holiday!

Jingle bells jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
on a sunny day~ HEY!


Anonymous nic | 25 December, 2009 01:47

merry christmas to all...

It's the season of family of love of life..

Do Cherish this few days.. it give me a reason to put all work aside.. TO BREATH IN LIFE!!

Enjoy the festivities with love ones!!!



Blogger Elise | 25 December, 2009 02:12

Merry Christmas to Nic, Sam & Weiqi plus our fellow MLBians... enjoy your long weekend! :D


Anonymous YUJING | 25 December, 2009 02:48


something i did today.. not perfect but acceptable larh, check it out!


Anonymous weiqi | 25 December, 2009 16:18

Greetings to all from NTU ADM haha...
most memorable christmas spent? yup, this year..in school doing fyp sobs.. :p
anyways, boliao abit.. my friend shared with me so here goes..

Facebook fun trick: press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, enter, right, up and down.. then magic circles will appear. You'll get rid of them by refreshing.


Anonymous YUJING | 25 December, 2009 17:19

Weiqi, I just did that:D hahahah.. okay quite cool larh urh:) jiayou doing your fyp! who knows santa may be out somewher helping you w/ your fyp:P


Anonymous weiqi | 25 December, 2009 23:30

santa?? yujing u gao xiao leh the pic haha :) good job though


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 26 December, 2009 23:48

yo.. the blog is so silent today! nobody has tag at all.
is it everyone have too much fun during x'mas and are too tired to tag today? hehe...
anyway, tomorrow is Sunday. hope everyone will have a beautiful Sunday! :)


Anonymous Jane | 26 December, 2009 23:54

Hello all...

Haiz... I cannot go for the countdown and Sheng Siong live show cos i working... :(

Those who going for countdown and Sheng Siong live show, enjoy and if can take pics and record videos... Thanks... :)

Drink more water & take good carea all!


Blogger Adeline | 27 December, 2009 10:20

i working 6days this week! ): next week school starting alrdy. somehow, a holiday doesn't seem like a holiday for me!


and to SAM, NIC, WEIQI, hope you guys had a great christmas! and i really want to know how you guys spent xmas! [:

Have a great Sunday & do anticipate the weeks ahead! [:


Anonymous Jenny | 27 December, 2009 11:46

Belated Happy Season's Holidays!

I will be at Katib to support, but will not be to the Vivo as I hv other appt to go. Which part of Katib will all be meeting?

OH! here is an old song which I find it is very nice to share with:


Anonymous ik | 27 December, 2009 13:13

吃下宇宙 no.7 on the chart today.

lets vote harder..try to gather more sms from friends and families..same goes to coupons..but i know coupons is a prob..always short of it..

i wanna go cut hair. hahas


Anonymous Nicolette | 27 December, 2009 21:26

yeah. 吃下宇宙's 7.
and also, MiLuBing's 龙虎榜第四季最受欢迎团体3rd placing w/ 吃下宇宙accumilating a total of 41 points behind 2nd place,SHE who acccumilated 43points.


Blogger sirong [: | 27 December, 2009 23:44

hello people,

anyone of you have friends who wan to go for siloso beach party ( countdown party).

happened to have 2 tics on hand.

interested party can email me at sirong_106@hotmail.com

and and and, not tyring to be a spolier for MLB ahh. do go for their countdown parrty, just that i dont wan to waste my two tics. hehhe


Anonymous yuanping | 28 December, 2009 00:18

hi all,

i've replied with a confirmation email for those who are successful with their ticket request. enquiries etc all replied too. if you had send me an email but has yet to receive a reply, do forward me the mail again.

do check your mail. :)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 28 December, 2009 01:20

Yea.. i was so happy listening long hu bang, while on my way to work.
Yes, 吃下宇宙 #7 on long hu bang today and had accumulated a total of 41pts with 5 weeks on the chart.
Once again, thank you very much for those who have voted. Let's stay United and cast our votes harder, i am sure it will hit the Top soon! Let's send out all voting coupons by tuesday noon and sms by thursday noon.
Its another new week, hope everyone have a great week ahead! 2 events with 3 performances coming on Friday & Saturday. There's somethings to look forwards to! hehe... cheers !!


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 28 December, 2009 02:34

YEAH 季選 最佳团体 MLB #3! Congrats, Woo Hoo ~
I was in the bus while listening, den i "yes" excitedly to myself, lol! lucky i was sitting at the last row =P


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 28 December, 2009 03:34

thanks uncle phil for waking me up with that sms...HAHA...

on the 1st jan 9.33am onwards, yes933 got their annual top100 countdown. it shud be until 7pm ba. someone keep a lookout for 吃下宇宙 and update us or at least me the position alright? I shud be working on that day la. haha.

BUT YAY! 31ST I CAN GO~~ thanks yuanping as well.
who want to come with me?

wish uncle phil and mlb and everyone a happy and healthy week as well. last week of 2009 lo~ glad that our last moment of 2009 will be spent with mlb.


Blogger th-JESS | 28 December, 2009 05:07

thanks qian hui for sms-ing me ! i got off the ferry from batam the 1st msg i saw i jitao WOAH ! then my frens all o.o??? hahhaa


hope everyone had a great christmas ? ;)


Blogger Adeline | 28 December, 2009 10:22

GOOD JOB MAN. i dont know how to go mediacorp =.= LOL.

who else going for sheng siong show? im going alone, as usual! LOLOLOL.


Blogger Elise | 28 December, 2009 11:15

Adeline, I'm going for the Sheng Siong Show too. You're not alone. Kekeke. If you want then you can meet me in Bishan then we take a cab in lor... very fast de. =)


Anonymous Joycelyn | 28 December, 2009 11:59


I would like to request 1 tickets for The Sheng Siong Show.. and may i know on that day, we are sitting together.. Rite!!

Anything pls contact me at 91759171 or email me at joyce_yeeping@yahoo.com


Anonymous nic | 28 December, 2009 14:14

saying a big HELLO...

and THANKS for voting :)

IT's almost over.. the festive season.. been a tough half a yr.. almost time for the rest period afetr all the rushing up and down!

Last year album productions started feb... will there be a next one coming up? Well honestly.. I don't know.. All we know we have got the greatest supporters here with us.. though few.. but enough to keep our fire burning :)

I feel the Chinese commercial market isn't open to "Indie" sounding tracks yet..but we'll see how it goes..

Never stop fighting for the tough dream of making music as a living..

Happy new yr to all :)


Blogger Elise | 28 December, 2009 15:58

Hey hey Nic!!

We have faith in MLB, that you guys will do well in the music industry. XD

Although like you said, it is a tough dream, 梦想是生命的推动力... it motivates people to work hard to fulfil and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Jia you!! =)


Blogger th-JESS | 28 December, 2009 17:11

nic, if they're not open to it, mlb will be the one to start opening them to it starting from now onwards ;)
have faith in yourself and preserver, you guys can do it !

adeline, not alone la ! sit with me sit with me ;)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 28 December, 2009 23:50

we (mlbians), have faith in MLB. Although it was few, but you can see it is growing (many new fans/mlbians).
dun forget that MLB was praised by 2 very talented & famous artistes during SHA. they are professional artistes, so if they can think so highly of MLB's music. I/we are very sure that MLB's music will be well known, if you guys goes overseas to share your music.

I will be going to the Sheng Siong Show too, most likely i will meet ik at hougang bus interchange. Then we shall take bus 74 direct to mediacorp. Anyone who wish to join us, please let me know.

welcome back home, hope you've enjoyed yourself.
fyi, i SMSed some mlbians to inform them the long hu bang result. but too bad, i dun have your no. hehe..


Blogger th-JESS | 29 December, 2009 01:01

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Adeline | 29 December, 2009 04:09

to jess: sure not! you want me sit with you mehhhhh! LOL =x hahaha. i cant wait [: HOHOHO! i dont want to sit alone!!! LOL

to nic: Nic, you're finally back. i think sam is really busy! cant wait for the next album! [: JIAYOU! mlb can do it one! you have us, you have each other! JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 29 December, 2009 14:54

haha adeline sure ;) u can sit with us all ba ;)


Anonymous weiqi | 29 December, 2009 17:46

hey all, thanks for voting for us regarding the long hu bang. mlbians rock! sorry for my absence, been doing my fyp/ jamming/ reviving wat's left of my social life haha.. take care u all and have a great holiday season :)


Blogger qIaNhUi | 29 December, 2009 20:58

Take good care, &&& we shall cya guys at the countdown lo. weee 2 MORE DAYS.!


Anonymous Jane | 29 December, 2009 22:00

Hello~~~~ Enjoy during countdown event and sheng siong show... Hope someone can share the pics and videos here... Thanks in advance... :D

Haiz... 2moro working full shift... Tired... =.= Been working full shift for many days liao...


Anonymous Nicolette | 29 December, 2009 22:05

2more days to countdown~ *exciteds*

i'll be going for both khatib and vivo countdonw(: who else are goingfor both countdowns?


Blogger Elise | 29 December, 2009 22:26

Jane: I think for those of us going for the VivoCity one right... we can't take pics or videos, but we'll try.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 29 December, 2009 23:44

jia-you.. for your fyp, very soon it will be over. cheers!

if not wrong, you still can take pics, cos the very 1st countdown at vivo city (few years back) where MLB also performed. we did took pics lor!


Anonymous Jenny | 30 December, 2009 02:03

one more day to go...

Dearest MLB & MLBians,

- must drink lots of water n rest well ya.

- gonna ready to "cheong" all the way till Jan/01/2010!

( and I still hv 3 MLB's 3rd albums hvnt got autographs... maybe 'otang' till the 4th album??? )


Anonymous mighty mouse | 30 December, 2009 02:08

hi nic, seems like unlike overseas, locally there are very limited channels to promote album. word of mouth and reviews, media & print interviews seem the common ways here. it is unrealistic to spend $$ producin an album and expect it to sell on its own. No matter how good the musician or music or even a product for the sake of argument, the marketeers still need to work their magic as well to get the public to know abt their product. There is a part 2 to this project and alas the common trend here is to do the usual A+B and consider this part 2 as completed. But take heart, there will always be a gungho one to pick up the pieces left behind, to forge the way ahead & create a better tmrw. Stay united!...re-charge for the New Year coming up jus round the corner :)


Blogger Elise | 30 December, 2009 09:59

Uncle Phil:
Thanks for the info though... a pocket digital camera that's well hidden inside a bag should be good enough. Hehe. XD


Anonymous Anonymous | 30 December, 2009 14:01

from wat i know, mlb is singing 4 songs at khatib, while only 1 song without instruments at vivo.. quite obvious which one i will attend nia...


Blogger th-JESS | 30 December, 2009 15:03

sighs, bad news, i might not be able to go for countdown due to other matters. ;( i'll be giving up my mediacorp tickets now , incase i cant go and waste the ticket. if i can go... oh well, wait outside then. lol.. ;\

anw wei qi jia you ;) FYP will be done very very soon !!!

alright.. gotta go . busy busy life now, almost cant breath alr. take care peeps ;)


Anonymous Anonymous | 30 December, 2009 18:02



Blogger Adeline | 30 December, 2009 18:58

to jess: awwwwwww. sad! and yes, i also cant catch my breath. it's like everyday past so fast!

to weiqi: haha. hope you had a great christmas too! cant wait to see you at sheng siong show [:


Anonymous ruiting | 30 December, 2009 23:38



Anonymous Pek Choo | 31 December, 2009 14:03

Jia you for the countdown tonight boys! :)


Anonymous yuanping | 31 December, 2009 15:32

8 more Sheng Siong Show tickets up for grab! Email me at milubing.fc@gmail.com with your name, contact number and number of tickets required. :)


Blogger angie | 31 December, 2009 16:15

wishing u the beauty and might of a butterfly...a beautiful new year filled with bountiful..

a butterfly wishes..

grace..a gift in dealing with pple...in handling difficult situations..

fly..when u keep flapping ur little wings despite of adversity..

beautiful..look within urself and believe u r beautiful...

the birds & the bees...spending good times with friends and loved ones

butterfly fly away...wishing u may and wish u might!

happy new year!


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 01 January, 2010 01:41

HAPPY NEW YEAR to MLB & Fellow MLBians, May 2010 be filled with Happiness, Wealth, Good Health & Success for everyone. :D


Anonymous ruiting | 01 January, 2010 01:51

happy 2010 to all mlbians and MLB! <3


Anonymous jenny | 01 January, 2010 02:25

Happy New Year, Phil & Ruiting.


Blogger Elise | 01 January, 2010 02:32

For MLB and all fellow MLBians...

Have a wonderful new year with all your dreams come true! =)

Weiqi: You still look nice with your new hairstyle though there's no more blue hair... hehe.

Woah... your beatboxing is just getting better and better. Highly addictive. Was there at both the Khatib and the VivoCity Countdown (though a group of us who are ticket holders almost couldn't go into the amphitheatre, but end up only watching from the big screen at VivoCity) :P

Nic & Sam (+ Weiqi): Great to see you guys performing as a complete band. See ya guys on Saturday at the Sheng Siong Show! :P


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 01 January, 2010 03:17

wish milubing and mlbians a healthy new year~

really happy to see milubing and all my friends again, make me forget all the sianess at work. which is good, which is what i am supposed to do - forget about the unhappiness as we usher into the new year. haha...

the gig at khatib was great, even though UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES happened, u guys overcome the crisis with your trademark smile? haha i thereby conclude, "all crisis can be reverted with a smile"....ok lame...

the vivo countdown was a bit sian diao though...maybe we really went there too late ba...but the area opened was too small also...but better than nothing though...i had fun, i believe they had too.
now the girls r "camping" somewhere else now while i'm at home le, need to catch some sleep first cos need to wake up earlier to do some grocery shopping even though i starting work at 5pm.

do stay tune to yes933 for the countdown of top 100 songs of 2009, check-it-out-yo if there's any milubing's songs then someone update me alright?



Anonymous singyin | 01 January, 2010 05:10

Nic, smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee k ^^


Blogger th-JESS | 01 January, 2010 07:25

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger qIaNhUi | 01 January, 2010 11:46

*SmiLez Widely* HAPPY 2010.!!!
The gig @ vivo was sooooo high la, even though we're standing at a quite ulu corner, but we still enjoyed lots singing, & errrmmm-screaming =X LOL!
&&& Can see that MLB(Especially NIC) is more cheered up after the vivo performance, LOVES ~ ♥
SS Show Tmr! 1st time we're seeing MILO for continuous 3DAYS lek, woo hoo :D Full Force Tmr *wink*


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 01 January, 2010 12:02

Earlier on, broadcasted already. 吃下宇宙 is ranked 97th among the Top 100 songs of 2009. (considered late album release, not bad!)

Happy New Year everyone! ;)


Blogger Elise | 01 January, 2010 12:44

Woohoo~!! That's great! Thanks musiclover_rock2008 for the information! XD

Three cheers to MLB! Yayy!:P


Blogger binz | 01 January, 2010 13:17

yay happy 2010!
life is always full of circumstances so we can only accept it with a smile though it's very the bu fu qi that so much and so much effort was alrdy put in for the best performance.. you guys still managed to put up a great performance the milo way so cheer up yea(: we love you guys for who you all are! yay ming tian sss jian!


Anonymous ik | 01 January, 2010 14:15

Happy New Year to all! Cheers :)


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 01 January, 2010 14:42

thanks musiclover_rock2008 for informing~

ok i think ppl who didnt joined us might be lost after reading our tags. let me explain...

for the gig at khatib hor, something went wrong with their is-it-equipments after the 2nd song? so the rest of their performance were in unplugged form. nic and sam on the accoustic guitar and weiqi beatboxed woohoo. but nevertheless we still love it very very much, and the milos looked....incredibly handsome doing unplug~ HAHA~
u guys shall see when whoever upload their video lor, i was standing too far, camera phone became useless haiyaiyai~

off to work soon~ hmmmm~


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 01 January, 2010 14:43

correction, should be after the 1st song


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