milubing | 08 December, 2009 20:23


anyone can guess what this is?

yep, so clever la u all.. that's my tail.. monday when i reported for reservice, first thing the staff sergeant said was "all the guys who just came from the set of 风云 please go cut your long and colourful hair..." and well.. i think my hair was the most colourful and long le.. i presented a letter to him that asked that I be excused (letter from mediacorp), then he said "is this letter for me? ok thanks. when you're here, 在这十一天内你是我的人了." Sooooo cut the long story short..now i look very different from the last time you peeps saw me haha... monday night went down to shunji matsuo's saloon and had my hair cut and dyed black :D
p.s. my staff sergeants are great guys, they are just doing their job, and in SG, the government is the biggest le, so if they say cut hair = cut hair :)
actually i'm feeling really fine! why? cos i miss my hair this short.. super leng.. like my character :)

now now, more about the training.. things have been ok la, just that i'm not physically fit le, so a bit tiring on my side. wanted to do some fyp work every nite but having to wake up at 0530 to book in every early morning is making my eyes heavy..


Post a Comment ::

Anonymous super tired weiqi | 08 December, 2009 20:44

aiyo.. who made this blog a seafood restaurant? and I'm supposed to catch all the fish, stingray, oyster?
dun need to catch wat.. here got a lot of sotong of diff flavour le,
like eg. 牛油 Yujing, garlic sze, sambal jess, 虾酱 adeline, and stir fried baby Yumin...
(kidding la hAHahahaha!)

piScesmEi, beatbox isn't that hard de, anyone can learn this art :D

ik,yup sometimes after 3 years, u really dunno where the barangbarang is kept le...

Qian Hui, i think even without the tan u peeps might not recognise me le haha.. the hair la... :p

uncle phil,actually i'm looking forward to ICT cos i need a break... from the emails and work.. like go back to camp, though physically painful, but less stressful for the brain :p

LiWhey ah, sunblock??? gao xiao la u.. wanna get me into trouble ya..

Hi Tiffy, our friend from HK.. maybe u could meet up with a mlbian who's in HK too! her name's Lorita..

Ok peeps.. i gotta go le! go SLEEP!!! super muscle ACHES!!!

Nic And Sam jiayo with the practices!


Anonymous weiqi | 08 December, 2009 20:46

btw, i love this shop's look...


super cool...


Blogger Adeline | 08 December, 2009 20:47

虾酱 adeline

not bad leh! and you know you know, 虾酱鸡 my favourite dish leh [:

weiqi, you take care, rest well hor, miss you loads (:


Blogger Adeline | 08 December, 2009 20:48

and yes, the shop super cool! radio-look-alike storefront [: HAHAH. cool :D


Blogger Elise | 08 December, 2009 20:51

Weiqi! Glad to see your post... we all REALLY missed you. You have our jia yous and our moral support with you okiez? Hehe. Take care and rest well! :)


Blogger Elise | 08 December, 2009 20:54

The shop's look is really cool. :D


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 08 December, 2009 21:10

Awww i wanna see ur new hair.!
Dun worry, we still will recognise u de, even if u're botak =X
=/ Bye to WEIQI's special little hair tail ~


Anonymous PINKIEEE | 08 December, 2009 21:13

RIP poor tail, you'll be missed.

-poof and disappears-


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 08 December, 2009 21:18

So nice to see you posting eventhough you are away for ICT.
Please take care & jia-you. It will be over very soon, you surely can make it de.
Sorry that I am unable to attend this Friday event, not bcos it is 2/3 of MLB. Wish I could attend every MLB's events, but too bad that I am scheduled to work, even for the countdown. Countdown is always fun, still remembered there's a year, we did the countdown together at Vivo City. Anyway, my heart & soul will be with MLB & MLBians whenever there are MLB's events. :D


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 08 December, 2009 21:18

Walao still RIP lek, pinkieee -.-
Poor WEIQI, take care lek! Hope u'll have enough rest. Hope u won't become a zombie when u're out ok =X
ALL MLBians will give u POWER!


Anonymous syl | 08 December, 2009 21:51

Haha! So you kept your tail weiqi?
Friday can conference call? Lol that would be like the 5th gathering liao. Aiye, i'm just kidding lah. :p I know it's impossible.


Blogger LiYing_Fion | 08 December, 2009 21:53

WeiQi!!! Do rest well and drink lots of water!!! JYJY!!! ^^


Anonymous Jane | 08 December, 2009 21:57

When i read ur comment i was LOL!!! Haha lols Weiqi...

I want to see ur new hair~ Jiayou & take care! We will miss you de...

Yup countdown is always fun... I still remember the countdown at Vivo city too... :)

Yup the shop is cool~

Which edition of Teen's magazine are u guys interivew in?? January??

Yeah 3 more days! :D


Anonymous YUJING | 08 December, 2009 22:06

牛油 YUJING?! not bad, sounds delicious kayyy!

OUCHHH*, i'll miss that lil tail of yours man, Weiqi. hahahah:D i still remember the first time i asked you about it, & yes.. you gave me a super (-.-|||) answer, remember? LOLOL.

anyw, must take loadsss of care hors! got time just shut down your eyes for 5minutes, its short.. but its call the "POWER NAP":D & drink more WATER.. WARM one barh, since the weather now adays pretty coolinggg.. moreover you're on the sea. yepyepyep! shall see you once you're FREEE:D

alright, gotta get back mugging alr. see you guy(s) on FRIDAY:)


Blogger Adeline | 08 December, 2009 22:22

see you on friday!


Blogger Elise | 08 December, 2009 22:29

Gonna miss the cool blue hair too... that was such a nice shade of blue... :(

LOL. Nearly typed "blue" as "blur" twice... the blur sotong now is me... hahaha.


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 08 December, 2009 22:44

stir fried baby Yumin?!
such a healthy dish eh LOL.

Your poor little tail! :(
Did you go frame it up or something? Haha.

Singing underwater would probably sound like bloopbloopbloopbloopbloop when half th time we don't know what you're singing but hey, at least we know you're still there w us. :D take care lo!

Btw, why never post up photo of you & your new haircut? Hehe.


Blogger th-JESS | 08 December, 2009 23:15

awww poor weiqi. the thing abt army is always HAIR !
its ok, very fast grow back de xD

and, SAMBAL JESS SIA ! omg. i love chilli can, like every dish i eat must have chilli, or maybe even chilli with rice is enough. weiqi knows me well. HAHAHA

must take care in navy ya? working now, cant chat alr, tag later when i get home ;D


Blogger NIColette LeE | 08 December, 2009 23:19

yalo~ weiqi, why never post photo of you and your new haircut? also, must take care(:

&Yujing, jiayou for your exams(:

see you all on Friday(:


Blogger sze+ | 08 December, 2009 23:27

weiqi: hahas Garlic sze?! I am glad that I will not be eaten by everyone, cause not all people like to eat garlic! hahas!

then weiqi you are the main dish, chilli crab! hahas

Weiqi, take good care during these 11 days! if you see any new species of sea creature must remember to share with us ok?? hahas.. mlbians will miss you! =D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 08 December, 2009 23:41

To all who are still mugging for exams. All the Best to you, and may you attain good results. Jia-you... :)


Blogger Adeline | 08 December, 2009 23:51

to sze: well said [: weiqi's the main dish. and sisi being the garlic. very cute [:


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 09 December, 2009 00:02

haha..ya lor, i oso dun like garlic. but i love to eat garlic breads. and i m oso consuming garlic supplement. ;p


Blogger Elise | 09 December, 2009 00:07

if sze is the garlic, then blood suckers a.k.a vampires won't get near her. Nice one. :D


Blogger th-JESS | 09 December, 2009 00:10

YUJING ! study hard ! good luck for your exams yeah, mug mug mug!
ruiting also yeah ! jia you exams ;D

i know alr, sze,
nic is starters, weiqi main dish, sam dessert xD


Blogger Adeline | 09 December, 2009 00:44

jess, you very lihai! lidat also can! no wonder is 三人套餐 :D good job leh you! [:


Anonymous nic | 09 December, 2009 01:20

bye bye lil pony tail :(


Blogger th-JESS | 09 December, 2009 01:22

hahaha lil pony tail siol... weiqi's a pony who have a little white pony .

its ok , weiqi can go for hair extentions xD muahaha


Blogger Adeline | 09 December, 2009 01:42

HAHAHAH. hair extensions? not real leh. but nehmind, good idea from jess for short term [:


Blogger th-JESS | 09 December, 2009 01:48

haha wait till it grows out then cut away lor ! but it'll be veh painful.. the metal thing they use for extention.. and wash hair also hard. bleahhh


Blogger binz | 09 December, 2009 01:48

haha just like a few days ago i was asking i forgot who, wq de hair go back re-service will pass meh.. and tata there it goes.. short hair will keep one more awake!

singing from underwater will give ultimate special sound effects man! new genre of music~ lol


Blogger th-JESS | 09 December, 2009 01:54

binz, it'll sound like
'gluug gluug gluug' nia lo.. hahaha


Blogger Adeline | 09 December, 2009 02:03

to jess: your sound effect super cool. and extensions got many kinds de leh~ got.. those braiding one. aiya! alot of methods. no need cut off one and wont spoil the hair [:

to binz: LOLOL. =.= the sound effect will cover up weiqi's singing bahs!



Blogger Elise | 09 December, 2009 02:05

Everyone of us miss him so much (including me la!) and of course not forgetting nic and sam... :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 09 December, 2009 16:02

What Stars & Surprises at Ch 8 Countdown Show? (include new videos)


SuperBand Champion Milubing, Campus SuperStar Huang Zhi Yang, Teresa Tseng and Cai Ai Jia and Project SuperStar Daren Tan will present a song each…

You will need tickets to watch the show at VivoCity…details coming up soon…


Anonymous ruiting | 09 December, 2009 17:21

omgzxz the little pony tail!
i think it looks good on u!!
but nvm hair will grow. hahaha.

and yepyep we shall support the 2/3MLB on friday. :DDD


Blogger Jodie [: | 09 December, 2009 22:28

Pony tail?! LOL LAME LAH!! =X

Alamak Weiqi! You recovered from your flu already, good thing! (:
But guess what? Now my turn leh ):
I just came back from Taiwan 2 days ago and become like that lor!
So annoying leh!! o.O

Haiz.. But i better sleep now in order to recover faster!
Night nights to everyone :D


Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 <3 MILUBING | 09 December, 2009 22:33

heyheyhey!! ermm wah been a week since u last update ...

iszit but its seem like very hard to master the skills for b-box ...

more gathering and b-boxing

MLB jia you


Blogger sze+ | 09 December, 2009 23:15

Nic: little pony tail sounds so cute! then you are little red riding hood! (jkjk)

hahas Jess well said!! I think mibians make the theme "三人套餐" pretty well! hahas! idea siaa! lols

hahas Elise, if really got vampire I can protect all mlbians and mlb by distributing garlic to everyone! lols!

haha Adeline yours also very cute! 虾酱!!

YUJING JIA YOU FOR EXAM! all the best! =D


Blogger sze+ | 09 December, 2009 23:18

Uncle Phil, I dont like to eat garlic but I love garlic bread too! lols!


Blogger Adeline | 09 December, 2009 23:46

hmmm. i just want to ask ah, if MLB is going for the vivo countdown, den the one at khatib? isit still on? or which one is the correct info? i have a feeling the vivo is correct info =x HAHAHAH

or isit, run between 2 places?


Anonymous capri | 09 December, 2009 23:52

woo~ 好热闹啊!

mia for a wk+ & seems to hv missed much. wat's d event on fri? izzit d book fest thingy? saw MLB's pic at popular.

so weiqi u had a cut! shall see ur new look. ur officer so farnie huh... "all the guys who just came from the set of 风云 please go cut your long and colourful hair..." lol... anyway, hv fun during ur reservist! ;-D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 10 December, 2009 00:00

we can go and eat garlic breads one of these days! haha..

Most likely MLB will performs at Khatib first and rush down to vivo city for the countdown. If I am not wrong. Well, those that wanna go for both events must be prepared to rush from Khatib to Vivo City lor! And better wait for MLB to confirm ba.

Gentle Reminder:
Please remember to send SMS and vote for 吃下宇宙 before noon time tmr. Thank you if you've already voted. :)


Blogger sze+ | 10 December, 2009 00:33

Uncle Phil, hahas steady! lols


Blogger th-JESS | 10 December, 2009 00:40

woo . run frm khatib to vivo, we mlbians can prepare to 'jiao che' already. then chase behind mlb's PONY TAILS xD

lets see if the funny officer allows weiqi to sneak off and appear on friday ! let wei qi 'travel' like 风&云 out of navy camp or whatever that is without letting other ppl know xD

but anw weiqi, no more blue dye dripping dwn when u bathe, isnt it good news? muahaha xD


Blogger Adeline | 10 December, 2009 01:01

madness lorr =.= but got time mehhhhh! or we sit car/van with MLB lol. ask them tom pang~


Blogger Adeline | 10 December, 2009 01:03

i shall say goodnight now. school tmr! holidays are coming, when it's here, i confirm be owl o.O LOL

WEIQI, we miss you alot! (:
cant wait to see you during countdown [:

and NIC/SAM, confirm with us the countdown venue. isit? khatib or vivo? LOL. blur lorr.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 10 December, 2009 01:24

weiqi will no longer has blue dye dripping when bathing but black dye instead! lol
And fyi, we (MLBians) ever chased after MLB from Western side of Sg to Eastern side lor! Still rmb that event was MLB performing in the long bus.

Good idea to ask MLB to "tom-pang". hehe...
And better dun be night owl la, it is no good for health lor! ;p


Blogger th-JESS | 10 December, 2009 01:26

lol uncle phil .. yeah. we wanted to chase after SHA, but we think they'll be angry so we didnt in the end.. and black dye wont be as bad as blue dye, cause black aft 2-3 wash then ok alr.. blue hard to stay tts y lols =p


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 10 December, 2009 02:15

jess, fyi we chased after them was bcos there was another event at ECP. SHA ended no other event, of course they will be angry if you all chasing after them la! Moreover, it was already very late after SHA.

Ok la, wanna zzzzz liao.
goodnight n sweet dreams to everybody. Friday is coming le.. hehe


Blogger -WHEY` | 10 December, 2009 08:03

!!! << thats my reaction when i saw the pic! LOL! so u managed to cut off the tail that the hairdresser forgot to cut for u? haha, hope you've been living good under the sea! take lotsa care yea :)

though this friday is 2/3 MLB we'll all still go down and scream! :D


Blogger Adeline | 10 December, 2009 09:46

to uncle phil: LOL. i used to being night owl liao =.= holidays ma! must enjoy =x sleep late late. wake up late late. LOL =x and you all so chiong! but i think they only going for 1 only right?! zzzz WAH. if got 2, it's madness. ya what! they confirm sit those van one. got space for a few more of us to squeeze. so tom pang lorr [:

woooohooooo! it's tmr!!!
Adeline here is super duper excited!


Anonymous ruiting | 10 December, 2009 10:08

Good morning everyone!! Tmr is Friday! Hahaha excited hor!! Marks the end of my exams woohoo. And of cos to see MLB perform!! Teeheeeee..


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 10 December, 2009 10:48

Good morning to guys n gals. Seldom tag in the morning, feelig a little weird lor! hehe...

It is not surprising if they are attending both countdown lor! Juz get yourself prepared if u wanna have the full fun night of countdown. If i am not working, i'll definitely attend both events de. But, please bear in mind that tickets are needed for vivo city's countdown. Lookout for the details on how you can get the tickets!

Congrats for completing your exams. Hope you'll get good results. It is time for you to relac n have fun. :)


Blogger Adeline | 10 December, 2009 11:08

to ruiting: morning!! [: YAY YAY i can see you guys tmr! (: very excited. congrats to the end of your paper!! JIAYOU!

to uncle phil: HAHA. ya lorr. vivo want need tickets. if i know the info, will post it up here. or whoever finds out how to get tickets also can [: HAHA. but tickets are limited one right?


Anonymous Nicolette | 10 December, 2009 11:50

What Stars & Surprises at Ch 8 Countdown Show?

ok. i know this link have been posted by Anonymous but i've just visited this link again and it includes ticketing details for the VivoCity Countdown.


Anonymous ruiting | 10 December, 2009 13:45

uncle phil and adeline, tmr then finish. LOL. and i think i shld stop procrastinating and start studying now. =x

and my lappy is back. yayyyy.
it's a good week! (:



Blogger Adeline | 10 December, 2009 19:51

now my laptop's turn to sot sot de (: HAHAH.



Blogger th-JESS | 10 December, 2009 22:32



omg few hours to friday, few hours to see ml without b ;x
short of weiqi, mlb become ml. but never mind, we'll still enjoy supporting them ;D

cya all thats going tmr !


Anonymous mighty mouse | 11 December, 2009 01:09

finally cut off the tail...i was itchin to cut it off for u! :P 2/3 hv fun today while 1/3 goes deep sea divin!


Anonymous Jane | 11 December, 2009 01:24

Hello all~~~

Yeah later going to see u all le~~~

Saw this -----> (音乐奏起,时空倒流——迷·路·兵.)

Thanks ourvoicebox.sg for the video, pics and article... :)

Jiayou for later at suntec!


Anonymous Nicolette | 11 December, 2009 01:41

Top8 Mandarin Pop Songs:

milubing's cheng shu is one of the top 8(:


Anonymous Pek Choo | 11 December, 2009 09:19

See ya guys later! :D
We will still scream & sing loudly although only 2/3 MLB performing! :)


Blogger Adeline | 11 December, 2009 09:58

8 more hours! VERY VERY QI DAI CAN!
camera's got charge?
got prepare voice to sing?! LOL

JIAYOU milos for performance later [:


Blogger Elise | 11 December, 2009 11:43

Darn excited about later. Not only seeing MLB perform but getting to know more MLBians. Yayy! What a wonderful evening we'll be having. :P


Anonymous musiclover_rock2008 | 11 December, 2009 11:58

Check out today's mypaper link for album review:



Anonymous Uncle Phil | 11 December, 2009 12:44

Hi musiclover,
Thanks for the link for today's mypaper for MLB's album review, but sad to say that the wordings are too small to be seen! Wondering is it possible for u to post the article instead? Thanks, once again.

Fellow MLBians,
Those who are attending tonight's event with 2/3 MLB, hope you guys/gals enjoy yourselves and bring back nice photos + videos to share, ok? Thanks in advance. :)


Blogger Elise | 11 December, 2009 13:02

Uncle Phil: We'll definitely bring back photos and vids for those of you who can't go.

Oh ya, I got the PDF version of the album review in today's MyPaper and I uploaded to 4shared.com for you all to download. Link below.



Blogger th-JESS | 11 December, 2009 15:18

yay! lets go support 迷路 without 兵 cause 伟奇去当兵 xD

ok i know its lame . muahaha xD


Anonymous weiqi super tired | 11 December, 2009 21:16

hey mlbians... actually today i booked out at about 4pm, and i didn't know about this deal until much later in the week. it's good to be out early cos i need a break, in fact after this comment i'm gonna slp le. i watched the performance today le, and am glad that mlbians went down to support us and cheered and sang along.
btw, the teens issue is probably nxt year jan or feb, not very sure yet.
And for countdown it is true that we are running to 2 places.
Take care ya all of u?
I've clocked enough dive time this week le, so now i left my 'mission' exercise next week.
Been super tiring.. in fact last 2 days i had 20 salonplas plasters stuck at various parts of my body to ease the pain..
on one hand, i feel the pain, on the other, i miss being like this. i miss being so physically active, and getting fit, sleeping at 10pm, waking at 5.30am, and fighting as a team with my buddies in camp. It's my camp culture. went back to camp to revive a dying part of me that was missing in my ntu days.
so i must say that so far, it has been a fruitful ICT. one that reminds me who i am inside.

sorry for the emo emo haha.. but it's not emo la, just a bond that i have with my batch boys in NDU. p.s. for all the girls, pls tell your bfs, and for the guys pls tell urself, not to 'chao geng' in NS, cos at the end of the day, u will suffer(in the long run), becos u become mentally weak, and when u ORD and finish your NS, it will splash over into your school or office work life...and peers will despise u and disassociate with u.

paiseh, i never come to the blog for so long so i blurt here suddenly :p

later when Nic or sam posts a new post, can some one pls copy and paste my comment in the new post? thanks :)

nite mlbians!


Blogger Elise | 11 December, 2009 21:37

Weiqi... no need to feel paiseh la... we all understand that it's physically tiring for you in the ICT, but then again it was such a pity without you in the band... take care and rest well!

PS: Will be going for the countdown but which we're wondering where are you guys going first? Khatib or VivoCity?


Blogger Adeline | 11 December, 2009 21:54

weiqi, can feel your heart there with us [: and and... take good care okay! rest well, been a tiring week for you, but hang on! you'll be seeing us soon! and im sure got alot of people waiting to copy & paste your comment over to the next entry [: very glad to see you're doing fine except for all the muscle ache and tiredness! WEIQI JIAYOU [:

to nic & sam: the both of you did a great job today! love the performances (: was feeling slightly down initially, but felt alot better after seeing you both on stage (:

and to all MLBians, my part of the videos will be up soon! and i will paste the link to my videos here! HAHA. i plucked up courage to talk to some of you, very glad most of you responded to me quite well! still abit shy! but hope the gatherings can bring us closer tgt bahs! :D


Blogger sze+ | 11 December, 2009 22:48

weiqi: Jia you weiqi! can understand how tired you felt...but hang on! one more week only! =D
take good care of yourself too and rest more =)

looking forward for the countdown!


Anonymous Jane | 11 December, 2009 23:36

Hello Weiqi... Thank you for answering my question... Okay i will check out teens magazine jan or feb to see which section u guys was interview...

For the countdown, where are u guys going first? khatib or vivo city... I think i will go to khatib there ba... See how first...

Weiqi Jiayou and take good care of urself...

Thanks for the wonderful performance today! Love the performance... 3 songs is not enough... Next time sing more than 3 songs can? Encore encore encore... Haha... :)

Jenny: I just saw ur email... Is okay.. Dun worry, there will be videos and pics share at here de... :)


Anonymous Jane | 11 December, 2009 23:44

I just saw 1 video-(想握你的手) at youtube upload by mlbvidsyt... Wondering who is the person who upload it... Haha... He/she upload videos very fast... :) Thanks to him/her for uploading the videos...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLReW7uUTJs- MILUBING @ Popular Book Fest 11.12.09 - 想握你的手.

I will share other videos here if i saw anyone upload it at youtube... I will share my part of videos here when i upload it at youtube...


Blogger Adeline | 12 December, 2009 00:13

heyaaaa~ my videos are uploaded.
all are taken at Popular BookFest at Suntec.

very sorry for the shaky hands =x cos no support. den hands hold there too long, very tired =x HAHAH :D enjoy the vids though!




SAM & NIC, once again, GOOD JOBBB [:


Blogger ellekay :] | 12 December, 2009 00:45

goodnight and take care weiqi! :D