Happy New Year
milubing | 01 January, 2010 14:17

mlb :

Wish all mlbians, family and friends a wonderful new year with lots of happiness.
Thank you for what all of you have done for us.

Sometimes the unexpected happens.. We'll look forward to a good year ahead.


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Anonymous shihui | 01 January, 2010 14:42

Happy New Year!!!
Wishing all a fabulous and spectacular 2010!!!
Ytd was great, unexpected can be awesome too! ^^
cheers for 2010!!!


Blogger -WHEY` | 01 January, 2010 15:15

though there were hiccups ytd, nevertheless, we still enjoyed ourselves very much :) mlb's really improving on 临场反应, three cheers. :)

wish mlb and all mlbians a happy new year!


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 01 January, 2010 15:26

HAPPY 2010!
Yesyes, many happyhappyhappy days ahead. :D


Blogger NIColette LeE | 01 January, 2010 15:29

ytd performance was simply awesome(: and yes, wishing all a fabulous and exciting 2010!(:


Anonymous ruiting | 01 January, 2010 15:40

happy new year once again. lol!

ytd the little pony bu ting hua! haha.


Blogger th-JESS | 01 January, 2010 15:52

haha happy 2010 everyoneeee ;p
thou i couldnt be there ytd, my 'soul' was there. hahaha xD

anw, glad that everything ended so greatly yeah. so.. yep ! TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER. CAUSE TML WE GET TO SEE MLB AGAIN. HAHAHA ;p


Blogger Elise | 01 January, 2010 16:12

We sure had fun screaming and cheering for MLB... Happy new year guys and girls... :D


Anonymous capri | 01 January, 2010 16:21

Happy 2010!

I'm not there last nite but heard abt wat happened... cheer up for a better year ahead! little hiccups it's ok. there are more performance to come! & v soon, there'll be 1 tmr! jia you! i'll watch fm home. :-)

Have a wonderful wkend everyone!


Anonymous syl | 01 January, 2010 16:40

Happy new year! Yeah, expect the unexpected. Enjoy whatever that is given. I believe, the new year would be fabulous! :D


Blogger Jodie [: | 01 January, 2010 16:47


Hahaha, though it was only 1 song!

Ok, everyone to stay happy and healthy yeah (:


Anonymous YUJING | 01 January, 2010 17:33

happy new yearrr:D

nahnahnah, the unexpected makes us go wilder, screamshoutsing even louder:) it was as awesome. & yeaaa, of course 明天 + 后天 + 大后天 + 大大后天(& so on).. 都会更好!


Blogger ellekay :] | 01 January, 2010 17:52


strive on MLB! :)


Anonymous nic | 01 January, 2010 17:56

Macbook white "ORD" already.


Anonymous shihui | 01 January, 2010 18:43

nic, so serious arh? was it because of the incident happened not long ago that causes the fault?


Anonymous YUJING | 01 January, 2010 19:00

this video was taken yesterday, super short+shaky..


Anonymous weiqi | 01 January, 2010 20:16

it's kinda expected.. but u never know when's the D-day.. and the pony had to choose last nite.. sigh.. sound check the day b4 was all good, sound check in the afternoon was also good.. then actual show, the macbook 'sa jiao'. I restart it 3 times on stage, it still didn't care about me. Nic restart one more time, it also didn't bother about it's owner. But we don blame it, because it has been working so hard since 2 years ago, taking so much load that it was never made to carry. Now it's time for it to retire to just surfing the net, checking emails etc. No more music for the white pony, but it is still dear to us. What's next? I seriously dunno. But well, life's like this. Let's rmbr that the only thing constant, is 'change'. Take care peeps, and thanks to all who came with your SuperShiny boards and for the soaps, cards, photo frames... all those presents and well wishes, and rushing to and fro btwn venues, and thru lifts and staircases.. Thank you all. In fact, yesterday while in the van, i was thinking, mlbians can start an adventure club le, sign up membership for expeditions and adventures :) take care u lovely ppl, n happy new yr!


Blogger Elise | 01 January, 2010 20:28

Happy new year Weiqi!

2010 is going to be a better year for you guys and for all of us. Speaking from my heart, the white pony is definitely also dear to us too... for working hard with MLB, as well as bringing us great music together with MLB.

Jia you! =)


Anonymous shihui | 01 January, 2010 20:41

well, new year new beginning, 2010 is going to be a blast for MLB, as well as for the fellow mlbianz! woohoo~ c;


Blogger pegg | 01 January, 2010 21:26

video for countdown at khatib.
thanks shihui for filming. =)

2 other videos will be right up after i edit one of it (cux tt video 12mins, youtube rejected it.)

enjoy the first video then. =)

MLB at khatib - Xiang Wo Ni De Shou


Blogger qIaNhUi | 01 January, 2010 21:38

Haha, WEIQI. Adventure Club?! LOL!
MLBians must be like MLB also ma, POWER de, can run thru lifts and staircases, Hahahahahaha =X
Cya Guys TMR :D


Blogger th-JESS | 01 January, 2010 21:47

waaa weiqi say till like abit emo eh, what's next , yeah we never know, but it's a brand new year and believe that things will get better okay ! now that white pony's gone, i believe there'll be another pony waiting to be born, just like a phoenix ;)

have faith weiqi ! no matter what happens , mlbians and all will be behind you 3, and we all believe things will work out somehow. ;)


Anonymous shihui | 01 January, 2010 22:36

eh, you are welcome, pegg.
and really sorry for the terrible shooting skills, as my arm was trembling badly. ii shall invest on a tripod eh?! ^^


Blogger pegg | 01 January, 2010 23:00

hahas.. shihui, it's alright la.. but then if you carry tripod to their events, it's even heavier ar..

and chasing them becomes a hassle with the tripod.. hahas.. unless the guys are willing to give the tripod a ride.. hees =P


Blogger pegg | 01 January, 2010 23:49

oh yeah.. weiqi!!
dun forget the albums ar..
tml tml..


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 02 January, 2010 00:29

Yea.. Once again Happy New Year to MLB & fellow MLBians.
2010 will definitely be a very good year for MLB, especially when you guys are promoting your music overseas.

Thanks for uploading the video clip for Xiang Wo Ni De Shou from Khatib. Although I can't be there, but I enjoy watching it. :)

WooHoo.. finally I can attend MLB's event tmr. :D


Blogger pegg | 02 January, 2010 10:16

not a prob, uncle phil.

remaining videos up.

2oo91231 MLB countdown at khatib - interview + pin chang + ai xiang shui


2oo91231 MLB countdown at vivo - xiang wo ni de shou
*from screen*

and sorry for all those screams. haha. =p

guys, cya ltr! =D


Anonymous Anonymous | 02 January, 2010 10:56

Sparkle On Count Down 2010:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZkFGmX-gL4 想握你的手

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3P-JzoNwaI 品尝

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXSlmUd8PoA 爱相随


Anonymous ruiting | 02 January, 2010 12:01

i wanna sign up for the adventure club. LOL.


Anonymous anonymous2 | 02 January, 2010 13:38

the screaming create a more fun atmosphere.. keep it up..

Have a great 2010 MLB & family.


Blogger Adeline | 02 January, 2010 14:48

Happy New Year People! [:

i wasn't thr at both countdowns but i believe all of you had fun! YAY! going for the Sheng Siong Show later [:

thanks for the countdown videos :D
very appreciated for me who didn't catch it live! (:


Anonymous yavonda | 02 January, 2010 19:03

Happy new year! Happy 2010! All the best fot his wholeee YEAR!:D

Jiayou for later, your 2nd performance this year!


Anonymous Anonymous | 02 January, 2010 20:47

Hello :D Happy New Year!


Blogger pegg | 02 January, 2010 22:23

hey guys.
those snacks were by the 5 of us lehs. [singyin,jiahui,shihui,yuanping and me]
forgotten to mention tt just now. =P

and thanks weiqi for the autographing and nic and sam for helping to "dry" the ink. =D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 03 January, 2010 00:47

WooHoo... It's been quite awhile never see MLB performing Live (since 1st autograph session). I enjoyed myself very much at the Sheng Siong Show just now. 1 song is definitely not enough for us!
Thanks for stopping your mini-bus and chatted + taking photos with us.
Wondering when will be the next event? And whether I can attend or not! Btw, will we be having our next family gathering?

fellow MLBians,
Please remember to fill up the long hu bang coupons that I passed to you gals, not forgetting to write the address infront. Stamp already attached, just send out before tuesday noon. Thanks for all your supports. :)

Ok, got to zzzzz soon. another 4hrs will need to wake up and go to work.
Good night & sweet dreams MLB & MLBians.


Anonymous syl | 03 January, 2010 01:16

thankyouthankyou for the day again!
SUPERHIGH performance by milos and us! haha! restwell all!