What is to come...
milubing | 06 January, 2010 05:07


Thanks all for buying our album.. anyway to clear up..

more album sales not really equals more income for the band.. it gives the band a better portfolio for future ventures.. the bulk of money goes back to investors who threw in loads of cash for the production.. they have to take back somewhere..

It took lots of faith.. and lots of money thrown in.. we're appreciative of that ever so much..

We're hoping for good sales to assure people that music is a possible investment in singapore..

To sum up.. artistes are always struggling if we're SG based. WE ARE. It's due to the the typical mindset that foreign products are better. Which may be true. WHY???

We are not full time PAID artistes. To set the record straight.. we're part time.. NOT TRAINED. NOT GROOMED.. NOT FINANCIALLY ASSISTED. Learning through experience and elder's (of the trade's) guidance.. Honing our skills as we go along.. throwing in our every cent into passion.

Sidetrack.. example : my Mac white was a "donation" by my dad. I couldn't afford the purchase personally.

I've learnt much through this journey. How long more can passion last me? Checking ATMs for my next Giro pay? Hoping my cheques goes through to last me the next mth?

It's an irony, my smile on the stage and how it simmers away when off stage.. Only when the music is on, the smile unknowingly appears again.

I feel guilty for being me.

I feel grateful that so many people are behind us.

The greatest joy that SS show night was the screams so loudly heard on TV...

The greatest joy for me is to bring joy on stage. I hope to be able to continue to do so.. to sing if i may.. to make music if i may.. to inspire if I may..

And God help me survive and keep myself afloat and sane while doing so..

Not letting myself down, being who I am, but a better me to come.

If I have to be an ARTISTE to be an ARTIST. I will have to give it a go.

This lil boy just wants to make music and shake his bon bon on stage *sigh*.

Can't get myself to "ai mu xu rong".

Oh well. The TRUTH is not necessarily beautiful at first glance.. But it's the imperfection that makes it real..

Cheers and have a gd night :)

Post a Comment ::

Blogger Jean | 06 January, 2010 07:34

wow, posting so early in the morning.. anyway have a great day!=DD..

and our greatest joy is seeing u guys perform!=DD

Jiayou Mlb!=D


Blogger Strat | 06 January, 2010 08:40

Jia you !!!


Blogger binz | 06 January, 2010 09:36

awww touched(:

hang in there! you guys are here for us and we are here for you! jiayousjiayous(:


Blogger Elise | 06 January, 2010 09:55

The special thing about MLB is that you all are being yourselves and this is what we like about MLB and the music you guys produce. It's the sincerity that you guys present in your music. ;)


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 06 January, 2010 10:11



Blogger Adeline | 06 January, 2010 10:25

Nic, dont worry! :D
You've got all of us behind you!
and yes, agreeing with Jean,


can see how MLB always makes an effort to make MLBians happy :D

We should say, ThankYou for being You :D
ThankYou MLB for great music :D


Anonymous xinmin | 06 January, 2010 12:05


Your passion is inspiring :D


Anonymous sirong | 06 January, 2010 14:09

well, i guess this post was somewhwat what you 3 guys feel all along ?

the smile on stage and how its simmers away off stage..how truee.. nothing last right..

but i believe something that last is ,at the very least, the suuport that all MLBians have given all along.

from superbands days, to other event, to first album , to second and third albumm, the highness of MLB did not decrease.

on the contray, more more ppl get to know MLB as a local band, as one that produces good music.

well, no pain no gain ah..

success is a swet thing, but who can understand the pain you guys when thru before becoming a succesfful band.

SG is just too small for a music industry. its just not a singaporean culture.. to support local bands.. eveyrone is going gaga over k-pop, taiwan...

so, sincerely, i relly hope that there is chance for MLB to venture out of singapore. to somewhere bigger, where more ppl will appreciate MLB music, somewhere that will bring the music passion to peak.

well... afterall, i think able to see you guys having the chances to perform on big stage, holding the mini concert at esplanade, is something to be proud of as a suuporter.

so, GO ON WITH THE PASSION !! jia you.

life is not bout regreting what is undone, but to be proud of what is done.



Blogger th-JESS | 06 January, 2010 17:24

Nic, when there's a will, there's a way. i'm very sure things will work out sooner or later, and there will be a time to come where money wont be a problem anymore , i believe thrs talent in 3 of you and effort put in by you 3 is here for us all to see and we do see it, very clearly.

trust us mlbians and trust yourself , one day MLB will be a household name for everyone and by then, mlb will be the SG based band that made it big. show singapore that LOCAL MUSIC CAN BE GOOD TOO !!

look at plain sunset, they made it big, or maybe not that big, but im sure mlb can be like them one day. concerts, CDs, everything, maybe even sponsorship next time. who knows, right ?

we never know what the future holds, but we have to path our way thru it no matter what. perseverance plays a big part. and our faith in you 3 , i hope it does help push you 3 forward ;)


Anonymous ruiting | 06 January, 2010 18:45


soon, you'll reach 'the stage'.


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 06 January, 2010 20:04

U guys had come this far, &&& still a long way to go, dun worry, will always be behind supporting MLB ~ ♥



Blogger Adeline | 06 January, 2010 20:23

yeps :D the comments are so heartwarming, i read want to cry liao :D yea yea.



Anonymous Anonymous | 06 January, 2010 20:31

Way to go guys!!!
You guys rock!!!
Go! Go! Jiayou!!! ^ _ ^


Anonymous syl | 06 January, 2010 20:33

i promise, we will always be there when you guys need us! ;)
jia youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!
we shall endure it tgt eh!


Anonymous mighty mouse | 06 January, 2010 23:29

Hope you guys are doing fine, watched the videos the kind peep here have shared. Super Thanks! :) Looks like a good show & recovery, despite the IT problem @khatib. Teamwork, empowerment and unity is strength. Lately I hv been thinking empowerment can be such an amazing tool. If everyone is empowered and proactive in their work and family life, it makes life easier & better for everyone. The difference can be astonishing. 2010 has arrived, shall we make a difference?


Anonymous YUJING | 07 January, 2010 00:15

we too wants to listen to MLB's music & shake our bon bon below the stage w/ you guys too:D


Anonymous YUJING | 07 January, 2010 00:48

was watching videosss & saw this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boRsVq8L0ZQ


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 07 January, 2010 01:53

milo music is one of the best thing that happened in quizzy's life =)...

i've finally received my milo baby that I asked pekchoo to help me to get you guys sign le. thanks pekchoo and thanks nic sam and weiqi~ yay!
hehe took a picture of it and upload to my fb liao.

nitey milubing and MLBIans~


Blogger Adeline | 07 January, 2010 09:51

YUJING, thanks for the video. and yes, reminds me of how good MLB really is! :D

so nic, you see! so many people behind you all :D
MLB must jiayouuuuuu! ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Sam Wong | 07 January, 2010 12:52

Hey MLBians and friends, it is a joy to have all of you with us. Indeed we do not know what comes next. Thank you..


Blogger Adeline | 07 January, 2010 15:03

same goes to us :D
it's a joy to have MLB sing for us on stage :D and especially much more joy when we sing along!


Anonymous Pek Choo | 07 January, 2010 21:34

Hoped to see more performance by you guys!


Anonymous nic | 08 January, 2010 01:41



Anonymous Jane | 08 January, 2010 03:43

Jiayou! We will always support u guys de...

Hope more event coming up and hope i can attend...

Is TGIF! Enjoy and have a nice day! Good night! :)


Blogger th-JESS | 08 January, 2010 03:52

no matter what happens or what's next, mlb will forever be mlb, and mlb will forever have mlbians behind mlb ;)


Blogger Adeline | 08 January, 2010 11:39

agree with jess :D
JESS, so rhyming lahh! LOL.

and nic, whats with the bump? LOL. or isit suppose to be BURP? lol =x

okay lahh, being random here. dont mind! :D
Have a great weekend MLBians :D
*sings* today is fridaaaaaayyyyyyy~


Blogger angie | 08 January, 2010 22:18

children giggles from their hearts...

when they clinched on a toy...they won't lose its grasp (..but only if they had lost interest in the toy)

children think wild...

hope this vid gives some thoughts..inject some strengths...may not be be BIG..but WILD enough to be BIG


like those captions at the ending...

inside all of us is Hope..

inside all of us is Fear...

inside all of us is an adventure...

inside all of us is a WILD THING..

and the wild thing within us is where all the wild things are..

so what is this wild thing?

ain't telling you what to do...but to telling you to feeling good...


Anonymous weiqi | 09 January, 2010 02:09

wow.. been buried so deep in my FYP that I hardly have the time to come here.. or get outta school(6 days a week in school) that is.. anyways. came here and read nic's post. must say that when i read a post like this, I get emotional. some things u really wanna shout out to the world, and tell everyone. that day i was just thinking, maybe i should write a book, about a local band and what they go thru in order to make music, and removing the myths in people's minds about the industry. Today my best friend from sec school called me up to ask if i was joining a class gathering(of course can't go...FYP...). But then he said something, that caught me off guard, and the thing hit me real hard. "You must be earning man! Been seeing you on TV and your band's got tat 3rd album etc..." wow... i wanted to just roll over and die at that moment.. wanna see my bank account figures? not many figures to begin with... sorry ya.. today emo emo.. cos nic's post la.. oei bro, ur post infectious man... :p

Take care all of u mlbians! I guess we gotta meet up for mlb gathering some how.. i dunno.. but gotta. nitey.


Anonymous Jane | 09 January, 2010 02:45

Hello Weiqi... We understand that u guys are not full time paid artistes... Jiayou!

Yeah mlb gathering! Hope i can attend mlb gathering and events!

I agree with jess... :)

Take good care all! Good nite! Have a nice weekend! :D


Blogger binz | 09 January, 2010 02:51

i guess such stereotyping is inevitable.. cuz the media always only reports on artiste earning big bucks and not those who don't.. we can only spread the msg and try to convince ppl ard us that being on tv not equals getting big money.. if they get it then jiu yay good, but if they don't then only can sigh and move on. life is always full of this kind of weird situations whereby there's really wrong stereotyping and only ppl who are familar will know the truth. though can really feel the emo-ness but be glad that there are still ppl who knows the truth(: wq take care take care! must remember to keep hydrating urself, if not those sick bugs will start attacking!


Anonymous quizzy_me=( | 09 January, 2010 04:19

i find that in this whole world, only you yourself will understand your own problem. 3rd party or 4th or 5th or even up till the 100th party will nv be able to see cos all we see is the surface. anyway lets face it, who will bother to dwell deeper? because we tend to only agree on what WE think is right...

just like weiqi's friend, if u didn't show him your bank account and just tell him verbally, he prolly will just think that u r being humble or whatsoever ba?

sorry ya, i also emo-ing now. weiqi jia you alright~ cheers~


Anonymous quizzy_me=( | 09 January, 2010 04:22

a senior told me, "i hate the fact that in singapore, money deters u from doing the things u like..."



Blogger th-JESS | 09 January, 2010 04:22

sighs... life's hard, living is not easy. that's something that happens to everyone, infact most, cause there are people who's born with a silver spoon in their mouth and of cuz, doesnt know how to appreciate. but then again there are others who work really hard to get their own silver spoon.
im sure one day mlb will succeed in getting their own silver spoon, and we , mlbians will help seek the spoon out !

of cuz, it's not easy surviving as a artist, what's worst? being a singapore artist. it's hard, we understand. well, life's never easy. so wei qi, dont emo. the bank acc thing, sooner or later it'll boom. it will, have faith ;)

bury your head for fyp now, about the gathering, well maybe when you're done we can have a gathering and it'll be a celebration for you too ;) so for now, take care and do your best ! jia you !! *cheer cheer*


Anonymous Nicolette!(: | 09 January, 2010 13:04

haven't been here for sometime le~ school re-open and busy w/ school life~ finally weekends(:

ohh, went school today and my friend said she heard 全球华语歌曲排行旁 ytd night and milubing's 吃下宇宙 is SECOND! i shock lo~
i reached home first thing was check yes933 webiste and milubing really is SECOND!



Anonymous Jenny | 09 January, 2010 15:16

WOW! Thanks for the update Nicolette! Hugzzzz

Congratulations MLB! only first time in the board and it hits Second!!!! YEAH!


Anonymous Jenny | 09 January, 2010 15:18

MLB, 加油!

It is a repeat story that reminded me how the 新谣 went thru during the 80s.Everyone had to invest time, money n energy, most of the time everyone had to tighten belts also... sharing this song 星空下, lyrics written by late 元成大哥 & music by 啟賢大哥:

this 2 lines are my fav until today:
舊時夢 不必去記 只要把經驗藏在心底
美麗的明天 需要自己去努力



Blogger th-JESS | 09 January, 2010 15:35

Oh yes, just an update for all, [i know super late, sorry lol] MLB had a interview with Teens right, but it is NOT in january's issue, just to let everyone know.

I will look out for Teens Febuary and let everyone know again. ;)


Anonymous ik | 09 January, 2010 19:38

WOW! 是真的喔! 太开心了! 新歌上榜 NO.2. How they get this result huh ?

Thanks JESS. you're so kind.


Anonymous yavonda! | 10 January, 2010 00:08

Oh yeah, mlb jiayou always. Don't be disheartened! I know the day to shine really bright would come some day... and its not very far from today! =D


Blogger pegg | 10 January, 2010 00:46

Hi to all supporters, please send me an email @ lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com to assist me in disseminating information and updating my contact list, especially to those who appeared recently. =)


MLB Publicity Blog.


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 10 January, 2010 01:33

Peg, every1 need to send, or just the new MLBians only?

&&& congrats MILUBING, 2nd @ the 全球华语歌曲排行旁... POWER lek! *cheers*


Blogger pegg | 10 January, 2010 01:48

qianhui, the new MLBians will do. =) or rather, those who nv heard of this email can email in too. =D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 10 January, 2010 02:41

WooHoo... MLB's 吃下宇宙 was #2 on the 全球华语歌曲排行榜. That means it is indeed a very good result. Cos these results are compiled & total up by 6 different radio stations in different countries (Sg, Msia, Hongkong, Taiwan & China) lor. With this ranking, I am sure that more ppl will get to know MLB's music.
Congrats MLB & continues to jia-you. We are so proud of you. :)


Anonymous nic | 10 January, 2010 03:45


congrats to all!!!


Anonymous Anonymous | 10 January, 2010 03:54

Hey Nicodemus,

I know how you feel. It's typical that people always think working in the media = earning a lot of money. I always reply them: the money I invested to keep my self from anti-aging, can't even feed myself well minus off the expenses on tools and gadgets. And portion of income goes to bills and doctor fees for aching body and all sorts of things you accumulate after working for long hours. I also have thoughts like, "what's left for next mth?", "oh my gosh, government raised the transport fees AGAIN!", "My pay hasn't come in YET!", "GOD! I'm broke! SOS!".. Smiling sheepishly at your parents saying, "erm, can I have $10 from you to top up my card?"
And then, the slightly luxurious holiday trip may be a little further like bali? Oh, then don't know when I can travel again?

Sometimes, to make me feel worse when I walk into a gallery to view works. I always think, 'Wow!' How come it's easy for people to be an artist? Am I just not talented enough? Not hard working enough? Or? So when's my work going to be up? When? When my voice is going to be heard?

Right now, can't even hold a full-time or any stable job in the industry. Yes, it's because this is Singapore! Low pay and murderous hours. Who wanna work long hours for somebody else's vision and benefits? I refused to. So gotta have sidelines to keep passion going..

And the boat keeps rowing.. rowing.. until it finds the island to build one's own kingdom. Before that, keep roaming and rowing. At least, haha, I know that I'm not the only one rowing.. Somewhere in the vast ocean, there'll be a passion pursuer like you who is working hard to keep it going..

Row on captain! We'll reach our own's islands one day. When weary, stop to rest, continue again on a brand new day. We'll not live and leave this world in vain. :)


Anonymous Anonymous | 10 January, 2010 04:12

Oh by the way, you know.... we do have supportive parents to start with. Which is really a blessing.
When I got to know that my macbook pro was bought by the money my mum pawned of her jewelleries(marriage gifts somemore), I was really grateful and speechless.. for the kind of trust she has in me. The more I can't fail right?

And I believe whatever your father has "invested" in you, levels up the trust he has in you - that you will soar high, and higher, and will not let him down. :)

Sometimes, no matter how hard life is outside or the harsh reality we have to face, it's home that we seek comfort. It's so nice, to be someone's little child, knowing that if your world is shattered, there are arms to fall onto. Weary, there is nice warm soup and clean towel prepared for you. Worked like a wretch, mad and sad but everything else is done for you at home so we can get a good rest.

oh well.. too late now for this kinda emo.. hahaha.. what a statement at night.. and.....Sleep early la you! Late nights increases cancer cells de hor..scientifically proven. ;P


Blogger th-JESS | 10 January, 2010 04:51

woah, uncle phil brings good news. haha

ivan, no need thnx lol. im just tryng to see what i can help too. plus its not anything biggie ;)

anon, you must be a good friend of nic. your words are indeed encouraging. im really happy, this shows tt mlb have good friends around them too ;)

and woah, late nights increase cancer cells ?! *gasp*

time to jump into bed then ! ;)

good night earthlings !


Anonymous shihui | 10 January, 2010 10:46

the world hears MLB! =)


Anonymous ik | 10 January, 2010 13:07

the world hears MLB! AT LAST! so touching..

Today we want to hear at 1:56pm on 龙虎榜..


Anonymous mlbian | 10 January, 2010 13:43

Congrats MLB Y mlbians for making it possible.

jiayou~ nic, sam, weiqi... keep rowing to reach the island of yr dream.


Blogger Elise | 10 January, 2010 13:45

Chi Xia Yu Zhou's placing in Long Hu Bang is #3 this week again!!! Let's all vote harder for MLB!! :P


Anonymous Nicolette | 10 January, 2010 13:45

吃下宇宙 still at no.3~
have to vote harder. next week hope it'll be higher(:


Anonymous Anonymous | 10 January, 2010 15:28

Huh? Why so many emails de? Then which one iish for joining FC de?!? ii only want to join FC de leii....


Blogger -WHEY` | 10 January, 2010 16:11

吃下宇宙 #3, thats good, but we're going to make it better :D lets all work hard tgt!

全球华语歌曲排行榜 #2, feels so.... touching? the world's hearing our local talents! :D

cheers to all! :)


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 10 January, 2010 17:37

吃下宇宙 #3, Ok we must vote harder the coming week le, JIAYO ALL!
We must let the world knows there's such talents in our this little red dot country :D


Blogger Elise | 10 January, 2010 21:38

Anonymous: milubing.fc@gmail.com is the correct one.

Whey & Qianhui: Let's all vote hard to make Chi Xia Yu Zhou #1! Let's make it happen... Quoting Ivan, 不成功,不放手!Hehe. :D

As per Jess's and Uncle Phil's constant reminder, here are the details (copied and pasted from one of Jess's comments)for voting...

1) I-weekly coupons
Fill in the song title 吃下宇宙 and the artiste's name 迷路兵 and then fill in your particulars and mail it to:

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

Coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 10 January, 2010 21:41

Yea.. So happy that the world are finally hearing our most talented band. So proud to let the world know about this talented band in Singapore. MLB Jia-you... You guys can make MLB a more well known band. Cheers !!

2nd Yea.. 吃下宇宙 is still at #3 on long hu bang today. Let's votes harder to make it to the TOP, I am very sure we can do it! MLBians Jia-you... in votings.
Fyi, 吃下宇宙 had accumulated 77pts as of today.

Thanks Elise for messaging me about the result. Sorry for not replying you as I was busy.


Blogger binz | 10 January, 2010 21:57

yay double happiness for 全球华语歌曲排行榜 #2 and 醉心龙虎榜 #3! and omg so cool that now so many countries will hear 吃下宇宙((:


Anonymous sofui | 10 January, 2010 22:06

music and the arts...its nvr an easy road ahead...no less here...ur sweat n toils, only u noe best...mayb dey shld consider a pgm called singapore's got talents :) suggestion's got no originality ya...anw, here's wishing MLB a blessed 2010! (better late than nvr ya >.<)


Anonymous Anonymous | 10 January, 2010 23:27

Thank euu fer answering mii Elise.. So happy euu helping me to become MLBIAN.(: Then who do ii email to fer th FC??


Blogger Elise | 10 January, 2010 23:57

Anonymous, no need to thank me la... fellow supporters of MLB should help one another. We'll look forward to meeting you when there is a MLB event. :D

You can address the email to Yuanping so that she can add you to the mailing list.


Blogger pegg | 11 January, 2010 00:02

just to clarify something. the publicity blog (lostsoldiersmlb@gmail.com) and the FC (milubing.fc@gmail.com) are both stand alone parties. they are not in relation and not coordinated by the same personnel.

but both parties are sort of involve in their events in one way or another. for those who have joined us for quite some time, shd have guessed why the reason for the update of contact list for the publicity blog. =P for those who dont know, you'll know soon too. =)

once again, to those who wishes to join the FC, you can email ur particular to milubing.fc@gmail.com, dun have to address to anyone in particular, cux only the FC leaders will chk the mail, and they do knw ur intention once they received ur email. =)

take care folks. =D


Anonymous nic | 11 January, 2010 00:18

Everything also join la..

Join in the fun!


Anonymous YUJING | 11 January, 2010 00:33


yeayea, join in the singingscreammingjumpingshaking! its always the awesome of the awesome:D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 11 January, 2010 00:39

haha.. Nic ah, you are so cute lor! everything also join!
guess you must be super happy about the result of 吃下宇宙 at the 全球华语歌曲排行榜 and Yes933醉心龙虎榜 standing at #2 & #3 respectively.
once again, congrats MLB. :)


Blogger th-JESS | 11 January, 2010 00:56

everything also join ?!!
*runs to facebook join every single random group*

if anyone scolds me for flooding facebook's group i'll say it's nic's idea ;x


Anonymous nic | 11 January, 2010 01:03

happy, tired, anticipating, scared,

never walking backwards though :)

Time to chill..



Blogger th-JESS | 11 January, 2010 01:05

LOL game huh.. try valkyrie sky. it's a new game , kinda reminds me of the 'aeroplane' shooting game in arcades. XD


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 11 January, 2010 01:27

happy ~ glad to hear that
tired ~ find more time to rest
anticipating ~ for great news
scared ~ dun worry, MLBians are here
Better sleep early than playing games!

are you refering to Galaxy?

Haiz.. I am still burning midnight oil for my test tmr! hehe... until very tired liao, wanna zzzzz soon. haha...
Goodnight & sweet dreams to everybody. :)


Blogger th-JESS | 11 January, 2010 01:34

uncle phil, i dont really know the name actually. i only know alot of bullets then ur aero plane have to siam it xD

good luck for your test tmr ! im collecting my results tmr, scary T________T


Anonymous yuanping | 11 January, 2010 01:44

hey anonymous, you can drop me an email with your particulars to milubing.fc@gmail.com and i'll add you to the mailing list. but dont be too bothered about fc or not, come join us here or during events and have fun together. :)

number 3 still for longhubang, but nvm let's continue flooding singpost's mailbox! we'll get to number 1! ;) [gah my keyboard spoil cant type smiley anymore -.-]

to those getting your o level results tml, good luck! :)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 11 January, 2010 01:54

Jess & all MLBians who will be getting your "O" Level result later.
Good Luck & May you get into whatever course you wish to.

Its okie if you dunno the name of the game.
Thanks for your good luck wishes to my test today. hehe... :)


Anonymous mighty mouse | 11 January, 2010 02:12

arghhh...i hate feelin stressed, unleashes the monster within. roar! another new week, come hell or high water, damn the stress, tink of funny stuff n :)! hmmm good, apparently a lil swearin helps too!!! :D


Blogger th-JESS | 11 January, 2010 03:15

thanks yuanping & uncle phil ;)

good nightie all ! time to go slp and prepare for my 'battle' tml ;p


Anonymous YUJING | 11 January, 2010 10:47

2nd week of school starts. anyw, why is Monday so far away from Friday? and why is Friday so near to Monday?



Blogger Adeline | 11 January, 2010 11:57

to yujing: HAHA. very much agreed.

Hello hello to MLBians & to MLB of course!
i've been disappearing. seeing lesser of my comments. very sorry! been busy. yes yes, with FYP. ): i these few days like work and fyp only =.=

to all MLBians, i missed you guys alot!
miss coming here to read & reply comments. and i really missed out on alot :D but glad everyone's still active :D im active too okayyyyyyy! not missing yet!!!

Help me jiayou okayyyy!
and yes, gathering soooooon please :D



Blogger Adeline | 11 January, 2010 12:12

to weiqi: JIAYOU FOR FYP. dont give up! you got all of us behind you! :D


Anonymous Celine | 22 January, 2010 01:27

Like this post..haha
Jia you MLB!


Anonymous Anonymous | 08 February, 2010 21:36

nice, i just added lots of different emo backgrounds on my blog


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