SS show...
milubing | 03 January, 2010 01:12

wow, today felt like a gathering instead.. cos so many mlbians turned up. thanks to all who came! and also not forgetting yuan ping for helping despite her fyp. it really touched the 3 of us, and we're really thankful for having supporters like you all. thank you all for the presents(we know that most of u are students so dun need presents), but the greatest present is your support, so we're more than happy le. Take care u all, and thank you all for helping with the voting(long hu bang) too!

quite a number of u asked about the mac, and what we are going to do about the issue. We understand your concern and good intentions, but we will not want any of you or our friends and family to go to the expense of aiding us in this area, because it is not dealing with the root of the problem. It is the responsibility of our band and band management to handle such technical issues. For the past 3 years, the equipment of the band has been built upon our shows/savings and our self-studying(going online to read up etc.) and in order for the band to continue striving to greater heights, the issue has to be solved, and not covered up.


Post a Comment ::

Blogger piScesmEi lUb 梦想号 <3 MILUBING | 03 January, 2010 01:35

i'm so sad ...

as i didnt went for any of the event on new yr eve ...

miss MLB ...


Anonymous Pinkieee is shwufang. | 03 January, 2010 01:41

Great day today!
Must go watch the recording of the SS show man, sure can hear our super loud screamings. HAHAHA. ;D

anyway, there will be more chances of seeing them , so cheer up pisces (:



Anonymous syl | 03 January, 2010 01:42

a big thanks for the performance and the interaction too! xD
hmm hopefully some kind souls would appear and help to sponsor lor. aiye.
hope it'll be solved soon!


Blogger ellekay :] | 03 January, 2010 01:45

we are glad to show our support and love for MILU BING too! :D

may the new year be a great one, and hope you guys can be smooth sailing from this point onwards.

jiayou MLB, for you people are our support too! :)


Blogger -WHEY` | 03 January, 2010 01:45

today was like full force :D cheers to everyone

performance was great too (as usual! :D)

take care all :)


Anonymous YUJING | 03 January, 2010 02:01


awesome performance on the stage! WEEEEE:D



Anonymous syl | 03 January, 2010 02:06

'for you people are our support too!'

ellekay i like this phrase! =D


Anonymous xinmin | 03 January, 2010 02:13

Enjoyed the performance today, my first time attending such an 'event' haha, good experience indeed :D


Blogger Elise | 03 January, 2010 02:13

MLB and us MLBians really rocked the whole studio just now... wahaha. XD

Great performance guys... it's been quite a while since we all got so HIGH like that, enough to keep us high for the rest of the week.:P

Yeah... got to agree that it felt like gathering instead because of the love and warmth coming from the MLB Family. :D


Anonymous Jane | 03 January, 2010 02:28

Haiz... I oso caan't turn up for countdown and SS event... :(

Hope there will be event soon and hope i can attend...

Maybe someone will upload SS show to youtube ba?

Take good care and jiayou! Good night! Have a nice sunday! :)


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 03 January, 2010 02:30

♥ ♥ ♥ Full Force ~
We enjoyed ourselves lots, singing & high-ing during the superb performance, &&& the photo-taking session. THANKS GUYS!


Blogger binz | 03 January, 2010 02:57

sss always give like the ultimate sound and enjoyment(: interaction and photo taking was all so hyped up after the show that we were all sweating like nobody's business even though it was supposed to be a cooling night! everything was great today, thank you everyone! esp the guys for coming out and the heng bus uncle for not driving off(:


Blogger th-JESS | 03 January, 2010 03:37

haha thank you mlb for the uber high performance too ;D

anw, its nothing, just a bottle of bad tasting honey lemon drink to help, i could hear weiqi's voice a bit hoarse just nw alr. lols.

i know it taste bad, we only know aft we buy LOL. sorry ;x



Blogger binz | 03 January, 2010 08:02

yay sss video up on youtube here(:
ahhh paiseh i dunno why the size shrinked again :(


Anonymous Jane | 03 January, 2010 08:54

Good morning!

Thanks binz for the SS video... Clear video... :)

Have a nice sunday! Going out to work le... Bye...


Blogger Adeline | 03 January, 2010 11:28


HIGH HIGH HIGH! Ytd's performance was great! Made alot of new friends for me! :D ThankYou Pek Choo, Pinkie, Sylvia, ElleKay for coming to talk to me :D very much appreciated~

Didnt manage to take videos or pictures during the recording cos cant T.T but nehmind! i guess most of got individual shots! LOL.

to SAM: You still remember me!!! :D THANKYOUUUUU~ I really shock dao! And very happppppyyyyyyy~

to NIC: I was the one who say you very tall one! =x you really very tall can! :D

to WEIQI: arhahahaaha! now you remember me as 虾酱 Adeline =.= you tagged my blog even. HAHA.

I HAD FUN!!!! (:
Thanks to MLB & MLBians for making ytd so fun! :D


Blogger Adeline | 03 January, 2010 11:29

sorry for the longggggggggggggg comment. but one more thing, thanks BINZ for the video :D


Anonymous ruiting | 03 January, 2010 12:45

yesterday was chao high de lor!!!
scream like mad and the audience mic was infront of us only. LOL!

thankyou guys for the photo taking session. :D

PS: i got say byebye to the bus driver uncle but he never respond lei. LOL.


Anonymous Jenny | 03 January, 2010 13:07

Thanks for the great clip, binz. I hv to miss this event coz i hv to do community work ytd.

WOW! I see the whole studio should be filled with the MLB's power yah!


Blogger Jean | 03 January, 2010 13:20

Great performances ytd!=D
whoohooo... and hope to see ya guys soon.. wheeeee~ :)


Anonymous Anonymous | 03 January, 2010 13:34

Yes! no.3



Blogger Elise | 03 January, 2010 13:35

Woohoo! 3rd placing in the Long Hu Bang this week! :P Yayyyy!! MLB jia you!!! :P


Anonymous Jenny | 03 January, 2010 13:42

WeiQi,Nic and Sam,

any idea when will the 庆功版 be out? Will all the 主打歌 n 想握你的手 in bonus tracks be planned as ktv version?

Reason: I put MLB songs last nite at the event, and the participants started to ask me
- if ktv has the songs or not,
- any ktv vcd type (esp the 想握你的手)

too bad...(I dont know leh)只能傻笑...


Blogger NIColette LeE | 03 January, 2010 13:50

yay~ THIRD!(:

let's 再接再励, next week 1st?


Blogger Adeline | 03 January, 2010 13:58

Thanks Pinkie for sms-ing me :D MLB 3RD! yay yay!!!!!! :D super happy can!


Blogger th-JESS | 03 January, 2010 15:16


anw, yaaaaaaaay chi xia yu zhou #3 ;D

next week sure #1!!

ok i know i very 'lo so' LOL, but still, format for those who need,
1) I-weekly coupons
Fill in the song title 吃下宇宙 and the artiste's name 迷路兵 and then fill in your particulars and mail it to:

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

Coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.

again, thnx to uncle phil. [LOL , uncle phil dont say 'no need thnx ok! ]

yea yea lets make it #1 next weeeeek !!!! *high*

LOL ;p

and frm bin'z video i saw everyone was soooo high, esp nic. and weiqi dare to sing out loud alr !! *yyyyyaaaaaaaay !*

continue to jia you !! ;)


Blogger -WHEY` | 03 January, 2010 16:39

WOOOO! 3rd on LHB! :D congrats! :)

anyone watch the repeat of countdown at vivo?! soooo nice :D can even see other actress and actors singing along! HIGH! :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 03 January, 2010 17:02

Congrats MLB, chi xia yu zhou was #3 on the long hu bang today. :)
Thanks Elise for SMSing me, while I was still at work. It's a very good news for me.

Thank you very much to all who have voted.
Don't forget to send out the voting coupons that I've passed to you gals. Please send it out by tomorrow, you only need to fill up your particulars & the address infront. Stamp already attached. Also don't forget to votes via SMS (although it is only 30%).
I am very sure that chi xia yu zhou can hit the TOP of the Chart.

May I have a suggestion, can we have a celebration (gathering) if chi xia yu zhou reaches #1 on the chart?

MLB, please read your fb inbox.

binz, thanks for uploading the SSS.

Hope everyone have a beautiful Sunday! For those who need to return to school tomorrow, hope you're well prepared le! Jia-you in the new year. :)
A great week ahead for All. :D


Anonymous ruiting | 03 January, 2010 19:41

i got watch!!!
ya lor the other actors and actress went merry go round. hahaha!


Anonymous YUJING | 03 January, 2010 20:09


HOORAYYY.. gong xi gong xi gong xi ni ya gong xi gong xi gong xi niii:D


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 03 January, 2010 20:21

Weeeeee 吃下宇宙 #3! POWER LAH :D


Anonymous Pekchoo | 03 January, 2010 20:23

Third~ :) CONGRATS!

Enjoyed the performance ysd! :)


Blogger Adeline | 03 January, 2010 20:37

i watching the countdown at vivo on youtube =x HAHAHAHAHAH no time watch on tv ahhh~ YES YES.

im still very high after ytd's event!
uncle phil, celebration i confirm onzzz ahhhh~ LOL :D


Blogger Elise | 03 January, 2010 21:23

Uncle Phil: No need to thank me la... hehehe. I was so dead excited when I heard with my own ears on Y.E.S 93.3 that MLB is on the 3rd placing this week! Hahaha. And I knew you were still at work so it's good if I just let you know this week's result immediately. LOL.


Blogger binz | 03 January, 2010 23:16

bu yong ke qi(:
the performance sounded and looked great on tv and our powerful screams were like whoo! and and and in the tv broadcast there was this part when the guys appeared in the studio while the camera was still shooting the contestants and the game, the screams were like super uber loud! i bet those watchin the tv were wondering why the sudden screams after the contestants finish playin the game! haha

ahhh wheee 3rd on LHB! like omg(: was listening to LHB till #6 b4 i got no more radio reception then i was like yayy great i haven heard chixiayuzhou yet! so whee it's #3!


Anonymous ik | 03 January, 2010 23:58

I was outside and continuous receive 3 sms frm my mom,elise and uncle phil..though they are the same news..but i was high each time i read the sms..

Power-Lah! 再接再励!

不成功 不放手!!!


Blogger Elise | 04 January, 2010 00:03

Let's chiong for 吃下宇宙 to get to the Top of the Chart!!!!


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 04 January, 2010 00:15

Yea.. I strongly agree with ik & Elise:

不成功 不放手!!! &

Let's chiong for 吃下宇宙 to get to the Top of the Chart!!!!

With the MLB's spirit and the Unity of All Fellow MLBians, I am very sure that 吃下宇宙 will be #1 on the chart soon. Imagine it was a 4 positions advancement this week. WooHoo... Cheers !!

yujing, you very bad lor! post my pic in the fb. So paiseh leh! But your pic looks nice & sweet.

Oh.. I gonna zzzzz soon! Good night & sweet dreams to everyone. ;)


Anonymous yuanping | 04 January, 2010 00:25

hmm welcome guys, glad to be of help! hope everyone had a good time last night! also gotta thank veron, yiqing and the production team. :)

weeha number 3! thankyou uncle phil for the sms but my phone went flat so i didnt see it in time. anyway, time to flood singpost's mailbox tomorrow. number 1 gogogo! :D

group photo after sss:

i cant upload to photobucket for some unknown reasons, but if anyone needs the original version, drop me a mail at milubing.fc@gmail.com :)


Anonymous yuanping | 04 January, 2010 00:30

oh no wrong link. here's the correct one:


Blogger MLB | 04 January, 2010 01:22


Thank you all.. Also for the pictures and videos.

A quick reply to Jenny's question - At moment, there isn't news for 庆功版 and tracks for ktv yet. Issues like this, usually for the management to decide and we will let you all know if there is..

Take care!


Anonymous Anonymous | 04 January, 2010 01:36

How abt any chinese new year song this year?


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 04 January, 2010 01:53

Take Care Too Guys :D


Anonymous mlbian | 04 January, 2010 10:54

both MLB & MLBians wk hard for it, congrats !


Blogger Adeline | 04 January, 2010 11:21

the grp pictures are super nice :D HAHAH.


Anonymous yuanping | 04 January, 2010 21:57

group photo up on photobucket:

remember to mail your coupons out before 5pm tml if you havent done so! :)


Blogger qIaNhUi | 04 January, 2010 22:50

Thanks yuanping :D


Anonymous xinmin | 04 January, 2010 22:54

不成功 不放手!

3rd on long hu bang already! :D
kk, jiayou jiayou!


Anonymous Jenny | 05 January, 2010 00:33

Thanks, MLB. Noted your reply.
Hope one day the Mgmt will come a complete 庆功版,better still, from the album 1 till 3, then we get this special edition album hitboard again ya.


Phil, 这个胃口更大吧?


Anonymous Jenny | 05 January, 2010 00:43

Yuanping, thanks for sharing the pics. you all look so "high" ya!

1st pic - 伟奇不见了?

2nd pic - Sam 好难找。。。Nic 头发很亮,一瞄就“nor...this is Nic loh",WQ just right in front, no problem.

Good nite to all and sweet dreams.
Me got to rush report for conf call le...


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 05 January, 2010 01:30

what do you meant by 这个胃口更大吧?I am confused leh!

Fellow MLBians,
Let's "Chiong" ah... remember to send out your voting coupons by today ok? We want Chi xia yu zhou to Top the chart by coming Sunday! :)

Yo.. its time for me to zzzzz again. Goodnite & bye... to All.


Anonymous Jenny | 05 January, 2010 02:46

coz thinking that hitting the song chart not enough, must have hit all the Records Shops' Best Selling Hitboard then the best. More albums sold means more income n popularity loh.
i saw the market with special collection edition category usually can hit the Best selling hitboard oso. (if this 'special edition' dream comes true, hope that 3人行short video be included, i missed that since MLB's small concert.)

oops! me getting more greedy....


Blogger Adeline | 05 January, 2010 09:42

MLB jiayou ner :D
can hit NO.1 de!

but i think doesn't matter which place on the LHB they are at, cos MLB forever NO.1 in our hearts right? (:

vote vote vote!


Anonymous Anonymous | 05 January, 2010 14:02

went to TP Rama CD twice, got display of MLB's pic, but go round n round, no CD display? like tis, how 2 top chart?


Blogger Elise | 05 January, 2010 15:05

Adding on to Anonymous... I was at the Bras Basah Complex CD Rama (because I was trying to get the CD for my Taiwanese friend), it seems like the album is all sold out. I went round the place like 3 to 4 times during lunch time and see none of the album is on any of the racks.


Anonymous another Anonymous | 05 January, 2010 16:22

Bras Basah Complex CD Rama has limited space. It's easier to ask the staff :)


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 05 January, 2010 22:15

To all Anonymous bloggers, please use at least a nickname if you doesn't want others to know who you are, instead of using Anonymous. If mot wrong, I remembered Nic ever mentioned this before. Thanks for your cooperations.

Fyi, MLB's 3rd Album did hit the sales chart at HMV for several weeks at Top of the rack once, 2nd once & 3rd once. Infact, Yujing ever posted a pic of the Top spot (you may want to go and check the older posts). And for CDrama, I not very sure did it hit the Top spot. But was very sure that it was at the Top 5 spots, the highest I ever saw was at #3.
I personally feels that it was indeed a very good result already, cause there are quite a number of well known Taiwan artistes with album releasing at the same period!
And I also feels that Long Hu Bang are equally important, because these results are used to nominate artistes for Singapore Hits Award (SHA).
Hope I have explained corretly! Can some one correct me, if I am wrong. Thanks..


Anonymous Nicolette!(: | 05 January, 2010 23:39

I ever saw milubing's album at 2nd placing in MarineParade's CDrama.

ohh. and this week longhubang hope milubing can top the charts. school re-opened for me so i got many coupons and asked my friends to fill up for me~ sent it in just now after school(:


Blogger th-JESS | 06 January, 2010 00:31

erm for tampines' CD drama, there was very little stock the prev time i went to buy, and it was quite 'hidden' so u actually have to approach the staff for help. hope it helps ;)

oh yes, those who hadnt sms-ed in please do !

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

Coupons sent will contribute 70% and sms will contribute 30% to the final results.
[thanks to uncle phil for format]

gogo mlbians ! and of cuz mlbs too xD


Anonymous YUJING | 06 January, 2010 00:39

HAHAH:D nahnahnah, the photo i got from Herene HMV that time:

LOLOL. keep w/in ourselves kay.. it was an illegal action of mine:P


Anonymous Jane | 06 January, 2010 00:57

Haha thanks yujing for the pic again...

Yeah thanks qiuyu for dedicate mlb's 吃下宇宙 at yes 933... Listening... :D

Yeah 2moro my off day then thurs full shift... -.-

Take good care all... Good night!


Blogger Adeline | 06 January, 2010 10:27

Thanks YUJING for the picture :D


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