milubing | 11 January, 2010 15:56


Hi mlbians! thank you for helping us with all the voting and for the strong support always! :)
The good news is that since "吃下宇宙" was 2nd on the 全球华语歌曲排行旁 last friday night, our albums will be sent to overseas radio stations to be played on air.
Congratulations to the whole MLB family because we did it together! It was a super joint effort once again between MLBians and MLB and all supporters and friends! Not forgetting all production/behind the scenes peeps who helped us thus far. Everyone pls take care and strive on always, never give up! 'Fighting!'

p.s. someone asked how mlb got 2nd rite? haha.. it's cos of all of the ppl mentioned above. Thank you!


Post a Comment ::

Anonymous PeiShan | 11 January, 2010 16:56

milo music gotta be heard overseas!! *claps*

ur 'fighting!' sound so korean-fied. haha. but nevertheless, yesyes! never give up! jiayou!


Blogger Elise | 11 January, 2010 16:56

That's really good news and the world's gonna hear MLB!! It's really encouraging... :D

Jia you jia you! XD

Nevertheless, we are determined to vote harder for you guys... like it has always been said, 不成功,不放手! =)


Anonymous syl | 11 January, 2010 17:01



Anonymous Nicolette!(: | 11 January, 2010 18:53

woohoooo~ the world is hearing milubing!

ohh, i lent phones from all my awesomeness classmates to vote for milubing's song for longhubang using sms today cause lessons were too boring so i sms-ed (33+16)votes during lesson today:D

&yeah, never give up~ jiayou everyone!(:


Anonymous qIaNhUi | 11 January, 2010 19:22

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Super Great News OMG :D


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 11 January, 2010 20:11



Anonymous YUJING | 11 January, 2010 20:18




Anonymous ruiting | 11 January, 2010 21:47

NICE! really good news man. haha.
let the world hear MLB's music! :D


Blogger binz | 11 January, 2010 22:03

wheeee sent to overseas radio station is like yayness to the power of infinity!


Anonymous yavonda! | 11 January, 2010 22:08

Oh YAY!=D GREAT job!!!!Well don!


Blogger Adeline | 11 January, 2010 23:41

MLB can do it one :D
we believe in youuuuu guys!

nice music must share!
proud of you guys!!! YAY! :D


Anonymous 小猪 | 11 January, 2010 23:49



Anonymous Anonymous | 12 January, 2010 00:05


for music lovers...www.soft.com.sg...music in Sing..


Blogger th-JESS | 12 January, 2010 00:35

yeaaaaaaa. mlb albums shld be sold on online websites like yesasia now ! and mlb will be global soon ! happy for you guys ;)

grats mlb ;)


Anonymous yuanping | 12 January, 2010 00:52



Anonymous Uncle Phil | 12 January, 2010 02:46

Yea.. 2010 has just started and we are having such a great news. MLB's music shall be playing overseas. Hurray...

Thanks for trying so hard to votes for chi xia yu zhou. If everyone will to do your part and votes hard. I can be very sure that chi xia yu zhou will have a better position next week.

Please send out all your casting coupons by noon today. Jia-you...


Anonymous duckling | 12 January, 2010 08:20

Congratulations to all!!! :D


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 12 January, 2010 12:21

I see a new blog banner on top! :D


Anonymous Pekchoo | 12 January, 2010 12:49

Congrats! XD
Great Job by you guys!
Nice Blog banner.


Blogger Elise | 12 January, 2010 13:06

Only one word can describe the new blog banner: 帅!



Blogger Adeline | 12 January, 2010 13:58

Yeps :D nice blog banner (: MLB jiayou :D

And I sent in my coupons alrdy! :D
SMS in alrdy too (:

have a great week people :D


Anonymous shihui | 12 January, 2010 14:52

Congratulations once again!
and izzit time for celebrations?!


Blogger th-JESS | 12 January, 2010 16:03

awww super nice banner ! weeee !!

i said b4 alr, but still wanna say again.

grats grats grats !
soon mlb will have fans all over the world !
maybe next time thr'll be taiwanMLB fc, m'sia MLB fc, everywhr !!!
weeeee ~


Anonymous ruiting | 12 January, 2010 19:33

the new banner 超帅 de lor! *thumbs up*


Blogger qIaNhUi | 12 January, 2010 20:18

Yuppie! Finally, A new blog banner le... NICE NICE, Cool :D


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 12 January, 2010 22:45

Yes, it is indeed a very nice banner. But why the song never change to chi xia yu zhou?

How was your result? Hopefully you are satisfied and able to apply whatever courses of your choice.
Same goes to all other MLBians, who have just got your result yesterday. Cheere!!

Fellow MLBians, please do not forget to cast your votes for chi xia yu zhou. Thanks in advance. :)


Anonymous capri | 12 January, 2010 23:56

congrats! at last ur songs can make it to pple outside spore! look fwd to more opportunities to venture out! jia you! jia you! jia you!


Blogger th-JESS | 12 January, 2010 23:57

lol uncle phil, i can only say i did very very badly, super disappointed.. dont know what to say..

anw, the new banner weiqi look very 'faded' leh.. lol


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 13 January, 2010 00:02

Never feel regret or disappointed, when you knew you've already done your best. Well, I still hope you make the right choice for whatever course you gonna apply for. Jia-you & All the Best.


Blogger -WHEY` | 13 January, 2010 00:40

the band deserves this :D way to go guys (and mlbians!)

ha, and i just realised the top icon of the blog changed alr~ :D


Anonymous Casandraa | 13 January, 2010 21:44

Hi. can anyone tell me what is milubing's 唱歌的风格?


Anonymous Anonymous | 13 January, 2010 23:47

Their feng ge is, Free-style to me.


Blogger Adeline | 14 January, 2010 00:36

more rock & sentimental. or maybe a combined, sentimental rock? LOL.

but i believe MLB open to all genres bahs. they are willing to try one ;D

have a gathering soon soon soon!


Anonymous nic | 14 January, 2010 01:33

bumpz :)


Blogger th-JESS | 14 January, 2010 02:51

lol nic, whats with the bumpz.. this isnt a forum xD ok la, can count as alr.


Anonymous Anonymous | 14 January, 2010 16:38

nic's bumpz as in anonymous and adeline answered to casandraa's question? mayb, ii guess...


Blogger Adeline | 14 January, 2010 19:51

Lol (: yups! Answering her qns :D hope it did help! And whats with the bump, nic? Lol :D everyone jiayou!


Anonymous ik | 14 January, 2010 20:28

nic tired le, bump onto his bed and Zzzzz..

??? :p


Anonymous casandraa | 14 January, 2010 21:59

Hi. thankks for answering my question. so milubing's 唱歌的风格 is... free-style? or sentimental rock?

btw, many thankks to anonymous and adeline for help(:


Anonymous weiqi | 14 January, 2010 22:31

hey hey, btw, fyi, the nice banner is done by our very own mlbian! YUJING! cheers!


Blogger Elise | 14 January, 2010 23:31

Great job, Yujing...:D


Blogger qIaNhUi | 15 January, 2010 00:28

YUP YUP. Our Dear YUJING is the designer of the new MLB banner.
*claps for her*


Anonymous nic | 15 January, 2010 00:48

our style of music, i would say is a bit towards more experimental. Not towards experimental music like "glitch & noise".. but experimental in a sense not leaning towards the the norm of "C Am F G".. trying to mesh Bits and pieces of Diff genres together.

Eg... Chi Xia Yu Zhou's verse feel was from " The Killers". Chorus guitars were influenced by Senses fail.

Yin Shi Nan Nu verse was an empty indie kinda feeling, prechorus changed key, chorus change key again, Chorus sounding abit Radio head BUT WITH STRINGS, and an empty pocket for the snare before the second half of the chorus (which is outa the norm in pop).

Leng wan can you have wei qi's classical interlude solo.. the old school last chorus. Intro soundscaping like movie soundtrack?

These are just examples.. the whole album in a sense were inspired musically by the greats and unnoticed of diff genre.

What genre are we?

Honestly.. i duno..

If wanna classify.. i guess...

a mixture of poppish tunes.. rock.. ballad.. synth..

i duno manz.. haha..

just music i guess


Blogger qIaNhUi | 15 January, 2010 00:56

Just ♥ MLB Music :D


Anonymous YUJING | 15 January, 2010 01:09

what style?

of course the MILO-PENG style:D whether its Hot or Cold, whether you stir or you don't.. it'll still going to be as delicious as ever:)



Blogger th-JESS | 15 January, 2010 02:38

haha yujing, nice 'stir or dont stir' xD

and nice banner eh.


Blogger burlzz | 15 January, 2010 04:47

Congrats!! MLB music and passion have been v.inspiring ..!! Continue to inspire the whole of Asia..
This is good music with soul !!


Anonymous capri | 15 January, 2010 09:45

Happy Birthday to SYL!


Blogger Adeline | 15 January, 2010 10:36

Yujing, nice banner :D
and ya lorr.

MLB's music is best!!!
and when i see sam playing the drums, i feel very very inspired to want to learn drums!

i want to learn drums lehhhhh!


Anonymous YUJING | 15 January, 2010 10:49

yeayeayeaaa! nice, know why? because its MLB's banner ♥

&& Happy Birthday to Binzzz(last sunday 10/1), Happy Birthday to Ellekayyy(yesterday 14/1) & Happy Birthday to Sylsylsylviaaa(today 15/1):D


Anonymous syl | 15 January, 2010 23:51

Thanks capri jie and jingjing! :D


Anonymous mighty mouse | 16 January, 2010 02:06

so heartwarmin, usin a contribution from a MLBian...Happy weekend! :)


Anonymous Anonymous | 16 January, 2010 17:35

迷路兵新歌 杀进全球华语歌曲排行榜


(but too bad the song only stayed for a week. Still applauses to everyone for their votes!)


Anonymous JoAnNa | 16 January, 2010 18:11

Will overseas radio stations include Taiwan?
I'm wondering when will it be aired.
If Taiwan people love your song,that will be FABULUOUS!! ^.^b

Imagine if you all have the opportunity to 發展 in Taiwan,you can go to many interesting variety shows and see many hosts,like SHOW LUO! :D

If there's auto session at thr,qIaNhUi will definitely fly to there to support u all! hees! :D

Hope you guys really have a BETTER future! (: 加油加油!


Anonymous MLBians | 17 January, 2010 00:26

Anonymous, there isn't the need to add in the sentence: "but too bad..." No matter how long it will be aired, it is still an honour. It is still something that we're all proud of MLB.

Its the quality that counts, not the quantity.


Blogger th-JESS | 17 January, 2010 00:31

@ anon: yeah it may be one week only but it still calls for a celebration ! ;)

@ mlbians: chill chill ! im sure he/she doesnt mean any harm. ;) and of cuz, we're really proud of mlb and we will support them no matter what ! ;D

in the list or not in the list, mlb songs are still number 1 in our hearts. we know that, mlb know that, thats enough.

make love, not war ;)


Anonymous Jane | 17 January, 2010 00:58

Thanks for the link... We will support mlb no matter what de... :)

Happy birthday Quizzy! Enjoy urself! :D

Jiayou and take care all! Have a nice sunday! For me i working full shift on sunday... Tired...


Blogger qIaNhUi | 17 January, 2010 01:17

Haha, JoAnNa! u eh -.- *speechless*


Blogger princess tickles tiffany | 17 January, 2010 02:42

yayy! Mlb's song are gonna be played at overseas radio stations... :D So i shall listen to the hk radio over here to hear chi xia yu zhou play live. Heehee. Oh, and happy 22th birthday to our dear plum blossom princess a.k.a quizzy me.

Nites all~


Anonymous Nicolette | 17 January, 2010 15:22

This week, chi xia yu zhou is 8th on long hu bang~ let's vote harder and bring it back to Top3?


Anonymous YUJING | 17 January, 2010 16:01

aiyo.. jiayoujiayoujiayou!


Blogger th-JESS | 17 January, 2010 18:03

okay, we need to jia you, cant lack on the votings, so mlbs, gogo

1) I-weekly coupons
Fill in the song title 吃下宇宙 and the artiste's name 迷路兵 and then fill in your particulars and mail it to:

Yes933 《醉心龙虎榜》负责人收
Farrer Road PO Box 933
Singapore 912899

2) SMS
Key in POTP933[space]吃下宇宙(song title can be keyed in using hanyu pinyin or chinese) and send it to 72346. Each sms costs 30 cents.

rmbr coupons are impt cause it takes up 70% of the scores. go mlbians!


Anonymous ik | 17 January, 2010 18:44

sad.. but we have to 面对现实! i dont mean give out but we have to look forward...

personaly, i find that 饮食男女 got more chance to win 最佳本地作曲 but at least the song must up to the chart.. so i suggest work hard for 饮食男女! gather all coupons and sms make the song up the chart soon! ok ?

Furthermore,this is the band fav song! i belive we also dont wanna just 1 song up the chart like the prev album..

p.s. Anyone take note the new address on the coupon? cos Yes 933 website nv specify which address to send too.

this is the new address on the coupon:

Caldecott Broadcast Centre,
Andrew Road


Anonymous Anonymous | 17 January, 2010 21:37

Yes, think its more logical to vote for 饮食男女 now since 吃下宇宙 had a good record already. Thank you!


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 17 January, 2010 22:17

Oh.. 吃下宇宙 is at #8 on today's long hu bang. So till today, it is already 8 weeks on th chart and accumulated 90 points. Its quite a good result. But I still hope that everyone will still vote for this song for as long as possible.

From my personal opinion:
For those who have excess coupons, you may send out 1 coupon voting for 吃下宇宙 & another coupon for voting 饮食男女. At the same time, SMS votings for both songs.
If you only have limited coupons, perhaps you may only send out 1 coupon voting for 饮食男女, keep balance for following weeks. But still sms votings for 吃下宇宙 & 饮食男女.
By doing so, we can still keep 吃下宇宙 on the chart to accumulates more points, and at the same time pushing 吃下宇宙 up onto the chart.

By the way, I still wish to THANKS all fellow MLBians for votings. Let's continue to jia-you votings.


Blogger Jodie [: | 17 January, 2010 22:38

I just can't wait for that day to come!!

I bet the guys will be able to make it BIG in the chinese music industry out of SG!!


Anonymous ik | 17 January, 2010 23:27

i think if everyone nt ready yet, then we dun waste coupons in 饮食男女 first, just sms.. start sending out coupon next wk ?


Anonymous nic | 18 January, 2010 00:02


Anyone wanna buy dehumidifier?

Bought to dry my guitars..


I take in and out my guits so much that its kinda pointless to keep it dehumidified during the day..

At night I sleep i dun on coz dun like sleeping in too dried air..



Anonymous Anonymous | 18 January, 2010 00:42

(the one who posted xin.sg article)

Sorry. mean no harm by saying that sentence. But more like an indication of how the song fare in LHB. For MLB's case, only votes from spore attributed to the weekly chart of 全球华语歌曲排行榜, which probably meant last week a lot of votes went to the song.

So if it drops out of the 全球华语歌曲排行榜chart, high chance the song also plunged down in yes 933 chart, which is indeed "ke xi" or "too bad it didn't stay longer". (eg JJ's song top in both 全球华语歌曲排行榜 and LHB this week, show the strength of votes.)

Anyway, like what some said, indeed is an achievement already! So continue to jiayou! Have a nice day.


Anonymous Uncle Phil | 18 January, 2010 01:24

From my previous tag, there is a mistake:

From my personal opinion:
For those who have excess coupons, you may send out 1 coupon voting for 吃下宇宙 & another coupon for voting 饮食男女. At the same time, SMS votings for both songs.
If you only have limited coupons, perhaps you may only send out 1 coupon voting for 饮食男女, keep balance for following weeks. But still sms votings for 吃下宇宙 & 饮食男女.
By doing so, we can still keep 吃下宇宙 on the chart to accumulates more points, and at the same time pushing 吃下宇宙 up onto the chart.

It should be:
By doing so, we can still keep 吃下宇宙 on the chart to accumulates more points, and at the same time pushing 饮食男女 up onto the chart.

Sorry for confusing you guys & gals.


Anonymous nic | 18 January, 2010 01:48

Relax.. chill.

Life is too short to get angry..

Too long to not savour every peaceful moment.


Blogger Adeline | 18 January, 2010 01:55

yeps :D life is too short to get angry! agreeeee!
thanks jess for the format every week :D very much appreciated! (:


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 18 January, 2010 03:48

haha thanks tiffy...
haha finally this yr quizzy no need to work on birthday lor...cos rmb last yr i whined about having to work on my day right? hehe...
check the pictures uploaded in my fb then u can guess how i spent this day liao...

now is capri jie's birthday wor, happy birthday capri jie~

haha i thought lhb's "law" is 1 person 1 song 1 vote? then that time we decided upon this "cheating" method - use coupon to vote for this song and sms to vote for another song? haha correct me if i'm wrong...

haha hello nic~ peace rocks~
u take care~


Anonymous quizzy_me=) | 18 January, 2010 03:49

thanks jane too~


Blogger Elise | 18 January, 2010 14:58

This comment has been removed by the author.


Blogger Elise | 18 January, 2010 15:00

MLB's interview with Teens Magazine is out in the Feb issue. :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 18 January, 2010 19:08


i just wanna say that you are one of the few who can still strike a cord and make me listen to the music scene in singapore.


Anonymous musicrock_lover2008 | 18 January, 2010 22:04

MLB in Teens (Feb issue):



Blogger Adeline | 18 January, 2010 22:45

thanks musicrock_lover2008 and elise for the update (: appreciated!


Anonymous YUJING | 18 January, 2010 23:46

the teens' picture SHUAI.


Blogger th-JESS | 19 January, 2010 01:28

ok.. musicrock lover did my job xD wanted to put the link for the teens interview but ahaha happy someone did my job for me alr xD

anw, sam's hair at the teens interview mag SHUAI !! ;D

and all 3 super shuai ! and enjoying the sushi roller nia lorzxzx !!


Anonymous Jane | 19 January, 2010 01:54

Thanks musiclover for the pic... They look handsome! :)

Their interview only got 1 page nia?

Have a nice day all! Take good care! I gng to sleep le. I working 9.30am-10.30pm later! Yawn... Good night all!


Blogger th-JESS | 19 January, 2010 06:42

yep jane, 1 page only. ;)


Anonymous nic | 19 January, 2010 14:34




Anonymous Uncle Phil | 19 January, 2010 15:39

Hi fellow MLBians, please don't forget to send out your voting coupons for Chi Xia Yu Zhou by today.
And also to vote via SMS, send out your SMS votings before Thursday noon.
Thanks for votings. :)


Anonymous YUJING | 19 January, 2010 23:09

nic, future sam. hahahah! cool..


Blogger th-JESS | 19 January, 2010 23:39

omg, mini sam ! 8 yrs old only omgggg .

nic, u 3 must be super happy right, 8 yr old also know u all ! plus learn to play mlb's song somemore. phee-yew-peek! xD


Anonymous mighty mouse | 20 January, 2010 01:43

oh goodie, the mag is finally out! woo more music schools shld teach dat song, it's one of my fave songs by mlb.


Anonymous ruiting | 20 January, 2010 11:25


this is LEI.


Anonymous Jane | 20 January, 2010 13:58

Wow Davy is good at it! Future Sam... Haha... :)

Ruiting share the video by Davy i watched before liao... But still thanks... :)

Have a nice day!


Anonymous nic | 20 January, 2010 14:11


Check out the tummy! haha


Anonymous nic | 20 January, 2010 14:13


Drumkit from hell...


Anonymous ik | 21 January, 2010 00:37

nic, next performance you playing drums? :p


Anonymous nic | 21 January, 2010 00:41

Drum on Keyboard maybe.. haha.. my legs cant coordinate!


But his drumkit is kinda crazy....... soo many "Oo Ar Boh"


Anonymous nic | 21 January, 2010 00:46

Check this out!!


Maybe in my heart I'm turning a drummer... keke.. kidding la...

Guitars and arrangement are already keeping me busy.. no time to try master one more instrument...

Jack of all trades.. ace of none.. I rather strive towards acing something? Coz I feel me guits soo much room for improvement :)

Nitie to all!


Anonymous ik | 21 January, 2010 00:53

"Oo Ar Boh" ??

Ok.. good nite! sleep early..


Anonymous Jane | 21 January, 2010 01:06

What's "Oo Ar Boh"???

Just saw ur latest update... Nice drum... Haha Nic when u are free u can! :)

Jiayou! Good night! :)


Blogger th-JESS | 21 January, 2010 02:52

Nic, there's always time to slowly learn the drums, i was impressed enough that everyone of you can play more than 1 instrument. really.

unlike singers who just sing songs that people compose for them, you guys are way better than that. WAY TO GO !

so of cuz, focus on guitar but occasionally take a peek at the drums and secretly play it for a while ! ;P

take things slowly, one day you'll be a pro at everything !

p.s: there's always room for improvement for everything, if thrs no room for improvement then that'll be more scary ! so of cuz, jia you for whatever u do, no matter if its guitars or drums or whatever you want to do. listen to Nike, JUST DO IT !

jane: i think it means got or dont have. wu ah boh. lol


Blogger Adeline | 21 January, 2010 10:15

maybe next time we'll see mlb multi-tasking, playing all sorts of instruments. not just their own! HOW COOL IS THATTTTTT! :D

nic: learning new things must slowly one! dont rush! im sure you'll ace in what you want to learn someday!!!! :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 21 January, 2010 12:56

I think nic meant "有的没有的" in Hokkien.
Right, nic? :)


Anonymous a mlbian | 21 January, 2010 17:09

Oo Ar Boh - to me it means doing the unneccessary.


Anonymous nic | 22 January, 2010 05:30

haha.. yea.. he got lotsa om toms and crash crash he nvr use "bai sui"???!!!


drums another day - or other life... haha

just spend 10 hrs today studying things I should have studied years ago..

21 yr old friend in berkley.. musicians' dream school...

makes me feel darn bad as a musician :(

I'm 26!!! argh!!!!!


Blogger th-JESS | 22 January, 2010 05:33

lol nic got cool language. whats om toms man.. LOL..

and drums, maybe mon wed fri guitar tues thurs sat guitars, then sunday rest day xD

woar... music school... but really, if one were to study music, dont think singapore would be ideal. but it's also a damm expensive thing to do eh..

nic, 26 only, still young. go explore music world, join ur fren xD


Anonymous nic | 22 January, 2010 06:44

I still need to eat and work de leh.........



Blogger th-JESS | 22 January, 2010 06:45

haha no need lah, be god, no need eat no need slp no need drink !

use music to be your life's nutrients xD

ok, that'll be mad LOL


Blogger Adeline | 22 January, 2010 13:03

LOLOLOL. jess, you super funny! :D HAHA.
dont eat later no energy! LOL. but ya, i think music gives nic enough energy liao bahs! LOL. everytime play guitar and sing until super high one!


Anonymous shihui | 22 January, 2010 13:24

Davy Tan - 世界麻烦借过一下


Anonymous nic | 22 January, 2010 14:51

shag.. time to meditate then go meeting :(


Blogger th-JESS | 22 January, 2010 17:45

adeline, why no energy? no food eat then eat music scores loh ! maybe eat down the score alr will be better at playing guitar, then next thing you know, nic become god alr. god of guitars. eat too much score and live purely on music. PWNS ! XD

meditate, cool. LOL


Blogger Adeline | 23 January, 2010 23:42

lol :D how come i cant see the comment i posted just now? LOL. arrrrhhhh! jess, i replied you but how come i dont see it? o.O


Anonymous nic | 24 January, 2010 00:42

Burn.. put into water.. stir...

maybe add some chco fudge and drink la! haha..

I cant read scores for nuts XD


Anonymous YUJING | 24 January, 2010 00:49

LOLOL. n1 Nic:D


Anonymous Anonymous | 24 January, 2010 01:23

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Anonymous mighty mouse | 24 January, 2010 01:48

aidio, how come suddenly got investment banker here :P any gigs? any gigs? any gigs? :D


Anonymous YUJING | 24 January, 2010 02:28

investments, errr.

yep, same as mighty mouse.. craving for gig(sss)!


Anonymous ik | 24 January, 2010 14:26

吃下宇宙 drop le, never expect drop so fast.. i still got one coupon already fill in 吃下宇宙 leh, sobs!

let chiong for 饮食男女 ar, pass message around please..


Blogger th-JESS | 24 January, 2010 18:49

yeah time for ying shi nan nu! weees~

nic, no need so ma fan la, just burn it and put into orange drink. taste nicer xD


Blogger Adeline | 24 January, 2010 22:04

burned scores and orange juice! LOL. healthy lehhhhhhh~ but i think.. the taste would be quite.... unique :D HAHAHAHA


Anonymous Jane | 25 January, 2010 03:20

Thanks shihui for sharing the video here... :)

lol Jess and adeline... Saw 1 video share by my friend at facebook... I think his beatboxing is cool and nice! Enjoy!



Anonymous ik | 25 January, 2010 21:00

Remember to vote 饮食男女! coupon post by tomorrow..


Anonymous Anonymous | 26 January, 2010 21:31

Hey Nic, you look much better with glasses...It frames your features nicely...:)Love your group's music too! Very catchy... Keep it up!


Anonymous nic | 27 January, 2010 02:33




Blogger th-JESS | 27 January, 2010 07:22

whats with the ooo. lolol.

anw, why are u 3 missing in action! ;(

we're missing MLB loads ya know!


Anonymous nic | 27 January, 2010 23:26

got what action in SG :(



Anonymous mighty mouse | 27 January, 2010 23:35

ya lor...why the other 2 MIA, at least nic is around. time really flies, rem the other time we were still guessing which theme park will win the bid and now our very own universal studios will open this year! :O pretty excited, jus hope my poor heart can still take the rides :P i hope those special passes to jump Q are gonna be free like disney, no joke waitin in those long snakin Qs to go for the rides in our super HOT & sticky weather.


Anonymous mm | 27 January, 2010 23:41

wow ure oneliner hard to counter :P no idea, we create our own action in SG?


Anonymous weiqi | 28 January, 2010 01:01

hey shihui, thanks for the green tea candy! Lorita, thanks for the pineapple thingys...

yup, gotta confess, i'm officially MIA-ing due to FYP...

going crazy here..

Take care u all...


Blogger th-JESS | 28 January, 2010 03:19

nic, got alot ! u create some actions can le lor !
smash guitar on someone's head! SURE ALOT OF ACTION!

the universal studio opening le.. sure alot of actions.
but then the ticket... ex dao bu ke yi lor ;(

WEIQI, fighting! dont give up ;D fyp over then relax le. so now, chiong chiong chiong! but dont MIA ok! ;D


Blogger Adeline | 28 January, 2010 10:21

sam still MIA-ing lehh!
LOL. all of you are busy busy busy (:

weiqi, jiayou jiayou, dont give up!
i can totally understand the stress feeling during fyp. i just ended mine =x

weiqi, persevere!!! :D


Blogger Adeline | 28 January, 2010 10:21

and i realise some of my comments disappear ):


Blogger Elise | 28 January, 2010 10:39

Weiqi jia you! We'll wait patiently for a celebration with you after your FYP if there's gonna be a gathering with MLB! :D


Anonymous Anonymous | 28 January, 2010 15:55

SMACK Entertainment is holding an audition in search of individual who has talent or enthusiasm in Part-Time Acting Career:

Date: 30th Jan 2010

Time: 1030am - 330pm, to be allocated

Venue: South Bridge Road, exact location to successful applicants over email

Requirements: All age & race

Job Assignments: Movies / Short Films / TV Dramas / Commercial Projects etc

Email your Name / Gender / Age / Race / Contact with a recent photo attached (if any) to


Closing Date: 29th Jan 2010, 1730hrs

Limited places left.

-Casting Productions Team, a part of SMACK Entertainment-


Blogger Lorita | 28 January, 2010 20:31

wave to Weiqi

You're welcome!U receive ur b-day present!Hope u like it !


Anonymous shihui | 28 January, 2010 21:48

WeiQi, you are most welcome! c; jiayou!

Lorita, bday present is still with me. =p


Anonymous nic | 28 January, 2010 22:55

received some chocalty stuff... thankooo!!!

Gobbled :)

ALmost too cute to eat


Blogger Adeline | 28 January, 2010 23:51

what chocolatey stuff!
im craving for chocolates alrdy!


Anonymous shihui | 29 January, 2010 21:47

lol nic! nice to see but ii doubt is nice too eat eh? haha~ anw, you are most welcome k! c;


Anonymous nic | 30 January, 2010 03:42

thankoo! got some new yr stuff too..

Didnt know who left those either...


Blogger angie | 30 January, 2010 12:20


anyone has any recommendations of which portable sleek web cam for traveling...for a windows laptop??

haha...needs some techie help..

thanks thanks...


Anonymous jasper | 30 January, 2010 17:10

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous mighty mouse | 31 January, 2010 00:28

wah, we hv blog administrator here. kkk, better behave :P WQ, still hard at wk at ure fyp, press on! it's ure birth-day today! Happy birthday, it's a day to take a break, lie on greens and watch the clouds go by :)


Anonymous Jane | 31 January, 2010 00:41

Happy birthday Weiqi! Enjoy urself! :)


Anonymous ik | 31 January, 2010 01:14

伟奇, 生日快乐!


Anonymous yuanping | 31 January, 2010 01:28

happy birthday mr chan! jiayou for fyp!! :)


Anonymous WeNdY | 31 January, 2010 01:50

Weiqi>> Today is a special day~ Guess wat is it? BiNgO! Is your bdy! Wishing you a "Happy Birthday", may what U wishes for will come true! P.S: All the best to your final year,Jia You=))


Blogger Adeline | 31 January, 2010 01:54

WEIQI!!! Happy birthday! Stay happy & jiayou! You being part of MLB means soooo much to us! And im sure, your presence brings alot of joy to us! Your music is such a blessing (: dont give up! GAMBATEH :D


Anonymous duckling | 31 January, 2010 09:19

Ah Qi~~~~
Happy Birthday!!!
All the best for your FYP & May all your dreams come thru!
Have an wonderful day!


Blogger NIColette LeE | 31 January, 2010 10:49

stay happy and jiayou for fyp. also, may all your dreams come true(:


Anonymous Pek Choo | 31 January, 2010 10:58

Happy Birthday to Weiqi... :)


Anonymous `B | 31 January, 2010 11:25

Hope you'll enjoy yourself and have a wonderful life ahead of you.
Jiayou For your FYP and most importantly, stay happy always !



Anonymous qIaN hUi | 31 January, 2010 11:41



Anonymous capri | 31 January, 2010 12:37

Happy Birth
Happy Birth
Happy Birthday to you~

Weiqi, have a great one!


Anonymous YUJING | 31 January, 2010 12:53

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to WEIQI ♥
Happy Birthday to youuu!

生日快乐乐乐! hahah:)


Blogger givon | 31 January, 2010 14:05

happpppppppy birthday WEIQI! :D


Anonymous ik | 31 January, 2010 16:18

Selamat Ulang Tahun , Weiqi!

what is your wish?
1. graduate
2. ??(secret)
3. ??(secret)

greedy for one more :

4. 饮食男女 上 933 龙虎榜!


Anonymous shihui | 31 January, 2010 16:20

WeiQi, it's your birthday!!! ^^
happy happy birthday!
may many happy returns of the day!
jiayou for your fyp! last lap le! =p
take care~ c;


Anonymous ruiting | 31 January, 2010 16:28



Anonymous singyin | 31 January, 2010 17:14

Happy Birthday Weiqi!


Blogger Lorita | 31 January, 2010 18:42

Happy b-day to Weiqi


Anonymous YUMIN(: | 31 January, 2010 22:00

Th first milo birthday of th year.


Anonymous sofui | 31 January, 2010 22:29

HAPPY BIRTHDAY weiqi!! stay yippy and cool^^...31st Jan coming to an end soon but hope memories of it will be lasting..mayb u are slogging away somewhere for ur fyp ba...

feels great to see and hear cheng shu by davy...tx nic...though i find the drumming a lil gimmicky, i do like his interpretation...or shall i say it's better than sam's? >.< kkkk, just teasing sam abit here la...i think the song gives alot of room for interpretation so def nice to hear sumting diff...bottomline is, cheng shu is a nice song...

way to go milubing...stay focussed...sometimes, it may be a good idea to decide on ur style...people like to group things and be able to put a finger as to your style or genre...just my silly tots la...


Anonymous flora | 31 January, 2010 22:49

Happy Birthday Weiqi!!!
Hope you do well in your FYP. Add oil add oil! Fighting!


Blogger Jodie [: | 31 January, 2010 23:05

Happy birthday to WEIQI (:
May all your wishes and dreams come true~~

I got camp tomorrow, time for me to sleep!
Night night everybody (:


Blogger th-JESS | 31 January, 2010 23:15

super super super happy birthday wei qi !!!

stay happy & cheerful &&&.. errr, SUPER HAPPY! ;D


Anonymous JIAHUI | 01 February, 2010 01:16



Anonymous weiqi | 01 February, 2010 02:15

thank you all mlbians :) super sweet of u all. Am in school now haha, as some of u have guessed.. FYP.. yup, birthdays no excuse to relack :p
good night to all of u, take care and jiayo!


Blogger th-JESS | 01 February, 2010 02:18

woah ?! at school at 2.15 A.M ?!?

weiqi , u need to get more rest man !! esp nw tt its already 2.15... and somemore is ur bday , shld cut urself some slack!

anw, maybe a belated celebration then.. after your FYP. if not u wont be enjoying urself even if u're celebrating now ba!

so jy jy for now okay ! but rmbr, get more rest !


Anonymous Jane | 01 February, 2010 02:26

Wah so late u still at sch??? Jia you and rest more while u can... Take good care!

Good night all...


Anonymous nic | 01 February, 2010 04:20

Welcome to 25 bro!


Anonymous nic | 01 February, 2010 04:21

intro some good read ups for those interesting in singing.. a personal blog done by one of our teachers :) a nice friend of mine..



Blogger th-JESS | 01 February, 2010 04:23

ah.. cool blog. something new for me to read. cool cool.

anw,nic as usual, midnighter. lols ;)


Anonymous nic | 01 February, 2010 04:25

ya bet!!!

just finish resoldering my pickups on one of my guits.. got burned... argh! sigh..

time for game... evil though..


Blogger th-JESS | 01 February, 2010 04:28

lols.. actually i prefer to do things at midnight, quiet, like the whole world belongs to you. just on music & write or music or pack room or anything. nothing beats doing it at midnight man !
even doing reading at night is better to me. muahaha!

but then again, BURNED ?! what did u do manz !

game huh.. WOW ? lols..


Blogger Adeline | 01 February, 2010 10:11

wah. you got the soldering equipment ah? be careful! the last time i did soldering was in sec4 dnt. LOL. very very hot!


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