迷路兵(weiqi) : THANK YOU!
milubing | 27 June, 2006 23:05

Hi everyone, 1stly wanna say "THANK YOU" for
supporting us,

be it in the form of SMS or any other expression of love. 2ndly, "sorry" becos we didn't get in, thus making u disappointed. I'm disappointed too, can't deny it. However, the 3 of us have already moved on and are working hard at brewing our next hot cup of delicious song for the whole MLB family to enjoy.

p.s. Picture inside...

We may be worned out physically, and our schedules have changed drastically now that we do not have a 1 week break but rather more filming for the revival show and pract to be done... but our spirits are high and we are gearing up to the challenge. Our music is the representation of our 100%, yesterday, today, and the days to come. Our only wish is that u enjoy our music no matter what the outcome may be. Take care ppl, see u @ the revival round and may the best band move on to the semi-finals.

Hope this pic brings u a smile :)

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Blogger MLB | 09 January, 2007 09:50


lol..thxs for posting for us even though u guys are so tired le..

Keke | 27/06/2006, 23:20


I Truly Believe u guyz can make it de !!

Take Good Care & YUP Cya guyz at the revival round ~!!

qIaNhUi | 27/06/2006, 23:21

Wa!!Weiqi eh!! [Reply]

Wa wa wa!!!Finally saw weiqi's posting also!!Whahaha!WEIQI!! No need feel sorry leh!We dun feel disappointed la!Mai worry!!Must rmb!Wo men yong yuan zhi zhi ni!! Understand?
Wa wa wa!!!u all going to see Wang ba dan leh? Y this song wor? Den got any special pattern bo?Haha..
Now late le..Faster go koonz ba..Jia you oh!!And take good care!~!

jaslyn | 27/06/2006, 23:22

oops [Reply]

Now read back realise i type wrongly.. #~_~# Is SINGING wang ba dan not see wang ba dan..Whahaha..And hor one more thing to add..The pic soooooooooo COOL man!!YOz!Check it out!!LOL!!Sibeh steady man!3handsome guys!Phheeewwwwweeeee!Whaha..

jaslyn | 27/06/2006, 23:25


feel so touched by the words on the photo..wish u guys all the best for the revival round! hope the judges will like ur performance n let MLB revive! but do rest more and take care.

10 | 27/06/2006, 23:26



kena DIAN dao


ok,back to seriousness...
ur alr thanked ur supporters MORE THAN THOUSAND TIMES LIAO
ear pain liao la!!!
hahahah okok JUZ KIDDING lol

take gd care of ur health
muz get ready fer e revival le!

someone | 27/06/2006, 23:33


wow ,, first time three write blog in the same day ..
if everytime oso lyke this ..
ish so good !
weiqi ,, thnks ferr postin the photo again ..
all e best ..
we will always support yoo guys !
we dun felt disappoint at all ..
so yoo too ..
so take care worhhs ..
slp early ..
more rest ..
less practice in the night !
mlb rawks !!

TINGS '' | 27/06/2006, 23:34

Gotta be naugthy [Reply]

The title of the song you guys will be singing already proven it, so hope we can see the naughty side of milubing this week. All the best!

quizzy_me says hi to weiqi | 27/06/2006, 23:38



Looking Forward ~ ~

qIaNhUi | 27/06/2006, 23:44


bu xie bu xie.. u guys are worth voting for!

nice pic~! haha very cool! jia you for revivals~~~~!!

rawk on!

syl | 27/06/2006, 23:44


hey JIAYOU!!!

will really be looking forward to your performance during revival.

take care!! :)

jolene | 27/06/2006, 23:45

Do not chew up the words [Reply]

Like David did .. remember






Best of Luck | 27/06/2006, 23:50

sry 4...... [Reply]

sry 4 not writing testi 4 u le...i promise myself to write a testi 4 guys after a performances...i delete my friendster acc le...sooooooo...cannot xie testi 4 u guys
le...hahaz...lolz...soooooooo.the "fan sheng zhan" mus jia you worz...mus win the rest worz...hahaz...lolz...haiz...i try to write message here k...hahaz...

if wanna chatt with me can add me in msn...hahaz...(if u guyz want!!!)...hahaz...kk...gtg le...buai buai!!tc and JIA YOU!!!worz...kampatek!!!

Evon | 27/06/2006, 23:51


WEIQI!! ^^

all the best for revival! :D
:D :D

-do the cover mouth action!-


WEILI# | 28/06/2006, 00:03


wah why this song? i heard the song jus now...thanks whoever that post the lyrics. david tao...his songs not easy to sing right??? nvm will look forward to ur music arrangement & surprises...

Ling | 28/06/2006, 00:23

questions... [Reply]

thks, weiQ, 4 e cool pix!
questions :)
1.will the revival rd be telecast?
2.if not,does anyone noe what time can we start voting? some of us cant go so can only vote at home :(
3.david tao's song---at last!

go, go, go, MLB!

bonnie | 28/06/2006, 00:24


yes! david tao...woots...some of his songs are so nice...

Ling | 28/06/2006, 00:26


Jia u MLB! Know its gonig to b a tough fight next week, i believe u guys can do it! Hang in there ya! Personally, i tink ur perforamance last night was v gd.. It's true i swear.. N certainly it worth more than 30 marks.. Contd to believe in urself coz u haf many ppl behind u.. i'm 1 of them! :) There r many ppl out there like mi who loves ur music.. All the best MLB! *hugz*:)

Lee Ying | 28/06/2006, 00:27


aiyo... stop saying thank you and sorry! hahas....
you didnt disappoint us... perhaps... we disappointed you guys by not voting enough? i dunno....
but, we believe in you guys... so do your best for revivals yah! we love your passion in music, and we do love your music.
so... all the best! May God Bless you! MLB JIAYOU! :D

and yes weiqi, tts a nice pic! take more shuai pics for us to see okay? :P


meikian | 28/06/2006, 00:41


i hope u guys revive like lucify...
and BUMP ! came all d way up..
im so looking forward for the revival.
so confident that u guys will win this... and confinue to semi-final..
VOTE FOR MLB !!! =) all d bestz

tinGx - | 28/06/2006, 00:42

jia you worx [Reply]

wow! hihi weiqi!!! =))

i noe MLB is very very tired now. u guys did tried ur best. dun be too disappointed. u still have a long long road ahead , we will try our best to make sure ur superband journey wont end here.

there are many many fans out there love to see ur performances , love your music , love your style!!

so jia you jia you jia you!! =))
miLuBing will have my support no matter wat happens!

looking forward to listen to the david tao's song that u all had chosen. ^^

i love the photo even more!! wahahaha!! =))

craziikino | 28/06/2006, 00:42

have to endure [Reply]

We are the one that feel sorry because u guys can't have holiday for now. But if you guys want holiday, we'll make sure its after the grand finals. So keep enduring ba! Don't give up!

quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, 00:47


ha!! thx for loading up the photos though u r so tired alr!!! big thx!! dun feel disappointed la... looking forward to thr performance!!! do ur very best!! endure!!! n u can do it!!!=]=]

jie yin | 28/06/2006, 00:56

Hmm... [Reply]

As mentioned earlier, i hope to see the naughty side of milubing for this round since they are singing 王*蛋 (can't force myself to say the word out). So can i say 迷路兵不坏我们不爱? Sounds threatening hor? Haha, all the best anyway.

quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, 01:03

Wats Superband Without MiLuBing??!! [Reply]

Yoz Weiqi, Nic & Sam,
Glad that you guys had stood up again...Its really not easy to get over, but its not the end of the world! A lot of us are out there to support you guys, u noe what? A lot of people are supporting you guys even though they're not smsing or calling...See how great impact you guys had created? Not only u guys get fans who really calls and sms to support, but also those who wish to support you siliently! Anyway, like i said, i've got some important sharing whom you guys might wanna hear for reference so do drop me an email or add my msn: oguratetsuya_55@hotmail.com

Augustine | 28/06/2006, 01:11


HAHA ..... LoL ~

RocKs On MLB MLB MLB ! ! !

qIaNhUi | 28/06/2006, 01:11

I see... [Reply]

We have seen the happy side of milubing (ni kuai le suo yi wo kuai le), sad/depressing side of milubing (hai lang, guo huo, cheng mo de gao yang), funny side of milubing (bu xiang zhang da), sweet side of milubing (shen bian and probably tian mi mi) and many more, what else we haven't see yet? NAUGHTY! Now then I realised! is there anymore sides of milubing we haven't seen yet? Perhaps fillial? All the best anyway.

quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, 01:17


Sam, Nic & Weiqi!! I love ur attitude towards music! U guys will make it to the finals if u believe and have faith...Stay true and great passion will get u there. Will be there at the revivals to support u guys coz I just can't get enough of MiluBing and I want u guys back.

*+* MiluBing Rocks My World *+*

*+* HuiLi *+* | 28/06/2006, 01:19

thanks [Reply]

for the essence of faith..slp well guyz...smilez

nic | 28/06/2006, 01:20


goodnight nic!
goodnight sam!
:D :D :D

WEILI # | 28/06/2006, 01:21

Nic ~ [Reply]

slp early ....



qIaNhUi | 28/06/2006, 01:28


nic you should go sleep.

caifen | 28/06/2006, 01:32


honestly, i cant imagine the whole superband concert without milubing. MLB, i really hope that you guys will get through the revival round. So that i'll at least have a reason to turn on the television every monday evening.

All the way =D i'll be rooting for you guys. just remember many people will be rooting for you. all the best

(: | 28/06/2006, 01:33



will vote a lot a lot okay!! i vote a lot a lot everytime. =X hahaha~


viv | 28/06/2006, 01:33

tough enough! [Reply]

aye! milubing out?
some ppl jus dun appreciate good music.. but i do.. ty for the music dat MLB has brought us.. "fan shen zhan" wld really be a big "zhan" and a hard "zhan".. u guy hav to fite wif ShiNoBe, Jus B and other tough competitors.. hope u guys pull thru, i need milu music! and david tao's songs and hard to master, so to vic, good luck(his song really hard to sing).. hope to see legendnary ,music arrangments nad more milu PATTERNS..! Jia Milo bah! sam,vic and mudd!

~xiao hei~ | 28/06/2006, 01:33


we have confidence in milubing!!!

clarissa | 28/06/2006, 02:17


jia you wor!! realli admire ur talent & luv ur music.. & of coz.. ur unique voices.. but do remember to rest while u can.. its onli this way then u all can make gd music.. gambate nei!!! MLB always de BEST!!!

~"xiao wei"~ | 28/06/2006, 02:32


we'll vote for you =)

su | 28/06/2006, 03:42


arrgh! damn cute lar the pic!
thks weiqi everytime for the pics!

rest well milubing for the gd fight ahead!!

deb` | 28/06/2006, 08:21


jiayou MLB!

jm | 28/06/2006, 08:29

Frankly speaking [Reply]

I personally feel that milubing is really handsome in this outfit (for QF10). Yup, it's a sweet sweet Wednesday today. I hope milubing and MLB family have a sweet sweet day ahead. All the best!

quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, 08:51

迷路兵加油! [Reply]


Jia yu ! Jia yu ! many ppl behind u supporting u guy.. we are one of the family from age 5 and above (Ah gong and ah ma too )supporting all the way from the begining..heheh..so jia yu jia yu....will vote ..vote..all the best

Faith | 28/06/2006, 08:54

Good Luck! [Reply]

Hey Milo Peng. Intially, I don't really like your group although you always score high marks. But can see that you are really putting in lotsa effort for this competition too.

So, I must wish you all lotsa good luck. Hope you will come back in the Revival round'.

Passed by | 28/06/2006, 09:23

加油迷路兵!! [Reply]

嗨wei qi,

always been looking forward to your performance. Though the judges commented negatively agst you guys, to me MLB perform very well all past performance!!! Must Jiayou! Keep your energy high, spirit high and aim high!!!

Will be supporting u guys!!!

Best of luck!!!

小桂 | 28/06/2006, 09:43

points to note... [Reply]

Hi MLB, hope you all really take the judges words to change your pattern hor... as made by the judges very clearly, this is the main reason that pull your points down (esp. xu huan liang)...so if you still remain the same old pattern, they will sure give you VERY low marks... and i believe they will. so please please must listen to the judges' previous comments. This is very critical bcos at revival, judges stands 70%, so if you can score high points from the judges, you are safer... From the previous show, shows that MLB votes is still not as good as the others, so this time must perform well and score from judges side. I sincerely hope you all will successfully back to the stage after the revival! Jiayou!!!relax and perform your best!!!

小 | 28/06/2006, 09:52

points to note... [Reply]

Hi MLB, hope you all really take the judges words to change your pattern hor... as made by the judges very clearly, this is the main reason that pull your points down (esp. xu huan liang)...so if you still remain the same old pattern, they will sure give you VERY low marks... and i believe they will. so please please must listen to the judges' previous comments. This is very critical bcos at revival, judges stands 70%, so if you can score high points from the judges, you are safer... From the previous show, shows that MLB votes is still not as good as the others, so this time must perform well and score from judges side. I sincerely hope you all will successfully back to the stage after the revival! Jiayou!!!relax and perform your best!!!

小桂 | 28/06/2006, 09:52

i'm here ~ [Reply]

YUP ...!!!
SEE MLB ... many ppl have confidence in u guyz ...

Now ... work hard for the revival ..
BUT rmb must rest well & take good care k ~

Most Importantly ..................
** SmiLeZ mOrE =)))

qIaNhUi | 28/06/2006, 11:10

tao ze [Reply]

hahax...have been waiting veri long to hear nic sing tao ze songs..

annon | 28/06/2006, 11:28


hi mlb,

go ! go ! go !

jia you ! jia you ! jia you !

always looking forward for your next great performance.

all the very best........

happylastever | 28/06/2006, 12:04

(: [Reply]

weiqi! haha yr face looks funny in that photo but nvm it's nice! (:

see you on sunday!

rehearse hard for revival!

ariana | 28/06/2006, 12:22

cool band = MLB [Reply]

Wow......cool song "wang ba dan", hope to see your boyish perfomance, boyish look on the stage......i can't denied, 3 of yours really fresh (qing chun), always brought us surprise on previous perfomance...MLB is the best band in Superband.....jia you!!!!

grace | 28/06/2006, 13:00

Wow! [Reply]

Weiqi, you look like the king of the gamblers in the photo leh. Very Serious and Study. No wonder you are the leader of this group. Quiet and serious but can make dynamic music. Anyway, I thought that one song called "Luo Ye" - falling leaves, sung by Xu Mei Jing, is nice and a good song to harmonise. Esp with the diff level of you trio's voices. :)

JAJA | 28/06/2006, 13:50

jia you [Reply]

hii MLB... so unbelieveable to hear dat ur grp r out... cos yu r der best... and ii voted for euu... is the first time dae ii voted for over 30 sms to a band... wan tu know a reason behind it...? cos u r a great band... reali a veri great big.... ii m realli appreciate all the show euu haf put in the competition... cos it being recognise by family... and we reali love it... jus somehow that we wish dat euu will get in the previous round... but iit didnt... ehmmm, ok if there;s realli a revival... i will or rather ii swear that ii will vote and sms euu and the only one... du your best... jiayou... take kare..

nic | 28/06/2006, 14:17

OMG [Reply]

Sorri so mani missin words... lol... hope u understand... aniwae... ttake kkare... =)

nic | 28/06/2006, 14:19


curious how When the judges are always chiding you to come out with more patterns and yet conveniently ignored to tell the other teams (except qinobe) to come up with patterns…

Suddenly the show becomes so meaningless …..

Milo peng better get in!!!
Jia You Milo Peng!!!
I need your weekly dosage of your creativity and pattern!!!

nicki | 28/06/2006, 15:12

拚了吧 !迷路兵! [Reply]

hi MIB..

u r de great,best superband...looking forward for your next performance..jia yu...jia yu..
We will vote and sms to support you guys !! 加油,加油,加油,加油,加油

supporter | 28/06/2006, 15:54

nice pic [Reply]

hey the pic is s0 cute !! jia y0u!

kangle | 28/06/2006, 15:58

Hopefully [Reply]

this performance will be another breakthrough for milubing.

This should be a 'scolding' song right? To carry out the 'mood' for this song effectively, must milubing be angry before performance(Meanng:培养情绪)? Just curious only la, all the best anyway. Keep going!

quizzy_me | 28/06/2006, 16:14


thanks for the picture and it's nice! ((: jiayou! GO MILUBING GO ! ((((:

GERALDINE | 28/06/2006, 16:32


yea..finally weiqi posted. ((:
milubing gave us their 100%..so we shld give them back too. we must vote more kays. MILUBING, we the MILUBING family are all behind you guys!! jia you jia milo!

MILUBING, wo men ting ni dao di! never give up. do your very best for revival, we'll be there to support milubing! (:

jtsy | 28/06/2006, 17:54


nice photo up there! i found out that all 3 of you like converse shoes. HAHA. okay just making a joke here..cos i decided to put my encouragements for you guys till the latest post so yea! :)

f i n i t y | 28/06/2006, 17:56


err somehow my msg was cut off and i didn't know why. okay nevermind, i shall continue here.

actually i didn't mean the latest post but when the day to revival is closer, than i'll come and give my encouragements again :)

right now, hope you guys work hard and achieve for it alright? WE WANT MLB IN THE SEMIS AND FINALS! :D:D

of course we'll do our part and vote vote vote! but this time 70% is judges so jia you milubing! will come again after few days =)

f i n i t y | 28/06/2006, 18:01


ha!! all the best for revival rd!! we will vote mor!!!=]=]

jie yin | 28/06/2006, 18:01


if not becos of mediacorp, do ya think they'll be out in this sequence ? from the start of this competition, it has already look fishy !!just enjoy the show and see the fun. need not vote either. save the money up for charity !

sk | 28/06/2006, 18:08

curious [Reply]

im wondering who came up with the idea of putting spades and hearts diamonds and clubs on the jackets? and who made the jackets? jus cut out fabric and paste on it izzit? the jackets were cool...however i still prefer the army jackets during guo huo...

Ling | 28/06/2006, 18:13


Guys, we need to move on, Vote MLB in the upcoming revival round, We will vote like mad, Family Of MLB, remember to vote. It is going to be a tough fight between, MLB, Juz-B and QiNoBe.
So we have to vote as many times as possible, We need your votes to move MLB into Semi-Finals and even Finals.
MLB ROCK ON, WE NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. jia you jia MILO. we want mioo gao gao. (((:

jtsy | 28/06/2006, 18:29


milo*. lols.

jtsy | 28/06/2006, 18:30

do ur best [Reply]

it was really shocking to hear tt u guys were out.. but i guess as long as 3 of u enjoy urself on stage... do ur best.. i'm sure the judges will like it even though they have very high expectations of u guys.. 70% of the marks depends on them... and i'm sure u guys can do it.. keep on rocking!! good luck with the performance at bugis and the revivals.. take care.. ;p

<> | 28/06/2006, 18:32


迷路兵...jia you!!! You all can do it de!!!

your fan | 28/06/2006, 18:32


sam, nick, weiqi, wish you all the best for revivals! jia you...

jiayou | 28/06/2006, 18:35


all the best :DDD


DEB` | 28/06/2006, 19:08


Hi ! Mi Lu Bing...
No matter wat???I still support you
jia you

oOLoritaoO | 28/06/2006, 19:23


You Guys Rock!!! I will always support u de...Jia You...We will give our 200% support to u!!!!

Love u guys....Mi Lu Bing Forever Rawks......Jia You

Guys vote for MLB to B3 or dial 19001123003....We must be united to help them get back on the stage again.....The stage belongs to them....

LiLi | 28/06/2006, 19:55

simple wardrobe [Reply]

juz a humble suggtn:
to carry off this song,
wear somthg simple, yet edgy,
streetwear flavour (i thk of machi and tension...)
all the best!!!

bonnie | 28/06/2006, 20:14


K..basically i'm a really loyal fan of milubing since the start althought i'm a guy la..(haha whatever~) even joined the fan club after the first QF..because Mi Lu Bing is just the greatest band i see in this whole comp..
revival round- We will see Mi Lu bing rise again...Comeon MLB u guys can do it...

Zhi Xiang | 28/06/2006, 20:22


I agree with zhi xiang...Sam, WeiQi and Nic, you guys CAN DO IT de...be confident of yourself...ALL THE BEST FOR REVIVAL....^_^

LiLi | 28/06/2006, 20:34


Hello Mi Lu Bing,

I have always admired your creativity. That is your style, I feel. So hope u all stick with it ok?

Anyway,have faith in what God can do. Do your best and God will do the rest. Will pray for u all. Although I have never vote for u before, this revival round, I will surely do some finger exercise:)

GoGoGo! | 28/06/2006, 20:40

david tao's vcd [Reply]

Hi Nic, WQ n Sam:
I'm the milo supporter who ran into WQ n Sam outside the lift, ground floor, ard 1.15-1.20pm, yesterday afternoon. Sam was munching on toast (is that all u had 4 lunch or brunch?) Had to rush off as my frds wr waitg at the carpark.

Finally realise who wr drumming and strumming away on those june afternoons...

Dont know if it is helpful to u guys or not but I have a David Tao's vcd, entitled SOUL POWER live (Hong KOng concert). It has the song, Wang Padan, that u wld be singing on Sat. I can lend it to MLB. Very simple n convenient. I will just pass the vcd to PS Sam tml morning when I go to work (ha ha once he and a frd helped me shift boxes of books but ended up we three were locked out cos' the lock was struck!!!). U can pick it up fr him lata on. Do let me know yr answer. Just doing the lil that I can as a Milo supporter. God bless!

the third-storey neighbour | 28/06/2006, 20:40


i still remembered seeing you guys performing during the big jam. there were 16 teams, but you got my attention. firstly, a very kawaii name 'milubing', not a name to be forgotten. and a different start of the song, with a cute dialogue. and a special voice. unlike other bands, with colored hair, makeups, loud costumes. you guys dress simple, with fresh faces. you are just being yourself. i saw that you guys weren't even nervous at all during that performance, enjoying every minute of it, enjoying every moment. so do all your fans and supporters, they are enjoying each and every of your performance. whatever the result is in revival, your musical journey never ends.. in fact it just started, is still a long way to go. and the bond between yourselves will only gets stronger after all you had went through together. you guys had gain alot in this competition, just remember, the most valuable prizes are not only found in the finishing line. if you have already achieve what you had wanted, anything else is bonus. you do not owe fans and supporters any apologies. we know you had done your best. for the next revival, just relax, and have the same mentality you had during the big jam.. to enjoy each and every moment.. for the love of music, for long lasting friendship, for family, friends, fans...
enjoy yourselves during your next performance!! we have faith in you and know you can do it...

you'll survive | 28/06/2006, 21:01





time for some exercise ur fingers on monday !!

yups yups!!

((: | 28/06/2006, 21:17


-[ once a milubing freak.forever a milubing freak ] ii love you guys!

#16.weizhen | 28/06/2006, 21:46


i want milo back!!!

rouge | 28/06/2006, 22:27


jia you jia you jia you !
all e best mi lu bing !
lurbe yoo guys !
smuacks ..

TINGS '' | 28/06/2006, 22:49


luvbs milubing alws!!! JIA MILO!!! MILO GAO GAO KAYS!!!=] TAKE CARE!!

jie yin | 28/06/2006, 22:51


see, how supportive milubing's family are...teeheees...lols...theres still lorts of ppl supporting milubing. hehs. very looking forward towards the revival. put in 100%! xDD
nic,sam and weiqi...drink more liang cha kays..((:

milo GAO GAO. xD

jtsy | 28/06/2006, 23:23


the rise of milubing.. that'll be the time where everyone will be on their feet..

jingyi | 28/06/2006, 23:34


jia you all the way kaes! ^^D

xy | 28/06/2006, 23:47

SmiLez ~ [Reply]

YUP ........
The MLB Family will be once unite this sun ..

JIA "MILO" x 1000 ! ! !

qIaNhUi | 28/06/2006, 23:48


rawk on mlb!!..
support u all alwaes(:
nic jiayou!!..(:

sheena | 28/06/2006, 23:51


Gambate MiLu Peng! Every Monday I'd rush home to watch you guys perform. Really hope to see you guys won..

caff | 29/06/2006, 00:21


this was hard, tho the performance was not up to the mark but i thought you guys still deserved to stay in the competition cos you guys are good. So best of luck in the revival round, i'm glad you pick my idol song cos haven't heard much of David Tao song in this compeition. Although his songs are difficult, but if you guys can grasp it and give it a good rendition, you're not far from bringing down the house with that song. Good Luck! :)

grass | 29/06/2006, 00:39

加油! [Reply]

instead of smiling i feel like crying after seeing the pic...thanx so much...i noe u all did your very best,i'll be sad if u all bleed,so sweat can already!XD


serene | 29/06/2006, 01:21

Go Go GO [Reply]

All the best to u guys in the revival round.....nic jia you oh....i'll always support u guys...u guys rox!!!!

SCY | 29/06/2006, 13:59

JIAYOU [Reply]

you all will get in! definitely will! MLB THE BEST BEST BEST ! =DDDD

Miic | 29/06/2006, 16:30

lame [Reply]



gogogos .. jiayoo for fan shen zhan wahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sweeties~

MLBgogogo | 29/06/2006, 16:33

hEhEz... [Reply]

Hihi... Mi Lu Bing... Here's a small encouragment for u all... Nothing beats A CUP OF MILO ICE...esp for u all... Hope tat u will enjoy it... See u all @ bugis on sat... Gd nightz... HEHEZ... :P
|____| >a bit fake hor... nvr mind
|milo|)) lah... its the thought tat
|____| counts...

tomato head | 29/06/2006, 22:27


hey MLB, don't be disappointed. hav faith in u guys that u guys will sure be back into the competition. Take care n do ur best shot this coming sat. luck!

loan | 30/06/2006, 14:40

Hellos... [Reply]

Hi, Mi Lu Bing. I'm one of ur supporters, Simin. I'm very sad that u r out but never mind. Just work hard in revival round, kz? I will be supporting you forever. Sam, Wei Qi and Nic, u all must stay strong and healthy. Don't give up all ur dreams. We will be looking forward in ur next performance. Er... Wei Qi, Sam and Nic, u got msn mah? If have, will u add mi in Charolette16@hotmail.com? Hope to have a chat with you guys soon. Take care,Mi Lu Bing. Jia you worx!!!

Lots of everlasting love,
Si Min, Mi Lu Bing's supporters.

Ng Simin | 30/06/2006, 20:24

^^ [Reply]



淇淇 | 05/07/2006, 14:40


euuu guyys simply rawkks!smiilEs~ al e bEstt.stae hapiie nehhs.

xXx | 08/07/2006, 01:38

The Opening Of Animal Kingdom 4 [Reply]

Dear all beloved animals cuties, hippos, goldfishes and a certain fatrhino,

I officially declare with pride that this is our new island, new heaven, new retreat of Animals Kingdom, AK4!

If you manage to find your way here, congrates! It proves that you are a true AKian, the ones that we are finding for to build a strong bond in this animal kingdom.

For anyone who just happen to drop by and wondering what is happening here, feel free to loom around and feel this place for yourself. Here in AK, we talked abt anything under the sun, the stars and the universe, or just say what you want. AK is just a place for ppl to relax and talk, even if you are alone here, talking to yourself. We share our stories, our thoughts and even our love.

So, akians, the cuties, the hippos, the goldfishes and a certain fatrhino, lets enjoy the sunny weather, the cooling breeze, the spa and the peacefull moments here.

a AK cutie - dolphin | 02/11/2006, 17:56

Dear Hippos/Cuties/fatrhino [Reply]

Chirp Chirp~~~ " W E L C O M E" to

"AK4 - our MLB Retreat"

Can you all see the 3 bings above watching over the cuties? ... so enjoy their MUSIC! ...have FUN! here n RELAX ~~~

u can swim, fly, jump up n down, swing, climb or read or just day dreaming....simply, just enjoy yrself...

a AK flying cutie - birdie | 02/11/2006, 18:21


yay! i found ak4. your hints are too obvious le! or maybe because i was saving all the post this afternoon so i can remember (:

thank you, sorry, brewing next hot cup. (:

an AK swimming cutie - salmon | 02/11/2006, 21:50


I'm here... haha... =)

a walking cutie-elephant | 02/11/2006, 21:59

salmon [Reply]

welcome n congrats, haha clues so obvious .. if cuties cannot find.. jialet la... u the 1st 'yuan fen' so lets wait for others...

birdie | 02/11/2006, 22:01


congrats elephant... 2nd yuan fen..

birdie | 02/11/2006, 22:02


I love treasure-hunting. Woohoo! Lucky me to be home early as there was last min cancellation & came back to blog, saw >3k and it strike me 3000 is tagged-line. Must know this hideout to pass info if any.

Sorri din know abt the free kdf tickets in the 1st place, else wld have shared it much earlier. Anyway those going, have a terrific time with Milk!

i go back to say byebye now. Have fun here, all of u.

o dear, AK flying cutie, AK swimming cutie, walking cutie, what am i? arhhh..

a cannot sing cutie w/o other 2 | 02/11/2006, 22:37

hello [Reply]

cannot sing cutie... dont want to guess yr name la

anyway, had a gd jog ...

birdie | 02/11/2006, 22:43


chipmunk welcome...

birdie | 02/11/2006, 23:00


Hi, hi! AK 4! here I come...(^o^)/

a walking/running cutie?! ~ Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 02/11/2006, 23:54

Bambi [Reply]

haha, i am just thinking the next person i c shd b u... welcome .. my sixth sense so chun le...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 00:08


yay! i found ak4! woohoo~ my yuan fen din fail me..hi cuties! :)

pink piggie | 03/11/2006, 00:26


good night ak4! hope more cuties will find out secret hideout soon

salmon | 03/11/2006, 00:34


sorry.. din had the chance to find ak4 jux nw..
went studyin for awhile..
am back for a breather.. =P
i found ak4!! hahas..
i went back to ak3 and saw fatrhino taggin..
telling us to tell him where is ak4.. cux he's blur de.. =X

piglet | 03/11/2006, 00:39


Hey cuties,

Congrates to those who found their way here. To make this place more "harder" to find, please do not leak out or give any clues to others. Thanks alot!

dolphin | 03/11/2006, 00:46

fatrhino [Reply]

fatrhino report to station AK4...haha

fatrhino | 03/11/2006, 01:06


congratulations fatrhino n all cuties who found yr way to AK4

birdie | 03/11/2006, 01:07


gd nite cuties rainbow dreams

birdie | 03/11/2006, 01:14


just drop by to say GOOD MORNING! alright. off to the library to mug. see you guys tonight (:

salmon | 03/11/2006, 09:29

i found it! [Reply]

yeah!!!! q(^o^)p

duckling reporting....

will read the tags now...

duckling | 03/11/2006, 10:32


a cannot sing cutie w/o other 2??? you gave me a shock! thot u are someone else... hee hee..

ha! fatrhino found his way here too? he's not so blur after all, ya?

saw flamingo lvg a trace of her search somewhere. hope she finds her way here soon :)

GOOD MORNING!!!! to all!

duckling | 03/11/2006, 10:46


Haha...birdie, ya your 6th sense very accurate huh? :)
Yoz, so fatrhino managed to find his way here too huh? hopefully all the others cuties can find their way here too, don't mi lu le :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 03/11/2006, 11:44

Found...U ler! [Reply]

NpWruss reporting to AK4...got to run. Seeing Boss..my fate lies there lor..gd news or bad news maybe got hint cos having lunch with her...Pray for me.....

Napoleon Wruss | 03/11/2006, 12:33


horray!!! I've found AK4... Bunnie reporting to AK4...
It's Friday... n Have a nice weekend ahead!

Bunnie | 03/11/2006, 13:06

Bunnie [Reply]

hvn't got the chance to wish you all the best for your BIG Day!

Enjoy your new life! :)

duckling | 03/11/2006, 13:44

hi waves ~~~ [Reply]

morning every1 n gd day to u all..

congrats to all who managed to trek thru the jungle to reach AK4..

i am sure u all enjoyed tis little fun rite?

tis time clues v obvious... cos i 'soh sia liew ching' initially, wanted to give only 20% of the clues...mke it harder.. so we can enjoy the fun more.. but some cuties.. already show concern b4 the game starts... so soften la... give u 99% clues...

next time, if there is AK5... sori la no more 'pan chance' v little clues ok..so b prepare.. to those who intend to stay on... of course future is not for us to say... dont know what plan God has for us.. so enjoy while u can.. everything here on earth is only temporary..

anyway, it will be more fun.. if cuties can share yr experiences in finding tis place n how long u take to find... just for fun only la, so dont be shy.. let us hv some laugh..

birdie | 03/11/2006, 14:18


Arghh... doom, I still don't know how to do my assignment. Stared at the page and found my brain quite dead. Had been reading the question from up to down, down to up still don't how to start at all. Die... can I don't hand in or not? Now even considering of pon class n test tonight. Wah biang...

dolphin | 03/11/2006, 14:20


sori got grammer error up there - my tag..

Birdie | 03/11/2006, 14:25

dolphin [Reply]

if 'brain quite dead' that means not dead yet... still got chance ma.. take a walk.. n ponder over.. or go to a quiet corner, closed yr eyes n meditate, over yr qtn...


Dr Cutie | 03/11/2006, 14:31

Dear Cuties/mudco,fatrhino [Reply]

tku for being so supportive whether is AK1,2,3.. lets continue to Jiayou!
to mke our companionships memorable ones.. again..

there are some cuties.. still MIA.. but we will wait...

anyway, just to let the cuties know..
why we choose this site..

1. up North too exposed.. so we decided to come down South

2. one day, while chit chatting with dolphin on MSN.. we touched on the topic.. cos AK3 reaching 3000 v soon..

3. so we both decided to search for a suitable site..

4. must be South, Clean (w/o spammers), short tag, n suitable blogging(tagging) fm mudco aka kiko..

5. after the search completed, 'strangely'.. or 'yuan fen' we both were looking at tis same blog..

the wordings were v suitable n with the 3 handsome hippos pic too...

6. then, we decided together on this site..

7. we also 'fight' le... haha .. k not gg to say further...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 14:50

What is 'The Most Dangerous Food' [Reply]

A doc was addressing a large audience in Vancouver.

"The material we put into our stomachs is enough to have killed most of us sitting here, years ago. Red meat is awful. Soft drinks corrode your stomach lining.
Chinese food is loaded with MSG. High fat diets can be disastrous, and
none of us realizes the long-term harm caused by the germs in our
drinking water. But there is one thing that is the most dangerous of all and we all have, or will, eat it. Can anyone here tell me what food it is that causes the most grief and suffering for years after eating it?"

After several seconds of quiet, a 75-year-old man in the front row
raised his hand, and softly said, "???".

Qtn: - What ans did the old man give ???

birdie | 03/11/2006, 14:57


the search is amazing..
somehow or rather i felt it is one of the revival posts, then this is the first post tt i clicked on!!
and i got it!
so the haze is not tt bad, parrot still can see the jungle clearly!

so mnay of us found it?
sry didnt come online lastnight, was sleeping away after eating my medicine!
haha! then heard frm elephant tt we moved, but then it was sooo late, and i was studying, wasnt fan bian to on the com

i found AK4!
* parrot jumped for JOY!*

parrot | 03/11/2006, 15:01

parrot [Reply]

congrats! n yr yuan fen is gd le..

how is yr health, little friend?
better stay healthy... dont play play with yr health...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 15:05

dolphin [Reply]

i oso feel like pontaning class tonight, even thou i've got no test or assignment to hand in... but i intend to show my assignment to the lecturer to see if the few pages i've done can make or not...how arh???

but you've got test, then must go lor... got marks one right? Then you shd go lor... moreover u going "holiday" le... in inverted commas, cos' it's not really a holiday per se ;p

duckling | 03/11/2006, 15:31


i left my good bye msg in ak3..
i really didnt know i am sooooo attached to AK!
so touching!~
now what i am going to do is....


thnks for your concern..managed to keep the temperature down with some panadols etc..
throat is much more bttr, at least my voice is not tt bad as last night..but my nose is still running its own marathorn
i willl surely get bttr!=D

hereby! ATTENTION ALL CUTIES, I JUST WANT TO SAY, i really appreciate everyone here, whether you are running, crawling, swimming , flying,etc


parrot | 03/11/2006, 15:34


argh! ( i am so high now!)

okie okie, are we guys meeting tgth like how we met tt time when we go for fir event?

parrot | 03/11/2006, 15:35


'Wedding cake' (i read it before liao) haha

but not true lah hor, bunnie's will be very long, long and blissful!

a chipmunk | 03/11/2006, 15:51


when is bunny getting married ah?
haha! like prepare for her wedding till very long liao
chip munk, why are you always running arnd!

parrot | 03/11/2006, 16:04

so touched... [Reply]

parrot, your good bye msg at AK3 really touching le...i m so touched..

alot of touching farewell msgs in AK3. I'll save a copy, just like what I did for the other AKs :)

i m also an emo person, but nt gd at expressing and sharing my feelings. guess it's due to my upbringing and the environment i grow up in ba...

anywayz, glad that i found so many friend here... this blog, esp AK, changed my life ;p

Thanks, hippos! Our luv for you bring us together!!!

duckling | 03/11/2006, 16:13


hi chatty, i sitting down now leh, din run to cs or gardens todae. now surfing for stuff, looking at churches, gardens, eateries for fun, free now, waiting for next assignment.

wedding preparation is long and tiring. sianz but then once in a lifetime. u will know when it is your term but now no nid to think so far, study first, sleep later, then study again haha

a chipmunk | 03/11/2006, 16:13


weding cake = bingo

next qtn : How long did the individual cutie takes to find tis site?... 1min, 2min, 5mins etc...

share.. share info le..

birdie | 03/11/2006, 16:16


the three hippos really bought us tgth
so touching
and i really treasure the friendship we shared here..
all is you yuan ren

only mudco came in to AK b4 right?

parrot | 03/11/2006, 16:19

well... [Reply]

Hello cuties, really happy to know that so many of you are so attacted to AK. Guess it is the longest group remained in this MLB blog so far. We broke several records, as in the first grp acknowledged by MLB, the highest record of tags in a blog, the widest ranges of animals, and the tightest friendship here. :)

birdie, my brain is working, but seem not in the right way. I just can't make it think the correct way to put my answers into the essay. haiz...

duckling, I can afford to pontan cos this test althought is being marked by our lecturer, will not be contributing anything into our final results. All the while, all my assignments and tests, except one which due next yr, will not be counted into the results. Which mean, I can choose to go or not, to submit or not. But so far I did them all very faithfully so as to prepare myself for the big once a yr exam next yr.

I had told my lecturer abt missing that I will miss the test cos of the trip (my original class schedule on every tuesday). He said its ok, I can ask a friend to take a copy of the test question paper for me, do it at home and submit to him another time. However, I will missed half of the lecture. Good thing is that there is another class with the same subject which I can attend if I miss my own class, which is today. So that means I will be taking the test with another class if I want to. Flexible isn't it?

Dilemma, go home to finish my assignment for tmr or go class n test, aim to finish the assignment by tmr morning?

Still thinking....

dolphin | 03/11/2006, 16:44


quite true tt we broke quite a many records..

parrot | 03/11/2006, 16:50


quite a number of*

parrot | 03/11/2006, 16:52


ah.. less than 10 min i think. first told myself, from birdie's clue: look for big Thank You starring at me first then must be weiqi, but i din go june first, i thot GF or SF but then realise not weiqi.. so i went further... and AHHH... paradise and saw 3 bleeds starring back :) - never thot it will be here QF10 when they were booted out...

haha... ok now i must run again.. replacing my colleague later..

i'll be having a very busy weekend since my cousin is getting married and MUST attend, and plan our 闹洞房! Akians, u too have a healthy and fun weekend. bye, i'll try to sing~~~~

a chipmunk | 03/11/2006, 16:54


think tt we are really you yuan ren, haha, pinkie is trying to find ak4, she found ak3, saw de clues but she cant get it still
mayb this is just the yuan feng we guys shared and not anyone can actually come into it?
umm, not very sure, just feel tt somehow or rather we are connected..

flying away alrd, study time!

parrot..going to be the goldfish#3 | 03/11/2006, 17:20

TGIF.... [Reply]

Came back frm lunch, still no news whether I gg away or not. This feeling like sitting on knives edges.

Was busi this morning and went into AK3. Knew last night tt it is gg to be the last..left my farewell and when I wanted to search for 'Thank You'..got called away. It took me less then 5 min. to find here cos the clue is obvious.

Many of the site are contaminated...so at least there are some fresh ones around.
Pink Penguin is having exam. So we will see here here.

As for Pinkie..if she has the yuan fen she will find us...

Do we want to leave a tag for Mudco in CS to say... '我们搬家了' then let him find us.

Gtg..see u guyz tonight!

Napoleon Wruss | 03/11/2006, 18:20

Reminder ~~~~ [Reply]

Hey cuties,

"...... To make this place more "harder" to find, please do not leak out or give any clues to others. Thanks alot!

dolphin | 03/11/2006, 00:46 "

Adding on : - Agreed with dolphin
pls do not DIRECT yr friends here...
PPl, interested to join AK..
let them find their way on their own.. we do not want ppl who join only for name sake.. just put their names only.. n nvr c their faces agn ... no tks to these grp off ppl..
"occassionally" is ok but not "never"

this is a "Fantasy Retreat".. so pls "NO ENTRY" for new faces preferring to stick to their human names...

Thank You ~~~

birdie | 03/11/2006, 18:32


yep. i also treasure the friendship here in ak. even though i havent been here for long time but i feel ak is really special. (: its special because there is so much love here despite us not knowing each other for a very long time. actually other than yuan fen, we really should thank mlb. if not for them, there wont be ak at all. (:

as i said, i found ak cos i remembered saving this post earlier in the afternoon. parrot was telling me about previous post and how the blog may close down. so i went to read the past posts and save them up. so yes, this is how salmon found ak4.

yea! today is a good day. i feel so accomplished because i did a lot of monsterous MATHS questions. (:

salmon | 03/11/2006, 18:34

NnWruss [Reply]

i can feel yr anxiety ... wishing u all the best n hope, yr wish can come true... whatever, it is stay calm..

no need to leave anything at CS for mudco.... the meimeis will start coming here..

we will try other ways...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 18:40

to all who's gg to the event tml.. [Reply]

shall we all wear white tml??

peg | 03/11/2006, 18:40


shucks.. sorry.. typo..there's no peg here.. =X
very sorry!!

piglet | 03/11/2006, 18:44


oh yea.
this time i really found it
=) woohoo!

donkey | 03/11/2006, 22:34


ak still quite quiet. must wait for all cuties to assemble. then will re nao qi lai.

npwruss, i'll try to be quick with the drawing but i dont think i can complete it till my o's are over. but i will try my best-est! (: i hope that the answer you get from your boss will match with what you want ya.

cant wait for o's to end. parrot, 17 more days! *jumps excitedly!*

salmon | 03/11/2006, 22:52


eh, salmon can jump one or not ah?

salmon | 03/11/2006, 22:52

donkey [Reply]

hey friend.. are u donkey aka monkey fm AK3 or a new face?

if u the original donkey... like to know why u MIA for so long in AK3.. in fact u did not tag at all.. n suddently apperar... v scary le...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 23:04

YUAN FEN [Reply]


There is a very famous Chinese saying:

"You are thousands of miles apart but you come together because you have YUAN between you.

You face each other but you don't know each other because you have no YUAN between you.

Chinese likes to say that YUAN is an invisible thread that connects people."

birdie | 03/11/2006, 23:15


wow, quite a no. of cuties here liao... haha... feeling so happy...

elephant | 03/11/2006, 23:18

donkey [Reply]

if u r a new face.. what is yr nick at the CS...

New Face must ask permission to come in...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 23:22


hi elephant...

birdie | 03/11/2006, 23:23


birdie.. donkey is the monkey..
she's been busy at work..
i told her tt we've moved and yup.. thus she appeared.. =D

piglet | 03/11/2006, 23:38

piglet [Reply]

tell her, if she only want to come for name sake only.. not welcome..
must contribute something on n off

birdie | 03/11/2006, 23:50


tell donkey.. must write a farewell tag at AK3 tks

birdie | 03/11/2006, 23:51


i finally make it...

slow bird...

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 00:09


hi flamingo

saw your trace in a different camp while searching for AK4 :) I left a trace there too :)

glad you make it here :)

duckling | 04/11/2006, 00:21


birdie.. donkey is the monkey..
she's been busy at work..
i told her tt we've moved and yup.. thus she appeared.. =D

piglet | 04/11/2006, 00:25

ducking [Reply]

tdy had a bz day at work, so until now den i managed to get here.. but lucky i found tis land.. ^^

i was searching thru all tags wif d THANK YOU.. so mani siah!

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 00:31


yah.. me too.. even those not by mudco... coz birdie mentioned smthg about the 3 hippos share their story? So I was also looking for one that was posted by the hippos (as a group)...

duckling | 04/11/2006, 00:38


i c.. clever u...

still mani cuties yet to make their way here huh...

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 00:51


but i reali like tis tag... can c d 3 hippos d moment we tag.. :-)

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 00:52


but i dun really like the msg in the pics... no offence to anyone... juz my personal opinion :p

duckling | 04/11/2006, 01:01


er.. juz c d pic ba.. ^^

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 01:09


nite duckling.. nite cuties... i'm gg zzz le... cant keep my eyes open...

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 01:27


nite, flamingo...

nitez to all cuties, rhino.. hippos must be sound asleep now... busy days ahead..

hippos, all the best for your gigs q(^o^)p

duckling | 04/11/2006, 01:32

ha.... [Reply]

i think i am the earliest here lor. Gg to sleep liao. Flamingo..happy u make it here. A true blood akian will find her way de. We use to be msn so do come in n 'bond'.

I think we left Pink Penguin. No need to call her or anything. Let her go to AK3. She will find her way de. Now she exam ma...so study is important. Same to the other cuties...

Gd nite AKians.... or I shld say Gd Morning...

Napoleon Wruss | 04/11/2006, 03:32

hi waves ~~~ [Reply]

gd morning hippos/cuties
gd day to u all...
those gg to concert... hv an enjoyable day... n those not gg haha
got to guard yr homeground...

birdie | 04/11/2006, 09:58

Recruitment STOP ~~~ [Reply]

Dear Cuties,

My original intention of AK is to hv a PEACEFUL, FUN, SHARING N LEARNING Retreat..

So inorder to maintain this...
I need to put a "STOP" to new faces coming in for the time being..

Too crowded may cause alot of friction... so lets try to minimize this kind of frictions... we try to maintain our cool... myself included..

Uninvited Guests = not allowed to tag here...

Invisible Cuties = some cuties just report n disappeared fm beginning till end... NOT WANTED here..

We are still new to AK4 trying to settle down here

So let "RECRUITMENT STOP" for the time being..

THANK YOU for yr co-operation...

birdie bo pian | 04/11/2006, 10:21


Big HELLO to AK4 and THANK YOU again that I am embrassing another phrase of AK growth.

Sorry for this late cos I've not been having the time to explore. I've been really tired for the past 2 days as I was out of the office for meetings and etc. Lots of deadlines to meet too.

THANK YOU! Feel so blessed for many blessings around me. Esp. lately when I'm facing turbulences in many areas of my life. Blessings find its way to my heart.

Feel so blessed with frenz around me. Mentors who gave me guidance and shed some light on my doubts. THANKS!

New found frenz..so blessed with the encouraging sms-es!

What's more should I whine about?

creamy doggy | 04/11/2006, 11:03


sorry typo, big mistake:
should be "embracing" :P

creamy doggy | 04/11/2006, 11:22

Hello cuties [Reply]

Those who hv not said yr 'Good Bye" or 'Farewell' to AK3.. pls do so..

We need to respect AK3, our pride.. cannot just come n go like floating spirits, without manners...

Pls try to understand what i hv said.. Tku..

birdie | 04/11/2006, 11:27

hi creamy, flamingo [Reply]

welcome home to a new AK4...

lets jiayou together... to mke tis plc a memorable one...

birdie | 04/11/2006, 11:34

What happened yesterday... [Reply]

Incidents that happend last few days at work were crazy and totally a trying time for me. I encountered BETRRAYED, MALICE, ISOLATION and HELPLESSNESS.

Inwardly, I was kind of being cornered and pushed on the verge of just GO!

Just when this thought arised in my mind. I received a sms from a co-worker who was sitting just behind me. It says "Embrace it and be strong. This phrase will pass very soon. Be strong.". Simple words, but the thought touched me. It came to lift me up like wings. Yeah! Be strong.

Then, later in the night. I met up with a mentor for dinner and coffee. She gave totally impartial and constructive advices. Wow! how could I be naive to be led my plain feelings only. Where's my brains? I guess sometimes down moment will make a person lost its control.

Yup, I got lifted up in one way or another by blessings that come to me. I'm not going to stay weak, yeah, I'm gonna JUMP UP n DOWN. Be strong and joyful!

Happy Saturday and a great weekend!

a jumping up and down cutie | 04/11/2006, 11:35

hi dolphin [Reply]

so did u untie yr 'knots'?...

birdie | 04/11/2006, 11:36


dolphin yr class 'knots'

birdie | 04/11/2006, 11:42

the 3 hippos [Reply]

all the best n jiayou ~~~~

birdie | 04/11/2006, 12:26


umm..some unknown ppl actually bombed and scolded AKians in the main blog..
did we do anything wrong?

the three hippos!
i dont want sick hippos to perform hor!

parrot | 04/11/2006, 13:20

Cuties [Reply]

I just posted something in CS. Hope it is the last. Lets not appear there and let the matter rest. Please dun attack anymore.
Have a nice weekend.

NpWruss | 04/11/2006, 15:24

parrot n cuties [Reply]

is ok, this is not the 1st time we kena attack.. we take it as fertilisers .. it will mke us stronger..smilez n cheers!

"unity is strength"

birdie | 04/11/2006, 15:38


yep, no point in waging war. fighting is tiring. (:

salmon | 04/11/2006, 16:57

hi [Reply]

hmm.. seems like cuties nt back fm concert...

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 23:17


are you guys back yet? update me on the performance!! hope you guys enjoyed yourselves

feeling so sian from studying now. ): now i dont feel like going to a jc because going to a jc means i have to continue to mug and mug ang mug. poly looks super attractive and fun.

salmon | 04/11/2006, 23:17

dolphin/ bambi [Reply]

hv a gd trip on mon!

best of luck.. hope tat u'll b able to emerge as d winner of d race! hv fun~

flamingo | 04/11/2006, 23:43

dolphin & bambi [Reply]

good trip to both of u...take care... yung yeung zhi tsi ni men de...haha

fatrhino | 05/11/2006, 00:22

hi every1 [Reply]

i hv just closed our AK3 site..

dolphin/bambi - here's wishing u 'Good Luck' and all the best for yr race in Taipei...

ya, emerge the Winner !

birdie | 05/11/2006, 00:24

fatrhino hi [Reply]

did u go to the concert ?

birdie | 05/11/2006, 00:25

birdie [Reply]

no...i din go...working leh...

fatrhino | 05/11/2006, 00:46

being emo... =( [Reply]

Sorry if i seldom tag these few days... Really busy and tied up as next sat is my big day ler... Hope the cuties understand yeah...

Sigh... These 2 days, quarrelled with my bf over some issues... I dunno if it's totally my fault or wat... and I cried.. He was saying I'm being too emo these few days... Am I suffering from pre-maritial syndrome??? So now goldfish eyes ler coz cried for 2 days... Opps, goldfish reminds me of kiko... Hope thank God that we've resolved the problem... Hope nothing will happen during this week... Wonder how life will be when I moved into his house... sigh... really worries me...

Oh ya, went to the KDF concert juz now... It was great!!! kiko playing the keyboard, as usual so cool lor... Samco playing the drums, as usual shuai dai le!!! n Nico, this guitar, skills improved!!! They performed 4 songs if I'm not wrong... It was great!!! Jia You oh!!!

Okie, gotta sleep ler, else tomorrow the eyes swell like dunno wat like tat... ha...raindow dreams, cuties!!!

*duckling - Thanks for ya blessings...

Bunnie | 05/11/2006, 00:52

back...tired sia [Reply]

thanks famingo, Birdie and Fatrhino for your blessing. We'll do our best. I had "forced" Bambi to study history and background of those "might be out" places, while I can concentrate on my studies n work. Phew... finally submitted my assignment this morning. Found I was the 2nd one... most of my classmate delay loh. *&%@# anyway, finished got some sense of accomplishment.

Today concert was superb! Long time never see Energy already, Kunda is as cute as last time. Hee... Lucify seem to have improve, not bad.

And best of all, MLB! The new Take Me As I Am rockz sia! But can still hear that Nic still not fully recovered. He still coughing. Poor thing.

And hey, duckling, r u ok? Becarefuly of the insect bite, must put medicine ok. If sense something wrong must go see doc immediately. I got bitten by an unknown bug when I was in BK and it got infected, spreaded bigger n bigger on my legs. In the end went to the local hosipital to get a jab and medicine. So better be careful. And Meiyi too. who else got bitten too?

k, must go sleep already. today over slept and late for work even took cab. Really gotta KO soon.

dolphin | 05/11/2006, 00:58

dolphin [Reply]

i sms u at concert.. ha, u din c..

birdie | 05/11/2006, 01:03


Bunnie, its like that. Stress when preparing for something big. Especially this type of SUPER BIG Event. My colleague was still qurralling with his parents 2 days before the wedding. Now, he is smiling to himself everyday, still honeymooning. :P

So you did go to the concert? Didn't see u leh? Anyway we seem to be moving a lot too. Haha.

Next week your big day. Gong xi gong xi.

dolphin | 05/11/2006, 01:06

bunnie [Reply]

pls try to relax little.. must be hard on u both...

after, everything is over... u will c the rainbow...

anyway, we do not want to c Mrs Goldfish le...

'Wish you all the Best ...n a v Happy Big Day....

birdie | 05/11/2006, 01:08


huh? Did u? Ah sorry, didn't see your msg. now check HP then see. :P My bag was super packed cos of the notes and sweater and other stuffs, and I just dumped my HP into my bag. Got to do deep sea diving search for it everytime I tried to use it. Pai Sei... I was looking for you too, but didn;t see you leh.

dolphin | 05/11/2006, 01:09


we were standing upstairs of the white building..

after MLB, wanted to meet up with u n the rest... haha no yuan fen le

birdie | 05/11/2006, 01:11


what time will u too b leaving..

haha no wonder.. din c bambi hre... kena mde to study Taiwan history...

birdie | 05/11/2006, 01:13


oh, thats the time we started to run abt. Haha, trying to hunt them down. In the end, some insects hunted us down instead. Jialek. Hope those got bitten are okay... so beware, next time go places with grass or whatever, try not to wear any slippers or sandles.

dolphin | 05/11/2006, 01:14


U will still see me on monday. Hee... I took half day off, will meet bambi at the airport in e afternoon. Doesn't wanna waste too many leave.

Hope the clues they give are all within my knowledge. Bambi has to study cos she is the weaker link. ha...

K, cannot tanhan anymore. I must log off now. Sleep.


dolphin | 05/11/2006, 01:17


what time will u two be leaving on mon?

birdie | 05/11/2006, 01:17


ok gd nitz

birdie | 05/11/2006, 01:18


hi cuties!

duckling got bitten by some insect during d concert? must really go apply some medication & c doc if nec. take care..

bunnie - during wedding preparations, couples r bound to hv little arguments... guess u r too stress/ tense.. try to relex.. sort things out calmly ya... hope all goes well till ur wedding day.

gd nite all.. nid to slp.. tmr still gotta work.

flamingo | 05/11/2006, 01:35


bunnie, dun worry, both of you'll be alright. you must be stressed and tired that why you may be emotionally more vulnerable.

dolphin, i m ok. thanks. i'll monitor the wound de.. when i took a closer look jus now, it looks more like cuts than stings... whatever. The other girls who got bitten are froggie (caixia, not meiyi) & piglet. Froggie & piglet, are you okay?

bambi & dolphin, all the best for your trip to taiwan. Enjoy yourselves and win the race! :)

Overall, I enjoyed the concert tonight :) I really like the hippos' "you make me wanna fall in love". Hope they can include this song in their EP :)

very tired too. need to go sleep le...nitez too all of you here...

duckling | 05/11/2006, 01:36

Yoz.z.z.z [Reply]

I guyz..looks like fun huh at the concert.

Dolphin and Bambi..all the best to your coming Race. We jiayou for U here..Lets us know when you all will be back. In btw work still got time for such outdoor activity is really good for the body and mind.

Duckling and all those got bitten by insects, take care and see a Doctor if it din go away. Some insects are poisonous.

Bunnie..you stay cool and stay beautiful for your great day! 你没问题的. Cost all the running around and preparations kicked in a little stress ba. Common to be unsure too because you are starting a new phrase of your life.. not one person but 2 persons together...So.加油!

OK... it is late le. Gg to bed.

Sweet dreams all cuties..!

Napoleon Wruss | 05/11/2006, 02:59

ta-da! [Reply]

okie! i am proud to say i made it here! bt it is realli damn damn damn ulu... wah! u noe MLB said thank you how many times, birdie? so evil of you... haha~ bt i sorta had a hunch tat it will still be weiqi post... heh. man... can mudco find us?

AIYO! i am soooooo sorrie! cuz i haven been online the past few daes... thanks to NWruss for msging me last nite (though i was alreadi slping... =P) and birdie for sending emails to me...

nw i will go read ur tags! was in a rush to find AK4... haha~ hey! i did in 10 mins time! nt bad huh! and like flamingo and duckling i oso accidentally pop into some other group tagging area... =P

pink penguin | 05/11/2006, 06:33

overworked eyes... reading all ur tags after 2 hrs of maths... =) [Reply]

wah! thanks for all the fellow akians love! of cuz... i still haven finish reading all the tags... IMPOSSIBLE ONE LA! okie, maybe after my exams okie. haha~

i see dolphin tags on the superman stori! i want to read! hm, and hey! birdie, did you finally get the honour of the 3000 tag?

hur-hur... very interesting... quite bitchy huh, CS is becoming... saw some of the tags concerning AK and some ppl aren't very happy with us. (minority la! of cuz!) i wun be too proud and conclude they are jealous of us... (oh! did i just typed it out liddat? heh.) we are not the "selected elite few" but rather the lucky fated few... bt i totalli support birdie ideal AK - no point having new faces when we hardly get to bond and no point having faces tt hardly appear (e horrors! i muz come often after my exams... must up my tag rate... haha)

AHHH! so jealous! i wished i could have gone for the concert! dolphin, i like Energy too! i tink kunda is veri cute! opps! abit sidetrack alreadi... just another question: did milk and energy interact? long time since they gt together... oh well.

aiyah, elephant, do you noe i went to tp to study last sundae... haha~ i even managed to go in without a student pass... guess i dun look suspicious at all! haha~ nowadays, studying consist of tuition and studying outside (cuz at home computer and AK and tv too tempting)

hm... NWruss, u tag dun need to call me and let me study... bt u still sweetly called me last nite and msg me bout moving to AK4 (bt i was aslp! ah! i am a loser! bt hw mani of u guys awake tis morning?) cuz you miss me rite? wahahaha~

parrot and salmon, you two better cont jiayou-ing for o levels! v impt! hm, tmr is maths rite for you guys? so full steam ahead!

ahhhhh! creamy doggy! you are facing turbulences in ur life recently? hm... wat can i sae? i will sae: like e wheel of fortune, wat goes up must come down and wat is down will not stay down... okie... crappy! i am a new-age girl? nt sure wat it means... (",)

piglet, so glad tt u sort out your problems and is back in AK4 now... was abit worried when i was reading ur last few tags in AK3... u sounded like you were nt coming... bt den once i pop in to AK4... you are here alreadi! AH HAH! cant bear nt seeing us rite? haha~ i understand ur insecurity about meeting true frens online... or just frenship in general... i dunno, but we shld juz embrace the 'yung fen'... we dunno wat it may bring for us in the future... i believe that things happen for a reason!

bunnie, i kpo kpo abit... cherish him okie! he must be someone impt cuz you actualli want to marry him! btw, i tink the thought of being tied down to one person veri scari... dunno whether i will be able to love some1 for so long... haha~ oh well, hope 'the one' do appear! all couples have tiffs... the most impt thing is to make up!

flamingo! *waves* you can see me? haha~ nv realli got to tok to u in AK before... so ironic! we actualli get to tok more face2face tt time at TS...

DUCKLING! you got bitten? and the rest too? OMG! okie not okie not... why liddat! i hope nth serious happen... choy arh!

wait! am i the last AKian to report here? tian arh... mighty mouse here le mah? like nv see her intellectual and level-headedness... haha~

i am sorrie i din leave a tag for all of you guys... cuz no.1 i am sorta of replying to the tags above me... and no.2 i dunno some of u guys well enough yet...

bt i do hope to bond with ALL of you guys!

mahjong and chalet anyone? haha~

pink penguin | 05/11/2006, 07:20

pink penguin [Reply]

Ah..ha. you made it here. Not bad ma..10min.Sms me so.o.o. early at 5am..wake me frm sleepzz..z BUT forgive u lah. Ya, Birdie sms me ytd tt she wanted to close AK3 but u not reporting to say yr farewell. I keep telling all tt u exam ma - tts wat u tld me. Last night Birdie sms me again cos she dunoe whether to close or not so I tried calling u. U snored on me den I tld Birdie to close first. See... we both love U. Especially Birdie..she cannot make up her mind..tell me dun call u..den tell me she sent u e-mail.. den call me again whether to close wo U.. wa! Tua Bai...!
AKians kinda fated lor. Dun believe oso cannot. Got ppl hunted site by site for hours..still din see us leh. Ya, we got attacked by a funni number, quiet scary to use tt number. I think we r popular n mani ppl want to be one of Us, or they are curious abt us..hw come got recent site dun tag..kou shen mi... hide in some ulu jungle and yet o/standing. Maybe oso bcos Mudco acknowledged us ba!

Saw Dolphin n Bambi at CS but din appear here. Gg away liao..both of them..for some fun and adventure.

OK..we see lor..when Dolphin come back n I am not gg away den we can organize a gathering AKians.. tok n bond.

You..study well n score with flying colors.. U have not sent me the assignment on the ppl kill the earth topic...looking fwd to it once u finish ur exam.

U r right..Mouse is not here yet. Oh Mouse, I went to read www.65. Interesting!

Have a gd day cuties!

Napoleon Wruss | 05/11/2006, 11:12


wow. you guys surely did enjoy yourselves last night. but with mlb, sure enjoy one right!

bunny, cannot cry! must be a pretty bride. wish you guys bai tou xie lao (: (: (:

dolphin and bambi, all the best for your race! jiayou jiayou jiayou!

salmon | 05/11/2006, 13:02

missing pengiun - whew! finally.. [Reply]

hi morning all..hv a gd day~~

our dear pengiun... aiyo, NWruss n my neck nw look like Giraffe's...

how can i feel gd, closing w/o thinking of u... i hv to sent u 3 emails.. n smses fm Wruss.. b4 u finally appeared... u frightened me le!.. wanted to report to police...

nw i can sign with relief..

mighty mouse- is like the wind..'zi u zi zai'.. like previous AK..will pop-in only when need to.. she left tata - tags at AK3.. she said like funeral svc.. haha.. anyway, tks for joining in the fun...

mighty mouse.. cuties r missing u already... so r we yr friends?

i also went to rd www65 a little... ya interesting, but sometimes a bit serious..

birdie | 05/11/2006, 13:03

Missing LionPuppy~~~ [Reply]

hi! our dear legendary didi will u be reporting to stn AK4, b4 u leave for London?

dont forgot to come in to say yr tata, n share yr o/sea experience w us whenever possible.. eh! go there must study hard ah, not go there tackle angmoh charbo k~~

birdie | 05/11/2006, 13:11

dear all [Reply]

just wanted to say... i knew someone was trying v hard to join us abt the same time as donkey(remarks in AK1)...but donkey cld find us long b4 her..

i did give her a chance to find us...
but she took so many hrs trekking.. n landed herself in Mother Nature..
so her 'yuan fen' actually is not here, but with MN...

i put X at the last min only... not the beg.. if she managed to find us b4 the X - i cld hv accepted her...

just hope that she can show her sincerely, n show us a kind/caring heart.. n hopefully in future her 'yuan' with us can be stronger...

for nw, i can just said sori yr yuan is not strong enough..

birdie | 05/11/2006, 14:09

Nic early morning post missing? [Reply]

or is something wrong with my eyes?

birdie | 05/11/2006, 14:12


cuties, thanks for your concern abt the insect bite... i m okay, so i guess froggie & pigle r oso okay ba. No worries sia? :)

dolphin, i heard you helped froggie to get rid of the insect with your bare hand. u're v brave leh... i wanted to (using her slipper lah), but not sure if it is safe to do so, and i ended up being bitten by one too...sigh...did i hit anyone with the slipper which (i think) i threw? sorry :p...the kdf guys said the incident was very drama. hahahaha....

pink penguin, glad you are here! So you are the type who sleeps early and wakes up early one arh? so good...i'm the other type lor... sleep early, oso can wake up in the late morning one lor... i find it a waste of time to sleep so long hours, but bo bian, simply can't get myself out of my bed leh... all the best for your A lvl.. will meet up again after your exam, ya? mahjong??? my hand are itchy now... kekekee...

Bunnie, you were at the concert too? din come and say hello to us ah? u shd be able to find us by following the shouting & screaming... hee hee.. next time lah :) All the best for your wedding day and many, many years of married life to come! :)

birdie, when energy was performing, most of us (except bambi & dolphin) were sitting on the steps at the foot of the building... we were so near, yet so far from each other ;p

mighty mouse was at the concert too. hope she comes here soon :)

duckling | 05/11/2006, 14:18


birdie, dun scare me...i posted a very long tag for nic leh..the post still there lah...

duckling | 05/11/2006, 14:21


woots! pink penguin swan her way here!
hahah!=D you are finally finally here!!!!! YEAH!

bunnie, dont cry already, must be a pretty bride , alright? i believe quarrels are a must in a relationship, umm, it is a chance to let your spouse knows abt you..
lalla~not experienced la

woots! ytd!
nico still sounds sick, voice not in tip top condition, was abit worried for him..didnt managed to use the mixer, think some probs crop up..aiyoh! nico, are you bttr?
he did the jump ytd.amazing.rocker hippo..
love the music arrangements for 'take mi as i am' , very very very nice and fresh
a bit of flaws here and there for " you make mi wanna fall in love"
but it is okie, you guys did your best, no regrets right?

by the way, when i met mudco face to face, i screamed( yes, i SCREAMED), " GOLDFISH"
* stunned*
haha! then also told him tt ak moved! then he" oh.."
so funny.cant stand it..
are the injured akians alright?
duckling, piglet and froggie!

ytd was an enjoyable night, i can say tt, ithink

wah,lucify super rock sia..
kuek's bass! ARGH!!!~
soul still dance bttr than singing..(OPPS~)
everyone, good day! enjoy your sun!
i know we cant, salmon

parrot!! | 05/11/2006, 17:24

duckling [Reply]

i just discover, is my comp playing tricks with me.. when i clicked on fm the start.. the current blog will show up.. if i moved on to other blogs n then come bck fm there.. the current blog will disappear ... so inorder to view the current blog agn .. i hv to x the all the blogs n come in agn..why? so 'ma fan'... only happen today...

birdie's comp v naughty today | 05/11/2006, 17:28

Choco Delight for MLB [Reply]

a family of five(parents+3bois) were walking behind me.. on my way out after the KDF concert... heard them toking v loudly...

Mum - *2day we heard the MILO BING singing le..
Son - *ya, they r the SUPERBAND WINNER u know..
Mum - *so 2mrw morning(Sun) we all whole family drink MILO BING k..
Sons - **shouted, ya gd(2gather)..
Mum - ** so i got to get up early at 5.30am to mke la.. (mother's love)

birdie | 05/11/2006, 17:39


i read that too..
verrrry cute
very touching
all family supports mlb
haha! my family actually quite supportive of their daughter go for their events..
haha! mayb because they likemlb also

you know what , the short conversation, it depicts even further down
now abt the family zhui mlb
but it is mother's love

parrot | 05/11/2006, 17:43


didnt manage to see birdie!
i bought a cage to catch you! hahaha~

OH! saw those KDF young boys helping us to shout ," MILOPENG" alos! still sing along
was abit STUNNED when i see this..
and one of them actually looks like mudco

pparrot | 05/11/2006, 17:45

parrot [Reply]

u siow quai oi.. sure or not.. u can adv bunnie abt relationship?.. gd attempt, haha..

what duckling said.. v true.. we were so near.. yet so far... when Energy was performing.. u all came near me... but during that period, i was actually moving towards the front.. hopping to catch dolphin n u all.. that night, what happen to our 'yuan fen'?...

birdie | 05/11/2006, 17:57

@KDF event [Reply]

was fun!
so mani people screaming though scatter here and there!
Yup, the kdf boys were cute sia! They shouted MLB and then NIC! SAM! WEIQI!

MLB music overall was good and still power. Weiqi has got dark circles, looked quite sick or got not enuff slp.

Nic looked ok, but didn't sound ok. But I saw his killing smile lo, made my heart leaped a little.

Sam is ok, very lively. He said he xi huan wo men wor..hahas...

Duckling, Froggie n Piglets...are u all ok now...the bites subside already?

creamy doggy | 05/11/2006, 18:00

A Love Note to Bunnie.. [Reply]

Bunnie, I believe it's quite normal to have fights and disagreements at this phrase, especially when the BIG day is drawing near. Cos u both are ladden with anxiety and stress. So emotionally both of you can be really challenged.

Take the fights positively, like a chance for u both to kn each other better; or to learn to handle each other vulnerability and insercurity.

Actually fights show that both of you care for each other and also you both see the BIG day as really YOUR BIG DAY! cos you put all your hear and soul in it. So, you see how much your partner cares for you and also the BIG DAY with you.

Bunnie... relax...relax...and relax...And you'll be a beautiful bride on that day!

Congrats! Many bliss and blessings!

creamy doggy | 05/11/2006, 18:07


sure got yuan feng one la!
aiyah! got gto! mayb my cage not big enuff, then you dont wan to fly in!

yah lor, cream still declare her love to mudco
is it ah?
forget liao
keep shouting ," ah boy" sia!

parrot | 05/11/2006, 18:28


haha. my mama also siao mlb! she even asked me to bring her to events. but then last minute she always say so old liao still chase those small boys, later people see then laugh at her. haha, but my mum more kan cheong than me, see mlb on tv sure inform me. (:

salmon | 05/11/2006, 18:51

parrot [Reply]

u met goldfish face to face.. so did u take the chance to whisper to him..how to trek thru the ulu jungle to get to tis plc..

birdie | 05/11/2006, 19:02


anyway, i am a strong golden eagle..so not easy to catch me..

birdie | 05/11/2006, 19:05


my mother was the one tt asked mi to watch superband every monday one
she confirm tune in..somemore record down
watch over again..haha!

i managed to tell him tt ak moved
then he so blur, keep ," OH.."
then didnt say other things liao
didnt ask mi for direction
think he is abit tired also, dont know how to react to a parrot at tt time

no wonder i cant see you ytd, cos you flew away! eagle fly faster than parrot!

parrot | 05/11/2006, 19:18

blink blink blink [Reply]

hey hey!
The blog hanged just now, thought I may not get in tonight.

cuties, I had sent a love cooling letter to Goldfish just now. Hope he didn't get chilled by the lover letter. hee...

I'll be back before u guys know. The trip is so short that I found I hardly need to bring any clothings. Hmm... but will buy books n CDs back. Must go shop at my fav 24hr book store.

The hippos n Goldfish was very good this after. They only prepared 2 songs, but after we all scream for encore, they played one of the best yong qi ever. Wah!!! Shiok Sia.

K, need to go to do my test paper already. Haha, open book. Going to ask my classmate to submit for me on Tue. So mean I still take my test faithfully. :P

dolphin | 06/11/2006, 01:02

I'm leaving on a jet plane [Reply]

helo, I'm still here... flight still refuelling, so haven't flown away yet.

Thought that someone special might be here last night, haiz... nevermind. To keep oneself happy n long life, must kan kai! Only me myself can make me sad n unhappy. :) Motto of my life, everything must see open, kan kai.

oh, btw, Napoleon Wruss, do you know that number 666 is not an evil number? Well, depend on how you look at it. Just like ppl mis-understand Lucify name which is ray of light in Greek. 666 is consider a lucky number for some chinese, esp the Taiwaneses. Think they translate it to Min Nan (Taiwanese Hokkien) is luck luck luck... :) My idol even released a song on this before, 666!

Just like 13 for Chirstian is unlucky, but for chinese is lucky. hee...

dolphin | 06/11/2006, 10:03

leaving soon~ [Reply]

Good morning cuties & farhino!

Sorry that I seemed to have MIA these 2 days, as I'm not at home most of the time for the past 2 days and usually at nite dolphin is online so you wld not be able to see me here lor..even that tag at CS yesterday was a rush-rush one before I was hurried to get out of the house :Þ

taiwan history mah? hmm...think I'm more like studying their tourist spots ba...hehe.. dolphin, I don't like that phrase 'weakest link' lor, don't know how can the reporter wrote that out...really cannot trust the reporter to intrepret correctly what u told them, I guess that's how all the 诽闻 came about by the paparazzi :(

Thanks fatrhino, birdie, flamingo, duckling, NpWruss, salmon for the good luck! we'll 加油的 p(^o^)q, hope to bring good news to you all when we come back!

Congrats to Bunnie on your coming big day! wish you a blissful marriage!

Pink Penguin, you are here (^o^)/
good luck for your exams, and parrot too, having 2 papers today, huh? hope it went well, ya?!

duckling, glad to know that you are ok liao, saw piglet & froggie yesterday, they look ok, so suppose they are fine too, that's good :)

birdie, we will be leaving early afternoon, so like in

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 06/11/2006, 11:15


All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
coz' I'm leaving on a jet plane...

dolphin, you copied me ah? (coz' I alway like to use this song everytime before I fly... )haha, think she gonna protest against me on this later :Þ

paiseh, that last paragraph of the above tag seemed to have gone hay-wired liao...but the above was what was suppose to be continued from it

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 06/11/2006, 11:26

Yoz.... [Reply]

No one here.. only e two cuties gg away. JIAYOU (shouted in my loudest voice)..hope u hear on the plane...

I will tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree...so wen u come back u will see the ribbon flying.

Txs Dolphin, ya 666 is different langs mean diff thingy. My Boss oso like 666 and I lived on the 13 floor and address is oso 13..cos we Chinese n we not pantang!

Can someone tell me who is Dr Cutie? No me huh! This person sure must have come here and know that we r here. Lucky din throw shit here so oso respect us oradi. Cuties - we shld not de cun jing zer.

Wave to all cuties...have a happi Monday!

Napoleon Wruss | 06/11/2006, 13:37

hi cuties... [Reply]

Napoleon Wruss, i'm here!

pink penguin.. so we same same huh.. go to o/r territory while searching 4 AK4.. glad tat u r here! ya lor.. we din chat in AK b4.. tat x we still dunno ea o/r mah.. glad tat we met & tok during @ d gathering. :-)

flamingo | 06/11/2006, 15:25

NpWruss [Reply]

"Can someone tell me who is Dr Cutie"

Dr cutie is me.. having fun with Nico.. cos the e-card link is actually a hugging presription.. haha...

birdie | 06/11/2006, 16:19

joking w dolphin [Reply]

dolphin [Reply]

if 'brain quite dead' that means not dead yet... still got chance ma.. take a walk.. n ponder over.. or go to a quiet corner, closed yr eyes n meditate, over yr qtn...


Dr Cutie | 03/11/2006, 14:31

birdie | 06/11/2006, 16:30

e-card prescription [Reply]

Nic [Reply]


AK/cuties | 30/10/2006, 22:36
Hey Nic, Weiqi wave~~~ [Reply]

r both of u feeling BETTER TODAY?

haha, remember to take the precriptions by DR CUTIE fm AK Clinic... u will recover "SUPER DUPER FAST" hehe~

Dr Cutie | 31/10/2006, 12:07

birdie | 06/11/2006, 16:46

NpWruss [Reply]

above for yr info only...

birdie | 06/11/2006, 16:47


back from my papers already! WOOHOO! all the anxiety for nothing. the papers were like... erm.. quite easy (: thank god man! i've got one day to rest before all the papers come charging at me. going to go for war and battle with the papers. hopefully i will win the battle (:

salmon | 06/11/2006, 17:02


came here to report!
got two papers today!
hhaha! the two papers were quite easy=D not bad..
ytd i was very worried till ic ant sleep, was telling elephant how much i panicked for my ss paper.
lucky nth went wrong

i predict tt by this week, i will become to a goldfish..
aiyoh! stress ah! all the major exams

dolphin and bambi! JIAYOU!
it is some sort of a comepetition thingy?

parrot | 06/11/2006, 17:04

OH! I see... [Reply]

Dr Cutie = Birdie. I tot someone imitate us. Was wondering maybe we so cute until got Dr Cutie so ppl wan to come here. Major attraction.

No lah! Parrot. I dun think u will b stressed. U fly here n fly there, take part in most activities of MLB, got 'O' level oso like eng a tai ji. U got super duper enegry..n super smart brain..cos Birdie kua u at msn - so u sure make it de. U oso no need goldfish eyes, ur eyes oradi big, if grow bigger - kia C liang!

Flamingo, u MIA in Garden so long - jus go there drop a small shit...oops! trace n see u here. Ha..v busi..ran 3 sites, jialak right? My com cannot open so many windows, I get booted out.

Can someone update how is Froggie now. Heard her bites by tt chek ark insect is serious. I do not hv her hp so someone tell her can. NPWruss sayang her n ask abt her condition. Spoke to both Piglet n Duckling ytd n they both sot so serious.

OK cao liao!

Napoleon Wruss | 06/11/2006, 18:01

Todler'sbig toe ripped off [Reply]

today's ST.paper - (in brief) for ppl who dont read paper or listen to news.

"A 2yr girl screamed, soon after stepping onto the moving escalator of a mall at Admiraty Pl...

Her right rubber clog was stuck in the teeth of the escalator step n her big toe was ripped off..

Skin fm the ball of her foot was also ripped off.

Sad to say... her big toe, minus the bone was found nearly 3hrs later but was too badly damaged, so cannot be re-attached..

** for details pls read ST.

birdie | 06/11/2006, 18:11


above shd be 'Toddler's big toe ripped off in mall escalator accident..'

birdie | 06/11/2006, 18:17

HEY THERE!!! [Reply]

hello all from AK... so sad, cos i gotta make an announcement: I'll be away for a few weeks due to my exams, but I'll be back when December comes ya? All of ya gotta take care of each other k? and try and let peace reign in this blog. Hope to see all of u soon... SEE YA!!! *waves*

weiqi | 06/11/2006, 23:45

hello weiqi [Reply]

tks for visiting... sori for the little storm.. that AK had indirectly caused..

jiayou in yr exams.. gd luck..

birdie | 06/11/2006, 23:56

sorry everyone.. [Reply]

for being MIA for these few days..

to pink penguin.. read ur tag.. hahas.. havin some probs of my own, i guess.. but yup. am glad tt all have been sorted out *sort of, i tink*.. usual me.. hahas.. nvm.. u jiayou for ur As ya?? =D

to birdie.. i can understand ur stop to recruitment. all cuties have our committments.. some cant really use the computers as and when they want to.. and donkey & froggie belongs to that category.. it may sounds like im defendin them but im just voicing out what i feel.. they cant use the comp as much as compared to us.
and i've noticed tt both of them have been very troubled recently esp donkey.. i duno wad's happening to her. and i dun wish for her to feel obligated to tag. *sorry if i sounded harsh*

to dolphin & bambi, hope both of u have got gd news back for us.. =D have fun there..

to parrot & salmon, jiayou!! 13more days to go and it'l be over.. =D persevere..

to duckling, u very calm aft u got bitten.. still can sit down like nth happened. hahas. im fine and i believe u are as well right?? the bite only left a mark there.. *ugly*

to doggy, u jiayou.. let's all jiayou tgt.. =D

to mudco.. dec will come very soon.. im waitin for dec as well.. where i can finally take a breather from sch.. pressurizing.. rmb to take good care of urself s well.. awaiting for the EP..

piglet | 07/11/2006, 00:23


Sorry 4 not posting... coz busy doing project and research...

Duckling and Piglet, glad that ur bite are ok liao... Piglet, how is froggie ? she ok le ?

Pink Pengiun, glad that u found there le... all the best 4 ur A's... jia you...

Parrot and salmon, Jia you for ur o's... glad to noe tat u all feel confident for ur maths and ss paper today...

Bunnie, all the best 4 ur wedding...

Dolphin and Bambi, gd luck and all the best 4 ur trip...

Mudco, jia you 4 ur exam... dec will be here soon... like u and piglet, i looking 4ward to dec so that i can have my 2 wks break...

elephant | 07/11/2006, 00:46

Napoleon Wruss [Reply]

yeah, running 3 sites so xiong.. tat's y u seldom c me... come here drop small shit gd mah.. bird shits though small, but shit many times a day! LOL

as usu, bz at work.. i'll try to come in c c & drop a post whenever i hv x. pls pardon me if u dun c me often. but my heart will alws b wif u cuties..

hope we can hv a/r AK gathering soon!

flamingo | 07/11/2006, 01:09

goldfish wq [Reply]

glad tat u made ur way here...

concentrate on ur studies & we shall c u after ur exam.

all d best!

flamingo | 07/11/2006, 01:11


oh my tian~
ii found AK4.
though nt a member in AK,
bt jus sayin hi to all! =)

ZHU meiyi (: | 07/11/2006, 01:20


OMG. Mudco acty made the time to visit here just to tell cuties tat he'll be hiberneting for weeks ahead.

Wow! Am I touched? Yeah...realli touched! His thoughts and efforts...I can see lo.

I take Mudco's words, he's right too...Friendship builds from here and let it grow from here ba..

Good morning all cuties! I've been bz this week, so I would be taggin less.

Have fun!

creamy doggy | 07/11/2006, 08:22


Btw, do u all think mudco read parrot's note abt kdf here? I'm blushing le...

creamy doggy | 07/11/2006, 08:25


wow. mudco actually found ak. we will be waiting for you to come again! (:

bunnie, best of luck to your marriage, hope you will be happy and blissful!

dolphin and bambi, even though you might not come to ak, but JIAYOU OKAY!

parrot, jiayou for your major papers this week. hope they are do-able. score and glorify God and AK! JIAYOU!

and to the other cuties, SMILE! hope your day will be a fantastic one (:

salmon | 07/11/2006, 10:21

Aiyo! [Reply]

Gd morning..CS got ppl got horny again. Just read and got ppl reply oso. Die liao..mei wan mei liao.
Why tt person got to shit at Sam's site.

Cream, Falmingo and all have a nice day ahead.

Mudco..AKians always behind you de. No matter what you do, you give your best. Exams very jialak but U can do it. We all pour oil for U.

Meiyi..wa! U so kanaing..found AK4. Thanks for lvg note. But U knw this site is by yuan fen, so u cannot spread the site huh! Two out of your 3 TomTom are Akains..

OK lah.. I left my mark liao.

Napoleon Wruss | 07/11/2006, 10:30


* leaving my footsteps!*

woots, ytd recieved the news tt mudco actually tag! he is sooooooo SWEET! actually came all the way here, found this site and TAG! despite all his heavy workload!

yeah, doggy, i think he read it..dont blush=X
i even more paisae..think he alrd know who is parrot liao! tt one most siao one lor=.='

mudco, JIAYOU! will see you soon!i believe!

salmon and pink penguin , jiayou also!

dont be astonished , this is really parrot! haha! yah yah! it is 10:51 in the morning , the clock on your com is not playing some tricks on you!i am awake now=S xi qi!

hahah! JIAYOU , everyone!

parrot | 07/11/2006, 11:02


woots! cream doggy, i know why are you blushing liao!

haha! just a few update!
tml is having three more papers, eng and phy, gonna be a tough day! JIAYOU!

* parrot will be FREE after 13 days*

parrot | 07/11/2006, 11:04

hi waves ~~~ [Reply]

hippos n cuties hv a gd day~~~

mudco jiayou~~~

the air here ... a little stale today.. i shall spray some fragrance here..

so cuties prefer.. lavender fragrance, rose fragrance, pine fragrance or orchid fragrance?

i shall leave all these fragrance here...

birdie prefer fragrance.. | 07/11/2006, 11:43


* warning: i am not air talking, i am leaving you guys a MSG!*

just saw some of the videos of mlb's performances for kdf concert..
umm, just feel tt those videos tt were put up onto the net , the sound sytem or smth or wadever you call tt , not good sia..feel tt they are putting their perfomances down..

dolphin, when you coming back! i want the videos!!~

* parrot be free after 13 days!*

parrot | 07/11/2006, 11:47

hey hey [Reply]

Hi to all who managed to find this AK, jus wanna say that i'm really touched by how the AK grp has managed to survive till now, not anywhere near extinction, but growing in numbers! and i still rmbr when u all gave me that nickname - mudco - supposed to be some kinda hippo rite... but now i got so many names, kiko, goldfish... i think goldfish most appropriate le..cos of my late nites.I have to see my teacher today,1 on 1, regarding one of my final projects for this sem.while waiting for my turn i decided to go to the com lab to do an entry here. SO xian, i don't think i'll be tagging for quite sometime. U all gotta take care ya? reading thru the comments i can see some sad akians here (quarrel with bf) n super happy ppl (gettin married?).. just go thru such times together. It'll make everyone feel better...TAKE CARE peeps!

weiqi/mudco/kiko/(the original)GOLDFISH | 07/11/2006, 12:57

peace [Reply]


weiqi | 07/11/2006, 12:59

WQi [Reply]

WoW.. very touched u came here..wave

TaTou WaWa | 07/11/2006, 13:05


GOLDFISH!wad you original! haha! i think mine can be comparable to yours after this week! YOU!
so sweet and thoughtful of you to tag this! you jiayou also! dont swim arnd liao! hahah1 you are so cutee!=D jiayou alright!

" ak still love you despite your evolution!"

woots! JIAYOU! dont roll down the slope!

parrot | 07/11/2006, 13:07


it's realli sweet for u to come here & tag..
thanks alot..
am touched..

piglet | 07/11/2006, 13:09

Wq/Mudco/Goldfish [Reply]

All the best to u in ur study. We sure gonna miss U but we want most for u is to do well in ur study.

I just went to lv my trace in e new Blog u created. Nice pic and color.. purple my fav.

Hope u r feeling better cos I learnt tt u caught the flu too.

Akians..Wan Shui! We all will stay together to do U proud de..


Napoleon Wruss | 07/11/2006, 13:09

ok lah GOLDFISH - u shall be... [Reply]

tks agn appreciate yr acknowledging yr grp of faithful MLB supporters here.. we treat tis as a retreat.. for relaxation.. n to share .. hope u too can come here to relax.. n share with us.. as n when u r free n need to relax

AK - has a long history here, we broke up for a short period...

but that period mde all cuties miserable... luckily, our bond was still strong.. so we came bck together agn.. hopefully..all cuties can treasure tis bond n stand by together.. for the sake of our dear MLB...n our 'yuan fen' ... hope to remain strong n can grow stronger.. stronger to mke our MLB proud of us...

Goldfish - gd luck in yr exams.. jiayou...

we r so happy to c u here... enjoy yrself..

birdie | 07/11/2006, 13:12

weiqi [Reply]

are u feeling better now??
hope u are..
on the kdf night, did u saw alot of paramedics gathering at the place where we waved to u.??
we were kena bitten tt time..

piglet | 07/11/2006, 13:16

piglet [Reply]

send my regards to donkey...

any problem with her? ... she can tok to us jiejie n ayi here..

birdie | 07/11/2006, 13:24

birdie [Reply]

im not sure if there's anything wrong with her..
but i'l wait for her to tell me herself when she's ready..

piglet | 07/11/2006, 13:27



weiqi, you're so sweet! (: think now all the cuties must be feeling very happy. jiayou with your studies yep. always remember your health is more important!

salmon | 07/11/2006, 13:31

weiqi [Reply]

all the best for your exams..
and please take good care of urself..
rest more.. =)

piglet (on behalf of creamy doggy) | 07/11/2006, 13:38


al the cuties are behind this huge goldfish like hippo!

parrot! | 07/11/2006, 13:45

weiqi [Reply]

all the best for your exams..
and please take good care of urself..
rest more.. =)

piglet (on behalf of creamy doggy) | 07/11/2006, 13:59

mudco... [Reply]

so sweet of you to leave tags here :) We waited for so long le... so touched...

AKians are so happy now!!! dolphin & bambi are away...but i know they will be very happy when they see you here :)

thanks for the new pic. I luv it! :)

you work hard for your exam, k? we will support you all the way.. add oil, add milo, wadever you need :p but u must show us good results one leh.. :p

but you must also rest well and take care of your health, ya?

JIAYOU wor....

duckling...jumping up & down...hmmm...can a duckling jump?... | 07/11/2006, 14:12


cuties, so sorry, i m having a very busy week...therefore i m unable to tag...will come here to leave my scent when i can take a breather, k?

meanwhile, please take care...

duckling | 07/11/2006, 14:16

to mudco/kiko/( ORIGINAL) goldfish [Reply]

finally know why you wan to pput caps for original..
umm, you are really suuper thoughtful, went to the com lab just to tag for us..so nice of you=D

jiayou and jiayou! dont give up!
and you can jolly well give up on the idea of being a real life goldfish! haha! dont sleep too late la..

parrot | 07/11/2006, 14:37


dear akians
weiqi has plan b for the blog... maybe ak wants to plan a blog of their own too? ..where u can have a few members/moderators. Then u can post anything under the sun including pictures/videos etc. loads of things can share. U can also make the blog exclusive to akians and weiqi only ie. don't make it able to be searched publicly. Can be done with blogspot and somemore FREE! Must plan ahead like weiqi! Cutie Plan A! Must brainstorm for a nice blogname like maybe akluvkiko or mudcopetpet...etc - just a suggestion. I'll leave it to you to decide.

I'm leaving in the evening to cover a sick colleague. Its a last min decision so another colleague is taking over this laptop & duties here. I will not be tagging anymore. That would leave an available space for new 'member' a 志同道合的friend u may wish to invite.

Akians have fun here and with the MLB. Please be happy and merry.

Before i forget, to the bride of 11/11/06...
Bunnie, 祝你百年好和,甜甜蜜蜜,早生贵子。 Congratulations 要恩爱哦!

a chipmunk | 07/11/2006, 17:05

Yoz... [Reply]

Chipmunk gg, not tagging anymore? Scratching my fish head. Someone taking over yr laptop n duties here?

Anyway.. all the best. Come back and see us. If U have a com wherever you are.

Take this opportunity to welcome a new member, if tt person is oso interested to be an Akain. And look fwd to the sharing.

We should think about ur suggested Plan for AKian to have their own Blog. Is there a Blog within a Blog? Really do not like to grow away from MLB because we are part of them. Dolphin is the more technical one n wen she returns, we will see wat we can do.

All the best lor Chipmunk..JIAYOU!

Napoleon Wruss | 07/11/2006, 17:16


im here.

donkey | 07/11/2006, 20:12


think i shall leave AK, since i din tag a farewell tag in AK3.

my yuan fen end in AK3.
but i'll be peeping for goldfish. haa

sm | 07/11/2006, 20:37

hi Chipmunk [Reply]

like Npwruss, i am also scratching my
little head.. r u leaving for o/seas appt? anyway, tks for yr companionship n sharing of news all these while..

welcome u to be our vip/guest n pop-in when u can..

wishing u all the best in whatever u r doing..

we will MISS U!

BLOG - regarding tis - i had already regd one under birdie - for trial n standby.. long b4 our GOLDFISH/regd his blog....

had already infd our IT/expert dolphin just b4 she went to taipei...

of cos, tis is only a last resort..incase tis pl has to be chopped..

birdie | 07/11/2006, 20:49

donkey [Reply]

glad u r here.. r u sad? or having some kind of problem.. u can tok to us..

birdie | 07/11/2006, 20:51

eeyor the donkey.... [Reply]

I'm sad to see u leave ):
Haiz..saw u so cheery last Sat at KDF.

creamy doggy | 07/11/2006, 20:51

donkey [Reply]

u can go to AK3 to tag yr farwell if u want... if u do not want then it doesnt matter.. u can find yr way here, shows that u still hv yuan fen with AK.. no need to peep .. just tag when u can...

u r one of the weiqi's admirer.. n the 1st meimei to hope on to our wagon...

so u are actually welcome to stay..
any proble.. u can also email to me

at " caringeagle@hotmail.com

birdie | 07/11/2006, 20:56

donkey [Reply]

i dun wan u to go..
u better come back.. =)

piglet | 07/11/2006, 21:00


there's nothing wrong =)

hi birdie.
can i be monkey?

sm | 07/11/2006, 21:06


sure sm. u can.. infact fm the beginning i prefer u to be monkey
cos u like to swing here n there..

birdie | 07/11/2006, 21:21



monkey | 07/11/2006, 21:23

monkey [Reply]

so u dont disappered w/o telling yr the cuties here..

i was the one who encouraged u to join in the beginning at AK2.. cos u showed so much interest for our Goldfish..

u tag as n when u can...but must not be "0" ..

anyway, tagging here is only temporary... for how long we do not know

birdie | 07/11/2006, 21:26

birdie's blog for trial [Reply]


u all can take a look...

birdie | 07/11/2006, 21:27


it's abt the same as da new blog..
just the colour scheme different..
feel like askin the admin of this blog.. wad skin they're using or wad format..
cux it's better if the comments are placed out like this instead..

piglet | 07/11/2006, 21:31


welcome back monkey.. =D

piglet | 07/11/2006, 21:32

piglet [Reply]

i am no gd at IT/thing.. got to wait for our IT/expert to come bck.. to discuss..

birdie | 07/11/2006, 21:35

monkey [Reply]

welcome bck, but u must learn to say tku ...

birdie | 07/11/2006, 21:38


Monkey, welcome back...

elephant | 07/11/2006, 22:57


stupid monkey!
i really need to relax liao. too tensed up.
saw this lovely compo, felt it was rather touching..just feel like sharing to you cutie=D

by ordinary standard , Mr lee was a successful man.As the senior manager of a reputable comapny with significantinvestments in a variety of enterprises, he was deemed as a strong pillar of society and a role model for everyone to emulate.Married with three energetic boys , the income he earned was able to provide his family with all the loxuries their hearts could desire. HOwever, life is never too simple. His success defintely came with a cost.

mr lee put his heart and soul in his job. He was a workaholic who become so engrossed in his works that he began to spend less and less time with his family.
He hardly has the oppportunity to communicate and exchange notes with them as he lefft his residence at dawn and returned long after they had retired for the evening. As a result, his relationship with his family became strained over time. Mr lee brushed aside his wife's objections to his late hours with increasing exasperation failing to see he repercussions of the prolonged alienation from his family. until one fateful day.

" Do you realise the hefty consequences the company has to bear because of your error in judgement? " mr lee's boss could scarcely conceal his displeasure.

" i am really sorry, mr ng. i didnt realise how critical the situation was" mr lee tried to placate his irate boss." it will never happen again"

" you can be sure of tt. your services are terminated with immediate effect," mr ng snarled manvolently

mr lee's face turned ashen. His whole world crumbled at his feets. He stood there gaping in mute shock unale to utter a single syallbale.

when mr lee reached home, he looked so forlorn and dejected that his family immediately sensed that something was terribly amiss. With an expression devoid of any emotion, Mr lee broke the devastating news to them. He then locked himself in his room refusing to emerge over the few days despite his wife's fervant pleas to take his meals.

A few weeks passed . Mr lee's half hearted attempts to seek another job were futile.His family made a concerted efforts to cut down on their expenditures.SOon father's day was approaching. After much cajoling, Mr lee fnally agreed to his wife's request to attend a special tribute to fatheers organised by his son's school.

As mr lee sat in the spacious hall with a host of parents and their children sharing with their love for each other so openly. The programme started. His son excused himself to go backstage . Mr lee assumed that he was involved in a special performance. Soon the Mster of Ceremonies announced the winner of the prestigious essay writing competition. Mr lee felt a tinge of pride when his son's name was being announced

Mr lee's heart skipped a beat when he realised that his sonwas to read out hisaward winning piece to the entire audience. The ssay was entitled " My father". As mr lee listened intently , he came to realise how much his son loved and respected him. He then realised the effect his own suffering had on his family. Tears welled up his eyes as he listened to his son's admiration for him. The boys spoke of a deep yearning to occupy a more prominent place in his father's heart. Rhe earnest face with the sincere message touched the hearts of all in the grreat hall and the boy received a standing ovation.

For the first time, Nr lee felt a deep gush of pride and love flow through his heart for his family. He took his wife's hand in his and squeezed it. She smiled a him reassuringly. At that moment, he made a solemn vow. He could cast away the malaise that has enveloped him and make an effort to rise above his misfortune for the sake of his beloved family.

From that day onwards, Mr lee was a changed person. He found a good job that paid half of what he had earned previously but he felt a sense of fulfilment. He had more time to spend with his family. The zest and exuberance with which he played with his children in the backyard every evening aroused the attention of his neighbours who came to join in the fun. Every evening, the family would get together for dinner and share the day's happenings before Daddy helped the kids with their homeworks

the phone rang one evening.

" mr lee, this is mr ng, your former boss. We have had a change of heart and would like to have you back with the company. Can you start work tomorrow? We will make it worth your while"

" no way, " mr lee responded abruptly before hanging up

* shou ruan* typed the whole essay

touching indeed?
mayb it seems like another normal essay to some, but there is a underlying msg behind this.Your family is forever behind you , no matter what, caring and concerning you. they are always by your side. However, some of us, actually overlooked this point. to mi, spending time with family is always not in my priority, always i will tend to complain and ask why they cant get me this or that..but this essay gave mi an insight, we shldnt be asking ppl what they can do for you, but ask them what you can do for them..

just another essay tt eventually made mi cry..so touching* smile everyone..

i seems to be advertiser to promote family bonding,haha! wadever!

parrot | 07/11/2006, 23:01


piglet. you can click view and then source to get the html code for this blog. then you can try to edit it to make it into a blog skin. im going to try after my o's. (: the comments i think you have to get some web to host it. just like a tag board.

salmon | 07/11/2006, 23:05


parrot, practising for compo tomorrow?

salmon | 07/11/2006, 23:08


mayb! haha!
did a lot of thinkings this few days.
seriously, i totally dont seems to be someone tt is having such a major exam
haha! so slack
my brothers actually thought i finished my exams..
wad de=.=
bully their sis

parrot | 07/11/2006, 23:11


* parrot flying away to my study land* salmon , you bttr also go study..
my teacher asked us to treat english as a subject and not a language.
we ought to study for it=D
3 papers tml, dont know can tahan anot..
shucks, need to wake up early tml!

parrot!~ | 07/11/2006, 23:14

parrot/salmon [Reply]

gd luck n jiayou

birdie | 07/11/2006, 23:51

parrot [Reply]

the essay is quite touching...

birdie | 07/11/2006, 23:52

to Napoleon Wruss [Reply]

no worries!
ii wont spread de. XD
yea lor!
2 members of woaitomtoms is in AK.
i'm nt in it. T_T
can c tt AK is veri fun! XD

ZHU meiyi (: | 08/11/2006, 00:01

hi gd nite n rainbow dreams~~ [Reply]

every1, hippos, goldfish, cuties

birdie | 08/11/2006, 01:21

mind if i be bias and post a tag to our beloved mudco? [Reply]

hm, it must be my mudco radar working...

decided to drop in to AK today too, cuz i just finish a dreaded paper yesterday and it wasn't as hard as i thought it was... apart frm a few careless mistakes here and dere, it shld be good. it gonna be paper 2 of the math tmr though! hopefulli it will all go well. btw, maths was the reason why i disappeared from the internet world for tt few daes...

oh yah, so i going to leave a tag for our original goldfish becuz i realised that i haven done so for quite sometime... heh.

weiqi! do push urself hard for ur exams and jiayou! i hear u working all the time (bt tt gd, cherish the chance to study) bt u need to take care of ur health too. maybe u can take a leaf out of my book, slp earli and wake up earli to study? den u will definatly be able to preserve ur good looks. Or am I biased?

and btw, u have loads of postcards rite? u can join this webby www.postcrossing.com which u send postcards to people all over the world and receive postcards back. i happen to think tt it is rather meaningful. =)

PS. i think it is quite amusing of you to type 'xian' instead of 'xian' hm... accurate hanyu pinyin

PPS. now tt mudco has said that he is glad tt our AK is happily existing and growing, let continue to do so! let us get to noe one another betta after the exams...

ta-ta! have a great day ahead, everyone!

pink penguin gg to cont pia-ing for maths | 08/11/2006, 04:58

typo error [Reply]

i mean... type 'xian' instead of 'sian'...

pink penguin half aslp | 08/11/2006, 05:03


Welcome back Swinging Monkey!
Yeah, still remember the #1 supporter of Goldfish...Small Pink Monkey!

Good morning to all cuties!
Today I'm going to persever and never give up! Jiayou!

creamy doggy | 08/11/2006, 08:15

Just dropping by.... [Reply]

to say good morning to all cuties... i know i have not replied some tags...pls pardon me...give me some time, k? extremely busy lah...

Welcome back, monkey!!! R you still pink? hee hee... Luv ya!

GOLDFISH! Don't think you will be dropping by anytime soon... miss ya!

Dolphin & Bambi, let me give you a warm welcome hug in advance! Welcome back! How was the race? Dolphin, thanks for you-know-what... luv ya too!

NWurss, i hv not forgotten abt you...hv a wonderful day ahead! luv ya lots!

duckling | 08/11/2006, 08:45

Change name huh... [Reply]

From walking to tree swinging. Ok to me, whatever u choose stay happy. We all are part of Akains and you are w us for a long time ler, so dun any old how leave us...I am gg to pek pek ur backside cos we were in msn n u nvr tell me. Now you are a declared citizen - Monkey!

Meiyi, I think it is very funni to see a funni name here. Since both your friends are here, you oso come in ba. Give yourself an animal name. I will ask permission from Birdie. If she scolds, she can scold me lah. So I dun wan see the CS name here ar.

Cream.m.m.m.m. finally your good days are here. TT Boss of yr is lvg ler. You just have to preserve a few more days and it is over. Be Sweet to her. This world is v small, you dunoe you all may meet..and mayb frenz.

PP..ah.ha U find time to come in.

Duckling, I send u a pic of a beautiful mandarine duck for your msn pic. Use it.

Abt Project Exam - I am sending out an e-mail to you all. Please send in all your wishes and participations lates by tomorrow. Salmon if you have beautiful hand writing, we suggest u pen the mssg.

Oh Birdie, you started a Blog under your name. I oso have a space under Tatouwawa. You all are invited to lv msg to me and join as my friends.

OK...we will be waiting for one new member from Chipmunk's side. One more from TomTom side and tt's all.

Napoleon Wruss | 08/11/2006, 10:15

droppin by .. [Reply]

before i go out to study for my tests tt's arriving in 5more days..
and im totally not prepared for it.. =(

jiayou to parrot, salmon and pink penguin.. we cuties are always behind u.. =D

doggy, ren all the way bahs.. hahas..

duckling.. take good care of urself ya..

i woke up with a swollen eye.. it's so swollen tt my double eyelid became single eyelid.. argh.. very ugly.. hahahs..
how am i supposed to wear my contact lens andn go out?? ugh!!!
sadded.. =(

piglet | 08/11/2006, 10:20

gd morning all cuties [Reply]

can some1 tell me wer did goldfish post abt d new blog? i rmb seeing it somewer.. else pls gimme d link again can? thks~

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 10:30


back to work 1st.. b back later...

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 10:34

flamingo [Reply]


birdie | 08/11/2006, 11:00

Flamingo.... [Reply]

It is one blog down from the current CS. Go lv yr mark ba. I saw Duckling did oradi. I oso gone ler. Did it to keep a record or the blog in my favourite.

NpWruss | 08/11/2006, 12:16


thks birdie & NPWruss..

how to leave a msg huh? how come i choose d identity "others" cannt post de? some1 teach me can? i dunno wan sign up 4 d a/c coz i wont go maintain de..

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 13:40


ah, managed to post my msg le! :-D

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 13:50


piglet jiayou jiayou jiayou! welcome to the muggers club. lol.

npwruss, im pretty much done with what im supposed to do. shall email you. dont want to disclose too much here cos someone is not supposed to know. (:

i think i wrote a very lousy essay for my compo today. but for my functional writing, the principal im supposed to write to, i named him chan ruixiang nicodemus. LOL. was so super bored during the paper cos i finished 25 minutes early. so i decided to doodle. drew milubing and their instruments. dressed them up in super nice clothes and adidas shoes! then the teacher took the paper i drew on and crushed it and threw away. ):

alright, i go study already. (: hope you guys have a happy day! if you didnt have a happy morning, have a happy afternoon! remember, how you feel depends on how you want to feel!

salmon | 08/11/2006, 14:21

Welcome Home ME - Nah... we lost. :P [Reply]

Hey cuties, fatrhino n Goldfish! Wow, haha...so happy to see Goldfish here. Was hoping to see you here on Sunday night, before me n bambi left for Taipei, but its ok, as long as you find your way here. Hope you were not frozen when you opened the special package. :P

Well, thanks for all the jiayou, too bad we didn't win the race, we came in last. Haiz... all my fault, should have checked n confirmed the rules. Wasted 2 hrs and bad luck when drawing the lots. But its okay, we still got a small consolation price and made some friends. The race was really very fun. And there wasn't much free time left for us to shop so both of us treasure every single min to shop. Didn;t sleep much for the past 2 nights, less than 8hrs in total. So... I'm going to sleep now. Will give more in details when I wake up, hopefully can wake up tonight. haha...

dolphin KO | 08/11/2006, 16:10


its good that you enjoyed yourselves. win or not never mind! still proud of you!

salmon | 08/11/2006, 17:28


welcome back dolphin & bambi!

nvm tat u din win.. d fun was more impt.

waiting 4 ur update tonite.. :-)

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 17:51

dolphin & tokidoki [Reply]

welcome back....kena KO ah...haha...nvm lah...

fatrhino | 08/11/2006, 20:19


fatrhino *wave* (^^)/

dolphin still sleeping?

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 21:08

dolphin & bambi [Reply]

welcome back!!
waitin for ur updates..
it's alright tt u din win.. it's the fun tt u have.. =)
and ya.. i wan da videos s well wors.. hees.. =P

piglet | 08/11/2006, 21:18


dolphin and bambi!
WELCOME BACK!!woots..finally you guys are back=D

today has been a super tough day, my energy is totaly, mind you i used the word TOTALLY!!
argh! 3 papers in a row..who can ever stand it?

salmon, you got 25 min of free time?ARGH! why!i do until the last minute lor..aiyah! parrot use its small beak to hold the pen, mayb just because of tt..wrote the essay on holidays, left out all the nice nice phrases tt i tried to memorise since ytd..the whole composition is more on my own personal thoughts!=D
yES! i want holiidays to come! very stress! i could hardly bear the stress! the compos include what i want to do during holidays..wrote three points for it , hope i can impress the markers..

phy paper is a total killer. it almost kill mi!

holidays, i want you!
i really can hardly withstand the stress in mi! haiz~

i got this very strong feeling tt i am going to fall sick again..my body just cannot adjust to the exam time, which is in the early morning( for your info, parrot here is a night owl), the fear and stress i need to overcome every now and then, the worst of all, one of my right hand's finger is INHURED! PAIN! which means i need to stop playing guitar for a short period of time..

i really want my holidays to come!~
christmas , are you coming soon?
relieve all my stress and burden on mi!

tml is geography paper..which means i need to memorise and memorise, hand going to be luan again..need to write fast fast...sian!

mudco, i finally understand how you are feeling.
i cant force myself to smile anymore.

parrot-feeling stressed and need a vet | 08/11/2006, 22:44


yes, geog for me too. i gave a totally crappy compo. brain juice just cant flow. my questions was "dreams". its a wonderful topic to work on but i just couldnt do it. my chances of an a1 arent high for english. neither do i have much hope for tomorrow's paper. i want the maths and sciences to come!

I WANT TO WORK! dont want to study anymore! but im sure all the jiejies and ayis are going to say schooling is much easier. oh well, the grass on the other side always looks greener. ):

back to mug and load my brain with more info. how i wish i had photographic memory. heng i not goldfish. *woops*

salmon | 08/11/2006, 22:50


yeah! grass on the other side looks greener..
i cant really sit still to study, haha! only finished till manufacturing..sian..today, i will resume my identity as a night owl!

haha! for my compo which is mainly on holidays, the qns asked how i want to spend my holidays mah
1)work on my music!!( actually, i stole some of nic's personal opinion abt music! haha!~" i just want to do my music')
2) get involved in volunteery works( this is used to impress the markers..OPPS')
3) spend more time with my family.

thnks God, i managed to finsih everything in time.
phew! tml another hiong paper, haiz. i very scared i do not have the time to finish everything..i write stuffs super slooooow~

parrot | 08/11/2006, 22:58


let's share ways on how we can de-stress ourselves..* glodfish you can peek!*
for mi
1) eat lotsa and lotsa of ice cream!
2) scream and shout your head off
3) just simply cry out loud
4) anyhow play on my guitar
5) sleeping! that is the best!
6) just psycho msyelf tt i am on a holiday now
7) talk to my bros, they can entertain mi to a CERTAIN extent
8) come to Ak and vent it all out in word form
9) stare into space
10) do nth, stare into the space, and LAUGH!

yeah, i am too stressed.=X
but, ice cream is a very very very good way

parrot | 08/11/2006, 23:05

mudco goldfish* [Reply]

are you peeking in here? Hope you are NOT!
you better dont..
kinda getting worried for your health..you must have been habing late nights for the past few days working on your portfolio..
my cousin is getting more stressed up etc, i know you are too..adm students are having exams soon right, hope you can cope and pls pls take care of your goldfish body=D

parrot | 08/11/2006, 23:29


i'll add on!

> play online games.
> doddle and draw rubbish. basically wasting ink and paper
> girly talk with close pals
> blogging, writing
> parrot's point 8. ak has been such a good place to rant
> watch dramas. esp taiwan dramas and korean dramas.
> GO TO THE BEACH to play and have fun! (my favourite!)
> listen to music. loud music especially to destress. happy music to make yourself happy. STRICTLY NO SAD MUSIC in which protagonist whines for lost love and stuff like that
> BURN A TEXTBOOK! OR ANYTHING THAT CONTRIBUTED TO YOUR STRESS (alright just kidding for this point. but i might burn my chem textbook since chem is my last paper and i dont want to bring it along when i go out to party. the book is falling apart anyway.)
> play mahjong. PONG!
> eat a lot. (not advisable)

basically just look for happy things to do (:

salmon | 08/11/2006, 23:32


ohhh..yah just anyhow doddle and draw rubbish..rant to someone
yeah! listen to music!good good!
esp when you imagine you are behind the drum ..
yah burn textbook! haha!
i have a whole stack of the textbooks and notes for those exams tt ended..vry shuang to see the pile get taller..
it just give you a sense of achievement..
sometimes , i just admire mudco..
at least his course is smth tt he enjoy..minus the part he need to study what art hist and lit

parrot | 08/11/2006, 23:38


today, english paper two got a passage abt divers..make mi thought of mudco

parrot | 08/11/2006, 23:40


LIT IS COOL! i love lit. i wanna do more lit! they mentioned dolphins also. i really liked the whale. you know they were showing free willy on tv yesterday in the afternoon. felt like God gave me a hint or something.

im sneezing like crazy. parrot, we two are supposed to be mugging! im super energised. dont feel like sleeping. woohoo, i've beaten the sandman!

salmon | 08/11/2006, 23:47


parrot, wat's ur email? wanna send u a nice parrot pic..

flamingo | 08/11/2006, 23:56

awake but not totally [Reply]

hey guys, hee... I have woken up, not totally thou. Need to wake up for dinner n pack for tmr work n class.

K, here some more details of the trip.:)

There were 5 teams in this challenge, most of us went Taiwan before, not only 1 time but more than that. But the winner was a team of 2 bros who went once only. Haha, this game not only testing your knowledge abt taipei and also luck. We started at 8am with a clue of a location hand. There were 5 locations in total. Each of the team got to find the location base on the clue given and locate the station master there. We had to take a picture of the place and showed it to the station master before he/she would let us choose another clue. The clues were easy, except for one. I would said that we lost mainly becos of that clue, our not so lucky picked route and my fault of not totally understanding the rules.

There was a rule on time penalty which if you can't solve the clue, you can call the offical and they will give you the ans, but with a 2 hrs penalty. However, the penalty was very strange and sound a bit unlogical to me. For ppl who watch amazing race would know that penalty means you will be add time to your arrival, meaning if your opponents came later an hr than you but you have a 2hrs penalty, you will lose. This race is a 12hrs duration race. It offically stopped at 8pm. If you make a call, your official time is 6pm, means you have to get back by 6pm, else you will be disqualify. But they had unestimated the contestants and the Metro timing of the Taipei. Even if you call 5 times, its enough time for you to finish the route within that 2 hrs! So I thought that the time penalty was similar to amazing race and I was reluctant to call when we stumped at the 3rd clue. In the end, we were 2 hrs later that the winning team becos we wasted 2 hrs to search for the correct location, in vain, which we finally did call the helpline.

Other than the 3rd clue we got, the rest of the clues was so easy that we knew the ans once a look at it. we even know the exact location, need not to waste anytime to go searching for the correct entrance like what the other teams did. But that 3rd clue really killed us. It was something like "You have to pass through 7 guardians to crack the code for the past, present and future." I thought it might be the museum thinking that there maybe some "7" there. So we went to the meseum, ran up the hundreds flight of steps up and down, we can't find anyone waiting for us there. We asked the information counter, they could think up of any significant "7" there too. So we decided to try our next spot, Long Shan Shi temple, same thing, no station master. That was when we decided to call the helpline and got the ans. The ans is CKS Memorial Hall, becos there is a 7 arch there. The fuuny thing is, none of the teams guessed it correctly, but the 1st team got it correct cos they just guessed and go, lucky. After the race, i asked one of the station masters abt the clue n the 7 thingy, he himself, a very experienced tour guide, didn;t know it too! haha...

Luck is really important in this race. I can say our luck really not good, even the reporter who interviewed us after the race said that too. The 5 locations was dispersed, 2 at the far north,end of the metro, 3 at the central city. Our route chosen was city, north, city, north, city. the other teams had both north locations together where we had to take the train an hr more than the others. come to think of it, we were only 10 mins later that the 4th team, does that mean we were actually quite good? Haha...

Anyway, it was just a game. We had already won by going to taiwan FOC to play this game. We really had fun and the other teams are friendly and funny. The reporter even commented that we were too friendly to our rivals before the competition. Haha...

Here would like to wish the winner team, e big bioscience bro, have a good time of your prized honeymoon (he entered the contest to get free tic to honeymoon), n the younger dentist bro, thanks for your advise on the National Dentist Hospital, will go find you soon. :)

And the 2 gung-ho meimeis, have fun in Taipei! must go try the real stinky toufu. To the helpful lady cab driver and the young lady at the museum, you guys are great. Again display the friendiness and warmth of Taiwanese, xie xie!

Now anticipating for next year challenge. Korea? Japan? China?

dolphin | 09/11/2006, 00:02


woooise! flamingo, you added mi right? ummm! haha!=D

dolphin , glad you are back! where is bambi? can send the videos for the performance to garl( weijin)? she can edit for you!=D

parrot | 09/11/2006, 00:10


wah~ wat an adventure...

i read on d papers abt d 2 guys.. nt oni it's their 2nd visit to Taiwan, but their mandarin wasnt too gd either..

i agree... luck plays a major role.. no matter how gd u may b, w/o luck, gd things may turn out bad...

so dolphin, u dun act need to drive at all? juz take public transport to d diff destinations?

flamingo | 09/11/2006, 00:20


parrot, can wait for a while for the video? Cos it would take up a lot of space in my comp which is crying for more hard disk space now. It is easy to just cut and edit a single part, but I'm working on something bigger which really take time.

dolphin | 09/11/2006, 00:23


woosa! haha! i will be waiting!=D
yep! you know hwo to use de windows movie maker? i am doing a mega project after my o lvl tt requires this software=D

need to fly to my mugging land again..sian.tml is geography!RAGH!

parrot | 09/11/2006, 00:28


i know how to use! lol. but its not a good video editing software.

geog is boring me to tears..

competitions are cool. they bring people from different walks of life who share the same passion together. just like superband and the comp bambi and dolphin took part in.

salmon | 09/11/2006, 00:30


nite cuties...

flamingo | 09/11/2006, 00:34


thnsk flamingo! the parrot pic is very cute=D

i am still into the mlb version of ,'you make mi wanna fall in love', HOW?

parrot! | 09/11/2006, 00:40


im going to dreamland already. dreamland reminds me of my horrid essay. ): good night. although paper is at 2pm, dont sleep too late alright parrot!

salmon | 09/11/2006, 00:48


Nope parrot, I'm not using that, using director... more used to that. Jiayou on tmr paper.

Flamingo, it would be crazy for us to drive in taipei. it was famous in traffic jam and taxi driverd from hell. It would be safer for us to stick to the metro.

Haha, finally can read carefully what weiqi had written.

Well, kiko is my personal nickname for you lah. It just stuck on my head when we were brainstorming for your nick here in AK.
Not sure to say glad or not that u like goldfish as a nick. I invented that nick after getting a shock from your bloated eyebags and u told me you were not having enough sleep. So I tagged "Goldfish not welcome in AK", asking you to rest well, but somehow it spreaded from there...haha. Ok, gotta accept the fact that you are a Goldfish, the ORIGINAL one! jiayou for the exam! Pass with flying colours!

dolphin | 09/11/2006, 00:48


yah, wont be sleeping too llate, body cant tahan liao..go and pia now! it is a must!
pia pia pia!

rainbow dreams all cuties=D

parrot | 09/11/2006, 00:52


popped by again..suddenly detector received something.haha! just pop by to check if any cuties is still not asleep yet..

yep, jiayou guys for tml=D

parrot | 09/11/2006, 02:52

gd morning... [Reply]

no cuties in yet?

dolphin - haha.. i tot nid to drive de.. anyway, it's left hand drive in taiwan, so it's difficult too.

njoy d day every1!

flamingo | 09/11/2006, 11:06

Yozz..z [Reply]

Dolphin and Bambi welcome back. Din win the race nvm win some friends and tt is the sporting spirit.

Ya, Mudco aka Kiko aks Goldfish came here to destress while waiting for his turn to see lecturer. Hope Mudco guo guan ler! He tagged original probably scare some ppl think he spammer ma. Mudco, isn't it comforting to know you have a special home to come back too? Akians will be here as long as this Blog remains.

Air-toking is a specialty of MLB Blog.

Napoleon Wruss | 09/11/2006, 11:18

maybe change to sotong [Reply]

weiqi put ORIGINAL cos doesn't want ppl to learn from him, sleep so late n got swollen eyes. Hoe thoughtful...

Think maybe I change my nick, this sotong forgot handphone no. N times...

dolphin sotong | 09/11/2006, 11:58

dolphin/Npwruss/cuties [Reply]

Hi waves ~~~~ gd day to u all

welcome bck.. sotong/bambi .. u n bambi are winners...

NpWruss/cuties sori u all pls enjoy yrself.. will not be joining u all, sat... tks for the invitation..

myself will b having a reunion makan with my ex-colleague/ex-supvr..

Mr (original)Goldfish pls jiayou..

birdie | 09/11/2006, 12:35

dolphin/bambi [Reply]

hv nt read yr story yet, can only read tonight...

birdie | 09/11/2006, 12:37



salmon | 09/11/2006, 12:51

dolphin/cuties [Reply]

dolphin - u chk the link below, wld like to her yr feedbck.. cos i am an IT idiot..

new cuties - if u r interested to know how AK1 was formed can go read AK1 or go to the link below for a brief summary...


birdie | 09/11/2006, 13:15

I'm here!! [Reply]

Hi weiqi/mudco/kiko/(the original)GOLDFISH, cuties & fatrhino! I also back liao (^o^)/

haha, Weiqi so you really came here! was wondering if you read that freezing love note that dolphin gave you on sun, then coz' we left on mon afternoon, so missed you here on mon nite & tues too! sigh~ but nvm, the important thing, you came here to tag for us! so touched! thank you!!

Thanks all for the wishes too...though a bit sad that we did not win the race but we did quite a bit of shopping so I guess that kinda make up for it ya? :Þ
we used all the available time we have to do all the shopping so sacrificed some sleep...sleeping at 2am+ then waking up at 5-6am so when we got back yesterday, I was unpacking my things & doing some laundries and was too tired after that, so went to nap too, and only wake up at dinner time. I've tried to come in here after that, but the blog seemed to have some prob as usual, I couldn't connect, so didn't leave a tag...until now, after my lunch...managed to clear some o/s work from the past few days...so now got time to tag.. :)
As for how the race went, I suppose dolphin has already filled you all in with the details, so I shan't say it again...hmm...that is abt all for now ba...

Good luck to the ORIGINAL goldfish for the exams! to parrot, salmon, pink penguin too!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 14:16


Oh ya, forgot to add...
I saw a star at the airport while waiting for dolphin to reach, so that we can check in...I saw this guy, 2 guys actually, then 1 of them was wearing a cap...at first didn't see clearly who that was, coz' I was abit far from where the check-in counters are at, but becoz' he was checking in at the 1st class counter, so I just kpo, and see lor...then I notice there were a few girls standing outside the check-in counters area and take photos then it makes me more suspicious who that was, then I realise it was Milk...oh my, I was thinking...we're gonna be on the same flight!?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 15:04

Gosh.... [Reply]

I am panting..I am panting
New home, I search so long.
Ayi said AK move to new plc
and I need to go find. I tot
I am 'finish' not gg to find
here. Finally arrived! Whew!

Hoi! Lion Puppy arrived n
reporting to AK4.

I am not going away yet.

I went to CS, and my Nic Kor
missing so long, not even a
bark. I went to all the site
and latest one n mani others
was spamed. What is MDA doing.

Parrot, I finally know you are
Parrot=Kaysee. I thank you for
putting me in trouble. I told
you I use Ayi's working laptop
and dun tell her and you tell
her. She asked my Father about
our outing, he din say anything.
No answer. I know this is going
to happen. My Dad always leave
the children to my mum. Sigh!
Ayi havnt tok to mum so we wait
and cross our fingers. I want to
go n see Uncle Fatrhino.

Exam is really jailat. I am doing
OK. Wei Qi kor jiayou!

Waving to all cuties. Puppy came
n went.

Lion Puppy | 09/11/2006, 15:16


Hi Lion Puppy! (^o^)/
So, you found your way here too! but no other cuties around except me huh? and you come & go so fast...(-_-) so I suppose all cuties are here already rite? hmm...anyone else still MIA? can someone else help to confirm, birdie?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 16:20


haha! yah la yah la..
accidentally told your ayi, paisae lor!
you finally came in to report!WHEE~
hope we can at least give you a farewell dinner b4 you go=)

sry abt the trouble caused

parrot | 09/11/2006, 16:45

Final check... [Reply]

yoz..Bambi. Ya came in at a time when no one is here. I dunoe who is not here as there are new members some I dun even know.

Dolphin jie..wa..u go for Survival Race? Got TV media coverage? Let me know so I can watch on TV.

Cuties..take care and love you all lots..lots..lots..

Lion Puppy | 09/11/2006, 16:47


Lion Puppy, there wouldn't be any TV coverage for the race, but it wld be on the newspaper though, so look out for it ba! it's not a survival race lah, something more to like 'amazing race' or 'Huang Jin Chuan Qi'

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 16:54


oh it is huang jin chuan qi ah?
i watch tt programme before!
muahahha! quite nice though..
but the clues seems to be hard to deciper

parrot | 09/11/2006, 16:57


ermm, no, no...I meant the race is something like 'Huang Jin Chuan Qi', we did not actually join the show 'Huang Jin Chuan Qi' lah :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 17:07


found ak1 and 2=D
readin it!

so it is not tt huang jing chuan qi la..taiwan is quite big and has a lot of weird chinesse streest names..

parrot | 09/11/2006, 17:18


nope, that one that we went is actually a joint contest organised by our local newspaper and 1 of the travel agent, jointly with the taiwan tourism board, so it's considered a local contest ba, nothing to do with the taiwan variety show, just that the way the race is being made is similar...
yup, taiwan is very big compared to our small, small island...weird mah? ok ba, I think, prob coz' we are not used to it, some more it's more in traditional chinese writings...

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 17:35


yah! tt is why i dont dare to go taiwan alone..must bring someone whose chinese is very very strong to go along..
but after all, you guys gained a wonderful experience right=D

parrot | 09/11/2006, 17:37


yup! it was quite an experience lor :)
actually, if you watch more taiwan shows or go sing K, then u will slowly pick up all the traditional chinese characters liao...some are actually the same as the simpified version...

I think taiwan wld be quite a nice place to go, compared to places like HK? coz' language is not a prob for taiwan, but HK wld be a prob if you can't speak cantonese, though heard that recent yrs are better...and taiwan ppl are friendly too, so that's a plus :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 09/11/2006, 18:12


opps! haha! will try bah

samco is spotted in west mall wearing the red stripes tee..haha!

parrot | 09/11/2006, 18:19


mudco! so touched tt u tagged even though u are so so busy! bet u are keeping late nights to chiong your portfolio rite..haha..mus take care ar..drink more water..jiayou!! all the best for your exams, original goldfish! ^_^

welcome back dolphin n bambi! it's ok if u all din win..it's the experience that u get that's more impt rite? i believed u all hv done your best n enjoyed yourselves..so that's enough rite..hee..u all are oredi winners in our heart! :)

cuties who were bitten by insects durimg kdf concert night..duckling, piglet n froggie..i hope u guys are alright liao ya?

parrot, salmon n pink penguin..jiayou for the o's n a's! all the best for the papers..do your best ya...full steam ahead! n after that it's liberation..woots! :D

waves to all the cuties here..wun be tagging till the weekends..cos i hv to rush out 2 assignments..jus handed in 1 today..1 more to submit tml..hv fun cuties! :)

pink piggie | 09/11/2006, 18:30


read the ak1 tags halfway..
laughing my way thru.
but the ghost stories part is really scary..
laugh at the names you guys wanted to call the three hippos..
rmb pink penguin suggested mudco to be called goldfish..muahahhahaha!
read halfway, was really funny..
lots of memories

you guys take care=D

parrot | 09/11/2006, 20:18

e old daes... [Reply]

weiqi... does he has a good memory? i thinking of calling him goldfish... cuz a goldfish can onli remember stuff for 3 secs... very absent-minded... like how weiqi is so blur...

marshmallows | 30/08/2006, 21:50

haha~ thanks to parrot, i now rmb that i actually had plans for mudco to be called goldfish... haha~ so mudco! now you are goldfish not just cuz of your eyes (dolphin idea!) but also how blur you are... heh.

yah, those were the good old daes... i still remember that time we were rather insecure and worried bout how the hippos will react to AK and whether we were over-fanatics... looks like it was all needless worrying... (",)

WELCOME BACK BAMBI AND DOLPHIN! Really glad to see you guys back... sounds like a whole lot of fun... i want to go too! there was this competition before rite? before tis time round... cuz i read bout it before. haven read tis time round report... too bz studying le... the news! miss them!

ohhh...and i forgot! lion puppy is also having his a levels rite? aye... gd luck to you too! on top of salmon and parrot... as well as piglet who is also going to haf her exams soon... exams mania! i am glad to say i finished my maths paper today! NO MORE USE FOR MATHS ANYMORE! YIPPEE!

i am feeling a little more slackish cuz left onli two more subjects... but there is 6 papers in all la... and they add up all together to FOURTEEN AND A HALF FREAKING HOURS! wah, i want to pull out hair just thinking bout the papers i have...

I MISS AK and my life!


pink penguin | 09/11/2006, 20:59


Wave to all cuties!

Feeling a little blue today. Just a thought bugging me.

Need a Dr AK to help me to sort this out:

Why must there always be disguise to hide away our insecurities and vulnerabilities?

Why must there be favouritism to potray the value of justice?

Why must there be deceitness to magnify the greatness of sincerity?

Haiz...why must we be diplomatic to hide our true feelings yet still want to tell the truth?

Why or why? Why am I so puzzled and confused today?...

creamy dogg ...sinking in blues | 09/11/2006, 21:43


cream, share with you what my friend told me before.

the world is made like this. there is always the good and the bad. they contrast. good things make bad things VERY BAD. bad things make good things VERY GOOD.

and also the world is a great big irony, filled with many contradictions. its just the way of life. its unavoidable but you have a choice to choose whether you let it affect you.

not his exact words but roughly its like this

salmon | 09/11/2006, 22:12


the old days..anyway who is "peeking" in ak1 ah?didnt have the time and energy to read all tags just now.had been guessing though..

really touched to see how ak actually brings us ppl tgth

parrot | 09/11/2006, 23:13


creammy doggy, i dont know what to say to you..woots.think we just need to face this reality..this is the world wwe are living in..we are HUMANS!
argh!~just take things slowly at your own stride.

kan kan zhuo ke kai xin ren!=D

parrot | 09/11/2006, 23:25


cream, bu yao xiang tai duo.
Look things at a brighter side.

dolphin | 10/11/2006, 00:40

Creamy [Reply]

is not easy for ppl to understand how u feel inside u.. last 2 days, i was feeling down n blue myself, so i went out for a long walk by myself to ponder.. n manage to loosen my knots.. inside me..

u cn do that also.. sometimes only u yrself cn untie the knots inside u..

this is life, the world is such that, there are alot of unfairness, insincerity n hypocrisy.. thats why ppl r said to be sinful... is natural for ppl wanting to protect themselves, sometimes at the expense of other ppl.. but there are also alot of gd ppl around.. u just need to discover them..

sometimes just tok to God, during yr prayers can help or keep a diary.. n just pour yr thots n feelings into it or sometimes i just simply pour everything in a piece of paper how i feel, then burnt it.. n usually i will feel better..

u must hv some kind of system to help yrself.. to untie yr knots..otherwise u will feel v heavy inside u..

must learn to let go of certain things or feelings sometimes... no choice.. otherwise.. our hearts will die so many times..

like dolphin said bu ya xiang tai duo..

birdie | 10/11/2006, 02:28


anyway, v tired nw.. gd nite everyone

birdie | 10/11/2006, 02:31

hi waves~~~ [Reply]

morning every1 n hv a gd day..
will be gg to the dentist to burried my dead tooth in crown haha.. sounds like i am wearing a crown...

birdie | 10/11/2006, 10:06

dedicated to creamy [Reply]


"Life isn't a travel guide to follow
It's an adventure to undertake.

This is a magnificient journey you're on."

birdie | 10/11/2006, 10:11


sori error 'to bury'

birdie | 10/11/2006, 10:12

Yoz.z.z.z [Reply]

Wa..the Lion Pup came here too.

Cream I left msg for u in MNG.

Won be tagging weekends. U all enjoy ur bonding in msn.

NpWruss | 10/11/2006, 10:28

Birdie.. [Reply]

Aft my last fan nau, I realized I created it myself. I am sitting here brooding over what happened. The pictures played in my mind again and again and I became extremely unhappy. But on the contra, the ppl who caused me such agony did not realized and life goes on with them happily.

Glad u walk out of your niu jiao jian. The problem with us is 3/4 of the time we tell the problem to others and not the person who is affecting us. It is faster to go to that person and say you have affected me. Going to others may even agrivate the matter.

Napoleon Wruss | 10/11/2006, 10:33

To all cuties [Reply]

Have a nice day!

Napoleon Wruss | 10/11/2006, 10:34


Good morning to all cutie AKians!

Thanks everyone so much for the encouraging thoughts!

Yeah...a blue person will see the worst of the situation than a third party. My situation may be ain't that bad that I feel.

The blessings from this little episode are many:

I learn to know who are those who I can't be close with.

I learn the art of just being nice.

I see the ugly sides of human weaknesses, yet the beauty of strength and courage of a mortal.

I count each moment I live with pride and dignity. So, why should I be drowned by a little episode which it shall be a passing phrase.

Sleep le one nite...my mind can function better le.

Thanks everyone for ur kind concern, care and love.

creamy doggy | 10/11/2006, 11:05

Birdie... [Reply]

anyway, v tired nw.. gd nite everyone

birdie | 10/11/2006, 02:31

Thanks for staying up late to leave encouraging note to me. Rest well yeah? =)

creamy doggy | 10/11/2006, 11:22


creamy, glad you're better (:

wonder how's minty bunnie after her marriage. should be super happy and blessed ba. hope she will come soon to update us.

to parrot, pink penguin, piglet and our ORIGINAL goldfish, JIAYOU FOR THE PAPERS!

salmon | 10/11/2006, 11:49


oh YAH
where is minty bunny?
the wedding dinner is over alrd right?
yah, hope so tt she will come and update us

JIAYOU for the papers? you too!
mudco, you must too!=D
must be hard on you

parrot | 10/11/2006, 12:30


Bunny must be on honeymoon now... hao xing fu...

Here a great news!
Jetstar 2nd anniversary offer!
So cheap... but don't know where to and when can go...


dolphin | 10/11/2006, 12:41


gotta go for my maths exam!
salmon, you jiayou too! fly to school so early( OPP~ i meant swim!)

pink penguin, you too, taking your 'a' level right? JIAYOU!

mudco,pink piggie and piglet, also right? next/next next week is your exam! argh!` give mi a chance to laugh at you!

seems like most of the akians are having exams..so sian!

you guys need to take care=D

parrot!=D | 10/11/2006, 13:54

Bunnie [Reply]

Wishing u a blissful marriage!

Finally your big day has arrived!


flamingo | 10/11/2006, 16:28

hi cuties [Reply]

it's fri! hv a gd wkend!

those hving exam, can take a breather over d wkend! jia you!

flamingo | 10/11/2006, 16:29

hi bunny~~ [Reply]

tomorrow is yr "BIG DAY" rite..

"Congrats n Best wishes~~~ n jiayou, the next stage of yr life...

birdie | 10/11/2006, 17:32

Bunnie [Reply]

Congratulations on your BIG DAY tomorrow.

We've done what you need to do, so just take it easy and have fun tomorrow, sia?

Here's wishing a blissful marriage and many, many wonderful years ahead.


duckling | 10/11/2006, 17:43

Hoi LionPuppy ~~ [Reply]

"I am panting..I am panting
New home, I search so long."

haha, tis jungle ulu rite... aiya, u got locked up for too long liow!.. so yr sense of direction.. lacking la ~~

anyway, WELCOME bck..to the new home.. come bck more often ah..

birdie ayi | 10/11/2006, 17:46

dolphin [Reply]

bunny's BIG DAY is Sat/2morrow la..

birdie | 10/11/2006, 17:52


Creamy, glad u hv unknotted yrself..

penuin - the world is round le, -finally Goldfish comes home.. haha..

u wanted to call him Goldfish due to his blurness ..

dolphin called him Goldfish due to his late nites..

Mudco acknowledged -- Goldfish is more appropriate for him..

birdie | 10/11/2006, 18:06


penguin sori spell yr name wrongly..

birdie | 10/11/2006, 18:07

Bunnie..... [Reply]

Dunoe whether u see this or not but wishing you all the best. U must be the most beautiful bride lor. When you walk beside your newly wed husband, may life ahead be blissful and happy, lots of sharing and love, respect and Joy!

Jiayou... one AKian is gg to be married tomorrow, yeah!

Napoleon Wruss | 10/11/2006, 18:09


i thought she got married already. oops.

bunny! still must wish you bai tou xie lao, en en ai ai, mei man xing fu (: and zao shen gui zi? lol. you'll be the prettiest bride tomorrow. and hopefully the happiest too. may you also gain favour with your in laws. yup and have a happy life!

jiayou to all those still having papers. after this period is over we must go have post-exam celebration (:

salmon | 10/11/2006, 19:41

minty bunny [Reply]

wishing you a blessed matrimony....

fatrhino | 11/11/2006, 00:25

finally [Reply]

its weekend again....
but still can't sleep as long as I like this weekend, haiz...
Hope my phone won't ring tmr morning, so i don't need to rush to help out at worksite. tmr on standby mode. sianz...

dolphin | 11/11/2006, 01:59


paiseh... I lost track of bunny's big day is tmr. :P

Bunny! Wishing you a happy ever after marriage life! Zao Sheng Gui Zi, then we can have our second generation of AKian. ")

dolphin | 11/11/2006, 02:02

Finding perfect men [Reply]

At a local coffee bar, a young woman was expounding on her idea of the perfect mate to some of her friends.

"The man I marry must be a shining light amongst company. He must be musical. Tell jokes. Sing. And stay home at night!"

An old granny overheard and spoke up, "Honey, if that's all you want, get a TV!"

birdie | 11/11/2006, 02:05


ii read the tags at ak1.
read halfway.
the tags is so swt & cute! XD

ZHU meiyi (: | 11/11/2006, 02:10


bird, didn;t you know?
my lover is my computer.
my husband is my mouse.
and my keyboard...my hong yan zhi ji. :P

hee... the perfect dream man is just not here yet. But I got a part time boyfriend who only my boyfriend on my birthday. :P

dolphin | 11/11/2006, 02:20

hi waves~~~ [Reply]

morning hippos, goldfish, cuties, hv a happy day, shopping/makan/movies n gd luck to those, boyfriends/ girlfriends/husbands/wives searching...

since, the 'FEICHANG SUPERBAND N MLB' days.. i think many fans treat 'TVs, COMPUTERs, MP3' as their bf/gf things... but the 'HIGH FEVER' is slowly cooling offffffffff...

just hope, our cuties love AK n can help to keep it 'STRONG' n 'FUN'
..otherwise, we too hv to 'pop' like a balloon..
haha dolphin... u really sotong ..
luckily 2day is our dear bunny's BIG DAY, not yrs... otherwise u may end up thinking.. 2day.. u're suppose to go for yr honeymoon(joking)..

But, if is yr 'BIG DAY'.. tis sotong will definitely be v v alert rite?

sometimes, in life gd/close friends are more lasting than wives/husbands ...

everything on tis Earth is only temporary.. including tis MLB/BLOG n even human beings... so enjoy while we can.. take ea day as it comes.. cheers~~~

*** To the 3bings/hippos -pls treasure yr friendship..


birdie gg out too | 11/11/2006, 11:23


i also thought tt her wedding day passed!
argh! salmon and dolphin , you also tot so?
haha! we lost track of time..

one akian is marrying off! ARGH!
hope you have a blissful marriage, and must tell us where you are going for honeymoon , okie!

parrot | 11/11/2006, 11:38

Perfect Man.. [Reply]

Read it from somewhere tat a guy shared what he reckons a perfect man would be.

From a man's perspective: A perfect man is "A man who shares his time, thoughts and future with his woman." Short and simple definition..hmmm...but I think it carries lots of truths in it. :)

creamy doggy | 11/11/2006, 11:53


Sharing with you this v emo canto-pop:


作曲 / 編曲 / 監製:雷頌德

青春彷彿因我愛你開始 但卻令我看破愛這個字
自你患上失憶 便是我扭轉命數的事
像狐狸精般 並未允許我步近

無回憶的餘生 忘掉往日情人
無回憶的男人 就當偷厄與瞞騙 抱抱我不過份

*吻下來 豁出去 這吻別似覆水
再回頭 你不許 如曾經不登對

能從頭開始 跪在教堂說願意

娛樂行的人影 還在繼續繁榮
人造的蠢衛星 沒探測出我們已 已再見不再認

Repeat *

我下來 你出去 講再會也心虛
吻下來 豁出去 從前多麼登對
何以雙眼好像流淚 每年這天記得再流淚

Note: Not my story har! keke...

creamy doggy | 11/11/2006, 12:21


was readin thru Ak1, haha! yoou guys are soooo cute..
esp the part when you guys were leaving hints for nice, via email, sms thru his fren, leaving hints..
but in the end, he got the hint?
ARGH! it just want mi to carry on reading.addicted to the tags in ak1..
how did mudco found it?!
will be continue reading, till parrot me found the answer!

parrot | 11/11/2006, 12:30


Parrot. Nico didn't get it.
I think samco n fatrhino told mudco.
Or someone gave a note to mudco for the address to ak.

creamy doggy | 11/11/2006, 12:36


how did samco and fatrhino got it?

yah yah i know what, carry on reading it=p

parrot | 11/11/2006, 12:39


we hinted to samco n fatrhino..acty both still din get it.
Mudco found the clues and found AK de.

creamy doggy | 11/11/2006, 12:40


haha..yuan feng.

parrot | 11/11/2006, 12:42


Another nice emo canto-pop, man's turn now:


月半小夜曲 - 李克勤
曲:河合奈保子 詞:向雪懷 編:杜自持

*仍然倚在失眠夜 望天邊星宿
仍然聽見小提琴 如泣似訴再挑逗
為何只剩一彎月 留在我的天空

#人如天上的明月 是不可擁有
情如曲過只遺留 無可挽救再分別
為何只是失望 填密我的空虛

+仍在說永久 想不到是藉口

提琴獨奏獨奏著 明月半倚深秋
我的牽掛 我的渴望 直至以後

重唱 *,#,+,%,+,%

creamy doggy | 11/11/2006, 12:47

hi [Reply]

yi yer, no fun, so easy to find. ure clues too easy le. moucee's head still battling w its heart, so garfield got fed up n ate moucee up!
Had a crappy week at work, boss was so super getting on my nerves so come in here to crap.
When I am stressed, instd of ice cream, I juz chomp on chocs cos they help to release those wonderful lil things called endorphins (i tink) into the blood stream tt somehow makes u feel better abt everything. Nowadays starting this bad habit again, no wonder growing sideways again. sigh. My fav is Hawaiian Host choc. Yummy! recently got introduced to these jap choc 4 kids, cant rem the brand but v addictive too.
Those hving exams, buck up! it's no fun working. Wn I was studying, I neber tot tt I wanted to be an adult n start work. Being a student is paradise man, no responsibility at all, just need to study n play. enjoy it while u can! Shiok man except 4 exams of course!

garfield | 11/11/2006, 15:30

can i take a poll? [Reply]

working peeps, which wld u all choose:
1) job which u enjoy most part of it but u realli DON'T like ure boss's mgement style. office is in a good location. colleagues ok
2) job of more challenging nature than 1), possibility of getting a better boss? office in a far ulu location. u hv a close friend as a colleague

students, feel free if u want to join poll. maybe can give me a diff perspective.

garfield | 11/11/2006, 15:45


haha! parrot here is a student, but i like challenging work..i will like to choose 2 i think!
but i am not an adult yet!~
study hard first!

garfiled cat! you eaten up our mighty mouse up!?

parrot! | 11/11/2006, 16:21


zZz. got spammer spamming dirty stuffs in cs again. this time its in chinese! and its super long. eye sore leh. in chinese some more. double eye sore. all the meimeis ah!!! super inconsiderate spammer. MUDCO, SAMCO, NICO! DELETE IT!

npwruss, went to peep at the other band's blog le. they sound jealous even though they say they are not. i also suspect they are the spammers. they better leave AK alone!

heard a dedication to milubing on 933!

anyway, today has been a great day. nice meeting you pink piggie and npwruss! pink piggie, hope you and the big bag of stuffs got home safe and sound. (:

salmon | 11/11/2006, 18:20


finally submitted my assignment yesterday..mus study for exam le..will be tagging less often till 22nd nov..

bunnie! getting married today hor..zhu ni men tian tian mi mi, bai tou xie lao, en en ai ai.. :)

nice meeting u too salmon.. :) dun worri..i got home safe n sound..n the things din get wet..haha..hope we get to meet again after your exams ya..jiayou!

hv a great weekend ahead, cuties! :)

pink piggie | 11/11/2006, 21:16


garfield, how can u ate up our mouse, return back to us.

hmm... no 2 ba... i guess. Cos I'm in no 1 now and I'm seeking for a change, for would be 2. But think the best selection for me would be no need to work, be a shao na na. Live to shop, sleep n slack. tats what I call life.

dolphin daydreaming | 11/11/2006, 21:59


rainbow dream all cuties

parrot | 11/11/2006, 22:37


student's point of view:

it depends on what kind of person you are and what you really want.

you didnt state the salary of both jobs. if you are the practical kind or in need of cash or materialistic, choose the higher paying one.

lets say if you're not the kind mentioned above, job one would be good because if you really enjoy something, you wont let anyone affect you from pursuing it. if you're the kind that wants peace or a steady kind of life, choose 1. who cares about the boss, you still get paid. even if you get shit in the office, being situated in a not ulu location you can get home in a shorter time to rest and recharge. and you can go around your office area for lunch, can go shopping somemore! friends can be made so the collegue part shouldnt be a prob.

if you're the kind that seeks thrill, challenge, love changes, pick 2. having a close friend is a plus point. better boss? still not confirmed. ask yourself if you're willing to take the risk. if there is a high possibility of having a good boss, good for you. if you get a sucky one, job 2 may be even more challenging! and if you are tired from all the challenges at work and want to go home to rest, you might take a long time to reach home. this may affect your rest time, time spent with family, as most time is spent travelling to and fro, cracking tough questions faced in work ect. but if you like challenges and can adapt well to them, job 2 will be a pretty good choice for you

job 1 may get quite boring cos it may become a routine. job 2 may sometimes be too challenging.

for me, im the practical kind. money is still the most important when it comes to picking a job. in singapore, its difficult to chase your dreams even though the television makes it sound so hopeful. DOU SHI PIAN REN DE! if you want to provide for your family, buy house, car ect, you need cash. and to me family is important. wont want to neglect family because of my job in the future. thus i will choose job 1. its a steadier job. its like a two-in-one, carrer plus interest. not a bad choice.

i want life to be challenging now. fun and risk can look for me now. but next time when i work and plan to have a family and things like that, i prefer everything to be more peaceful and comfortable. dont want to be in a battle field everyday, bombarded with challenges. also, when you get older, you may not cope with challenges as well. like how in primary school you probably enjoyed maths, but in sec school, maths is horibble piece of crap. (okay i know my comparison skills not very good.)but if you're making it a long term job, you might want to consider again.

so i vote for job 1!

ps: i felt like i just finished an ss essay. (:

salmon | 11/11/2006, 23:15

ho-hum [Reply]

to quote salmon, "like how in primary school you probably enjoyed maths, but in sec school, maths is horibble piece of crap." JC? it is one whole big nightmare... haha~

OHH! minty bunnie is getting married today? ALL THE BEST! Hopefully everything went well for her, it should be a great night for her...

heck, maybe she got drunk (haha~ just kidding okie, bunny, don't kill me when u see this tag... so did you get enuff angbaos? last time you can get them, you know? heh.)

hm... garfield, i am more inclined towards job 2. I believe it is rather frustrating to work under some1 you don't agree with... And i would definately want a close fren as a colleague cuz you can nv trust those ok colleagues... haha~ over suspicious. cuz for some1 to be my close fren, we must have undergone some sort of trial together... (",) in a far ulu place? let assume that one will haf a car or rather, have a good looking colleague that is willing to send you home. heh.

uh uh, agree with dolphin. The best is to becum a tai tai. Once in a while watch tv, play mahjong, if you feel like it, den dabble in shares or start a business and hire ppl to look after it. And travel around the world. THIS IS LIFE! (",)

oh yah... npwruss, parrot, salmon and pink piggie, rmb to update us about how the whole *ahem* went and whether someone *ahem ahem* got a great *ahem ahem ahem* and is happy.

sorrie. got sorethroat.


PS. Birdie, I love your joke about the perfect man... so true! aiyo... tt very ironic, isn't it?

pink penguin | 12/11/2006, 00:46


im sorry for not taggin this few days..
been busy...
assignments not yet done..
tests not yet prepared..
so many things yet so little time..
hope everything goes well ytd..

pink penguin.. u've got a sore throat arh.. then mux take care wors.. hees. =P naughty u.. hahas

parrot and salmon.. hang on there.. =) 8 and 5 more days to go respectively.. hahas

pink piggie.. jiayou for ur exams..
my tests startin tml le.. wahahhas..
so fun.. hahs.. *im mad!!*

bunnie.. sorry for this late wishes.. =P zhu ni men bai tou xie lao, yong bu fen li. zhao shen gui zi.. =D

to rest, take care.. !!

piglet | 12/11/2006, 11:24

haha... [Reply]

dun wanna return...cos the moucee too uptight, hopefully garfield will b > relaxed here n i am a slob too juz like dat fat cat. haha didn't know there r quite a few tai tai wannabes here. tt is e unwritten 3rd option!
wah, salmon, u r so cute. well analysed! tot tt i was ready for a peaceful n comfy job but it comes w a price. like ur analogy abt maths but I luv math. 4 me, its the only subject tt can score consistently.
pp, believe me wn i say it is damn FRUSTRATING to wk with someone like dat.haha, office romance is a no no.

garfield | 12/11/2006, 15:48

salmon [Reply]

oh ya keep wanting to write this last time but no opp. luv all kinds of salmon in the following order: fresh sashimi (best!), smoked, baked, teriyaki.hope everyone had a good wkend n ready to go all out to charge in watever u do tmrw!

garfield | 12/11/2006, 15:59


its really quiet here today. wheres all the cuties? busy having fun outside?

seems like a lot of cuties like to eat salmon. im in great danger! i love all kinds of salmon except raw salmon. raw stuffs are just so... er raw. |:

going to kill some monsters online before going back to do maths. maths gives me a headache. ):

salmon | 12/11/2006, 17:36

hi all [Reply]

garfield u ate up our mouse.. sob~ mouse gone.. luckily mouse did a farewell at AK3...

we welcome garfield, the cat.. garfield shd be more relax type...

i hv wkd both types.. so i will choose the 2nd, but if there is a chance, i wan to be free n easy.. so i can roam the world haha.. daydreaming like dolphin n pp..no need to worry abt money problem..

when will that day be?

to those still having exams.. gd luck n jiayou..

Goldfish - jiayou..

birdie | 12/11/2006, 17:44


i like all kinds of fishes - steam, grill, bbq, deep fried,stir fried or curry,except raw .. i tried raw salmon, but don't like it.. but dont mind 'loh hei' type..

i like cod fish best..

birdie | 12/11/2006, 17:50


also like baked, teriyaki type but found smoked a bit on the dry side..

birdie | 12/11/2006, 17:53

garfield [Reply]

agreed, the clues too easy.. but some ppl still found it difficult to come here..

birdie | 12/11/2006, 18:02

waves~~~ [Reply]

dolphin & bambi, welcome back. You are our winners!

dolphin, remember we tagged abt downloading youtube videos? I have tried the ST method again and it works. you can try if you've got some time to spare :) May I have video of the performance you taped at RP when it ready, please? Tks ;)

NpWruss, dolphin, falmingo, pink penguin, parrot, creamy doggy, piglet, elephant, pink piggie & fatrhino, thanks for all your concern when i was bitten by insect. Was so touched =) (hope i din miss out anyone)...

we have a new cutie who have eaten our mighty mouse???

I wont be tagging much for the next two weeks or so, coz on top of my work, I hv an assignment to finish, a test to prepare and two papers to study...

will drop by and peek when i have the chace ba...

meanwhile, all cuties, GOLDFISH (hope you turn back into a hippo soon ;p), hippos & fatrhino, please take good care of yourselves.

those having exams, JIAYOU!

duckling | 12/11/2006, 19:40


garfield, i may choose job 1? cos i believe tt nth can get in my way if i enjoy my work..maybe i'm too simple in my thinking..but tt's me..hehe..of course, best thing is to be a tai tai la..dun need to work..everyday go shopping, at home watch tv, play mahjong..haha..tis is life.. ^_^

cuties, everything went well yesterday..n we bought quite a lot of stuff..haha..wondering how i'm gg to stuff everything into my bag..cos i dun wan to bring another paper bag in case it gets stolen when i leave it outside the room when i go *ahem ahem*..pink penguin, u hv sore throat too? me too..n flu as well..nose having marathon after nico n mudco had their share..keke..will send all of u an email soon..do look out.. :)

pink piggie | 12/11/2006, 21:42


pink piggie. All the best and best of luck for your *ahem ahem*.

Rmbr to smile and err..be composed.

So, u won't be bring a stalk of *ahem ahem*.

Awaiting for to hear your adventure story.

creamy doggy | 12/11/2006, 21:46


lots of typo, so Corrections:

pink piggie. All the best and best of luck for your *ahem ahem*.
Rmbr to smile and err..be composed.
So u won't be bringing a stalk of *ahem ahem*.
Awaiting to hear your adventure story.

creamy doggy | 12/11/2006, 21:48


oh ya pp, parrot n salmon..hang in there..exams gonna be over realli soon..after that u guys are gonna hv long hols..jiayou!!

piglet, jiayou too..mine starts on wed..n i havent realli study..gg to burn midnight oil like parrot le..haha..

weiqi/mudco/kiko/the original goldfish, know tt it's hard for u to juggle btw work n studies..but jiayou k..we are always behind u! :) good luck n all the best for your exams!

pink piggie | 12/11/2006, 21:50

duckling [Reply]

jiayou in yr studies.

garfield is not a new cutie ... is a reincarnation of of our MM...

birdie | 12/11/2006, 21:51


k gd nite every1 need to sleep nw.. unusual le.. unusual only when my body gone haywire... rainbow dreams..

birdie | 12/11/2006, 21:54


creamy doggy, no *ahem ahem*..but we drew it for u..specially for u lei..touched not..haha..will post my adventure when i'm back..;)

pink piggie | 12/11/2006, 21:59


*ahem ahem ahem*. we have to speak in code now. we really bought to many *ahem*. can send to refugee camp. woots.

will send out pictures of the *c-ahem*. pink piggie, must send cream the special *ahem* we specially drew for her. (:

salmon | 12/11/2006, 22:31


for o and a level students.

MOE adjusts timings of GCE O and A level papers on 16th and 17th Nov


parrot and i are affected. pink penguin taking a's right? do check out the page.

salmon | 12/11/2006, 23:05


no la salmon..i was realli clearing my throat..haha..yup..i will send the pics out veri soon..haha..the things are realli alot..lol..

pink piggie | 12/11/2006, 23:33

monday again [Reply]

don't really like monday, tats why I always like to clear my leave using mondays.

Since so many ppl asking for RP video, I'll try to upload asap.

How come its not my exam yet I'm having exam stress too? haiz...

dolphin | 13/11/2006, 01:57


hahahs. thanks dolphin.. =)
reali is alot asking for the RP performance. =P
but take care of urself s well ya?? =D

piglet | 13/11/2006, 02:16

Yo..Yo! [Reply]

Welcome Garlfield to AK. Why U eat fish..there are a few fishes here and pls dun chew us OK..

Ya man! Give us back our mouscee. We have bn anticipating your arrival since Mouscee said it is lvg. Pls get Mouscee to drop by as and wen Mouscee is ready.

As for your poll... I am currently facing your # 1. Can't escape. Pay too gd to let go cos I still got commitment at home. Sigh! 古人always said 为三斗米而break the backbone.

Pink Piggie..pls send pic of the 'ahem ahem' out to all Akians. Oh ya! you wan to B a taitai.Aspired lah! Must catch the right Richie Rich at the right time.

Salmon..U are right, looks like the 'ahem ahem' can feed a refugee camp.. Kua Zhang lah! Anyway hope both Piggie and you had a good time. You are truly adorable!

Cream.m.m.m.m yr 'ahem ahem' cannot include so Salmon pen it. V nice and won die n dedicated by you to 'Ahem'.

Duckling..ppl asked abt yr insect bites immediately n u took 1 week to reply. Must buy u a new watch.

Wave to all cuties....today a busi day. In the evening our company is hvg a Fesita Latin gathering. But I am not gg.

Napoleon Wruss | 13/11/2006, 10:18


salmon , you are too kua zhang alrd..refuge camp?i doubt he can survive on tt for WEEKS!
haha!~ by the way, i am a parrot that like to eat salmon..muahaha! all kinds!

yeah, all those who are having exams, i am alrd happily down-counting the days left, i am sure you are too!

pink penguin, you also jiayou! so long never see you alrd..kinda missing you also! is exams still going alright with you?

every cuties have a nice day ahead, though i know is monday( yeah, monday blues is in the town today), be happy!

dolphin, you take care also.sometimes i am really wondering how a dolphin actually can manage to juggle btw work and studies in one go..goldfish also..but his job is smth tt he has passion in it..i hope your job is smth tt you like?

doggy, there is a garfield in ak! hope you two wont chase each other..will cat chase birdie and parrot also? i think soooo..OPPS~
haha! you and your stalk of* ahem ahem* ..okie!! hha!

parrot | 13/11/2006, 11:53


just another thought for the day..

what do you think a father shld do for you?
give you fatherly love?
a house to live in?

i am not asking for much, but what actually is the duty of a father?/

parrot | 13/11/2006, 11:55


hey cuties! check ur mail.. :)

back to mugging.. :(

pink piggie | 13/11/2006, 12:13

Crazy Monday [Reply]

monday again, haiz... really hate monday, esp if u need to work. Problems of last week keep popping out of nowhere. Hope can settle everything by today.

Parrot, think paying attention in class helps me to juggle work n studies too. I try to keep awake and understand what the lecturer trying to explain. I scribbles all over my notes, lecturer's words and my own definitions. Never being so hardworking in my school days before. Guess my current job helps too, I'm can be quite free most of the time, when there is no prob for me to solve. My main job here is to solve prob. My prob & other ppl problems. Sometimes nothing more than a telephone operator. Do I like my job? hmm... if you dread to work everyday and wish to take leave forever, do you think you love your job? Thats my answer. And my studies is one of the way to help myself get out of it. Remember what I told you long time ago? Think carefully before you choose your path, esp now. I chose wrongly when I was at your current stage, there is not way to turn back time, so now I'm trying to mend the broken parts back, hope its not too late.

Father and mother, they are as no different. What a mother can do, a father can too, sometimes, just the male ego hinder them for that.

What a cheem monday...

dolphin | 13/11/2006, 12:20



the *ahem*s really can feed you for very long lor. maybe eat as proper meals can last 3 days? okay, maybe not so much. but i remember we really bought a lot. (:

npwruss- yep, had a good time. like go shop for party like that. (: heh

dolphin, stress by us? haha

parrot- no dont eat me!

regarding your question about father. i think for every parent, their responsibility is to nurture their child to be someone of use to society using themselves as examples. a lot of parents only know how to use their mouths to teach, but not their actions. but they dont realise that their child learns thru their action. for example if the cashier gives the parent extra change, the parent should return it instead of keeping it. but sad to say, most people wont do that, thus most kids wont learn it.

fathers and mothers both play different and important roles in the family. to me, a father's basic job is to provide for the family financially. but on top of that he has to show care and concern for his children. he should try to understand them. and not think its a big deal because is the one providing them financially.

instilling discipline should be the job of both parents. not solely the father. it will affect the child and make them feel that their father is very unaproachable. similarly, it should not be just the duty of a monther

actually a father should behave like any ordinary gentleman. dont gamble, dont womanise, dont drink excessively, dont abuse. must be loving.

i heard that daughters are supposed to be closer to their fathers but in my family its not like this. dont know why either. maybe because he doesnt spend much time with us since i was 11. recently he tries to be closer to us, but he cant achieve it anymore and we get a little irritated. but afterall he's still my father. although not the perfect one i want to have, still have to appreciated. you cant choose your dad but you can learn to like him. which i am learning to do so. at least i have a dad. im lucky already compare to others who dont. i always tell myself that.

oops, i think i out of topic already.

yup. pinkie has sent you guys the pics so i guess i dont have to send already (: go check your mails!

salmon | 13/11/2006, 12:32


npwruss, had a great time on sat..haha..so funni la..was trying to protect the bag of things from the rain when i walked home..haha..

salmon, there's no pinky here.. :P haha..pink piggie sent the pics to the cuties liao..so yup..i am oso not veri close to my dad..tink i'm closer to my uncle..since i hv been living with his famiy since i was a baby..like 2 moths old? yup..tink bonding is veri impt..so yep..learning to love everyone arnd me.. :)

pink piggie | 13/11/2006, 12:48


umm, is it tt case?
dont think so, i feel so stressed abt this, wondering where does the problem lie on?mi? him?

frustrating..for sure, they thought kaysee is still the old kaysee, havent change at all. the rebellious one.mayb just because of tt..even if i change, they might still sterortype mi or smth..

haiz.i changed, i did change into a bttr one..but the mark in them nv get erased..what can i do?

sometimes, i really wonder what if i am not born in this family?
everytime mi and my father talk, he will surely accuse mi of talking back..wad de..i hate this! i am not and he shldnt say this..

really very burdened..my father is always the corrct one, so what , he provided mi with an education, with a place to live in, and he expect mi to feel tt i owned him big time..

parrot | 13/11/2006, 12:50

baby [Reply]

Parrot, do you know there is a saying that your father is your previous life lover? Well, lots of fathers I know dote on their daughter on than their son. They can teach their sons how to grow up and become men, but they can never teach their daughters that. Y? Because in their mond, daughters are always babies to them. If possible, they hope their daughters stay with them forever, but they know thats quite impossible, so they hope they can get a husband who is exactly like them. Fathers dread their daughters to grow up. They won't be hugging them and follow them wherever they go. They won't sai nai and see their fathers as the greatest men in earth. So when you started to disagree with him, he got panic. His gal is growing up, and one day will leave him.

Try to think in this way, does it make you feel better? At anytime of time, silent is gold. Don't use talk, use action to prove to him that you have changed, and you have grown up.

dolphin | 13/11/2006, 13:39

hi cuties... [Reply]

wah, long tags... shall go hme read thru all..

Napoleon Wruss - u abandon MNG 4 AK? ;p

Hv a gd day every1!

flamingo back to work.. | 13/11/2006, 14:34

parrot [Reply]

sigh...dun noe wad to say to u...not qualified to advise...nv been a father b4...neither a daughter..so...study hard for yr O...yr ban will be lifted soon...dare not say shiok sia cos is monday blues today...

fatrhino | 13/11/2006, 14:46

dear parrot [Reply]

relationship is always a complicated issue..

normal fathers usually love their daughters more than sons.. even tho in some chinese/indian families they still say.. they want sons to carry on their surnames..

is true.. in general, alot of fathers treat their daughters as their babies 4ever, long after they are grown up n r mothers themselves..

yr fathers most probably, r worried that u will be bullied ouside..

worried that u hv drifted apart fm him.. he wants to understand u n wants to communicate with u, but do not know how..

why dont u give him a chance to understand u.. but 1st u need to also try to understand him..

maybe u can try my way.. i had a v strict dad.. no nonsense type.. as a young girl, we children were v scared to tok to him.. his words were laws... but he slogged v hard to provide for his family..

so as i grew up, i undeerstood that my dad loved us, in his own ways..kept his love in his heart only .. so i was determined to understand my dad.. (glad to say, he had never raised his voice at me)..

Dad loved thick black coffee-o, with v little sugar.., everyday, when dad came back fm work, my mum will brew home mke coffee for him, n pour it for him..(of cos cooked food also)..so one day, i simply followed what my mum did, and of cos, i did it frequently after that..secondly, i love to sit beside him.. n asked him to tell me stories abt him childhood days.. tis is bonding..

and i made it a point to explain to my dad... why i needed to do it(i dont argue with him).., i listened to him 1st, the reason why he was unhappy.. in tis way, i knew where the hole was.. n can patch it correctly..

my relationship with my dad became v strong.. whatever, i do, whereever i want to go.. no problem at all.. he trusted me completely.. until his death.. ( i still miss my dad v much, even tho he had gone for so long.. he is my greatest friend)..

parrot - a dad. shd be yr greatest friend.. try to understand him 1st b4 u want him to understand u...
a dad, can be v lonely up there..

why don't u take the 1ST STEP forward..

do u know yr dad's favorite food, fav drink or fav color.. or things that he wants to do, but no chance?..
did u ever buy him a birthday present.. or on yr way home.. buy yr parents their fav food/kueh. or since when u had gong outings, shoppings, shows or gone makan with yr parents.. all these little things count... show yr parents yr love not hate.. give them some of yr time, instead of giving all yr time to yr friends/idols..

parrot, communication is v impt.. only thru comm that one can understand the other..

to be their child is yr 'yuan fen' with them..

U JIAYOU with yr dad.. n Stay Happy..

sori for being lor soh.. n tks for reading..

birdie | 13/11/2006, 14:56


i think times changed already. we demand much more from our parents these days. make me feel guilty.

salmon | 13/11/2006, 15:11


but sometimes. hai. they really.. dont know what to say. its like we're always wrong. like what parrot say. they are always correct and we are always wrong. is it our fault because the younger generation is getting more and more rebellious? haiya. no standard answer one this kinda things. better go study le.

salmon | 13/11/2006, 15:14

salmon [Reply]

u hv hit the nail on the head..

being a father these days is not easy..b4, a father's role is just strictly to bring food and also discipline the child when the child is naughty..
Now, not only that, fathers have to bring food, have to know their kids inside out.. what they like and what they hate etc... n will also have to spend quality time with their kids as well as disciplining them at the same time...

normal present day fathers have to play different roles and taking on different duties, bring on different kinds of problems...

kids, these days are more exposed, .. n want more independence..

but, do the kids ever wonder.. that their fathers also hv feelings like you ... also have their own problems too.. be it work or personal.. yet they still hv to put on a brave front to their kids...

p.s - i know there are unlucky kids, who hve really unreasonable fathers.. if this is the case maybe can seek yr mums' or relatives' or counsillors' help..

birdie | 13/11/2006, 15:46


We should count ourselves lucky if we do not have an abusive father, remember what Jay Chou has sung before in "Ba, wo hui lai le." We should count ourselves lucky that our fathers keep their responsibilities and make sure we grow up healthy.

Rainy day, moody day... monday blue... Another fav colleague leaving today... haiz...will miss his crapy jokes...

Fatrhino, how's your nightshift? Hard to adjust right? Especially if you so used to sleep early. You are a father, remember? you have a godson who needs you to guide him still.

dolphin | 13/11/2006, 15:57


hello fatrhino n dophin.. mondays r always blue, be it work or schoolings..

luckily bck to almost normal today.. was having a slight fever, n body ache yesterday... had to take v stong panadol..n slept early help..

birdie | 13/11/2006, 16:13


abt tt father issue..
umm, think is smth to do with communication problems

we find it hard to talk to one another, so what if i buy his fav food etc, umm, does he ever know how to appreciate it?

i feel so lost..
seriously , i did nth
he was the one who started all those unreasonable stuffs..
i tried my best to clarify my stand but he thought i am arguing back
alot of unreasonable stuffs happen
restrict mi frm going to church, not even going to camp..

shld i say tt he is restricting mi too much, or he cared for mi too much?

i really dont know..
it seems like my house is having some daily bombings everyday..
it is not like last time..
and during this crucial period when i am having my o lvl, all this happened..

do i demand tt much? or is he the one not giving mi enough?

mayb our personality just too similar, we will just end up quarrelling or smth..
yes, we quarrelled lke never before..
this is not the first time already..
dont know how to react also..sian.

parrot | 13/11/2006, 16:22


are you still okie, birdie?
dont tell mi you are down with brd flu!

parrot | 13/11/2006, 16:23


seriously, i rmb someone telling mi tt fathers tend to be their love in their hearts but mothers will tend to show it out..

mayb because of this..
but i am really someone tt when i am in wrong, i will admit out, but if i am right, and you keep saying i am wrong, i will confirm argue my way thru..

mayb because of this.
sometimes he mistaken mi, i " argue" back( which he thought tt i am, but i am not), trying to clarify but haiz..

alright , i am not brooding abt this.thnks everyone!for all your nice little encouragements=p

salmon, you jiayou! stressful week ahead right? bttr study, or else parrot will eat you up!
salmon will be busy studying while parrot will be slacking yet still studying..

parrot | 13/11/2006, 16:30

parrot [Reply]

tks, fever gone, but my body still ache..

ya, v sian to keep quarrelling in a family.. esp nw yr crucial period..

concentrate on doing yr best in yr o'lvl first.. let yr dad cool down at the same time..

must always look beyond the differences.... i know is easier said than done.. but must try hard...

birdie | 13/11/2006, 16:32


bird, u having fever from your teeth? hows ur crown? must drink cooling tea, take care.

parrot, think e best thing to do now is to keep quiet n follow what your father said. Let the storm calm down first since now if your critical period. Guess your father restricting you to go out as he wants you to concentrate on your studies now. Tanhan for another few weeks, it will be over soon.

Remember that when I was at your age till ever older, I was nicknamed cinderella for my curfew. Do you know I have my first chalet and BBQ in poly? And I cannot be late after 12 till I start working. Guess thats why my most rebelious period was when I just grad from poly. Was never home during weekends, frequent almost all the happening night spots, one of the so call zoukies. But things will change with age, my last time to zouk was years ago... and I have never being to Mambo Jumbo.

All families have their storms, and your case is not the worst I have seen. I have friends facing worse. One being locked out by her mother and another was being locked in, without reason. One faced loansharks since he was young and end of the day, he was forced to declare disown his own father, thru publication on the newspaper. Maybe you do not understand now, but keep this in mind, you are lucky. 忍一时,风平浪静, 退一步,海阔天空. Things will turn for the better. No point getting head to head with your father.

I'm not very close to my father, but I still love him, know what he had done for the family, providing us what he can. Althought he couldn't provide us fast cars, big house, fat allowance, couldn't even afford us to go uni, but we still love him and appreciate what he had given us. I don't consider myself a good daughter, I'm still learning to be one.

dolphin | 13/11/2006, 17:19

Finally [Reply]

Knock off time. So tiring today, so many problems to settle. Lucky, mostly settled except for a big major one. Leaving it till tmr, at least the tough day is over. Going home for my fav amazing race now.


oh, doggy, u asked me what is 881... read it in mandarin. :P

dolphin | 13/11/2006, 17:51

dolphin [Reply]

my fever, not fm my tooth lah... tooth dead n burried in crown liow..

guess, was caught in a heavy downpour.. on my way to meet my ex-colleagues n was wet all over..

haha, during my young days too, i could only go out for special occasions n must also be bck b4 12am...

so on my 1st yr of working life, i started saving for travelling.. cos i wanted to go far far away...

birdie | 13/11/2006, 17:58


oh! you bttr take care of yourself! now tagging in mac!~
yeah guess what i can do, is to avoid any arguements etc..
but who can stand her family giving her cold shoulder?

parrot | 13/11/2006, 18:39


hmm. i feel that all these problems always surface during exam periods. after exams everything goes back to normal. so never mind la. lets bear with it for one more week!

parrot, my dad also dont allow me to go to church. cos he feels my results arent good enough. after the o's i can go back again. so yup, instead of quarrelling, i just listen lor. doesnt mean that i dont go to church means i dont love God anymore. can worship and pray at home too. just miss out on the sermon. lesser spiritual food for me to chew on. but then God says children should listen to parents what.

my pastor said before, God puts people in charge of you. teachers, parents, leaders. you listen to them because God gave them authority. if you think they are telling you the wrong things, you still must listen to them. cos you're supposed to listen to who God over you to be incharge of. just do what they tell you. if they tell you to do wrong things, God will deal with them. we dont have to intefere.

so no matter how you think your parents or teachers are in the wrong, dont "argue" back. if you cant explain, then forget it. just listen lor. anyway parents always want the best for their children. no parent would harm their own children.

so its okay la. God wont blame you for not attending church. as long as you glorify him in whatever you do and take time to talk to Him, He'll be pleased. no matter what, God still loves us cos we're his children ma! see, everyone loves their children de.

yup, hope i dont sound like im preaching.

by the way my curfew is at 10. cos my place here isnt very safe. have a hotel behind my house. activities carried out there at night are not... er very proper. so have to be back by 10. unless there is some special programme.

salmon | 13/11/2006, 19:27


people ae just very weird. those that have parents who spend time with them and shower them with love and concern would rather sacrifice all that for materialistic things. but those that have the huge house, nice car and the cash will rather trade all those for love.

hen qi guai right.

salmon | 13/11/2006, 19:31

Hi! cuties [Reply]

First of all sori to Garfield. I think it is chipmunk tt we want frm you an not Mouscee. I saw Mouscee at CS.

Flamingo..I did not abandon MNG but it is a habit tt I come to AK first lor. Short of time so lv some trace.

Birdie..dwn with bird flu? Flu epic is around n must take care.

Father...hmmm..I think a father is a provider ba. He brings home the bread and butter. In this case he make sure he provides for his children and wife. He is oso the protector of his family. Most of the time Mother is the one that discipline the children. Father is the one we always manja. I am very fortunate I have a wonderful dad. Because I am an adopted child, it makes me all the more grateful and respectful for what he has provided for me. A home and a roof above my head, my education, my pocket money even to the days when I am working he would checked my wallet to make sure i got money. My dad is my buddy because we shared little secrets that we dun tell my mum. My Dad has nvr rejected me in anything I want. As a kid some time I wanted something that is costly but he will think of ways to buy it for me. I know girls relate to mother more because fathers spent lots of time working. Because men normally not chi char, so toking to father a bit straightforward but father after all is another human. I think I argue with my mum but not my dad. At the end of the day, I believe most parents want their children to grow up well and you jiao yang. Educated and do them proud ba. I am oso naughty as a kid, I suppose it is a stage of growing up. Upbringing is very important. Parents have to instill the correct value to their kids so that they do not go the wrong way. They are worried that with so many temptations out there that their kids dunoe wat is right and wrong, what can do and cannot do. Got sons scared they mixed wrong company end up taking drugs and robbing ppl, got girls scared they got mislead and end up pregnant. Parents got lots to worry about. So try not to fight with your parents if you can. One day when you become parents, you will know the heartache tt they have gone through to bring you up to a fine young man and fine young woman. Eternal grateful to parents...3 cheers for all parents!!

Ok ... tt is my craps!

Napoleon Wruss | 13/11/2006, 19:53


Salmon...Thanks so much for drawing the *ahem ahem*. V thoughful of you!

Thanks Npwruss, Parrot, Pink Piggie n Salmon for the shopping n adventuring...glad to know it had been fun.

Dolphin...hmmm 881..yuan lai ru ci..

Parrot..I've more to say about father-daughter issue..but will send u a private love note on this. Meanwhile, embrace your father's love in whatever form he is showering on you.

creamy doggy | 13/11/2006, 19:54


Birdie...please take care. Rest more n the fever will subside.

creamy doggy | 13/11/2006, 19:55


Garfield n doggy can be good friends de.
But I must confessed that I have cat phobia.

creamy doggy | 13/11/2006, 19:57


birdie, take care ya..do rest more n drink more water..n maybe some cooling liquids..maybe like chrysanthemum n barley..yup..

cuties, fatrhino n hippos(including the original goldfish) take care too!

pink piggie | 13/11/2006, 21:27

pink penguin/ pink piggie [Reply]

hope ur *ahem* hv gotten better.

parrot, read thru ur tags & all o/rs who hv tag to ur topic.. :'(

somex fathers juz dunno how to express their love 4 their children. hope u'll hv better communication wif ur dad...

flamingo | 13/11/2006, 22:21

Daddy's Hands [Reply]

"I remember daddy's hands folded silently in prayer
And reachin' out to hold me, when I had a nightmare
You could read quite a story in the callous' and lines
Years of work and worry had left their mark behind

I remember daddy's hands how they held my mama tight
And patted my back for something done right
There are things that I'd forgotten that I loved about the man
But I'll always remember the love in daddy's hands

Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin'
Daddy's hands were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hands weren't always gentle but I've come to understand
There was always love in daddy's hands.

I remember daddy's hands workin' 'til they bled
Sacrifised unselfishly just to keep us all fed
If I could do things over, I'd live my life again
And never take for granted the love in daddy's hands"

(came across tis poem fm the net..)

birdie who loves dad | 13/11/2006, 22:23

cuties [Reply]

tks to all who show concern for me..
i will take care..

gd nite every1 n rainbow dreams..

birdie | 13/11/2006, 22:28

oh well [Reply]

Birdie, thought bird should stay out of the rain, not playing in it. Bird not like dolphin, cannot tanhan wet.

Rain, hmmm, bird, maybe you should go check out if you or your friend is rain god (yu seng), hor sing (in hokkien). Cos I think I'm the sun god where my colleague is the rain god. Do you know that I had never get really wet before, unless I delibrately go get myself drenched. No matter here or oversea, I seldom met big rain, even if I do, most of the time I'm indoor. By the time I step out into the open, it will stop or turned small. Tested and proved! Once went taipei with bambi n friends. The day we touched down, taipei just rained for 2 weeks nonstop. The day we left, on the way to airport, it rained dogs n cats. :) I'm a big sunny god.

so tired today, think I better go sleep early (surprise surprise!). Else will be dozing off in class tmr. good nites to all. *smack with kisses*

dolphin dives deep under into the ocean | 13/11/2006, 22:48


dolphin! wah, sunny god!

tink i'm oso quite lucky when on holi.. so far din really meet rainy weather.

flamingo | 13/11/2006, 23:00


anyone know the contact no. of channel8?

monkey | 13/11/2006, 23:01


cross finger*

flamingo | 13/11/2006, 23:05

monkey [Reply]

me dunno.. tink u can go mediacorp's website to check.

flamingo | 13/11/2006, 23:07

duckling [Reply]

wat a hetic schedule u hv... work, assignment, test, study... woo~ take care...

flamingo | 13/11/2006, 23:10


gd nite to all cuties tat r gg to zzz...

flamingo | 13/11/2006, 23:11


hmmm. all cuties must remember to bring umbrella wherever you go. the rainy season is here le. dont fall sick one by one leh.

tonight my turn to open night train (kai ye che). but my engine a bit no power. the z monster is tempting me.

salmon | 13/11/2006, 23:36


Sorry cuties for not tagging much... coz recently had been rather busy wif school...
Birdie: Take gd care of urself...


Parrot,Salmon, Pink Pengiun: Jia you... exam finishing soon already rite?

Piglet: Jia you 4 ur coming test...

Pink piggie, Mudco: All the best 4 ur exam...

Parrot: Dun be sad. i think watever ur dad does is 4 ur own gd but mayb he expressed in a wrong way... it's best not to argue wif him but talk 2 him nicely...

To all other cuties: take care... weather recently very wet and cold..

elephant | 14/11/2006, 00:07

Drop by... [Reply]

just to say gd-morning cuties. Saw Sam's at CS. He must B the one that locked Cindy's site. So grateful to MLB for doing so.

back to work.

NpWruss | 14/11/2006, 10:01

hi waves ~~~~ [Reply]

morning every1, n gd to all..

hello sunny goddess n salmon, i did carry an umbrella.. but the rain n wind were pretty strong.. upon returning... looking outside fm my kitchen window.. i saw a young tree being upgrooted..n lying on the ground.. nobody cares..

anyway, i think, not totally cos of the rain.. myself also chilli padi n chocolate/ice cream addict.. ate alot of them... so the body yin/yang bal gone haywire liow..

the rain just gave me the extra push...

but bird cannot take too much cold.. i remembered ..i went o/seas.. it was minus pt.. my red indian friend kept disturbing me... nose bleed n the cold mde me kept coughing in germany.(germany's cough mixture v gd).. haha body useless.. not like our dolphin.. strong n steady...

parrot - r u better today?...hv a mentality of loving yr parents n family members.. ok..
gd friends are gd, there are some die-hard friends,but few.. yr own immediate family are vvvvvv much better.. in the event of troubles. sickness, or money woes.. usually parents will nvr fail you... unless abnormal parents la..

those schooling jiayou.. those wking also jiayou....

birdie | 14/11/2006, 10:23

Found tis in my email [Reply]

Babies in Singapore seek loving families to adopt.

The Foxfamily Adoption Centre is committed to help you find an adopted
child who is right for you and to bring you one step closer to welcoming a child into your family.

birdie | 14/11/2006, 10:40


Good morning!

Birdie, u r wrong, I'm not that strong & steady. Don't be misleaded by my image and "fear no rain" body. Yes, I don't get sick easily by being drenched, but get sicked easily by other things. Like sudden change of temperature or hot sunny day. I like sunshine but not when it reaches more than 32 degree C. Will get headache when I step in and out of outdoor and aircon. My MC rate quite high actually. :P

Still feel so sleepy today, the good weather makes me wanna just curl up in the bed and sleep.

dolphin | 14/11/2006, 10:40


Good morning all!
haven't been tagging for a few days liao... :Þ
regarding parrot's qns, I think everyone's dad different, there could never be one with identical characteristics, but of coz' we wld all think that a dad should provide shelter, food and educations for their kids, which are the primary needs. I think every child would want to have loving/understanding parents, but no one is alike...
Parrot, when I was around your age, I was abit rebellious at time too and had some 'quarrel' with my mom, but my dad is usually the quiet one, he leave all the disiplinary tasks to my mom, so I never actually experienced that kind of problems with my dad but with my mom. My mom is rather strict when I was still in school, having curfews, dos & don'ts, this & that...I hated all these back then, but I guess all these voiced down to their concerns for their child. They loved their children, and definately wanted them to be safe & well, so I suppose that's what your dad wants for you too...if you're having some problems trying to talk it out with your dad at the moment, then like what dolphin said, just listen to what he said, then don't try to reason out with him or argue, just shows it in actions that you've understood what he said and that you've grown up & changed. Though this would take some time, but hope eventually you can work things out, ya? :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 14/11/2006, 11:03


This is a very nice song which I liked, the lyrics reflected how a daddy feels toward his little girl...

There's two things I know for sure.
She was sent here from heaven, and she's daddy's little girl.
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night,
She talks to Jesus, and I close my eyes.
And I thank God for all the joy in my life, But most of all...
Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer.
Stickin' little white flowers all up in her hair.
"Walk beside the pony daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, daddy, but I sure tried."
Oh, with all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right.
To deserve a hug every morning, and butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet sixteen today.
She's looking like her momma a little more every day.
One part woman, the other part girl.
To perfume and makeup, from ribbons and curls.
Trying her wings in a great big world. But I remember...

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer.
Stickin' little white flowers all up in her hair.
"You know how much I love you daddy, but if you don't mind,
I'm only going to kiss you on cheek this time."
With all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right.
To deserve a hug every morning, and butterfly kisses at night.

All the precise time.
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly, spread your wings and fly.

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise, and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride room just staring at her.
She asked me what I'm thinking, and I said, "I'm not sure,
I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
Then she leaned over... and gave me...

Butterfly kisses, with her mama there.
Stickin' little white flowers all up in her hair.
"Walk me down the aisle daddy, it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty daddy?" "Daddy don't cry."
With all that I've done wrong, I must have done something right.
To deserve a hug every morning, and butterfly kisses.
I couldn't ask God for more, man, this is what love is.
I know I've gotta let her go, but I'll always remember.
Every hug in the morning, and butterfly kisses...

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 14/11/2006, 11:07


thnks bambi for tt song, it really touches mi!=D

umm, didnt get a chance to talk to father ytd, he came home late and fell asleep immediately after bathing. thinking of giving him a special bday surprise

but one thing, salmon , is tt i am facing strong family persecution..was abit angry plus sad when they said tt i cant go for church and my annual youth camp..which is smth tt i die die cannot miss! haiz..it is not abt the exams are over not, it is abt their heart towards my religion

abt the psc, just called tt receptionist from psc, she said to take tickets from any econs outlet..
gonna try my luck later..
will take some for you guys=D


parrot | 14/11/2006, 11:20

birdie [Reply]

umm, i wont forget tt story tt i posted up earlier on!=D

yep guys, i am feeling much much better1=D

parrot | 14/11/2006, 11:22


parrot, glad to know that you're feeling much better now (^o^)

I think it's a nice idea to give your dad a bday surprise, it might just make your relationship closer :)

Abt your church & camp, I'm not sure what's your family religion, but from what you said, I guess your parents are not christians? I think it might be hard for some parents who are buddhist or taoist to have their children having a different religion as them, just like my own parents, they are not christians but they might not be able to accept it well also, if 1 day, I told them I wanna be a christian. (but currently I'm more of a free thinker) I think it's just hard for them to adjust, maybe?

and parrot, if you really can get the tix from econs, maybe we can also try to get from our neighbourhood outlets too? Do update us later, k? tks!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 14/11/2006, 11:43


will try to talk with them!

will get down to econs to see if i can gt the tixs there not=D

parrot | 14/11/2006, 11:55


Parrot, try email to MDC, see if they feedback or not.

Long time ago I know can call them, they will put tickets at the recep there n ask u to go collect on the day itself. Not sure abt it now...

dolphin | 14/11/2006, 13:14


A lot of cuties are asking this. Where is AK plan B?
Well, most prob will be shifting with our dear VIP, goldfish. What is AK without a goldfish right?

I'm not very familiar with those kind of blog cos all blogs I used to frequent and played with are quite different, well, more of the old type. Dont really have time to play with the new blogs now and my old blog has already grown spider webs, haha.

dolphin | 14/11/2006, 13:55

Hi parrot [Reply]

Religion is a sensitive issue. To convinced your parents, you have to show them that you are capable to make a decision about a faith. Being rebellious will not help the situation. Hope you are better now.
Giving a present to your Dad is a nice tot. You are capable of affection so show it to your Dad.

I missed mine very much and he is no longer with me. I spent his last few month with him. We shared about a lot of things. He told me he dun want to die away from home, but I had to beg his forgiveness because mum was sick at the same time. I was a the verged of lossing both parents at the same time. So it is a pleasure to have a father nagging at me. My mum is oso walking her final stage now. There is lots of happening with me - jian yen wan yu cannot tell or explain too much. After all you guys dun need to b bog down w somebody's jia shi.

Therefore Parrot..religion is always there. Your parents is your outmost care now. Religion can be practiced in the heart, no need to show. God nvr asked for commitment in a camp, he asked what is in your heart. If you LOVE Him so much and you cannot LOVE your parents that give life to you...then you dun know how to LOVE Him. Dun use the word 'prosecution' - it is a strong word. Your parents din sentence you to jail or death. Give it sometime, show good example by behaviour and they will slowly give in to you. Jiayou!

NpWruss | 14/11/2006, 15:06

3 mths to live [Reply]

Q1) How will yr relationship with yr father or mother be, if u believe that u hv only 3mths to live?

Q2) A child sees his parent lying still in the coffin n their relationship hv drifted apart...

What do u think were be the words that comes to his/her mind, but is too late to say.
p.s: Life is really fragile.. we do not know when our journey on earth will end..

birdie | 14/11/2006, 15:59

Know yr Taipei [Reply]

2day's ST/Life/pg2 -

2 famous cuties in the news... with pics.. but why din pose together..

birdie | 14/11/2006, 17:12


becos there was someone in between mah. The male lead, cannot block wan...

I'm very closed to my parents too, think I will despire if either of them gone. So I started to ask them to buy insurance and I bought quite a lot too. A quarter of my salary to the insurance company every month. Told my mom that if anything happen to me, please contact my agent and she will settle everything.

Go class now. see ya...

dolphin | 14/11/2006, 17:42

For all those that miss their Dad... [Reply]

This is a song sung by a Dad to the little baby in his arm. The amount of love..is no less than a Mother. Dad is always the silent supporter.



I believe someone posted this before but I find it very very touching. Believe the song is by Tong Li Huo Zer.

Napoleon Wruss | 14/11/2006, 19:11


wruss.. it was either nic or weiqi who locked cindy's site.
not sam. i feel.
it jux happened tt they did not tagged.
but yep. this will mean tt her site is free of the virus tags. and she can rest really peacefully..
im still awaiting for my date with passed by.
really miss her alot..
cindy's 100th days woould be arriving in another 1 more month.
really fast.
i miss her.
alot alot.
argh.. nvm.. shant tink too much of this, esp not during this period of time.

thanks elephant for ur msg. =D u jiayou too!!

hi to all cuties here.. =D
bunnie not back yet arh?? miss her s well.. =P

piglet | 14/11/2006, 20:25

Special News -special ppl [Reply]

1) A malaysian 105yrs, married a 22yrs old Indonesian..
They love ea other v much..n when he proposed he had butterflies in his stomach..
22yrs, looked after his 69yrs bedridden wife willingly..
- True Love..

2) A Brazilian Woman survives after being shot 6 times in the head..

birdie | 14/11/2006, 20:32


cherish ur love ones while dey r still ard.. i oso cant imagine d day my parent leaving me...

NpWruss - u alws seems so trouble free... hope u'll take care too...

religion is v individual thing.. dun make pple understand/ believe in ur religion. juz b sensible & know wat u r doing.

flamingo | 14/11/2006, 21:39


seems like hippos wont b in.. gg off le.. later watch chong shang yun xiao!

gd nite cuties!

flamingo | 14/11/2006, 21:42

pink piggie [Reply]

awaiting 4 ur report tmr!


flamingo :-D | 14/11/2006, 21:46

Parrot... [Reply]

Dun wan to touch on sensitive issue on this blog. But, you can consider this:

Love encompasses sacrifices and kindness. Ponder over these 2 words "sacrifices" and "kindness"..think really hard and you'll know what I mean. Your faith will not fail you.

I believe the camp is a recurring event for every year. You'll get to go next year or another next if you can't go this year.

Love your dad, make a little sacrifice for him even though it may seem to be unreasonable on his part.

Hmm...I'm not siding him. Probably he is feeling insecure of you embracing a different faith. This is human nature and is not wrong. Take this opportunity to show him that you'll not forsake your family to a different faith...but yet your faith makes you grow fonder n closer to your family. Do you get what I mean?

creamy doggy | 14/11/2006, 21:58


parents always love their children, its just that they show it in a different way that we may not understand.

talking about fathers, the 3 hippos have really supportive dads. cannot help but recall how the 3 milubas were cheering for them and how they were so proud when their boys won the title. (:

salmon | 14/11/2006, 23:18


yup, can still remember how the milu bas so proud of their sons. Can always remember when I chatted with goldfish's father after one of the semi GF. He is really proud of his son. :)

dolphin | 14/11/2006, 23:28

Butterfly kisses [Reply]

I had posted this before in MNG, Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle, on a father & daughter love...

There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven and she's
daddy's little girl.
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and
I thank god for all the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all
For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her
hair; "Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried."
In all that I've done wrong I know I must
have done something right to deserve a hug
every morning and butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet 16 today
She's looking like her mama a little more everyday
One part woman, the other part girl.
To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world.

But I remember
Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking
little white flowers all up in her hair.
"You know how much I love you, Daddy, But if you
don't mind I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time."
With all that I've done wrong I must have done
something right to deserve her love every morning
and butterfly kisses at night.

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly.
Spread your wings and fly.

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her.
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said "I'm not
sure-I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over...gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk my down the aisle, Daddy-it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry!"

Oh, with all that I've done wrong I must have
done something right.
To deserve your love every morning and butterfly
kisses-I couldn't ask God for more, man this is what love is.

I know I gotta let her go, but I'll always remember
every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses.

dolphin | 15/11/2006, 01:16

OH NO!!!! [Reply]

our retreat kena the spamming/virus! :(

duckling...in shock | 15/11/2006, 08:44

about family issues and basket! what the tag before me??? [Reply]

parrot, can i ask you a question? You believe wholeheartedly in christianity and what if one day, your very own child tells you that he/she is going to join another religion that you disapprove of? will you be like your parents and try to dissuade him/her?

put yourself in their shoes and you will probably understand them better.

personally, i have rather conflicting feelings towards fathers. My relationship with my dad is sometimes stormy and we can argue over the silliess things. but i do know my dad loves me alot, whenever i randomly remark on wanting to eat something, he will buy it back. It the small little details that count. He never does say it, but it the actions that count.

Have it ever occur to you that it is easier to show love than to say it out? And that the love through actions should be more cherished than those supposedly "beautiful" words?

Fathers have to bring the bread back for the family. They have a responsibility and they have to work a whole day at work, and the money they earn, do not go to them, but rather to the rest of the family. Unlike school, if you dislike the teacher or the teacher is unfair, you can voice out your grievances. Work is a whole new thing, you probably have to stomach all those grievances for the sake of salary. And for whom is the salary for?

Spare a thought for them. I am sure after a long day at work, every father would just want to come back with a loving home.

Have you ever called up "Dad, welcome home!" whenever he is at home?
Have you ever bought or made anything personally for him to show him your love?
Have you forgotten the pains they took to make sure that you learn your first step, to go through potty training, to teach you how to talk?

If you feel really really hurt by their actions, it is because you care for them and love them the most.

pink penguin | 15/11/2006, 08:57

npwruss [Reply]

really sorry to hear about that... yah, like what flamingo said, you are always so happy that we have no idea...

Don't be too upset okay? I am sure they will be going to a better place. And I am sure they want to see that you are truly blissful.

There was truly love and bond between you and your parents, that is what matters.

They will live in your heart.

"Death ends a life, not a relationship." - Jack Lemmon

pink penguin | 15/11/2006, 09:03

birdie [Reply]

you are sick? are you better now? do update us okie...

hmph! you know your body cannot take it still walk around in the rain?

come to think of it, i walk in the rain that day too. But penguin can stand water, birdie cannot... will become 落汤鸡

plus the fact that you are eating all the "re" food... no wonder la!

you better take care of yourself! dun make us worried!

粉红企鹅 | 15/11/2006, 09:17


elephant, you concentrate hard on your studies! we understand! you can come in when you need to lepak and relax

ho-hum, pink piggie, update us about *ahem* so that i & other cuties can recover from our cough.

alrite, let cont with our exams, parrot, i hope you u dun get too affected by all this, bt u seem quite slack when i met u on msn yesterday... hm... betta study hard!

pink penguin going off for econs exam | 15/11/2006, 09:21


haiz... virus...
didn't MDC notice this?
Dolphin #1 policy:

ignore ignore...

dolphin | 15/11/2006, 09:40


ok guys, let the relationship issue rest, Parrot now should know what she must do oreadi, we had all given our points and views.

I'm very happy that AK is so united, one got problem all jump in to give suggestions and views, isn't thats what a good forum or discussion board should be? We bond by all these. Remember how we always started the day by having topic of the day in AK1 & 2? :)

K, let see the headlines for today...

7% GST next yr!

So, are we getting more $ from the government too next yr? But the problem is, the tax I pay every yr gets higher n higher too...

Now must buy things before the new yr to save e 2%...

dolphin | 15/11/2006, 09:49

Hi! Hi! [Reply]

Thanks to Flamingo and PP. Yup I learnt hw to face it. No pt gg around pulling a long face. I counted my blessings and I have plenty of them that can fill a sack. As I spoke to a friend tt I will not send my mum to a home. I want her close to me. My bro n me have taken a stand tt we will be w mum. He has resigned to take full care of her. I bring home the bread n butter and help over weekends. I am watching hw a strong person can slowly go down as age is catching up. Death is inevitable. I think attending to my mum is a training of love and patient. When a patient lost control of her body, the ppl taking care of her needs 10xs the patient. I take my hat off all those that are in nursing, those tt work in homes and those tt are taking care of the sick. I also realized tt my parents are only this life time and I will not trade them for anything else.

I am sure some of you share this sentiments too.

So much for today!

NpWruss | 15/11/2006, 10:26

hi waves ~~~~ [Reply]

morning every1, we just ignore the the dirt above..

parrot - hope u r ok.. the jiejies n ayis.. here care for u.. so share with u our experiences n concerns.. u jiayou in yr exam n w yr family, esp yr parents... they will not be with u forever ...

pengiun - u r always so sweet n thotful to others - i'm ok nw.. when i was a young girl, love to play in the rain.. let the rain fell on my head n stretching out my little hands to catch the rain.. shiok.. those were the days..

turning bck time - another interest in those young days... i love to dig wet clay fm the ground n mould them into cute things or melt candles n turn into cute toys...

anyway, gd luck n jiayou in yr econ papers n also yr other papers.. u take care too ..

others taking exams or bzy w sch projects/wk jiayou... salmon, elephant, dolphin, duckling...

Npwruss - spend all yr free time w yr mom.. mke her happy n comfy... give her, her fav food... n buy her her fav clothes... jiayou

Goldfish - jiayou..

every1 take care ....

birdie | 15/11/2006, 10:46

dolphin [Reply]

the 7% GST, is pretty steep... our std of living gg up n up.... our $$$ value gg down n down...we r getting poorer n poorer... i think i must mke my stomach shrink la.. cannot depend on fresh air n water liow.. cos only ot hzy air n water bill also gg up...

b4 2007... better get whatever u need... to save the 2%...

birdie | 15/11/2006, 10:53


pink piggie - i miss u out.. u r also bsy w sch.. jiayou... hope i din miss anymore out...

birdie | 15/11/2006, 10:56

cuties [Reply]

will try to be around as long as tis blog is alive.. once tis blog X... i may not be around... or will tag less.. but will 'yong yan' support MLB..

birdie | 15/11/2006, 11:10


umm, yep got a rough idea what to do alrd..i alrd forgotten all the diff stuffs tt he said bad abt mi and my religion..mayb tt is what we call forgiveness..mayb it is time i shld learn how to treasure the ppl bside mi.

yep! why our blog kana attack! just because mr bush is coming?


yeah read the newspaper( yeah, i do read it too)
GST went up to 7 per cent..
isnt this what i studied in my social studies?

agree tt the three milubas were very supportive and proud of their three milos..esp nico's father..
so touching, always there to cheer and root them on=D

thnks for the concerns tt you guys had given to mi=D thnks everyone, i am alright..

parrot just fell into the drain ytd again..HAHA! yeah.it is AGAIN!this time the drain is even deeper than the normal ones..

you cuties take care too=D

parrot | 15/11/2006, 11:13

parrot [Reply]

if u come in to read... let us know how u r getting on... dont keep silence.. cuties care for u...

our being together is only temporary... hv to go our separate way oneday...

birdie | 15/11/2006, 11:16


parrot tks... ha, u ahead of me..

birdie | 15/11/2006, 11:16


Parrot, u better be careful, cos some drains may be too deep for you to climb up if you fall into it. Could it be the "curse" u used to put on fatrhinio backfire now? Aiyo, careful gal.

NpWruss, although my parents are still healthy (god bless) but I have already started to plan for their future just in case. Had seen too many cases where old folks have no ppl to help them or their families just too poor to even help themselves, esp the so sky high medical fee. There is one popular saying, in Singapore, you can die but not sick.

I remember when my grandma was sick & dying, she was in & out of TTS hospital. My mom n aunty rotated to go the hospital to take care of her. It was a long battle, last almost for 2 yrs before my grandma passed away, on TTS sick bed. My grandpa passed away in the same hospital (thats y I don't really like TTS). When I looked at them and the events that happened after their death, I realised a lot of things. I told my mom needs not to leave me anything. I don't want her money or whatever, just enjoy what she can now. my siblings share the same thinking, thats why my parents travel more than us now. We just want them to be happy while they are still around.

Your mom must be very happy that she has you and your bro now beside her.

dolphin | 15/11/2006, 11:31


i fell into it..
haha! mayb it is because i keep telling mudco not to fall down the slope so he need not use a plaster..now it is my turn to use it.haha!

yeah, went backfire..
someone tagged under mlb in cs..

parrot | 15/11/2006, 11:39

dolphin [Reply]

ya, my dad had a stroke on 2nd day of chinese newyear..sent him to TTS.. due holidays, there were no expert docs, only housemen.. dad lapsed into coma lasting 6weeks.. we children went thre everyday, after wk.. stay with him till the nurses chased us home.. but my bros took turn to stay overnight there..
we got no appetite for food.. myself only drank coffee+water.. all of us looked like scarecrows... worse than goldfishes.. darker eyes-rings.. until my colleagues complained to one of my superiors.. he came to TTS.. n dragged me to the canteen.. forced me to eat some sandwiches...

- my mom had cervical CA - stayed in the then Toa Payoh Hosp for 5mths..
- my sis had ovary CA - stayed at KK hosp.. both gone.. but i can still remember vividly the pain n agony they suffered..

seeing love ones suffering, we suffered too.. tis is life.. yung fen..n karma...

during those days gg to the hosps .. like gg to a 2nd home.. always seeing the nursing attendants pushing the long covered trolleys...

thinking of my sis brings bck alot of sad memories during her sickness..happenings n her death... will tok another time... got wk to do...

birdie | 15/11/2006, 11:52

Share something else.. [Reply]

My dad was down with brain tumor - CA of the brain. Fortunately for him there is no pain but at later stage he went into coma. He was in ASSISI HOSPICE for 1-1/2 yr. At that time I was doing my dip and shuttle btw home, work, class, and 2 hospitals (mum in Thomson n Dad in Mt Alvernia). Those were the days. I cannot forget. Because I dajie, so my 2 siblings looked at me for decision, money and everything. I remembered when my Dad was first diagnosed and gg thru biopsy..my world fell apart. I nvr tot my Dad wld lv or died. So simple minded - ME! Dare not tell my mum, cry and cry alone finally tld my siblings. Wa sei..and his biopsy have to happen during CNY Eve. Can you imagine me sitting outside operating theatre, and den ward. The Funny thing, Malay, Indian and Chinese - all dun go hospital during CYN (very few ppl). The hospital desserted. After my Dad passed away, I tld myself I must visit the hospital on CYN.. no pantang for me. I did for 3 years. I serviced HOSPICE for 6 years before my postings overseas. TT is to remember Dad with LOVE!
I nearly become a nun if not for mum's objection. Old ppl think tt to be a nun means I have dun chek ark. So I postpond my nunhood. If got yuan, I will do it when she is not around but I am still doing my prayers daily.

Got to thank Parrot. She evoked all my memories which I think I have forgotten but now there are so fresh.

All those who still hv parents with them...TREASURE your parents!

Napoleon Wruss | 15/11/2006, 12:34


After the talk of death, here something on birth.

For ppl who are 5566 fans, Zax Wang Renfu will be a dad this coming Sunday. He finally admitted that his girlfriend, Ji Qin, is pregnant. This coming Sunday is an auspicious day, so they decided to let the baby girl comes into this world on this day.

Well, all along fans know that Qi Jin is pregnant, just waiting for Zax to make an official annoucement. Congrate to the new parents!

This is Zax's blog if anyone of you is interested to read abt his official annoucement.

dolphin | 15/11/2006, 13:48

correction to dolphin's tag [Reply]

she's Ji Qin :-)

they r d oni couple tat announced the news when the bb is gg to due in 10 days! bao mi gong fu so gd...

anyway, it surprised me tat wang renfu can b so zhuan yi. ;p

flamingo | 15/11/2006, 15:08


Well, its time for him to settle down too since they are together for so long already. Hmm, seem my fav guy in groups all get wed early, takuya, brian, zax... who next?

Such a good weather, wish can go home & sleep. Bambi, can i skip our appt today? Btw, ur parents going jalan jalan again, end of the month, do u know?

dolphin | 15/11/2006, 16:51


i like takuya too! tis am read my paper.. saw tat his xie zhen ji & dvd is selling v well! all sold out!

flamingo | 15/11/2006, 16:56


Dolphin, u very ma fan leh...u wanna meet up with him one mah, so I arranged for you...then now said you don't wanna go...up to you lah...confirm with me whether you meeting or not, if not I'll just go by myself.
Yes, I already know they are going end of the mth.

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 15/11/2006, 17:15

Thank you.. [Reply]

to all those tt are concerned abt me.
Looks like garlfield only come when he/she is stressed.
Mouse is oso not here.

Tt's all for the day.


NpWruss | 15/11/2006, 18:51

NpWruss [Reply]

mouse will nt be coming anymore.. eaten up by garfield.. futurely will be garfield coming here.. mouse will be at CS only..

hope u understand..

birdie | 15/11/2006, 20:27

NpWruss [Reply]

garfield n mouse same spirit, will only come here when necessary as b4... no need to worry abt her...

birdie | 15/11/2006, 20:31

about GST! [Reply]

haha~ juz finish econs today with AK's blessings... left only one more subject - literature!

okie... actually we need to up GST as it is part of the govt revenue. cuz we are going to lose govt revenue when we cut corporate tax and income tax. this is to incenticize those MNCs to invest in Singapore! our corporate tax is higher than that of our close rivals, HK... so v impt... plus somemore, there are two emerging giants China and India. We are facing stiff competition. so there is a need to be more competitive!

despite the toll on our pockets, raising GST to 7% isn't that bad. at least we are lower than some european countries that have GST over 20%... count our blessings!


pink penguin | 15/11/2006, 21:59

ho-hum... a levels ending soon... [Reply]

Plans after A levels: any ideas anyone?

okay... as we all know... after a major exams... there is PROM NIGHT for us graduating students... haha~ totally looking forward to it!

and i am going to perm my hair... so AKians, got any suggestions where to perm hair?

plus i have a headache on where to book the hotel room! argh... din get the lobang...

and i want to work! so i can travel to countries before i start uni.. haha~ hm... anybody tried any interesting holiday work before?

there is so many things i want to do! AHHHHH~! LIFE!

pink penguin | 15/11/2006, 22:03

raw fish [Reply]

birdie, i tink salmon sashimi is an acquired taste. i didnt like it at 1st but later i jus got hooked on it. salmon is the onli raw fish i eat. the other raw seafood sashimi, can't appreciate. there was once i was sitting in front of the sushi chef n my colleague ordered all the raw seafood sashimi for me. i dunk my whole salmon sashimi into the soya sauce n didnt touch the rest of the raw seafood. i cld feel the disapproval radiating from tt chef man. dun think it was the rit way to eat sashimi but who cares? tt's the way i like it!

garfield | 16/11/2006, 00:39


hi cuties..i'm back with the update..go check your mailbox.. :) now everyone's sore throat is cured.. ^.^

pink piggie | 16/11/2006, 00:40


pink piggie, thanx for the update... =)

elephant | 16/11/2006, 00:46


hee hee... pink piggie, read it liao. Thanks for the delivery!

garfield, u can also try other raw fishes, some of them not bad, like tuna & e fish they used for yu sheng etc... But agree with you that salmon is so far still e best.

penguin, taking a break from exam?
e 7% seem ok to most of us, but not too good for the lower income household. Unless e government can come up a really very good relieve scheme for them asap. I know european countries have high GST too. Heard that canada doesn't put their GST on their price tag, instead they put it on the cashier. So go there buy things must automatically add 15% for it.

As for your prom night, if u just want to perm for that night, don't go for a real perm. Go for styling which is cheaper. They use curlers n last for only a day. But if u perm your hair, your hair will be damage n permed hair kinda hard to maintain. Cannot blow hair so means at night cannot wash hair. Very leh che...
As for hotel room, heard it was fully booked for chirstmas time. When is your prom? If not during chirstmas, try to get someone with credit card, quite a lot of hotels got discount for some cards. Where is your prom? See if I can help u check which card got offer.

Temp holiday job, since u so interested in politics, try the IRAS. They employ quite a lot of temp for tax forms processing n data entry. Both bambi n i worked there before. Pay not bad, think last time abt 6.50 or 7.50 per hr. Or if u want, can go look for agencies, sometimes they recommend good pay job too. Chirstmas is coming, maybe easlier to find a sale job now.

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 00:57

hairy issues? [Reply]

been slack nowadays, hv not read the papers yet on the GST thingy but my colleague told me abt it over lunch. sigh, increase again. Actually I'd rather they raise the personal income tax, at least it is once off. Pay and tt's it. now they increase GST means EVERYTHING we buy, must pay more. tt's realli gonna generate a lot > income for the state man. heard the original plan was to increase from 3% to 7% last time but cos the public make noise then govt increase from 3% to 5% 1st. Now they will increase to 7% as per their original plan.
pp, sure u want to perm hair 4 BIG event? sometimes can be quite disastrous. if ur hair v long, wanna try those big loose curls? another way is to ask the stylist to style ure hair 4 tt nite only. all my vacation jobs super boring. data entry...my hidden skill! dunno if hv vacation job 4 those cruise ships or those resorts like ClubMed. maybe can try askin those job agencies??

garfield | 16/11/2006, 00:59


haha dolphin seems we hv same sentiments abt the hair!
cant tempt myself try other raw fish cos of how they look :)

garfield | 16/11/2006, 01:02


garfield, u can't judge the taste of the fish by its look lah... must try some to know how good they are. Half cooked prawn sashimi also very nice, sweet n fresh. Yum yum... aiya, cannot talk abt food in the middle of the night lah. later will got nightmare abt either me chasing food or food chasing me. :(

Hee, it seem that we really got the same thinking abt hair...

late liao, better go sleep.
nites everyone!

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 01:16

raw seafood sashimi [Reply]

i went to a buffet at tis hotel plaza with a grp of friends.. they ate so much salmon sashimi n big oyster sashimi .. told me v nice.. that i missed out if i dont try.. so i went n took 2pcs of salmon n oyster.. one bite of ea .. turned my face so ugly.. my friends told me to spite it out... i nv tried agn after that... taste fishy esp the raw oyster..

once i went to bkk with a friend.. we went to a kelong restaurant.. she ordered 1/2 dozen of big oysters.. i love oysters too.. so i also ordered 1/2 dozens.. alamak they placed raw oysters on ice infront of us ...needless to say.. my friend walloped the whole dozen.. but she enjoyed..

birdie | 16/11/2006, 01:21

pp [Reply]

yr explanation on GST .. better than those MP's..

but i still dont like the increase la... got to tighten my belt...

birdie | 16/11/2006, 01:26


piggie, i recd the update also, tks

birdie | 16/11/2006, 01:28


*waves* morning!
Today headlines: Bush is here. Avoid places which he will go, especially Anderson Rd.

Government said that they expect wages increase next yr so the 7% GST is affordabled for most of the citizen. But what if there is no wage increase? What if the economic crashes again next yr, r they going to eat back that extra 2%? hmm... no wonder more n more ppl rather spend their money oversea.

Oh, n I saw e Sentosa IR design by Frank Gehry...err...jelly fish? Frankly speaking, I think it is ugly. Arrg....

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 09:24


gd morning~

wah, PP, counting dwn to ur last paper huh! wat kind of tour do like? shopping/ sight-seeing/ adventures.. ? let us know den we can recommend u.

to those hving 'O'/ 'A'... all d best to d last few papers!

those in uni, a/r wk to go to ur exam. 做最后的冲刺!加油!加油!加油!

flamingo | 16/11/2006, 10:31

thank you!!! [Reply]

huh? YOU CANNOT BLOW PERMED HAIR? gosh... that sounds realli bad... issit cuz it will go back straight? Yah, heard about how permed hair can turn out quite bad... but i was hoping with the new technology it wun be tat bad... anybody tried? or which salon do you recommend?

now that i think of it... prom is one whole bimbotic issue. there is the hair, the dress, the makeup, the manicure and pendicure, the shoes, the accessories... I need help! anybody got recomendations? gosh, bt i think marriage will be much worse... =P

dolphin, my hotel is at pan pacific... it is not really christmas... 5th December (this is the day where so many JCs are having their prom nite, i think lionpuppy included, acjc rite? they are having their prom nite at swissotel if i am rite) i dun realli have to get a hotel room there... as long as it is around tt area... thanks for helping me check it out! (",)

hm... about jobs, i think it will be quite a long temp job cuz i can work for a long period of time... all the way till may/june tt period i think... cruise ships? OMG... tt sounds damn cool... haha~ would it be too much for me to ask you guys to keep a lookout for holiday jobs for me? =P thanks to both dolphin and garfied recommendation, i will go look into it... actualli, i am more interested in those tt are one of the kind (of cuz must pay well la! =P)

pink penguin | 16/11/2006, 11:18

flamingo [Reply]

i want to travel around asia... the top two countries on my list will definately be thailand and japan! wah! and i want to go to japan during the cherry blossoms festival...

i have been wanting to see cherry blossoms ever since primary sch... this is the first time i am actualli in hols during the march/april period... so yeah! i want to fufill this wish!

yup yup... six more hrs to go! tmr got one paper... (but it is lit unseen, so cant realli prepare for it...) den there will be a five day break before my last paper... |||

pink penguin | 16/11/2006, 11:21

hi waves ~~~ [Reply]

morning every1 - hv a exciting day..

hi pp sori la i am no gd at dressing up n job things .. so cant help u.. leave it to the xpert here..

i hv not seen u, but i can imagine a sweet face girl ... don't need too much dolling up...

birdie | 16/11/2006, 11:24

correction [Reply]

hm... nope... top two country should be HK and japan... haha~


pink penguin | 16/11/2006, 11:28

birdie [Reply]

haha~ thanks... dun worry, i know you will give me mental support! haha~


btw, i dun think i will haf an exciting day la... cooped up at home... (",)

pink penguin | 16/11/2006, 11:29


HK now quite cheap, but not japan. Need at least $2.5K if u want to go japan n shop. Look out for special offer on airfare or package during the NATAS fair, next one should be in Mar. They normally give good offer. I booked my Egypt tour there too. Credit cards free interest installement somemore but only for big tour agencies.

Pan pac ah... they got discount too if I'm not wrong. Stayed there few yrs ago for new yr countdown, think $195 +++ per night, with free things thrown in. My friend is member of Marina Mandarin, I can help u to ask her too. Or u want budget hotel? Some heard not bad.

Yes, perm hair cannot blow cos easily invoke further damage. I kinda of regret I did my perm. Now my hair quite damage n I have to do lots of treatment. So unless u r preparing to spend $$$ on treatment, else keep your hair as nature as possible!

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 11:36


and oh, forgot abt this. I did my hair at Hair Inn centerpoint. The stylist is good, but too ex to go. I spent more than $400 for my hair last time. Heart still very painful for that. But I tried heartland salon before, cannot make it, so what to do...

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 11:40

Visited some of Japan's [Reply]

I visited Jpn twice.. the Imperial Palace (closed to the public) with its impressive moat and East Garden (Higashi Gyoen). Tokyo Tower affords excellent views of the bay..Lake Ashi, climbed snow-covered Lake Fuji - Jpn's highest mountain.. n touched the snow there.. beauty of the National Park n various ancient temples, Museums ..bustling shopping and neon-lit nightlife .. the districts ..eat fav Meiji ice-creams.. n yummy chocolates .. visited the place for filming..

Tokyo Disneyland - is a major year-round attraction for Japanese and foreigners alike.. shiok..

Fm Tokyo experiencd the famous Bullet train, 30mins ride to Osaka.. must visit the historic Osaka Castle ..

Visited Kyoto.. n Yokohama a vibrant Chinatown, harbour district and a historic Sankei-en Garden..

Nara - The beautiful large Nara Park are home to hundreds of sacred deer.. u can roam freely among the deers n take photos with them.. Nearby, the Horyuji Temple dates back to the seventh century AD...

Takayama -beautiful, remote, unique, moutainous, small town charm.. with plenty of tall, beautiful colourful trees of different shapes of leaves n branches...a beauty of nature... wh u cant c in Sin.. their old ways of doing things.. strolled down the streets.. enjoyed the hospitality of the folks there.. n the architecture n the food there... entered the mini home-marts, cld c openly displayed for sale yellow bks.. among the home-need things..
The streets are narror, parallel type. is quiet n low-keyed .. v pleasant... they hv festivals on certain periods...
Thr beautiful lake, parks, climbed the mountain to get a wonderful view .. tis is the plc where i 1st experienced SNOW FLAKES while hiking up the moutain, but cannot remember the mountain's name.. but v cold.. minus 4degrees temp..during my visit around nov yrs ago...N coldness mde my nose bled...

I will definitely want to visit this beautiful Country agn..


birdie | 16/11/2006, 12:38


umm, talking abt prom..i am gonna to skip it..woots, many of my classmates are not interested..it will be held at Le merdian hotel..some ulu pandam place at orchard area..

jiayou! 2 more papers to go..

salmon, i know you finished! dont kek mi!

parrot | 16/11/2006, 13:48


I also went to Osaka, Nara back in 2003...during that time, I went with my fren who has a japanese fren there. So, I followed my fren there, and we lived at her Jap fren's place, so it was a very memorable experience for me... to actually experience the everyday life of a true japanese on my very 1st trip there...really like in the drama?!

I went to the deer park too and the temple but never tried to climb thru that famous small hole in one of the pillar in the temple, but can see many kids having fun with that there :)

Liked their food very much, esp the curry rice, okonomiyaki & and the ramen (so far those I tried in SG can't compare!!) and also the home made takoyaki! we cooked it at home ourself, so fun!
Really missed the ramen there m(-_-)m ...

I also planned to go there during the sakura season, but to go there surely gotta save a lot like min. $2k (that's very budget with min spending ba...if not best with 3k ba..) not sure if I can make it next yr...sigh~ already skipped 3 yrs liao, and still haven't go... :(

though japan in general is more expensive as compared to korea, but think I still preferred japan...haha...

Parrot, gambatte! it'll be over before you know it!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 16/11/2006, 14:08


yeah! will be over..
and i will be there to laugh at those who havent finish( very bad hor!)

yeah, piggie , piglet and our GOLDFISH!
finally know why you are the original one

parrot | 16/11/2006, 14:22

Gd aftn... [Reply]

A frantic morning for me and finally it is over. Year end closure etc. etc. etc..

PP..you got beautiful long hair. My opinion, u shouldn't perm ur hair, u shld color your hair. Do manicure and padicure but I dare not recommend you cos I go to JEAN YIP in Parkway Parade (not Kim Robinson or David Gan). Simple makeup and you will look fabulous! Sure trust me. Cos you hv a healthy tan - a tunic and a knee length dress with a pair of heels...U will wow! the boys!
No need to loose sleep over it.
JIAYOU PP...show dem wat u hv got!

As for Lionpuppy, I think they also got prom nite. Heard him tok abt a party but dunoe where.

Ele oso got this gg...Oh! the young girls n men here all gg for prom night. Mine was so long ago ler! Cannot forget the excitements. We all want to look pretty.

Have FUN!

Napoleon Wruss | 16/11/2006, 15:12


*tsk tsk* yah yah, let you be the original one la..suddenly feel like tagging this for you..whether you are peeking or not..

goldfish, swim harder in your studies! yes, it is hard, seems like it is never ending, assignments coming in, and the workload get bigger and bigger..yeah, very stressed, very sian..

JIAYOU JIAYOU alright! behind you always! i believe all the akians are always behind you, supporting you..

so it seems tt you have more variety of food for breakfast=D dont only munch on fruits bars..eat regularly, dont miss meals( it is not good for health, trust mi! later our goldfish get gastric, need to go to the vet!=X)

jiayou! you dont look tt " goldfih" lor, dont call yourself " goldfish" la=D

enjoy your studying, hard to but TRY! * heh* at least it is really smth tt you have interest in..

find time to relax also=D
e.g eating ice cream( dont know if it applies to you not), doing some small exercises, like jooging, cycling=D

you sleep well too..
no GOLDFISH anymore!!=D

* i belive you are a goldfish which looks like a malay!* OPPPPPS=X~

tt is parrot's long yaking..
take good care of yourself=D

parrot | 16/11/2006, 15:29

sometimes... [Reply]

it really make mi wonder..
why are we studying?
umm, because in spore the system is alrd set up in such a way how many years ago?

because, we dont wan to disappoint our family?

because studying will get us a job and a future..

tt is impt.
i am actually studying so i can " move" in the society even bttr?

education is impt..yeah i know, but sometimes, some stuffs you wont be able to learn it in class..am i right to say tt?

seeing how stressed mudco is , it really make mi re-consider abt the decision into getting a design course..

are we changing the society or the society is changing us?

parrot | 16/11/2006, 15:40


haha... parrot ah... u really very cute leh.

Can I use the same words u gave goldfish back to u?

"eat regularly, dont miss meals( it is not good for health, trust mi! later our goldfish get gastric, need to go to the vet!=X)"

Parrot also visited the vet for the same reason, isn't it?

Talk abt vet, going for a specialist next wk, referred by my doctor. Not sure what will come out of it, but praying hard that NOTHING comes out from it. haiz...
Bambi, don't tell mummy.

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 15:43


yah yah sure..usually the vet see mi, he will know tt i come because of my gastrics again..
yep but i am alright, gastrics hasnt be coming back this few days..

use my words for him to shoot mi back, got copyright one de leh!

i hope he wont be sick of the biscuits, though it is diff flavour=D haha!

why a specialist?
for what? check-up?

parrot. | 16/11/2006, 15:55

PP [Reply]

HK can go anytime.

japan is 1 of d ctry i liked best!

if u dun mind a guided tour, go ard end mar. look 4 package tour to hokkaido + osaka + tokyo. if wan, can extend stay in tokyo & do some shopping. tat's wat i did. tat x i joined d ice-breaking tour.

hokkaido - visited d many sight-seeing spots. fun, beautiful, gd food, gd hotel & nice hot springs. juz tat it may b rather chilling still though it's end winter.

osaka - visited shisaibashi (shopping district) + universal studio (v nice theme park)

tokyo - tink d package was to disneyland/sea + somewer which i forgotten liao. i extended my stay in tokyo & went to ueno park to c d sakura. nice~

as d flowers always bloom at different time, sometimes early, sometimes late, so u hv to check out when will d period of d blooming b4 u bk d tour.

start planning & save some $ 4 d trip!

flamingo | 16/11/2006, 16:00

dolphin [Reply]

ur doc refer u to specialist? hope it's juz a check.. nothing bad... take care ya..

flamingo | 16/11/2006, 16:02


Parrot, not many ppl can understand the importance of education. I was like you, played through my yrs in secondary and poly. Bad results lead to a course n a job I don't really like. After started working, I then realised how important it is to study n work in something u really enjoy. My poly diploma can't bring me to the level and satisfication I want, thats y now I started to study again. Althought tiring, but I found happiness in it. There are subjects which I have never really touched before and was surpised e things I'm learning now related to our daily life.

Remember what weiqi had said before, his A result is not good, but he tried 3 times to get into this course he studying now. If he is not interested, would he try so hard to get in?

There are things in class which prepare you for the real world. At least when you encounter an event, you know how to settle/understand it, not by learning from mistake. Y create mistakes while u know how to avoid them? And one very important rule to learn from the social world, not everyone willing to share with you what they know.

Don't worry abt the specialist thing, its just a check up to make sure there is nothing wrong. Hmm, I don't think there is something wrong abt it, just that my doc said it just a precaution to do a check. Don't worry, bu yao dan xin, mei you shi de.

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 16:15

Hello to AK4 - no so difficult to find - [Reply]

Once upon a time…

There was this funny little place which is a leftover of others traces became the homes of some cuties. Funny in the sense that these cuties never think how they will survive but they all just live in it. There is this Birdie that chirps! But she is a Golden Eagle? There is this Dolphin, experienced traveler. Seems hyper to me. There is this one who called herself Napoleon Wrasse, extinct fish protected by the world but a gourmets' big interest. We have a Dog that called herself Creamy, humm? A yellow Duckling that was initially a peek. Ms Giraffe decided she wants to call it a day. There is never a Pink
Penguin in this world, this is surely a soft toy that we can buy from the shelves. An elephant, a gentle one. Not much words from her. An angel turned into a Piglet. A Lotus, only flower in the animal kingdom. The ever so loved LionPuppy…by all.

The amount of storms that we rode in AK is something we all faced together. Cindy's death brought us together. I cannot forget how we all faithfully helped to guard CA's camp and at the same time swimming CS as well to try to catch the elusive Susan. The whole AK was very sad too… All the stories…I am the storyteller no doubt but I did not hesitate to share with you all (many more to tell by got to stop). The birthday party spanned for NICO. The ghost stories of the Encounter of the so many kinds…is terrific. Like WeiQi said that he can take all the comments in AK1 and make it into a storybook.

I saw AK2, AK3 and now AK4…how AK has matured. When I read AK1 again, the joy of AK1 is no more there in AK4. I some how felt that the bonding seems to be loosened. The only good news is recognition from MUDCO.

I know my presence and they way I have tagged offended some people who think that I am unforgivable. To me I really do not mind. Like I said before, I feel what I feel for you guys but I am not demanding how you all would want to relate to me. To me I have participated in AK, called myself an Akian and Akian I shall remain. I think to some of you losing a cutie is of no importance. To me you all are still very much alive and a part of me. I have never forgotten the time we shared at AK1 and AK2. Whether in the end this Blog got to cease and some of you may choose to fly off, swim off, run off…whichever way, to me all of you remain in my heart.

As my work takes me away from Singapore, I can also tag at where I am if I wanted too. I do not need any invitation to AK, it is an open place as long as it is MLB's Blog. Therefore I am leaving my trace in AK4. I need no respond nor reply from anyone of you. Just choose not to see this tag and treat it like another spammer.

Wave to all the new cuties that I have never met…enjoy yourself in AK.

I hope you all stay bonded and not take it that this affinity is so readily there or easy to come by.

Blue Surgeon | 16/11/2006, 16:30

hello to Blue Surgeon [Reply]

AK4 is easy to find, for those with heart. :)

I'm happy that AK is still around after so many ups and downs. I had described before, AK is a like a human being, every stage of its life represents something. AK1 was like a child, played happily without much worries. AK2 is a teenager, where confusion of life kicked in. AK3, young adult, confused abt its personality. Now, AK4, trying to prove its worth.

Actually I'm quite happy to see all these changes, it strenghten the bonds between us. No matter how many stories we have, it will finish some day. But discussion and feelings never end. We learned to understand one another more.

Losing a cutie really means a lot to us, personally, not AK. Its like losing a friend who we suddenly lose contacts with. But we have learnt to accept that maybe our yuan feng has ended. Just like yuan feng made us met each other in this no boundary big cyber space. We can be strangers in real life, but close friends here. Thats how special cyber is.

We know AK eventually will fade away one day. 天下无不散之席, we are trying to keep this party as long as we can. Remember AK don't really invite ppl. We all met by fate. New and old animals are all welcomed to join us in this far south retreat heaven... provided they can find us with yuan feng like what you have done. :P

V *Peace* V

dolphin | 16/11/2006, 17:21


sorry akians, pls let mi use this place to vent out all my anger..

i am so disturbed by min min!

and seriously i really dont know how to react when she say she wan to jump down frm her house..
really hope she is kidding or smth..

i feel so obligated to reply her..haiz, but i feel even worst if i block her..

parrot | 16/11/2006, 17:57

Blue surgeon.... [Reply]

You smart fish. All along I know you are a smart fish. You found your way here. Ya, I agree. AK1 is more sharing and storey telling. Now we are more serious in the things we tok about.
See you how can dun reply to you. I missed your storey. Tell us abt where you work. Xian is an interesting plc. Have you seen the BingMa Yung?
I do not speak for others, but I thank you for the support. Look forward to see you again before you leave.

Gdnite cuties..

NpWruss | 16/11/2006, 18:52

Parrot... [Reply]

wat a plight!
I went to CS and saw the smiley family tagged. I agreed with wat the papa said..it is an emotional blackmail. I think you all should slowly moved out. So young can tok like that is really scary. I dunoe hw MLB will react. Tok to her she happy and dun tok to her, she really go fly 12 floor down how? MLB will be blamed. So better stay away.

Because U fly all over the place, she thinks you got time for her. I dun wan to have anything to do with her. I also was wondering what her parents are doing to allow her so much freedom on the com. My poor puppy, 18 yrs still under control.

Napoleon Wruss | 16/11/2006, 18:58

bye.. [Reply]

cuties, i'm gg on a holi tmr, so wont tag during tis period. b back on nxt sun.

hv a gd wk every1!

flamingo | 16/11/2006, 20:44


Hello to all cutie akians!

PP...Dun perm your hair, not all pple can take curly hair. I'm a good example. If u muz, try Reds cos my fren got her done there...loose curl and nice!

Parrot...Hmm I oso dunoe how to handle such case. But really need to be cautious lo.

Dolphin...Did u get my sms? I think I hv got ur no. wrong.

creamy doggy | 16/11/2006, 20:50


Parrot...Dun up in arts! If you have the passion, keep it alive. Once, when I was leaving an ad agency, a creative director wrote on my goodbye card-"Don't give up on Advertising". Now, though I've left advertising, I'm still doing somthing with advertisements, except now I'm the Client and I do the call.

creamy doggy | 16/11/2006, 21:00

To Goldfish the Original.. [Reply]

In case ya r peeking here to relax...

Hope you like the *ahem*...
So much joy n fun we anticipated...
We saw ur nice pic with ur ever-shy smile...
Yeah..u've got swollen eyes so need to slp...
JiaYou! n rem to eat, rest n slp...
Oso rem to dream a little and to love urself a little more too...
Though a goldfish is cute, don't wish to see you be one forever...
Cos...Mudco is even cuter!

creamy doggy | 16/11/2006, 21:05


seriously,i was so shocked, scared just now..
what if she reallyjump off?
and i am goign to be guilty for my whole life?
i really cant imagine..
birdie asked mi to block her in msn, but isnt tt bad?
haiz, i am too good sometimes..

very very scary..
emotional blackmail?
haiz, if the boys didnt talk to her , isnt she going to jump at least once everyday?

parrot | 16/11/2006, 21:39

Parrot... [Reply]

yup..i know is scary.
yup...emotional blackmail is v scary and tiring de.

creamy doggy | 16/11/2006, 21:47


what mroe the thing is , i dont even know if i shld trust her not..

what if the story of the boy who cried wolf happen to mi?

so what shld i do next time?
think it is wise if i blog her then?

parrot | 16/11/2006, 22:08


I dunoe, I'm vulnerable to handle such thing too.
Think I'm not that strong too..
Though I really want everybody to be happy, safe and fine..
But human r complicated creatures...
I cant surpass the human mind lo...
And I do have my fears and insecurities too..
I'm not that easy to trust and be opened up anything at stake too...
Sorry..I'm no sage and wiser to help on this...
oh God!

creamy doggy | 16/11/2006, 22:15


thats the bad things about people. too complex to understand. thats why many people yearn for simpler lives.

kids these days...

salmon | 16/11/2006, 22:38


i meant block by the way

parrot | 16/11/2006, 22:50


Hmm...maybe can handle tat in a more diplomatic way lo..
What abt set ur mode as away...??

creamy doggy | 16/11/2006, 22:53


parrot, i think you dont think about her 1st la. she is just threatening. she wont end her life like this. she still want her mlb korkors. study first okay!

parrot, piglet, pink piggie, pink penguin, JIAYOU! your papers will soon be over! JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU.

salmon | 16/11/2006, 23:08

parrot [Reply]

congrats le! u hv opened up yr heart n mind.. u hv finally, discovered u hv a loving papa n mama.. do always remember to 'Honor yr parents' - a commandment for all the religions.. "Happiness always begins at Home" ..

as for min min's threat - don't take it to heart.. i believed she is just having some fun ..cos she is bored.. n ppl hv been telling her.. is wrong.. so let the matter rest...
n hope the mlbians can guide her...

birdie | 17/11/2006, 00:06


To all taking exams.. pp, parot, pigie, piglet.. n gd luck...

birdie | 17/11/2006, 00:09

Oops she did it again [Reply]

Oops she did it again
She simply believe
she was more than just fan
Oh baby, baby
Oops!...She think she is right
That U r sent from above
Is she that innocent?!

A song delicates to our 10 yr old flying gal.

dolphin | 17/11/2006, 02:03


Long long time ago, there was a gal who was madly in love with a super star, e Little Tornado. The gal was only 13 and she believed that Little Tornado was her one n only love and they meant to be together. But they lived in different countries and gal couldn't see him everyday. So one day, she cut her waist n used her blood to write Little Tornado a letter. When the record company received the letter, they were horrified. They informed her parents, the school and Little Tornado. They too, were shocked by it. Soon, the newspaper headlined it and everyone knew abt it. Critics were all over the place. Gal didn't care, she insisted to see Little Tornado in person else she would kill herself.

So did she get to see Little Tornado in the end?

I don't know, but I saw her chasing another star 2 yrs later...

dolphin | 17/11/2006, 02:12

we have a term for her... [Reply]

in my sch terms, min min wld be thought to be AA (attract attention). Personally i feel that she is just so bored and fed up that she is trying to get attention from both MLB and MLBians...

But just in case a scary 10 year old really do jump down... hm... i guess i haf to make a few suggestions...

parrot, do you have her house number? If you do, the best way is to inform her parents about her suicide tendencies... that the best way cuz if she is really facing any difficulties at home or in school, her parents will be the ones able to help her the most. if you don't, then try to get the number from her on msn... so dun block her yet.

even though i believe it is simply just emotional blackmail, we should try to understand the cause behind it. She is so scary that she morphs from an innocent 10 year old girl to someone liddat...

I really wonder what the cause of it. Best is, persuade the parents to send her to a psychiatrist.

Hope this helps!

pink penguin | 17/11/2006, 08:34

thanks to all for being part of AK [Reply]

dolphin: OMG that very very expensive... $400?!? hm... preferably pan pac, cuz we dun want to travel tt much... haha~ do tell me the credit card so i can ask my parents and relatives who has the particular card. haiyo... so many bad reviews on perm hair... must go reconsider le... NATAS fair in march? so i guess i should be able to get a flight in time for the cherry blossoms festival rite?

birdie: hm? u went to the imperial palace despite it being closed to public? and u visited it for filming? hm... looks like birdie has a special job. haha~ I AM SO JEALOUS... how many times have you gone to japan? visited so many parts of japan... wah... so many things to look forward too! btw, anyone know where the best place to see sakura?

Bambi: Osaka? that the seaside rite? and you stayed at your fren hse? tt must have saved you quite some cost... LUCKY! yah... i am intending to save up about 3K too... so i am going to work like crazi frm december to march. hopefully, there will be enuff by den... i will just go take up a few part time job! haha

Npwruss: Elephant also got it? wow! no wonder we nv hear frm her... to bz dolling up for prom. haha~ it is not hard to be panicking for prom esp when my klas is famous for being bimbotic. haha~ bt i love them all the same. thank you! i hope i do look glam tt nite. btw, i am tt rich to go to kim robinson or david gan la... haha~ $500 for a haircut at david gan lei... gosh!

flamingo: but guided tour will be more exp rite? wah... but is sounds like loads of fun to travel around here and there... ah... jealousy!!! yah... the $$ also v mafan... bt i will wrk hard... hopefulli, i can do it! (",)

Blue Surgeon: must you onli pop out once in a while to give us some emotional tag? cant you stay for a longer time? i am sure all the cuties will welcome you back! i am sure mudco will love to see you back too... after all he painstakly went through the tags in AK1... no one is unforgivable, (unless you are a murderer or rapist, opps! sidetracked) and you are still definately one of our beloved Akian... i know you might nt find enuff time to tag here cuz you are bz with work... but we will always welcome you back to the AK community!!! btw, the reason why AK is nt tt happening now is cuz many of us are having exams! plus the fact tt we are missing some cuties, esp ppl like you... do come back!

creamy doggy: hm... reds huh? should be quite exp... will consider it! thanks!

salmon: looks like you are quite focused on your studies too! haha~ yup yup, it gonna be over!

pink penguin | 17/11/2006, 09:00

gd day every1~ [Reply]

PP: guided tour somex will b cheaper than f&e.. coz u'll get gd lodging & gd food. usu i tink my f&e tour cost more than a package tour.

but of course f&e u'll get more freedom & can plan ur itinerary.

i've send u d link to my photos. go take a look ^^

flamingo | 17/11/2006, 09:04



pp, my papers are over. but cannot make so much noise. later parrot kill me and piglet kick me down the slope and pink piggie strangle me or something.

think why the 10 year old girl is like this its because she is too glued to the com. need to engage in healthy activities. being trapped in the cyber world can lead to a lot of serious consequences. esp violence. scary

salmon | 17/11/2006, 10:01

Yoz... [Reply]

Blue Surgeon kokor..I dunoe I am much loved..but the ppl here v kind to me.
PP so yr class is well knw for bimbotic girls? Our boys looking for gfs..wat sku r u frm? Yup..yup..we all oso hvg a prom nite. Yr news is pretty updated on the venue. You checking out on he iszit? (ha.a.a joking, dun stone me).
I was wondering wat to wear but we all decided to go in black n white shirt with a black tie hang loose..V kinki right! Mum dun allow me to color my hair but I am gg to do temp one, hee.e.e 'hiao boy'!

OK...today v happy. Tagging frm Dad's office..wave***

Lion Puppy | 17/11/2006, 10:40

hi waves ~~~ [Reply]

gd mornign every1

LionPuppy - tis ayi here wants to kick yr bottom.. how can u said u donoe the ppl hre lve u..

anyway, u n pp enjoyed yr prom nite.. b siow.. b happy.. b natural...

simplicity is beauty itself..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 10:47

pp [Reply]

aiya sori, i gave u the impression that i am somebody.. i am nobody la..
no one can enter the Jpn's Imperial Palace.. is locked n surrounded my a moat... but u can watch fm outside or passed by fm yr bus..

Is huge n v impressive..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 10:49

LionPuppy [Reply]

lucky u got a chance to experience life outside Sin.. not many ppl got tis chance.. so mke full use of it.. study hard.. play hard.. mixed hard.. haha..

difference culture.. diff habits.. diff kinds of life.. diff colours of skin n hair... so don't kn when u cm bck.. yr hair will b red, golden or black... n whether when u tok u will slang..

but b prepared - AK will b gone soon..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 11:17


thanks to all those who asked me to jiayou..
will jiayou de.. XD

*duno how to response*
nvm me.
im left with 2 papers next wk..
both killer paper.

salmon, good for u.. enjoy ur hols now liaos wors.. mine still nd to wait for another month.. *argh*

parrot, endin in another 3-4 days.. argh... another one who can enjoy le.. lol

pink piggie & mudco,let us continue to jiayou bahs!! XD

pink penguin shd b finishing her papers s well liaos right? my frens finished le.. *argh* qi si ren.. lol

morning everyone!! XD

piglet | 17/11/2006, 11:21


Its friday, but y I'm still so bz? haiz...

PP & Flamingo, there are good n back abt package or backpack. It depends on your budget, places u want to go, your tour companion, & your time. Most of the time I take package if it is a family tour, cos less troublesome in planning, got to make sure my parents are taken care of too. But when I go with friends, most of the time we would choose backpack first unless the place we wanna go is unsave for backpackers.

PP, I'll check for u Pan Pac rate. U must doll up very pretty, ok? Cannot lose out to those bimbotics. Hee hee...

PXH, ur exam over already mah?

dolphin | 17/11/2006, 11:43


thanks all for the jiayou-s
i will de.. XD
to parrot, jiayou for ur last paper-MCQs. cant reali "look down on it" cux it can b a killer s well..
they might make the options to be similar. hahas..
so yep. jiayou. last paper liaos wors. so gd la..

piggie, u jiayou as well ya?? im still left with 2 more papers next wk. currently tis wk is done le.
at least shd b able to rest for 2dae bahs.

rmb to tune in to ch8 at 8pm PSC night to catch the hippos' performance.
it'l be great, i believe.. XD

piglet | 17/11/2006, 12:20

Story of AK(my side of the story) [Reply]

AK1 - Once, there was a little bird who landed on a quiet n peaceful Island n decided to mke it a retreat.. away fm the stormy Carribean Sea..with its LAO DI GO n PANTHERS...

- it attracted, little like-minded cuties
- is like a child..we were so happy with our new-found kingdom.. it was exciting.. our own little fantasy retreat.. to do as we pls.. sharing stories(happy,sad,frightening).. our thots.. adventures..etc..our bonding was gd cos we will so carefree, child-like.. free of jealousy n evilness.. we share the same interest.. 'support MLB' peacefully .. then we hit 2000k ++ so reluctantly, we went looking for a new home .. i can still recall the excitement of shifting n how one cutie got milu n other cuties went searching ..n how we were also v excited on what names to give our 3bings.. N talking abt KIDNAPPING THEM to the BERMUDA TRIANGLE etc...

birdie | 17/11/2006, 13:45


pink penguin : erm, seaside? I nv go seaside leh...I was at Nara (which is in Osaka) the whole trip.
Yup, it save me a lot on lodging, so my expenditure for the trip is almost cut by half! Very lucky indeed :)

Hmm...I also think packaged tour wld be cheaper compared to F&E coz' the lodging in japan is very ex...so not that advisable to go F&E unless u wanna go find those like hostels ones, they have bunk bed, those wld be cheaper, but of coz' not much facilities and privacy as compared to hotels lor...

you can also go around the agencies to check the pricing & do some comparing first, or go search on the net for more info, then make ur own decision whether u want F&E or packaged tour lor, but if got communications barrier then better to with tour ba :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 17/11/2006, 13:47

AK2 - like young teenagers .. [Reply]

"- beginning to learn abt the world.. we will happy at 1st, but slowly, confusions came in..
then like the tsunami .. it came n destroyed everything.. completely gone.. 'THE BONDING' - what happened? - gone.. at a snapped of fingers..
Ak2 died.. some of the cuties decideed to leave.. others left behind, were v sad n confused.. n felt loss.. it may just be a fantasy retreat only, but cuties are flesh n blood after all.. we hv feelings.. our hearts are heavy.. some of our friends choose to leave... we became like floating spirits.. floating in the CS.. feeling unsettled..
When Cindy, someone we hardly tok to.. departed.. we cuties felt sad.. n we helped the Angels to cope.. so how can we be so heartless as not to feel the loss when our friends decided to leave us? .. our pain was even greater..every cutie is impt.. we were like a closely knit family.. fm the beg, AK is open to 'yung fen' .. "Once an AKIAN ALWAYS AN AKIAN"..

I think many cuties cried during that period..we tried our best to cope with our LOSS.. well, outsiders can say tis ppl are siow..but we dont care what ppl think.. at least we had a chance of a lifetime to live in a fantasy island.. an island we called our own.. n PROUD of it..."

to those who want to forget AK2..sori we hv to face it squarely...

birdie | 17/11/2006, 13:49


birdie, e kidnap plan still valid.
Remember we got a fatrhino who can help us by drugging the hippos?
And I got the van ready for action.

dolphin | 17/11/2006, 13:51

AK3 (REVIVED -young adults) [Reply]

- Initially, I wanted to bury AK in my HEART n MEMORY.. n disappeared fm MLB BLOG for gd... but cont to support their music quietly.. but it pained me to c the cuties so sad..

so 1day.. u can say is 'coincidence' or is it 'yung fen' i really dont know... i came home one evening feeling v tired .. but decided to ck .. happened to come across:-

"迷路兵 (weiqi): the good old days..timeless recollection" = to me it was a gd site for AK3..

-cos it reminded me of the gd old days we had at AK1 but still hesitating..

- at the same time Weiqi's new blog ACKNOWLEDGED the existance of AK..

" 路兵 (weiqi) : *WAVES*

milubing | 21 September, 2006 23:50
HEY EVERYONE!!! i'm back from the dead...

been a long time since i made an entry ya? sigh, so sorry to the MLB family and especially the animal kingdom(*wave frantically*)..."

- u can say our WQ himself sealed the fate of AK..

- well i was alone.. n do not kn who wld join me... i did not annouce/or invite them ..just like in AK1.. the cuties agn came in one by one thru 'yung fen'.. if tis is not 'yung fen' then what?...they smelled the way there on their own..

- remember, we cuties, at that time were all wounded.. we started AK3 v shakily..new cuties came in.. n together we build it to a strong 3036 comments minus the initial 1100).. we were not trying to prove anything.. we were just reluctant n afraid to move..
- tks to all the original brave cuties.. n the new cuties.. we mde it to AK4... n most impt WQ visited AK3 n share his stories with us..

- TKU WQ n all Cuties...

birdie | 17/11/2006, 14:06

AK4 - MATURED/more SERIOUS [Reply]

- for How long can we stay? n will there be an AK5?

- we just take ea day as it comes... n enjoy ea other's company n sharing as long as we can...

lets JIAYOU together... *Cheers* n *PEACE* ..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 14:07

dolphin [Reply]

v hungry nw haha, flying off to hunt for food.. tok later..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 14:10

Memory day [Reply]

Looks like it is Memory Day today.
Bye Bye

Napoleon Wruss | 17/11/2006, 14:19

Hey there peeps.. [Reply]

News Flash! On Wed this week, a group of Akians came to visit me at my island... didn't know they were ambassadors of AK...they brought me an Exam Kit and..a mudco? err.. yup. But really, THANKS a million for the card and gifts! Was really stressed up tat day and it was a pleasant visit. I wanna thanks the following animals not in any special order:
4)Pink Piggie
8)Creamy Doggy
10)Pink penguin
13)Mighty Mouse
15)Napoleon Wruss
16)Lion Puppy
19)Dr Cutie
and the other animals that i didn't mean to miss out k? jus too many names!! haha..
THanks so much for the support ya? Really helped me thru the last portfolio presentation yesterday. For now, it's back to the books... adn btw, I know I mentioned that the PSC tix will be at the reception? but now it seems that there are some changes..so pls keep checking back in case any of the MLB makes a post k? Take care people.. and Thanks once again!

GOLDFISH/mudco/weiqi | 17/11/2006, 14:23

GOLDFISH/mudco/weiqi [Reply]

tks for the surprise visit.. u jiayou..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 14:27


Hi Mudco(GOLDFISH)! (^o^)/
guess it was a pleasant surprise for you to receive the kit that day ya?! Really glad that this kit(with our love/care/support) has helped you thru your presentation. Hoped that it will bring you good luck for your exams too and other things too!
Take care & Gambatte! p(^o^)q

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 17/11/2006, 14:37



I'm really happy now.
oh oops! He knows our kidnap plan oredi...how ah? Change of plan?

dolphin | 17/11/2006, 14:39


To all cuties of AK4, who contributed to its well being requarly n to those on in names/peeking only .. tks for being a part of AK... as long as it last...

birdie | 17/11/2006, 14:39

haha [Reply]

must hold a meeting haha..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 14:40

ALERT! [Reply]

PSC tickets take from Amanda!!!

@n0nym0u$ | 17/11/2006, 15:10

@n0nym0u$ [Reply]

Tks v much for the info..

birdie | 17/11/2006, 16:39

goldish [Reply]

omg.. hahas
thanks for tagging.
and informing us abt the PSC tixs.
we've took from amanda already. not sure if wad u meant by the sudden situation will affect it not.
hope not.

you jiayou as well ya??
take care..
*not sure if u still rmb who went down to visit ur island*
take care..
am glad tt our kit helped

piglet | 17/11/2006, 16:52


hi weiqi! so sweet of u.. thanks!

pink piggie (on behalf of creamy doggy) | 17/11/2006, 17:11


weiqi, must come back after your exams k.. :)

pink piggie (on behalf of creamy doggy) | 17/11/2006, 17:19


thanks for your stupid and crappy account, but yet very thoughtful.
Don't be goldfish liao.

piglet (on behalf of parrot) | 17/11/2006, 17:53

lalala~ [Reply]

Okay! so i think all the AKians' sorethroat should be miraculously healed now that mudco already gotten the exam kit and we dun have to *ahem* anymore...

btw, sorethroat just heal dun eat any heaty food okie, same goes for birdie who was having a fever.

MUDCO, do take care of yourself!!!


pink penguin | 17/11/2006, 19:08

AKian darlings! [Reply]

flamingo: thanks! i guess u are rite... hm... bt there are packages that is free and easy rite? meaning the agency already book the hotels and air tickets for us, rite? so, which tour agency did you go to?

salmon: lucky you! i am so jealous! i still haf five days before my last paper... very spread out but at least i got abit more of a time to study

lionpuppy: hm... i happen to noe that on the same day the hcians are having their prom at fullerton whereas the tjcians are having prom at ritz carlton, so are the ijcians & rjcians. btwn the acjcians, hcians, tjcians, ijcians and rjcians, i am more interested in a certain ex-tjcian which AK was created for. haha~ i am frm mjc. speaking of my klassmates and acjcians, one of my klasmate has an acjc boyfren. are you going for any post-prom party? there is one at MOS and i think butter factory too... anyway, wun it be boring if you and ur frens where the same combo? heh. sorrie arh... bt i think guys haf it lucky when it comes to dressing up. have fun!

piglet: dun complain! you are a poly student rite? poly students have it good... u haf much more longer hols then any on the sec, pri and jc students out there... i see my bro slacking off mst of the time... bah. jiayou for ur exams k!

dolphin: haha~ thank you! thanks for offering so much advice and helping me check out! xin ku ni le! hm... backpacking huh? i am totalli foreign to tt idea... so where do you all get a place to slp? ever had it when you guys travel to all over the place looking for somewhere to rest? so do you realli carry a bigpack everywhere? nw i sound like a suaku...

bambi: AHHHH~! dun tell me i got my facts wrong? i always thought osaka was near the sea... in fact, i keep thinking about seafood when i think about osaka... okie... i dunno where the link came from... hm... it seems as though u guys are rite, since so many of you voted guided tour... got it! i will take ur advice and scout around soon!

pink piggie: aiyah! forgot to say thank you, thank you and thank you to you! thank you to the power of infinity! despite u being bz studying urself, u still find time to go give mudco the gift... hm... but i am sure next time u see mudco around can say hi to him le! isn't tt good?

creamy doggy: hm... wat are you bz with? so big shot still must ask pig piggie to tag for you... heh.

birdie: as time goes on, the AK story goes on too... it isn't as bad as it seems isn't it? AK2 is sumthing we need to face up too, one day when we completely put the past behind us (i did already, so the rest of the cuties, do so okie!) we would be able to laugh at all the silliness we went through. hey! and birdie, you might not be somebody (or so you say, i am reluctant to believe it... haha), but i will like to thank you for creating AK and giving us a happy place to chat! guess mudco and AK yung fen is the strongest aft all isnt it? birdie , dun be so pessimistic, AK will cont okie... wun we? (:

pink penguin | 17/11/2006, 19:27


holidays! been ages since i went for one..wan to go so mani places but dun hv the money..ok maybe i hv but need to keep it for my uni expenses..argh! i wan my holidays..haha..

salmon, gd for u..exams ended liao..go enjoy ba..u deserve a gd break! :) parrot oso..1 more mcq paper onli..pp too hor..a's ending soon..make me jealous onli..i still hv 3 more papers! n y do i hv so much to study? i cant get them into my head..brain! zhen qi dian(buck up!) lol..

pp, i was creammy doggy's mudco detector in the afternoon..so i tagged on her behalf lor..hees..looking for job rite? erm i worked in iras last yr..during peak filing season the pay is $6.50 per hr..n i did frontline..answer queries from taxpayers..veri challenging..u speak diff ppl everyday..haha..n i rmb i almost cried after getting scolded for the first time..but i tink it made me a stronger person? i tink so..i can send u their hr no. if u wan..den maybe can try other jobs..msg me..prom! haha..i was fretting over wad to wear n wad to do w my hair too last yr..i tink better not perm yr hair..u hv nice long hair..y not do styling? some salons can do big loose curls for u..n it's onli for 1 nite..less than $100 if i'm not wrong..haha..yr tjcian referring to me rite? lol! so bhb..i noe it's our mudco/goldfish la..i was from tj too..but onli knew tt he was my senior after i graduated..lol! actualli, i havent seen him arnd in ntu yet..wed was the first time i met him in sch! keke..

n mudco ar..i realli am ntu student la..y u look n sound so surprised..maybe i dun look like one..but i hope i act like one? lol! thx for the sweet tag.. :) hope we din disturb u..good luck n all the best for yr 2 papers! jiayou!!

oh ya..glad tt u all hv received my email.. :) do help me to forward to other cuties not in the mailing list k? thankies! n dun hv to thank me la..it's my pleasure to do sth on behalf of ak.. :) n i hv to thank salmon, piglet n parrot for making the trip down w me..thank you gals!

n thx for all the jiayous!! i will try my best de.. :)

birdie, i may be a newcomer in ak..havent read all e tags in ak1..but i wan to say tt the ak legend will cont..even if tis blog realli closes down, i believe we will be able to find a new home.. :)

sorry for tis veri long tag..dun mind hor..hees..those gg to mdc to watch psc live tml, enjoy~ i will be cheering n watching at home.. :)

pink piggie | 17/11/2006, 21:39


piglet, u jiayou too! 2 more papers rite? hang in thr..it will be over before u noe it! :)

pink piggie | 17/11/2006, 21:42


to pink penguin. hahas. poly life isnt relaxed as u tink. hahas.
cux different courses different study load.
my course is more tedious than other courses..
so yep. hahas.

to pink piggie. yep.. hang in there!! u too hors.. =D
hees. tml is the night man. woots ~

piglet | 17/11/2006, 21:56


haha..piglet..dun gek me hor..i cant go..hv to accompany my books n notes..bleahs..

pink piggie | 17/11/2006, 22:25

WeiQi.... [Reply]

I din hv a com at home n am tagging at my niece's home. I got sms frm Pinky tt u tagged. Hope you like the lunch box, water bottles and the food we bought. Study but you must eat and rest too.
We are always with you..support you.. and cheer you on...so is to Nic and Sam too.
Hope we didn't inconvenient you. A special mention that the Card is the artwork of Salmon, the baby artist of AKians.
Take care.

NpWruss | 17/11/2006, 22:30

Hi Cuties [Reply]

Jus finished a movie. Went to see An Inconvenient Truth. It is abt global warming and we all have to put in effort to save the earth before we are swallow up by the metling of ice frm the Arctic and Antartic. Water level will rise 40' abv wat are living on. Sure Die!

Penguin... there is a show coming..so CUTE.. called HAPPY FEET. ALL THE PENGUINs SING AND TAP DANCE...wow!!!!!! Must see leh!

Gd nitez...all! :)

NpWruss | 17/11/2006, 22:38

to that goldfish LOR! [Reply]

my detector is actually working lor..!!
haha! recieved some signals frm my in-built detector arnd 12?feeling tt tt mudco-goldfish tagged..and he really did!!!

you are just so sweet=D
hope we helped you to de-stress..
or shld i say you helped us?
umm..hope you like the presents and took the efforts to come down to tag despite all your works=D

you smile also , okie?

such a funny guy, copy and paste the names from the card itself=D haha!CRAP!~

we went to an island! YEAH! haha~ luckily we didnt roll downt the slope..mudco, pls stop calling yourself goldfish!!NONONO!

parrot | 17/11/2006, 22:49

and to the others.. [Reply]

yah, it almost gave mi a big fright ytd..
and when cream talked smth abt jumping down, fear just overwhelmed my heart

was telling salmon, how much i does not want to see news abt a 10 yrs old girl committing suicide..

well, all is over..i hope so..
i will treat it as a new experience for myself,next time wont panick until like tt..

to salmon, can i cook you?

"but cannot make so much noise. later parrot kill me and piglet kick me down the slope and pink piggie strangle me or something."- salmon..

why you potray mi to be so aggressive? i wont kill you!! i will just kick you down the slope!=D haha!
you shuang lor, finish exam liao

to all, will continue to jiayou!=D

think tt today's history paper is a total gone case..what i studied , didnt came out , forced to do an unfamiliar qns..left out one essay qns..really at lost how to tackle it..
what more, had a bad headache during it, was giddy the whole way, cannot tahan and i forced myself to concentrate, but , haiz, i lost to mr z again..

hope it wont pull too much of my overalls..everyone was taken by surprise of the qns tt came out..haiz..

everyone, pls take care!
YEAH! tml is psc night!

parrot | 17/11/2006, 22:56


oh ya..wanted to tell salmon tt i wun strangle u..i will bring u to ntu den kick u down tt famous slope..lol..parrot, how come i hv the same idea as u de..mus be influenced by u la..always tell goldfish not to roll down the slope..haha..u all enjoy yourselves tml nite k..tink yr last paper dun need to study hor..i'm jealous..bleahs..nitey akians!

pink piggie | 17/11/2006, 23:14


piggie. dun gek dun gek.. hahas. can oso watch it on tv ma.. not bad le.. we're dependin on u to help us record it lehs.. =X
hahas. fall down the slope wors. =X
will contacct u tml if i managed to ask him. hohohoho

piglet | 17/11/2006, 23:41


roll down the slope=X
his hostel outside has steep slope hor and a very weird , fat cat!

parrot | 17/11/2006, 23:42


tt cat isn't there all the time de.
it jux happened to be there when we're there..

piglet | 17/11/2006, 23:43


piglet, wad r u gg to ask him? i hv bad memory la..forget le..is it to test his memory? haha..

parrot, thr r cats at all the hostels..my hall thr got qt a few too..abt 3? haha..they dun disturb me i dun disturb them..eh i tot parrot shld not be afraid of cats? lol!

pink piggie | 17/11/2006, 23:52

correction [Reply]

opps! i got it mixed up... hcjc is at ritz carlton while tjc is at fullerton. simple correction

Npwruss: yah yah! i wanna watch... so cute gt my kind over dere... bt it seems like a no-brainer type of movie... haha~ so... dunno la... cuz i like intelligent stuff! bt chick flicks oso can!

pink piggie: ho-hum. can i tempt you and mudco into going to a tertiary party at MOS? hm... one of my ntu fren oso going... juz wondering whether you guys heard about it. okie okie, shouldnt distract you in ur studies... wah! you are realli mudco xue mei... so lucki! can call him tt la. btw, u shldn't be jealous of us, i am jealous of you - already a uni grad... future more or less settled!

piglet: sorrie! i shld have known tt poly isn't tt easy... haha~ juz jealous of the breaks you guys have... heh.

parrot: i see you are channeling all your stress into cooking salmon huh... no wonder she doesnt dare to appear... (",) pros and cons in finishing late. pros is you get more time to study. cons, we all know la huh

pink penguin | 17/11/2006, 23:55


salmon went to her fren's hse to stay overnight..
mayb to escape away from my knife..
she is a very funny fish, but blur like sotongXD

parrot | 18/11/2006, 00:01


Npwruss, Pink Penguin: I dun have exam... but busy wif sch coz i got 1 module is PBL de so muz spend more time on that doing self discovery,+ i got a few quizes next week so quite busy...

Mudco: Glad that u like the kit...

To all other cuties having test, exam: jia you...

elephant | 18/11/2006, 00:06

last tag for the day=D [Reply]

yah last tag before i turn in.
having a bad headache now, need to get offline or else i might get some serious naggings from birdie..

take care everyone, mind your own body!=D who is going down tml?

and who has any job to intro to mi?
strictly no jobs in the food and beverage sector=D haha!=D if you guys knwo any reliable emplyoment agency , tell mi too=D

parrot | 18/11/2006, 00:21


pink penguin, nope i din hear abt any tertiary party..even if i heard, i oso wun be able to go cos i dun hv parental consent! my mum feels tt i shldnt go to tt kind of places..duno la..i oso dun wan to argue w her bcos of tis..nvm i cant go but can always hear my frens tell me abt their clubbing experience..u can tell us yrs too when u come back.. :)erm u can try to tempt mudco.. :P but not sure if he's below age limit..cos i rmb guys hv to be above 23 yrs old..no? not sure..haha..i'm no xue mei of his la..jus happen to grad from same jc..n i was trying to be funni when i said 'yr tjcian referring to me rite?'..hehe..dun mind me..i'm gg crazy from studying econs! y did i drop econs in jc? argh! i'm having a hard time now..well well..i do hope i will be able to grad with honours 3 yrs later..

parrot, i hv qt a few job agencies no..let me noe if u wan..but u hv to call them everyday to fan them so tt they will find job for u..otherwise u register liao den they oso nv do anything..pp, let me noe too if u wan.. :)

pink piggie | 18/11/2006, 00:38


Good night opps good morning to all cuties!

Got a sms from pink piggie that goldfish swam here. I told Pink Piggie to tag on my behalf cos I couldn't access to the blog. My work station is at such an "aupicious" location that what I do on my screen, my colleagues can see.

Felt very heart-warming for many reasons:
Goldfish came and he sensed the sweetness and care we sent in a small but yet resourceful kit.
I was not forgotten when such a joyrous moment happened here, cos a cutie AKian informed me, and tagged on my behalf. I feel the bond...this is really bonding.

Thanks so much for the warmth that I found in AK. Thanks to all cutie AKians!

creamy doggy | 18/11/2006, 01:11

A story to share... [Reply]

Enjoy your coffee

A Group of alumni, highly stablished in their careers, got together to visit their old university lecturer. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

Offering his guests coffee, the lecturer went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups: porcelain, plastic, glass, some plain looking and some expensive and exquisite, telling them to help themselves to hot coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the lecturer said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking, expensive cups were taken up,leaving behind the plain and cheap ones.

While it is but normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress. What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the better cups and are eyeing each other's cups."
"Now, if Life is coffee, then the jobs, money and position in society are the cups. They are just tools to hold and contain Life, but the quality of Life doesn't change." "Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee in it."

So folks, don't let the cups drive you...enjoy the coffee instead!!!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.
So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.
~Mark Twain

creamy doggy | 18/11/2006, 01:27

Parrot, if u r peeking here... [Reply]

For guit lovers:

6th International Guitar Festival 2006 (Singapore)& 2nd International Guitar Competition

4 - 10 December 2006
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, NTUC Auditorium, Alliance Francaise & Cairnhill Community Club

Since the International Guitar Festival started in 2000, it has drawn audiences and participants from different parts of the world. The festival features mainly world-renowned artistes, luthiers and authority in Guitar from different continents and fields. The aim is to bring both audiences / students / enthusiasts together with artistes together to share and to learn from each other in both formal & casual manner. Watch out for exciting concerts, recitals, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and individual lessons. The international Guitar Competition also brings up-coming guitarists to showcase their talent.

From S$15

Organised by Tomas Music Consultants Pte Ltd

creamy doggy | 18/11/2006, 01:38


PP, backpacking actually quite fun. Normally I'll do research before i go n try to book hotel thru the net before I go. Normally for the first 2 nights only, later go there n book other hotels. Yup, we do carry our backpacks but not very far journey, will try to take the public transport whenever we go so need not to carry them. Have learnt how to travel light n buying lesser on e trip now. I can use 2 jeans 3 tees for 2 wks, washing them on the way. Got this tube of super concentrated detegent for travelling which claim that can wash with sea water too, but I haven't tried that yet. Oh god, I miss my travelling days...

Pink piggie, u worked in IRAS before too? They still at $6.50 per hour rate? I was lucky cos I worked at the old IRAS, the general post office, the current fullerton hotel. It was superb in there, with all the old corridors, doors and the super small ancient lift. Walking in there was like a adventure in a castle. Think we were the last batch there, cos not long after I left, they shifted to the current IRAS.

For parrot n PP, some agencies like Adecco and Manpower are ok I think. Can't remember the name of agency who got me the temp job. But what I did is photocopy some of my documents,went International Plaza, started from the high floors n went 1 office to another level by level. Registered for quite a few and soon got a few offers. Quite effective.

Me n Bambi going tmr. Bambi got the tic from Amanda too.

dolphin | 18/11/2006, 01:42

creamy [Reply]

the story i shareD w u all at AK3

birdie | 18/11/2006, 01:45

Joke: Ah Lian conversation [Reply]

The phone rings. Ah Lian quickly picks it up.

Ah Lian : Morning. Tua Pooi Soh Peauty Saloon here. You are now talking to Ah Lian.
Customer: Good morning Ah Lian. I want to fix appointment to clean my face. Is your Tua Pooi Soh in??
Ah Lian : Tau Keh Soh is goig out 1 hour ago. Who on the line?
Customer : I am Auntie Mary. Your Tua Pooi Soh's customer.
Ah Lian : Oh Auntie Mely. I can help you to fix appointment. Tomolo Tau Keh Soh appointment full house. Tomolo's tomolo she got free. When you like to come?
Customer : I think some time next week. Can I confirm the date & time with you later?
Ah Lian : Sure sure. You can call me or fact your late & timing. Our
fact lumber: jeelo two -two egg one sick for two fai sick. If you
want, can rock on to our wet side to see our later awertaismen & plomosen.
Our wet side : tapiu tapiu tapiu lot tpspeautysaloon lot kom lotmai. Anymore thing you want to talk? If no more I hang the phone.
Caller: Ah......no. You've been most helpful. Thanks.
Ah Lian : OK.., when you free please come & sit. Pai..

creamy doggy | 18/11/2006, 01:46

Birdie... [Reply]

Oops! Sorry your copyright?
I juz found in my mailbox, very enlightening :)

creamy doggy | 18/11/2006, 01:47

creamy [Reply]

no not copy rite.. a friend sent to me mail box so i shared with u all.. haha, so din read huh.. gd to resent agn, cos is englightening..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 01:50

Contentment [Reply]

Have you ever, at any one time, had the feeling that life is bad, real
bad, and you wish you were in another situation?

You find life make things difficult for you, work sucks, life sucks,
everything seems to go wrong...
Read the following story... it may change your views about life:
After a conversation with one of my friends, he told me despite taking 2
jobs, he brings back barely above 1K per month, he is happy as he is.
I wonder how he can be as happy as he is considering he has to skimp his life with the low pay to support a pair of old parents, in-laws, a wife, 2 daughters and the many bills of a household.
He explained that it was through one incident that he saw in India that happened a few years ago when he was really feeling low and touring India after a major setback.
He said that right in front of his very eyes he saw an Indian mother
chop off her child's right hand with a chopper. The helplessness in the
mother's eyes, the scream of pain from the innocent 4-year-old child
haunted him until today.
You may ask why did the mother do so; had the child been naughty, had
the child's hand been infected??
No, it was done for two simple words-- - TO BEG! The desperate mother deliberately caused the child to be handicapped so that the child could go out to the streets to beg.
Taken aback by the scene, he dropped a piece of bread he was eating half-way. And almost instantly, a flock of 5 or 6 children swamped towards this small piece of bread which was covered with sand, robbing bits from one another.
The natural reaction of hunger. Stricken by the happenings, he
instructed his guide to drive him to the nearest bakery. He arrived at
two bakeries and bought every single loaf of bread he found in the
bakeries. The owner was dumbfounded but willingly sold everything. He
spent less than $100 to obtain about 400 loaves of bread (this is less
than $0.25 per loaf) and spent another $100 to get daily necessities.
Off he went in the truck full of bread into the streets. As he
distributed the bread and necessities to the children (mostly
handicapped) and a few adults, he received cheers and bows from these
For the first time in his life he wondered how people can give up their dignity for a loaf of bread which cost less than $0.25.
He began to tell himself how fortunate he is. How fortunate he is to be able to have a complete body, have a job, have a family, have the chance to complain what food is nice and what isn't nice, have the chance to be clothed, have the many things that these people in front of him are deprived of...
Now I begin to think and feel it, too! Was my life really that bad?
Perhaps... no, I should not feel bad at all... What about you?
Maybe the next time you think you are, think about the child who lost
one hand to beg on the streets.
"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, it is the
realization of how much you already have."
When the door of happiness closes, another opens, but often times we
look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one which has been
opened for us.

It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's
also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.
The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.
The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can't
go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches.

creamy doggy | 18/11/2006, 01:57

cream [Reply]

will read yr stories tomorrow..

gd nite n rainbow dreams.. sleep tight.. u entering the hippos land haha..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 02:24

greetings fm shanghai [Reply]

how r d cuties doing?

goldfish, glad to c ur tag.. hv a gd performance tonite!

if any cuties record d psc show, PLS~ upload d video & post d link. THKX

pink penguin - i dun bk d f&e tour fm agency. my fren will c which airline got promo on fares then we will bk. so far tink we've got d tkts @ ard $500+. den my fren will settle on d jr pass & accomodations. we stayed in those biz hotels werby they do serve breakfast.

yes, if i'm gg wif my family, usu will go on a guided tour. but if gg wif frens, will go f&e. though may b more x at times, but we hv more freedom & can plan our own itinerary. d packaged tour tat i took to hokkaido was fm ana. i tink it's a really nice package. gd tour guide, gd itinerary, gd lodging, & really wonderful meals. tink it cost ard $2300+ 4 8days.

sori, din managed to send u my photos earlier juz sent u d link. hv a look. ^^

gd nite all~

flamingo | 18/11/2006, 02:29


So flamingo in Shanghai now ah...eating hairy crabs? hmm... haven't tried before leh. Nice or not.

Maybe I can go beijing to visit my friend, can stay at her house to save $. N I can go visit the great world too. :)

dolphin | 18/11/2006, 02:49


correct, its "great wall"

brain go bunkok again...

nitz cuties n goldfish.
sweet dreams!

the diving one | 18/11/2006, 02:58

hi waves~~~ [Reply]

morning all.. enjoy yrself today.. both at de psc. tvs - with kacang puteh n beers/wine hee...

Rosemary.. normally uploading will be done by Eric or Cherly fm CS.. in Youtube.. anyway, any technical cutie? who can help?

Enjoy yr Shanghai trip..

i hv been to some parts of China.. like Fuzhou, Xiamen, climbed Wuyi-Shan. tried their sedan-chair carried by 2 Chinamen, n even stayed in one of the village.. with its pond full of ducklings swimming happily..diff types of poutry(chicken,cocks,geese,peacocks), pigs - (boars r so ugly, but little pinkish piglets r so cute, suckling milk fm their mom) n cows..n large veg farm..with scarecrows..n even a tree house their bitter-grouds are small types ..is so diff fm Local n Msian variety..v quiet n peaceful.. most of their houses are like what we c in film shows.. ulu type.. of cos some r more modern terrace types ..

Seen the hanging coffins up in the mountain too..

China's country side scenery is beautiful.. except the town area n toilet(yak, dirty n doors)..

hv not been to Shanghai n Beijing.. yet.. one day must visit le.. must try the hairy crabs n also climb the gt wall of China ..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 10:35


flamingo is in shanghai?
COOL! why i didnt know abt it?
so i will be seeing both bambi and dolphin in mdc=D

pink piggie, will drop you a sms=D

cream doggy, haha, hehe, i know abt the guit concert a few months ago, but i clean forgotten abt it since i am having exams all the while..but thnks for the reminder, anyone interested to go?

parrot | 18/11/2006, 11:26

parrot/cuties [Reply]

hi, enjoy yrself at mdc.. i will b watching at home with wine n nuts..

CS full of spamming...

birdie | 18/11/2006, 11:49

Hi... [Reply]

missing in action for a few days and there are so many things happened and so many tags to read...

BS visited and mudco left msg...why nobody tell me mudco tagged? :(

okay, gg to read the many many long long tags now...

birdie, thanks for your sms, will go check my email later...

take care, all cuties...

duckling | 18/11/2006, 11:50


pink piggie. yup. testing his memory. =P hope he dun have stm. cux goldfish are known for their 3secs memory =X

pink penguin. hahas. it's alright. =) no nd to apologise.. breaks though longer but it oso finishes b4 u know it..

i cant wait for ltr's performance.. =D
though one song but it'l be superb. =X

morning everyone.

piglet | 18/11/2006, 11:56

duckling! [Reply]

wah, you MIA for so looooonnng..
ytd birdie askign abt you=D
so you have been busy with both your work and studies?
how is it coming along?

parrot | 18/11/2006, 11:59


duckling - hi! we were wondering what happen to our dear peeking duckling?.. so sent u an e-card on behalf of AK.. hope u like it.. u jiayou in yr wk n study..but take care.. dont overwork yrself... best wishes to you..

cream - the story, u tagged is v inspiring n touching.. i had read somewhere that some children are being kidnapped n chopped of hands or legs to beg... but is so horrible when the actions are done by parents/ppl who r supposed to protect them .. v sad n painful feelings... poor kids.. such as these are so helpless.. In India.. n elsewhere.. ppl r either extremely rich or extremely poor... sometimes, being poor does not necessarily mean we must be unhappy.. rich also may not neccessarily be happy...

as long as there is harmony in the home.. life can be beautiful..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 12:06


Cream, i read that story before...u posted in AK1 or 2 right? So sad...
I was surfing the world vision web, thinking of adopting a kid. Know NpWruss adopted 2 and my friend one. May go sign up with them soon.

I know in china, where they have this 1 kid per couple rule. As we know, the tradition Chinese thinking prefer boys to gals. So there are cases where they drown their babies gals and try for a boy. haiz...

Suddenly I remembered watching a Jap movie, Nobody Knows. It was based on a real story and I left the cinema in a very sad mood. Not for ppl with soft heart. If u want to watch it, please bring lot n lot of tissue.

duckling, we missed you leh, was thinking how come u not here recently. Thought u bz with assignment so didn't disturb u. Welcome back!

dolphin | 18/11/2006, 12:25

read the story [Reply]

went to read the story, very touching..
i cant imagine the pain the mother need to take when she chopped off her son's hand
i knwo no mothers will wan this to happen..but their living condition disallow them

haiz, the thing is we are fortunate..too fortunate..
rmb reading a story posted by one of you in either ak1 or 2, abt the orphan boy who came back to find his " mother" who adopted him, give him the money to study etc..
such stories..
children nowadays..
thought of going to some desolate country to do volunteery works, i really hope i can go one day..i know i will end up crying my night off, but i really believe, one man can do alot of difference

anyone cares to join one day?

parrot | 18/11/2006, 12:46

to the meimei cuties [Reply]

compared to these sad n ill-fated kids.. u all really r living in heaven-like conditions...

these kids do not hv education, proper clothings.. food..let alone computers, etc..n hv to get hands/feet chopped off to beg.. but lucky children like u all.. hv everything..including parental love, yet u r feeling bored n unhappy..

so next time kids.. if u r feeling down.. think of these poor sad kids.. they are living in HELL...

birdie | 18/11/2006, 12:51


you know, i have this very cute fren..
i think she read smth abt the poor african children..
as you know, children nowadays tend to be choosy and fussy abt the food they eat..

for example, you ordered prawn me, yet you dont eat the prawn, you will throw the prawn aside, yeah , waste food..

and then my fren will start to nag( shld i say nag?) , and ask us to think abt the children at africa..

this is a good way, remind yourself not to waste food..

really hope to go to one of the poor country one day..

parrot | 18/11/2006, 12:57

parrot [Reply]

yr wish will definitely come true one day.... i think is gd if schs can organised such trips.. to open the eyes of many of our pampered kids..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 13:10

hi hi... [Reply]

yah, was busy with work and school assisgnement... thanks for your all concerns...

took two-day's leave from doctor, thinking that i can catch up with my assignment, but i ended up sleeping for two whole days!! Even this morn, i dozed off when watching the repeat of Proj Superstar! :(

so many things happened when i was away, but it's all over, so i shdn't comment lah..

So happy that mudco tagged abt the Exam survivial kit. Glad tt he likes it and it helped him thru the last portfolio presentation =)

duckling | 18/11/2006, 13:11


i hope i can..
mayb i can join some organisation or smth, where they send ppl out for volunteery works=D

oh, hi duckling, glad to hear tt you are fine! why you took mc?
you are sick?

parrot | 18/11/2006, 13:14

antennae.. [Reply]

"...why nobody tell me mudco tagged? :("

hi duckling.. yr feelers usually v sharp rgding any of the hippos appearance le... u didn't polish them ah.. anyway, he came like the wind n gone like the wind.. zoom in, zoom out..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 13:15


so r u ok nw duck ? take care ya..

i just recovered myself..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 13:19

backpacking [Reply]

i hv also thot of doing that oneday.. but dont kn whether can tahan carring my barang2 around..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 13:22


haha..me too, mayb i am having som epost exam sickness
ate panadols and i am perfectly alright already!=D

parrot | 18/11/2006, 13:23


birdie, thanks for the e-card :)

pp - japan is quite an expensive place to go F&E. You can travel to more places if you go on a guided tour, and then extend your stay at say, Tokyo for shopping. I went Tokyo on a F&E package from a tour agency with day tours. We extended our stay and checked into a budget hotel. Overall, i think we spent abt $3K for one week or so.

If you r interested to go taiwan, you can try taiwan + okinawa. Okinawa is a beautiful place surrounded by sea... coz it's a very narrow island. Beautiful place for sight-seeing, but not so much of happenings...if you are interested, i can give you the contact for the budget accommodations i stayed in Tokyo & Okinawa. :)

duckling | 18/11/2006, 13:23


parrot & birdie, thanks for your concern. i felt better aft i slept for two days. no i'm tired from sleeping too much. hahahaha...

birdie, glad tt u have recovered.

parrot, you were sick too, r you better now?

my hippo detectors not working le... tt night tot nico will tag, but he didn't :(

dolpin, i watch "Nobody Knows" too. its a sad story...

many of you going to psc tonight? The guest stars will be playing games with the contestants. Not sure if it will be the hippos or the other foreign guest. Those going, enjoy yourselves! =) I'll be at home watching.

duckling | 18/11/2006, 13:36


yah,i am much more bttr..just some post exam illness.haha!=D my detector is working!
but i cant come online ytd!

isit? the guests are playing with the contestants? i cant imagine it..

parrot | 18/11/2006, 13:37

parrot wish u luck.. [Reply]

haha so i will look out for u le.. hope u r one of the lucky cutie n got to play w hippos..

birdie | 18/11/2006, 13:42


okay, it's duckling's feeding time le...

all cuties, have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Take care!

duckling | 18/11/2006, 13:50


dolphin, yup i worked in iras last yr..haha..i din even noe tt the one i was working in was a new location..but my workplace dun need to take lift de..2nd level..take escalator can liao..hees..

birdie, good tt u hv recovered..take care k..parrot too..always hear u say u sick..1 more paper den can play liao..jiayou..

duckling, sorry i din hv ur no so couldnt inform u tt mudco tagged..maybe we can exchange nos den next time i can be ur mudco detector? hees..jiayou with ur work n studies!

cuties gg for psc nite, hv a great time..will be watching at home n c if any lucky cutie get to play games w the guests.. :)

pink piggie | 18/11/2006, 14:28


hello cuties, im back!

my com was down these 2 days plus i went to my friend's house. so salmon was MIA. but now im back! just came back from psc and was pleasantly surprise that my dad actually fixed the com. now i have a nice com and you have a happy salmon

wah, come back le first thing i see is people want to cook me and kick me down ntu's slope. BOOHOO. you're exams will end soon! parrot's monday. pink piggie's wednesday (if im not wrong) piglet's not very sure but definetely by the end of this month. pink penguin also soon right! jiayou jiayou! and dont kick me down the slope please. can die de!

met cream, dolphin and bambi today. nice to meet you guys! (:

felt like a siao cha bor today. running all over the place asking the guys for photos and autographs. have never done this before man. really feel insane.

i cant proudly say i am fair cos i like the boys equally. im now a pro-mudco-ist. (:

parrot, thanks for helping me get nic's siggy for my friend. appreciate!

salmon | 19/11/2006, 01:00


edit 2nd last para:
now i cant proudly say i am fair and i like the boys equally. im now a pro-mudco-ist.

salmon | 19/11/2006, 01:02

to the original goldfish [Reply]

goldfish! glad you liked the kit (and surprise visit) we prepared for you. no reward is greater than knowing that it did helped you. thanks for taking the time to pop over at ak despite your busy schedule. jiayou and all the best for your papers, projects, presentation, port folios ect. (wah, why all 'P's. hope the food, which really was enough to feed a few starving children (parrot, i never exaggerate!), we gave you can last you quite long. eat well and rest well, we dont want to see you like a goldfish even though you're the ORIGINAL goldfish. the performance (18th nov) was great! waiting for the next event! jiayou in your studies and music! God bless

salmon | 19/11/2006, 01:11

Salmon [Reply]

...Nice to meet you! Forgot to add this on my sms msg earlier... : )

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 01:12


Nice to meet u too, salmon :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 19/11/2006, 01:21

yep!=D [Reply]

if you did see mi ytd on tv, you did not see wrongly=X
hahah! i was the one tt gave weiqi tt "boquet" of flowers! hahaha! well, i think i gave on behalf of ak!=D hahha! no no, dolphin, i didnt bain xing=s

haha! and his reaction is super duper funny!

( when at a distance away)
weiqi: wei she meh ni na meh gao xiao?( why are you so funny?)

then he ahm chio like mad
i stoned there, thinking how am i suppose to answer tt kkind of qns?

so i..
parrot: how i know? is it? ehhh..( silence, dont know what to say), jiayou..

so malu~

mudco is super cute and friendly ytd=D verynice=D except for all the suanings he used..so lame=.=

parrot | 19/11/2006, 13:34


mudco drew some pic for us! he drew parrot for mi!!

just to say sorry to some ppl..
pink piggie,
sorry, when he is drawing your stuffs, tt pig la, i asked him to add ribbon on the ear..but it turned out cute la=D

sorry i keep saying abt tt," clean and green week" thingy, only realised he wrote tt down when i reached home..but who to blame, tt frog really looks like the frog on the dustbin..for clean and green week!

parrot | 19/11/2006, 13:39


yah la, to you again..
let mi be serious once..PLEASE~
thanks for recognising tt i am tt parrot.
thanks for tt note.
i thought through..yeah, i might have passion for design,though i was already at the verge of giving up, i will still assure you tt somehow design will still be part of my life, whether big or smal, it will need to depend..

and hor, ytd, what you talking abt the cropping picture thingy? crop what? what half body? HEH!*BLUR*

next time, dont be so shocked when i give you flowers..mayb i went on behlaf on doggy! haha!OPPS! NO NO!!

"thanks" for all the efforts in bending down! not bad hor! you are trying to make the picture looks nicer! you are so "GOOD!!"..kana suaned like sia..mayb when the crap meets the crap we will tend to suan each other badly?OPPS~

lastly, please dont fall off the slope, you know why i said this right, i told you , and elaborated liao..ytd still dare to fake hor! later you become lame , i really dont know!

nice one! nice goldfish!
dont call yourself goldfish liao la!
and i finally figured out how to do a goldfish pose!

thanks for the parrot again!=D and your lame crappy jokes and actions...super diao=.="

to say who is the more crappy, i think i met a big competitor! hahah!

you take care of yourself!=D DONT FALL OKIE!keep the flower la, and use tt thingy i gave you for your fish tank!

parroot- thinking, i think mudco is a lame hippo! | 19/11/2006, 13:53

to those who were there=D [Reply]

i think everyone really make up my day ytd..yep!=D we laugh, joke and crap like mad..
to those who were there, thnks!

cream, i will still rmb tt," SO GAY!!"

parrot | 19/11/2006, 14:09

aei? [Reply]

was saving the tags then realised that the "unslightly" spam/virus has been moved. No sure if anybody has noticed it.

It must be our dearest mudco who removed it. You're so sweet! Luv ya!

duckling @_@ | 19/11/2006, 17:28


haha..yest's performance was great! i recorded! hehe..but havent figure out to edit..onli copied the whole thing to my laptop..anyway, eric has uploaded it..i copied the link from cs..

salmon, hao la hao la..dun kick u down e slope le..later ak no more salmon liao..den so mani cuties here like to eat salmon..lol! my last paper's on wed..hope i can tahan till den..haha..piglet's last paper is on fri..after tt we can all go celebrate..haha..yay!

parrot, shall not say anything abt the pig first..haha..but piglet said it's cuter than hers..duno if she included the ribbon in her comment..haha..

n weiqi/mudco/goldfish, thanks for the pig! yep..n erm thanks for rmbing who went to ur island? haha..yup..jiayou for your exams..dun be goldfish liao.. :)

pink piggie | 19/11/2006, 18:50

parrot.. [Reply]

I thot he said "That's so GAME!" or did i heard wrongly....OMG!


creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 20:21


Its "so game", that what he said.
I heard it too.

Really fun yesterday.
Think I really exhuasted myself for the past few days, I couldn't stay awake for long today. Only a couple at lunch and slept till dinner. Jialek... :P

Parrot getting more Pian Xin already... haha. Of course what, our heart normally is situated at left side one mah.

dolphin | 19/11/2006, 20:43


Heng! It's SO GAME!...But as a matter of fact, it can be oso "SO GAY" lo...

That was eventful ytd...at least for me..ahem...hahas..

Glad to see everyone enjoyed so much ytd...the laughters, the crappiness, the awkwardness oso added some esscence of the night...that's the whole combination of 1st meeting..shyness...awkwardness...friendliness...n warmth!

Yeah...need to be game to participate in this lo...

So excited to see the animal drawings...hope to see a complete list in the future...

I love my artbook...lots of meaning there now...AND A NICE GOLDFISH too!

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 20:53

The ring... [Reply]

Yeah..forgot to add a highlight happened ytd...

Someone tot he was given a ring...then someone correct him n said is not lo...Then hor that someone dunoe whether disappointed or not lo...

And hor..someone posed a pic with someone holding a document...like juz married holding a marriage certificate lo...

Aiyo...ytd nite everything happened so drama lo!

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 20:57


seems like i missed out alot last nite hor..anyone care to fill me in? hehe..mus c goldfish's drawing..nan de yi jian.. :)

pink piggie | 19/11/2006, 21:07

Pink Piggie... [Reply]

Check ur e-mail for ur nice drawing...yeah?
AK courier service has delivered to ya e-mail addie..
Ur acty masterpiece to be collected with piglet...seal with love by Goldfish yeah...

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 21:13


It is not a ring. If it is a ring, should be given by him, not from me. :P
wedding certification. Hmm... maybe...

I'm really laughing at it right now. doggy kept saying that its wedding cert. wah wah... later I kena strangle by some fans then I'll come after u.

dolphin | 19/11/2006, 21:17


Dolphin...then hor u will be strangled by many fans liao...you didn't pose with him onli hor?!...hahas...

Yalo...he should be one who gives a ring lo!

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 21:20


Doggy, thanx 4 sharing the pics... Dolphin, haha i saw the pic... it really look like a wedding pic... haha... :P

elephant | 19/11/2006, 21:22


doggy, thanks for sharing! wah.. weiqi's drawings so nice! looking at my unfinished ak portrait, i feel so zi bei. his monkey and parrot and pigs so cute! i forgot to ask him to draw a salmon for me.

piglet, by the way, your piglet is piglet from winnie the pooh or its just a baby pig?

salmon | 19/11/2006, 21:51


piglet-tt pig is like the coin bank la! hahah! she is so qi kek! cause the one mudco drew for piggie is much more cuter!=D

but i think he said," so gay!"
hahah!cause at that moment i am sitting bside our dearest nico mah!
cant be i hear the wrong thing also?

asked samco if he knows abt ak, he said he heard of it.
asked nico too, he said he is totally blurred abt it..
well well, mudco! teach them how to trek ulu jungle!

parrot | 19/11/2006, 22:16


Parrot, it is "so game" lah. 2 vs 1, who else was there?

elephant, the pic so small u also can see. aiyo...

salmon, wonder what kind of salmon goldfish will draw for you. The one swimming in the water or those sliced ones on a plate. hmm...

I want my dolphin drawn too!

dolphin | 19/11/2006, 22:27


hahah! i think someday we can ask him to help us draw our family photos!OPPS!=X

asking too much..

it is " so GAY la"!
aiyah, i sitting bside him nia leh!

parrot | 19/11/2006, 22:33


hahas. dolphin.
i heard "so gay" too.
so now is 2 vs 2. =X

piglet | 19/11/2006, 22:36


argh.. the piglet vs piggie drawing is =.="
i wan my proper piglet drawing wors, mudco. hahas
ytd was great.. =X
mudco styled his hair again. hahas.
and showed funny actions in the show. hahas..
samco and nico not bad oso.
samco said he feel tt he has improved..
but nico and mudco seems to have bit prob.
nico sae he missed out one part. and mudco's top keyboard machiam got ppl controlling.
but it's still great to see them again..

piglet | 19/11/2006, 22:42


haha..saw the pics..thx doggy! :) hv to agree my piggie is cuter..oops! haha..parrot, shall not blame u for the ribbon..cos it looks cute! keke..mudco's drawing is power la..all 4 animals so cute lor..hee..doggy, are u the onli one with all 3 hippos' signature? lucky u.. :)

i'm dying to noe abt the 'so GAY/GAME la' thingy..but i hv to go offline le..nvm shall pester parrot next time..haha..nitey cuties! sleep early.. :)

pink piggie | 19/11/2006, 22:43


hahas.. arh!!
enough of it.. hahas
salmon. the piglet is the one in winnie the pooh series tt piglet.. not the baby pig.. hahas.
tink mudco got it wrong s well..
but nvm.. =(
he's so cute lo..
say sorry for not knowing my name. haahs. i felt bad sia..
mudco, no nd to apologise ya?? =D
u take care and jiayou for the coming event. =D

piglet | 19/11/2006, 22:48


Dolphin: ya i can see... hehe...

Haiz... i think i collasping soon... got 1 assignment tml due... but i'm not even 1/2 done... and i dun even noe if my partner have done her part already... Tml still got 1 quiz and wed got 2 quizes... sianz...

elephant | 19/11/2006, 22:48


hahha! ytd was fun!
was looking at the video just now..
i need to say this, PLEASE LET MI SAY!!

nic is shuai de lor, esp that jump, voice super power liao!
sam looks so dao all the while, like ppl own him money!
i dont know why i keep laughing at mudco, he moved so much ytd!
and his fingers! like flying fingers sia!


haha, i also got all the three's signatures..asked nic to write his chinese name, so kawaii!! haha! mudco signed with " wei qi"( chinese character), asked him , why?
he said he shuang mah..
* knock de wall*
( laugh at yourself bah, mudco!)

haha, the ribbon is nice right! hahah! i think i need to go and console froggie..haha! cause i keep saying her frog looks like the one on the dustbin for clean and green week..
and wq actually wrote tt down
so funny.
i really think it is gay la!
it is GAY!
it is GAY!
it is GAY!

parrot | 19/11/2006, 22:49

elephant [Reply]

poly life is like tt de..
endless of assignments and quizzes..
not sure if ur quizzes comes every wk or only at a specific wk nia..
mine is come on wk8 and 9. thus making me even stress due to too much to study..
did feel like giving up this course and jux go to the course tt i like - accountings
but then hais.
since i've chosen this course, i might as well go thru it. and somemore, im left with like a yr plus nia.. argh..
but yep..
all sae tt my course gives me "bright" future.
but to me, it's still the same.
but yep. let's both continue to work hard tgt bahs.
persevere and it'l be over soon..

piglet | 19/11/2006, 22:53

mudco [Reply]

i still dun understand how to enlarge the sam's pic in the blog display pic..
tt article pic is like sam is really cant be seen de..
but how come u can enlarge his pic??
argh. mux exchange pointers next time le.. hahaas.
and yep. still tink tt pic of urs look lik sly instead lehs..hahas.

piglet | 19/11/2006, 22:55


Parrot, since u r younger than me, I let u win lah.... be it gay then. :D

As for the chinese name thing, wah, u all copy me wan loh. Haha, cos I want to see how they write chinese mah. :P Those copycats must give me copyright fee hor.

Elephant, I also go assignment to hand up, but lucky still got a week to go. I'm on holiday mood now, really no mood to touch any notes or books lah. hee, jiayou, hoilday coming!

dolphin | 19/11/2006, 22:56


hahha, yah la yah la, dolphin..did i?
but his shun is very cute!!

i think i might know how tt goldfish enlarge tt pic..erm, thik he used photoshop to zoom in ? which pic are you refering to ah?

parrot | 19/11/2006, 22:59

piglet [Reply]

ohhhhh! sorry ah, parrot's brain very small..
i think someone helped him to take the pic bah..
or he KOP from the media?

he loves to kop

parrot | 19/11/2006, 23:02


lol. mudco wrote his chinese name on my board and then signed his name as well. my mum see le she ask, how come mlb got 4 people.

piglet, woots, i got it right. i drew you already! (:

salmon | 19/11/2006, 23:03


parrot. hahas.. mayb he reali kope it from the media.. hahs. again!! =X

salmon. hahas.. yep. mudco oso wrote his chinese name and his intial. hahas. luckily u got it right, if not i might come aft u with a knife s well.. hees.. eat u up.. hahas.. =X

piglet | 19/11/2006, 23:08


draw the coin bank pig for her..
i think i know why my parrot looks like tt liao..

cause kana lame-d by mudco..
die of crappiness..

parrot | 19/11/2006, 23:10


tt piglet.
nvm. hahas.

piglet | 19/11/2006, 23:13


Piglet and Dolphin: thanx... My holiday is 4 more wks away...
Piglet: My quizes come only on wk 5 and 6 and other term test on wk 8.
Then one of my module is PBL so have to be more independent another module got assigment almost every week... Ya like wat u say, left 1 yr+ only so might as well go thru...

elephant | 19/11/2006, 23:19

elephant [Reply]

oh. okaes. hais..
yep.. 1 more yr plus would soon arrive de..
i see my frens they all already gg to be yr3 le.. yet im still stuck at yr2..
bit she bu de..
cux cant graduate with them.. =(
hais.. life is like tt..

piglet | 19/11/2006, 23:21


you guys jiayou la!
can be your full time nagger.
i am a good nagger( is there such words like nagger?)

not enuff then JIA MEI LU JIA MEILU!
heard tt mei lu is milo in chinese?
suddenly so cheena, haha, i know okie! dont laugh at my chinese...

parrooooooooot | 19/11/2006, 23:24


piglet, aiyo. want to eat me again. ): yes yes, must jiayou!

parrot, you're correct.actually you're chinese is okay la. you must jiayou too. last paper!

salmon | 19/11/2006, 23:29

Video [Reply]

Finally! Here it goes, Milubing @ RP!




dolphin | 19/11/2006, 23:30

Gay or Game! [Reply]

I realli tot he said "So Game".
Cos 1st he said: "U're so GAME!" to me..Can't be he said I'm so Gay right?!! "0_0"

But his scream was loud de lo...


Aiyao...doesn't matter lah...aniwae it's game to give a gay thingy to him lah..

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 23:33


thanks dolphin..!!
but can u send me the videos s well.. hees

piglet | 19/11/2006, 23:34

to tt GODFISH..yeah, again! [Reply]

tell you a secret!
PARROT here, FINALly knows how to crop Picture!

dont need you to teach liao! hahahahhaha!

wah, i am soooo happy!

parrot | 19/11/2006, 23:37

doggy [Reply]

can teach me how not to be an ah mah?? hahas
ytd gone le.. cux the guys made me forget everything.
but tis evening when i woke up.
it's there again!! argh..

piglet | 19/11/2006, 23:39


lol, parrot funny ah. suan him back

salmon | 19/11/2006, 23:41

The Story of GAME and GAY [Reply]

That day I went to this shop to look for a gift for a fren. By chance, I saw this designer thingy, very cute, shower cap in different design. Got army, swimmer, world globe, dirty ants...It's pack inside a tin can.

When I saw the army shower cap, immediatel I tot of nico is going to enlist to army liao. Then, suddenly the light bulb appeared on top of my head lo. I think it would be a funny gift to nico for his enlistment this Dec. I laughed lo..cos it's so appropriate and yet so provocative as nico soon to be botak liao...But for the fun of it,I decided to get for nico lo.

Then, I cannot pian xin ma. So I muz choose something for mudco and samco ma. So, I spotted the swimmer shower cap...and again the light bulb appeared on of me again. I thought that since mudco now hardly has time to go diving liao, so he can wear this shower cap in his shower or bath to imagine that he is diving or swimming lo...So, for the fun of it, I got that for mudco.

So, now is baby samco. Spent awhile to choose. Finally, I decided on the world globe. Why? well, since samco likes biking, i thought he may want to go mountain bike around the world one day. So, my message for him was like: the shower cap for him to wear when he speed bike or cycling on the road, so that to block away dirts. Also, isn't it good to wear the globe on the head..So, the world globe shower cap I gave to samco lo...

Aiyo...only nico was anxious to open it up to see and his reaction was just so HIGH lo!

Haha...I still think he said "SO GAME!" lah!

Creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 23:43


i still think it is ," SOO GAY!"

it is GAY LA!
it is..
it is.
it IS!

suan him back?
ask him lor, suan mi so much, still dare to say..
say what take pic, take half body then crop it out then it wont show too much of the height..

qi kek~

when crap meets de crap, must they suan each other like mad?

parrot | 19/11/2006, 23:47


creamy, your story damn funny. esp the light bulbs. potential story writer. but your reasons also very funny. bu kui shi from advertising. creative!

salmon | 19/11/2006, 23:55

parrot... [Reply]

Y u like "So GAY" so much leh!

I still believe I heard "So GAME!" lah!

creamy doggy | 19/11/2006, 23:59


i still strongly believe tt he said," SO GAY!"
why will he say ," SO GAME"?

the fight btw parrot and doggy..

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:05


Piglet: Dun be sad... jia you...
Dolphin: thanx for the video...
Creamy Doggy: Erm from ur story, i think wat nico say is "So Gay".

elephant | 20/11/2006, 00:07


:(...if that's be it...then I'm so paiseh!

Aiyo...the gay thingy never been crossed my mind till now lo!

Parrot...I tot we shouldn't fight de...hahas

Ask Nico to trek this ulu jungle to make peace quick!

creamy doggy | 20/11/2006, 00:10


but why would nico call creamy gay? a bit weird right.

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:12


hahha..ask tt lost, blurred hippo to come out and have an animal conference on whehter he said," SO GAY!" or " so game!"

okie okie.no fight..
later you bite my tail!
does bird eat goldfish?

parrot? | 20/11/2006, 00:13


as in , He said tt the cap is GAY!

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:13


elephant. thanks.. i will cheer up soon de. =D

salmon. hahas. nico is not referrin the gay part to creamy. he's sayin the shower cap is so gay. hahs.

piglet | 20/11/2006, 00:14


NO! you better dont eat goldfish. if not cream and i will kill you. cream say i snatch with her for goldfish. you eat goldfish, she sure kill you.

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:15


parrot eats goldfish ah?
is it?
does it?

if he crap too much, i will eat him up!

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:16


no what, cream got say he said to her "you're so game/gay." lol can start debate le

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:16

parrot... [Reply]

yeah...now to think of it...onli see gays wear shower cap in movies lo...

hahas...perhaps is time for tat blurred hippo to trek ulu jungle now...

but..he can't cos com down...internet connecting time slow n so lagging...maybe he won't come here le...

So parrot..no fights..rem we share something in common..our phobia in that meowy fellow...hahas

creamy doggy | 20/11/2006, 00:17


but then ah parrot, salmon you also want to eat, you better dont eat goldfish also.

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:18


tt meowy thingy!
wah~ i will freak out!
tt meow from it sends shivers down my spine lor!

can right!
parrot do eat goldfish!

parrot scare of cat sia, but why a dog is scared of cats?

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:19


meowy fellow? cats ah? i dont like cats too. cats eat fish and birds. doggy, you're supposed to chase cats away!

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:20


can someone tells mi if a parrot eats goldfish?
if yes, i will eat him up!
if no, i will try to eat him up, if he is too crappy!

yah! salmon, you dont like cats also..rmb, tt day!

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:22


Sorry to declare that I'm realli no meowy game lo.

Though it is juz a distance away, it makes detour to a long route to avoid he meowy fello lo.

creamy doggy | 20/11/2006, 00:24


the fat ugly cat. grrr. that day i wnt to my friend's house. we went out at night and there were so many cats wandering around. scare me.

parrot, you MUST NOT eat goldfish!

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:24


oh yes, mighty mouse/garfield, do i draw mighty mouse or garfield in the ak portrait?

and the rest of the cuties, any special request for the picture? like the color and stuff eg, piglet is piglet from winnie the pooh, creamy doggy is cream in color ect.

parrot, im going to draw an evil looking parrot!

bambi = bambi from bambi (disney cartoon) right?

and should i draw mudco or goldfish? suggestions?

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:38


no no! i am not evil!
one day, i mst do a poster of a prrot trying to eat the goldfish in his tank..
i really think tt parrot eats goldfish, can someone enlighten mi?

they do right, i suppose?

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:40



npwruss is a big fish, if you attack goldfish, she might eat you. hohoho. the living-in-water cuties will protect goldfish

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:42



parrots eat dirt and seeds. not goldfish. see, no goldfish

salmon | 20/11/2006, 00:48


haha..took a breather from my mugging n saw u cuties debating whether nico said 'so GAY/GAME'..doggy, thx for the story..but sorry to say tt i tink he said 'so GAY'..haha..jus a guess from pink piggie..dun stone me k..haha..ask tt blur hippo to clear the doubt..

parrot, u better not eat goldfish..n i dun tink parrot eats goldfish..later all the cuties come after u ar..haha..

salmon, my piggie mus be pink hor..haha..tis is so lame..can mudco hv 2 identities? i wan him to be both mudco n goldfish.. :P

pink piggie | 20/11/2006, 00:55


can you draw a similar parrot( the one wq drew) for mi in that potrait!..
cause i kana crapped by him too much, till i wan to faint

parrot | 20/11/2006, 00:59

haha [Reply]

u all so high...v exciting to c the hippos rit? sorrie doggie as ure story goes, though m not there, my vote is tt nico said gay! cos onli gals use shower caps la. bois hair so short, wash everyday oso no prob, so easi to dry.
hey y u all dun like cats? so nice to stroke their fur. though we r pretti independent creatures, i promise i will juz meow, snuggle n curl up at ure feet.
lil salmon, draw whichever ure inspiration tells u, i m easy abt it.

garfield | 20/11/2006, 02:06

links [Reply]

thks for the rp links, will check it out one of these days.

did some surfing, here's the link for starcruise and club med:



turns out tt starcruise does not hv any recruiting office here so...too bad. some chance w the clubmed one but need to be at least 18 yrs n commit to 6 mths. if u hv an outgoing personality n luv to meet people, tink it can be quite a fun job, somemore will be stationed outside SG. they may hv some part-time work as well if u cant commit to 6 mths, so pp if u interested, can try to call the office n ask.
if u realli need help w dressin up, juz let me know wat kind of dress u lookin 4, i help u to search :)

garfield | 20/11/2006, 02:19


we are scared of CATS!
but garfield, ask you ah! are you a big and fat , orange cat? hope you are more lovable than some other cats=p

opps!~ all are voting tt it is," SO GAY!"
hahaha!so cuteeee!~ next time we can ask nico abt it..

i still think tt parrot eats goldfish.

parrot | 20/11/2006, 02:26

parrot [Reply]

so late u still alive?

anyway i also vote for 'gay' n
don't worry - tis is a special retreat.. all animals are tame n friendly..

birdie | 20/11/2006, 02:55

parrot [Reply]

dont't u dare eat goldfish.. all the cuties will kill u.. including myself.. hehe!

birdie | 20/11/2006, 02:59


morning cuties! (:

parrot- last day of exam le! (: happy right. alright, i shall copy the goldfish's parrot. hope he doesnt sue me for copyright infringement. and you are not allowed to eat goldfish. so many people want kill you le! (:

pink piggie, of course you will be pink. lol, pink penguin will also be pink.

so gay, so game? so luan la! from cream's account, i vote "so game".

salmon | 20/11/2006, 08:50

birdie.. [Reply]

you also so late , also alive mah!
hahah! why you so late also!
and today i am so early!

parrot did not have enuff sleep ytd, aiyoh!
woke up early to go to sch to take my last paper!

and akians, can i tell you guys a big secret of mine?

but poor mudco is stil lhaving his exam, kek you!

parrot | 20/11/2006, 10:00


i ammm reallly freee!
i feel so happy!
all i want!
finally it is over
it has been a huger huge battle, and i am still alive still!

haha, i will se ehow, mayb if one day, parroot is hungry, it might just eat up tt poor lil goldfish over there=p

parrot | 20/11/2006, 10:03


Gd morning to all!
salmon, yup! Bambi from Disney :)
eh, abt the ring thingy, thot he was asking me coz' I handed him the gift? :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 20/11/2006, 10:19


parrot, congrats! you've survived... exams finally over le ya...can have fun now liao :)

you & goldfish, dun keep suaning each other lah, and hor, if u really decide to eat goldfish, think many cuties will come after u wor...haha...so better dun huh? :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 20/11/2006, 10:26


i survived!
mayb ak shld give mi a certificate or smth! hahahahah!
exams finally over!
exams finally over!
exams finally over!
EXAMS FINALLY...is over!

i never suan him.
he suaned mi.
you can ask him looo!
eat him up!
eat him!
haha, if really i eat him up, i will sure kana from the cuties one!

parrot | 20/11/2006, 10:34

a late good morning..... [Reply]

to all cuties...

wow! the cuties were still v high last night, ya? crapping away... i think AK seldom so happening le :) How I wish I was at PCS that night, interacting with the bois....

doggy, i think it's more likely tt nico said, "so gay". hahahah..dun stone me.. ;p

dolphin, it really looks like u're holding a marriage cert in tt photo w nico leh... hahahaha....
thanks for the links to the RP video despite ur busy schedule :)

parrot, congrates! you survived!!! can go celebrate le :) but, pls don't eat our dear goldfish, else the cuties will not let u go de.... :p

the ORIGINAL goldfish, like all your drawings :) Next time would you draw for me too? :p And hor, u'd better turn back to a hippo soon, parrot can't wait to eat you up le...hahahaha

salmon, our beloved young artist of AK, i m a lil yellow duckling :)

NpWruss MIA from AK for few day le?

hmm... hope the hippos have more gigs coming up before nico goes serve the nation...

all cuties, have a wonderful day ahead! :)

duckling | 20/11/2006, 11:21

hi morning all [Reply]

hi duckling, parrot,bambi, salmon..

a flying golden eagle | 20/11/2006, 11:31


no no no!
i am encouraging mudco to turn back to MUDCO! haha! he cannot cannotbe goldfish!=X

gldfish= heavy eye bags ,
which means he is having late nights very frequent=S

so no gldfish!

hello! flying eagle!

parrot | 20/11/2006, 11:39

parrot [Reply]

congratulations le nw u can fly freely..

anyway, i like goldfish.. cos to me goldfish is beautiful.. rainbow colors.. on its body n big round eye like our weiqi.. he loves the water.. so fish can swim freely in the water.. unlike hippo.. is big n heavy.. n loves to play with mud..

sori dont stone me... is my sole opinion only..

birdie | 20/11/2006, 11:51


yeah! can fly freely liao!
the first thing i need to do!
then jiong to TONGSHUI!

i feel like buying a goldfish!=D

parrot | 20/11/2006, 11:57


ya, u go ahead ..goldfish has v lovely colours, i simply love them.. but dont know to to look after n no time also.. just rear a couple of totoises... our dolphin rear fishes... maybe u can consult her.. n u can name yr goldfish weiqi.. but must rear 2 not 1 or even 3 then name them after the 3 bings ..haha .. k i am gg out nw bi u enjoy yrself..

birdie | 20/11/2006, 12:07

a late good morning..... [Reply]

to all cuties...

wow! the cuties were still v high last night, ya? crapping away... i think AK seldom so happening le :) How I wish I was at PCS that night, interacting with the bois....

doggy, i think it's more likely tt nico said, "so gay". hahahah..dun stone me.. ;p

dolphin, it really looks like u're holding a marriage cert in tt photo w nico leh... hahahaha....
thanks for the links to the RP video despite ur busy schedule :)

parrot, congrates! you survived!!! can go celebrate le :) but, pls don't eat our dear goldfish, else the cuties will not let u go de.... :p

the ORIGINAL goldfish, like all your drawings :) Next time would you draw for me too? :p And hor, u'd better turn back to a hippo soon, parrot can't wait to eat you up le...hahahaha

salmon, our beloved young artist of AK, i m a lil yellow duckling :)

NpWruss MIA from AK for few day le?

hmm... hope the hippos have more gigs coming up before nico goes serve the nation...

all cuties, have a wonderful day ahead! :)

duckling | 20/11/2006, 14:02


Is there something wrong with my com or did duckling posted her tag again which was posted at 11.21am & it appeared again at 14:02 ?? f(o_O)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 20/11/2006, 14:34

bambi [Reply]

it cld be something wrong with the server or my tag was posted again when i reconnected my com.

i was also wondering why... can i copy you? f(o_O) ;p

duckling | 20/11/2006, 14:56


Haha...ok, so we are all f(o_O) huh?
maybe something wrong with the server also? too many problems with this server liao lah, virus, spammer, connection error, lagging, etc...(-_-)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 20/11/2006, 15:10


yah, with all these spammers & virus, i've got a feeling that mdc is going to close this blog soon. moreover, they have a new blog for PSS2 now.

duckling | 20/11/2006, 15:14


nnoooo!! they cant close the blog..
actually is someone who put those tags down..


parrot-who is energetic! | 20/11/2006, 15:16


no lah, think it's virus attack... i was saving the old blog/tags. there are spammers in Nov. Why wld that someone spam archive blogs?

parrot, u had a good rest? :)

duckling | 20/11/2006, 15:25


i think is someone who put the link under weird names, dont htink is a virus..

parrot had a good rest.
haha, but meiyi called mi and in the end , i ended quite energectic after we talk abt some stuffs abt the guys..

parrot | 20/11/2006, 15:27


hey guys, haha, seem e blog quite crowded for the past few days,think due to the MDC mini gathering I guess.

birdie, I don't rear fishes, its the fishermen in my home. I don't even know how many tanks in my house still got fishes. To me is just water n food for them. Occasionaly played with the liitle babies. They are cute.:P

Congrates Parrot, exam over huh. Good now u can really play hard now. But leave our poor goldfish alone ok, don't ever think of eating him up, else we will have bbq parrot soon.

duckling, i still have lots of video to edit, not sure when can I finish them. Haiz... maybe a few months break from work will do.

dolphin | 20/11/2006, 17:03


can i post something tt's wad im feeling right now??

there's alot of qns in my mind now. but i dun seems to have the ans..
wad's happiness??
why izit tt life is so complicated?? am i the one who complicate it or it is reali complicated??
how would u then knw tt ure doing things and knowing tt u wun have any regrets??

hahas. tink not many wld have the ans to it s well.
well.. i might jux one day rant all my troubles here..
tired though.

piglet | 20/11/2006, 17:10


Parrot...Dun u dare to eat up Goldfish. If you did, I'll put the meowy fellow into your bag!

Birdie...So game har? luy u!

creamy doggy | 20/11/2006, 19:34

Piglet... [Reply]

Maybe you can try this:
When you feel that a situation is getting complicated, see it with a simple heart.

creamy doggy | 20/11/2006, 19:37


hello..today's paper was okie..if onli i din make tt careless mistake..hope it wun cost me 15 marks..argh! e more i tink abt it e more pek i feel..

dolphin, thx for the videos..tink they performed well at rp tt day.. :)

parrot, shiok liao rite..freedom..haha..when is mine gg to come..u called the employment agency oredi?

still discussing abt gay/game thingy? lol..next time ask nico la..no pt guessing..keke..

piglet, dun tink too much la..sometimes it's a bliss to tink simply..jiayou for ur tests! :)

pink piggie | 20/11/2006, 21:14


hi cuties, sorry i got 2 do some ranting here like wat piglet does..
I had a shitty day today... I'm right... my partner din finish her project and din come 2 sch today... she was suppose to meet me 12 in sch, 1.30 she called me said she at Toa Payoh telling me that she's doing her part and will email me asap... i received her sms @ 2.30 and login my msn, i dunnoe y i can receive her files.. then she say she can't email me... i oso dunnoe wat reason... so i can't submit by 3... the lectuere was good to extend till 6pm... so i sms her to tell her 2 send me by 5pm so tat i can compile and submit.. end up, she din't... i was so fasturated tat i juz submit my part w/o her name and left a note 4 the lecturer tat i can't her... I shouldn't have do wif her or trust her in the 1st place... coz she did the same 4 the 1st assignment.. so navie of me 2 believe and do wif her again..

elephant | 20/11/2006, 22:08


elephant, not everyone knows what is team work and he/she has the responsibility to do her own part. It is very important to choose a good team mate. Hope that your lecturer can understand this. OPen eyes big big and get a good team partner next time round.

dolphin | 20/11/2006, 22:44

Dear Peg - Happiness [Reply]

"The first step in finding happiness is to understand that happiness
always comes from inside yourself.

Even if your experience of happiness appears to be coming from an outer source or experience, the actual happiness is coming from within you."
The Difference Between Relative and Spiritual Happiness
(by Sharon Janis)

3 basic levels :-

"Body-based: This lowest level of relative happiness relates to the more animalistic nature of human beings, such as experiences of happiness that come from the satisfaction of raw desires. People who are stuck in this level of happiness tend to be ravenous and are always looking for immediate pleasures, without much regard for troubling consequences.
Mind-based: The second level of relative happiness involves a bit more intelligence. You look to create a good life, and are willing to forgo some of the more animalistic, instinctual, and self-indulgent pleasures in order to achieve greater long-term happiness. For example, you're willing to go to work every day so you can have a home and enjoy the good things in life.

Heart-based: The third level of happiness has more of a spiritual element. You've purified your understanding, awareness, and motives enough that your happiness comes from greater things, such as love, devotion, and service to humanity and to those you love. In this level, you may also begin to taste the nectar of spiritual happiness streaming forth.
Sometimes happiness can boil down to whether we think we are happy, therefore, please don't confuse your happiness with things that may or may not be out of sorts in your life. Remember that every life will inevitably have ups and downs. With this awareness, let the waves of your life come and go, and seek to maintain a happy spirit through it all.

This is important to contemplate, because our experience of happiness is generally dependent on how we interpret things. Basically, if we think we're unhappy, we are unhappy, and if we think we're happy, we're happy. "

birdie - hope above helps | 20/11/2006, 23:00

elephant [Reply]

sori to hear of yr frustrations.. with this person.. not once, but twice.. is it possible to scout for a gd partner n stick to her/him...

agreed teamwk is v impt.. it will mke u rise or sink..

birdie | 20/11/2006, 23:09


piglet, its okay to share your problems here. though we may not be able to do much but at least we can offer you our presence. bu yao xiang tai duo. concentrate on your exams and tests 1st okay

elephant, everyone will encounter someone like that somehow, somewhere. just take it as a lesson learnt. dont pair with that person anymore. as long as you've done you're work, im sure the lecturer will understand.

parrot, exams over le, shuang la. HOHOHO, so many people want to come after you if you eat goldfish! (: dolphin still want to bbq you. woots! and my parents never scold me..heng ah~

pink piggie, 2 more days right. JIAYOU! careless mistake never mind, people also surely got make. just jiayou for other papers alright!

duckling, point noted.

MUDCO, jiayou for papers! but still must rest well.

alright, off to draw (:

salmon, the pro-mudco-ist | 20/11/2006, 23:31


thanks birdie. it's bit complicated to understand but i will try to absorb wad u have said.

thanks doggy and piggie for pei-in me in sms. thanks. felt much better now. but wad i nd now is reali either a sea breeze or a good cry.

thanks salmon and fatrhino for asking. knw tt i din sae anything cux jux duno how to say.

is life always like this? ppl whom ure upset with doesnt knw tt ure upset with them. but those who are not involved can sense tt??
izit reali true tt outsiders can see things better than those who are involved??

elephant, ure too good to give her a second chance. but she doesn't appreciate it and "make use" or it. choose ur partner wisely for ur next assignment ya??

piglet | 20/11/2006, 23:52

piget [Reply]

happiness comes from within u yrself.. Yr prsonal DESIRE, what is it that u want, or need that can mke u happy.. i quote an example.. if A is happy, just to have a plain slice of bread.. may not necessary be happy for B.. B may want her bread with peanut butter.. n C can only be happy if her bread comes with peanut+condensed milk..

Do u want yr life to be simple or complicated..? it depends on u yrself.. can simple pleasure mke u happy? or u need alot of stimulations, excitement to mke u happy...

Be happy with whatever u have.. or r given by the ONE above.

Any knots that u hv within u can only be untied by yrself.. no one can reach within u... so an inner search of yr soul.. do u want to remain in hell.. or do u want to get out of it..

u yrself hve to climb out of it..

birdie | 21/11/2006, 00:11

hi!! (^^)/ [Reply]

birdie, thks, saw d link post by eric.. will go watch after i'm back. seems like it's a great performance huh..

dolphin, i din eat d hairy crab.. din like steam crabs. but ate a lot during these few days.. ding tai feng's xiao long bao, ajisen's ramen, pizza, tepanyaki, etc. sure put on wt.. jia lat...tonite still gg to eat curry rice.. d food here r cheap & gd..

parrot, how nice tat give got a drawing fm goldfish huh.. take pic show me leh.. ;-)

gd nite cuties..i'll tag occassionally. hv a gd wk!

flamingo | 21/11/2006, 00:27

flamingo [Reply]

welcome bck.. ha so much yummy food, so did u gain some weight?

birdie | 21/11/2006, 00:37


how come early in the morning there's already tags invasion?? CS kena too.. =(

thanks birdie. im feeling much better le. =) tears finally flowed out ytd and after a good slp (reali is a gd one, i woke up late for my 1st lesson) and not forgetting the fact tt i was blasting mlb's music when im having the good rest.
yep. so ended up, i had to skip the 1st lesson again. hais.
now still at home. waitin to go sch ltr at 12pm.

*piglet is fine le* *shd be*
but at least this morning when i woke up, i dun feel tt down compared to the previous days. =D

piglet | 21/11/2006, 08:17


MDC, please clear up your server leh. Now the virus getting more n more agressive.

dolphin | 21/11/2006, 10:09


Goood morning everyone!

parrot is finally released by mr O level!
YEAH!(mudco, dont qi kek..)

woots, can play till my fill already! HORRAY!

to everyone,you guys wan to try bbq parrot?um, not a very good idea..no one can bbq parrot!ARGH!~ life at risk when i eat goldfish sia..

salmon, God blessed you sia! HORRAY! make mi feel so guilty, like i am the one who caused you to return back late

piggie, called the employment agencies and they sort of told us to email our application to them..so=.=

mudco , piggie and piglet, JIAYOU FOR YOUR EXAMS! DONT BE JEALOUS OF MI!
haha, purposely make you feel qi kek..

parrot | 21/11/2006, 10:56

GOLDFISH!(0-0) [Reply]

that smiley face suppose to look lke someone who has big eye bags, but...

umm, back to the point..
hey goldfish, thanks for your note tt day, really put into lots and lots of thoughts.

had some critical thinking this past few days, though your msg is just abt arts, but somehow or rather i think it is applicable in anythingy tt has to do with learning..

thought back throught the time when i got in touch with guitar.. tt feeling. i looked back through, the only i can say is, i wan to thank God for giving mi such zeal and perseverance for guitar..i know without him, i should most prob gave up my hopes in guitar..even though,i did not walk through a long way as how mlb walks, but really it really bought my tears..seriously i also dont know why i love guitars tt much, the way back, when i struggle in learning without proper learning, the time when i beg my mama for a guitar, i think i went through quite a lot of stuffs..

so should i say, your note helped memories to flow back? yes, it is not abt the society..mama tends to nag at mi saying, girls shld not play guitar, but i know, i cant give up, cause i need to trust in my passion even more..

akians, umm, i think tt fishy note is really ..motivating?
haha! hope it can help you guys too..
" must persevere on and rmb tt it is not abt the society, just believe in your passion"

motivating hor?
goldifsh, you encouraging mi to fly higher ah? woots, dont tell mi it has to do with my height again=.=

yep, i got it=D thanks GOLFISH!
i am sincere okie..

parrot | 21/11/2006, 11:07


i feel like a retarded small parrot suddenly..
stressed up sia

parrot | 21/11/2006, 11:12


parrot, as long as u leave our poor goldfish alone, u will turned up into bbq dinner de.

Don't stress yourself too much, won't turn into 168cm de. Cheer up, exam over, should start to have fun now. Jiayou on the guitar, I want to hear major D from you soon.

dolphin | 21/11/2006, 11:33


WAH! our retreat kena attacked! BOOHOO. go away virus! (like that would help)

parrot, its not your fault la! i should have left earlier also. haha, we talk too much rubbish last night le la. hope you guys didnt get scolded too. jiayou with guit lessons today!

piglet, glad to know you're feeling better. (: jiayou for exams

pink piggie, 1 more day! jiayou! i help you count down!

MUDCO/GOLDFISH, JIAYOU too! know this two weeks will be very hectic for you but you still have to find time to rest! dont want to see a mutated goldfish with super deep eyebags the next time round. dont forget to take proper meals and have enough rest.

elephant, hope today's a better day for you in school (:

creamy doggy, after parrot's analysis, i am changing my stand to "so gay". must clarify with nico the next time round alright

minty bunny, away on honeymoon? do come back to update us!

npwruss, where you go? MIA for so long le.

rest of the cuties, have a great afternoon/evening/night ahead (:

mas | 21/11/2006, 13:56


OOPS, i meant salmon, not mas. mudco is turning me from a 16 year old girl into a naggy 66 year old ahma

salmon (: | 21/11/2006, 13:57

hi gd day to all [Reply]

the virus is getting v agressive.. hope the server dont crash... otherwise..

birdie | 21/11/2006, 14:09


don't worry birdie, we will survive and move to another place.

Think I'm getting sick, head spinning since last night. Haiz...

dolphin | 21/11/2006, 14:17

dolphin [Reply]

u better take care.. over stress with yr study is it?

Birdie | 21/11/2006, 14:18


aiyo. dolphin, take care leh. got panadol at home? dont move to much. go rest!

birdie, the server better not crash, if not wo men you yao ban jia le.

salmon | 21/11/2006, 14:19

just e weather [Reply]

No birdie, not becos of study lah, think its just the weather ba. Will try to drink more liang teh see if it get better or not.

Thanks salmon, I took panadol to sleep last night already. Can't sleep without it. Last night I'm very guai cos slept right after my last tag.

dolphin | 21/11/2006, 14:29

cuties [Reply]

we dont invite , but if ppl are interested in AK n can find their way here thru yung fen.. r welcome to join us...

birdie | 21/11/2006, 15:27


hihi..yay 1 more paper down..last one tml..n it's at such a weird time..5pm..-_-"

haha..piglet, i got worried for nth last nite la..today's paper is alot easier than last sem's one..so shld be able to pass..i tink n hope so..cannot be i do until so confident den cannot pass i will peng ar..glad u are feeling better.. :) haha..i oso overslept today lei..supposed to wake up at 3am to study nv wake up..den supposed to wake up at 6am to go to sch oso nv wake up..realli had a gd slp sia..lol..almost kena scolding by my uncle tis morning..haha..u jiayou for ur tests k..gonna end realli soon.. :)

parrot ar, thx ar..for making me qi kek.. :P nvm, 1 more paper onli..lalala~ y the employment agency so lame de..last time they jus ask me to go down register..den if u wan to get a job fast, pester them everyday..lol..c la..wan to eat goldfish..ur xia chang is a bbq parrot..dun tink it will taste gd lei..haha..

salmon, haha..thx for helping me count down ar..ya 1 more day..but the ending time is eew..paper ends at 730pm..i reach home 9 liao la..wad the..-_-" how's ur family portrait gg? cant wait to c it..i wan to c my pink piggie..lol..better not say anymore..later my 'relative' arbish me..haha..

dolphin, i same as u..head spinning since yest afternoon..till nite oso still spinning..so i tot i slp earlier to slp the headache away den wake up earlier to study..den i off my alarm when it rang n cont slping..lol..i'm a piggie! :D still having headache though..shall go n slp again..lol..

pink piggie | 21/11/2006, 16:28


mudco! jiayou for ur exam! u wan to jia milo oso can..lol..slp early..if not later u will evolve into a panda..nooo! haha..

pink piggie | 21/11/2006, 16:30


ak tio virus like SIAO liao la! ): sad man. hopefully mudco can help us get rid of it after his papers.

dolphin, must take care alright!

pink piggie, ending soon! ending soon! jiayou!

salmon | 21/11/2006, 17:57


pink piggie, hahas. u arh. reali got worried for nth. much better now le. but well. hais. nvm. LOL.
struggling like mad in sch. feel like giving up le. hais. =( tis fri!! i cant wait for it to come.. though lessons still continue but at least it's less stress. 3 more wks before my 3 wks hols. my frens were already discussing wad we shd do during the hols le. hahas. everyone seems to b in hols mood. =X

dolphin, u better take gd care of urself. nowadays, the weather is bad.

~im not giving up music~

piglet | 21/11/2006, 18:42


Aiyo...sad sia! Y kena so many virus here?! Mdc do something!

Parrot & Piglet..Dun u dare to give up..be it arts or music! Must challenge the adversity lah! You can't simply give up something you love...must fight for it one u know?!
Count your blessings ok!?

Elephant...Yeah, share your sentiment. I oso cannot stand team mate being irresponsible. Learn from this lesson ba, perhaps you got to trust and rely on yourself more than others.

creamy doggy | 21/11/2006, 21:27


To all cutie AKians:

Let's Jiayou! This is AK spirit!

creamy doggy | 21/11/2006, 21:38


haha..piglet, if u had seen the paper for last sem, u will noe tt my worries were not unfounded..not a single qn tt i could do..nvm it's over.. :) last one tml..n i havent read my notes! hope my lecturer will be nice to set the paper easy..

yep! akians spirit! let's all jiayou tog! :D

pink piggie | 21/11/2006, 22:14


doggy, im not gg to give up. =D so yep. dun worry. im gg to give myself a shot. be it gd or bad, at least i've tried.
=) thanks alot.

piglet | 21/11/2006, 22:15


piggie. hahas. okaes.. go study then!! i oso havent toouch my notes yet.. =(
i've printed out the hard copy of the hippos' fantasy bdae party.
would be passing to the hippos if i have the chance to do so.
forgotten to bring it on psc night. argh!!
yep. hahas.
but 1st. i mux go study!! lol. =X
piggie. last paper le.. *envy* haahs.

piglet | 21/11/2006, 22:18


piglet, dont need envy. yours will end sooner than you expect it to!

cream, that was a very motivational tag. yes, jiayou together.

im going to call up yamaha to ask about drums course. better get it done asap if not it will never be done. cannot miss this chance anymore

pink piggie, jiayou!

salmon | 21/11/2006, 22:56


piglet, dun need to envy..urs will end veri soon oso..my results will determine if i hv to take extra subj next sem..so thr's nth to be envy of..bleahs..yep! go study! if not i dun let u go c the hippos..lol..(as if i can)

thx salmon..wa all of u starting ur musical instrument course liao ar..jiayou..hmm i always hv the urge to sign up for guit course..but scared my passion will fade off n i may not hv the time to follow up..n i need a guit too..haiz..better tink again..those learning guit or drums or any other musical instruments, jiayou!

pink piggie | 22/11/2006, 00:04

Ghost Story of Old China [Reply]

Once a man was riding back on a donkey one night fm the city. Passing alone thru the countryside, he blundered into a graveyard n lost his way completely.

Suddenly someone called his name fm behind but he rode on w/o looking over his shoulder. Whatever it was behind called more urgently n gave chase n soon it was on the donkey too. Both hands round the man's waist, hands cold as ice which would not let go.

Since he was a brave man, he pretended not to know that tis was a ghost, but secretly taking off his belt, he caught it by surprise n strapped it to himself. The ghost begged frantically to be released, but the man paid no attention, riding back quickly.

Reaching his door, he shouted, "I've caught a ghost!"
By the time his family came out with torches, he had dismounted n unfasterned his belt but his burden had changed into a rotted plank of a coffin, no longer assuming a human form.

birdie | 22/11/2006, 02:13


"Each tree is recognised by its own fruit."

The Titanic received five iceberg warnings just before it went down. When the sixth message came during the wee hours of the morning: "Look out for icebergs," the operator wired back "Shut-up! I'm busy!" Thirty minutes later the great 'unsinkable' essel was sinking fast. What happened? They forgot the truth about icebergs. What they saw above the water couldn't have sunk the great ship. But unfortunately most of an iceberg is below the water. Do you know what? That iceberg represents your life!

The 10% above the water is your reputation; the 90% below is your character.

And it's what's below the surface that sinks your ship.

What is character?

(a) Self-discipline - the ability to do what's right, even when you don't feel like it.

(b) Core values - principles you live by in spite of the pressures around you.

(c) Sense of identity - a self-image based on who God, not others, says you are.

(d) Emotional security - the capacity to be emotionally stable and consistent.

Your life's greatest impact doesn't come from what you own, but from what you are.

"Each tree is recognised by its own fruit...The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart…

Whatever's happening today on the outside of your life comes from what's happening on the inside. That's why it is "being" before "doing." We should prioritise taking care of the inside (your heart) because that will determine what takes place on the outside (your behaviour). Think about it!

creamy doggy | 22/11/2006, 08:11


hmmm... just wanna say....

Let's jiayou together...

cannot quack de duckling | 22/11/2006, 11:32


gg to sch in another 3 hrs time..haha..cant wait for it to end..i'm oredi in holiday mood..lalala~

thx for the stories birdie n creamy doggy..will read them when i come back from my paper..last lap! keke..gonna miss pss2 tonight..reach home arnd 9 liao..-_-"

duckling y cannot quack? shi sheng(lost ur voice) ar? take care k..n drink more water..piggie is gg to cont w the mugging..yes i'm a mugger.. :P

pink piggie | 22/11/2006, 12:10


duckling, liang teh must drink more more.

Tired, just toured Singapore 1 round. So sleepy now...

Todays news, what is IQ, EQ, FQ, SQ etc?

dolphin | 22/11/2006, 12:53


piggie & dolphin, thanks.

ya, i cough and cough until no voice le... remember dolphin's "ya" in msn...i m just like tt... *cough cough cough* A lot of ppl are having cough. cuties, please take more vitamins to build up your immunity.

piggie, jiayou for your last lap!

dolphin, saw the IQ, EQ, SQ thingy, but no time to read. Did you see the "man" in the rubbish bin? i think it's creative, although the msg may be too strong :)

cannot quack de duckling | 22/11/2006, 13:36


duckling, yes saw e man in dustbin. I think its an insult loh, to those non-grad. Who said if u can't go uni u are rubbish? The creative boss is not a grad too wat... The degree helps u to climb easier, but not into millionaire. chek...

Just now got lighting stuck at my building. All the ppl in the building got a shock, cos we saw bright light from outside n immediately our alarm bells rang. After checking, my network connection damaged n one of the computer gone too. We were at the highest floor... Jurong is a dangerous area...

dolphin | 22/11/2006, 16:48


dolphin, i din know the "man" in the rubbish bin is a "non-grad". I din read the news article. Anyway, it's creativity applied in a wrong way :p

The lightning affected your network work connection n co's com? That is serious. I'm staying on the top floor and the lightning conductor is just outside my window. There was once when it felt like the ligtning struck my windows. Very scary. My mom told me not to use the phone or turn on the TV, and I just laughed it off.

But according to NEA, Singapore has one of the highest rate of lightning activity in the world. And when there's lightning, we should avoid using the telephone, electric appliances and electronic equipment. For those who are interested to know more, here is the link:


all cuties, have a great evening! :)

duckling | 22/11/2006, 19:07


pink piggie, congrats, exams end le!

duckling, another cutie down because of virus attacks? drink more water and take good care! (:

dolphin, sounds scary leh. i thought buildings have the bi lei zhen thingy so that it will be safe?

salmon | 22/11/2006, 19:42


yup, all building must have bi lei zhen, thats why we are still in one piece now. haha.

Actually all the bi lei zhen is for grounding purpose, means leading the electricity (lighting) to the ground. There is a regulation of how the ground must be done for safety but not very enough protection for electrical appliances if the lighting energy is high. Therefore in the market there are ppl selling equipments for protecting these electrical appliances but very expensive. Normally for servers, not for normal things like PC or TV. So unless your stuffs are very valuable or critical, nobody would buy these protection devices.

dolphin | 22/11/2006, 20:01


dolphin, is there any way to convert the the utube video to mp3?

garfield | 22/11/2006, 20:05

all the jie jie come out to play... [Reply]

parrot u v funnie. u ask mouse if cute, now u ask cat if lovable. i am a big, fat, orange cat. u colour blind la. grouchy most of the times but when i get into a siao mood, i can be quite siao.
wat is happiness? so difficult to define... but i believe tt wn u r too immersed in a problem, u need another pair of eyes and ears to give u a diff perspective cos u r oredi in that self indulgent wallowing mood. def need someone else to help pull u out n the rest dpds on u...
character...is not built in one day. i feel school is where u start to "build" ure foundation of who u r. Through teacher's guidance, thru interaction w classmates n friends and def thru ure family. Education plays an impt part to help mould ure critical thinking n moral values. tt's y we go to sch, build character, learn how to form ure opinions abt things n finally decide how u want to act/behave.

garfield | 22/11/2006, 20:17


dolphin, dun need to ans my qn liao. i found all the mp3 tt i wanted:)

garfield | 22/11/2006, 21:13


garfield, I was to reply you. :)
my way of recording MP3 from youtube kinda of stupid loh. Good u found all e mp3 u want.

dolphin | 22/11/2006, 22:47

I'm back!!! [Reply]

*WAVES* I'm back ler... After MIA for 2 weeks... Ghee... HOw's all the cuties here? Finally everything is over and adapting to another new chapter of my life... Well, everything is not the same now, as staying with in-laws may be a little inconvenient... Sigh... Well Well... Going to face the reality again next week... argh!!! Back to work!!! and it's year end ler!!! Tons n tons of work... sad sad...

Shall slowly read thru the posts these few days... Rainbow dreams!

Bunnie | 22/11/2006, 23:00


bunnie! welcome back!
how was ur honeymoon? where did u go? xin fu neh...

How is your new life? When can AK has second generation? :P

Gambatte in everything ah, life, work, babies..,hee...

I'm going to bed too, now sleeping more early already.

Sweet dreams!

dolphin | 22/11/2006, 23:25


bunnie, JIAYOU!

salmon | 22/11/2006, 23:52

To all [Reply]

Hi Akians... I'm in hall now..after a day of portfolio presentation, and rushed off to MDC for the S-league awards thingy, and now... I am a goldfish..

I'll be crapping a bit here, gonna make it chopchop cos i super tired... (in no order of importance k?)
-I deleted some of the spam le... I'll try my best to clear up this AK k? Sorry if I too slow...
-Elephant, sad to hear bout ur proj..
-Thank u creamy doggy for the shower cap, though i don know how to use it to dive..unless i cover my nose and mouth with it? (-_-!!!)
-THanks for printing out the Happy Mardi gras party Piglet, and Sam's face was taken from another photo if ur wondering
-Thank u once again for the frame salmon!
-THanks Nicole n Flora for the red eye boy, i forgot ur animal :P
-Parrot ah..tsktsk, thx for the refresherner, & glad u know how to crop le..slope?wat slope u talkin about? (-_-!!!) and how come u and the grp of Aks kinda blacked face at the reception today at MDC?
-As for Nic, I think he said...
"THAT'S SO GAY!!!" heard him use that phrase b4...so game..err.. paiseh...

Mudco/goldfish/weiqi | 23/11/2006, 02:48

To all again [Reply]

I love the AK and all the peeps inside.. great family to be in.. kinda private too.. but..

We gotta rmbr that AK is part of a larger family - the MLBians. This is just a reminder, cos the thing that would really make MLB(all 3) sad, is to see our friends forming groups and not being united. As in, it's fine to form groups, but all the groups should be friendly and rmbr that the 'other' group is not an enemy. So I hope we can spread our joy to everyone around us..and still enjoy this private AK! :)

weiqi | 23/11/2006, 02:54

Mudco/goldfish/weiqi [Reply]

Thanks for the visit...
Thanks for clearing the spammar virus...
Thanks for the clarification...so gay har??!!...hope u all have a good laugh!
But I think you gonna make another visit here again...I dun wan those "things" on top of my tag.

creamy doggy | 23/11/2006, 08:15

weiqi | 23/11/2006, 02:54 [Reply]

For this tag, I dun understand...confused...can help me to sort it??

creamy doggy | 23/11/2006, 08:22

mudco.... [Reply]

i prefer you to be mudco than goldfish. So, try to rest more, k? :)

So sweet of you to come visit us here :) Thanks for deleting the spam. So touched. It is getting more aggressive, so it's ok if you can't delete them any sooner. we wld want you to concentrate on your studies first, ya? :) must show us good results one le... hee hee...

Nicole is Bambi while Flora is dolphin :)

Hope you like your Mardi gras birthday party :)

gotta start work le. All cuties, have a great day ahead!

duckling | 23/11/2006, 08:31

and... [Reply]

welcome back, bunnie! miss you leh...Tell us about your honeymoon when you have time, ya?

piggie, congrats! you can party now le!

all the cuties that have finished their exams, remember to play hard, ya?

doggy, dun understand mudco's 2nd tag too. you all bully other MLBians ah? :O

duckling | 23/11/2006, 08:35


hmm...goldfish, I sort of understand wat u meant in there. er...

So game or so gay? didn't expect this thing can go so far into conversation. haha, but we had fun debating.

red eye boy...ha, bambi is nicole n me... see below.

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 08:42


duckling, I thought its you who go bully ppl. haha... but Akians are all peace lovers, thats y we keep moving south, avoiding CS. grp rival? fighting 4 wat? hmm...

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 08:53


mudco just cleared the spams and there are new ones already. sadded.

anyway THANKS for clearing the spams MUDCO. yup yup, we know AK is part of mlbians. the main reason why AK is formed is because of MLB, without MLB there wont even be AK. and the frame, no prob la! you thanked me 3 times already leh! jiayou for your papers. sleep more, dont want you to become goldfish, although you like it. (:

salmon | 23/11/2006, 08:55


regarding mudco's 2nd post, lets analyse it. even though i dont really get much the meaning.

my analysis substantiated with the text (mudco's posts) and explanation with some crap:

mudco loves AK and all AKians. HOORAY! its a "great family to be in". however he reminded AK that "AK is part of a larger family- the MLBians". this is probably because AK portays themselves to be a rather tight-knitted group by tagging in AK instead of CS (?). it makes "MLB sad to see friends forming froup and not being united." the author is probably trying to tell us that we should mix around with other MLBians and be "friendly" and spread our joy, and also the love of AK around. and mudco says we're "friends" not fans! (:

"rmbr that the 'other' group is not an enemy." dont understand this part. we dont treat others as enemy right? maybe it doesnt apply to us. or maybe weiqi is just saying it in case.

but i think we all know we're MLBians. we are MLBians who happen to be AKians. so yep. end of my literature-analysis essay.

salmon | 23/11/2006, 09:12


Pink Penguin, here is the link to Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore. Not much of promotion now on credit cards thou...


dolphin | 23/11/2006, 10:29

weiqi/mudco/goldfish [Reply]

thanks for clearing up the virus tags but well, it's here again. hahas..
welcome regarding the bdae party. no prob =D

a qn to ask.
is nic alright?? i hope he is.

piglet | 23/11/2006, 11:04

that GOLDFISH!` [Reply]

seriously , you scared mi when you said " hello" to mi in the reception, DONT SNEAK UP AT MI THE NEXT TIME ROUND!

hope you use the refreshener=D
told you liao, the slopes in NTU!be careful of it! can crop liao la..

i admit me and another two( not akians) are BLACKED( got suh words?) face, something happnened to us..and i think you guessed wrongly who is the cause of it=D
mayb if you are really interested, then ask shifu to tell you lor~

understood de second tag, goldfish ah, it is really not abt tt..

thanks for your concern ytd.so sweet of you, to ask mi to take care ah.
tsk tsk*
dont ROLL!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 11:37

weiqi [Reply]

i hope u and sam are alright as well.
jiayou for ur exams 1st before thinking abt other stuffs..
we dun wish to see the 3 of u sad!!
happy that u acknowledged us as frens instead of fans. =)
please take good care..

piglet | 23/11/2006, 11:45

contd nagging on [Reply]

i am a nagging parrot!
stop calling mi parrot in front of other fans la, aiyo!

let mi continue from piglet's tag!
you jiayou for your exams..
eat proper meals! drink water!
the bisuits still got alot left right? eat eat eat! but drink water , or else too heaty..

next week is your big battle liao right! dont roll down the slope, or else you will be in hospital instead of your hall..haha!

just jiayou la!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 11:52

Adapted story telling for yr pleasure.... [Reply]

On the street of MLB Lane, there was a Campus on Akian Street, named Akian Ground. The residents show off their pets to intense rivalry.

The residents started by showing off cats, dogs, birdies, bunnies or talking parrots. The most exotic never go beyond squirrels, turtle or a Blue Surgeon, Dolphin, Salmon, Bambi, Duckling, chipmunk, pigs. I kept a St. Bernard named May and she was slightly smaller than our room. However besides May, my roommate kept something that is completely under covered – a lovely giant Spider named Hairy!

I was feeding my Dog one morning when my next room came to borrow some study notes. He did not leave immediately but stood there with the notes and stared fascinated at Hairy. I saw the fire in his eyes and knew that he is going to do something.

After 2 days, he turned up and knocked on my door. He showed me his pet scorpion, called Sting. So all the other staying at the Halls came out to talk about spiders and scorpions and ticks. That very afternoon, the Hall Housekeeper bought herself a Sri Lankan Crab as a pet and named her Pinky!

The acquiring of new pets seems to stop for a while. One morning I ran into a girl staying at the upper floor in a lift. She had a handbag sling across her shoulder. The zipper was slightly opened and a golden yellow lizard popped his head out and forked its tongue at me. She smiled timidly and said, 'Meet my Hazel'. Heee.e.e.e..e, what a cool lady. Girls are normally afraid of slimy thingy and here is one with a lizard!
On my way back from lecture, I bought a big bag of food. I tripped on something along the way when I bumped into an anteater. New guy on the blog? Lots of people gathered around to see who this 'new face' belongs too….and we heard a loud shriek! 'Oh No!' what is that??? The HOD's wife trembled and ran into the house locking the door behind her. 'Take it away, take it away!'..all the bystanders were amused. A few days later, the deliveryman turned up again with a big crate and this time they brought her a big brown Honey Bear, named Sam.
Our situation is getting more and more difficult to handle. Neighbors stopped greeting us. We received insulting letters to tell us to get rid of that scary giant spider. Finally my roommate sold his Hairy and bought himself a most handsome leopard, named Nic. Haya! My crazy neighbor sold his Sting and bought himself a jaguar! So this rivalry went on…….
What hurts most is dealing with people who lack aesthetic sense. No one wow over the beauty of our Nic; everyone is blinded by the bigger size jaguar. All at once, we saw roommates and neighbors changing pets like changing clothes.

No to loose face, my room mate and me sold off our assets and pets and bought an enormous anaconda boa constrictor, named Hugz. This time we just want to see what the neighborhood is going to say to this beauty! A poor man's life is hard: for only three days we were the heroes of the campus.
Arrival of Hugz destroyed all moderation. The whole campus went onto bringing in more and more 'Loud' pets like lions, tigers, gorillas, and crocodiles ... Some even had black panthers, those panthers they don't even have in the zoo. The whole building resounded with roaring, howling and chattering. We spent the nights awake; it was impossible to sleep. The intermingled odors of felines, quadrumanes, reptiles and ruminants turned the atmosphere unbreathable. Huge trucks brought tons of meat, fish and vegetables. Life in the building on Akian Street became dangerous.

I had a disturbing experience sharing a lift with a lady from upper floor with her Bengal tiger. She was taking 'Tamil Tiger' (that's the name of her pet) out for a walk and go pee-pee and poo-poo.

Finally there came a moment when nobody could be trusted. The doorman, who do not want to lose out started to washed his two-horned rhinoceros, Fatrhino, with soap and water out on the sidewalk as if nothing had happened. This was more than the guy staying in Hall 5 ascended the stairs, leading his hippopotamus, Mudco by its bridle.

So now a day we were ever so often startled by the plaintive trumpeting of an elephant, Ele that lives in Hall 7. We must take shelter every time we walked down the stair so that the jet stream of vapor ejected by the blue whale, Flora do not blind our specs. Sometime when I do my homeworks, I maybe under the imploring gaze of the giraffe from Hall 3. Ms Fion love to stick her head over my window and never stopped for even one second, begging crackers from me.


Storyteller Puff Fish | 23/11/2006, 12:09


storyteller puff fish?
who are you?
goldfish ah?

parrot | 23/11/2006, 12:35


argh. jux realised tt i failed badly for biostats!! argh..
it was my strong subject before. but wad happened??
argh. im left with 2 more tests to go before my nightmare ends.
gg for one in another 5mins. and tml have got one more too..
not quite prepared yet lo. hais.
have gotta go for a retest for the biostats in another 2wks. hais..
feeling so stupid..
wad causes it arh?
tink shd b the lack of studyin bahs.
it's killin me. i reali feel lik quitting sch le. *screams*

piglet | 23/11/2006, 12:42

Goldfish/cutes [Reply]

Goldfish - tks 4 cleaning up tis plc..wea appreciate.. but pls concentrate on yr exam 1st.. ya, we cuties will heed yr advice..

cuties - just a reminder to ourselves..

right fm the beginning, Akians r peace loving, like-minded ppl... we hide here to avoid LAO DI GO/PANTHERS/aaa-ex-mlbians/angry floating spirits/etc.

tis is supposed to be a peaceful plc where we can share our love for MLB n their music..n sharing of many things such as stories/happiness/sadness/pains...

goldfish - pls DO NOT WORRY .. Akians will always REMEMBER we are 1st n foremost: -

"a MLBIAN/MLBIE n Akians 2nd"..

without MLB, there is no AKians.. we are here to give a firm support for MLB..n shd there be any problem for MLB/Mlbians b/cos of Akians we will be ever ready to remedy the situation.. or last resort we will disband..

within AK - there are other grp members too( such as MNG/WO AI TOMTOM ETC)..


*Carribean Sea(current blog)* - we do tag at CS too.. to give it warm n to mingle with other mlbians/mlbies N most impt to support MLB..

but we use different names to tag at CS.. to avoid jealousy n conflict with others..

MLB - we must also remember MLB stands for WEIQI, NIC, SAM = 3in1.. we will support all the 'THREE LOST SOLDIERS)' N we will show concern for all the 3....

Goldfish - i think yr 'yung fen' with Akians is stronger.. n u show more concern for us(after all we are mlbians).. we appreciate.. but we will definitely 'SUPPORT MLB AS A WHOLE'

TKU all..

two faces Akians/cuties -

at AK - at CS

dolphin = flora
Npwruss = ttww
birdie = Ly
bambi = toki
duckling = duckling
cream = creamy doggie
pink pengiun = marshmarrow/pp
elephant = elephant
piglet = peg
parrot = kaysee
salmon = mas
flamingo = capri
Bunny = mindee
pink piggie = pinky
garfield = mighty mouse
small pink monkey = sm (seldom tag)

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:09

AK1 = original Akians/cuties [Reply]

giraffe - fion
Blue Surgeon = Blue Surgeon
a Lotus - aaa mlbian

hv left due to some reasons, but we welocme them them to tag/share with us agn .. cos once an Akian always an Akian.. we are after a family of MLB..no need to be paiseh.. tks..

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:14

... [Reply]

I'm not Puff fish leh...no time to write story heh.. For those who dun understand my 2nd part of the tag i wrote last nite, it's ok de it's jus a reminder. I feel it's fine to have a special grp here, AK, jus muz rmbr to b friendly to the rest! not saying that u guys aren't friendly, jus a reminder la..relax. Mmmm...regarding the black faces maybe wanna explain? cos i'm quite curious, and were a few of u inside the TV theatre last nite? at the upper deck? and piglet, jia yo la, dun say things like quit skool ya? some ppl wan to enter skool also cannot.. and bambi and dolphin, pai seh bout forgetting..
spam again xian..

weiqi | 23/11/2006, 13:14


sori one more our ex - 'bunny' fm AK1.. we welcome u bck too..

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:15


why you peek in!
you are suppose to STUDY!!
now is my turn to beome a nagging auntie..
hey, i know you care, but it is really not what you thought.
yes, we are upset abt something, tt explains the black faces( really very very black ah?)
umm, not proper to say here bah..
soory, goldfish!
how is your flu?

parrot | 23/11/2006, 13:17

weiqi [Reply]

tks for explaining... but i hope the Akian dont occupy yr precious time.. u jiayou in yr exam.. best of luck
i hv met u b4.. but u may not know me as birdie.. cos nw i am an ayi.. so paiseh to meet u face to face as birdie...

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:18


ohyah, we were at the upper deck!
haha! the four of us nia..
we managed to get in after such a long beeging with the crews..
they very KIND!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 13:19


haha, virus spamming... either fight it or live with it. I'm kinda of getting used to it anyway.

Weiqi u also quite kpo hor...
its ok to forget who is dolphin n bambi really is, I had also given up to remind ppl that flora not my real name too. :P too many nicks confusing.

piglet, jiayou on ur retest. Its not disgraceful to take retest. I got one too when I was in poly. Think my test last 2 weeks worst than you, 4 marks out of 25, cos I misunderstand e qn. haiz...

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 13:21

weiqi [Reply]

u r welcome here as n when u like to read or to tag..

cuties, aiya.. dont call him a kpo le.. this plce is free for all the 3 lost soldiers.. n peeking ppl to read.. anytime just to relax...

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:23


haha, birdie, u got me wrong on e kpo thing lah. He is curious abt something mah.

Weiqi, exam next week? Must read qn carefully ah, don't be like e super sotong here.

dolphin sotong | 23/11/2006, 13:27

left out [Reply]

chipmunk = ? at CS

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:34

sotong strike again [Reply]

Guess wat? I forgot today start a new class! Bring e old notes today thought still e same subject, forgot last week was the last lesson for it. Still ask my friend why I have to meet her during break to pass her a disc. Haha, we were in e same class for e previous subject but not e new one. I think hor... i need a PA to help me liao.

sotong dolphin | 23/11/2006, 13:43

dolphin [Reply]

sori la, guess i am also abit of a sotong..

anyway, went for a long shopping n makan spree yeterday.. came bck v late.. so tired.. sleep early.. or not early actually abt 12.30am..

birdie | 23/11/2006, 13:57

still got flu [Reply]


weiqi | 23/11/2006, 14:00

left out [Reply]

fatrhino = fatboy(sifu)

birdie | 23/11/2006, 14:01

goldfish/weiqi [Reply]

u take care of yrself.. relax when necessary.. n must drink lots of warm water barley/lianteh.. n most impt must sleep well.. n eat proper meals... less red meat, plenty of fruits n vege n white meat esp fish..

birdie | 23/11/2006, 14:04


goldfish having flu?
umm, weiqi will tell you what happen when i have the chance=D

parrot | 23/11/2006, 14:05


i shooed you off in cs, then you came ak..
shoo, you back to the study kingdom la..
but dont go wrong route to mr z..

blaked face is not because of any mlbians..dont worry and dont get the wrong idea.

parrot | 23/11/2006, 14:06


Hi Weiqi! (^o^)/
Thanks so much for deleting all the spams here!
It's ok lah, guess there are too much of us liao...might be a bit hard for you to remember who is who, furthermore we all got 2 nicks...
huh...you having the flu again? take more vit C, k? try to get more rest too, ya? Really appreciate all that you have done for us, coming here to chat with us, deleting the spams, etc...THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Weiqi!!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 23/11/2006, 14:08


birdie, a big hole in e pocket now? Christmas is coming, shopping mood coming up too.

There is something I always tell myself when I got flu... idiots don't catch flu. So we are all smart ppl. :P

Wah, big rain + thunder again. Must save all my works, else lightings strike again.

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 14:11

weiqi [Reply]

jux finished my test. and it was alright. shd b able to score better compared to the rest of the paper.
but still worry.
yep, we were at the upper deck of the threatre.
duno why, but tears r rolling down my cheeks when im typing tis. and im in sch!! *so paiseh*
ya, u reminded me, ppl who wish to go sch cant do so but yet im sayin tt i wish to quit sch.
and somemore it isnt easy to get into my course at tt time.
u jiayou too!

piglet | 23/11/2006, 14:19

weiqi [Reply]

please do take care of urself..
im suffering frm flu as well. was caught in the rain ytd afternoon on my way to somewhere.
the rain jux became heavier.
and well, i have got no umbrella with me.
so i jux air-dry there when i reached the place.
and well, luckily no one see me drenched.
the guy who reached early only saw my hair wet. clothes were almost dried le.
so take care!! go eat medicine if u have.
this shall be my last tag for now.
nd to go off to meet piggie to pass her the msg and drawing u wrote and drew for her. and then, we're gg NP for awhile. =D
take care and cya ard.
glad tt u have read the letter i passed it to u ytd.
was taken aback when u suddenly bow. hahas.
oh ya, and it's raining now, i supposed. another sunny rain or has it stopped?? i duno. tink i have to get wet again?? i hope not!

piglet | 23/11/2006, 14:26


dolphin, the weather @ CBD is fine leh...you take care, ya?

mudco, if you are here peeking, GO STUDY! :p


duckling | 23/11/2006, 14:29

dolphin [Reply]

ya lor, my nephew n niece v lucky
got tis atm ready
besides his jacket.shirt.pants, he got a free roller blades too few hundreds gone n makan for lunch(set lunch) n dinner(jap)+ $7/- choco mud pie icream at a plc call coffee plc..

birdie | 23/11/2006, 14:46

duckling [Reply]

he needs to take 5 sometimes fm study.. otherwise can go crazy n tiring.. let him relax here whenever he can.. haha we care for him in diff ways....

birdie | 23/11/2006, 14:52


nw with hole in the pkt.. i am having instand bee-hoon for lunch but yummy also...

birdie | 23/11/2006, 14:54


birdie, can I call u ah yi to get that roller blades too? Haha... I wanna pair of rollar blades. Learnt last yr but never practice since then. Wanna get one but think 200+ too ex so never buy. Maybe go expo sale this weekend see if I can get a pair.

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 14:54


birdie, thank mudco took more than 5 le... hahahaha... *peace*

dolphin, where did you learn to skate? i'm looking for a school.

piglet, you must jiayou, ya? Never say die! AKians are not quitters :p

mudco, i know i m repeating what has been said, but, rest well, ya? else, u won't recover from your flu de...

duckling | 23/11/2006, 15:27


i told them next time when they grow up must give me pkt money..

birdie | 23/11/2006, 15:30

piglet [Reply]

maybe spend a little more time on yr studies.. but must not give up.. jiayou... be like the MLB.. nvr say die..

ok gg out bi every1 c u tonight

birdie | 23/11/2006, 15:36

mudco=p [Reply]

so our mudco is a good hippo, finally you are not here tagging, hope you are k-ing your books now?

umm, i will only allow you to come here only when you are feeling stressed..haha! you jiayou okie!

we got a ting hua de hippo!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 15:48

parrot [Reply]

di u rec the email i sent u

birdie | 23/11/2006, 15:55


k bi every1

birdie | 23/11/2006, 15:56

birdie [Reply]

yeah, received and told meiyi what you told mi..yep, but she cant come online at such time

i am alright.except for some dramas tt took place ytd=D

parrot | 23/11/2006, 16:04


duckling, I learned from a school at east coast, e one near macdonald, nearest to e skating ring. Not very expensive becos the fee includes the blades. I just learned the basic, so if u see me blading, must siamz ok. Cos my braking system still can't work. haha...

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 16:25

skating? [Reply]

umm, seriously i think i lik eice skating more..
muahaha! at least you need not wear so many protetive guards, or whatever you call tt..haha! and ice skating is indoor!

haha, but roller-bladering is fun..wheels again.can be fun but painful also..

once i first tried, i fell like a dozen times on my butt, but the feeling is great..

so we have a ollection of weird animals! hahah! a dolphin and parrot who can skate/rollerblade!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 16:38


Hey, just wanna said something...
I just came across a name of a collegue from another dept, and his name is Tan Wei Chi (Chen WeiQi)...haha...just thot this is so coincidental.... :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 23/11/2006, 17:16


"fell like a dozen times on my butt, but the feeling is great.." ??? what a weird parrot! hahahaha... :p

i prefer inline/roller skating coz` u can do it anytime, anywhere, rain or shine. For ice skating, you can only skate in the ice-skating ring. But i may learn ice-skating after i have learned inline skating :)

dolphin, i'll go find out more abt tt school in east coast. thanks! :)

duckling | 23/11/2006, 17:16


i got a fren who is a gerl call hen weiqi.YES! it is a gerl!

haha, not weird la..
mayb i enjoy the thrill of falling down?
very dramatic.
tt is last time la..
now i am better in rollerblading liao! hahah! dont fall tt bad..

parrot | 23/11/2006, 17:19

:) [Reply]

thanks for passing me the photos piglet... and... :( i duno her name...?

goldfish/mudco | 23/11/2006, 17:26


why you come back again!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 17:30


Girl with the name weiqi also have mah...of coz' the chinese chars are different lah, just like the singer Fan Weiqi..

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 23/11/2006, 17:30

mudco [Reply]

you came back to change the pic? nice pic from psc. thanks! :)

duckling | 23/11/2006, 17:32

salmon fishy! [Reply]

i am craving for some nice salmon now! plus my lemon sherbet ice cream! and i thought of you!

thnnks for tt msg today..muahahha=D
FINALLY i can see the brushes and fonts in photoshop!

kaysee | 23/11/2006, 17:32


soory! there is no kaysee here=p

parrot | 23/11/2006, 17:33


gotta sleep now..
yeah, will be waking up at midnight.
see you guys later on=D

you guys take care=D

parrot | 23/11/2006, 17:54

mudco/goldfish [Reply]

u arh. aiyo.
im peg la. tink ure gg to say sorry to me again the next time we meet?? hahas. i told u my name on psc night.
thanks for changin the pic. =D
u arh. shd b studyin de lo..
jiayou!! mux kek u abit. hahas.
im gg to enjoy myself on mon and wed!! tt's supposed to b when ure havin ur exams. hahas. =P
take care.. coughin s well right?? aiyo..
reali is mux TAKE CARE X10000000.

piglet | 23/11/2006, 18:53


my fren asked me to join a singing competition with her held by my sch.
tink it'l b a great experience?
but does anyone knw wad's frecho music?

piglet | 23/11/2006, 19:24


made a mistake.
it's echo music sch. hahas.
but still i nv hear before. hahas.

piglet | 23/11/2006, 19:29


duckling and birdie.
thanks. yep!!
im gg to persevere til the end!!
it's reali isn't easy gettin in my course.
and i promise to be a good optometrist. =D
so i can be the eyecare practitioner for AK and MLB. ahahs.
and not forgettin MLBians! =DD
but then only mlb r free?? hahas.
jkjkjk =P

piglet | 23/11/2006, 19:33


i nd to knw the right way of singing. argh. hahas

piglet | 23/11/2006, 19:39


I was a bit disturbed by mudco's tag this morning; very confused about his intention.
Thanks Birdie for your tag on how the Ak was formed. It moved me when I recalled the start.
AK started with a humble few who hid there to avoid from the storms happened in CS (current blog).
These few are the tame ones, just wanted a quiet place for our sharings.
AK grew into a bigger family, we have joy and fun..and of course some battling inner feelings to struggle...cos we feel human afterall..it's not a bad thing actually.
Through such experiences, many of us know one another better, we learned to grow fonder and bearable with one another. Really hope all of us are working hard on this.

creamy doggy | 23/11/2006, 20:01


..but let's it extends to a greater horizon ba.
For what's the point of hiding a lamp under a bowl. Let's the brightness of the lamp shared with those in the dark ba.

creamy doggy - deep in thoughts today | 23/11/2006, 20:11

mudco/goldfish/weiqi.. [Reply]

Thanks for clearing those "things" on top of my 1st tag this morning.

creamy doggy - logging off le | 23/11/2006, 20:12


...I mean let's give what we have learned from living and bearing with one another be extended to a greater horizon...in case anyone misinterprets my intention...paiseh har...

Share this song with you...come sing together...

Let's there be love shared among us..
Let's there be love in our eyes..
Let's there be love sweep this family*..
Let's there be love.....

Let's there be peace shared among us..
Let's there be peace in our eyes..
Let's there be peace sweep the MLB family*...
Let's there be peace...

(*words are changed)

creamy doggy - logging back to clarify | 23/11/2006, 21:06

Uconditional Love [Reply]

This is one good example of Uconditional Love. Must watch the video clip...
[From Sports Illustrated, By Rick Reilly]

I try to be a good father. Give my kids mulligans. Work nights to pay for their text messaging. Take them to swimsuit shoots.

But compared with Dick Hoyt, I suck.

Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars--all in the same day.

Dick's also pulled him cross-country skiing, taken him on his back mountain climbing and once hauled him across the U.S. on a bike. Makes taking your son bowling look a little lame, right?

And what has Rick done for his father? Not much--except save his life.

This love story began in Winchester, Mass., 43 years ago, when Rick was strangled by the umbilical cord during birth, leaving him Brain-damaged and unable to control his limbs.

"He'll be a vegetable the rest of his life;'' Dick says doctors told him and his wife, Judy, when Rick was nine months old. ``Put him in an institution.''

But the Hoyts weren't buying it. They noticed the way Rick's eyes followed them around the room. When Rick was 11 they took him to the engineering department at Tufts University and asked if there was anything to help the boy communicate. ``No way,'' Dick says he was told. ``There's nothing going on in his brain.''

"Tell him a joke,'' Dick countered. They did. Rick laughed. Turns out a lot was going on in his brain. Rigged up with a computer that allowed him to control the cursor by touching a switch with the side of his head, Rick was finally able to communicate. First words? ``Go Bruins!'' And after a high school classmate was paralyzed in an accident and the school organized a charity run for him, Rick pecked out, ``Dad, I want to do that.''

Yeah, right. How was Dick, a self-described ``porker'' who never ran more than a mile at a time, going to push his son five miles? Still, he tried. ``Then it was me who was handicapped,'' Dick says. ``I was sore for two weeks.''

That day changed Rick's life. ``Dad,'' he typed, ``when we were running, it felt like I wasn't disabled anymore!''

And that sentence changed Dick's life. He became obsessed with giving Rick that feeling as often as he could. He got into such hard-belly shape that he and Rick were ready to try the 1979 Boston Marathon.

``No way,'' Dick was told by a race official. The Hoyts weren't quite a single runner, and they weren't quite a wheelchair competitor. For a few years Dick and Rick just joined the massive field and ran anyway, then they found a way to get into the race officially: In 1983 they ran another marathon so fast they made the Qualifying time for Boston the following year. Then somebody said, ``Hey, Dick, why not a triathlon?''

How's a guy who never learned to swim and hadn't ridden a bike since he was six going to haul his 110-pound kid through a triathlon? Still, Dick Tried.

Now they've done 212 triathlons, including four grueling 15-hour Ironmans in Hawaii . It must be a buzzkill to be a 25-year-old stud getting passed by an old guy towing a grown man in a dinghy, don't you think?

Hey, Dick, why not see how you'd do on your own? ``No way,'' he says. Dick does it purely for ``the awesome feeling'' he gets seeing Rick with a cantaloupe smile as they run, swim and ride together.

This year, at ages 65 and 43, Dick and Rick finished their 24th Boston Marathon, in 5,083rd place out of more than 20,000 starters. Their best time? Two hours, 40 minutes in 1992--only 35 minutes off the world Record, which, in case you don't keep track of these things, happens to be held by a guy who was not pushing another man in a wheelchair at the time.

``No question about it,'' Rick types. ``My dad is the Father of the century.''

And Dick got something else out of all this too. Two years ago he had a mild heart attack during a race. Doctors found that one of his arteries Was 95% clogged. ``If you hadn't been in such great shape,'' One doctor told him, ``you probably would've died 15 years ago.'' So, in a way, Dick and Rick saved each other's life.

Rick, who has his own apartment (he gets home care) and works in Boston, and Dick, retired from the military and living in Holland, Mass., always find ways to be together. They give speeches around the country and compete in some backbreaking race every weekend, including this Father's Day.

That night, Rick will buy his dad dinner, but the thing he really wants to give him is a gift he can never buy.

``The thing I'd most like,'' Rick types, ``is that my dad sit in the chair and I push him once.''

And the video is below....

creamy doggy | 23/11/2006, 21:17


cream, you always say very inspirational things. lamp under the bowl. hmmm, something to ponder about.

piglet, jiayou! for your papers and the singing thing. you can be a singing eyecare practitioner!

parrot, xiang wo ah? always want to eat me! grrr. haha, the msg today, no prob la. but then the photoshop thing, you a bit de slow ah. HAHA

MUDCO, sick again?! ): take care okay. bu yao luan luan pao all over the place. dont roll down the slope also. stay in your room and mug! drink ginseng tea! eat biscuit! drink water! do your work! study! rest! rest more! sleep! sleep more! okay? JIAYOU!

salmon | 23/11/2006, 21:18


eh the new pic weiqi posted looks very familiar. i got one photo that looks like that! (:

salmon | 23/11/2006, 21:24


Mudco/goldfish/weiqi: thanx for ur tag... I'm ok le... =) take care... Muz have enuff rest...

Piglet: Jia you 4 ur test... dun be sad for ur biostat result... i sure u will be able to do well again...

To all other cuties: thanx for ur concern and advise... i feel better le... saw her in sch today... felt a little bit akward...

elephant | 23/11/2006, 21:28

Love is... [Reply]

..to bring out the best in one another.

..to help one another to be a better person.

Maybe there are more to add on the list...let me think again..

creamy doggy | 23/11/2006, 21:33



parrot | 23/11/2006, 22:15


where is my previous msg?
the blog eats it up?
BIRDIE, are you around?
salmon, dontlaugh at mi liao la!
and tt one is the piture tt you dou pai tt day!
yao si!

parrot | 23/11/2006, 22:16


piglet, Echo Music school is near bugis, at the arab street there...Mia Lee from SI is from there also...they ofter quite a range of course, etc...

you might want to check out their website to see for yourself...

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 23/11/2006, 22:18


oh ya hor. is i tou pai de. cannot say so loud. later the mdc uncle confiscate my cam!

salmon | 23/11/2006, 22:19

parrot [Reply]

u r shouting for me? just came back... why u hungry for bird food?

birdie | 23/11/2006, 22:34

salmon [Reply]

i ate salmon yesterdaay, at a Jap's rest.. wa shiok

birdie | 23/11/2006, 22:36


so long liao, wont confiscate now?
hahaha! then our mudco shld be feeling super touched now right? haha! you rick getting your cam confiscasted leh! hahaha!

yah, birdie , you online?

parrot | 23/11/2006, 22:40


ahhhhhhh, dont eat me anymore!

my photog skills ah. pro man. LOL. (: thats 1 out of my 2 clear photos. i have like 11 more blur ones.

salmon | 23/11/2006, 22:44

parrot [Reply]

ok i just went on msn

birdie | 23/11/2006, 22:44

salmon [Reply]

whuahahahahaha! i think i am worse than you
i still rmb tt psc night, my cousin passed mi her cam to mi, and i was like, how to use sia?

then when finally i know how to use, all the photos i took were like slanted or blur..

well, i told her, tt is art, then she aibish mi

parrot | 23/11/2006, 22:47


to continue from creamy's tag

love is..

...putting others before yourself
...giving all you've got but expecting nothing in return

love is MLB, can?

salmon | 23/11/2006, 22:49


mudco, thanks for removing spams once again. think you remove until sian liao

salmon | 23/11/2006, 22:51

aiyoh.... [Reply]

mudco, thanks fo removing the spams, but pls dun stress yourself with it now, can? Go concentrate on your exam & projects ba, ok?

duckling | 23/11/2006, 23:01

I Want to Complain [Reply]

I want to complain to SIM.
I want to complain to UOL.

I almost want to walk out of the classroom just now half an hour into it. It is a new module, Intro To Programming, n yes, I learned programming before, not once, but a few times. But since UOL didn't mention anything abt exemption for this subject regardless your qualification, I obediently go for it, n it is a core subject somemore, means I must take it for the degree.

Alright, since long time never do programming, I treat it as a refreshing course and thinking that it may use Visual Basic or C or Java to teach. Guess what? Its not using any programming language at all! It teaches intro to programming, means the basic of programming. Its something like teaching a secondary student what is 1+1 kinda of thing. Wanna faint. I felt like wasting $1K+ for a subject. Argh... stupid UOL!

dolphin | 23/11/2006, 23:08


weiqi, dont have to keep on clearing the tags if you're busy. yes, we want a clean AK but not at the expense of your studies okay!

dolphin, can refund one or not?

salmon | 23/11/2006, 23:18


wah, dolphin, relax realx..yes, use ak as a place to vent your anger, and then FORGET it k!?

wah, chanweiqi, you are so so nice ah! but dont delete the tags at the expense of your studies leh..
atually , we can really live with the tags la, you need not deeleting it now and then..i know the job is very sian..

haha, salmon is sot liao.
sot salmon.
dont mind i can help you delete the tags la, so much free time also

parrot | 23/11/2006, 23:21


we can be your blog guards. parrot do night shift, i do morning. LOL.


salmon | 23/11/2006, 23:26


you also super(-.-!!!)
haha, but the pay low abit never mind la hor..screw coke caps..
so funny=x

i also sot liao !

parrot | 23/11/2006, 23:52


salmon, where got refund one... haiz... Maybe starting from next week I'll still go class, but revise my other subject secretly. And don't expect me to give good feedback survey at e end of the semester.

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 00:06

New member of AK. [Reply]

Hello! I'm a new member of AK. I wanted to join AK family is becos I felt tt AK is an interesting place. Where everybody share their problems, sadness, happiness and how the family help each another when any AKians encounter any problems, how they care for each other. Found AK by yuan fen. XD But tt time still not a AKian. So tagged a few times onli. But did come in & read the tags. =) Hope to have the chance to share my problems, sadness & happiness wif AKians! XD

ZHU meiyi (:- hamster | 24/11/2006, 00:34


i'm free~!! thx for all the jiayous..realli appreciated.. :)haha..was too tired last nite so din come n tag..slept till 12pm today! lol! den went to meet piglet today to collect my piggie drawing.. :) yep! so cute! thx mudco!

salmon, u veri cute lei..help me count down..i havent even come back to tag u oredi congratulated me..keke..so cute la..thx anyway.. :)

bunnie! u are back! how's your honeymoon? all the best for tis new chapter in your life! :)

piglet, cannot tink of quitting sch ar..it's not easy to get to whr u are now..esp optometry is a v popular course..mus perservere..cannot give up! jiayou for ur test tml! u can do it de.. :)

welcome hamster! hees..

weiqi/goldfish/mudco, thx for clearing the spams countless times..noe tt it's veri sian to hv to keep clearing..thx..we realli appreciate..for giving us a clean ak.. :) but dun do it at the expense of ur studies k..tink we are fine with the spams..immune liao..concentrate on ur studies..u din rmb me..sad..haha..no la..kidding..noe tt it's not possible for u to rmb everyone.. :) u jiayou for ur exams ya..2 papers n it will be over..den u can play hard like us! lol! n hor, i realli am ntu student la! haha..

nitey cuties..sleepy liao..rainbow dreams.. :)

pink piggie | 24/11/2006, 01:05

hello hamster [Reply]

u are welcome to join the AK family

birdie | 24/11/2006, 01:20

hi newly wed bunny [Reply]

how is yr honey moon? we are waiting to u le.. n jiayou, in new life..

birdie | 24/11/2006, 01:22

welcome! [Reply]

parrot pecks at hamster!
parrot dont eat hamster, but welcome her!=D

parrot | 24/11/2006, 01:26


dolphin.. why sotong loves u is it..

goldfish is not well, but keep helping AK to sweep clean the plc. tks vm, but i rather u leave it n not stress yrself..

cuties ...we just ignore the spam..

birdie | 24/11/2006, 01:41


thx birdie! XD

hamster | 24/11/2006, 02:20


thx for the warm welcome! =)
still nt veri familiar wif all the cuties though.

hamster | 24/11/2006, 02:23


hamster is hungry.
going to look for food le.
den to kajiao photoshop.
nites to all cuties.
take care! XD

hamster | 24/11/2006, 02:30


well well, parrot going to play photoshop also!
welcome hamster again!=D

everyone, have an early night, and do take care of yourself=D

rainbow dreams!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 02:58

"PUAKA" PEOPLE by retired fishrman [Reply]

Have u ever seen "puaka"(Malay for "nautre spirits")? My friends n I spotted them often in the open spaces near river in the old days.

The sightings usually happened when we were returning home to our kampung after fishing or when we were gg out to sea. The puaka looked like tiny human beings, no bigger than the size of a Coca-Cola bottle.

They usually came out in the open very erly in the morning, emerging fm the ground at the foot of the trees. We watched them fm behind the bushes. They were playful n we cld even her them laughing.

When we placed morsels of cooked rice, eggs n fish near where they emerged, inevitably, the food would disappear.

Now, more than 50 yrs later, a lot of land in the area has been cleared for development n many of my friends hv passed on or become too old to go fishing.

However, u can still see the puaka if u rise up early, but only fm a distance. They disappeared if anyone comes too close. The puaka seem to hv dimished in numbers. I wonder where the others are.

I do miss them but I guess economic development will not wait - even for puaka people..

birdie | 24/11/2006, 03:10


k gd nite hippos, goldfish, cuties, ppl peeking.. n rainbow dreams

birdie | 24/11/2006, 03:12


was struggling whether i shld continue with my photoshop OR ka jiao my guit for awhile or go and have a date with mr z..

haha! so you guys guessed it?
last tag of the day, parrot do wake up in the time called morning, though i think some dont believe mi..


yawnS*should i say it is a tiring day? seems like i didnt really move alot, sorry hor, i know a bit qi kek..
parrot will go and find a job soon, hopefull when i turn 16=X

if you guys can, really try out roller-blading, the feeling when you guys fall is supeer super super shiok..abit saddist, but last time my frens and i will compete who fall most and whose pose was the best when they fall down..a bit(-.-!!!) but this involved a lot of fun too, when you are feeling too stressed, it is a good way to laugh off all your worries..

whatever you guys are burdened with or worried abt, just laugh! make yourself happy!

i know this is very random..haha~
parrot will cheer and jiayou for all the working adults and those who are having exams, for those who are having holidays, slack with mi la~`

lastly, good morning and good night!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 04:02


Good morning, TGIF!

Welcome hamster, feel free to roam around. Don't worry, soon enough you will get familiar with e animals here. We are quite gentle, err... most of the time lah. Can get very siao sometimes. U will get used de.

birdie, u know me lah... e super blur dolphin, think I maybe a mixed breed of dolphin n sotong.

k, think I slacked enough for the past week, didn't touch any assignment or tutorial at all. This weekend must finish 3 essay assignment and read some notes. Jiayou jiayou. Add milo.

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 08:54

Yes, TGIF! *waves* [Reply]

Good morning to all! The air in AK is very fresh this morning!

Thanks, mudco for all the hard work to keep this place clean & fresh. :) But...u know what i wanna say lah...dun wanna nag le ;p

A warm welcome to hamster too :)

I have a test on Monday and an assignment due on Tuesday. So, dolphin, let's jiayou together! Gambatte neh?

Good day to all! Cheers~~~~

duckling | 24/11/2006, 09:11

Hi... [Reply]

I am Puffy. I found this haven
by chance. Read a story abt human
showing off so adapted it here
for you all to read.
I have been following Akians since
I last saw all the tags at the plc
u all call CS. Amusing n think it
is fun.
Now it looks like AK is more visited
than CS.
Have a nice day. I can only come
as and when I have the time. Hope
the fish family will accept this
pricky little thing.
Wave...to all n Happy Weekend!

Puffy Fish (fat cheeks) | 24/11/2006, 10:34

Hi all [Reply]

Welcome to hamster n Puffy.

NpWruss | 24/11/2006, 11:55

hi Puffy Fish [Reply]

tks for showing interest in joining us to hv fun here ... but b4 we welcome u, maybe u can introduce a little abt yrself.. do u wan us to know u as a meimei, didi, jiejie, korkor or ayi.. n yr nick at CS...


hi waves ~~~ every1... hv an exciting day...

birdie | 24/11/2006, 12:01


welcome hamster and puffy!! =DD
im free from all my tests le. hahas. yep..
im gg to study for another 3 more wks and before tt there's still tis retest for my biostats. hais.
but no matter wad. im gg to enjoy myself 1st. hahas.
next mon, wed & fri!! yep..
thanks bambi for the info. saw the flyer jux nw le. =P
gg to take part in it. =X
well. hahas. duno la.
my partner and i agreed on singin dao dai by jolin. hahas.
im gettin excited le. hahas.
enjoy!!! i can finally enjoy le.hahs. but then still got lesson la. but well, load off for the time being. hees.. =X

piglet | 24/11/2006, 12:03


dun bother abt me ya.hahas
my tests over le. haahahs.
enjoy for awhile.
i deserve the break *do i??* ahhas.
of cux. =X
okaes. but the test i took jux nw wasnt very li xiang. talked to my lecturer for awhile when i hand in my test paper. hahas.
keep telling her tt i will fail the test. but she sae she will go thru it and see how. but then.
it's confirm xiong duo ji shao le. hahs.
cux i got a 12marks qn i forgot how to do!! arrgh. i forgot the ans to the qn lo.. sians.

piglet | 24/11/2006, 12:28

Uconditional Love [Reply]

hi Creamy, tis papa is v v v 'wei da'
..v touching.. but not many parents hv the energy to do that.. even tho many wld love to..

sometimes " the heart is willing, but the flesh is weak " ..

birdie | 24/11/2006, 12:49

creamy - memories [Reply]

The original cuties of AK1, will nvr forget, those carefree, fun times we had together..

AK1 was really a v pte peaceful retreat..n we were really siow.. away fm the noisy/stormy CS...

Maybe together with the new cuties.. we try to bring bck some of the gd old times here..

Lets try...

birdie | 24/11/2006, 13:03

hi cuties [Reply]

dec4 mdc chinese drama, dont know 7pm or 9pm, the song is sung by MLB..

birdie | 24/11/2006, 13:21

Cream - Unconditional Love [Reply]

very touching and inspiring story. thanks for sharing :)

duckling | 24/11/2006, 13:31


hello puffy fish, welcome to animal kingdom. Hope to see you more often here. V(peace)V

birdie, should be 9pm de ba...

oh, read this recently, guess which cartoon/story character is the richest in the world by forbes mag.

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 13:35

Hi ! [Reply]

Yup Puffy was attracted to MLB for a v funni reason. Puffy was jealous of MLB. Puffy knows u all tru Lion Puppy. This plc is a chance upon. LP din tell me the plc.

Hello everyone..Puffy aka Jasmin.
Like LP I am not able to come in so often. You guys are interesting. And tt Weiqi up there, is he 'the' Weiqi?

Hope my little story din offend anyone. It is abt human vanity. Sorry to use most of the names of the animals here cos LP tok so much abt you guys. LP will b shocked to see me here.

wave..** Mei Ayi..** n all.

Puffy Fish (fat cheeks) aka Jasmin | 24/11/2006, 13:50


jasmine? pxh's gf?
hello puff fish, we welcome you!=D
please stay with us, and share life tgth=D

yah, tt is weiqi, who evolved into a goldfish=D

hello again!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 13:53

dolpin [Reply]

do you mean Huan Le Man Wu at 9pm? Must go listen tonight :)

is the cartoon character snoopy or mickey mouse?

duckling | 24/11/2006, 13:56


i think is mickey mouse leh!
or winnie de pooh?
piglet?( i love piglet!!)

parrot | 24/11/2006, 14:02


haha, puffy, u galfriend of lion puppy ah? how a fish n lion get together? hmm....

duckling, not huan le man wu, I thought tat one too, but it not. The new drama hasn't started yet, Dec 4th. Not mickey or snoopy, its Oliver Warbucks from Annie the comic. He has US$36.2b from the Iraq War rebuild contract. The 2nd riches is Charles Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. He is the neuclear scientist in it. And the 3rd place is someone I'm more familiar with, Scrooge McDuck, uncle of Donald Duck.

Haha, the chart is not by how much money they earn in real life, but in cartoon. Actually Santa Claus was the one who won every yr until this yr, cos Forbes recevied a lot of letters from children complaining that Santa is real, not an invented character. Santa is considered the riches cos he can give all kinds of gifts. haha...

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 14:14

puffy fish [Reply]

haha, even LP's ayi cannot guess is u.. haha, yesterday, at msn she was telling me abt u n yr mom n LP gg for Holiday..

what an entry here, u really leave us guessing who u are..

welcome hre.. hope u n LP can come in more often.. n share yr stories with us..

birdie | 24/11/2006, 14:23


hahha..oh, if not wrong, the show is called " bai wan bao"?
starring li nan xing and zoe tay

parrot | 24/11/2006, 14:25


jealous of MLB - pf, why?

birdie | 24/11/2006, 14:34


Puffy, u were jealous of MLB, so must be Lion Puppy's gf. Liop Puppy tok alot abt us? Hope u r not jealous of us too ;p how a fish n lion get together mah... puffy needs to explain lor... Welcome, Puffy Fish!

Huh? huan le man wu finishing soon? tt's really fast. or is it coz' i'm not watching? okie, will look out for the new drama's trailer if i have time to sit infront of the TV then :)

hahaha...what an interesting chart forbes mag has. But i'm not familiar with the characters too.

Hello to birdie & parrot *waves*

duckling | 24/11/2006, 14:39


it is indeed amazing! haha! how did a lion come tgth with a fish, think youguys need to do alot of explaiining here..
is it because lion puppy talked too much abt mlb in front of you?

hello all cuties here, peeking or not!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 14:49


hello hamster and puffy, welcome to ak! (:

salmon | 24/11/2006, 15:35

Hi all [Reply]

U guys r really cheerie!
I am not LP gf but Puffy n
LP childhood friends. Our
mums were classmates b4.
He tok so much abt MLB n
I was wondering wat type
of attention he gets. I think
he is in love with Nic..smilez:)
LP gg to kill me..

Hey! Puffy not gf..and I tag
on impusle so Mei Ayi din knw.
She is busy w the shops n got
to work on Sat. Wat is her nick

Ak..humm..Akians...humm...! U
all gave yrself a creative name.


Puffy Fish (fat cheeks) | 24/11/2006, 15:39

Puffy Fish [Reply]

not gf, but childhood friends. i see, i see... :)

Your May ayi's nick here is Napolean Wruss or NpWruss in short. Nowadays, she seldom come here le...

AK is short for Animal Kingdom, coz` we are all animals here :)

Hope you have fun here *waves*

duckling | 24/11/2006, 15:48

parrot.. [Reply]

the one tt tok to Lp on msn,
right? haa.a.a.

Yup, a fish n a lion is impossible.
I am a free spirit n tt Lion is a proud MCP...(wispher..dun tell

No Puffy not gf, not yet. We are still young but I may join him n cousins in UK to finish our

Hi..Duckling, Dolphin,
Salmon?..yummy! Oops wicket!

Oh! tt weiqi is cute..he said
he not Puffy! He is right, he
is not Puffy cos Puffy is a
girl. wave..*wq* nice kingdom!

Sori I got you all worried. I
shld hv left my aka when I tagged

U all hv a nice Akain day!

Puffy Fish (fat cheeks) | 24/11/2006, 15:52


puffy fish is that kind will blow up with poisonous stings when enemy approches? Can be eaten also right? But need license to cut n cook them if I'm not wrong, very popular in Japan n Korea.

Childhood friends = qing mei zhu ma
Heard a lot of stories abt childhood friends turning into lovers. hee... how I hope I have one too.

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 15:57


why everybody seems to know i talked to him in msn?
you wont kill mi for tt right?
no one will dare to eat parrot..
only parrot eats goldfish!

welcome again, puff fish!=D
heard both of your mothers are mahjong kakis?

parrot | 24/11/2006, 16:04


ah! got people want to eat me again! ):

i go hide liao

salmon | 24/11/2006, 16:12

Puffy fish [Reply]

r u rounded like porcupine - spiky

birdie | 24/11/2006, 16:24


Hi hamster & puffy fish! (^o^)/
very very busy (-_-) these 2 days...
my work system hanged on me...so thot I used this few mins to drop by and see hi :)
Ah~ my work system is really killing me...rushing all the work & this thing gotta happen...sianzzZz
not able to finish my work on time today liao...sigh~ OT again... :(
gotta go back to work liao...byez :Þ

wah~ really lor, I finish typing this tag and still hangs, CMI!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 24/11/2006, 16:42

duckling [Reply]

heard tt you are banned from tongshui also?
wah zhai sia..
like passing baton like tt..
wonder who will be the next one..

parrot | 24/11/2006, 16:52

Cute... [Reply]

What a cute way to describe Puffy. YuppY! Jap eats me..haya! They eat anything exotic..

Sori Sal..nw u guys r thinking
hw to cook me. Eat others n get eaten!

What a name(^-^). Ayi always laugh at herself. Wrasse or Wruss? Thought Wrasse, oh well!

No Birdie, Pokei is animal bigger than Puffy. Pokei spikes will not kill but I will.heh.heh.heh..dun eat me hor! There is another Puffer Fish, when sense danger, will puff up to frighten enemy. This one can inflate n 'deflate'..nice right?

No Parrot, Puffy not jealous of you.

I got to go ler. Just finish my article n chatting w you guys. Stay beautiful all Akians..V

puff..puff..puff..swimming away!

Puffy Fish (fat cheeks) | 24/11/2006, 16:54


duckling banned from TS also? Y?
Cos having tests huh?
Haha, then cannot tell fatrhino when is my exam already, else will kena banned also.

But parrot hor, I heard u still go even being banned...

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 16:56


mi banned for TS? how come i dunno? :p hahahaha....

aiyoh, hving headache since lunch... can't go shopping le... haiz...

all cuties, i m logging off for the day le... will try to visit if i can. Coz need to go mugging le...

Have a wonderful weekend...


duckling waves goodbye... | 24/11/2006, 17:02


umm, i did went during my exam period..
need a place to settle down and talk lor..
that is why.
umm, yah , duckling is banned cause of her exams mah!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 17:30


welcome puffy fish! :)

piglet, congrats..haha..tests over liao..can play le..as for ur retest..it's ok..as long as u learn from ur mistakes ya? jiayou!

duckling, having exams soon? jiayou!! noe tt it's tough to juggle btw work n studies..but still, hang in thr ya..ganbatte! :)

*waves* to all other akians! hope u guys had a great day.. :)

weiqi, thx for deleting the spams again..but tink u better concentrate on preparing for ur exams..(yes i'm naggy..)we can tahan the spams de..high immunity.. :P jiayou for ur mugging! drink more water n slp early so tt u can recover from ur flu..rmb to come out for fresh air.. :)

pink piggie | 24/11/2006, 17:40

Oh My God! [Reply]

Jas, you found your way here. Puffy! LP know you are here? We were all so upset last nite thinking that compo of yours is from another fish. You did offended some ppl. They all tot that it was me, weiqi and tt poor fish that some of them here cannot take him. Your story is seen as show off your writing skills; sarcastic; and I know that story. I read it somewhere before but you changed the names. Yes, it is about human vanity and follow trend. Must always be better than their neighbours..BUT dun do this again. It is not appreciated.
Yes, I am a Wrasse but I use Wruss. Like me.. Big and Ugly! but yummy! only the head area. Like sharks, they are cut off their fins for sharksfin, I am cut off my head for hotpot!
Ok.. I got to run. C you around. U beta tell LP.

wave...to all**

NpWruss | 24/11/2006, 18:32


friday nights are always quiet. ):

salmon | 24/11/2006, 20:56


yeah, friday nights are always quiet..
i am greatly entertained by salmon in msn, my night is not quiet at all!
she is MAD!
we have a mad salmon!
mayb try to knock her out, then i cook her for you guys!
evil parrot!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 22:53


haha..parrot, dun always tink of eating lei..first u wan to eat goldfish..now u wan to eat salmon..lol..later she mus hide liao la..since mani cuties like to eat salmon..salmon! quick go hide! lol..

pink piggie | 24/11/2006, 23:07

The Ant Philosopy [Reply]

If they're headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they'll look for another way.
- They'll climb over, they'll climb under, they'll climb around.
- They keep looking for another way.
LESSON: To never quit looking for a way to get where you're supposed to go.

- You can't be so naïve as to think summer will last forever.
- So ants are gathering in their winter food in the middle of summer.
- You've got to think rocks as you enjoy the sand and sun.
LESSON: It is important to be realistic. Think ahead.

- During the winter, ants remind themselves, “This won't last long; we'll soon be out of here.”
- At the first warm day, the ants are out.
- If it turns cold again, they'll dive back down, but then they come out the first warm day.
LESSON:Stay positive at all times.

-How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter?
-All that he possibly can.
LESSON: Do all you can….and more!

1) Never Give Up
2) Look Ahead
3) Stay Positive
4) Do All You Can

“Don't be encumbered by history, just go out & do something wonderful” – Robert Noyce

Creamy Doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:09

BIrdie & Duckling... [Reply]

Yeah...that papa is so "wei da".
My papa is oso v "wei da" although he used to love me in his v unassuming and silent way.

Creamy Doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:11

AK1.. [Reply]

Yeah..JiaYou! That's was what you said to me in AK1. And this spirit goes on...

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:13

1000 post [Reply]

...hey this is so familiar in AK1..
I hit the 1000 post again!
Wa!!!!!! Is me again!

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:15

1001 post! [Reply]


parrot | 24/11/2006, 23:16

In fond memories... [Reply]

In AK1, Birdie, Dolphin and Doggy were fighting to "chop" to be the one who hit the 1000 tag. Giraffe stayed in one corner waiting to throw confetti on Birdie.
BUT! it ended on a Doggy!

Here it is...is me again...I hit the 1000 post again. Shiok sia!

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:21


Argh.... cream, its u again! Always so lucky ah. 1000... hmm... since for quite sometimes we don't really care abt the number of comments already, but to think of it, AK was sort of started becos of it too. haha, thats how things always turn up in life. Hope we can still have many 1000th tag to fight for. :)

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 23:23


hey cream, actually I didn't really fight for the 1000 post with u in AK1, remember I still went to CS to call u, telling u we were reaching our 1000? hee... now u know y lah. :P

dolphin | 24/11/2006, 23:25


Dolphin...ya ya...this is so familiar...that's what happened before in AK1...we fought for the 1000 posts.

Wanted to move after we hit 1000, but we stayed cos we being ambitious and wanted to hit 2000...AND WE DID!

So cute! Feel so fondly to recall AK1...hahas

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:26


Dolphin! Ya I rmbr how could I forget. I'm a naughty playful dog...running around the AK and CS.

You cautious me about Birdie fighting for me for the 1000 post. I ran back to AK to tag and it just hit the 1000 post!...Wa!

Did I say thank you to you then? If I didn't, sorry to say a late thank-you!

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:28

My fav tag in AK1... [Reply]

"Today is 14 Nov 06, creamy doggy waves and says "Hi" to weiqi!"

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:29


Opps...too excited..date is wrong...should be 24 Nov 1006...hahas.
Doggy blur le..hahas

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:32


your year is typed wrongly!
dont be tt excited!

parrot | 24/11/2006, 23:48


very blur le...my "qun shen" is here le...

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:51

Ba lek...do it again! [Reply]

"Today is 24 Nov 2006, creamy doggy waves and says "Hi" to weiqi!"
hahas....v lame lo

Now in AK4...new version:

"Tonight is 24 Nov 2006, 11.53pm, creamy doggy is v sleepy and tired now, but still wanna waves and says "Hi" to weiqi. Now, going to sleep le, so oso says "Goodnite" to weiqi. Nitez and Rainbowz Flower Dreamz!

creamy doggy | 24/11/2006, 23:54



1) Never Give Up
2) Look Ahead
3) Stay Positive
4) Do All You Can

I will remember that and remind myself these everyday.

dolphin | 25/11/2006, 00:04


wave to all cuties! XD
welcome puffy fish to AK!
jiayou to all the cuties who is having their exams & working adults!
hamster enjoying hols nw.
looking for job!
any lobang? =X
cant find. =/
hamster going to eat dinner nw.
be right back!~

hamster | 25/11/2006, 00:22


i want to bbq parrot! (:

hanor hanor. feel very threatened. dont eat me!

cream, inspirational post again. (:

i go hide le!

salmon, HIDING! | 25/11/2006, 00:24


back frm dinner!
y did parrot kip wanting to eat fishes?

hamster | 25/11/2006, 00:34


cos shes mad. later she want eat you also.

garfield, eat parrot leh!

salmon-supposedly hiding | 25/11/2006, 00:39


what mad!
no no!
dont send tt orange fellow on mi!
yah lo hor, why i keep eating fish..
but salmon is really my fav=p

parot | 25/11/2006, 00:43


if she eat the goldfish,
all cuties sure kill the parrot.
haha. =X

hamster | 25/11/2006, 00:51


we should do a count. how many cuties like to eat salmon.

and how many cuties would bbq parrot if she eats goldfish

salmon | 25/11/2006, 00:53


ay? how u know i am peeping? yup, parrot looks quite delicious, was contemplating on supper...garfield eats birds in the comic strip...so beware;)
actually the course facilitators for SIM are quite helpful, i suggest dolphin, u explain ure situation to the course facilitator and see if they can help u to get exemption from this module.

garfield | 25/11/2006, 00:58


shu bu qin. =X

hamster | 25/11/2006, 01:00


wah, not bad ah me. eat parrot! i help you bbq her

salmon | 25/11/2006, 01:00


thinking abt mudco's tag n creamy's lamp under the bowl...it makes me wonder why is it so hard to share? For various reasons i guess, CS for supporting the hippos, here is for crapping? but seems like it also includes some crapping in support of the hippos...cos tt's y we r all here mah??? dun mind me, juz thinkin aloud in the late nite

garfield | 25/11/2006, 01:09


eee... BBQ parrot, doesnt sound v delicious. dun wan. if she behave, we'll let her fly free

garfield | 25/11/2006, 01:10


i feel cs is more for general stuffs. like if the milos post, then we go there to respond to their post. ak is a retreat. we say anything we want. thus it sometimes turns out to be crap. but in ak we do show our support too. just that we dont make it know to everyone by putting it in cs.

for me i feel more comfortable tagging here. cs is too exposed for me. kinda dangerous in a way? ak is safer, like there is some kind of saftey netting. even though a lot of people want to eat me.

salmon | 25/11/2006, 01:15


no no!
who let you out of the bag!
ARGH! dont let tt orange fat fellow jump and pound on mi!
i suppose and assummed you are orange and fat!

no no!
bq parrot is not nice..
smoke salmon, raw salmon, my fav!

parrot | 25/11/2006, 01:15


wonder hw bbq parrot taste like? =X

hamster | 25/11/2006, 01:20


ha salmon feel the same way too but i tink it is an illusion cos this is part of a public blog too. dere r peeps peeping as well, jux dun tag... false security...haha
yep parrot, let's pounce on RAW salmon together. c who gets to dip her in soya sauce 1st!! yummy!

garfield | 25/11/2006, 01:21


not nice also can bbq and try de lor. i think i must pretend to be some not nice to eat animal. like dinosaur or lizard or what.

salmon | 25/11/2006, 01:22


can i kpo n ask wat happened in MDC the other day to make the hippos so down? did the soccer bois say somethin not nice?

garfield | 25/11/2006, 01:27


heard they got some boos from some malay guys while setting up. ):

salmon | 25/11/2006, 01:34


dun change la, getting confusing as it is w all the diff nicks. promise to hold on to my ever increasing appetite for u ;) okie may not be convenient to repeat story here so forget abt it. nitey lil ones!

garfield | 25/11/2006, 01:35


oooo...tt's not very nice of them, esp wn MDC specially arrange the program specially to salute the soccer bois. maybe the soccor bois juz didnt know dem n their music yet cos dey may not watch channel u? hopefulli the hippos recover their fighting spirit oredi.
me realli bad at chatting online so ta, hv a good weekend!

garfield | 25/11/2006, 01:40


parrot eats salmon fishy!

umm, their soccer fans la, said awful remarks when they had some technial faults.

parrot | 25/11/2006, 01:48


eating of salmon should be banned in ak. offenders pay $100 to salmon everytime the law is broken.

quite rude for them to do that. thats why i dont like soccer. soccer players are rough, uncouth, ill mannered. i shall not be racist and start arrowing people. if not i'll never end

salmon | 25/11/2006, 01:53

creamy [Reply]

congrats le haha, so u hit 1000+

we jiayou together...

birdie | 25/11/2006, 02:17


hi gd nite all n ppl peeking..

birdie | 25/11/2006, 02:21


im going to set up a bbq pit in ak to bbq parrot. gonna buy charcoal and bbq pit plus grill and sauce to marinate her.

hamster will help me right!

salmon | 25/11/2006, 02:28


ii wan BBQ! XD

hamster | 25/11/2006, 02:37


going off to lala land liaos.
nites to all cuties & those peeking. XD

hamster | 25/11/2006, 03:05

gei na zhi si jin yu [Reply]

(ni bu yao kan bian wo de hanyupinyin,though it is not tt good and sometimes i dont understand it, i stil can type one tag using it!)

ni chui hao bu yao yi kai ni de zhu yi li, yao hao hao zhun xing du shu, bu ke yi qin yi de fen xing.

yao bao hi zhi ji de sheng di jian kang. bu yao zhai xiao wo ai le, wo bu shi shuo FEI chang ai, ni bu yong mei chi dun xia liao yu wo pai zhao

ren ding mu biao, wan qian hong! zhe shi ni yao zuo dao de, gao hao yue ye, bu neng jing ju de fang qi..

well, this is going to be short, my chinese got limit one..same old saying, you continue to blooh back your fish tank, use the refreshner la..wahahahahhaas! * rollll on floor!*

and you all, those who wan to cook mi, whether it is fry/bbq/steam/boil, no no! it is not very nice!

cheena parrot | 25/11/2006, 03:43

Wave... [Reply]

Got awakened by all my electric appliance beeping n realized power got cut. Came to check com so might as well tag.

Harlo..I amy not b 1000 but I am the one tagging at 5.43am.

NpWruss | 25/11/2006, 05:43


cheena parrot, ur hanyu pinyin reali got limit. =X quite a few errors now and then. *sorry*

but glad tt all had fun here ytd??
fighting for the 1000th tag agaiN? =D

thanks doggy for the inspirational post. u take care ya??

was busy practising last night. still cant memo the lyrics. =( but well, im determined to memo the lyrics by today. =D

*waves* to all cuties, peeking cuties, and not forgetting the hippos. =D

nico had posted despite his comp being sick. when is samco coming back? hahas.

piglet | 25/11/2006, 10:09

Re-cap - Lost Soldiers' "Pure Hard Work" [Reply]

Quote: - "In Wei Qi's place..typing a post together..
milubing | 28 June, 2006 23:31"

"No rest now.. just hard work...pure hard work...but it's fun too cos it's music... we're happy today cos...
Sam managed to book out this eve yay! The poor boy onli had 4 hrs of slp! Aiyo!..after a good practice and a great meal though tired...

Sam' went hme...left 2 of us to overnite..coz he didn't bring his contact lens stuff and glasses
flagging for a cab for Sam seemed mission impossible

Yeah! Not gonna give up just yet!!
we gonna give you all we got...all we squeezed out..our-brain juice" unquote..

Dear cuties.. i just feel sad for the 3 milu soldiers... is thru "Pure hard Work" that they get to win the "Fei Chang Superband" title - yet many Singaporean do not support Singaporean n the Bings got booed thru no fault of theirs.. do MDC look at their technical problems? what if is a foreign band? will tis technical problems always crop up?

is my own opinion - did MDC really looked after the products their produce? the bois are humans n hve feelings.. can feel hurt too .. i think the bois are v tolerant.. from 3 humble, simple bois suddenly being thrust to the front, many a time they do not know how to handle such a large crowd of fans.. all demanding attn.. all wanting to hv a piece of them... some wanting a larger piece than others.. some shy ones.. hiding in a corner watching only .. some feel happy just merely watching them on TV or get news fm mag..

To the mlbians/mlbies esp the Akians(no offence i hope) - i hope that we must always remind ourselves, that we don't own the bois, they are not our "exclusive property" just bcos we blog here n they are more familiar with us..

There are lots more fans out there who don't blog - fm the young to the old...i am sure tis ppl too want to get close to the bois.. to tok to them.. n to take photos with them..

.. others can criticise, boo or get angry with them n try to hog them..

.. but as a Mlbian can we try to be more considerate.. we try to help the boys instead of giving them pressures .. BE PATIENT with them..
- give them the space n privacy ..

-They r at events to preform... if they are tired out.. or upset cos of fans.. can their minds n bodies.. be at ease to perform? .. in such situations.. can they perform well?

- we ourselves need space/privacy too.. n DO NOT WANT to be forced to do things we don't wish to.. or to be misunderstood.. neither do the bois..

They are not 100% perfect.. no human are .. n neither are we...

why cant ppl look within themselves.. r they themselves 100% perfect? R they themselves Angels?

Even God n Angels are forgiving.. we want God to forgive us .. so imperfect ppl like us.. shd step back.. n look at ourselves in the mirror .. to reflect.. why are we Angry? .. is it necessary to spoil the harmony.. R our ways sometimes Selfish?

These are just my thoughts only ..
pls dont take offence..

birdie reflecting | 25/11/2006, 13:53

birdie [Reply]

i agree with wad u say..
sometimes, i feel myself being guilty of doing tt. depending more from the guys.
the technical fault tt happen im not sure if it's due to MDC fault. cux i tink it was Nic's mixer that was giving them the problem.

to quote wad u've said, "why cant ppl look within themselves.. r they themselves 100% perfect? R they themselves Angels?", many a times, ppl jux want to win. they dun like to admit tt they're wrong. they will insist on they're right for everything. im not 100% perfect and no one is. all humans have their flaws.

through the journey of SuperBand. both MLB and MLBians had unknowingly influenced one another. when the guys are upset or sick. we will feel the same or even feel heartpain for them and vice versa, the guys also feel upset because of us.

after each performance, each event. they will try to fulfill all their fans' wishes-taking photos, autographs. but this would make fans more demanding (not saying all the fans though). sometimes, jux hope the guys can be more firm, more bad. they dun have to accomodate all of us.

why cant ppl jux share things without ji jiao-in?? Nic once proposed this idea when alot of people wish to take photos of them. tt is for those who managed to take pics of them post it up into the blog for those who din managed to do so, but some said no. and nic was quite upset abt it.

we dun understand tt the little things we do can affect the guys and the little things the guys do can affect us too. even though the guys felt it was nth, but to many of us, we felt reali appreciative.

i thank weiqi for tagging here now and then. but do understand tt he cant tag often as fans might say he's unfair.

we constantly forgotten tt the guys are jux normal guys as well. because of this competition, and being crowned SuperBand, they had to deal with the stress from the media, the large crowd of fans and also those who doesn't support them. how can these 3 shy guys be able to deal with all these suddenly?? i feel tt they're already doing a great job. and am glad tt MLB consist of 3 guys. at any time, they can support one another.

thanks birdie for reflecting. it makes me remind myself again tt they're already doing the best tt they can and also reminding me not to ask for too much. and for those who are reading, pls do not take offence as well..

piglet | 25/11/2006, 14:29


yah lor, my hanyupinyin realyl got limit one, or else i wan TIO SUAN LA hor!

and all those who try to bbq, steam mi in steamboat, haha! you wont get the chance! no need to jia tang la!

and i am not tt short, dont suan liao..next thing, i will ARK instead of rah! someone said tt shld be the sound for parrot..okie looR!

raw salmon is nice! only raw fish i eat, super..when you dip inside tt soy sauce, no wasabi for mi, then you put into your mouth, the feelin is SHIOK!

mayb raw goldfish is nice also!
and all those who put in their nick , they wan to bbq mi, no chance man..

wo bu yao cuo shi niao!

parrot | 25/11/2006, 14:30


parrot. sorry. din mean to suan u.

piglet | 25/11/2006, 14:35


no la no la!
not abt you, some bunch of bad ppl suan my hanyupinyin in msn ytd.
they shld know who themselves!
parrot ARK at you then you know!

parrot | 25/11/2006, 14:42


birdie, what you say is very true. most of the time we forget that they are like us. we think they are superheros that have the ability to attend to everyone

but things like this cannot be avoided. with such a huge fan base, surely they will face more problems. though we cannot ask the whole mlb family to not pester them like siao, we can take the first step ba.

i think we always forget that MLB have their families and their friends too. we should count ourselves lucky to be called as friends by them instead of fans. at least they treat us with so much warmth.

just want to say to mudco, nico and samco, sometimes you guys have to be firm. dont always be obliging to people like us. sounds like im saying something to my disadvantage but if it can save you guys from unnecessary pressure, i dont think true MLBians would mind.

yup, no matter what, i will still be supporting MLB because of your music and your passion.

regarding the boos, take it as an experience! mudco, tell nico not to be affected by it cos its not his fault. think of it in this way, people who dont like your music vs people who love your music; the minority vs the majority. (: jiayou!

salmon | 25/11/2006, 14:51

piglet n salmon [Reply]

glad that we share same thots...

birdie | 25/11/2006, 15:21

cuties [Reply]

let the MLB free to come in as they wish.. we try to keep low-keyed .. as much as possible..n to avoid any conflicts outside/inside.

we try to keep AK alive as long as possible..

birdie | 25/11/2006, 15:24


hais all the tags made mi felt guilty.
am i asking/demanding too much from them?
am i ?
dont know how to phrase my words also..

avoid any conflicts, yah lor! salmona nd hamster! dont try to BBQ each other!

parrot | 25/11/2006, 15:36


i meant, dont bbq mi..
at most, i promise not to eat salmon up..BLEAH!
ark ark!

abit lame la! haha, dont be so down and emo leh! seems like no one wan to employ parrot to work.duh!

parrot | 25/11/2006, 15:40

Birdie... [Reply]

I salute to your in-dept reflection.
MLBians should love the MLB in the correct ways.
I believe that will make them very happy.
Just giving my 2 cents' worth though!

creamy doggy | 25/11/2006, 18:17


To add on...
Love the MLB and at the same time be accountable of your family, friends ,people around you and yourself...

creamy doggy | 25/11/2006, 18:20

Help me on numeric... [Reply]

This morning I attended a meeting on behalf of my boss (since boss had left the company, there isn't any interim boss at the moment). The people present in the meeting were top level: chairman, director and senior managers. I was intimitated by them, who was I to sit in there, after all I'm new in the company.

But I was asked to join in the meeting. So you should know how frightened and worried I was. The meeting started with the analysis of sales figures, expense and Blah Blah Blah. Oh! That's really got into my nerves as I'm nuts with figures! I'm not a numeric person, I dunoe how to analysis figures, charts and graphs.

But thankfully, I was safe throughout. Do I have to attend this meeting in the next month? Please no! I would just be happy to deal with words, pictures, colors and fun!

Please help me with numeric!

creamy doggy - survived from a nerves-cracking meeting | 25/11/2006, 18:28


My elder sis jio me to go shopping shop. We went into this N*K** shop, saw some nice T-shirts, couldn't resist to splurge on ourselves. So, I bought one for my sis, one for my niece and three for myself...hahas..may be should pamper myself once in a while...now a hole in the pocket sia! What a bimbotic weekend manz!

creamy doggy | 25/11/2006, 18:42


good night cuties.


wo feng le.

salmon | 25/11/2006, 23:35

my day [Reply]

went to sakura just now for dinner to celebrate my papa's bday

and i have to proclaim it here, i am going to hate RAW SALMON for the rest of my life!

ark tsk*

went backfire liao, i loved salmon sooooo much esp raw one..and now, i intend to hate it.i took a whol eplate of raw salmon, salmon roll etc, tot it will be the usual nice salmon tt i like.

then i pu tone into my mouth.OH GOSH! it taste so horrible! it is not fresh at all, got weird smell! RAH! then my mother asked mi to try another, mayb tt one has tt weird smell, and to say the salmon roll also tasted the same..DISGUSTING!

no good, fresh salmon, my mood went the wrong channel , hais, no food seems to be able to satisfy mi there,ended up feeling quite angry, but i didnt complain, though i urged my mama to.

then left that place hating raw salmon.went home, and i think the salmon fish had some bad effects on my poor stomach which is always not feeling well.went to the toilet several times.hate tt feeling you know!

just because of tt salmon!

but the good thing is i had lime shebert! AND tt really brightened up my evening!

parrot | 26/11/2006, 00:09


creamy doggy, just buck up your courage and walk into the conference. I had some similiar experiences before too, esp when my ex-manager left the company and no one taking over him.
I'm the only female engineer in the company, not just Singapore office, but in the whole Asia Pacific region. My ex-manager was incharge of the whole Asia Pacific group and he had to represent the AP group to attend meetings at our head office, Taipei. After he left, I took over his duties temporary before they can find a new manager and I was asked to attend a product R&D in Taipei. All the region managers were asked to attend and I was representing the AP region. I was scared to hell after received a copy of the namelist. Other than the regional product managers, the head office directors, vice presidents, the R&D, the factory GM and managers will also be attending. The agenda: to discuss the next big business plan, a new product our company going to venture. I sitted into the meeting feeling very uncomfortably as e only female and the lowest position (supervisor) there. To make thing worst, my singapore company was the only office who had project experience with this new product! So I had to prepare informations, suggestions and solutions, and present them in the meeting. Good thing I didn't mess it up... whew...
But after that experience, the other meetings seem easier to handle. So jiayou!

dolphin | 26/11/2006, 00:44


went back to look at birdie, salmon and piglet's tags, sometimes i think i am just too selfish.

sometimes, i think i really hogged on them for too long. just thinking, what about those fans standing aside, who are not those loud kind? how will they feel?

thanks for the reflectings, and whatever birdie you said to mi in msn

i think sometimes, we really need to put ourselves in their own shoes. just ask yourself, are we asking for too much? i think for mi, the answer is yes. so what if they treat us as fans or frens? they still have their own privacy , their own lives to lead, we are not in any position to interfere..

this make mi rmb, why did i support them for so long? i think the answer shld be their passion for music, their perseverance. we cant deny it, and i think many ppl agree with mi.

they are just another three boys, who love to play their music, they are not any angels, they are still humans, they need what we need, eg, air, privacy..

i think putting us in their shoes is important, understand their feeling, understand our limits also

mayb i shld say," bu yaoo ba zhi ji de kuai le, jian zai bie ren de tong ku shang", if you dont understand my hanyupinyin, then too bad!=D haha~

sometimes, i really feel very very very guilty.
very guilty
i am really asking for too much and expect them to entertain mi when i wan to. tt is too much, if i am one of them, i wont feel good?

so the three hippos, dont entertain ppl at your own expense in running late, or whatever, let them understand you and not jian jiu them.same as salmon, this may put mi in a disadvantageous place, but i am willing to sacrifice all those attention, instead i wan you guys to do something tt you like and spend the time wisely.

this are my thoughts, sorry for being so offensive..

hereby, i think i own the three hippos a big sorry

sorry for being so wilful, being so demanding, sorry for everything.

you guys are humans too, not any super heros tt know how to jam or play good music, i am dreadfully sorry.

sorry sam,
sorry weiqi,
sorry nic.

very sorry for everything tt i have done.

parrot | 26/11/2006, 01:32


sorry fro not being understanding.
sorry for always jumping into the conclusion, before anything is clarified.
sorry for being so demanding
just plain sorry.
you may say it is alright, but this is the least i can do.
feel so guilty.

i guess i am going to be alright.
birdie told mi b4, i am someone who always jump into conclusion before anything is out yet, you are not the first one.
tt must be my weakest link.
i promise, i will change.
i will understand .
i will feel fro you guys.
and i wont jump so easily to conclusion..

i know the three milos will say it is okie, but at least let mi say this out.
we are a family, pls help mi to change in this area.
cuties, pls watch over mi

parrot- i am sorry;( | 26/11/2006, 01:46


yup. agree wif wad parrot said. looking back at birdie, piglet & salmons tags, ii tink back at myself.

ii ask myself, am ii being too selfish? yea. they are human beings too. ii put myself in their shoes. if i'm them, it would be hard to please all the fans too.

like aft their performances, ii noe they're tired. depsite being tired, the 3 milos is willing to stay back to entertain us, fans for taking pictures, autograph & sometimes joke around wif them? are we being demanding?

though the 3 milos treat us, fans, like their friends, bt there's a limit to it too. we love the milos for their passion in music. ii guess many of us do too yea?

chatted wif parrot in msn. ii agreed at wad she said. every MLBians hav to play a part of responsibilty. yea. jus my reflections. no offence at all.

hereby would like to apologise to the 3 hippos, i'm sorry. realli veri sorry. sorry nico. sorry mudco. sorry samco. truely sorry.

hamster | 26/11/2006, 01:58


saw the tags above.
make me thing back of the past.
when i started to support MLB.

at 1st thought of just supporting them silently at home.
but as time pass,
i became more demanding.
wanting to see them perform live.
and later on wanting them to sign and take pictures with me.

hais. now thinking back, i feel so guilty!
i've never spared a thought for them.
even they were on a rush, i would still want them to take photo with me.
even they were feeling down, i would still want them to fulfil my demands.
i've never spared a thought for them before. =((

some fans are just contented to watch them perform at home.
silently supporting them.
not wanting any rewards from the guys.
yet me, abled to watch the guys performing live,
getting their signatures,
abled to talk to them face to face and even taking photo with them,
im still not contented.
i even became more demanding.
i felt so selfish and inconsiderate as compared to the silent supporters at home.

although the guys had became an idol,
they have some how lost their privacy.
if any of the 3 guys see this,
just want to tell you all that im really SORRY!

maybe my demandings had caused troubles to you all.
im sincerely sorry here!

*sorry to tag in ak.
but was really feeling very guilty after seeing birdie's tag.
so i left a tag here.

sea gull - feeling guilty | 26/11/2006, 02:10


hi sea gull, thanks for such tag, and be emo with us..welcome=D

umm, think we shldnt brood over what happened..
instead, this fall, we shld have learnt several lessons tt is applicable to our lives. learn it the hard way round. and dont make the mistake again..

learn to fall, learn to pick yourself up.

parrot | 26/11/2006, 02:36


thx parrot.

hamster | 26/11/2006, 02:48


good morning all cuties..
guess i am the earliest?
haha! think everyone is still in their lala land, and when you guys are abt to wake up, then i go and sleep

umm, i am alright, after typing/tagging tt whole chunk out
think i will never be able to do it in CS..
think this is the main differences btw cs and ak.
parrot is proud to be in this family.
very proud!=D

yak yak yak*
ark ark ark*

parrot say ," lala~ and good morning! it is sunday tml! hAVE A GOOD DAY! ENJOY YOURSELF!"

parrot((: | 26/11/2006, 03:19


going back to hamster cage le.
nites to all cuties & those peeking.
tml will be a better day. =)

hamster | 26/11/2006, 03:26

ah... sorry! [Reply]

abit late in reporting back to AK after ending my A levels... yes! they are officially over! And yes, i have been havoc-ing quite abit during the past few days... now i shall be a guai animal and tag at AK...

whew! spend quite alot of time reading at AK... too mani tags for me to finish la... alrite, let me answer to some 'major events' that happened!

congrats to creamy doggy for hitting the 1000 tags...

welcome hamster and puffy fish (totally scandalous with lion puppy... 青梅竹马 huh...) into our new family! is there a seagull here too? maybe you should intro yourself and let birdie veto you and see whether you can join us? after all, you gt here by yourself rite... (",) is yung fen.

to be continued...

pink penguin | 26/11/2006, 04:00

weiqi/mudco/goldfish [Reply]

argh... i have to retype tis again! accidentally close it cuz msn went to distract me... lemme see whether i remember... sorri mudco!

okie... mudco, aren't you abit paranoid in thinking that we will treat the rest of CS as the enemy? NO LAH... if so, AK would have become an exclusive group where we chose all the supposed elites (i doubt there is such a distinction between MLBians) but no! ppl with yung fen can join us... but we also must filter through the worthy ones and the ones that are worthy of being an AKian... and this, birdie will handle - thanks birdie! tough job on ya! and of cuz we are part of the MLBians... we all support MLB, dun we?

well, if one day we become a selfish, big-headed and irritating clique, you can scold us and blast us all you want. cuz by then, we would have deserve it. and by me so openly inviting you to lambast us, you can see how confident i am of AK staying the way we are... even if we might nt be the most peaceful or most bonded group around, i can proudly proclaim that AK - i dunno how to say this - is not some selfish group, all of us love MLB in our own ways...

we have the quieter supporters (me included, have yet to see the hippos in real life AT ALL... haha~ sad huh?) and the more openly supportive ones...

all of us at AK is through yung fen.

AK is a way of loving MLB for me, cuz it is a place where i can get updates of MLB and try to participate in giving something back to MLB for giving us good music.

most importantly, AK is a place where frenships and bonds are forged.

yes, i would say that there is more to be being an AKian than simply just a MLBian, but that is only cuz of the frenships and bonds that were forged in this place... but i am sure all of us will agree on this...



pink penguin | 26/11/2006, 04:30

on birdie's tag [Reply]

wow, wow, wow... i see so many confessions of being selfish after birdie posted her tag...

hey guys, esp salmon, piglet, parrot, hamster and seagull (you are? try getting in..=), there is no need to be so guilty... i am sure the hippos appreciate you guys... i believe that there is a need for all types of fans to exist... i mean, we do need more vocal fans to show that MLB is popular rite? if all of MLB fans is like me... just quietly supporting them at home and nv go to their events... then DIE DIE liao... there would be no one to cheer them on at a performance, no one to protect them from those who booed them (HMPH! what irriating idiots! who are they to boo MLB... let me see them win superband 2... argh! to the power of infinity! nvm, hippos, to be disliked mean that you are truly POPULAR... ha!)

bt i do agree with birdie about giving them space... (though i haf no idea how bad it is... cuz i have yet to see for myself) the bois seem quite obsessed with their privacy and everything... so do give them space and be considerate to them and let them have more time to rest okie? they need it!

the gist of my tag:


and let me emphasize this once more...


pink penguin | 26/11/2006, 04:44


i guess now other than writing our reflections of guilt we should put what we say into action as well. dont think we should pester them or cling on to them.

like talking to them if we bump into them on the streets or in mdc is fine. but dont ask for too much, dont ask too many questions, dont give them too much problems(?), dont have conflicts with other groups (im sure we wont since ak is peace loving).

bascially we should just do what is good for the guys. especially weiqi, whose papers are on mon and wed. try not to disturb him and let him concentrate ba. dont want to let our moment of folly ruin his future. yup

maybe we shouldnt keep ask them to come into ak. mudco already knows the way. samco too. only nico, but he cant come cos his com is sick. shall just let the guys venture into our ulu jungle by themselves. dont put additional pressure on them.

all say and no do is useless, so lets try to do what we should and make the 3 milos happy hippos.

i've said this many a times in cs,but phrased differently, if we're true MLBians, we would be able do all these for them. (:

wo men yi qi jia you ba!

salmon | 26/11/2006, 10:24


y all this guilt trip? u all realli hog dem so much? juz dun overdo it...though i do wonder how all the hippos mged to get away from the maddening crowd of fans aft each perf. seems like never-ending but it must be flattering to get all these attention as well. anyway gettin autos, pics ,etc is still a must... haha
actualli i miss all the inspirational/poetic tags in CS...those who r inclined in these areas, can share more in CS wn u hv the time? consider ya...
wow v good tactic, tink u r future civil servant material. slap a fine on us wn we threaten to eat salmon! v good deterrent...i dare not bring it up anymore...;) yep eaten salmon tt is not fresh b4, yucky!
and tt someone is rit, parrot goes Arrk! & not Rahhh! ay, wat colour r u? i guess green w a red beak?

garfield | 26/11/2006, 12:16

hi all waves ~~~ [Reply]

pp = gd to c u agn... congrats ! for finishing the last lag..

tks for helping to explain to the above cuties... they got certain meanings all wrong... n i am gg out just want to emphasis the impt points that u hv alrady mentioned, wh i agreed ..

hello parrot, hamster, n seagull (whoever u are.. pls introduce yrself..n how did u get to kn AK..)..

1. of course the bois need rowdy fans like u all to cheer them at events...the louder te better...

2. if everybody just simply stay at home to watch tv or read mag.. or stand there like statues.. die die liow.. the events will b v boring n the bois n others will think they hv no supporters.. where got fun?

3. is just my reflections only... n to those who share my thots thanks vm
.. but please continue to support them ..be rowdy, cheer them on as loud as u can in whatever way u like.. in yr fun way...

4. is ok wanting to take photos, tokking... be near them etc.. tis is v v normal for fans.. what i mean is dont be selfish.. like if they tell u they are in a rush.. or in a taxi (no offence pls) don't try to block them fm rushing off, cos they may hv reasons ....

5. dont hogged them.. means dont cling on to them.. refusing to allow them to go near other fans.. n dont show them blacken face.. when they do so..

6. watch yr words.. give them due respect.. dont hurt their feelings by saying u want to go far far away fm them, with anger in yr voice n face.. (tho u dont mean it)(sori to someone.. i hv to quote tis as an example only.. no malice n tks for allowing me to quote)..

7. if u love them n their music.. cheer louder than others who put them down..

8. give them space n privacy - meaning... dont press them for personal qtns or if u happen to know it.. dont go round tokking abt it.. dont die die dont let them go..

sori need to go out nw... will tok to u agn when free.. actually, i am in no position to tok on behalf of the bois, i am nobody... just a cutie like u.. reflecting thats all..

to those who share my thots .. thanks agn...

birdie | 26/11/2006, 12:16

On Humility [Reply]

I'm no angel too. But I thought this message worth sharing though is quite lengthy. Be patient ok?!

Excerpts from: An Open Letter to Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke
On Humility
Brian R. Price, April 30, 1997

On Humility
What is it to be noble? I would say that to be noble is to strive to be better than what is expected, to do what is commonly regarded as 'right', regardless of personal expense. To be noble is to strive towards the 'good'; not the personal one, nor necessarily of the common one. To strive for an 'good' that is beyond cost/benefit calculation, to listen to the chime of truth that resides in the human heart.
Many have said that that pride, that opposite resident to humility, is at fault for our failure as human beings to act nobly. It is said that pride brings men low. But I submit that pride also raises men above themselves; without pride, striving to be superior to what we were, we would remain savage beasts with no sense of responsibility, of duty. Pride can beget excellence, quality, and prowess.
The difficulty with pride is that there is no obvious barrier between constructive pride yielding excellence, and destructive vainglory yielding boastfulness. Vainglory, the older sibling to pride, is the most puissant enemy a knight or noble will ever face. Vainglory cannot be killed; it strikes unseen by the victim, but is obvious to those around them who are often powerless to lend any assistance. Vainglory is a plight that blinds, quietly seducing men to cover their own eyes with blinders of woven rationalization. These blinders are indeed works of art in their own right; for the individual strands are truths, woven together with logic such that the finished whole whispers pleasant falsehoods directly to the innermost self. And though it is false, this comfortable fantasy finds ready acceptance because it is what we has human beings want to hear—that we are right.
Because we are human, most of us struggle against the specter of vainglory, of self-deception, for our entire lives. But also being human, we are provided with tools used in defense of the soul against such assaults, namely: integrity, faith, humility.
Integrity is personal honor, consistence in applying your personal values to every action.
Faith is the belief in the ideal 'rightness' that gives you the strength even with a complete absence of evidence.
And finally humility, humilitas. Because humility is not flashy, it gains less respect as a weapon of virtue than do courage, loyalty, largesse or fidelity. But none of these other virtues are of any assistance when it comes to combat with vainglory, with the mirrored ghosts of our own righteousness. Although vainglory cannot be killed, it can be held at bay if the gentle wields humility with sincerity. For used sincerely, humility makes the invisible specter more plain to see, refuses the comfort of praise, keeps you listening to the quiet ring of truth in your own heart, and confers a measure of grace.
Sincerity is the key to humility. Humility that is play-acted, even if you yourself are the audience, is powerless; indeed it becomes a weapon of vainglory rather than being used against it. To seek sincerity requires the onerous duty of peering inside yourself to see both the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the excellent and the poor. To accept these things as truths is a daunting, yet ennobling task. Once the truth is seen, the knight has the further duty to seek to improve those virtues in which he is lacking. I think we agree that it is the traveling towards the ideal that makes the knight; there will never be one who reaches the ideal, and yet all may be ennobled even though the ideal itself remains unreachable.
Sincere humility keeps the noble alert; observant; on guard. The only way to keep vainglory distanced is by vigilance. The noble man must look first within himself, then to those around him for clues as to how the battle progresses.
How is all of this done?
Avoid the comfort of praise. Should you strive to behave as a noblewoman, you will in due course earn honor and praise from those who see you as virtuous. And yet, you must avoid placing too much weight on this praise, even if it is purchased on the authority of your own integrity—vainglory is too clever for that; it can easily short-circuit perceptions both sensory and emotive. As soon as you are comfortable that you are a virtuous person, whom you have acted with righteousness, you are as vulnerable as a babe to vainglory's jaded charms.
Listen for the ring of discord in your own heart. This quality of sincere humility enables you to hear rings from that quiet bell of truth that resides within your own conscience. Sometimes the bell rings with a 'rightness' that is at once comforting and fulfilling, but there should be other times when it rings with discord; listen most carefully at these times, because this is an alarm against which vainglory may have transgressed. If you hear no discord at all then you are certainly in danger.
When such a discord is discovered, some wrong committed in the service of a good cause or through neglect, it is the duty of a nobleman to seek to right the wrong by making an amend. Such an amend is, most familiar to me, a 'knightly gesture' that demonstrates continued service to the ideals even as it acknowledges the error as being part of human nature. The noble goes further, accepting responsibility for the flaw and, spurning the comfort of pinning the difficulty on someone else, determines to make it right. Some kind of communication and gesture is always required; but there is great power in this, in the humility to say, "I was wrong" or "I'm sorry," provided they are spoken with sincerity. In so doing you turn weakness into strength.
Finally, humility confers what has been called by many the most important virtue a noble can possess—grace. Humility is a virtue that confers a gentleness that does not denude from strength, courage, loyalty or any virtue of the noble. Indeed it enhances them by harmonizing the bearer with those around them and striking a contrast between the lack of boasts and the quiet excellence that resides within them.
We should consider two things; your accomplishments and their merits—and your foibles, and how you might combat them. On balance we strive to succeed in making ourselves an example of grace and excellence. Listen to heart when it rings with discord over some misdeed, and turn these small defeats to victories.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 13:17


actually i found ak quite long ago.
but did not tag here before.
was just peeping when im free.
hahas. ((:
was feeling guilty when i saw birdie's tag.
wanted to say out how i feel.
so i left a tag here. ((:

sea gull | 26/11/2006, 13:29


Conversation between Kim and her little cousin Joss.

Joss: "... (I'm) Just a nobody, stuck in the middle of nowhere."

Kim: "I was just a nobody. I mean not a nobody. Nobody's a nobody. Everyone's somebody, right?"
Joss: "Is this supposed to make me feel better?"

Kim: "I'm just a regular person. I'm into cheerleading... boys... sometimes. You know, just regular stuff."

Joss: "You do incredible stuff! You save the world!"

Kim: "Joss, I'm just me. That's all I ever try to be. And it just turned out that sometimes, being me is enough to save the world."

Joss: "And that's why being you is so cool!"

Kim: " Try being you. It will be even cooler!"

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 13:34


Hi cuties and welcome hamster and puffy fish... MIA for 3 days coz my sch ended at 6 on fri and i went to stay @ my cousin's house till today...
Have a nice weekend... =)

elephant | 26/11/2006, 14:45


hi to sea gull also... =)

i missed out so many tags... haha... will try read when i'm free...
I need 2 go study 4 my quiz liao...
take care cuties...

elephant | 26/11/2006, 14:49

Hi AK [Reply]

LP greeting everyone here. Exam's over finally so here I am. Sorry abt Puffy Fish. Nothing scandalous abt us. Puffy is my childhood friend and she is not the only one. We are closer cos we are neigbours.

The tag in this plc is getting very heavy, serious and long. It is good to reflect on one's action. Toking is no point, DO IT!

Oh Cream, can you put in one simple sentence as to wat all your long long tags above is pointing at? Sorry my brain's a bit dead aft exam. (Puffy got to handover, you are e storyteller, Puffy disqualify.)

Your story is trying to tell some AKians some thing? It looks tt way to me. Beta be direct! The preacher who preaches must practice the teaching.

Take care all...so many new animals!

Lion Puppy | 26/11/2006, 15:18

lion puppy and pp [Reply]

wah, you are here? the a lvl students? all suddenly pop up..
so how's your exams?

parrot | 26/11/2006, 15:31

PXH..aka lion puppy [Reply]

I'm no angel, I'm figuring it out myself too...battling with my feelings...
But I thought it's worth sharing to those who like to read long tags.
We are used to tagging long tags since AK1.
AKians love reflections, that's make us grow.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 15:35


hello sea gull, new face must intro yourself. we want to know abt your age, your gender, your ic no, your address, your blood grp, your boyfriend/galfriend name, your school etc....
hahaha. just joking, tell us whatever u like and feel free to roam around!

PP, exam over? Hooray! did u see my tag for u up there? scoll up.

cream, agree with you at we are not angels, just someone. remember my superman stories? just a simply action we can be superhero too. Just like e cheerleader in your story.

Read a story in e newspaper today, abt a secret Santa Claus.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For 26 years, a man known only as Secret Santa has roamed the streets every December quietly giving people money. He started with $5 and $10 bills. As his fortune grew, so did the gifts. In recent years, Secret Santa has been handing out $100 bills, sometimes two or three at a time, to people in thrift stores, diners and parking lots. So far, he's anonymously given out about $1.3 million. It's been a long-held holiday mystery: Who is Secret Santa?

But now, weak from chemotherapy and armed with a desire to pass on his belief in random kindness, Secret Santa has decided it's time to reveal his identity.

He is Larry Stewart, a 58-year-old businessman from the Kansas City suburb of Lee's Summit, Mo., who made his millions in cable television and long-distance telephone service.

His holiday giving started in December 1979 when he was nursing his wounds at a drive-in restaurant after getting fired. It was the second year in a row he had been fired the week before Christmas.

"It was cold and this car hop didn't have on a very big jacket, and I thought to myself, `I think I got it bad. She's out there in this cold making nickels and dimes,'" he said.

He gave her $20 and told her to keep the change.

"And suddenly I saw her lips begin to tremble and tears begin to flow down her cheeks. She said, `Sir, you have no idea what this means to me.'"

Stewart went to the bank that day and took out $200, then drove around looking for people who could use a lift. That was his "Christmas present to himself." He's hit the streets each December since.

While Stewart has also given money to other community causes in Kansas City and his hometown of Bruce, Miss., he offers the simple gifts of cash because it's something people don't have to "beg for, get in line for, or apply for."

That was a feeling he came to know in the early '70s when he was living out of his yellow Datsun 510. Hungry and tired, Stewart mustered the nerve to approach a woman at a church and ask for help.

The woman told him the person who could help was gone for the day, and Stewart would have to come back the next day.

"As I turned around, I knew I would never do that again," Stewart said.

Over the years, Stewart's giving as Secret Santa grew. He started a Web site. He allowed the news media to tag along, mostly because he wanted to hear about the people who received the money. Reporters had to agree to guard his identity and not name his company, which he still does not want revealed.

His entourage grew over the years, and he began traveling with special elves. People like the late Negro Leagues icon Buck O'Neil, who handed out hugs while Stewart doled out $100s. NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus will join Stewart this year in Chicago when Stewart hands out $100s in honor of O'Neil, the first African-American coach in the Major Leagues.

They'll give out $100,000 between Chicago and Kansas City. Four Secret Santas who Stewart "trained" will hand out an additional $65,000.

Doctors told Stewart in April that he had cancer of the esophagus and it had spread to his liver. He has been lucky, he says, to get into a clinical trial at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. But the aggressive chemotherapy has stripped away his appetite and energy. He's lost about 100 pounds, but has held onto his white hair.

The treatment costs more than $16,000 a month, not including the cost of traveling to Houston every two weeks and staying there for five or six days. He now has two months off, but returns to treatment in February.

His insurance company won't cover the cost of the treatment, which has left him concerned about his finances and his family.

Now, his mission is bigger than handing out $100 bills. Stewart wants to speak to community groups about his devotion to kindness and to inspire others to donate their time and money.

"That's what we're here for," Stewart says, "to help other people out."

Lion Puppy, we are not preachers, just sharing something with our dear Akians here. :)


dolphin | 26/11/2006, 16:09

Dolphin... [Reply]

Love ur story, very inspiring.
Make me realise that Christmas is around the corner soon.
Everyone is a Santa Claus on that day.
Some people open their houses to invite frens and families for a feastful celebration.
Some give away presents or do small little things with big and hearty intentions.
I love Christmas, even simple sms-es received to wish me Merry Christmas will thrilled me.
I always look forward to near 12pm, when I walked out from church at that time, my cell phone will be flooded with messages...from frens everywhere. The thought of it moved me liao.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 16:24


*oops typo
I mean look forward to 12am...

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 16:26


I was walking on Orchard Road yesterday.
Just outside Paragon, I saw this little boy, by the name of Ethan Ong, played the drum set.
Very cute, i think he's only 5 or years old?
He played the drum so well, and his drum set is the junior set lo...so cute and adorable.
You all muz check it out one day.
Very talented young musician!

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 16:37


im a girl. ((:
think you all see me before.((:

sea gull | 26/11/2006, 17:29


hmm, i dont think im guilty about hogging the boys part. but sometimes i get over obsessed with them. feel so silly at times. but what to do, who ask them so cute and talented. (:

creamy, i think the small boy you're talking about is the youngest street busker in singapore. very pro leh the small boy. think he appeared on telly before.

i've applied for drums course at yamaha! (: finally get to live my dreams after a long wait of four years. SHUANG!

hey, i think i havent welcomed the new akians yet. so WELCOME HAMSTER, PUFFY and SEAGULL

salmon | 26/11/2006, 19:57


wah, salmon you also signed up?
hahah! i no $$ , cannot sia..poor mi!
welcome , sea gull, though i know who are you!

parrot | 26/11/2006, 20:02


salmon, next time we can learn from each other ler. ((:
but must buy ear plucks if you learning in class.
i need ear plucks terribly now!!
im going to be hard of hearing soon.
hahas. ((:

my dreams are also fulfilled by being able to learn drum & guitar. ((:

lame parrot! *seen somewhere b4?*
aiya, parrot, salmon & me can teach you marhs.
don't worry!!
if you are determined to learn, there will surely be a way. ((:

sea gull | 26/11/2006, 20:08


my next instru will be guit. have been yearning to learn the guit since p6. but my dad doesnt believe in all these. since young i was never sent for such lessons. no music lessons, no art lessons, no nothing, not even ballet. but heng they never send me for ballet. finally after much persuasion from my mum, dad finally allows me to take up drums! super happy (:

i witness miracle healing in church today. so cool. (:

salmon | 26/11/2006, 20:21


hi LP .. tks n welcome yr visiting.. like to echo cuties above... there are no preachers here.. we are here to share our thots, stories, feelings, reflections etc

hi sea gull - u r welome to roam n share with us hre but u need to tell us yr nick at cs... tks..

birdie | 26/11/2006, 20:24


Salmon...yeah I think I saw him on TV before too. If I'm not wrong he is doing this with a good cause, i.e. charity.

Congrats! Salmon...all the best for your drumming lessons...must Jiayou wor!

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 20:26


my nick in cs is garl.

hi everyone here!!~ ((:

sea gull | 26/11/2006, 20:39


topic: my dream christmas
idea by: creamy doggy

a dream christmas for me would be having my uncles, aunts and cousins from my dad's side come over to my place for christmas dinner. used to have such family gatherings when i was younger. but after us cousins grew up, we didnt have such gatherings anymore. 1 went to america for u (came back already), then 1 got married, 1 entered ns (out already), so not much chance of gathering. gradually no more gatherings.

so a really good christmas would be if we could gather again like in the past. im rather family oriented and i love my cousins on my dad's side. we get along really well even though my oldest cousin is 30 and the youngest, my sister is 12.

a dream christmas for me doesnt need not have to have a lot of presents or expensive food or fanciful decorations. i'll be very happy if i get to spend it with my family. a noisy gathering with a lot of people and warmth, i'll be satisfied.

christmas is the season of giving and sharing. i dont expect much. just want to have a nice warm christmas filled with love. (:

salmon | 26/11/2006, 20:58


Wow! Salmon, your christmas celebration is very warm.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 20:59


yup (: but dont think this year's christmas would be like this.

salmon | 26/11/2006, 21:04

christmas [Reply]

told to type abt christmas.. let mi share abt my xmas!=D

yeah! lalalallaa~

for your information, my bday falls on 24th dec, so it is some sort of double celebration=D when i am young, my family will always go out tgth, just spend one day out with one another. i rmb the times, when i am so thrilled when i received a xmas card! though every wishes are abt the same, but it really still touches my heart..

rmb, when there is times, when i had log cake as my bday cake, special right! haha, though the gifts given by my frens are always 2-in-1, but it doesnt matter! it is the thoughts tt count!

and i will always rmb the time, when i stay over at my cousin's hse, and we will secretly climb out of bed to put gifts in each others' stockings..

that is when i am young, but for the past few year, my family will always go over to my neighbour's house to have a big feast! turkey, goose liver, ham, log cake, etc..just big feast! just an overnight celebration!

for the past few years, i had been celebrating xmas and my bday tgth, and my xmas celebration is always the most unique one, cause i always celebrate for like four days in a row? hahah!

nothing muh also..only for the last two years, xmas becomes more meaningful to mi! yeah!=D started to realise the meaning and story behind it=D

umm, i think for xmas
i think what i want, is just each others' company, no gift is alright, but the presence of one another is more impt to mi..

but if you really ask mi, i will wan to celebrate christmas elsewhere, out of the country.yes, i wan a white xmas! so romantic right! hahaha!

parrot | 26/11/2006, 21:09

Christmas... [Reply]

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas, I always spend the Christmas eve and day with my friends.
We will cook in a friend's place, welcome many people in the house.
It's a very trying and yet exciting thing for a few of us, cos we can't really cook and we have problems with the pots and pans.
But for the sake of Christmas, we will try, to get our hands greasy...and our face greasy and ugly.
Then the guests will arrived, they crowd round the table, tasting the food.
We serve the guests, make them feel warm and enjoy the meal.
My friend opens her house to invite all those people who don't have a place to celebrate Christmas.
I asked her before if this is tiring to prepare all the food and cleaning up for every Christmas.
She answered me that if she simply cannot bear to stop celebrating at her place. Cos, if she don't, these people will not have a place to go and celebrate Christmas.
So it has become a routine, we will continue to struggle in her kitchen, making ourselves cover with grease.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 21:10


cuties, share about your dream christmas or anything regarding christmas! get into the christmas mood!

salmon | 26/11/2006, 21:11


wow, creamy, your christmas sounds fun. but after so many years of struggling in the kitchen, still got prob with pots and pans?

cooking for christmas is fun, but tiring. like to help my mum to prepare food. but seeing the smile on people's faces when they eat, you really will forget the tiredness. (:

salmon | 26/11/2006, 21:16


white christmas! just imagine it! you and someone you love! WOOTS! so cool! alright , i am mad! dont care abt mi! parrot cannot go to cold climax! lalala~

i zhao first, tml will read all the stuffs you guys wrote abt christmas!=D

parrot | 26/11/2006, 21:17

My Best Christmas Present.. [Reply]

There was a year when I was left alone as my whole family went on vacation...
A group of buddies came to my house to celebrate Christmas with me.
The brought food, we eat, drink and have fun.
Then later, they helped me to clean up everything.
That was very heart-warming, the best Christmas present I ever had so far.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 21:20


saying about christmas, my christmas every year seems so pathetic. *did i spell it wrongly?*
cus every year, my family don't celebrate christmas.
we only stay at home and watch tv, or do our own things.
its just another normal day to us.

but i dream of having a white christmas!! hahas.
sitting near the fire, and chit chating. ((:

( can sea gull go cold country? i think can larr. )hahas. ((:

sea gull | 26/11/2006, 21:29


Salmon...We can't cook lah...we ordered most of the food...we only do simple finger food...this is enough to make us struggle in the kitchen le...hahas...Cos the demand of food is high...so we must keep on replenish to fill our guests' stomach.

creamy doggy | 26/11/2006, 21:38


My family dun celebrate christmas.. I only start celebrate christmas since 3 yrs back in sec 4... My 6 other friends and I got very close during that yrs... So we were out on Christmas eve to countdown... Then on christmas day, we will go to 1 of my fren's house for celebration as her family celebrate christmas and her mum invite us there... Her mum will always cook a feast for us, after that we will chat and play games in her room... haha...

elephant | 26/11/2006, 22:45


Christmas still 1 mth to go n you ppl already started to discuss it ah? Haha...

My family don't celebrate chirstmas, so all along I celebrate with my friends. sometimes 2 grps in 1 night. So its something like 6 to 11 1st grp, then rush to countdown with another grp. there are 2 most memorable chirstmas for me, one with poly friends n another with sec friends. My poly grp 1st time booked a hotel room for chirstmas few years ago. 7 of us stayed in a room at the now closed ANA hotel. 7 of us, 2 beds, room so small, yet we were very happy. Had a mini party, and the best part was having a manjiong session there. haha. So noisy, yet no ppl come n chase us away. haha...

The other one a bit sad thou... Chirstmas party with my sec friends, my best friends since sec 1. Tat yr, most of us just grad from poly and started to work. One still in NUS at that time. We party at a pub in Orchard and drank a lot, really a lot. But not totally drunk, still sensible enough to make sure we all get home safety. That time, all of us still lived close to each other, so e 4 of us shared a cab home. When we reached the first home stop, we sensed something was wrong with e friend in NUS. She threw temper, screaming and broke down. We tried to calm her down, thought that maybe she was drunk. But then, when she started to talk, we knew she was under heavy pressure in studies. She can't get into uni for her A level, but she didn't give up. She worked hard the 2nd yet as private candidate and finally got into NUS Business. But she herself set such a high expectation for herself that she couldn't take it at that moment. That night, we sat with her at her flat void deck until morning. Good thing she recovered and now, an unreplaceble manager of a listed trading company. :)

Every step you fall, you get stronger when you climb back.

dolphin | 26/11/2006, 23:12


must get into the christmas mood ma. seems like a lot of people dont celebrate christmas with families. maybe cos im born into a christian family so there will be something special for xmas.

story sharing is interesting. another way to get to know about one another right! (:

salmon | 26/11/2006, 23:31


wave to all cuties!

creamy doggy: ii saw tt young boy at orchard before! so cutee!! hahas. his drums power ar. XD so young can play on drums le. *impressed*

salmon: wa! so gd. ii oso wan learn drums leis. whenever ii c drums, my hands get itchy. =X

i've alweis wanted to learn piano or keyboard when i'm in pri sch? *tink so, forgot when =X* bt my mum dun allow. =S say veri ex. ask mi pay myself. =.=" if ii gt the $$, ii would learn it! XD

looks like the cuteis is into christmas mood. XD hahas.

yeah. let mi share my chirstmas celebration too. every year ii would go to orchard to celebrate christmas wif my frens. it's VERY crowded there! when the time strucks 12am, my hp would hav a lot of xams greetings coming in. woot~ the ppl there would jus use the sprays & shout, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" it's fun yea! XD yup. and went to my fren hse to bake cookies! FUN, FUN & FUN. =P went to ride on cable car too. last year, it was the first time ii went to take cable car. at first ii tot veri scary. bt as it moves, the scenery is shiok! if there's a chance, ii would liek to experience white xmas too! jus imagine it. playing in the snow. hahas.

opps. long tag liaos. guess i'll stop here. XD

hamster | 27/11/2006, 01:54


Good morning to all cuties!

Hmm....dun have $ to pursue ur passion?! Well, try exploring on your own ba, if you truly love it, there's always a way to solve it.

By the way, doesn't mean $ can always solve the issue. I believe tt takes lots more to master a musical instrument.

So dun worry, Jia You!

creamy doggy | 27/11/2006, 08:24


yeah, it takes more to lean an instruement.! so everyone is busy talking about christmas! and christmas is like one month away?

haha! mayb we can celebrate christmas as a whole ak, yes, leave you goldfish! hahahahah! *TSKTSK!* mayb we can have a christmas feast somewhere, need not be ex, plus we canhave gift exchange!woots!

COOL! agree with salmon, christmas only became special to me two years ago, i felt so privileged to have my bday falling on xmas eve, sometimes, i really long for xmas, more than i long for my own bday! =D

parrot | 27/11/2006, 11:32


leave out*
sorrysorry, just wake up nia, typo errors!=(

parrot | 27/11/2006, 11:34

A Story [Reply]

Once upon a time, there was a dolphin who live in the south ocean. This little dolphin was not happy. Why? Because she found that she was different from her family. They were all very smart and clever, so they were all employed by the zoo, the themeparks, circus etc. Not like her, she was so blur and stupid that even the smallest park was not interested in her.

"Why mama? Why I'm not so clever like others?" she asked her mother one day.

"dolphin, I have something to tell you. I'm not your real mother, you were adopted when you are still a baby."

Dolphin was shocked but she was determined to find her real family. Gathered whatever information she could get from her foster mother, she set out to search for her real family.

After a long search, she finally united with her real family, the Sotongs.

Sotong without HP & brolly today | 27/11/2006, 11:45


aiyo! dolphin! you forget to bring brolly and handphone to work today? ooooh no! you are so BLUR!

parrot | 27/11/2006, 12:23

hi waves ~~~ Xmas [Reply]

i dont really observe xmas... but once in a while do celebrate with my christian friends..

can remember 3 xmas gatherings v well..

one, was with a Eurasian lady colleague n her family.. her daughter cooked a family secret receipe of 'Sheperd's chicken pie' - wow! it was finger licking gd... after so many yrs.. still cannot forgot.. yummy!!!

second, was with a Eurasian male colleague n his family.. his daughter's bf.. a German.. specially roasted a stuffed turkey ..German style for us... n personally curved the meat .. into thin slices... tender n shiok...

thirdly, caroling once... with a grp of christian colleagues... many yrs ago.. within our home estate.. but the estate is nw gone... it was fun..

birdie | 27/11/2006, 12:31

dolphin [Reply]

can it be ' Once a Sotong, always a Sotong' ..

or can our brains be improved..

i remembered once.. as a little girl.. my mum asked me to boil some water .. i put an empty kettle on the gas stove... luckily.. i woke up on time.. or my hse cld hv been on fire..

birdie | 27/11/2006, 12:38

Free Hug [Reply]

I was walking along the underpass fm Taka to Far East direction.. a couple of days ago.. saw a young man in his late twenties or early thirties.. like a foreigner.. holding a big pc of paper.. with the words

'Free Hug' .. is Free anyone?

birdie | 27/11/2006, 12:47


"Once a sotong always a sotong"
How come I cannot be the dolphin I want to be leh? *sobs*

Free hug? That man handsome or not? If handsome enough can consider getting a free hug from him. :P

Sotong | 27/11/2006, 13:07

Free Hug Man [Reply]

ok lah, quite gd looking,, but not very .. normal height.. slim.. size..

birdie | 27/11/2006, 13:14


everyone talking abt xmas liao arh? hahas
ytd salmon asked me to come in to share as well. but was simply busy tt i cant reali afford the time to share. SORRY!!
well, say ytd 1st. i was saving the july blog entries the way salmon taught me to. but in the end, some error file reading occur and make the whole saving file disappear. argh. im alreadi completing it le. hais.. =( so end up, i nd to re-save it again. deleting away the virus tags and stuffs. so sians.. but reading thru the old tags seems so memorable and fun. =D

well well.. xmas arh.. i seriously forgotten how i celebrated it le. hahas. mayb it's cux no xmas celebration ever leave a deep impression on me bahs..
but normally, i would meet up with my close fren to celebrate it. we can simply jux do anything tgt. walkin on the road, jux talking to each other makes me satisfied. and each time i reach home aft tt, i would receive presents frm my relatives. they always do celebrate xmas-gather all in the generation and have a feast.

but wad i wish for xmas this year, is to spend xmas outside singapore. even if it's to genting, i dun mind. hahas. but ultimately it's the presence of ppl ard u tt matters. a group of frens hanging and playing together even without gifts is satisfaction to me. ya. i dun spend xmas with my families.

piglet | 27/11/2006, 13:27


Think most of the families in Singapore don't celebrate chirstmas, due to the fact that most families are non-chirstians.

"but not very.."???
Mean actually not vert good looking? Haha, ok, then save me the trip of going down to Orchard then.

Hmm, just found that I didn't just forget my brolly and HP, some other things too. Forgotten that I have meeting today, good thing my admin still remember to inform me abt it, else...k k , I'm going to the meeting now. Raining heavily now in the West, hopefully it will stop when knock off.


sotong | 27/11/2006, 15:04

Hi All [Reply]

Chinese Wisdom
A wiseman once said if you can't say what you have to say in fewer than twelve lines, you should say nothing at all, so I'll just stop here.

NpWruss | 27/11/2006, 15:13


HEY! its a good idea to have an ak xmas party together. should we should we should we? (:

hai, had a lousy day today. went out feeling very lousy cos my friends forgotten about me and went to look for jobs. couldnt believe that this actually happened cos i thought our relationship was really good. tried to forget the whole incident and have a nice day outside. was quite okay at first until suddenly someone mentioned about the job looking thing. then they started explaining why they didnt ask me to go. was super pissed cos i had already forgot about the whole incident and they had to remind me. plus one of them was like pushing the blame to the other. was so -.- at that time. zzz

then later i went to do manicure with another friend. zzz was so pissed at the person. they kept asking us to purchase diamonte and stuffs. so expensive! like one piece $2. we told them we dont want cos we have quite a tight budget. then they black face us. and when we chose simple designs, they kept telling us the designs are not suitable. i ended up getting super horrible nail art for $21. ): and when i got home i immdiately removed all the nail polish. grrr. forget it. i'll just treat it as i paid $21 to learn not to go there anymore.

but coming here and reading about christmas lifts my spirits.

our dolphin has morphed into a sotong? aiyo.

salmon | 27/11/2006, 18:57



very kek now.
hahas. xD"

i also finding job now.
aiya. but seems like no one wants to employ me lehs.
hahas. XD"

i only went for manicure once.
on my birthday.
i put crystals + french manicure.
for $25.
now wan do nails, must self-service ler.
cause no $$$ ler. =((

sea gull | 27/11/2006, 19:15


hanor. wo shi qi qi qi qi qi qi dao~

but now okay already. cos angry also useless le. yup. now hua bei fen wei li liang. im drawing crap.

woops. i think parrot may not understand my tag

salmon | 27/11/2006, 19:44


i hua bei fen wei shi liang.
go eat dinner.
hahas. XD"

i wan cheese fries!!~
parrot and hamster eating it now lorr!
i shall fly there..

qi shiiiiii renn lerr~
but nvm lar.
got over it lerr.
shall go eat my dinner lerr. ((:

sea gull | 27/11/2006, 20:00


Trying to catch up with the above tags.

Who is sotong??!! Dolphin, was it you? So did u remember ur cell phone and brolly or not, I blur leh...Anyway, it'll be unbearable to do without a cell phone than a brolly right??!! :)

Birdie...Christmas is not meant for religious stuff only. It's a day for people to gather, be merry and be thankful of what they have in life. Very touched when I read the above christmas story shared by each cutie...I feel like I'm reading love stories...very gang dong sia! x)

Parrot...not sure an AK gathering will spin off...cos I believe that most people will be busy with their personal frens, family or boyfriends! hahas =)

Parrot..acty not that good to have ur bdae to fall on xmas eve. I have a fren who has the same birth date as you, but she complained that every year, she has a log cake for her birthday...hahas! =P

Piglet...no worries, Singapore can oso be a great place to spend Christmas, esp. with good frenz around. =)

Salmon & Seagull...at your age, I don't even think of manicure...wow! =0

creamy doggy - back in one piece after a super siao day | 27/11/2006, 20:05

Birdie.. [Reply]

I love Sheperd's pie, but the traditionally one....yummy!

I love caroling too...but hor...my frens they all always dun wanna sing...I wanna complain!

creamy doggy | 27/11/2006, 20:24

Happiness vs Smile [Reply]

Does Happiness cause a smile or does a smile cause Happiness?

birdie | 27/11/2006, 22:03

Sheperd's pie [Reply]

creamy, that was the best pie, i hv ever tasted.. n i love pie..

birdie | 27/11/2006, 22:05


birdie, thats so shen ao. i think both ways leh. if you happy you smile lor. if you see people smile, you happy lor. eh, this is so cool. (:

salmon | 27/11/2006, 22:10


Yup birdie, it works for both ways.
Anyway, all just smiles n enjoy happiness.

creammy doggy, yes, I'm a dolphin transforming into sotong. *sobs*
When you get used to not having HP with you, then missing it is no longer a prob. I'm still contactable anyway with my MSN and office phone. :)

K, I have put my phone n brolly into my bag. Going to sleep now.
Sweet dreams!

sotong or dolphin? | 27/11/2006, 22:41


nights everyone.
back to slp. ((:

sea gull | 28/11/2006, 00:53


whoa. dolphin went to work without hp? aww~ tt's badd. ii would die without my hp. hahas. =X nxt time dun be so forgetful ma. XD jiayou in ur work! =)

hamster | 28/11/2006, 01:00

(^^)/ [Reply]

morning cuties...

less than a mth to christmas... oh, hv nt put up d christmas decor in my ofc... better do it in tis wk.

hv a gd day all...

flamingo | 28/11/2006, 07:51


Good morning and waves to all cuties!
Wishing you a good and happy day ahead! :)

Birdie...I think a smile works wonder, happiness comes next. Yeah, naturally we smile when we're happy. But, it's even more applausable if we're not happy and yet we can still smile and spread the joy to others around us. So, I opt for the latter..."A smile cause Happiness". And it would be a boomarang flying back to you...yeah a smile given and it'll be a smile returns...Just my personal thought though :)

creamy doggy | 28/11/2006, 08:14

flamingo... [Reply]

Welcome back! Quick go put up your Christmas tree. What's ur theme for this year?

I saw one Christmas tree in one of the shopping malls on Orchard Road last Saturday. It was decor with white and black lacy ribbons...unique but really nice...a soft and yet mysterious Christmasty look and feel...

Have fun!

creamy doggy | 28/11/2006, 08:16

flora, duckling [Reply]

hi and good day to all

... notice they frequent here. i'm posting the link here of the blog-look-alike for your comments :). Down here smaller population better for the time being.
http://mlbsuperblog.blogspot.com/... still at works.. :D Bcos i'm transfering them over, noticed this active thread,so the comments here are not brought over yet.

couldn't help but notice some of u are also trying to save the blog... i'll share :

you can :

Option 1. Ctrl A and Ctrl C, and ctrl v on any documents (single blog entry only) but it will be against a black background
Option 2. File save as the single blog entry as a html file, but it look abit messy to me.
Option 3. (which is my choice), right-click on blog entry, export to excel - you will get a very nice spaced file. if you want pic on excel, just copy the blog (but tedious if pretty long), and paste all on excel, u will get the pics. I'm using this method, after exporting, delete off any spams, then copy and paste all nicely spaced.

Hope that helps.

xiu | 28/11/2006, 09:49


thanks xiu. =D

piglet | 28/11/2006, 10:14

xiu [Reply]

i have went to take a look at the blog link u posted above.

tink it's the best u can do. but it looks rather disorganised (sorry!! if only the entry can be place in the centre s well). but still thanks for the effort. i will try to do up a blog and see how as well.. =DD
thanks alot...

piglet | 28/11/2006, 10:20

Helllo.o.o. bulop..bulop [Reply]

Gd morning everyone..Puffy blowing bubbles..swimming..

Yup, yup..saw new faces, so I am not the onli ONE!. 'V' to hamster n seagull..n 'Xiu'? Anyway we r the new garls on the blog.

Flami..hv not met U, Hi! welcome back.

Met LP, lucky din scold me. He ran here n tagged 3 sites @ super fast speed. Dun leave traces so din get caught. We maybe gg to Tianjin..hurray! clap, clap!

Hee.e..e I love sotong, sotong balls, bbq, baked, sambal, with plum sauces, tom yam w plenti of sotong..wa! not yet lunch but my mouth watering.

So sotong decided tt she dun want to b a fish any more. Hum.n.n. Call a Rose by any other names and she smell still as sweet. (Romeo n Juliet). U want to hug a man arh! U can try PXH, he is v huggy..ha.a.a. he said he tld someone on the blog tt he is 1.66 tall, he bullshit one. He is taller than tt..who is the girl that he bluff. He oso tell ppl he skinny like his NIC kor, bullshit one, he has fatty tissues, lots, trust me.

OK..so much for now. Got to go out with mum for breakfast. McDonald here I come...!

Puffy Fish (fat cheeks) | 28/11/2006, 10:22

thanks, xiu :) [Reply]

Wow! looks almost like the real one :)

Guess copying all the tags n paste as one comment is the only way to bring them over.

I m not IT expert, so I chose option 1 above. Copy and paste (entry & tags only) to MS Words and do a bit of reformatting. Was able to copy the photos at the same time too :) But of course it's inferior compared to your mlbsuperblog lah :p

duckling | 28/11/2006, 10:36


acty salmon taught me another way to save.
but it's provided that you have MS frontpage. =D
the way is to save the blog through html format. im alreadi doing it le. and is also tryin to see which blog format *as there's different way of blogging* can "take in" the html code of mdc. hopefully i can find one which can accomodate to their html code. but it wun be easy cux i believe mdc is "stronger". hahas. as in security. =P

piglet | 28/11/2006, 10:43

Hi *waves* [Reply]

my test ytd went well. thanks to all cuties who have sent me their JIAYOUs. They helped :) As for the assignment, i've decided not to look at it anymore le... read so mani times until i dunno what i m reading :p

flamingo, welcome back :) You had a wonderful holiday?

oh, tts reminds me of our very xin fu de bunnie. she must be busy clearing her work after her honeymoon...or she's still in the honeymoon mood??? :p

dolphin, no, don't turn into sotong. else, someone wanna eat you liao. hahaha...

parrot, I've went sakura once too. I dun like the food there. Especially the sashimi, which is not fresh. Try salmon sashimi somewhere else and i bet you will fall in love with it all over again :)

hmmm...dun think I've welcomed sea gull. So....Sea gull, welcome to the family! :)

Cuties are talking abt Christmas...I dun really celebrate Christmas except for some gifts exchange wif friends n collics. Late year, I spent my Christmas in KL, but we hv already retired to our room when the clock struck 12. Then, our friends from another room decided to make our Christmas more happening by playing a prank on us. They came over to our room and sprayed foam on all of us. And we had to take shower and wash our hair all over again.

As for this Christmas, i'll be mugging. My exams will be on boxing day n 29 Dec :( But I'm looking on the brighter side. If the sku was to postpone the paper to after New Year, then i won't be able to celebrate New Year too. So, I'm fine with it :)

okie, tt's all for now. sorry for such a long tag ;p


duckling | 28/11/2006, 11:13

oh, to add... [Reply]

piglet, it's not where you spend your Christmas that matters, but it's who you are spending it with :)

good luck with your "blog-searching" :)

duckling | 28/11/2006, 11:16


Morning! Going to be afternoon soon. :P

Flamingo, welcome back! Talking abt christmas tree, I'm going to do up my in office too.

Hamster, I seldom use my hp, so can do without it most of the time. And also make myself unreachable by customers. :P
But sometime needs it to check my appt, else I'm be missing lot of meetings.

xiu, you found your way here when saving up the entries? Haha, yah, I guess not only here is active, some too I think. Personally I would prefer copy n paste or HTML. Long time never play with frontpage, but may last toy on web was using Fireworks. DOn't know where i dump that installation disc already. :P

Puffy Fish, dolphin is not a fish, she is a mammal! She never gives up trying to be 100% dolphin, well, sometimes, but can't help it to be sotong. So she is actually a mixed bleed. :P

dolphin | 28/11/2006, 11:26


duckling. ya, i agree. but would like to try to spend xmas outside singapore. tink it would be a nice experience. =DD

but xmas would jux make me tink of him. hahas. hais. nvm.. =P

take care all.. im gg for my lunch le. =)

piglet | 28/11/2006, 11:36


salmon, hmphs, i understand tt cheena tag okie!

ate cheese fries ytd and i just love tt yougurt i ate with tt smelly hamster! hahah! very nice! though the combi of it , i s quite weird, but we enjoyed the taste of it..

salmon fish, sashimi, wah, tt one in sakura is really..hais.make mi expect so much, yet the result is like this. sian.i think salmon is quite happy right, i am going to hate salmon for good!

another new day, dolphin got your handphone and brolly with you? all set?

parrot | 28/11/2006, 14:05


Hi cuties! :Þ haven't been tagging for the past few days...coz' have been busy at work, OTing...some more need to work full day this sunday! super sian~ that mean my wkend/family day is gone liao...can't really do anything or go anywhere on sunday, since my working hrs wld be from 11-7pm...lunch, abit early..dinner? erm, maybe still can make it lor...but it just kinda ruin the whole wkend liao :(

But at least now, I managed to clear the o/s for the past wk liao, so here I am, hehe :) hopefully, today no more OT, otherwise all my pets at home would go hungry ah? esp those 2 white ones at home :Þ
coz' no one will be home that early expect me?

k, k, enough of my complaints... :Þ

welcome back flamingo, how was your trip, fun?

wow, everyone talking abt xmas liao ma? usually I also don't celebrate with my family, coz' my family non-christian mah, though we can still take it as a festive season and do some celebrating, but hmm...think my family don't lah huh? so usually I wld be out with frens lor...last yr, we were at swissotel, playing some games, imaging playing Twister in the hotel room...hahaha
then when it's 12MN, we were stading at the balcony and shouting merry x'mas then can see other guests at the opp blk of the hotel also shouting back to us...so fun!

just saw some catalogue last nite...got many nice stuffs! now I know where to go for my x'mas shopping liao, yeah!

oh ya, saw creamy during lunch time just now...haha, her office & mine, so near! :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 28/11/2006, 14:43


opps, forgot to thanks xiu! ya, that blog that you created really look like that real one ya?!
think you are one of the mlbians who are good with all the IT stuffs ya? d(^o^)b

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 28/11/2006, 14:50


Parrot, no I didn't forget anything today... I think. packed them last night when I still can remember wat to bring, cos I really can't think during e morning rush. Every morning at home is crazy, fighting for bathrooms, mirror and transport too.

Heard a song " Can We Talk" just now, I screamed. Wow, that a very memorable song for me... haha, Bambi should know y. I was very crazy over a certain person that time. Wish I can turn back time, and I'm going to do the same thing again, this time more daring... maybe learn to become a blue eyes shadow gal. :P

dolphin | 28/11/2006, 14:56


afternoon cuties! havent tagged for a few days le..suddenly so mani new cuties popped out..haha..welcome hamster, puffy fish n sea gull.. :)

been busy clearing my room these days..cos my supervisor from iras called me to ask if i wan to work in dec..yay i wun go jobless! haha..so ya..hv to clear my room..otherwise when i start work probably next wk den no time to clear liao..my room always seem to be swept by tornado during exam period..lol!

cuties tinking of xmas liao ar..a bit fast lei..still got 1 mth! haha..anyway, my family dun celebrate xmas de..tink it's bcos we are not christians ba..so xmas is like a normal day to us..until 2 yrs ago..we started gg over to my cousin's house for gathering n hv a big feast..yea..moments of bonding! :) since then, we started celebrating xmas..looking forward to tis yr's xmas as well! havent seen my cousins for sooo long! hees..

welcome back flamingo..had a good trip ya..u went away for so long..do share with us ur trip k.. :)

pink piggie | 28/11/2006, 15:02


oh ya..dolphin dun evolve into a sotong k..if not u will become someone's meal le! haha..couldnt believe my eyes when u tagged gd nite..u are sleeping before 11pm? amazing! perhaps i shld change my sleeping habit as well..else my mum will keep nagging at me..bleah..

xiu, e blog u made looks like e one we hv now..gd job! :) guess copy n paste e comments is e only way to transfer e comments over? argh..havent finishing saving e blog..blog pls dun close anytime soon!

pink piggie | 28/11/2006, 15:09


dolphin, hahaha, ya a very memorable song huh? I was laughing when I was reading your tag... :D
radio still got play their song ah? hahaha...thot that shld be considered classic liao :Þ
tell u ah, if you really wanna be the blue-eye-shadowed girl...then I wld definately wld want stand next to u :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 28/11/2006, 15:14


Piggie, I didn'r really change my night habits lah, there are only 2 things which will make me go sleep before 11.
1) No sleep for the past 40hrs
2) Sick
U guess which one is it? Anyway, got a full 8 hrs sleep, so quite alright today.

Bambi, I'm listening to class 95, so its classic wat. their songs quite good today, heard some of my fav classic. How can u don't stand next to me, u must be one of the blue-eye-shadowed girls too. Then got chance to wear that super high boots and super short mini skirt. Haha...

Wondering where those gals are now, married to some ang mo or still in Singapore as a normal working class like us? Hmmm...

dolphin | 28/11/2006, 15:25


Yik...! no way man, that's so over liao...
erm, eh, thot I saw 1 of them quite some time ago, like 1 yr+ ago or so...somewhere in town or somewhere lah, no more blue-eye-shadow, but still with angmoh if I didn't remember wrongly :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 28/11/2006, 15:36


dolphin, i rmb u said ur head spinning last wk..ok liao? mus take care..i guess yours is a mixture of both? plus no slp for past 40 hrs for rushing ur assignment?

the blue-eye-shadowed girls sound so familiar..seem to hv seen them somewhere..haha..

pink piggie | 28/11/2006, 16:17

Counting.... [Reply]

Looking fwd to handover duties. End Nov 06, at least I tahan until one month n din die.

Christmas time is turkey eating time but I dun like the 'char tou' meat. Honey baked ham better. Last year was at HongKong and dancing on the street. This year 'jing jing' de guo!

Still got to shop for presents for mother in law n in laws - for the last time. Every year cracked mind as to what to buy. Having a 'Him' around is good but dun hv 'Him' is also find. Festive always make ppl feel lonely and misplaced. To Be and Not To Be..or To Have and Not To Have.. do we hv a choice. 2 sides to a coin - make it or dun make it. Much better to cut a cancer growth than keep it and die from it.

Hi Famingo, I am sorry I din manage to get 28 ABC caps. I dun have Uncles tt drink ABC and the market jiejies promotes Tiger Beer. Maybe call ABC and see whether they want to pity us and give us the 'men piao'.

Cannot plan any hols this period n Dec. So much to prepare for 2007 - work plan lah, stocktake lah, apprisal lah, makan lah...close the year gathering...endless. No time to pity myself for not having a man around!

Bunnie, welcome back. You must be swam with work. Now you must learn to balance btw work, marriage, AKians, friends etc. before arrival of BB. Jiayou!

OK.. enough rubbish and craps from stinking NPW!

NpWruss | 28/11/2006, 16:19


pink piggie. i miss u. hahas..
been long since i've saw ur tag s well..
wondering where's bunnie s well. hahas.
gg kbox tml. to practise.. hohoho.. hahas..
when r u coming?? hahas..
dun mind me. im mad. and is gg crazy anytime. hahas..
mudco last lap tml, nico nafa tml.. hopefully both goes well.. =DD

piglet | 28/11/2006, 18:26


flamingo, welcome back! all the 'missing' cuties, welcome back too! glad to hear that everything has been going on well

christmas is coming and i am so excited. (: my christmas tree is already up! HOHOHO where is santa?

xiu, really great job on the blog. thanks for helping to preserve the MLBians' hangout. (:

parrot, dont let sakura make you hate me la! but its good also. then you wont keep telling me you want to eat me.

dolphin, seems like overworking turned you into a sotong. must take care leh. maybe can try to write "DONT FORGET YOUR HANDPHONE" or stuffs like that on paper and stick on your door so you wont forget

pink piggie, my room is also in a after-tonardo state. it has been amost 2 weeks since the end of my papers. gotta get rid of them soon. yi qi jia you ba!

npwruss, take care ya. although lots of work, still gotta find time to rest and recharge your batteries. SMILE!

piglet, jiayou for your singing competition!

seems like a lot of cuties yearning for white christmas. i actually dont like the idea of spending a festive season away from home. feel that there is always the most warmth at home so i dont really fancy white christmases. unless i have the ability to drag everyone i know over, which is so impossible.

MUDCO, JIAYOU. LAST PAPER LE! hope you still have a bit of the kit lying somewhere in your room that will give you enough strength to pia all the way to the end. remember STUDY SMART and HARD! (:

hope nico does well for nafa so he gets to defer ns again. God bless nico!

just felt like saying this, a bit random but still want to say:
EVERYONE JIAYOU! with whatever you guys are doing!

salmon | 28/11/2006, 19:57


Wow! So many tags in a day!

Welcome back all the "long-time-no-see" cuties. *Waves*

Piggie....wow! u got a job offer liao, cease the opportunity to learn great things as well as to make new friends too. :)

Duckling...welcome back from your mugging! You jia lots of you le...muz relax n have some fun for a while before mugging again later.

Bambi...hahas...I was just thinking about you when I walked pass your office building...then in a second you appeared before my eyes...wah! yuen feng? Eh..u not guy leh!

Xiu!...Wow! thanks so much for the blog, almost identical to this one. You must have put in lots of time n efforts le...got heart!

Piglet...heard about the karaoke thingy...u jiayou in ur vocal...stretch to reach the high keys high high!

Birdie...hmmm missing today? must be busy with works le.

I'm beginning to pick up music theory le...hahas...very funny...doing homework and pass up to my friend to mark my homework...The feelings is like back to Primary 1. My theory book got cartoons one u know! hahas...

creamy doggy | 28/11/2006, 20:33

What's ur Christmas Colour? [Reply]

Saw many envy White Christmas!

Hmm...I think that is conventional ba...cos Christmas always associate with snow which is white.

But...what is the color of Christmas to you? Or what do you think is the best color to represent Christmas in your opinion?

I think this year...Christmas would be pink for me. Dun know whay I'm in a pink pink mood...Have been buying lots of pinky stuff lately... I mean the fuchsia pink...my fav color for now.

Fushia is also the name of a flower, is a type of desert rose; small in bud. The flower is named after German Renaissance botanist Leonhard Fuchs. Fushia is pronounced as “FYOO-sha” in English.

My creative rationale for my fave Christmas color--Fushia: I wanna be small, but yet I want to soar with my spirit and inspirition high! Jia You!

What's yours? :)

creamy doggy | 28/11/2006, 20:56


christmas is green and red. christmas tree ma. and mistletoe! and those christmas wreath is also green.

my christmas is yellow, since i think christmas is supposed to be filled with loads of warmth. like in winter country, even though its snowing outside and its freezing cold, it would be very warm inside the house cos of the fireplace and also cos of the company. then people will be very happy! yellow is a cheery and warmth color. so YELLOW!

salmon | 28/11/2006, 21:14


haha..piglet, miss u too..playing hard now hor..hee..jiayou with ur singing competition! u can do it de.. :)

cremay doggy, yup..tink i will be taking up the job..rather than slacking my hols away..actualli it's not a new job..been doing it for a few months before i enter uni de..but will definitely meet new people..cos they will hire new temp staff..n i will speak to mani new ppl on e phone everyday..challenging indeed..haha..

my xmas colour is orange! tho i wished it's pink..haha..orange bcos i feel tt it gives a warm feeling..veri apt bcos xmas is a time for gathering..lots of warmth..so yea..orange is my colour! :)

weiqi/mudco/goldfish, jiayou for ur last lap! after tml's paper dun need to be goldfish liao..i hope..hee..jiayou!!

hope nico does well for his nafa tml..den can get deferment for ns..n work on e album..dun need to rush..nico jiayou!!

pink piggie | 28/11/2006, 23:08


dolphin: hahas. nxt time dun be so sotong liao ar! XD dun turn into a sotong~ cause ii love to eat it! =X

parrot: wad smelly hamster. rahhs! i'm nt smelly hor. lols. uu say uu wan chocolate de. =X hahas. overall still nice la, the yogurt. XP

mudco/goldfish: jiayou for ur paper tml! aft tt enjoy urself! XD

oh yea. today ii went to watch movie wif my fren. watched Step Up! it's a veri nice show. those who love to watch dances, ii recommend to watch Step Up! there's ballet & hip hop dance featured in the show. so cool! hahas. as for mi, ii love dancing too. XD maybe ii can learn it nxt time.

hamster | 29/11/2006, 00:21

last tag [Reply]

pink piggie, the blue-eyes-shadowed gals are a grp of young gals who chased angmoh boybands many yrs ago. They r famous becos of their provocative dressing, trademark blue-eyes-shadow, only appeared in the night AND making daring requests! Haha, they were so famous that almost all e boybands who came to Singapore at that time knew them, and one of the bands gave them this nickname, it was published in one of the England teen mag. We saw them a few times at clarkquay, with angmohs too. So guess they were the Sarong Party Gals.

Salmon, notes won't work for me, tried before. Cos I will miss e notes too. Ha, so the only way of not forgetting things, I seldom change bag for my normal day use.

Chirstmas colour for me is blue, navy blue and silver. Chirstmas always make me think of cold weather & the snow flake, navy blue + silver is cool!

dolphin | 29/11/2006, 00:24

crab? or crap? [Reply]

was nv much of a christmassy person. though i do join in the spirit of giving presents AND RECEIVING PRESENTS... of cuz, giving present is MUCH MORE IMPT! =P

white christmas? believe me, we are better off with the sunny weather in spore! it is always betta hot than cold. when you are freezing and wondering whether your nose will be frozen and whether your hp will spoiled... sub zero and minus degrees are no joke! it is definately not tt fun. yes, snow is beautiful but once you seen in quite a few times, it becomes as common as rain... alrite alrite, it is just the thought of the cold that turns me off... i hate being cold! esp when you have to endure much of it... isn't it interesting to note tt ppl in cold countries tend to travel to places like singapore during wintertime?

christmas for me is colourful! rather than it being a religious celebration, i would say that it is a commercialized celebration... opps! did i say that? no lah no lah, it is a celebration that everyone, regardless of colour can join, tt why it is COLOURFUL! heh. i think i am quite crappy!

welcome back flamingo! oh yah, thanks for the link to the pictures of japan you sent me... and i realized sth... WHY ARE THERE SO LITTLE PICS OF YOU? and loads of food and scenery... hmph! very ingenious at making me envious... the more photos i see, the more i want to go japan... how was your trip tis time round den?

bunnie is back too? how ur new chapter of your life? haha~ i am sure it wld be very interesting... do fill us in with the details...

so by the time i tag... it should be mudco doomday le rite? oh! doomday is nt until getting-back-results-day... heh. nah, it is more like mudco is finally more free, like mst of us here... haha~ mudco, aft this, you betta take care and dun make us AKians worried about you! No more goldfish!

oh well, this is the end of pink penguin's tag which is made up of absolute nonsense...


PS. hm... read salmon suggestion about AKians celebrating christmas together... well, if so, can we play the Angel and Mortal game den?

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 01:44

arh... i think it is carp [Reply]

oh yah, totalli random add on... yup yup, dolphin, saw your tag for me... bt unfortunately... it is fully booked... well, having abit of headache nw... but hopefulli, all well will turn well!


thanks for being such a help aniway!

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 01:55


Morning all!
oh no, spam again?! :(

Creamy, really?! so qiao :)
fate huh? ya lor, too bad I'm not a guy, otherwise could be your prince charming hor? hehe :Þ

mudco/goldfish, last paper today
liao...good luck for your paper! p(^o^)q after that can go jamming with nico & samco and have fun!!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 10:35



never mind. cuties can live with a little bit of pollution. we have high immunity systems. i shall pretend that i never see the spam..

pink penguin, it was parrot who suggested. angel and mortal? a bit difficult. how are we going to pair everyone up?

salmon | 29/11/2006, 10:45

Hi AK [Reply]

Pop by to take a breather from the heavy morning meeting.

Have a nice day!

NpWruss | 29/11/2006, 11:57


what de, someonw shot mi in cs, haha! and i am suppose to tag under parrot and say sorry? they wouldnt know tt i am parrot..and seriously i dont know why are they so angry? umm.

christmas ah! haha! very hard to play angels and mortals?
umm, everyone prepare a present , wrap them up, then we will draw lots to see who get which present? then need to guess who is the one tt give it?

parrot | 29/11/2006, 12:46


parrot, think some other ppl just don't understand that you were joking, furthermore weiqi understood that too, by the way he responded ...think they take it too seriously liao...since they can't take the joke, then prob next time we just don't tag like that in CS ba...but I guess AK wld be fine, since we all know each other better?
just be more tactful in what we tag in CS in the future lor, ok? don't be upset, that is not like you, ya? you're a very cheerful gal to me :)

draw lots for the present mah? just reminds me something I saw the other day, whereby the boxes came in nums, then u pick the num to see what present you get, hmm...but prob that one is more to like for prizes for a game? but lucky draw also can lah...just a thot... :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 13:07


mayb they interpreted wrongly lor..weiqi did said tt it looked like a bread too, when hamster tagged tt parrot asked him to eat the bread when he is hungry.we didnt really say out what bread it is? how do they know tt it is that sculpture?

hais, wrong frequency..and tt face is not a puzzled face..-.-" wrong interpretations! ARGH!~

and seriously, i dont think i am all at fault.you can say this is stubborn, but duh?

haha, let's have an ak christmas party! hahaha! we are a family right! WHEE~ so fun! we can exchange presents ah! tt will be fun, mayb lucky draw also can=D

parrot | 29/11/2006, 13:15

hi cuties waves ~~~ [Reply]

just pop by to say sori bzy, will come in tonight.. bi

birdie | 29/11/2006, 13:16

yo~ [Reply]

ah well... parrot i left a tag for the person who shot you... i dunno, you can try toking to her...

huh... a random present? tt is realli hard? aiyo... AKians consists of ppl from all over the place... i guess it will be tough to get a random present...

yup, the logistics involved in Angel and mortal is realli quite hard... given tt we hardly have time to meet up...

yoyo, NpWruss... take a break, wow... the morning lasted the whole morning? tough luck.

hm... has mudco finish his exams by this time?

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 13:16


think he shld had finsihed his exams, my cousin told mi it will end at 1130..at first wanted to meet one, then..aiyah

mayb everyone just come with a present, and then pass it anrd, like the game," pass the parcel"? then when the music stops , then the present is yours? provided it is not your present la!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 13:27


Yup, I definately think it is wrong interpretation, coz' weiqi thot it was lame too, by that stmt...haha. guess many ppl commented it looked like bread, that why they wld think u r referring to the sculpture?
ok lah...cool down, ok? we understand that you meant it as a joke only, just that some ppl don't get it...:Þ
smile meimei :)

random present...haha...then you can never guess what kinda of present that would be in the pool liao..hehe, but ya, a bit hard to decide what to buy if not specific person to buy for, or wanna write a wish list?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 13:34


write a wish list? not a bad idea! hahah! not bad! but the wish dont be too overboard lor! (eg, a guit, a drums set) siao! hahah!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 13:39


for the wish list, prob can set a budget range lor...so must wish for things within the budget lah :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 13:45

nods head [Reply]

arh... wishlist sounds not bad. bt its gonna be hard to compile... hm, to think of it, i have no real idea what i want for christmas...


cuz i believe in getting things i want by myself.

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 13:45


aiyaa. dun be bothered by tt larr.
diff pp look at things at a diff way marhs.
wei qi know its a joke can lerr.
plus he gave diao face. =.="

wish list?
eh, how you know my wish list got guit and drum set.
hahas xD"
no larr..

sea gull | 29/11/2006, 13:48

opps! [Reply]

juz accidentally tag a tag meant for here to CS...

it consists of...

"weiqi ends his exams le... bet he celebrating around somewhere!"


in a rather hyper mood!

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 13:50

after wishlist [Reply]

hm... wat do we do after we compile the wishlist? can sum1 to randomly pick numbers representing the cuties? den get the gift for the person?

eheh... sea gull, so greedy huh... toy guit and toy drum set can anot?


pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 13:52


mayb something like what PP said? but it will be hard to distribute the wishlist?

haha! toy drum set!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 13:59


Seem quite ren niao today, everyone out to play?

PP, can try Marina Mandarine, Oriental or Conrad, they are very near to Pan Pac too. Else... just go slack at any cafe till morning also fun too. :P

Someone want to eat sotong ah? Must cook with samba chillies... shiok sia!

Chirstmas present? Wishlist? 1 person 1 list or 1 present? :P Me greedy lah, must have 1 long list. haha...

dolphin | 29/11/2006, 14:04


for that, I guess someone wld have to be the co-ordinator to collate the list from everyone and then also to maybe tag everyone with a num, then after that everyone pick a num, then she/he will be revealed who/what, she/he wld be getting....so only the co-ordinator & the one who is buying the present knows who is buying for who, but the receiver wld not know lah...
something like this lor...but we can also consider other suggestions...if you all got any suggestions just post it lor...then we discuss which is the better way to do it?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 14:12

wow! [Reply]

cuties here all very excited about Xmas liao huh? :)

wishlist and picking numbers...that reminds me of how we celebrated Xmas at my ex-company. We would gather the wishlist of 3 to 5 items from everyone (in the dept lah). Then each will pick a list and buy the present(s). And we do not know who is getting present for who until Xmas! Pretty fun and you will what you want :) There would be a a budget given lah, else, it wld be difficult to come up with a wishlist too :)

duckling | 29/11/2006, 14:12

back frm lunch.... [Reply]

Dun bother lah! Just take it
as good intention. I dun think
the person meant bad. The smiles
hv bn around for some time ler.

PP..exam over huh! Party dress
buy oradi? I saw some color
'museeee' for hair..U can try to
spray but take strands of hairs
to give it an effect. I tld PXH
the same thing. His mum freak
wen he said he wants to color
hair. Ha.a.a.a.a. so if the temp
one at least can wash away.

wq probably will drop here so
catch him if you can....wq come
n see us!!!!!!

NpWruss | 29/11/2006, 14:14


i think duckling's idea is not bad XD
somehow it will be like tt right?
*BLUR still*

parrot | 29/11/2006, 14:18

ha! [Reply]

suddenly so ren niao here...

Hi Bambi, taking a break from your work? pool gal, need to work on Sunday... no choice lah... your line of work is like tt one...tt's why i quit from it :p

yah, Bambi's suggestion should work. Looks like AK's gonna have a Xmas party? :)

duckling | 29/11/2006, 14:21


ohh! hahha! yeah! ak having a xmas party? hahaha COOL!
but where is the party held?
dont tell mi tongshui ah!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 14:34


duckling, ya...managed to clear the o/s from previous wk, so this wk more relax liao... :)
ya lor..so sian to work on sunday, but this morning received some better news that maybe only need to work 1/2 half day instead of full day, but that means another person need to take the other half of the day (-_-")
but coz' my office env is quite relaxing, not so tense, so don't really felt pressurized other than during the high volume period whereby lots of work to be done... I kinda like it here lor :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 14:37


can anyone be nice to explain to mi what is (@ @)'s latest tag? he is talkign to himself or scolding his another smiley?

parrot | 29/11/2006, 14:48


AK party ah, no TS. We can go pinic, long time no pinic. Botanic garden, zoo? Cos parrot too noisy lah, cannot bring her to resturant else kena complain by the other patrons. :P

duckling also quite free today ah? Cos test n assignment over already? I have started to pile up a lot of work, just no mood to do any of them. Haiz... really sianz when everyone around you partying and enjoying holiday while I have to bury myself behind those stacks n notes and trying to make out what they mean. sianz sianz sianz...

dolphin | 29/11/2006, 14:48


YEAH! PICNIC! haha! go zoo? we can visit our relatives there? hahah! there is parrots in zoo right?

parrot | 29/11/2006, 14:51


err... parrot ah, actually I also don't know what he/she talking abt. I'm quite lost liao. I'm putting up my title up again, the minister of taking care of nothing. Translate that into chinese.

Yup, we can go to the zoo so u can visit your relatives there. THink they are located at the entry there, need not to pay to see them. No like me, relatives very expensive to visit.

K, need to run some errands. 886...

dolphin | 29/11/2006, 15:01


Hmm...ya location wld be a bit hard to decide too...and we wld be a group of ard 10+ to 20 ppl?? tongshui might be a bit small to accomadate a big group like this...think prob a cafe with bigger capacity?
there's a cafe call Settler's Cafe, not sure if anyone heard of it...it's a cafe where ppl can go there and play games, coz' they got all (almost) the board games for you to play, and you can be noisy and it's ok, coz' everyone is there to play & have fun...but the location is not that good, Central (next to boat quay area) HollandV & Katong.

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 15:01


i thot parrots are in Jurong Bird Park?? Are there any parrots in the zoo? Acty, i dun mind going to the zoo le... long time nv been there le :)

but dolphin, dun forget i have two papers right after Xmas leh...when you think of my plight, you'll be happier. hahahah :p Today slack a bit, so come here to see see look look...very re niao tdy, sia? :)

parrot, i oso dunno what (@_@) is trying to say...

duckling | 29/11/2006, 15:04


celebrating xmas ina zoo? kinda cute huh? hahah! yah, parrots are at the entrance there=p is there duckling over there? i know there is some deers arnd=p

let's think! a place which can accomdate so many ppl!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 15:13


Settler's Cafe? it was being featured on TV a few times. Looks like an interesting place, but i've not been there :p

dolphin, it took me awhile to get what u r trying to say ;p hmmm...my chinese getting worse :(

duckling | 29/11/2006, 15:17

Killer Sweet [Reply]

For those who take
Ricola & Fisherman , please note that they both contain Aspartame - the silent killer.

This website shows the adverse effects of ASPARTAME:

Fisherman Sweets
FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO EAT FISHERMAN SWEETS BE CAREFUL: Sugar free products contain ASPARTAME .. So don't consume Sugar free product esp. 'fisherman sweets' ASPARTAME - THE SILENT KILLER (by Ron Harder)

To those who prefer to consume artificial flavouring:

There is an epidemic across North America today of Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus. Most people do not understand why this epidemic is happening, and they do not know why these diseases are so rampant. I would like to share with you the main reason we are having this very serious problem. Many people today use artificial sweeteners in their tea or coffee.

They do this because the ads they see on TV tell them that sugar is bad for their health. This is absolutely true. Sugar is toxic to us , but what most people use as a replacement for sugar is much more deadly. I am talking about ASPARTAME. It is the cause of the epidemic that was mentioned above. ASPARTAME is an extremely toxic chemical that is produced by a chemical company called Monsanto.

ASPARTAME is being marketed around the world as a sugar substitute and is found in all diet soft drinks, such as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. It is also found in artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet, Equal, and Spoonful; and it is used in many other products as a sugar replacement.

ASPARTAME is marketed as a diet product, but it is not a diet product at all. In fact, it will cause you to GAIN weight because it makes you crave carbohydrates. Causing you to gain weight is only a very small part of what ASPARTAME does. It is a toxic chemical that changes the brain's chemistry. It can and does cause severe seizures.

This chemical changes the dopamine level in the brain, and it is particularly deadly for anyone suffering from Parkinson's disease.

ASPARTAME is extremely poisonous, and here is why one of the toxic ingredients of it is wood alcohol. When the temperature of

ASPARTAME exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in it is converted to Formaldehyde, and then to formic acid, which in turn causes folic acidosis.

FORMALDEHYDE is grouped in the same class of poisons as Cyanide and Arsenic which are very deadly toxins. The only difference is, Formaldehyde kills quietly, and it takes a little longer And, in the process of killing people, it causes all kinds of neurological problems. There are 92 documented symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning leading to coma and death.

The majority of these symptoms are neurological, because the ASPARTAME attacks and destroys the nervous system. One of these symptoms is Lupus, which has become almost as rampant as Multiple Sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers.


Someone sent me this and tot is is good to share..

NpWruss | 29/11/2006, 15:20


chirstmas at tongshui??
later we all go, it will be fully booked by us lorr.
hahas. xD"

chees fries for christmas.
hahas. xD"

i dun wan toy drum set.
hahas. xD"
too old for toy drum set ler.

sea gull | 29/11/2006, 15:30


the way @_@ tagged, it seemed to me he is talking to himself coz' he tagged the previous one and this one himself?

on tv? that I not very sure, I only know they had been on newspaper before...

zoo? deer? yes, and a mini deer too! soo cute, I got took its photo too :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 15:31


is there sea gull in the zoo?
dun think so barhs..
wan find my relatives , mus go to ocean places to find.
hahas. xD"

unique way to celebrate christmas in the zoo.
hahas. ((:

sea gull | 29/11/2006, 15:40


(@_@) is like talkign to himself? haha! scold himself? so weird..sometimes, i really suspect, are they the same person? OPPS~

let's think of a place!
bird park?
botanic garden?
somone's condo or house? ( swimming pool that area?)
no idea liao!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 15:41


if go zoo, got more animals to see ba, but must buy tix, but if go botanic gardens less animals to see, but more plants and it's free? :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 15:46

just a random thought [Reply]

@_@ is trying to be sarcastic la... he pretending to tok to himself whereas insulting others at the same time... tsk tsk, very clever tactic. unless of cuz, that wasn't written by the original @_@

haha~ visit the zoo. that seems like a very interesting idea... hm... thought parrot and duckling should go bird park? heh.

dolphin, thanks for ur suggestions, i tink either way, we will have fun, maybe pub/club all nite la... best if got mahjong (hm, hw glam, playing mahjong in prom dresses) eh, you veri greedy lei, somemore one whole list to urself! probably we should get a few wishes la... den just choose one...

Npwruss, yep yep, i dyeing my hair... finally can dye my hair after so many years of repressed original hair colour. and unlike the poor thing LP, my mum wun freak out if i dye my hair cuz she have dyed hair herself... haha~ party dress not yet bought but have seen wat i wanted... i am KIV-ing it... (KIV = Keep in view) haha~ exams over quite some time le... onli thing i was havoc-ing... heh. oh! mudco exams also over le! (",)

PS. hm, mudco, are you peeking in? ah, if onli mudco can join in this gift exchange too... whoever getting the gift frm him is extremely LUCKY

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 15:51

bambi [Reply]

i see loads of deers around... cuz it is christmas time! but they are all not bamni, they are rudolphs!

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 15:53

correction [Reply]

bambi i mean...

p | 29/11/2006, 15:53


pink penguin, I also think he is kinda sarcastic in his words lor...but we also not sure who are this smiley family, suddenly pop out in CS recently one...

Hmm...pub/club? think there are many meimeis here who will be denied entry leh...oops!

seemed like many wanna go zoo huh? coz' we are AK??

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 15:59


no lah... the pub/club is replying to dolphin... cuz me and my frens tinking of wat to do tt nite... cannot go home earli mah... not glam... haha~

there is a smiley family now? die die arh.. too long nv go dere... lost touch le...

yep, zoo cuz we are AK... but quite exp and v far... and wat do we do there? go visit our relatives? really? haha~ we can give them christmas prezzie too, excuse me, i need to go catch some fish for my fellow penguins...

pink penguin | 29/11/2006, 16:04


Zoo defintely got ducklings n parrots, need not go birdpark. I can only go Sentosa to visit my relatives loh. But if I go there hor, think I might instead hold a strike there and demand them to free my relatives. They should be in the ocean, not in little ponds.

PP, or u can go macdonalds, now they open 24hr already. Prom dress very important, must see see look look then get the best. Still got little time left to shop around.

duckling, forgot u still got 2 papers to go. :P
but next yr I got 5 in a go. Fail no retest, gotta redo the whole subject for another yr. So die die must try to pass. :(

dolphin | 29/11/2006, 16:18


pink penguin, i think probably mudco, nico & samco are "jamming (their) heads off" now....(quoting nico) :p

going zoo is exp? hmmm... dunno how much is the admission fee now, but i know going night safari is exp...

if we can do it at a pool side of a condo or a house would be good, but would the residents complain? Coz` we'll be so noisy!!!! Esp, parrot! hahahaha...

duckling | 29/11/2006, 16:20

PP n alll...a.a.a. [Reply]

I dun think same person. Aiya forget it. Got somemore good things for you guys! READ....



If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM
machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse.

For example if your pin number is 1234 then you would put in 4321. The ATM recognizes that your pin number is backwards from the ATM card you
placed in the machine. The machine will still give you the money you requested, but unknown to the robber, the police will be immediately dispatched to help you.

This information was recently broadcasted on TV and it states that it is seldom used because people don't know it exists.

Please pass this along to everyone possible.

Festival coming and good to be careful and not sorry.

NpWruss | 29/11/2006, 16:31

Oh! [Reply]

Looks like the Return of the Panthers!

NpWruss | 29/11/2006, 16:31


PP, opps, paiseh :Þ

tix to zoo is at $15 w/o tram ride. with tram ride @ $20. Night safari + zoo is $30

condo? anyone here stay in condo?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 16:32


hahah! so we are really going to the zoo? why not bambi organise it? hahah! cause it is xmas , which means your distant relatives, rudolph are in town, you shld help too! lala~ i also dont know what i am crapping abt..

really going to zoo?
i can take pictures with my fellow cute parrots!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 16:36


yah lor, anyone stay in condo?
i rmb last yr xmas, arnd near 100 of my church frens went to a sister's condo...'s swimming pool tt area..
can BBQ, etc, not a big idea, space quite big also=D

parrot | 29/11/2006, 16:43


not a bad* idea! hahah!=D

parrot | 29/11/2006, 16:45

sorry!! let me use here as a place to rant and chat.. [Reply]

it sure is re nao here 2dae. hahas.
hi to all cuties.. =DD
jux came back to bath and am going out again. hahas.
gg to practise singing. well. yep. but i tink i hurt my voice jux nw when i sing. too tou ru le. =(

sorry to sao xin. but i got a qn to ask.
what are close frens?? wad is the definition of close frens??

had a fun time chit-chatting with my classmates. been long since we've ever sit down and talk. sharing things. mayb cux we're comfortable with one another thus why bahs. we can share anything we wana say. =DD

was saving the old tags. and read cindy's site tags. angels site tags.. all the past memories flow back. i miss cindy alot. sorry. i have no place to tag. so yep, am reali sorry if my tag disturbed anyone. i rmb hearing tt once a person had passed away for 100days, his/her pic wld b up right?? but then. i din even c her before, how can i recognise her?? the 100th days is approaching. but still no news. susan din came back. though cindy is not a member of AK. but the support tt all AKians had gave to ttww and me is appreciated. all of u tried to help in a way or another.

parrot, doggy for supporting me, counselling me.
birdie and dolphin for accompanying ttww to graveyards to find news of cindy.
duckling and doggy for being the messenger.
and the rest of the cuties who had left ur condolesence at cindy's site.
her site is now locked and free frm virus tags. virus tags cant attack it. and neither can we "talk" to her there anymore.
thanks mudco for locking it. deeply appreciated.

sorry for this long and rather emot tag. i nd to get this out of my heart.

piglet | 29/11/2006, 16:48

sorry to interrupt... [Reply]

thanx to piglet, duckling, dolphin, pink piggie, bambi, salmon (wq asked me if i know u, i answered i love to eat raw salmon and he answered "me too" haha [sorry joking with u]) and creamy dog - deeply appreciated. i started working on the blog since last week, pity that wq :D can't bear to let him do it all by himself. Am still trying to smarten it to look as good as this but different platform, a bit difficult to crack through. I was hoping to give all a more familar environment to roam around and partly becos i love to do such stuff. Always crashing my pc and not learning my lessons. :p

Anyway, all blog entries are in already, only left the nov comments and the 2 active ones in the older posts (this one and another by some flowers i don't know who ah) - so in case u haven't save any, there is still hope over there lah. Will be saving these comments everyday in case.

Have a good evening, every1. Have FUN!

xiu | 29/11/2006, 16:52

hey hey! [Reply]

duckling, why you say i noisy sia! hahah! not tt noisy okie! haahha! parrot talks alot alot, and will yak away on it own! hahah! but i dont think it will go to an extend tt the residents will be disturbed? got so noisy meh?

parrot | 29/11/2006, 16:58


parrot, I think we need to wait for all cuties to see what is the decision like as to where to go, etc...I suppose we will go with the majority? organise ma? hmm...I try to co-ordinate lah...but shall see what the other think first ya? my distant relatives? haha...you like to say this huh :D

thanks again to xiu for the blog! ya, think weiqi is rather busy with his studies/MLB, thus it's good when some of us can help them one way or another, that great! that's the MLBians spirit! (^o^)v

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/11/2006, 17:54


yeah, wait for everyone to come back and give their suggestions on it=D hahah! too high liao!

parrot | 29/11/2006, 18:10


wow xmas celebration! actualli i'm staying in condo..but e thing is residents here slp early..so all activities mus stop by 10pm..n e residents are complain kings/queens..everything oso wan to complain..complain veri smoky when ppl bbqing.. -_-" anyone else staying in condo? or we mite wan to go somewhr else to celebrate.. :)

piglet, take care..jiayou with ur singing competition!

pink piggie | 29/11/2006, 19:52


Hi Cuties... wow today so re nao... haha... Erm regarding the gathering, i'm ok wif it... haha...
Duckling all the best 4 ur test after x'mas... I'm having a quiz tml and my term test 2 weeks later... 5 papers in 4 days...

elephant | 29/11/2006, 22:54

elephant [Reply]

5 papers in 4 days?? wow! that's tough, sia? All the best to you too! :)

i'll study hard for the papers de. dun wanna take retest. else can't celebrate new year too :p

duckling | 29/11/2006, 23:04

double joy?? [Reply]

hmmm...dun tell me nico got another deferment? hmmm....

really hope so....

duckling | 29/11/2006, 23:09


Hi to all cuties...Wow! Todae AK and CS happening sia! But different vibes yeah?!

creamy doggy | 29/11/2006, 23:18


duckling n elephant, jiayou with ur papers! u guys can do it de! i help u add milo.. :P

wa i sure hope the double joy is referring to mudco's end of exams n nico's deferment for ns..gd guess lei..y din i tink of tt..haha..if nico realli get another deferment den they will hv sufficient time to work on their album le ba..hee..i tink duckling guessed correctly..whr is mudco..come n reveal the answer lei..haha..

pink piggie | 29/11/2006, 23:20


Hmmm...sounds like an AK Christmas Party is brewing. The zoo seems like an ideal place, but what about a nature park?

Instead of gift exchange, can we think of something unconventional and yet sweet...say make a card for that person? Just a suggestion though. :)

creamy doggy | 29/11/2006, 23:43

Silent Killer - NpWruss [Reply]

hi! tks for yr article regarding the Silent Killer..is v informative.. i am one of those who loves to suck Fisherman Sweets.. for many yrs..i always keep one pkt in my handbag..i think need to cut down or switch to other types:- but hi fm the link so many food also contains 'Aspartame sugar' so how? haha no need to take so many thing liow..

Aspartame sugar substitutes cause worrying symptoms from memory loss to brain tumours.

- instant breakfasts
- breath mints
- cereals
- sugar-free chewing gum
- cocoa mixes
- coffee beverages
- frozen desserts
- gelatin desserts
- juice beverages
- laxatives
- multivitamins
- milk drinks
- pharmaceuticals and supplements
- shake mixes
- soft drinks
- tabletop sweeteners
- tea beverages
- instant teas and coffees
- topping mixes
- wine coolers
- yogurt

I have been told that aspartame has been found in products where it is not listed on the label. One must be particular careful of pharmaceuticals and supplements.

I have been informed that even some supplements made by well-known supplement manufacturers such as Twinlabs contain aspartame.

birdie | 29/11/2006, 23:50


hi duckling, elephant.. jiayou..in yr exams.. all the best..

creamy.. tks for missing me.. was bzy.. hope all is well with u..

birdie | 30/11/2006, 00:11

BIrdie... [Reply]

Thanks!...I'm well though a bit stress up at work for a new project taking off in Jan 2007. Lots of preparations to make now for Yr 2007.

Oops...can't believe it. In a swift..those "things" appeared on top of my tag again...haiz

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 00:21


Oops, hey, AK got sell chirstmas gift also leh. see all those on top of my tags.

Anyway, how abt going natural reserve? You know e HSBC tree top walk? Very easy to walk de, my mom already walked the whole stretch twice, I went once. No bad, very fun, something special. Not much of animals but got monkeys, birds and some lizards. The whole walk takes about 3hrs if I'm not wrong.

Holidays! Looking forward to it.
Elephant, add oil add oil!

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 00:26

hi [Reply]

2 owls + myself = 3 night owls around

they all keep tokking abt xmas, so salesmen above trying to sell us xmas things.. haha

birdie | 30/11/2006, 00:28


gd nite n rainbow dreams to every1 including ppl peeking

birdie | 30/11/2006, 00:33


hahas...yeah dun make Christmas commercialise. We make things instead...simple cards for somethings.

Hmmm..dolphin...yeah the tree top is a good idea...healthy and fun too.

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 00:34

Birdie... [Reply]

Goodnite and rainbow flower dreamz!

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 00:36


yah loh, they sell chirstmas basket, basketballs, hockeys, sony digital cameras....
Maybe I can also put up some post here to sell something...

Hey ppl, come out here, BIG SALES:

selling off some hippos which can sing, play instruments and dancing (no gurantee). Althought 2 of them get lost very easily, no sense of direction, but they are all cute, handsome and sweet. Hurry up, while stock last!

dolphin starting to lame again | 30/11/2006, 00:37


hahas...dolphin not only for sales, I think the hippo can be put up for auction liao...

wow! u sure to gain a fortune manz! hippos r hot stuff manz!

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 00:39


Yup, hmm... since they so valuable, I cannot put them on ebay or yahoo auction, I putting them up with Chirstie's. Can have a world tour of displaying them, showing to protential customers. Then the auction will be held in London. Like this can fetch a higher value, idea not bad hor?

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 00:45


wow! u muz ask the hippos whether they r game for this or not? They may oso want a share of fortune u earn sia! Oops! r we heading for troubles? :P

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 00:47


hais. spams again. =.=" nvm. lols. ignore. lalalas~ whoa. looks like tis afternoon there's a 'war' goin on in CS? parrot meant it as a joke. tink the smileys gt the wrong idea? kkaes. change topic. XD everyone is planning hw to celebrate xmas le? XD hahas. go zoo? ii haven been there for years! hahas. maybe can book BBQ pit at east coast? BBQ party? jus some of my suggestion. =)

hamster | 30/11/2006, 00:47

hamster... [Reply]

yeah..poor parrot...hope she didn't get her feathers all bitten off...I hope she can still fly...and even soar higher now... :)

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 00:51


hahas. wah. from xmas gathering to hippos on sale??
okay. =DD
hopefully nico got his deferment. BUT then.. defer til when??
if jan, not good at all.. cux we nd him.. *dolphin shd knw why.* hahas..
if feb, then wad abt chinese new year?? is he gg to spend it with his family or in NS??
cant be deferred til march right? hahas..
scarlie mudco's double joy is only referring to himself?? like mayb, cux it's the start of his hols and he got gd results for his portfolio ppt or sth?? *jux like wad pinky said*
well, can only wait for mudco to come back and tell us lo. hahas..

gg bed le. *yawns* spent 3hrs practising jux nw. hahas. sang at kbox. finally re-decide the song tt both of us can sing pretty well. hahas.. fri is the day sia.. FAST!! okay. but i wld nd to save my voice 1st.. tink exert too much when i sing earlier. cux wasn't using the dan tian. =X yep..
now throat hurts.. parrot told me lemon honey might help, but best wld b water.. shall heed her advice. =D

nights to all hippos and cuties.. =D sleep tight. weather is cold tonight, rmb to cover urself with blanket. =P

piglet | 30/11/2006, 00:55


don't worry cream, parrot very strong de, can grow new feathers if they totally dropped off.

Hmm, the hippos can get a little share for it loh. but think hor, to fetch a higher price, I may have to arrange some special performances during the exhibition tour, then the customer would know whether they worth to buy or not.
then V($_$)V

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 00:56


hahas. yea lor. tink she's fine. XD so late le. nt slping yet?

hamster | 30/11/2006, 00:59


i duno if u cuties have noticed it.
but it seems tt the blog time had been changed. hahas.. in the past, it was slightly faster than my laptop time. but now it's the same le.. =)
sorry. i tink im rather slow. hahas.. scarlie it had been changed for a veri long time, it's jux tt i only noticed it now. =X

piglet | 30/11/2006, 01:01


Dolphin...aiyo..u got the spammar virus liao har...very enterprising thinking leh..hahas..

Yeah...the hippos' talents cannot go unotice...muz let them show a bit to wow the audiences...

Piglet...what genre u two r picking for the audition day?

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 01:01


lols. gt change ar? ii nv notice it. =X still looks the same? =XXXX

hamster | 30/11/2006, 01:08


I cannot tahan being owl le. Muz go slp le. U cuties happi chatting..but dun stay up too late wor...cos now no more Goldfish in AK liao...even the original is turning back into a hippo, well I hope so :)

sweet dreamz and rainbows flower dreamz sia...tomorrow continue to jiayou and smile!

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 01:11


To all cuties, peeking people, hippos and fatrhino...

nite n sweet and rainbow flower dreamz...dun fall off bed...cover blanket...set alarm clock...wow! sound so naggy...slp tight sia!

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 01:15


doggy. wait.. nnd to go find out the meaning of genre.
we're singing sally lam's song-zhi shao hai you ni.. not sure if many had heard of this song not. but those who are older might heard it bahs. cux it's rather quite an old song but not very old oso la. hahas..

yep.. sorry.. chat with you cuties tml ya?? hahas.. reali nd to go slp le.. have got to wake up early at 5am ltr.. *sians* it's another sch day for me.. =)

mudco, pink piggie, parrot, seagull, hamster, monkey, salmon, pink penguin, lion puppy and puff fish, enjoy ur hols =D
doggy, fatrhino, duckling, birdie, wruss, dolphin, bambi, garfield and flamingo, hope u have a nice day at work ltr on.. =D
elephant, let's continue to jiayou in sch.. term break approaching soon le.. gambatte..
duckling, good luck for ur tests.
bunnie, still waiting for u here.. =D hope all well with u.
*hope i din left out anyone* apologies if i did.
take care everyone..

piglet | 30/11/2006, 01:16

Marketing Stretegy [Reply]

hee.. all the time I got this enterprising thinking de, its in my blood. Marketing strategy, must know your own product's value and know how to improve their value. To promte something, you got to show ppl what you can do. And how to show ppl? advertise more and show them off more. When ppl see the ad everyday, sure one day they will remember whats the product is and stay in their mind.

Same in th entertainment industries, why those artists grab all chances to perform even for free? To make ppl remember you. If ppl remember you, means the producers, the advertising companies and customers also know who you are. So more gigs, stints, ad will come in and you can ask for a higher price when you are in higher demand. Thats actually how some artist management companies marketing strategy in Taiwan do. Do you know their normal appearance on TV show is only NT1350? ABt S$65 only. But ppl still fight for the chance to be on TV, so the more exposure they got, the more famous they will be. For example 5566, their manager is very good and they started with small shows which they appear very frequently. And in the end, every single day you get to see them on TV and they earn a lot. So its either u get sick of them or you get used to them. However, everyone by this time already know who you r, and u got famous.

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 01:20


hahas. hamster, got change la.. rmb tt time the blog time was like faster compared to the time we have at our home??
now it's the same le..
try tagging now, and see what time is ur clock showing and wad time the blog shows. hahas.. *i tink im lame*. nvm. hahas..
okays. reali am gg bed. if nt cant wake up on time ltr. nights..

piglet | 30/11/2006, 01:20


looks like i'm the onli 1 left. lols. =X alweis be an owl. hahas. XD

hamster | 30/11/2006, 01:53


oh yea. forgot to congrat mudco for finishing his exams. congratz mudco! can enjoy urself liao. XD swim around! hahas. goin off to bed! nites to all cuties & hippos & those peeking. XD

hamster | 30/11/2006, 02:28


Good morning to all cuties, hippos, rhino and ppl peeking....

now swingers also wanna join AK???

mudco, when r u going to tell us what is the other joy in your double joy?

duckling | 30/11/2006, 08:44


hello cuties!

wow, havent been here for one day and there are so many tags. havent got to read all properly cos im rushing to go out already. im still so sleepy! slept for 5 hours only. going mad le! holidays also so busy!

piglet, must take care of your voice leh. dont lose it before the competitions. it would be such a pity if you did.

xiu, weiqi ask you about me? eh, a bit qi guai.

parrot, see la. you make weiqi want to eat salmon also! zzz

regarding the xmas party, i also think we should give handmade stuffs. like a simple card or something. more warmth!

okay, got to run. tag more tonight. enjoy your day cuties!

salmon | 30/11/2006, 10:20


eh, double joy? i still a bit blur. okay really got to run! (:

salmon | 30/11/2006, 10:34


salmon, double joy - we were referring the mudco's tag in CS yesterday :)

birdie, piglet & pink piggie, thanks. I'll jiayou de :) Maybe i'll jia a bit of Milo too. Not too much, else too heaty liao... :p

piglet, jiayou for your competition too! Dun train so hard till u hurt your vocal cords, sia?

duckling - a bit lame today | 30/11/2006, 10:56


THink we all immune to the spams already. Can even treat it as a joke.

Chirstmas cards? Hmm... I did like 20 cards before, for my classmates. All handmade with my signature design. Not sure still know how to do or not. But that time really took me a lot of time to finish.

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 11:18


so now the gift thingy has changed to handmade stuffs instead of buying things off the shelf ma? hmm...think I got some ideas what can be done liao...hehe...but hmm...require quite some time to do lor...k, k, we shall discuss further and see how ba?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 30/11/2006, 11:48


i think handmade items is a great idea! more "got heart"... hahahaha... but hor, i dun think i can do it leh... need to study for my papers... haiz... (sorry to sao xing... but dun be affected by me, sia? :p)


duckling | 30/11/2006, 11:59


Mudco, Where are you!? we are all here shouting for you leh...you very naughty leh, wanna give us some good news, but at the same time keeping us all in suspense...
quick come here and tell us what is your dbl joy lah...
I think most us are betting on
1) your exams over liao
2) nico's ns being deferred again

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 30/11/2006, 12:00


Good afternoon, seem quiet today again.
All are waiting for weiqi to reveal the answers. Think he must be sleeping, trying to recover those nights which he studying hard or doing assignments. Or packing up his room to go home? Finally holiday, need not to stay in the hall anymore, must take this chance to go out and play. Jamming their heads off... haha, suddenly remember the headshaking skill we learnt from that place. really funny manz.

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 14:27

hmmm.... [Reply]

waited the whole day, still no answer....

mudco, mudco, where are you??? Come and tell us the answer leh...

nico, nico, where are you??? Com still sick huh?

samco, samco, where are you??? Your com is sick too? Long-time never see u online le...

duckling | 30/11/2006, 17:27


duckling, u been calling for them whole day already. Haha, maybe u should put up an ad, missing hippos, if found will give rewards.

dolphin | 30/11/2006, 17:38

Birdie.... [Reply]

Ya lor, eat anything oso die. The word oradi 'artifical' so meaning 'bluff' one. How to get 'bluff' thing? must go find some chemical n hv to be this ASPARTAME. I gave up 'diet' coke and diet this and that...Zi ci ci ren. I got a coffee lady who just passed away. She was very clean and careful with wat she ate and yet? Of course mus take precaution.

Duckie.. the way you call sound like love sick! Samco went holidays ler! No lah..he won go until ORD. The only one tt can answer you is fatrhino. He oso MIA.

I am sure WeiQi's double joy has nothing to do with Nic. Shuang Xi.. meaning WeiQi getting married! ha,a,a,a - u all dun stone me huh! Joke de!

My guess is
1) exam over
2) he passes his exam lor
3) finish collecting all the songs for the album
4) finish recording in time to release for Christmas
5) Got cheap air-ticket for holidays
6) Addidas signs them on for another year
7) Invited to perform in a concert - with Rain
8) Get to see Jerry Yen
9) Finish recording the song for their mediacorp show..wat's the name?
10) Weiqi - strike lottery

ha.a.a.a. must post this in CS for Quizzy!


NpWruss | 30/11/2006, 18:01


maybe the double joy-s are:
1. he finished his monday papers
2. he finished his wednesday papers

aiya, this goldfish so lame one. anything is possible.

im anticipating the kinda answers we will be getting from him. (:

salmon | 30/11/2006, 19:55


salmon, thanks. i will take care of my voice de. hahas.. tml is the day.. woots~~

thanks piggie.. will jiayou all the way de. hahas. i still cant find the album lo.. =(

double joy. still guessing. but well, wait for mudco to tell us bahs.. hahas.. all 3 shd b enjoying themselves bahs thus they havent been coming online.. =)

im acty worried for nico. he reali nd to survive in camp wors.. his dosage of music, his sleeping hours.. can u imagine him using rifle as guitar?? oopx =X *tink too much*

piglet | 30/11/2006, 21:43


piglet, and his cigarettes too. im worried as well.

hey today is not friday night. why so quiet?

salmon | 30/11/2006, 21:46


aiyoh, i where got sound like love sick or calling them whole day? I only hide one corner and wait to jump on them when they appear nia...hahaha...

guess the 3 hippos must be jamming their heads off lah... or they hv started with the recording of their EP? really dunno leh...

piggie, good that ur ex-boss come knocking at your door again. So you must b a very realiable & hardworking piggie, ya? All the best!

piglet, good luck for the audition tmr!

nitez to all cuties, hippos, rhino & ppl peeking....rainbow dreamz...

duckling | 30/11/2006, 22:04


salmon. ya hor. cigarette. hais.. forgotten. mayb we can get for him nicotine gums?? tink he can take it in camp right??
at least can help him abit bahs.

piglet | 30/11/2006, 22:14


thanks duckling.. =D i will give my very best de. hahas. im almost overcoming my fear of performing le. hahas. =X
nights, and take care..

piglet (on behalf of parrot) | 30/11/2006, 22:18


Hi to all cuties!

Today seemed abit quiet in AK. Hmmm..mudco still have not reveal the double joy har? Why keep us in suspence leh? Joy must share mah =)

Anyway I received a bad news this evening. Hmmm...never mind...I'll get over it soon. Jia you!

Hurray! Tomorrow is Friday! I need a short break...I wanna get out this weekend...Have fun, relax, makan...

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 22:37


sorry. hahas.. din realise how come he on behalf of parrot turned out instead. hahas.. it's supposed to be me piglet lai de. hahas. =X

piglet | 30/11/2006, 22:44


doggy.. jiayou!! believe tt u will get over it soon de..
i've told myself not to be too sensitive liaos. hahas. gg to heck care quite alot of things. including those negative feelings and my sixth sense. and i believe i can do it. =D
let's jiayou tgt bahs..
miss all the cuties lots. been long since we gather tgt and have fun le.. =(

piglet | 30/11/2006, 22:49


Piglet...I learned to heck care quite alot of unnecessary worries and obligations le..Orhh! It was that something which I hope for so long and finally I received a negative answer this evening. Well, actually is a good thing that I finally can get it over and move on le.

No worries. Wo hui jia you de! Always look on the bright side. AK spirit is muz challenge adversity de! hahas...

creamy doggy | 30/11/2006, 22:52


yes its good that you guys remain cheerful no matter what happens.

piglet, yep, thats why we were saying the other time we need to get him those gums cos he cannot smoke in camp. if he does, the penalty is huge. then we all will be sad.

salmon | 30/11/2006, 23:00


doggy. hahas.. im still learnin to heck care.. yep..
oh. wadeva the something is, try to get over it soon and fast bahs.. =)

yea.. AK spirit-Never give up and to challenge adversity. =P *tink both are abt the same meaning right?*

and ps, got error above. hahas. the song im singing tml is by LIN YI LIAN, SANDY. not chen yi lian, sally. sorry. =X

piglet | 30/11/2006, 23:04


creammy doggy, jia you jia you.
hey you never know, like the chinese saying:塞翁失馬 焉知非福

haha piglet and salmon, you gals think too much already lah, don't worry too much. Nico will be alright de, he is trying to quit also? Don't worry, believe in him ok?

Piglet, jia you for tmr audition too. Drink liang teh before go on stage ok, n rest well be it too. So u can be in best form!

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 01:34


piglet, jiayou for ur competition tml! =)

mudco, wad's the double joy?!

hamster | 01/12/2006, 02:13


*angyr* last night I tagged half-way here and when I wanted to post my last tag...the blog got prob and my last tag was missing...why like that har? And then I couldn't come to the blog already.

I thought a hippo was starting a new blog...but no news of double joy leh...hmmm why so many "unknown" visitors in AK now???!!!

Hope today I'll receive the good news from cuties thru sms ba...today will be a busy day...and will be out of the office most of the time.

Happy day and a good weekend ahead!

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 08:12

Breakfast.. [Reply]

"What do snowman eats for breakfast?"
..ans: Snowflakes

..hahas lame? ok..going to grab my breakfast le..bie!

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 08:23

TGIF! [Reply]

two owls in AK last nite? I tried to visit around 12+, but cldn't come in...haiz...thot my com was sick...esp when my monitor was flicking at first. really got worried then.

creamy doggy, jiayou. finally got an answer. so now you can move on, it's better than dunno what to do right?? Take it easy, ya? :)

someone trying to help us hit the most nbr of tags in the blog? We dun hv this mission in AK4 leh..so, thanks, but no thanks...hahaha...

*having a bad feather-on-my-head day* :(

duckling | 01/12/2006, 09:38

ermm.s. [Reply]

Dunoe wat u guyz toking abt.
Anyway jiayou!

Mad Friday.. cao liao!

NpWruss | 01/12/2006, 10:11


bad feather? duckling, take care wor... think e 2 of us seem to have e same prob. U have bad feathers and I have big bumps on head. Haha, always have panadol with me, but eat only if I cannot stand the pain anymore.

TGIF! Was thinking that since e hippos r still choosing the songs, y don't we write down the songs we want them to sing? Hee, they can use it as reference too. 5 songs from each pax, how abt that?

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 10:56


AK very re nao today hor?... hahahaha

do you all know tt mdc's Xmas album is out? Other than MLB, there's also, Lucify & Soul... If i'm not wrong, MLB sang Santa Claus in commin to town.

dolphin, we not only hv the same prob, we also think alike! :) I'll always avoid painkillers too, unless I really cannot take the pain.

And I was thinking of doing a poll for the EP in MLB's yahoo group, but nv got the time go find out more on how to do it.

5 songs each arh? Are you referring to the songs they sang in SB and gigs or others? Can have bonus tracks or not huh? hahahaha...

duckling | 01/12/2006, 12:16


hello, had not been tagging for quite sometimes=) com kana snatched by my bro , and i am so kind to let him use it..

piglet, today is friday liao right? hahaha! JIAYOU! update us the results!((: and why got one tag you tagged onbehalf of parrot? HEH? *BLUR*

salmon, the truth is he likes salmon, not my fault. i cant force him to eat, goldfish eats anohter kind of fish! hahah!*WEIRD* tsk tsk..saw you on display ytd at greatworld in some sushi shop, you look so DELICIOUS!

dolphin and duckling, how are you guys? too stressed up? cause of work and studies? HEH? why got headache sia? how can dolphin and duckling get headache one?

elephant, five papers in four days? start liao mah? i hope you are fine! hahah! if any emergency or what, you can call mi, we stay quite near! hahah! i can FLY over!

alright, after saying so much,next is tt smiley face thingy. i am alright, just a bit affected tt day.umm, i think because i am too stubborn or smth, when i dont meant smth like tt way and then you start to accuse mi in sch a way, i wont feel good lo, and thanks for those ppl tt tried to explain things for me..keke! got war in CS just because of a BREAD! lalala!tsk tsk! so funny! my feathers ah, not bitten off or wadever! AND MY FEATHERS ARE NOT SHORT! * stares*

well, tt is all. parrot found a job, selling polar pastries in SGH, i welcome those who want to visit mi! hahaha!~

christmas party, well well, so now is swimming pool? nature park? or zoo? HERMOSE?* still BLUR!*

good day , everyone! it is friday!

parrot | 01/12/2006, 12:36


SGH selling pastries?
Parrot, did they ask for your IC to verify your age when you go interview? The place quite a lot of ppl wor, police also cos opp police headquater mah, you have to keep your IC with you ah, cos they may ask you to show them very often. They will wonder why polar employs primary student to work there. :P

duckling n I overstress with work n studies lah, thats y she has feather growing in her head and I keep knocking into the wall. hee hee...

duckling, 5 songs must from be SB ones lah. Must be something they haven't sing before. Bonus tracks? Can can, as many as u wish! :)

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 13:47


parrot, congrats on ur new job! SGH ah? not too far from my workplace lah...but we go there, u treat us polar cakes/puffs ah? :Þ just joking lah...so when u starting work?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 14:01


IC? umm, hahahha! what primary school student? i am not tt short hor! lalala~ they didnt ask for my IC to verify my age leh!

but hor, seriously i very scare tt ppl bleeding all over, come to my shop and ask mi to sell pastries to them..SCARY LEH! blood all over, i will faint on the spot..CONFIRM! parrot scare of blood sia!

haha, mayb we all take turns to be stressed by studies/work..dont you think so? at first was, the o lvl and a lvl animals, then weiqi and ele, then now is your guys, haha! take turns sia! pass the stress all arnd!=D ahahaha!

ogt bring brolly and handphone hor?

parrot | 01/12/2006, 14:03


handphone? brolly? wats that?

hahaha, yah lah, I got them with me today. Cos u almost everyday ask me whether got bring or not mah. Aiyo, e polo puff manager very dangerous wor, doesn't know he employ an underage to work. Wat the number of MOM huh?

Parrot afriad of blood meh? Sure or not? But there get to see ppl all over with blood buying puff ah? If really have must ask me to go see leh. Must be very exciting, like CSI. Haha

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 14:17


starting work on monday! i havent go and get my jab sia! hahah! scare of jab also! muahahhaha! yah lor hor, i am only 15 stil leh, the person didnt say anything much also, dont know la.

yeah, parrot scares of blood, see blood will jiao ruan. mayb someone really loves puffs? die die must eat ne before they die? wah, you are a bit saddist yeah? wan to see ppl with blood all over..exciting meh?

parrot | 01/12/2006, 14:22


parrot, those ppl who are bleeding wont be able to walk to the pastries shop lah...i'm only worried about the germs in the air...better start to strengthen your immune system, ya? So when r u starting work?

dolphin, songs that they've not sang before ah? then i don't have a list le...but for the bonus track, can I have You make me wanna fall in love? :)

acty i seldom hv headache, but dunno why I've been having headache recently leh...maybe due to lack of sleep and/or heatiness ba...

duckling | 01/12/2006, 14:24


duckling, must be due to the weather like me. I cannot tanhan a sudden change in temp, esp from over 30 to below 25. My office aircon free wan, super strong. But once I step out of the office, si... so now always keep my jacket one, cannot be hero anymore.

Hmm... I would like them to sing songs like Smooth by Santana, Dancing Queen by Bananarama... ha ha ha

I'm not saddist lah, but it would be exciting to see that. :P
U can don't jab at the arm, can jab at other place.*wink*

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 14:33


Jab? for immune one mah? izzit a requirement by the company to go for a jab b4 u can work there? coz' it's in SGH?
BTW, u gotta stand behind the counter rite? can we see you behind the counter? :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 14:36


yeah, need to jab! JAB LEH! hais, i dont dare to go work at polar at first, cause of tt stupid jab la! but if i dont work there, means my drums lessons will be a goner! hais, so for music's sake, i took the job lor..

haha, i think can see bah, not tt very very short la! hahah! shld be able to see what is behind the counter! hahah!

i only wan to jab at arm! HAHAHA! naughty dolphin ah!

parrot | 01/12/2006, 14:41


Bambi, maybe we can get parrot a stool for her christmas. A portable one, can use for her new jobs and when visiting TS. :P And oh, parrot, your drum set buy already? From toy-r-us? Now got christmas discount mah?


K, dun laugh at u already. Else ppl start to say I qi fu ni, the a storm will come again. U need to take a jab cos it is a food joint and somemore working in a hospital. 14yrs old is the min age to work in a fastfood joint. Not sure if polar is considered as one thou... I started to work at 14, so u ok de lah!

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 14:48


wah! stool sia? why stool? stool to sit outside tongshui? i feel abit LOST here! hahah! parrot mi lu liao! drum set? mi? no la, not buying drum set..i want to enrol in a drum lesson! hahah! not to buy a drum set! hahah!

OH! you QI FU WO!

parrot | 01/12/2006, 14:51


parrot - drum lessons? it thot u are taking guit lessons?

dolphin, weather ah? maybe lor. i'll get headache when the temperature is low. but i still like cold weather :)

i thot Dacing Queen is by Abba?

duckling | 01/12/2006, 15:00


err... yah, Dancing Queen is by ABBA. Then what is the song from Bananarama? Si... suddenly forgot e song name. bad memory...:(

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 15:11


"I Heard A Rumor" or "Love In the First Degree"?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 16:06


Venus? the "hey hey, good bye" song? hahahaha...

i dunno dolphin & bambi listened to bananarama too :) my favourite is depeche mode :) and i also like pet shop boys. dun think the meimeis know them :p

duckling | 01/12/2006, 16:33


ya, we did when we were young...then there was this period of time when retro was in...then these songs became popular again...

depeche mode & pet shop boys are not really that active now...though not too long ago...I saw a video of pet shop boys on mtv...though not confirm if that shld be a new single from them...but it's a video that I have not seen b4, so I assume it should be new?

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 16:44


Yes!!! Love in the first degree!
Yup, we love the oldies, thats y I listen to class 95. But I love the new songs too, just don't have the strength to remember them. Heard anything good will just ask bambi the details.

U think e hippos can sing the little tigers or grasshopper songs too? Think it would be quite fun to hear them singing "shi lian zheng xian lian meng" of the grasshoppers. hee hee...

dolphin | 01/12/2006, 16:59


Haha..that song is very classic leh, by the grasshoppers... when I watch "Guess" by Jacky Wu, he always sing & dance silly steps on the show to that song...(-_-")

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 17:10

dolphin & bambi [Reply]

yah, pet shop boys have some new songs not too long ago. But i din get to listen to them :p

I also like oldies. do you listen to Gold 90.5? they play oldies too :)

how abt little tigers' "yi lu shun feng" since nico's going NS? :) Can't imagine them singing "qing ping guo le yuan", right? With all the dance steps. OMG! hahaha...

duckling...siao liao... | 01/12/2006, 17:19


for the songs that I wld like them to perform...actually there are more than 5 songs...let's see ...
- Time of Your Life (Green Day)
- Superman (Five For Fighting)
- Under The Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
- 零 by 柯有伦
- 破晓 by 南拳妈妈
- Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of (U2)
- 恒星的恒心 / 彩虹 by 五月天
- 爱我别走 by 张震岳

ok, think I better stop, otherwise, I will kena from you all liao...very greedy rite? :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 17:35


eh...I don't listen to 90.5, I'm more to 987 & 933, though have not been tuning in recently to 987...

一路顺风 or 放心去飞, but both a bit sad....

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 17:41


so bambi is the "walking directory" to songs? :)

recently, i find 933 no longer 歌多话少 le...sometimes a bit noisy too :( That's why I've lost touch with the new songs now... :(

duckling | 01/12/2006, 17:52


*i dont see any spams. i dont! i dont!* the high immunity system fish is here!

parrot, finally found job! woohoo! no wonder never see you online recently. so we can go k box very soon right? i thought you were going to hate eating salmon for the rest of your life?

im still waiting for mudco to tell us whats the other joy. MUDCO! MUDCO! CAN YOU HEAR US?

actually i hope the milos will sing nic's composition. think its a good start for them to sing self composed songs. maybe they can modify it a little but it will still be their song. how bout more songs by david tao? i think i would be the happiest if milubing could do a song with david tao. but thats a little too far fetched for now.

dolphin, how not to worry about nico. ): hope he really can overcome this barrier.

so are we having an ak xmas party?

salmon | 01/12/2006, 19:35


wah. so many tags.. i nd to slowly reply all before i can tag my long long day 2dae. LOL..

well well, to duckling, dolphin, parrot, hamster, *anymore??*, thanks for the luck. =D but din go reali go well?? hahas.. duno la..

to duckling, so the xmas album is out?? argh.. okay. hahas.. did u bought it??

to parrot, congrats on findin a job.. =D the jab shd b small case de la. hahas. nth to worry abt de..

to salmon, tink mudco announced the double joy le right?? hahas.. at CS. nico passed his nafa and min min's bro saw nico taking his nafa. and as usual, nico's late.. =.="

to dolphin, hahaas. yep. tink we reali worry too much le bahs. =X well, hope he reali can quit it bah..

to all, i thot nico say their album mux be original songs?? s in their own composition?? duno lehs.. but it wld b a great thing if "Take Me As I Am" is in it =D

okay.. aft tis wld b my long day of "adventure" hahas.. =X

piglet | 01/12/2006, 20:24


yes yes, i heard of it already. went to CS after AK. so yep.

but he is always making us guess. no energy to guess le. so suan le ba, dont guess.

salmon | 01/12/2006, 20:30

a long day of friday. =.="" [Reply]

well, tis tag wld be rather long.. hahas. so bear with me for awhile ya?? =X

okay. here goes. ahhs.
i woke up late tis morning and was late for lecture.. during the lect break, i went to refill my bottle and when i came back, some of my classmates were looking for me. was shocked lo, thinking to myself wad's wrong.. it turned out tt they wanted me and my partner to perform the song for them. hahas. but well, we din in the end. =X

then aft the 1st lect, my shoes gave way.. was so mad lo.. tahan til 2.30pm and went home to change. cux lessons end at 2.30pm.
then i couldn't find a pair of heels. argh.. but i finally settled on a pair tt im not reali used to wearing. cux the heels too high.. and i feel very uncomfortable wearing it.. but well, reached sch at 5pm..

then went to register and went into the audition room.. nightmare. hahas.. was too stressed up, i tink. in the end, my voice din turned out well.. the judges couldn't hear me.. and commented tt me and my partner have no mo qi and sang monotone. but the main prob is our voice were not been projected out.. well, nvm. hahas.. but wad reali touches me was tt when we came out of the audition room, we saw our classmates frm both class (we've got 2 classes-01 and 02), have got abt 20plus of them. was like, duno wad to say lo.. cux i seldom interact with 02 classmates cux both classes r like rather isolated to each other. but then i saw them waitin outside the room, so was like. omg. touched lo.. i almost cried. hahas.. *emot me*

but in the end, my 2 other frens went to take part s well. haahs. but then they're reali great, i feel. hopefully they can get in. =D
it's a good experience though the comments were not gd. hahas.. but nvm la.. im still young?? hahas.. still got chance bahs. hohoho.

and i shall conclude the day with: I TINK I HAVE A GOOD TOLERANCE LEVEL. hahas.. i reali can tolerate lo.. hahas.. when gastric acts up, i can jux bear with it and 2dae the heels giving me alot of probs, my feet were sore and it hurts alot in sch but i still managed to walk back home with it on. haahs..

okay.. this is the end of my friday. hahas.. it's a gd experience and well, it shall be the best moment in my life in SP. =D

piglet | 01/12/2006, 20:37


Piglet...At least you have had an experience to be proud of and to kept in memory for life =)

Is never easy to sing before a group of people, esp. when you know that some people are going to judge u later...U r game manz!

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 20:46


doggy. hahas.. yep. memorable memory. =D
hahaas.. oopx. game.. remind me of nico.. "so gay." hahas.. =X

piglet | 01/12/2006, 21:06


of course, it wld be great if the guys could put their own songs into the EP, but as what mudco said, it's not really up to them to decide what does into the EP, so let's just hope that the management wld hear their opinion on how they want the EP to be, and to include their own songs too...

duckling...erm, ya, dolphin like to say I'm her "walking directory" though I'm might not know all the songs lah, but just more than her lah, haha :Þ

piglet, ya, I think it's a very good experience, and it takes a lot of courage to go up there and sing infront of a group of ppl, I don't think I could ever do that...good for you!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/12/2006, 21:08


piglet n salmon, dun worri too much ba..believe tt nico noes wad's best for him.. :)

heh duckling..i'm no hardworking piggie la..lol..tink pigs are nv associated with being hardworking? hehe..jus tt maybe my sup rmb me lor den call n ask if i wan to work..cos i made alot of noise during work de..always complaining abt the callers..haha..all e songs u all mentioned i nv hear before de..except for a few chinese songs..xmas album out liao? okie..anyone buy liao?

dolphin n duckling, drink more water k..since u all keep having headaches..to work n study at e same time is indeed stressful..take care!

parrot found a job? great! can hv drum lessons liao.. :) so u will be learning guit n drum at e same time? wow! haha..i'm starting work next wk too.. :P

piglet, nvm if e comments werent tt gd..it's e experience tt matters rite? believed u hv tried ur best le.. :) ur classmates veri nice hor..so supportive..like whole class take part like tt..so on! :D

so are we still having xmas party? :D

pink piggie | 01/12/2006, 21:19


hahas.. bambi. acty it wasnt reali a stage la.. it's jux a small room with lik 5-6 judges.. tink they got video it s well. lol.. hees.. thanks.. it reali takes alot of courage.. i almost wanted to back out when i was standin outside the room. hahas..

piglet | 01/12/2006, 21:19


Bambi..agree =)

But I really do hope that their compo talents can be showcased in the album lo...Hopefully warner wanna promote the EP into an original arty MLB collections...not a purely commercialised one...

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 21:21


creamy doggy, ur 'u r game' reminds me of e dabate we had earlier lei..e so gay/game thingy..haha..was laughing when i saw it..so funni.. :P

pink piggie | 01/12/2006, 21:21


pink piggie...how r u? long time no "tok" here in ak...
aiyo...just a while ago someone PM me on MSN to tell me the same thing too...
U all har...still din get over the gamey gayish thing is it?
The verdict out already leh...I no win leh..=)

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 21:34


LOL. the someone creamy talking about is me lor. but really what!

salmon | 01/12/2006, 21:36


hi creamy doggy..i'm gd..haha..slacking these few days before i start work next wk..haha..u reminded me of tt gay/game thingy de ma..haha..k la..dun disturb u liao.. :P

i realise i dun hv ur contact in my msn list..add me in msn can?
yuanping87@hotmail.com :)

pink piggie | 01/12/2006, 21:40


pink piggie...I add liao. Yup, u can slack before u start work. Anyway, u have been mugging hard the past weeks le..mus really enjoy a bit...hahas...to live a bit...hahas..

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 21:44


creamy doggy, thx..accepted liao..hees..yea..been shopping tis few days..need new clothes.. :P erm did i mug hard? dun tink so..lazy piggie always do last min work..hope wun do badly tho..argh!

tell u all a secret..i may hv 3-day wk for next sem! haha! :P

pink piggie | 01/12/2006, 22:06


pink piggie...enjoy all that come ur way..=)

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 22:09

I'm being random... [Reply]

If there will be a chance, I wish I could hear the hippos do the songs:

爱很简单 - nico's vocal
Song No. 7 - samco's vocal
Marriage D'Amour - mudco's finger moves on piano + rock guit by nico + samco's drum (make it a MLB version)

Am I dreaming of another era?

creamy doggy | 01/12/2006, 22:18

hm... [Reply]

i rather wait a little longer for them to record oringinal songs...

i dun realli like the idea of doing cover versions...


they are talented enuff to do their own songs.

pink penguin | 01/12/2006, 23:31


omg. the christmas album is out! argh! tml ii chiong go buy liao. and their pic is realli so C-U-T-E! ii c le almost faint. lols. yea. i'm still normal. nt any mad hamster. haha. XP

hamster | 02/12/2006, 01:05


There are many songs i want to hear them play n sing, hmmm... here a few:

The serious one:

1) Smooth - Santana & Rob Thomas
2) Flood - Jars of Clay
3) Linkin Park - In The End
4) Thats What She Said - Brian Littrel
5) 流沙 - David Tao
6) 志明与春娇 - Mayday
7) 红蜻蜓 - 小虎队

The lame ones:
1) 失恋阵线联盟 - Grasshopper 草蜢
2) Slave - Britney Spear
3) Genie In a Bottle - Christina Aguilera
4) Bad - Michael Jackson

But of course, I will still prefer to hear songs compose by MLB, their OWN songs!

dolphin | 02/12/2006, 01:22


hahas. if gt chance, maybe can ask them sing? lols. =X

hamster | 02/12/2006, 01:59


hamster realli can become owl liao. hahas. =X running back to cage to zZz liaos. nites & morning to all cuties, hippos & those peeking! XD

hamster | 02/12/2006, 04:53

Talents cannot put to waste.. [Reply]

Many are anticipating for MLB's compos and will definitely bear a little while for their original album de. The hippos talents cannot put to waste; also their hard works must be recognised too.

Improvisation is also one of the hippos' strength. We have had seen this during the superband journey and the outdoor gigs. But I have faith that the hippos will not stop to surprise us with their creative pattern in cleverly re-arranged music de.

But truly, the novelty will be MLB's original songs; their compos which we can hear their hearts and souls lo. Isn't this the way for the MLB to get "intimate" with their supporters?

creamy doggy | 02/12/2006, 09:19


Totally agree. We are antipating for their OWN songs.

Was very disappointed when got to know their first album won't consist any of their own songs. Can understand the record company may afraid that their song writing skill are not "mature" enough to hit the market, but if you don't try and believe in them, you never know. We do love nico's Take me as I am, don't we?

The real world, is just confusing...

dolphin | 02/12/2006, 10:26


is it true tt their 1st album wun consist of their own songs??
there was once we asked nico if their album can record "You Make Me Wana Fall In Love" but nico replied saying that most prob not allowed cux they aren't supposed to do cover song.. =.=" meaning now changed plans again arh?? so sad.. =(

piglet | 02/12/2006, 11:43


bck to tag at last. ((:
anyone bought the christmas album??
the picture of them in it is quite cute! ((:
and think they sang 3 songs out of 15 for the whole album.
its selling at $13.90

heard the 3 songs.
its very nice~ ((:
should go buy one. ((:

sea gull | 02/12/2006, 11:43


3songs, wow! Must go and buy.

Piglet, we are not very sure what is the status now, the hippos also not too sure themselves. Last time I asked is that they will take songs from others and may do covers, now no covers? Any self written song? Any cover? Think all still ?????
We just wait and see, pray that everything turns out good for them.

dolphin | 02/12/2006, 12:07


dolphin, yep.. let's hope everything turns out well.. =) we shall wait and see.. *prays*

piglet | 02/12/2006, 12:11


3 song? yah, yah, yah, must go and buy! :) Remember to support originals! :p

Agree with creamy doggy. It'll be great if they can showcase their talent in the EP.

If their are not allowed to do covers, then i supposed they will sing others' compositions or self written ones. "Take me as I am" is considered as their, and since it was sang in a gig before, maybe it will be included in the EP. Well, we just have to wait and see lor...

piglet, it's great to see so many ppl supporting u, ya? especially those not so close ones :) No matter how things turned out, it's the experience that counts, rite? Cheers~~

piggie, i believe you must have some good qualities that made your ex-boss think of u :) But sometimes it's "good" to make some noise to get attention. In my ex-co, a collic was chosen to be promoted coz she likes to make noise and thereby caught the attention of the boss. Guess sometimes, u need to make some noise in order to stand out from the crowd ba...

duckling | 02/12/2006, 12:39


duckling.. yep.. this incident reali leaves a deep impression in my heart. and i believe the friendship with my classmates would be pulled closer.. =D
it's a very nice experience..nv reali imagine tt i will ever got for any audition. hahas.. =X

piglet | 02/12/2006, 12:42

Yoyo.o.o [Reply]

Puffy says 'Gd Afternoon Folks'...lots to read but no
time now.

This place is so happening.
The tags never slack and the
support is always there.
My only regret is not watching
superband so missed out on
all the 'Fun'. I borrowed the
recording frm PXH to watch. I
better not comment.

Did anyone of you watch Channel
12. They showed Puffy and to
prepare puffy needs a licenced
chef. Puffy is called Fugu in
Japanese and is a fish tt
'kills' when consume and not
properly prepared.

Puffy came in to say bye bye.
Will be lvg for hols soon. Nice
knowing u all. Stay Hip, folks!

Puffy Fish | 02/12/2006, 13:21

It's my turn..... [Reply]

Hi Akians. I was with Puffy when she tagged. Yea! we will be lvg for hols soon. Came in to say biebie to you all. PXH may not be coming back here. I must say a farewell and do a closure or else I will feel sad de.

Wave bie to

Blue Surgeon

I won forget the happy time we had in AK 1 n CS n fighting LDG.

May the years ahead be filled with Love and Warm, success in all your undertakings.

Saying bie to all Akians. Sorry I din hv time to really know u all. Gd to see you all keeping this plc 'noisie', alive!

Lion Puppy aka PXH | 02/12/2006, 13:31

hi all [Reply]

sori mia for 2 days.. cos was v bzy.. having lunch n popping in for a breather.. saw a bzy AK n tagging fm puffy fish n LP saying farewell.. what a coincidence.. LP, yr yuang feng with me was gd while it last.. but u can still pop in when u are o/seas if AK is still around..but myself also dont know..

anyway, glad to kn u n wish u both a happy holiday.. n enjoy yr growing up yrs.. then oneday.. u can tell yr kids or grandkids.. ' Once upon a time..I hv my own "FUN PARADISE" called "ANIMAL KINGDOM".. bi

birdie | 02/12/2006, 13:58


3 song? yah, yah, yah, must go and buy! :) Remember to support originals! :p

Agree with creamy doggy. It'll be great if they can showcase their talent in the EP.

If their are not allowed to do covers, then i supposed they will sing others' compositions or self written ones. "Take me as I am" is considered as their, and since it was sang in a gig before, maybe it will be included in the EP. Well, we just have to wait and see lor...

piglet, it's great to see so many ppl supporting u, ya? especially those not so close ones :) No matter how things turned out, it's the experience that counts, rite? Cheers~~

piggie, i believe you must have some good qualities that made your ex-boss think of u :) But sometimes it's "good" to make some noise to get attention. In my ex-co, a collic was chosen to be promoted coz she likes to make noise and thereby caught the attention of the boss. Guess sometimes, u need to make some noise in order to stand out from the crowd ba...

duckling | 02/12/2006, 14:16

Puffy Fish [Reply]

ya, i watched ch12 n saw the Japs love puffy fish.. n the cook must be v skilful n professional.. yr encounter with AK is v short, but is ok.. tks for joining us.. but do pop-in when u can while o/seas, if AK is still around..

Wish u advance "Merry Xmas" n many yrs of "Happiness n Success"

Study Hard n Play Hard.. bie bie...

birdie | 02/12/2006, 14:25

hi to duckling n all cuties.. [Reply]

hv a gt weekend..

birdie | 02/12/2006, 14:31


sorry for the tag that appears the 2nd time up there... i know what caused it and will be careful next time :p

Hi birdie, u must b very bz, sia? seldom hear from u for the past few days...Jiayou in whatever u r doing :)

puffy fish & Lion Puppy, have a wonderful holiday! and All the best for your studies!

all cuties, hippos, rhino n ppl peeking, enjoy your weekend & take care..

duckling | 02/12/2006, 14:56


rgdg MLB.. i prefer they do their own songs too.. but whatever, is planned for them.. i will support.. anyway, hv sent someone to sembawang to buyt he xmas album..

parrot/piggie.. congrats for getting jobs.. for yrs i love polar-chicken pies.. so any discount for me parrot.. if i happen to buy fm u?

birdie | 02/12/2006, 16:44

just for fun! [Reply]

Q1) i happen to pass a particular class frquently.. the teacher is always wearing sunglasses - why?

Q2) a woman, loves to shoot her husband, then submerged him in water for 5mins.. then hang him..then bring her husband for walks after that - why?

Q3) Nic - loves to take chocolates if possible, how many times a week (if wq dont't nag nag nag him)

Q4) Dog's breakfast

Although the health news regarding chocolate has been mainly positive recently, it is still true that chocolate makes a poor food for the family dog. Why?

A) Chemical reactions produce an unpleasant “chocolate dog” smell
B) It causes a euphoric “high” that may make the dog hard to manage
C) It contains substances that are toxic for dogs
D) Long-term use puts dogs at risk of canine obesity

ans -?

Q5) Not found in sharks

Unlike most other fish, sharks have no:

A) Bones
B) Teeth
C) Gills
D) Liver

ans - ?

birdie | 02/12/2006, 17:42


creamy doggy, yep..will enjoy all tt come my way.. :) u jiayou with ur work too k.. ^^

duckling, haha..i hope so.. :P i do agree tt u hv to make some noise to gain attention..hv to be proactive in a way ba..but i made noise cos i get so irritated by the caller..haha..complain n forget.. :P

lion puppy n puffy fish, enjoy ur holidays! all e best to both of u for ur studies when u are in uk ya.. :)

birdie, u mus hv been veri busi..work is impt but mus take care of yrself too ya..

i do hope tt mlb will be able to sing original songs n not cover songs..i believe original songs hv more shi fu li to prove their worth n oso showcase their talents..well we jus hope for e best.. :)

haha..piglet sms me to inform me tt e xmas album is out but i forgot to check out music stores when i was at ps jus now..argh! nvm thr's still tml..hehe..saw renfred from css at ps jus now..hee..

cuties hv a great weekend ahead! weather has turned cold..rmb to keep urself warm at nite k..

pink piggie | 02/12/2006, 17:59


haha..birdie, i onli noe e ans to qn 3! ans is 4 rite? lol..

pink piggie | 02/12/2006, 18:05


ans for qn 2 : the wife is a photographer, she shoots a pic of her husband, developed it and hangs the pic to dry

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 02/12/2006, 18:29


piggie saw renfred at ps, i saw yuyang at marina. i think ccs isnt really successful cos no one was chasing after yuyang or getting his signature despite him being one of the better looking guys in css.

shall go check out the cd tomorrow. forgot to pop by on of the cd stores when i was in parkway. ):

salmon | 02/12/2006, 22:13


let me try...
ans for qn 3 : the students are too bright :p

duckling | 02/12/2006, 22:16

oops! [Reply]

i meant-
ans for qn 1 : the students are too bright :p

let me try the rest also...
ans for qn 2 : same as Bambi's. I've heard it before :)
ans for qn 3 : 7 times a week?
ans for qn 4 : B
ans for qn 5 : Liver (wild guess)

duckling | 02/12/2006, 22:21


Hey cuties, must go grab the Christmas CD. Its cute sia! Can't help laughing and smiling when listening to our hippos's singing. And the outfit, ho ho ho... bit too much for them lah, over-style, but really made a deep impression.

I'm still trying to figure out what is that little hippo shouting for in the song. He wanted to ride the sleigh?

dolphin | 02/12/2006, 23:19


i bought the xmas album too.. they combined 3 songs into one song. it was reali nice.

dolphin, the hippo who shouted was nico right??

but the arrangement is fantastic. really have the MLB style. it's nice. but when im listening to it, i received a bad news.

piggie, i hope she will be alright s well.. i really cant lost her though we might nt be close but i cant imagine myself without her. i will take good care of myself de.

puffy and lion puppy, have a good hols ahead. thanks for rmbing me. take good care..

piglet | 02/12/2006, 23:31


Q3- 7 days a week. but i heard now he is scared of chocs.

Q4- c

Q5- so hard! can i say all are wrong. cos there is such thing as shark liver oil right? or am i wrong? gills bone and teeth? all have what. i'll be stupid and choose bones.

salmon | 02/12/2006, 23:33


piglet, jiayou. stay strong no matter what even though i dont know what happened. but jiayou k!

salmon | 02/12/2006, 23:36


i saw the 3 hippos in great world with hamster and sea gull!

parrot | 02/12/2006, 23:36


Hi to all cuties!

Piglet...Thanks for the sms informed me of MLB Christmas compilation album...I was in JB when I got your sms : )

Lion Puppy & Puffy Fish...Hmmm...why say bie bie? But as you said "MAY not come in"..I take it that you are not leaving AK for good. I'll still anticipate to see both of your tags here someday :)

creamy doggy | 02/12/2006, 23:38

christmas [Reply]

tis the season i luv most since childhood cos it is a season of gifts galore and christmas carol singing. so superficial rit? i m not very religious but i do appreciate the GIFT that we enjoy now cos of a child's birth and it is the time when everyone puts on their best behaviour to celebrate this great gift. in the days leading up to christmas, i'll start "preparing" myself for xmas by singing christmas carols or part of it (cos I cant rem all the lyrics) in the bathroom. in the bathroom cos the acoustics is gooood in the enclosed space, no matter how bad i sound, it still sounds good....haha

garfield | 02/12/2006, 23:38


So what are the 3 Christmas songs that the hippos recorded for the Christmas Compiliation album?

creamy doggy | 02/12/2006, 23:39


ya lor.
so shocked to see them.
hahas. xD"
parrot, next time you dun talk so much lerr.
so suay lorr.
hahas. xD"

sea gull | 02/12/2006, 23:39

garfield... [Reply]

...hahas...and I bet the water dripping sound would do the tempo...I agree that it always sound good in the bathroom...oops! =)

I like Chrismas season..it makes people to get together...in one way or another.. =)

creamy doggy | 02/12/2006, 23:44


sorry doggy, it was 3 songs compiled into one song. not 3 songs reali la. they were Santa Claus is coming to town, Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Xmas.

salmon, thanks. i will be strong no matter wad de.

piglet | 02/12/2006, 23:44


saw the tags on the 5 songs wish list for the hippos....actually i realli hv no idea at all.
maybe... 1. take me as i am, 2. till i am back again 3. u make me wanna fall in love 4. Chasing cars by snow patrol 5.Superman by five for fighting
But i do hope that no matter wat, they will do songs that they love. Best is they can do new songs by other local composers and also their very own songs too. but if time doesn't permit, i will be absolutely happy with the hippos doing "old" songs in their very own hippo flavour n style :)

garfield | 02/12/2006, 23:48


haha doggy, it sounds good to us in the bathroom but dunno how it sounds to other people listening to our croaking outside our bathrooms...luv the christmas song, i tink it is called the reason or is it we are the reason.

garfield | 02/12/2006, 23:55


hey the 2 noisy birds here, u 2 saw the 3 hippos ah? how come i dont hv this luck??? did u all go up n talk to them? share leh...

garfield | 02/12/2006, 23:58

garfield... [Reply]

..hmmm we are the reason ba :)

..aiyo I used to sing in the bathroom lah..but ever since I moved to my new house..I dare not sing in the bathroom le cos my neighbour can hear me lah..hahas..

creamy doggy | 03/12/2006, 00:00


haha, i dun care, still sing my heart out in the bathrm wn the mood grabs me. but in karaoke,wn other peeps r ard, i jus swallow my own voice. my friends say cant hear me on the mic...at all

garfield | 03/12/2006, 00:08


k is the best place to sing your heart out lo...if can't catch the tune, can always press analog and follow the tune...

I used to go K with a group of friends...we can sing from 5pm till 2am...Some of them are really good singers...with them around I am like attending free concert of Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau...etc...They can sing so well!

creamy doggy | 03/12/2006, 00:17


Very sleepy le. Goodnite and rainbow dreamz to all cuies, hippos and peeking people. nite! :)

creamy doggy | 03/12/2006, 00:22


oh. actually we didn't expect to see them there. cause we walked the wrong direction and saw them at the CD shop.
we asked them about the christmas album, then we sat down and chit chat. after that they were looking for entertainment. then they went off, and we went to have our lunch.

parrot | 03/12/2006, 00:27


ya lor.
lucky i went the wrong way.
still kana scolded by this parrot.
really is SI NIAO ah.
was so shocked to see them.
talked to them a while only.
then went to eat my lunchh ler.
hahas. xD"

sea gull | 03/12/2006, 00:30


ha... analog is my best friend in karaoke cos my voice v weak so need the analog to help me to cover...;)
also most times dun realli know the tune of the whole song, usually onli the chorus or the verse dat i like, den i will def go offkey for those unfamiliar parts.
hmmmm maybe shall go for singing classes one of these days so i can learn to sing betta... 4 my own listening pleasure

garfield | 03/12/2006, 00:31


Hi cuties... sorry for not tagging lately... coz was busy wif my project and tests... now so envy those having hoilday... but nvm mine hoilday will come soon...
take care all cuties...

elephant | 03/12/2006, 00:36


lols. at first ii was going to mt sea gull & parrot. suddenly parrot called mi & tell mi they saw the 3 hippos. at first dun believe her de. cos she alweis joke around. den she pass the fone to mudco. ii shock until no words came out of my mouth. =.=" rush to great world. the moment step in, saw the 3 hippos liao. AHHH. paiseh. =X

hamster | 03/12/2006, 00:44


piglet, hope u're alright! ii pray hard for uu too. *pray* =) jiayou!

hamster | 03/12/2006, 00:53

answers [Reply]

1)the students r v bright

3)I LOVE CHOC ma..
Min 4 times a wk!!
nic | 23/06/2006, 02:05

4)C - It contains substances that are toxic for dogs.

5)A - A shark's skeleton is made of cartilage, a material somewhat softer and more flexible than bone.

birdie | 03/12/2006, 01:05


wah u all realli lucky to go the wrong direction...so to 迷路 can be a good thing too!!! okie, nitey folks!

garfield | 03/12/2006, 01:13


u all 3 youngsters v lucky go milu to meet the milu bings.. yr feelers v sharp le..

gd nite n rainbow dreams

birdie | 03/12/2006, 02:08


Where the 3 of u get the hippos detectors? Seem very effective leh.
So anyone of u asked abt the album thingy?

dolphin | 03/12/2006, 02:43


mudco mentioned about mlb gathering this month in cs! woohoo! everyone rejoice.

hope it doesnt fall on 13th to 18th, the days im going away. but i feel that there is like a 90% chance. ): want to cry already la. if it really is, i might go bang the wall or something. hai, suan le. if its not meant to be, then i can do nothing as well.

will be away at chalets and camps for the whole entire week. will try to come and tag if i can lay my hands on a computer. see you cuties!

salmon | 03/12/2006, 10:18


hahah! yah hor, we went mi lu then we saw the guys=) haha! dont know which bird mistaken cd shop as food junction! hahah! we stunned sia.this is the first time we see them outside as a whole, without events i shld say? hahah!=D so funny..

saw them, and then talk lortalk talk tlak..feelers getting stronger, yeah? haha! no la..parrot can fly HIGHER and see eveything in a better view! hahas! all of us blur there lor, esp mi, i think.hahah!

and conclusion, i am always saying," ah~" not "ARK!"

parrot | 03/12/2006, 11:48


parrot, u girls so lucky, get to bump into the guys....
me very sian now...what am I doing in my office on a sunday?! sigh~ thot can reduce to 4 hrs today...but can't get someone to share the slot with me at the last min, so still back to the original plan, to work the whole day til 7pm m(-_-)m

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 03/12/2006, 12:15


ehh, without me mistaking the cd shop as food junction,
you this parrot would have not saw them. hahas. xD"
your wings to short lar. how to fly HIGH?! 0opPs..
ya. 1st time saw them as a whole outside. hahas. ((:

you is ark lar. not ah!~
me and hamster cann vouch for tt.
hahas. XD

sea gull | 03/12/2006, 13:08


wow! the Xmas CD sounds cute. Wonder if other CD stores have them too...

3 meimeis met the 3 hippos? so lucky! must tell us where you get the hippos detectors :p

bambi, still in office? less then 1 hour to go. JIAYOU!

3rd gathering? really hope it's before Xmas. Else, i won't be able to go le...pls......let it be b4 Xmas or next month..

elephant, jiayou for your tests and projects! u take care too :)

piglet, i dunno watz the bad news, but hope it's not too serious. take care :)

duckling | 03/12/2006, 18:17


parrot, hamster n sea gull, u 3 are so lucky! you yuan feng..haha..maybe can tell us whr u gals got e hippos detectors like wad duckling said..lol!

duckling,u jiayou for ur exams..i oso hope tt e gathering is tis month..but i'm fine with any day tis month..hehe..help u pray tt it's before xmas k.. :P

elephant, hang in thr..u will hv ur hols soon as well rite? jiayou for ur tests n projects! rmb to find a reliable partner k.. :)

bambi, working on sun? 7pm coming soon! jiayou jiayou!

piglet, i hope she's fine oredi? believe she noes tt u all need her n are waiting for her to recover..will be prayng for her de..jiayou! be strong ya..will always be here for u.. :)

pink piggie | 03/12/2006, 18:42


hahah..lucky? okay la, it really shocks us bah..yuan fen? hahah!

i think i am even more blur than dolphin now, haha! i lost my phone in Great World yesterday! so ytd's trip to Great world is a lucky one or? haha!=) paisae ah, only can find mi online now((:

parrot | 03/12/2006, 20:15


Thanks duckling & piggie!
haha, duckling, I left my office just a few mins before your tag, coz' nothing much to do, so we were allowed to leave earlier...it was a rather boring day to work, coz' there was basically nothing to do today, I was there like on standby kinda thing, but in the end, nothing came in, so nothing to be done...I was like, just doing my own stuffs the whole while in the office today...ok lah, just take it that my co pay me to do 'nothing' lor :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 03/12/2006, 23:03


parrot, you lost your hp? thot you just bought it not too long ago? have you suspended your line? why so 不小心, is it that you saw the guys then forgot your hp liao?? aiyoh...so you will be 'uncontactable' for a while til you get a replacement ya? be more careful next time yoh...

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 03/12/2006, 23:11


Bambi...Glad that u survive from a super sian working Sunday! oops =

Parrot/Sea Gull/Hamster...u gals detector super effective sia! Anyhow walk can oso bump into the hippos. My detector can only hang for display liao...never got the luck to detect any of them...But never mind, reading the tags from you all are interesting and fun too. Thanks for sharing with us. =)

creamy doggy | 03/12/2006, 23:16


hahas. xD"
mus milu den can see milubing.
hahas. xD"
still feeling quite shock to see them ystd.

parrot anyhow talk also will come true.
nxt time mus talk carefully ler.
tsk tsk*
bt ystd so poor thing, lost your phone.

sea gull | 03/12/2006, 23:43


thanks doggy, hamster, piggie, salmon and duckling for ur concern.

thanks elephant for ur sms.

i will take good care of myself de. and will definitely tink of the postive side.

piglet | 03/12/2006, 23:56


yah lor, must milu then can see them..tsk tsk, you got my virus also? stop tsk-ing! hahah! really milu then see the milos mah! hahah! next time must watch my mouth liao!


parrot | 04/12/2006, 00:16


hahas. parrot & sea gull went milu first. aft tt when i'm going to mit them, saw the hippos coming dwn frm the escalator. den ii ran to the right side. they walked the left side. still met them at the center. =.=" ii stone dwn there duno do wad. =X

hamster | 04/12/2006, 00:23


and yea. ii can vouch tt parrot kept saying "ARK" nt "ah". lols. hw come parrot stop rah-ing liao?

hamster | 04/12/2006, 00:28

Ark... [Reply]

Acty why "ark"...i tot that sounds like the crow? Aiyo...acty he oso quite lame leh..

creamy doggy | 04/12/2006, 00:29

hello [Reply]

agreed with creamy.. ark sounds like a crow haha

birdie | 04/12/2006, 00:33

parrot [Reply]

yalah..yalah...saw e 3 of 'em handfone oso lost..haha...

onihrtaf | 04/12/2006, 00:35


no no no no!
phone lost notbeause of them.
cause i am too careless liao!

why ark ah? ask him lor..

ark ark then sounds like crow, a high pitch ark also sounds like crow! haha! but neither do i ark ark or give a high pitched ark ah! so i dont sound like a crow!


parrot | 04/12/2006, 00:43


walau. her hp lost, mi & seagull pei her go search like mad. at first tot she threw her hp into the rubbish bin. we go dig somemore. =.=" actually is parrot dig onli. seagull & ii hold the garbage bag for her. almost vomit. =.= so pathetic lor.

hamster | 04/12/2006, 00:43

hi [Reply]

fatrhino, why u write dom ba lek?, u look at the mirror then wirte?

birdie | 04/12/2006, 00:48


yah lor!
got diapers, milo, some foodcourt's food, etc..
smelly, dont make mi think of tt smell again!

parrot | 04/12/2006, 00:50


LOLS~ wad's parrot post toking about sia. ARK here & there. here become bird park liaos. hahas. tt parrot is a funni one.

hamster | 04/12/2006, 00:51


parrot, u lost ur phone? y so bu xiao xin..be more careful next time k..wa hamster n sea gull so nice help u find ur phone..search rubbish bin somemore..pei fu pei fu..hope u din get a scolding from ur parents..i rmb i gto scolded like siao when i lost mine long ago..

piglet, how is she now? feeling better? i hope so..be optimistic yea.. :)

wa fatrhino suddenly appear liao..veri busi hor..with all e outlets..

okie..nitey to all cuties! i'm super tired now..been msning with my classmates over e timetable but still nth done..argh! enuf of complaining..rainbow dreams cuties.. :)

pink piggie | 04/12/2006, 00:52

lalalalalalala [Reply]

nxt time see them dun noe wad lost again ah...haha shiok sia..

fatrhino | 04/12/2006, 00:53

parrot [Reply]

dont bring the smell here ah... i am spraying flower freshner nw..

birdie | 04/12/2006, 00:54

parrot [Reply]

u dig into the rubbish bin ah...tats why tat day u all came to TS...u 3 smells lyk...s***...haha

fatrhino | 04/12/2006, 00:57

parrot [Reply]

next time hang y r phone around yr neck, or put bck into handbag immediately after used.. so no chance of donating it to others..

birdie | 04/12/2006, 00:58

fatrhino [Reply]

alamat, yr TS smells cos of the 3.. did yr clients complained haha!

birdie | 04/12/2006, 01:02


haha! the two hor, they help mi open and hold the rubbish bag there nia..i did most of the searching and smeeling..

and hor, i went to TS before going back to search for it..see them, i will lose my shifu away! hahah!OPPS!

think i am quite blur also la, it becomes a lifestyle or smth?
haha! my handphones all dropped into water before, got scratches etc..always misplace it, lost it..haha..too blur liao, can be sotong parrot!


parrot | 04/12/2006, 01:03


lols. parrot kept "ARK-ing" ytd. cant stand her. hahas.

hamster | 04/12/2006, 01:04

smelly bird.. [Reply]

i hv to ask the fumigation company to spray refreshner lor...

fR | 04/12/2006, 01:06

ARK! [Reply]

parrot is arking for her lost hp la

yr yung fen with yr fone ended la.. yr hp also want to follow the milu path .. dont kn how to come bck liow.. so hv to forget it..

if u dont lost yr old haha cannot get a new one lor..

birdie | 04/12/2006, 01:09

freshner [Reply]

haha, i just sprayed all kinds of flowers freshner..

birdie | 04/12/2006, 01:10


k gg to dreamland gd nite all n rainbow dreams

birdie | 04/12/2006, 01:12


=.=" not tt kua zhang la! your TS wont smell! and it is not some rubbish chute or smth, just a rubbish bag, thinking of it, i feel like puking my dinner out..wah lau.disgusting leh! if my phone is really inside, i doubt i will use my phone again!

parrot | 04/12/2006, 01:15


parrot, I had asked my sotong clan, you are not in our family tree leh. Think it must be some milu sotong bu xiao xin breed u down and left u in e outside world. next time really must hang ur HP around your neck. btw, think ur handphone not cheap hor, quite an ex$$ model. aiyoyo, now its my turn to ask u everyday, do u remember your hp?

must milu inorder to meet the milu hippos? hmm... but I seldom milu leh, how ah?

dolphin | 04/12/2006, 01:21


dont talk abt the dustbin ler lar.
really very disgusting lor.
and the aunty's attitude..
arghh~ >.

sea gull | 04/12/2006, 01:24

hi~ [Reply]

i'm here again... had a v bz wk so no x to tag..

thks all, my trip to shanghai was fun. nice a gd x wif my frens shopping, eating, sight seeing...

cream - no theme 4 christmas. juz put up simple decor. recycle d decors every yr.. hee...

pink penguin - hee.. i din take much pic mah.. put up those scenery pics & food pics gd ah.. tempt u more.. lolx.

npwruss - thks 4 making an effort in helping me to find d bot caps. i've got no luck in getting any too. d uncle @ d coffeeshop tat i frequent oso v kind to tell me tat all tkts had been given out.

sori if i missed out any of ur tags coz i din get to read all.. juz screen thru..

wah, so late cuties still chatting here huh...

nitez every1... me zzz soon... start of work wk again.. bz.. sian... (-_-)

flamingo | 04/12/2006, 01:25


piggie. condition sort of became worse. but well. dun wish to mention anything in the blog.
will update u thru sms. let AK stay its festive excitement.
im gg to be very very positive.

piglet | 04/12/2006, 01:26


half of my tag gone.

we didn't made TS smelly.
fatrhino was complaining the toilet was dirty when we came.
meaning the toilet was the main cause.
not us.
hahas. xD"

parrot should really go buy the string and hang her phone ard her neck.
like that, she sure wun lost her phone again.
wahahas. ((:

sea gull | 04/12/2006, 01:26


lols. we nv go TS first. aft tt den went to search for her hp. tink of the contents inside the garbage bag ytd, make mi feel like vomiting. gt used diapers, milo, leftover food, tissue papers etc etc. =.=" *puke*

hamster | 04/12/2006, 01:27


wah lau, i really feel like vomintting liao! RAH!
lucky i used another old model, not the one tt my pap bought.heng ah!

so i lost a sony ericsson k750i, with no memory card..there is no charger or headset for the person also! ahhah!

parrot | 04/12/2006, 01:33


si niao. be careful nxt time la. hahas. XD if nt uu realli going to be a 'si niao'.

hamster | 04/12/2006, 01:39


already si liao! hahah! officially si niao now!

parrot | 04/12/2006, 02:04


y si liao? lols.

hamster | 04/12/2006, 02:09


going to zZz le. nites to all cuties, hippos & those peeking. XD swt dreams!

hamster | 04/12/2006, 02:15

Gd morning [Reply]

AK..lost in Space.


NpWruss | 04/12/2006, 10:21

hi morning all [Reply]

NpWruss, gd day to u, wa.. u r the lone ranger tis morning..

k la the 3 milu youngers.. i wan to punish u for dirting tis plc with yr puke.. research some intresting, fun, ghost or educational stories n share with us here.. (sound serious enough?)

birdie | 04/12/2006, 11:31


keke! i am being sued for dirtying ak! hahaha! i will clean up!=)tsktsk.. sounds rather serious? but dont post ghost stories int he mddle of the night!

parrot | 04/12/2006, 12:42

parrot [Reply]

gd bird.. willing to accept being fined.. anyway.. to mke ghost stories more chi kek.. must post in the nite.. cos ghost can only come out nite time hehe!!

k gg out bi

birdie | 04/12/2006, 13:23

An Indonesian folklore..... [Reply]

Indonesian believe that there are spirits of kids raised by bomoh. This kid spirit is used to steal money. So sometime you find your purse like lesser money n wonder what you bought. The only way to distract these kids spirits is to rare fishes. Reason being kids are playful so they forget to steal your money.
I used have an aquarium and have 9 fishes in it - 8 gold and 1 black for fengshui purpose. The funny thing is my tank keep cracking and when I returned from work my whole lvg room is flooded. Fishes on the floor n some in the tank but none died.
These kids spirits are called 'Toyu'.

Story ar Birdie's request.....

NpWruss | 04/12/2006, 14:48


haha..i'm done with my timetable..omg..mus 'snatch' one lor..luckily i registered e moment clock strike 3..but i dun hv 3 day wk anymore..it's a 4 day wk..but better than sem! 5 day.. -_-"

aiyo npwruss ar..luckily ur story wasnt told in e nite la..else i will be so scared la..interesting story tho..

pink piggie | 04/12/2006, 16:06


ahhh. tio fine. =X ghost stories? parrot is afraid of it. hahas. =X

hamster | 05/12/2006, 00:35

salmon [Reply]

no need to cry le n no need to bang wall.. u if yr chalet thing n gathering crash. u hv to consider wh is the one u like best to attend..

friends.. can meet any time.. but MLB is diff issue..

anyway, r u bzy with yr drawing? or hiding haha ..take care..

birdie | 05/12/2006, 00:37

Npwruss [Reply]

haha, i heard abt kid spirits.. i think 'certain chinese mediums' practice it.. v scary.. 'yang siow quai'

birdie | 05/12/2006, 00:42

aquarium [Reply]

1st time heard arquarium can crack of is own...

once i was given a used arquarium by a friend.. so i put 'lor han fish in.. in the morning my hall was flooded.. why.. the edges of the tank leaked.. had a hard time cleaning..

birdie | 05/12/2006, 00:47


today tis paradise is pretty quiet.. anyway.. gd nite cuties, hippos n peeking ppl.. rainbow dreams..

tomorrow will be a better day..

birdie | 05/12/2006, 00:49


i knwo why it is quiet liao! cause parrot is busy cleaning the vomits in AK! kekek! ahaha! and i am not smelly!=X

parrot | 05/12/2006, 01:01


i know tagging at such time, is considered weird? keke..having runs the whole day, dont know why tt lame hamster also got it..aiyo!


reporting to all akians, parrot mi, had just cleaned up every corner of AK! but sadly to say, the virus tags are too tall for mi to reach, sorry i failed to clean it off!

keke, i knw this is lame, let this be another of my lame jokes..keke..

nite nite..
rainbow dreams!

parrot | 05/12/2006, 03:20


ak seems quiet today. hahas. tt lame parrot! copy mi. ii oso having runs whole day. dun tell mi u're my si shan duo nian de jie mei.

bt ii tot parrot can fly? paiseh. ii forgot ur feathers too short. cant fly. =X opps. =XXXXX

going off to slp. nites to all cuties, hippos & those peeking. swt dreams. XD

hamster | 05/12/2006, 03:39

gd morning cuties... [Reply]

eee~ virus attack again!

mudco aka goldfish, need u to clean up d place again when u hv d x...

ytd, was reali quiet huh.. cuties so guai to go zzz tat early?

hv a gd day all~

flamingo | 05/12/2006, 07:36


Today started with big jam. Yishun MRT service was held up due to an accident. Think someone thought he/she was superman again. I didn't see ambulance, but saw civil defense n police there. Sometime really think that those open air platform really dangerous. Maybe they should consider to add in a barrier gate for all the doors to the MRT. to reduce accidents.

Haiz, sometime just don't understand why ppl give up their life so easily while others who have to fight for theirs.

Sorry 4 the heavy early tag.

dolphin | 05/12/2006, 10:04


Update: MRT train back in service

no ambulance means...haiz...There was another case in Admiralty on Sat. I think not many people know about it. I think it's high time SMRT reconsider about putting up the barrier gates for those open air platform.

What's the point of imposing a fine on these people. When someone wanna die, would he/she even bother about the fine? They din even bother about their family & friends whom they left behind, how they devastated they will be...


duckling | 05/12/2006, 10:30

Hi Akians [Reply]

Gd morning..this plc is cold. Many went to work ler. Poly some last day, some still in sku.

Pink piggie...I still waiting to c u. Happy Feet is calling.

NpWruss | 05/12/2006, 10:55


Good morning, NpWruss *waves*

It's alright if this plc is cold. Probably, AKians are busy with their own stuff.

What matters most is that AKians have each other in their hearts. That will keep us warm *wink* And that's my wish for this Xmas :) *wink wink*

duckling *waves* | 05/12/2006, 11:32


duckling. ya. this morning was sort of caught in the disruption of train service. was stayin in yishun but i din realised tt the train service was stopped until i overheard a conversation of a mum speaking to her child (i was at the traffic light towards the station)..
but i din knw wad happened. i only knw tt there was an accident as reported. hais.

birdie, salmon would be mia for a few days. according to her, she's currently enjoyin her chalet with her frens. =)

piglet | 05/12/2006, 11:52


hmm, just heard on the radio.
Its an Indian, he was knocked down by the train and dead. Haiz...

dolphin | 05/12/2006, 12:36


aiyo! why people take their lives so lightly?
some people are struggling all their might, so that they can leave for another min or so, but tt person...hais

hais, just came by to leave a tag despite being late! keke! was suppose to meet them at 1230, but i woke up at 12 30 instead..keke, LATW QUEEN! gotta go!=)

or else, i will be super duper late again=)

good day and jiayou, yeah?

parrot | 05/12/2006, 12:52


heard from a fren that the accident happened ard 7am, so by the time got to the mrt, the ambulance already left liao...

was just talking to my fren regarding the admiralty case yesterday...and this happened this morning... :(

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 05/12/2006, 13:00

hi waves all~ [Reply]

another horrible news.. ppl who want to commit suicide to esape misery in tis life .. must think agn n agn.. i believe our souls lives on.. will their lives in the next world be better? or will it be worst? nobody nows.. so might as well live it out nw.. seek help fm 'SOS' organisations.. or tok to someone.. it will definitely help to unburden some of yr knots...

i told parrot tis story b4..

i hv a gf whose married sister' husband committed adultery.. n she was feeling depressed..so dressed herself totally in RED.. then jump down fm a high rise flat.. leaving behind a young son.. n hopping to turn herself into a ghost to take revenge on her hus/mistress..

however, yrs gone liow.. hus n his thai mistress married n living happily? what revenge?

my gf also v pretty but sensitive type.. attempted suicides twice.. n both times saved by her ex-bf.. who later left her even tho they were abt to get married.. why? he said her behaviours mke him paranoid..

luckily.. tis time she woke up fm her siliness ... did not attempt any more suicide.. but she cried n cried for months.. we friends gathered around her.. went out with her n talked to her as much as we cld...

i accompanied her to BKK.. but there she kept crying thru'out n used sleeping pills to calm herself.. at 1st i got shock, tot she swallowed drug pills .. she cried often during the trip n at bkk airport n thru'out the plane bck to SIN..(she went to Bkk w ex-bf b4.. had a wonderful hol)

nw she just flirt around .. hopping to hook a rich 'angmoh'.. cos she likes foreigners.. wish her luck! ..

birdie | 05/12/2006, 13:34

sex change [Reply]

tis gf's sister was borned with more male genes..liked to dress as a male.. had a rich Thai gf, who wanted to marry her..but legally both girls.. how to marry..

she went for a sex-changed surgery..turned herself into a male successfully.. married leagally the rich thai-girl in BKK, gave up his flat, job ..n nw a Thai Citizen..

many yrs gone liow.. still happily married..

i had spoken to him/her via phone b4.. very nice n pleasing voice.. my gf said after sex-changed look handsome.. b4 was pretty ..

i met his wife, in BKK.. brought us shopping n makan.. pretty n helpful type..

tis is life's path..

birdie | 05/12/2006, 13:52


Heard the news on 933 too. "knocked down" - they really trying to use a very subtle word, ya?

Anway, this is from ST Interactive: TRAIN services were disrupted on Tuesday morning after a man fell on the tracks at Yishun MRT station in what police believe is another suicide.
The authorities will give more details later.

duckling | 05/12/2006, 14:00

The Best of Superband Contest [Reply]

two days ago, i recd a congrats ltr fm 'Warner Music Spore' .. i thot happily..must be free tic to a gig or concert ..

but wrong la.. hey!.. so happy i won a $50/- Hamper..

anyone cutie won too?

birdie | 05/12/2006, 14:01


Birdie, u won a hamper ah? Cos I didn't mail in my coupon, thats y they let u win lah. haha...
Congrate, $50 not bad wor, u get to choose e things in e hamper or already pre-packed?

Another suicide. Just now my colleague said that maybe becos of the Jurong case, so much $ poured in, thats y ppl learn. Hope their death can save their family. But think it is stupid loh, $ how to buy happiness? If ur family really love u, u think a million, a billion is enough to be happy? They would give up anything for you to come back. Haiz...

dolphin | 05/12/2006, 14:18

dolphin [Reply]

haah.. must tks u hor.. for not sending.. so 1 more lucky chance..

can only collect fm 11th-15Dec at Warner Music at hoe Chiang Rd, Keppel Towers.. i think is prepacked hoyu hair care products..

usually, i got no luck type for lucky draw.. send last min, n reminded by my niece somemore..

few days ago.. i saw a little ball of rainbow colors on the wall where my bed is(i hang a little crystal ball up the bedrm window).. i tot, ha!.. i am gg to hv a little gd luck.. ya, true le.. 'no fish.. tiny prawn also can'.. haha

birdie | 05/12/2006, 14:28


back at last.
hahas. xD"

parrot still dare to say?!
supposed to meet at 12.30.
in the end you 12.40 den woke up!!
make me wait for you at the MRT station for 1 hr!!
forever being late!!
tsk tsk tsk*

sea gull | 05/12/2006, 20:52

The First Men Pregnancy [Reply]

As an artist who has had solo exhibitions at The Whitney Museum of American Art and The Cleveland Museum of Art, Lee Mingwei explores the evanescent and diurnal cycles of living. His work is based on such basic human activities as cooking, letterwriting, and now child-bearing.

A few weeks ago, writer Janice Versalius of PaperVeins magazine had a long and intimate conversation with Mr. Lee in his Manhattan apartment. An excerpt of the interview appears below. Additional interviews with Mr. Lee will also be included in the upcoming film documentary.

Janice :
Mr. Lee, as we just discussed, male pregnancy may prove to be an extremely dangerous medical procedure at this point - particularly when your doctors perform your Cesarian operation. Why have you chosen to do this?

Mr. Lee :
A lot of people have cast this endeavor as something terribly monstrous - a startling example of how science and medicine have simply gone too far. >From my perspective, however, I am simply bringing a child into this world. There is nothing more natural and beautiful on this earth than that. This is something that I've always wanted to do.

Janice :
But surely you understand why some people find the idea of a pregnant man disturbing?

Mr. Lee :
Well, I understand how it may be a shocking concept at first. Biologically, women have always given birth to children, and men have not. Despite the dramatic results of the sexual revolution in the latter half of this century, there are still very distinct and concrete social roles determined by this... until now... undeniable biological fact. Now, it seems, we have several important questions to consider. Why shouldn't men carry children and care for a fetus the same way a women does? Why shouldn't a man bear a burden that women have always carried? On the other hand, why shouldn't a man be able to experience the same joy and excitement that a pregnant woman feels nurturing a child within her own body? Now I think men, as well as women, have more choices, more possibilities, more roles they can assume in their lives.

Janice :
I can tell you that my father for one would have donated all his internal organs before even entertaining the idea of getting pregnant.

Mr. Lee :
Yes, it's interesting that many men feel very threatened by this idea. Men getting pregnant used to be a big joke - a point of ridicule. Someone was telling me about this popular American film where Arnold Schwarzenegger's character became pregnant. The humor was based on the sheer absurdity of such a distinct feminine condition being imposed on someone who represented the ultimate paradigm of Western masculinity. It seems like something rooted in a preoccupation with very traditional gender role assumptions. There was also an episode of The Cosby Show, apparently, where the male characters dreamed they were all pregnant. Now that pregnant men are a reality, no one is laughing anymore!

Janice :
I was thinking about how a lot of sitcoms, particularly in the 70's and 80's, were always filled with men dressing up women to get laughs. But when men in real life actually wanted to dress up as women, they were usually harassed or beaten up.

Mr. Lee :
That's a good analogy. Drag was once considered something provocative, bizarre, and unnatural. Now we even have the mayor of New York dressing up as a woman on live television. Did you hear about that?

Janice :
I remember seeing it last year on Saturday Night Live. I thought I was hallucinating.

Mr. Lee :
But, he still did it for laughs. I think many drag queens who were drawn to the subversion of drag - the shock value of it - are somewhat disappointed at how mainstream it has become. And at the same time, I see many transvestites who are still marginalized by both gay and straight people. If you're a man who actually wants to become a woman, without the intent of performing or putting on a show, then you're still considered weird.

Janice :
How would you respond to people who would consider you a pregnant transvestite and not a pregnant man?

Mr. Lee :
Well, it's not really accurate. I'm still male afterall - biologically and anatomically. It's interesting that some people believe the definition of being a man is so precarious! And unlike the men who feel this strong desire to physically become women, I've never wished for that ... and I haven't done that. I have, however, always wanted to have a much stronger empathy with women. I love my mother and sister very much, and I'm very happy to share in something they have both experienced. Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. It's something that all human beings - both men and women - should experience before they die. This process has been a spiritual rebirth for me.

Janice :
I was just reading about one of your art projects - A Hundred Days With Lily. You have also described it as spiritually renewing experience.

Mr. Lee :
Yes. I carried a handful of white lilies for three months with me wherever I went. It was in honor of my grandmother who had passed away, to pay respect to her in some small way.

Janice :
I read that this was something rooted in Ch'an Buddhism. Is that correct?

Mr. Lee :
The idea is rooted in Ch'an Buddhism. I had spent many years growing up in a Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. We learned to appreciate the simple, transient, and everyday moments in life.

Janice :
Well, I must say, a pregnant man isn't something you see everyday.

Mr. Lee :
Actually, I see this pregnancy as being very much in keeping with Buddhist philosophical thought. There is a strong connection I feel between myself, the child within my body, and the world around us both. And I think there is a greater awareness and empathy I now share with my mother and sister as a result of my pregnancy. Most of all, there is a level of insight and understanding about being alive - of sharing your life - in ways that I've never realized before.

Janice :
I've talked with other pregnant people who have also described this sensation. I felt it strongly myself when I had my own daughter a few years ago... One last question, Mr. Lee. Do you have a name for your baby yet?

Mr. Lee :
I think I'll only know the name when the child is born. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 05/12/2006, 20:53


Howdy goody cutie AKians?!!

Wow! lots of sharings and stories here. I shall read the tags later.

I wasn't affected by the train commotion this morning as I usually stepped out of my house around 8 plus in the morning. Hmm...perhaps when someone is in distress and finds no one to talk too, it will result in sucide ba.

A gf of mine cut her wrist after a tiff with her bf. Now, she left an unslightly scar on her wrist and she always wear a bangle or hand band to cover it. Feel so sad for her. Hmm...let a stale relationship dies off by itself, why hurt yourself and inflict a scar on yourself to remind yourself of an unworthy relationship. Ever since, she seems to always have problems in relationship. I really think she needs to learn to love herself more.

Haiz...maybe I'm really not in a position to speak of of others. Afterall, I'm not in the situation to comment. But, no matter how, always seek your friends to talk, do not bottle your emotions inside you.

creamy doggy | 05/12/2006, 22:51


Birdie...You so lucky to have won a hamper. Thou small, it still memorable right? It's superband contest leh.

creamy doggy | 05/12/2006, 22:54


*testing , testing*
why no one here in this paradise?
but my msn list shows quite a few number of you guys online..
busy ah?
umm, jiayou with whatever you guys are doing then=)

parrot | 06/12/2006, 00:08

parrot... [Reply]

Aiyo...y u gave me away...u oso on msn what? Y u didn't PM me har???

creamy doggy | 06/12/2006, 00:29


hais. gt ppl suicide at mrt track? aiyo. again ar. =.= sigh~ sometimes, dun understand y r those ppl so silly? they mus be glad tt they can live in tis world. wad about those who wans to, bt cant live in tis world? so sad. kkaes. change topic.

si parrot! today u're VERI late. lols. si niao. =X

hamster | 06/12/2006, 00:33

parrot [Reply]

u online with fatrhino isit?

creamy, salmon n myself were tokking abt travelling n backpacking..
n abt the beautiful architectures of the western world..

birdie | 06/12/2006, 00:34



reporting back to ak. parrot say if i dont report, you all will think she ate me up.

okay going to sleep. good night!

salmon | 06/12/2006, 00:35


eyes v heavy liow.. gg to zzz.. so gd nite everyone, hippos, cuties n those ppl peeking

birdie | 06/12/2006, 00:35


heh? dont know leh..just feeling very sian tonight..someone pls entertain me!!

keke, not talking to shifu online la. think he is busy listening to his david tao's songs..keke! yah lor=D

parrot | 06/12/2006, 00:36

yup yup... [Reply]

Birdie is a very experienced traveller..shared lots with us...

I oso eyes v heavy liao...gtg to go dreamland le...

cuties, hippos n peeking pple...rainbow flower dreamz...

creamy doggy | 06/12/2006, 00:39


he where go so bo liao?
dunoe he know how to use marhs.
hahas. xD"
also got MLB songs marhs.
also must listen to their songs de!
hahas. xD"

parrot, dun go crazy.
keep going round ask pp entertain you.
at night always so high de.
tsk tsk*

hamster, she's well-known for being late!
made me sit at there for 1 whole hr!
i nv bbq her up already very gd ler.
wahahas. XD"

sea gull | 06/12/2006, 00:50


come to say goodnite, just finished all things n again passed midnight liao. Haiz... friend suggesting to change my tuesday class to friday cos friday class finishes faster, which means in order to go for fri class, I need to clamp my classes, 4 in a wk for few wks to catch up. Still considering should I or not??

Aiya, don;t want to think already, think too much recently, go sleep better. nites cuties & whoever out there reading this, u know who u r.
*sweet dreams!*

dolphin | 06/12/2006, 00:51


typo error.

he where got* so bo liao?

sea gull | 06/12/2006, 00:53


siao liao la! why am i craving for chicken pies at such time ? RAH! dont bbq mi!

i bttr go and sleep sia! AIYOH! cant take my mind out of the chicken pies from cottage pies! WHY?!! AIYO!

keke, all those peeking , sleep early, yeah?

parrot | 06/12/2006, 03:09

onihrtaf [Reply]

was listening to mlb on mp3..their qualifying rounds..semi final...final.. now i know why they got so many supporter..fans....must confess...tears roll down my cheeks while listening...they r damn humorous..talented..and oso damn siao..their songs reali touchy...

fR | 06/12/2006, 03:10


Good morning to all cutie cuties AKians!

FR...yup power right?! U should give yourself credit for grooming these bois when they r younger...Some songs they had done in Superband were really good, like Guo Huo, Xi Huan Ni, Du Yi Wu Er, Shen Bian, Hei Se Mao Yi...I like Qian Shou..and yeah...Yong Qi.

Yup...the siao part was the value added in the songs...some entertainments and yet cleverly tot of..

Hope their music matures and captures their supporters heart and soul. Yeah...when you give your heart out and you got one eventually.

creamy doggy | 06/12/2006, 08:16

fake? [Reply]

Yo yo, the fR up there, am I dreaming or u are a fake fR? Sure or not, or the system clock go haywire? 3am and you are still here? Or you are practising for your new work routine?

fR, you never know your bois would go this far when you first grouped them 10 over yrs ago right? But you got eyes of an eagle, never let their talent go to waste. They are considered a "rare case" to me. Quite a lot of friends were really shock when they know that I supported them. They are not my usual "type" lah. However I myself not surprise, cos all along I really admire ppl who can play musical instruments and know how to appreciate and enjoy them. I never really catch any superstar or idol show, but SB is the only one I chased from the beginning.

And y your bois stand out? They got the X factor. Not all the bands have that and frankly speaking, I only saw 2 in SB, your bois is one of them. And guess what, quite a lot of record companies actually shared the same view as me. :)

So does that mean I got the star search talent in my blood??? :P

dolphin | 06/12/2006, 09:01


fR, you finally hv ur speakers fixed huh? So you hv been listening to mlb on mp3? Shiok, sia? U can also watch their performances @ youtube. Here is the link to a playlist of mlb's videos:

You must be very proud of the bois, sia? Agree with cream that credit must be given to you. Without you, there'll be no MLB. I remember the bois dedicated a blog entry to you, but the link (to a video, i think) is no longer valid le...

I also dun watch S'pore Idol or any of the superstar compeititons (except maybe the finals). When SuperBand just started, I only caught glimpses of it when I channel surf. But when I know that MLB is going to sing Guo Huo, I told myself I MUST catch it, coz` I like that song and it's not an easy song to sing. I was VERY impressed by the bois' rendition. From then on, I began to take notice of MLB, read the blog and now, here i m tagging away and making lots of new friends :)

duckling | 06/12/2006, 14:31


dolphin ah dolphin, mayb you can join warner or other record companies, be the star search for them on the streets! keke, tt one realy is fatrhino la..though i find it quite weird to see him online at tt time also( cause, at tt time, usually only got mi and hamster online), yah lor, think he cry until cannot sleep!=)

parrot | 06/12/2006, 14:32


parrot, its not easy to be star search agent in Singapore loh, and somemore local record company...3 letters, CMA. I was quite familiar with warner long long time ago and I had asked the PR there before. He told me their pay not too good and no really good career propect. Thats why I didn't really go for it. But if in HK or TW, maybe better.

dolphin | 06/12/2006, 16:30


Sorry, should be CMI, not CMA.

dolphin | 06/12/2006, 16:32


keke, no wonder..
was in ak3 just now, was investigating how i manage to come across ak3..
umm, i really blur abt it sia!
did i found ak by mistake or accident ?
or i found it cause ppl directed mi there?
can someone tell mi?
i only know i went in ak tt dday, bambi is also first time tagging there..

keke, and birdie ah, why you ask mi to be parrot ah! hahaha, got reason?
and i realised before i joined ak, someone talked abt mi in ak hor...

parrot | 06/12/2006, 17:01


realise i din tag for quite a few days.
went looking for my fren ytd aft sch to take a breather.
though it was only to have dinner with her but talking to her sure help alot.
din spend much time tgt as she was working and could only meet me durin her dinner break.
spent some time with myself ytd. which im constantly craving for. =)

everything's fine now. a relief..

fatrhino. now then u knw how good is ur tu di arh?? =) u shd b proud of them.. and we supporters will support them no matter wad. =P

10 more days to hols. hahas. but den cant enjoy. hais. cux well.. aft tt is nightmare.. =( study study study.

piglet | 06/12/2006, 17:29

dear parrot [Reply]

yr memory, is short le.. at the AK3, u n peg told us someone directed u to AK n u tag as kaysee.. so i told u must transform yrself to an animal name .. u said help u to choose a name.. no doubt i dont know u well at that time.. but fm yr tagging.. i suggested parrot (reasons given to u b4 u agreed it suited u)..rpt here goes..

1)parrot is a beautiful bird to me cos is colourful.
2)it is freedom loving.. u dont c ppl put it in a cage..
3)to me is a clever bird .. u praise it or scold it.. u will get back same thing.. like u la..
4)most impt.. it can yak yak or ark ark.. like u la...
5) it can fly

birdie | 06/12/2006, 18:46


keke, is it!
parrot got short memory also! but just slightly better than tt goldfish! hahaha!

i think hor, reason 4 suits mi best! yak and yak!
now i can ark!

parrot | 06/12/2006, 18:51

fatrhino [Reply]

u r like MLB's guardian angel n captain ..w/o u, there may not be an MLB.. so u jiayou together with them.. pls cont. to guide them... we will cont to support them..

birdie | 06/12/2006, 18:52


wow u all realli staunch supporters of SB. I m a talent show junkie. follow most of them, rem being impressed by the campus superstars cos most of the teenage talents realli can sing! it was tough to decide which one i like best. but SB is the 1st one dat i go attend the gf live. So exciting! did u all know dat the SB gf program is nominated for one of the star awards? sure hope it will win on 10 dec cos the production of it was simply superb and it will make our memories of dat special nite even sweeter!

garfield | 06/12/2006, 20:19


garfield. yep. i hope sb gf will oso win the award. =)
i believe the top4 bands will feel special too.. =)

piglet | 06/12/2006, 22:20

finally.... [Reply]

got hold of a copy of the Xmas CD. The staff made a "scar" on d cover when he removed the security tag wif a pen knief :( I din see it until i got home. Else wld hv asked him to change. Luckily the "scar" is not on the pics of the hippos *phew*

the hippo song is cute, sia? laughed when i heard the kiddy hippo asking for a reindeer. LOL... so cuuuuuteeeee! so funniiii....hmmm....wonder which hippo was that :)

duckling | 06/12/2006, 22:52


piglet, checked my copy of 8days liao. it is nominated for the best variety Special. It is up against the renci charity show. if i dont rem wrongly, usually the winner for this category is the charity show cos of the mega logistics involved. hopefully SB will buck the trend this yr :)
hmmm... wonder when will the hippos appear on the cover of 8 days or at least featured in an interview in 8 days?

garfield | 06/12/2006, 23:14


duckling, dat kid sounds like nico???

garfield | 06/12/2006, 23:20


duckling, i also kena-ed the penknife thing ):

yep i think its nic too. they said its nic. so i guess it must be nic.

salmon | 06/12/2006, 23:36

oh... [Reply]

so it's nic...thanks, garfield & salmon :)

salmon, you too? sad right? haiz.. :( next time must keep an eye on the CD when u hand it to the cashier liao...

garfield, the hippos were featured on i-weekly before. it's a two-page spread but more pictures than words. Looks like we gotta wait for the EP before they appear on i-weekly's cover ba...as for 8 days, i think it's unlikely leh...

wonder if the hippos will be appearing in the Stars Awards or not...

it's late... nite, garfield, salmon, all other cuties, hippos, rhino n ppl peeking... rainbow dreamz...

duckling...flying to Mr Zzzz..... | 07/12/2006, 00:17


waa. so many virus tags again. RAHS!~ nvm. ii cant c it!~ lalalas~ jus dropping by to say, good night to all cuties, hippos & those peeking! swt dreams. XD

btw, mudco tagged in CS regarding the pre-gathering. go & take a look yea? XD

hamster | 07/12/2006, 02:38


Aiya, the spam virus reminds me that I haven't taken out my christmas tree yet. Must remember later...

What is leapfrog?

Bz day, almost forgot I got a stockcheck session in e afternoon. Chao...

PS. All cuties must go support our hippos tee-shirt ok! Must give our dear goldfish face ah. N then can see for yourself if he remains as goldfish or...

dolphin blur as usual | 07/12/2006, 09:42


leapfrog = leaping frog? okay...tt'z lame....hahaha...

what has spam virus gonna do with xmas tree?? Hmmm... now i m blur... :p

dolphin, enjoy your stockcheck. try ways n means to make it fun. you can de... :p


duckling | 07/12/2006, 10:37


garfield. ya lo. normally is charity show win de. hopefully tis yr different =)

mux go support mudco for the tee ya?? =)

piglet | 07/12/2006, 11:02

Hi Birdie... [Reply]

It has bn a pleasure to have knw you. Thank you for the effort and support shown to me.

I came in here to say Bye to AK. It has given me lots of memories.

Decided to call it a day as I do not feel the connection here anymore. I will be deleting all the e-mails and contacts that I have formed with AKians.

You guys continue to bond and have fun. I know you all will continue to support MLB so I won say anything on this.


NpWruss | 07/12/2006, 11:07


Npwruss- ): ): ):

im going to bang wall and cry. pre gathering is on the 16th. i'll be in thailand. RWWAAAAAAAA. ):

going back to school for camp. will be MIA for a couple of days. ):

): ): ):

the spams are getting more hiong. ):

salmon | 07/12/2006, 11:11

back frm prom [Reply]

NpWruss... Why are you leaving? Can somebody tell me what happened?

pink penguin | 07/12/2006, 11:38

hi to all [Reply]

pp , how enjoy yr pomp?

NpWruss - hi, what happened? why r u leaving? just tag whatever, u wish.. as n when u want.. until the blog ceases.. i am blur le?

birdie | 07/12/2006, 11:46

NpWruss [Reply]

sori..no idea, what happened.. if u treat me as a friend.. ct me... yr quitting not accepted.. i just take it that u r not free to tag.. so come in to tag.. as n when u feel like it.. c u agn..

did i offend u?

birdie | 07/12/2006, 12:23

NpWruss [Reply]

i remembered u said b4..no1 can make u quit blogging..? so what happened? who is that person.. who can influence u into quiting?

birdie | 07/12/2006, 15:38

NpWruss [Reply]

wad happened?? is everything alright??
we will all miss u de. so dun ever have the thought of leaving ya.

piglet | 07/12/2006, 15:42


im here to tag after 2 days?
lost track of time ler.

NpWruss, wad happen?
why suddenly like tt say?

mlbians are having their own tees at last!
xin ku goldfish ler~ xD
hope there wil be alt alt alt of pp there to support his design. ((:

sea gull | 07/12/2006, 21:41


what happened, npwruss?
care to tell us what happened?
very worried for you lehs~

parrot | 07/12/2006, 22:08


Wah sia! The spammar virus is making my head spin liao...

Today I have got some news and I was trapped in a a dilemma; dont know which way to turn. I need to make a decision asap. Can some wise ones PM me when you see me on MSN?..I need some advices.

Npwruss..(if u r still peeking this blog). Saw ur tag, made me even blurrer...???

Today has been a very blur day..haiz sia..

creamy doggy | 07/12/2006, 22:26


hi nice toking to some cuties at msn
gd nite n rainbow dream to all including the hippos, fatrhino n those ppl peeking..

tomorrow will be a better day..

biride | 08/12/2006, 00:32


NpWruss, wad happened? y suddenly wan to leave? mind telling us? dun scare mi.

hamster | 08/12/2006, 00:56


The blur one cannot remain blur forever...

Thanks cuties for helping to sort my dilemma; appreciate it greatly. I will follow my heart de.

Goodnite, rainbow flower dreamz to all cuties, hippos n peeking pple.

creamy doggy | 08/12/2006, 01:07


K, I'll close the doors n windows tonight.

Some info for cuties who seldom visit CS, go CS to look out for the announcement of MLB tee order k?

good nite...zzzzzzzzz

dolphin | 08/12/2006, 01:36


i finally can come in aft countless tries..

NpWruss, we're all very worried abt u. let us knw what's wrong ya??

i agree with dolphin. for those cuties who seldom visit CS. shd go CS to visit to get the news of the MLB tee. =)

doggy, hope ure prob has been solved.. take care.

nights cuties..

piglet | 08/12/2006, 01:44


i think i must be mad..
okay, now i am still alive!
i just cant sleep!
the time now is like 3: 30 am
think i must be the earliest again
and think, i am the only one here!=)
why ah?
i am feeling mad!
people sleep at such time, then i come in and tag at such time..
tml still need to wake up early..

parrot-ARK! | 08/12/2006, 03:28


argh... hv been trying for d past 1 hour.. finally can come in le...

NpWruss, no matter what happened, do come back here to tag again as and when you feel like it. AK's door is always open until the blog is ceased. But AKians' friendship will not cease. Remember - Once a AKian, Always a AKian.

TGIF! Finally it's Friday!

Hv bn v bz especially this week. So much to do, so little time...then some unanticipated events disrupted my aldy v tight schedule...haiz...i think my recent headache episodes are due to lack of sleep...so i'm going to catch up with my Mr Zzzzz 2nite...Then again, can't sleep too much, else headache also... argh...why must we have headaches???

all cuties, hippos & rhino have a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead!

duckling | 08/12/2006, 09:43

nic is on newpaper! [Reply]

doubt you are have seen this, it is on today's new paper..happened to see it when i am "flipping" the online new paper keke! and guess what, i found NICO!

2nd chance award - The nominees - 2 NIC LEE
MILUBING vocalist Nic Lee calls himself an 'ex-con'.

He was once an expletive-spewing delinquent who hawked illegal VCDs for a living and was arrested for vandalising a shop in 2002.

But the 22-year-old has reformed after spending two years in a boys' home.

He got his first chance at fame after winning the TV talent quest SuperBand in August, with bandmates Chan Weiqi and Sam Wang.

When told about his nomination for the 2nd Chance Award, Nic laughed.

He said: 'It's a bit weird, but okay. People don't discriminate against me just because I got out of a reformatory training centre, or think I'm 'yucks' because of my background.

'People accept that I'm an ex-con and I'm thankful for that.'

Nic, who is waiting to enlist for National Service on 11 Jan, has been busy writing songs for Milubing's upcoming debut album.

Of the band's sound, he said: 'We're going in the direction of U2 and Coldplay, with a slight tinge of Brit rock.'
keke, nic got nominated for 2nd chance! GOOD! haha! no wonder tt day saw him buying tt u2 album, n wonder!


parrot | 08/12/2006, 11:09


thanks, parrot for the info & link. Do you know we can vote for our nico?
Vote and win these phones
HERE'S your chance to win a Sony Ericsson Walkman handphone, just by voting for your favourite Flame Awards nominee.

Vote in any one of the eight Flame Awards categories and you could win a W850i Walkman handphone. Nine other voters could win a J100i handphone each, courtesy of Sony Ericsson.

To pick your favourite nominee for the 2nd Chance Award, send an SMS to 77877 in the following format: tnpchancenominee numberNRICname.

For example: tnpchance 1 S1234567A John.

Voting closes at noon on 15 Dec. Each SMS costs 20 cents.

Let's vote for nico!

duckling | 08/12/2006, 11:19


yeah, let's vote for him, man!
can right!
one person per vote?
siao liao!
i havent get my phone yet!
keke, you wan to post this in cs?

parrot | 08/12/2006, 11:24

VOTE FOR NIC! NO. 2 [Reply]

2nd chance award - The nominees - 2 NIC LEE

"MILUBING vocalist Nic Lee calls himself an 'ex-con'.

He was once an expletive-spewing delinquent who hawked illegal VCDs for a living and was arrested for vandalising a shop in 2002.

But the 22-year-old has reformed after spending two years in a boys' home.

He got his first chance at fame after winning the TV talent quest SuperBand in August, with bandmates Chan Weiqi and Sam Wang.

When told about his nomination for the 2nd Chance Award, Nic laughed.

He said: 'It's a bit weird, but okay. People don't discriminate against me just because I got out of a reformatory training centre, or think I'm 'yucks' because of my background.

'People accept that I'm an ex-con and I'm thankful for that.'

Nic, who is waiting to enlist for National Service on 11 Jan, has been busy writing songs for Milubing's upcoming debut album.

Of the band's sound, he said: 'We're going in the direction of U2 and Coldplay, with a slight tinge of Brit rock."

** VOTE and WIN these PHONES**

HERE'S your chance to win a Sony Ericsson Walkman handphone, just by voting for your favourite Flame Awards nominee.

Vote in any one of the eight Flame Awards categories and you could win a W850i Walkman handphone. Nine other voters could win a J100i handphone each, courtesy of Sony Ericsson.

VOTE nominee for the 2nd Chance Award :-

send an SMS to 77877 in the following format: tnpchancenominee numberNRICname.
tnpchance 2 S1234567A John.

(Voting closes at noon on 15 Dec. Each SMS costs 20 cents.)

HERE'S your chance to win a Sony Ericsson Walkman handphone, just by voting for your favourite Flame Awards nominee.

Vote in any one of the eight Flame Awards categories and you could win a W850i Walkman handphone. Nine other voters could win a J100i handphone each, courtesy of Sony Ericsson.

To pick your favourite nominee for the 2nd Chance Award, send an SMS to 77877 in the following format: tnpchancenominee numberNRICname.

For example: tnpchance 1 S1234567A John.

Voting closes at noon on 15 Dec. Each SMS costs 20 cents.

HERE'S your chance to win a Sony Ericsson Walkman handphone, just by voting for your favourite Flame Awards nominee.

Vote in any one of the eight Flame Awards categories and you could win a W850i Walkman handphone. Nine other voters could win a J100i handphone each, courtesy of Sony Ericsson.

To pick your favourite nominee for the 2nd Chance Award, send an SMS to 77877 in the following format: tnpchancenominee numberNRICname.

For example: tnpchance 1 S1234567A John.

Voting closes at noon on 15 Dec. Each SMS costs 20 cents.



birdie | 08/12/2006, 11:42


hi sori, i din c above tag.. so i posted also

birdie | 08/12/2006, 11:43

NpWruss [Reply]

to those who are concern n worried for her.. hv spoken to her.. yesterday nite ..

Relax.. she is taking a break.. due to some personal reasons... we wish her well during her break.. n pls do come bck to share yr stories/experiences esp yr travel tales .. when u r tired of yr holiday/break .. cya.. cheers!

birdie on behalf of cuties | 08/12/2006, 11:53

NOMINATE NIC no.2 [Reply]


send an SMS TO 77877

eg: - tnpchance 2 S1234567A yrname

(ea SMS costs 20cts. Voting closes at noon on 15thDec.2006)..

birdie | 08/12/2006, 12:35


suddenly these few days CS becoming so happening sia. hahas.
due to the MLB tee and also this nomination. =D
hope nico wins the award. =P

piglet | 08/12/2006, 12:40

short visit [Reply]

hello, sorry, can't tag much today. Just came back from a meeting n going out soon to site visit.

Just wanna say... Nico! Nico! Nico!

dolphin | 08/12/2006, 12:48

cuties [Reply]

i hv voted.. yesterday nite liow..
dont wait.. vote immediately.. incase u may forget.. esp.. blur sotong n blur parrot.. haha

he is fighting against strong opponents MDC STARS...

birdie | 08/12/2006, 12:48

dolpin [Reply]

i hve Thur7thDec06 'THE NEW PAPER"

is the same version as THE ELECTRIC PAPER..

birdie | 08/12/2006, 13:09

Dog Barks Reveal Universal Language [Reply]

Dog Barks Reveal Universal Language
Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News

"Dec. 6, 2006 — What do dog barks have in common with bird tweets and human baby cries?

All appear to communicate basic emotions, such as fear, aggression and submission, in somewhat the same acoustic way, according to a new Applied Animal Behavior Science study that suggests a primitive communication system may unite virtually all mammals.

The theory could help explain why previous research has found that many mammals, including humans, understand the vocalizations of different species."

general knowledge..

birdie | 08/12/2006, 17:15

This is Present Day Life [Reply]

1. You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you.

2.One of your reasons for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don't have e-mail addresses.

3. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries, or u phone them to come down to help u carry them.

4.Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn't have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now a cause for panic and you turn around to go and get it.

5. You get up in the morning and go on line before getting your coffee.

6. Sms is the spice of Life now.

7. From didi, meimei to Ah Gong n Ah Ma also must hv handphones.. don't care whether mom or dad got $$$.. die die must hv la.. or else malu le..

7. Last time, only survive on redifussion, or small radio..then later black/white tv.. for the better off.. nw the poor also must hv colour tvs, fridge etc... the bigger the better

birdie | 08/12/2006, 17:44


hmm... birdie, its only true of number 3 for me, I don't really mind my HP not with me, unless I'm expecting some calls.

K, I'm not that blur today loh, so I voted liao. :D

dolphin | 08/12/2006, 21:32

hi cuties [Reply]

njoy d wkend~


flamingo | 09/12/2006, 01:31


waa. sian half. ii cant vote for nic. using prepaid card. bt nvm. moral support. XD hehe. lalalas~

going off to lala land. nites to all cuties, hippos & those peeking. =) swt dreams!~

hamster | 09/12/2006, 02:47

hi waves~~~ [Reply]

Tis plc is deserted tis morning..

Our goldfish.. worked so hard on the tee.. the design must be interesting ..

anyway.. to all cuties.. hippos.. n ppl peeking.. may u all hv a nice n enjoyable weekend..

everybody JIAYOU! in whatever u do...

birdie | 09/12/2006, 10:14

dolphin [Reply]

u r lucky.. u hv only 1pt...at least yr mind is free..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 10:20


Hi Cuties sorry fir nit tagging for so many days... coz was very busy with my project... Finally submitted it yestetrday... was not a gd 1 but at least a great load off my back...
Great to noe tat npwruss leaving coz she need a break...
I voted for nic already...
Going back 2 my books... test start next week...

elephant | 09/12/2006, 11:39

Good day... [Reply]

slept longer than i should. woke up with another episode of headache... sigh....

wow, mudco stayed up till 4.36am just to design the tee leh... so touched :)

dolphin, did u blur, blur send in an incorrect vote or not? better check, ya? :p

pink penguin, juz saw ur tag up there. Did you enjoy your prom? managed to get a room? or went clubbing? it must be very happening. fill us in on what happened when u hv time, ya? :)

weather forecast says there's going to be rain & thunder till late evening today. So if you r going out, please remember your brolly.

enjoy your weekend!

duckling | 09/12/2006, 11:44

hi duckling, elephant,pp [Reply]

duck/ele both of u jiayou! in yr exam, ya

hi pp we cuties are waitig to hear abt yr prom nite experience, let us enjoy thru u la..

gg out nw.. all take care..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 13:35

ark ark [Reply]

strange.. no ark ark today..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 18:53

bai wan bao [Reply]

the lyrics of this song is reali very meaningful. it has helped calm me down for alot of things that's happening in my life. and has also taught me few lessons.

shall share the lyrics with all of u. XD


看看身边谁对你好 想想什么才最重要
歇下骄傲 努力最可靠
算算日子过去多少 敢敢去和时间赛跑
一定会遇到 生命中的百万宝

有些快乐 再多的钱还是卖不到
有些抱怨 其实只是你自寻烦恼
这个世界纷纷扰扰 内心的平静自己寻找
学会享受 生活的每一秒

i reali love the last paragraph. =)
the whole song reali depicts the world we're living in.

piglet | 09/12/2006, 19:25


sorry. typo error. hahas..
this is the edited one. XD


看看身边谁对你好 想想什么才最重要
卸下骄傲 努力最可靠
算算日子过去多少 敢敢去和时间赛跑
一定会遇到 生命中的百万宝

有些快乐 再多的钱还是卖不到
有些抱怨 其实只是你自寻烦恼
这个世界纷纷扰扰 内心的平静自己寻找
学会享受 生活的每一秒

piglet | 09/12/2006, 19:28

piglet [Reply]

tks, v thotful of u..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 20:19


bad duckling, I'm not that blur for this lah. I didn't vote wrongly, double checked before I sent okay. :P

PP, hows your prom? Found any room or u all went to camp at somewhere? Did u win the prom queen crown? Update us ah?

Elephant, jiayou jiayou. It will be over before you realise.

Nowadays students in poly really good, our standin lecturer from NYP told us other than normal break, they got MSN break too. Means a 2 mins break for the students to reply MSN? Time really changes...

dolphin | 09/12/2006, 20:24

Thoughts for the Day-Altitutes [Reply]

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."

" A human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind."

birdie | 09/12/2006, 20:28


she be: Thoughts for the Day-Attitudes

birdie | 09/12/2006, 20:33


birdie, you missing my ARK ah! hahah!
i shall ARK more then!
i got peek in ytd and morning, but just dint tag=)

oh, duckling, how are you? hope you are much more better=)


parrot-ARK! | 09/12/2006, 20:39

parrot [Reply]

when u r silent.. means something wrong with u n the meimei la...
i got sixth sense..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 20:48


Piglet...Thanks for the lyrics.

Birdir...Thanks for the thoughts sharing.

Dolphin...I really voted wrongly, to make up for that, I voted twice for nico lo.

Ele...JiaYou! AK supports you morally all the way!

creamy doggy | 09/12/2006, 20:48

creamy [Reply]

so u finally managed to vote..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 20:55


parrot is okay la=)
nothing is wrong..
keke, everyone thinks tt smth is wrong, huh?
abit of complicated, but i wan to clear asap

and to make up, i will ark often !

parrot | 09/12/2006, 20:56

Birdie... [Reply]

yup, I voted twice..cos the 1st one I sent in for nominee 1.:P Another blur day for me..hahas

For nico wor...muz vote mah...n voted twice for my earlier mistake.

creamy doggy | 09/12/2006, 20:58

creamy [Reply]

1 is voiting for MDC star Terance Cao..

to those who is waiting to vote

nic is no. 2

birdie | 09/12/2006, 21:10

hello parrot, hamster, seagull [Reply]

u 3 suppose to tell us stories le..

birdie | 09/12/2006, 21:34


doggy, u r more blur than me loh! Casting a vote to someone you don't know. Haha...

2 votes not enough, must vote at least 10 times to mend the mistake. :P

dolphin | 09/12/2006, 21:40


what story?
how parrot is formed?

parrot-ark! | 09/12/2006, 21:49


cream & dolphin, i tot only one vote per person? better check the terms & conditions...

duckling | 09/12/2006, 22:21


dolphin...dun be so chek ark lah...2 votes for nico...good mah...shuan shuan xi xi....hope he will win.

creamy doggy | 09/12/2006, 22:29


hmm.. I don't see this rule in the voting page leh. Nowadays they prefer u vote more... cos they can earn more mah.

dolphin | 09/12/2006, 22:37


Christmas in the Sticks
The year I moved to Alaska, I lived with my husband's family while he stayed in Montana and worked. I had never been around a huge family before, and he was the oldest of ten children, most of them married with kids of their own. They all lived within a forty-mile radius and used any excuse for a family gathering.

No one had any money. Kids were small; families were young and many of the parents worked more than one job just to pay the bills.

But that first year, the Christmas of 1981, they showed me what the giving-thing was all about.

I had only been there for about six months and was still in awe of the strength and power the love in a big family can generate. What they did that year was long-standing tradition for them, but I had never seen anything like it.

Two days before Christmas, the entire family gathered at Mom's house. Each couple threw $100 into a pot; singles tossed in $50 if they could, kids pitched in allowances or babysitting money.

We had "a family." A name and address from the church, we knew the situation, dad's been out of work, the baby's been sick, mom didn't want to put up a Christmas tree because she didn't want the children to be disappointed when Santa didn't come. The Power Company had shut the gas off once, but the church had paid the bill.

First we went to the grocery store. Ten adults, a dozen or more kids, we took the store by storm. Stomping snow off our boots and shedding hats and gloves, we worked up and down the aisles, five carts, soon full of turkey, dressing, potatoes, pies, and Christmas candy. Someone thought of simple stuff, how about toilet paper? Did anyone get butter? What about orange juice and eggs for breakfast?

Then the kids got to work. I watched, amazed, as a six-year-old gave up her $2.00 allowance so another little girl could have new mittens. I saw a ten-year-old's eyes light up when he found the saber light-sword he'd wanted, and then put it in the cart for a little boy he didn't even know. A warm, fuzzy blanket for the baby was my four-year-old nephew's choice.

Back to Mom's to wrap the gifts. There were two separate boxes of hand-me-down clothes, sized, pressed and folded. Soon 10 grocery-store boxes, overflowing with holiday food, joined them.

The kids created an assembly line to wrap gifts, big gifts, little gifts, special mugs and warm driving gloves. Paper and ribbon was everywhere. Laughter was woven in and out of satiny bows; love was taped to every tag.

Colorful plastic sleds were shoved in the back of the Bronco and stashed in the little available trunk space of warm cars idling in the sub-zero Christmas chill. The moon was out and the trees were covered with frost, glittering like a snow globe in a happy child's hand.

The favorite uncle got to play Santa. Dressed in a dapper red suit, he led the caravan to the trailer stuck back in the scrubby alder woods. Once we had to stop because the ruts in the snow got too deep and someone's car bottomed out. We transferred gifts and people, and carried on.

There were no other houses around the frosty mobile home, but the lights were on and a dog on a long rope barked from the wooden porch when we pulled up. Most of us stayed out on the main road, but we loaded the boxes on the sleds, tied them together and sent "Santa" and a few of the older kids to the door. We hung back and sang "Silent Night."

Santa and his helpers knocked and went right in when the door opened. The young family had, after all, decided to put up a tree, and they were stringing lights when we got there. They stood, stunned, as the Santa's helpers unloaded box after box, piled gifts upon gifts. It wasn't long before the tree was dwarfed by a mountain of presents.

Santa said the mom didn't start crying until she pulled the wool coat out of the clothing box. She only said, "Where did you come from?" and then, softly, "Thank you, so much." With the standard "Ho Ho Ho", and lots of "Merry Christmases!" the delivery crew sprinted back to the car.

We sang one last verse of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas” jumped in our magic sleighs and disappeared into the night.

Debby Mongeau

isnt it heart-warming?
we need not spend christmas extravangantly, but spending christmas with your loved ones is much more impt=)

parrot-ARK! | 10/12/2006, 00:01


birdie. no prob. =)
thanks for sharing the thots.

doggy, this time is ur turn to vote wrongly wors. hahas.. shuang shuang xi xi i agree.. hope nico will win. XD

duckling, are u feeling better? ur headache is persistent de arh?

elephant, jiayou!!

piggie, i miss u!!!

piglet | 10/12/2006, 00:16


hahas. parrot ARK-ing away? bt dun ARK too much. AK would get too noisy. noise pollution by parrot. =X hahas. opps. time for story? maybe tml den tag the story. late le. XD

hamster | 10/12/2006, 01:14


Wah! Parrot ark a very long story here...ok I'll read it tomorrow..now eyes too heavy to read long story...

Piglet...Hope nico shuang xi ling meng...

creamy doggy | 10/12/2006, 01:33


jus came in aft tagging in CS and found tt hey piglet u oso find the lyrics of 百万宝 meaningful. and u even type everything here, must tag in CS to share pleease... my ex-colleague say the lyrics is the usual no meaning one but aft seeing it for 1 week, i tot hey meaningful wat. for the instrumental intro, can anyone tell me if it is guit or fr a keyboard? can't tell n it's bugging me!
parrot, me too read ure story another time, too late now mus go to bed soon. went to sandy's concert tonite, tell u all > abt it wn i hv time. goodnite!

mighty mouse | 10/12/2006, 02:40


alamak! it's late n brain not working liao...

garfield | 10/12/2006, 02:42


how is sandy's concert?
she is a good singer, isnt it?
got nice voice! like her," paper aeroplane( translate to chinese)"..
share with us ,pls!=)

and hor,akians, i rmb just now during our usual akians conference, someone asked, why mudco didnt tagged in ak this few weeks or so..

umm, i believe he is really very busy though his exams are officially over..what more, he has been busy designing the mlb shirt for us, and also some other of his designing stuffs..

also, i assumed tt the guys are busy recording their album=)

tsktsk, so mayb tt is why, he didnt come in tt often this few weeks or so..keke, but i know it is okay for us right!though there is some werid and ugly litters arnd our kingdom , BUT, our immune systems are all pretty strong isnt it? so haha, just bear it!=)

parrot!- ARK! | 10/12/2006, 02:51

:( [Reply]

hey akians... so sorry that i've not been around the AK... been SUPER busy with the Tee design and recording with my bros...we've composed 2 new songs so far and about 3-4 more songs half way done...hoping to squeeze one of em into the EP heh heh... sorry ya..
So tired,... nite akians..

weiqi | 10/12/2006, 02:58


it's alright, weiqi.
we understand that. jux come in as and when you like. no obligations ya??
dun wish to add to ur burdens le.
jiayou with the recording and thanks for updating us with the tees and EP.

piglet | 10/12/2006, 03:03


Morning! I'm up!!!
Need to go do some labour work today.
Its Labour Day for me.
Yah, I know, its Sunday....
and I slept last than 3 hrs
But still got work to be done.

weiqi, don't worry abt AK, we all quite strong de. Concentrate on your new songs ah and give us the best EP ever. Jiayou! Add milo!

dolphin | 10/12/2006, 06:53


peg, my headache is persistent in the sense that it occurs everyday, however, it's on & off throughout the day. but nowadays, it not so bad leh. thanks for your concern. i'll got check my eyes next week :)

elephant, we both jiayou together!!

aiyoh..now we've got a blur doggy in AK too...难道是近墨者黑? hahaha...all other cuties, please be careful. dun get yourself "infected" ;p

pink piggie must be busy with her work ba...tt'z why hv not seen her for awhile. doggy, remember to tell pink piggie abt the pre-gathering, ya? :)

dolphin, hope everything goes will for you today. Jiayou! Not enuf sleep, cannot add milo :p

duckling | 10/12/2006, 12:25

weiqi/mudco [Reply]

thanks for dropping by despite your tight schedule. really dunno how to thank you for the effort u put in for the tee design...all the logistics, coordinations, updates and late nights. really appreciate it :)

dun worry abt AK. you can come here as and when you r free, as and when you like. no obligations, ya?

all the best for your recordings & song composing. I'm sure you all can make it de. really look forward to the EP :)


duckling | 10/12/2006, 12:35


oops, sorry for typo...

dolphin, hope everything goes well for you today.


duckling | 10/12/2006, 12:38

hm... [Reply]

must tag since quite a few asked about the prom...

all in all, i would say it was a very glam and beautiful prom, every1 was realli all dressed up... took loads of pictures and it is abit upsetting tt sum ppl you are quite unlikely to keep in contact and all you can leave for each others are the photos... but tt how it is like, isn't it?

tsk tsk, but it wasn't realli happening cuz the crowd was abit dead... so abit sianz... and i wld say tt the councilors din realli do a good job in planning the event. the company was great but the prom itself was a... *shakes head*

lucki for us, one of my klasmate dad managed to pull some strings and we sorta gt a rm despite the fact that the hotel was supposed to be fully booked. thank gawd for the rm though... haha~ if not, it wld be havoc for us...

alrite, so we went down to MOS but unfortunately tt day we needed a i/c to get in... since when did dey invented this stupid rule?!? cuz the last time i managed to get in with an ezlink card... (heard tt loads of clubs specially chosed tt day to invent the rule with an i/c probably cuz of the amount of prom nites happening all ard) well, i did bring along one but with the majority nt having one den sianz, sianz, dun wan to go in also... after all, the company is wat realli matters... heh.

so instead we went "clubbing" at the coffee club near it... the tiramisu dere roxs totalli...so just sat ard, lepak and tok abit.. haha~ and den some stupid idiot suggested tt we walked back to the hotel... which was a bloody far walk away la!!! argh... den we reach dere, washed up took a quick nap and had breakfast at mac before taking the first train hm.

yup, that was wat happened tt nite... and seriously, it was the company tt makes things fun, to look at it on the surface wld have seem like a mundane and boring nite but the company made it all worthwhile.

cheers to my fellow prom mates~!

pink penguin | 10/12/2006, 13:11

weiqi aka goldfish aka mudco [Reply]

tks for yr viist n concern... we appreciate MLB's hard work.. of the tee n composition to give us the best music.. we Jiayou! n Power! together..

birdie | 10/12/2006, 13:13

mudco [Reply]

thanks for all the effort you put in to AK to be part of it...

haha~ there must be a great design for the tee cuz, even me, the anonymous-stay-@-home-supporter-type wld be wanting a piece of it... plus definately the album la!

focus ur energies on it cuz it is what we realli want!

pink penguin | 10/12/2006, 13:15

sorrie [Reply]

and sorrie for nt realli tagging for the last few days cuz after npwruss tag i realli... realli dinno what to tag... thanks to birdie though, i am encouraged to come back to tag... and sorrie to birdie too, i just hit the sack when i reached hm last nite... cldn't chat with ya and dolphin online... bt dolphin did update me about the tee...

and i agree with the rest, npwruss, whenever you want to come back, we will be here waiting for ya...

once an AKian, always an AKian...

pink penguin | 10/12/2006, 13:19

tks pp for sharing.. [Reply]

glad u did enjoy yrself .. agreed, is the company u r with.. that will mde yr day.. n is the ppl power, that will brighten up a dull n boring plc..

birdie | 10/12/2006, 13:20

hippos + akians + mlbies [Reply]

MLB Family,
United We Stand.
Divided We Fall.
Hopefully, Akians
Can be a Pillar
As Long as We can

birdie | 10/12/2006, 13:29

yup... birdie [Reply]

haha~ true lei... even the walk back to the hotel with heels on was hilarious... company does matter...

i totalli agree, divided we fall... it is impt for us to stand united and support the bois!

pink penguin | 10/12/2006, 13:37

dear akian-plant [Reply]

if sometimes, u feel 'luan in the mind' n need some peace.. can meditate in the mng-garden..

can find me there..

birdie | 10/12/2006, 13:52


but dont b mistaken .. tis AK is a beautiful place.. for bonding.. n cuties love tis plce.. but mng can also be a beautiful plc for the plants/flowers..

birdie | 10/12/2006, 13:55

piglet [Reply]


went 2 yr MLB publicity blog.. wow gd le.. wish i can do it also..but i can't.. i am an IT idiot.. must learn some 'Gong Fu" fm u ..

birdie | 10/12/2006, 14:03


was here..keke, mudco really turned up..keke, it gave mi a fright..tsk tsk! didnt know he will drop by after all those late nights..tsk tsk*

today is sunday! haha! i think i am really bad at appreciating the song lyrics, esp the chinese one..keke, had been listening songs and jotting down lyrics down..need to feel the song from deep down inside..good chance to improve chinese, isnt it! hahah!

pp, smile la!=)

parrot-ARK! | 10/12/2006, 17:59


birdie. =) thanks. i tink others can do better than me la. i jux anyhow try this try that nia. =X

stars awards now wors.. hopefully superband finals won the award. =D

duckling, okay. good. have ur eye chk soon!! =D

piglet | 10/12/2006, 19:16


superband finals din won the award. but it's alright though. XD
when they were previewing those ru wei in tt award de, was like, tt day's memories came back. it's reali a memorable day isnt it?

piglet | 10/12/2006, 19:36


oh, so mudco appeared immed after parrot tagged that he hasn't been here in a while huh? so qian manz...haha

mudco, thanks for dropping by, and really, it's ok, as we understand that currently is a very busy time for you, with the tee, the album among other things...

and really, really hope that at least one of your very own songs wld be recorded into the EP! *pray hard*

pink penguin, so your prom did turn out quite alrite ya? yes, I do agree that the company is very important...coz' they are the reason that make everything fun :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 10/12/2006, 22:29

mudco/weiqi... [Reply]

Thanks for the visit despite of the late night.

Look forward for the new compos and your tee design...Heard that the design is very power wor! Wondering is it white or green? I'm sure there's no ribbon on it right?! hahas...

creamy doggy | 10/12/2006, 22:48


I had informed Piggie about the Tee thingy le...She'll be there on 16 Dec...

creamy doggy | 10/12/2006, 22:55


The insider told me its white colour...
tmr monday siaz... seem non-stop going for me this whole week. Can't wait for christmas manz...

dolphin | 10/12/2006, 22:56


Dolphin...Ya..is white color...hahas..

creamy doggy | 10/12/2006, 22:57

tks parrot for the story [Reply]

Is a heart warming xmas story.. the spirit of giving.. no need to be rich to give..n to be able to give is happiness itself..

"a six-year-old gave up her $2.00 allowance so another little girl could have new mittens. I saw a ten-year-old's eyes light up when he found the saber light-sword he'd wanted, and then put it in the cart for a little boy he didn't even know. A warm, fuzzy blanket for the baby was my four-year-old nephew's choice. "

i like tis part..where the little children can sincerly n without regrets give up the little wealth they hve.. to other poor children they do not know..

birdie | 10/12/2006, 23:43


thx mudco for dropping by in AK! XD dun hav to come here if u're busy la. hahas. we're alright wif it. bt do drop by when u're free. =) hehe. thx for the hard work wors! greatly appreciated. jiayou for the EP! hopefully can include the songs that the hippos composed. XD jiayou wor! slp early la goldfish. *blooh blooh*

hamster | 11/12/2006, 00:33

story time. =) [Reply]

Death of an Innocent

I went to a party, Mom, I remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mom, so I drank soda instead

I really felt proud inside, Mom, the way you said I would.
I didn't drink and drive, Mom, even though the others said I should.
I know I did the right thing, Mom, I know you are always right.
Now the party is ending, Mom, as everyone is driving out of sight.

As I got into my car, Mom, I knew I'd get home in one piece.
Because of the way you raised me, so responsible and sweet.
I started to drive away, Mom, but as I pulled out into the road,
the other car didn't see me, Mom, and hit me like a load.

As I lay there on the pavement, Mom, I hear the policeman say,
the other guy is drunk, Mom, and now I'm the one who will pay.
I'm lying here dying, Mom.. I wish you'd get here soon.
How could this happen to me, Mom? My life just burst like a balloon.

There is blood all around me, Mom, and most of it is mine.
I hear the medic say, Mom, I'll die in a short time.
I just wanted to tell you, Mom, I swear I didn't drink.
It was the others, Mom. The others didn't think.
He was probably at the same party as I.
The only difference is, he drank and I will die.
Why do people drink, Mom? It can ruin your whole life.

I'm feeling sharp pains now. Pains just like a knife.
The guy who hit me is walking, Mom, and I don't think it's fair.
I'm lying here dying and all he can do is stare.

Tell my brother not to cry, Mom. Tell Daddy to be brave.
And when I go to heaven, Mom, put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
Someone should have told him, Mom, not to drink and drive.
If only they had told him, Mom, I would still be alive.

My breath is getting shorter, Mom. I'm becoming very scared.
Please don't cry for me, Mom. When I needed you, you were there.

I have one last question, Mom, before I say good bye.
I didn't drink and drive, so why am I the one to die?

hamster | 11/12/2006, 01:00

yay... [Reply]

the details are all up... finally..phew.. now i've got peace..

The tee's white, one side printed. Take care Akians!

mudco still a goldfish | 11/12/2006, 01:45

haha goldfish [Reply]

finally, peace be with u.. tks for the update.. sin ku ni la.. pls hv a gd rest.... u take care too.. n a rainbow dream..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 01:57

mudco [Reply]

thanks for dropping by AK again :)
really appreciate all the hard work. dolphin, you too :)

hope it'll be the last late nite you're going to have. From now till Sat, just go enjoy your holiday! Catch up with your "handsome" sleep. so we can see a mudco instead of a goldfish :p

and you take care too! :)

duckling | 11/12/2006, 10:14

mudco [Reply]

oops...i meant to say...

From now till Sat, just go enjoy your holiday! Dun hv to worry abt the tees....

duckling | 11/12/2006, 10:27


pink penguin, thanks for sharing with us about your prom nite :) yap. what matters most is the company, ya? :)

creamy doggy, noticed tt u've been staying up v late recently too...dun need your beauty sleep liao huh? Now dun need to wait for mudco's update. better sleep early, ya? so you can look piao piao liang liang on sat :p

duckling | 11/12/2006, 10:40


Blogger MLB | 09 January, 2007 09:50


Good morning cuites!

I'm resting at home today; down with a light flu.

Hamster & Parrot..thanks for the inspiring stories.

Duckling...ya I broke my cinderella time curfew le; hv been sleeping late. Ytd morning I missed a very important date with SOMEONE cos I couldnt wait up. Hmm...what is there to look piao piao liang liang to do with sat??

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 11:07


typo *wake* =P

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 11:08

tks hamster [Reply]

the msge is clear.. life is fragile..
treasure yr life n dont destroy others..

"If u drive dont drink,
And if u drink, dont drive."

birdie | 11/12/2006, 11:33


creamy doggy down with flu ah? aiyoh, take care, ya? take lotz of vitamin C and drink lotz of water..

Sat? Just think where you'll be going & who you'll meet lor... :p

duckling | 11/12/2006, 11:34

something light to share.... [Reply]

Daily Exercises for More Joy

Not all of us can live every day with great joy, but most of us can adopt a few simple exercises that will inject small doses of happiness into our lives. It's these little joys that can make all the difference in making us more resilient to the knocks we get occasionally.

Here are some exercises you can work into your routine every day for more joy.

Exercise No. 1 - Throw away one item a day.

We can draw energy from or lose it to our environment; just ask yourself how a messy, disorganized email system make you feel - you can't locate the messages you want, important contacts go missing, you miss deadlines and crucial documents. How would you maintain a more efficient email infrastructure? Simply by determining which messages are no longer valid or important and trashing them! Same goes for the stuff in your living space. Physical clutter can clog up your emotional flow and prevent good things from taking their place.

Exercise No. 2 - Meet someone new every day.

We all need social interaction; even the most reserved among us will find it maddening to be the only person on a desert island. Besides, each human being has unique experiences and valuable insights to share. By getting to know more and more people, you expand your own horizon of possibilities, and a stronger sense of possibility is the key to greater joy.

Exercise No. 3 - Change one habit a day.

Habits are the little building blocks of routine and routine is the death knell of happiness and meaning. So challenge yourself to change one habit a day; these may not necessarily be actions or behaviour, they could even be attitudes or ways of seeing things. So instead of lapsing into what has become your crutch or the conventional way of perceiving things, turn things on their heads! Ask questions! Do different things! Do things differently!

Exercise No. 4 - Laugh at every opportunity.

Laughter is the fuel of the spirit and though it may seem superficial to equate more laughter to more happiness, there's no denying its benefits. Besides, it feels good! I once heard that angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!

And Exercise No. 5 - Find an opportunity each day to just be.

Put the world on pause for a moment and find the centre of your stillness. This allows your inner voice or intuition to speak to you and give you fresh insight. Most of us don't nurture our inner voices; as a result, it typically gets drowned out by the noise of the outside world. But give it space to emerge every day and you will find yourself living with more peace.

Credit: Eugene Loh, A Slice of Life, 938LIVE, a station of MediaCorp Radio

duckling | 11/12/2006, 11:36

hi waves ~~~~ [Reply]

gd day all..

hi above.. duck n ceamy.. take care..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 11:36


Hi hi Birdie..

Duckling...I tot we r going "shopping"...la kopi?? I see u onli lor

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 11:38


hi birdie, good day to you too! :)

creamy doggy, dun get you leh *blur* ???

duckling | 11/12/2006, 11:57


Good morning/afternoon...
doggy, how u get to "gieng" an MC today?
I can't take anymore leave, need them for some other things. As for MC... can only say I cannot set a bad example for those under me lah. Haiz...

Monday really blue, now maybe should start to count my days here, how soon will they end...

blue dolphin | 11/12/2006, 11:59


Oops!...aiyo my flu is really making me super blur le..

Hahas...so the one I'm going to meet is dolphin..hahas..duckling! u r binded by your books and notes only..so u beta stay home! Oops, we r not suppose to tell u we r going "shopping" de.. x)

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 12:01


Dolphin...I didn't "geng" I openly declared I need a day rest at home...

Now...my colleage complaining to me on MSN of her much ironic Monday..

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 12:03


aiyoh, creamy doggy... u made me one head of dew (read in chinese :p)... wait i got headache again :(

hello dolphin, i prefer you in pink :p

duckling | 11/12/2006, 12:12


Think Monday is the most hatred day in a week. I got another battle in the afternoon, but most prob will lose... anyway, will find a way out.

doggy, so good can declare ah? I can't do that leh... cos ppl who spoilt me left liao, cannot declare today mood no good wanna go out... used to do that last time.

U ah, is it becos after knowing me starting to be a sotong too? Aiyo, sat meeting ME also forget. but sat hor...can I send a messenger instead? Then I go dating with someone else. haha

dolphin | 11/12/2006, 12:12


Dolphin...dun do tat to me leh? U wanna date who?

Anyway, I can work from home; checking emails and replying them..accept my physical is here...need recuperation from the manual task I did on sat...

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 12:24


typo again haiz...*except*

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 12:25

sotong dolphin [Reply]

aiyo, yr virus v strong le.. fm 1 sotong.. nw got 3 sotongs.. dont infect the whole AK, pls..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 13:12

Snowflakes [Reply]

"Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together."

birdie | 11/12/2006, 13:24


bird, I'm not virus sotong loh... they have their own sotong blur in them cannot blame me. But I think it could be becos of a certain goldfish too, he started the blur-ness first. Now still quite blur...

doggy, my date very important one, although he is fat n short, but I still need him loh...We constantly go dating wan leh... thats y I'm thinking should I fly him kite or fly u areoplane... still thinking...

dolphin | 11/12/2006, 14:10


Dolphin..please pre-empt me if u finally decided to fly me aeroplane. Then I can go find a tall dark handsome one to go dating oso =P

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 14:35


Birdie..no wonder I've been so blur lately...I kinda know why now..

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 14:37


afternoon all.
woke up in the afternoon 2dae and discover that mudco had updated us with all the sizes and location. and off i go, posting them in the advertising blog, the forum.. luckily yahoo grp have got ppl who helped me posted it le. =)

now finally done with all the postings and replying to tags. hahahs.. fun afternoon.
and now it's raining at my location. heavy rain, i mux say. luckily im not gg out 2dae. if not i sure sian de.

thanks hamster for the story. =)

mudco, u appeared again. thanks for the updates and visiting the blog. =) u take care ya?? have lottas rest.

doggy, take care.. have enough rest s well hors..

piglet | 11/12/2006, 15:43


sorry for not tagging for the past few days. feeling very weird now because last two weeks i was so busy and now i've got nothing to do. now a bit gong

creamy, do take care okay!

dolphin, sat got people turn up right? your worries were unfounded.

mudco, thanks for always remembering AK. (:

hope all of you enjoy saturday. must tell me what happened okay! i'll be flying to thailand soon. see if i can meet nico there. haha. day dreaming again.

salmon | 11/12/2006, 15:59


hahas.. salmon. ya hors. nico is also there. XD
hope u'l be able to see him there.. =)
u take care ya?? have fun there..

piglet | 11/12/2006, 18:09


it sure seems quiet here 2night arh??

piglet | 11/12/2006, 20:14


Thanks all..I'm doing fine. Slept much and did some ironing =)

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 21:35



i am here!
the christmas story.it reminds mi that sometimes we shldnt be selfish, many ppl outside there are even less fortunate than us..and i think sharing our blessing, and passing them arnd are impt!=)

goldfish, you are back ah! aiyo! haha! still a goldfish? then continue BLOOHING! *BLOOH BLOOH BLOOH*
haha! your fish tank still smelly not! hahahhaha!

hey! attention all akians!
after the pre-gathering right, are the akians going to tongshui tgth?

parrot-ARK! ARK! | 11/12/2006, 21:37

hamster [Reply]

yeah, your story is very inspiring=)

life is realy impt , and ppl shldnt treat it lightly..
really dont know what is going through ppl's mind when they try to commit sucide, by jumping down the mrt tracks etc, dont yoi find it stupid?

do they think they can solve all their problems by just committing suicide? shldnt they spare a thought for their family?

parrot.....still ARKING! | 11/12/2006, 21:41


Life is sacred. It has a single meaning in each episode in our life. Embrace life as it embraces you.

creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 21:46

haha! [Reply]

Salmon - wa, u v hiong le.. chasing Nico all the way to Thailand...

no wonder, cuties.. follow the path of blurness.. cos is branded n is the path goldfish likes to take.. ha!

at least in AK.. the little ones learn the value of life, n what else, u all learn here?

birdie | 11/12/2006, 22:45


oh ya, parrot also learn abt - unselfishness n to share with the less fortunate.. also to love n appreciate her dad .. congrats! ur time is not wasted here..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 22:51


think we all learnt a lot along the way from every single cutie. thats why ak is so special.

ak gathering no. 2? and im going to miss again? ):

slim chance of seeing nico la. im just day dreaming. i'll visit you guys @ pre gathering via dreamland! (:

salmon | 11/12/2006, 22:55

A Slice of Life, [Reply]

duck, tks for sharing.. k will try some pts, if not all..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 22:57

salmon [Reply]

when r u flying?.. i thot salmon swims..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 22:58


hi cuties..sorry havent been tagging for so long..been veri tired after work so i sleep realli early..thanks for all the concern..i'm fine..din disappear but hiding from fatrhino tho..heard tt he's after the piggies..haha..creamy doggy n piglet sms me yest..told doggy tt i will try to tag last nite but was so tired when i return from my cousin's house tt i hit e sacks e moment i reached home..sorry! :p

y did npwruss leave? can someone tell me wad happened? blur..npwruss, come back as n when u like k..gg to miss u.. :(

saw the 2nd chance award thingy on the newpaper..voted for nic.. :) is it a one vote per person system?

elephant, jiayou with your tests! hols coming soon rite? mus perservere k.. :)

hmm, weiqi dropped by..weiqi, thank you for designing the tee wor..cant wait to see it..appreciate your effort put into designing the tee.. :) jiayou with the recording for ep yea..hope u guys can hv original composition in the ep..will be praying hard de.. :)

take care my dear cuties.. :) will try to come back soon k..cya all tis sat! yay! excited.. :D my eyes closing soon..hv a date with mr zzz..nitey cuties!

pink piggie | 11/12/2006, 23:28

piggie [Reply]

hi welcome bck.. we all miss u..
we at msn nw..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 23:34



creamy doggy | 11/12/2006, 23:35

piggie [Reply]

no mentioned abt one to one.. so i voted more than once.. so nic can hv better chance..hopefully la..

birdie | 11/12/2006, 23:40


hi cuties...

shall c those who r gg on sat!

look forward to c mudco's work!

flamingo | 11/12/2006, 23:53


argh... feel so fustrated... tml paper is 9.30...and i still got a lot of things haven study finish... + i'm down wif flu... mayb is becoz if the heavy rain juz now... and my right eyes is swollen...
sianz.. really sawy...
Sorry 4 ranting here...

elephant | 11/12/2006, 23:54


yea. life is important. bt some ppl jus dun treasure their lives. =.= commit suicide is indeed silly.

mudco drop by again? thx for updating the details of the gathering! hahas. noe tt u're still a goldfish. *blooh blooh* lols. catch ur Z monster early la! c'ya soon. =)

hamster | 11/12/2006, 23:59


elephant, take a rest first before continuing wif ur work? if uu feel unwell, should go visit a doc soon. XD hope uu feel better! =)

hamster | 12/12/2006, 00:11


birdie, im flying on wed. swim? i'll take millions of years

ele, JIAYOU!

salmon | 12/12/2006, 00:24

salmon [Reply]

hv a gd holi!

flamingo | 12/12/2006, 00:29

elephant [Reply]

ya, can c u r feeling frustrated..pls relax, drink lots of warm water.. n most impt must try to get enough sleep.. otherwise, yr head will becomes real blur elephant.. anyway, take care n jiayou.. n best of luck to u..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 00:43


elephant, agree wif birdie... go rest now and wake up early tml to continue wif ur study b4 d paper. think that will work better...take care & jiayou!

hi pink piggie, u r back! dun worry, cuties will protect u from fatrhino de :)

all cuties, hippos, rhino & ppl peeking... nitez & rainbow dreams....

ps why someone in CS called our nico, nico???

duckling...flying to Mr Zzzz..... | 12/12/2006, 00:49


gd nite everyone, hv a rainbow dream

birdie | 12/12/2006, 00:49



Sal...have a good trip...a fun-filled one too!

Goodnite cuties..hippos..n naughty peeking people..

creamy doggy | 12/12/2006, 00:50


ele, its better to go sleep than study with this kind of health status. If u don't rest, your flu will get worst n affect your test even worst. Go sleep, wake up bit earlier n study. Rest is to prepare for a longer journey.

dolphin | 12/12/2006, 00:53

birdie qn of what we've learnt in AK [Reply]

all the way from AK1 to AK4.
i've learnt alot of things.

i've learnt to realise that there's actually compassion in ppl even in cyber world. cindy's death proved it. seeing all the cuties tryin to help in one way or another, expressing words of concern and support. it shows that this world, there's still ppl who care abt me. and i must stay strong.

also learnt that life is very fragile. u nv knw what might happen to u the next day. the only thing u can do is to do what you wana do and dun do things that will make u regret.

somethings jux cant be forced. if it's not there, no matter how hard u try, it wun be there as well. frenships require both parties to commit to it and not just one party committing to it and the other party is always receiving.

i musn't be selfish. and shd put myself into other ppl' shoes. be more compassionate and understanding. i shd be contented with wad i have and not keep requesting for more. i also shd not take advantage of what im receiving and is having.

i've learnt to be less sensitive and emot now. take things lightly and a smile is always better than a sad face. =D

a smile doesnt cost much but it can make the day of others. and alot of ppl like it. so why not. SMILE!!

im still learning. ak is a very special place to be in. whereby i can share anything and everything.

thanks birdie for creating AK.

well well. these are what i've learnt in AK. i believe there's still more. but currently cant tink of it. =X

sorry. took quite a long time for this tag cux was making updating the publicity blog and replying tags to the rest of the MLBians, chking mails in forum and my own emails.

piggie, u finally appeared. hahas.

piglet | 12/12/2006, 01:03


busy updating the blog. hahas.

piglet | 12/12/2006, 01:05


okie back to tell u all abt sandy's concert. if u r no fan of sandy, pls skip this.
actually dere's a review of her concert in life! today. quite accurate except for last part. 1st encore song was not 伤痕, she sang 当爱以成往事 (tink dat's the title, v bad memory 4 such stuff) instd。2nd encore song was 纸飞机。wat tickled me was dat hey she has quite a few enthusiastic mature guy fans, she realli mei li wu fa dang. wn concert started all of us were v sedate until she sang dat song with something called 不回家 in disco beat, den all the fans went crazi. haha its a v ah pek song but it jus brings back all the memories. after dat, it was high all the way for the real fans,cos all the golden hits came out one aft another:伤痕 (my fav), 为你我受冷风吹... the rest i dunno title. the slooow songs w her crystal clear voice. beautiful! never once was she out of pitch. realli a top notch performer.
the encore was fantastic cos we had an extended impromptu one aft she sang the chinese songs, the director of her concert dared her to sing wat he played so all the audience stood up 4 the 2nd encore where she sang ard 2 upbeat canto songs plus a English medley. den she n her entourage disappeared, no matter how we called n cheered, no further appearance...by sandy, onli the stagehands appeared to dismantle the equipmt. all in all it was an enjoyable concert...oh n we bought the cheapest tics but got "upgraded" fr balcony seats to the ones below so could get quite a good side view of the stage n sandy. so we got our money's worth.haha!

garfield | 12/12/2006, 02:13


爱上一个不回家的人, wow, thats a classic. She got famous becos of this song I think. My colleague is a big fan of her, but he didn't go as no ppl accompany him. Haha, then I kept teasing him. :P

Oh yah, goldfish updated the pre-gathering with pic of it. Told some cuties to go jalan there, may "bu xiao xin" met him there. Any luck???

dolphin | 12/12/2006, 08:37


wow! all the "oldies"...bring back memories, ya? it sounded like a really enjoyable concert :) you get "upgraded"? so luckily.. how did you do it huh?

dolphin, so did you go there to catch mudco? :)

duckling | 12/12/2006, 08:57

New HR Policy [Reply]

To all Employees:

Effective January 2007

Dress Code

1. It is advised that you come to work dressed according to your salary. If we see you wearing Prada shoes and carrying a Gucci bag, we assume you are doing well financially and therefore do not need a pay raise.

2. If you dress poorly, you need to learn to manage your money better, so that you may buy nicer clothes, and therefore you do not need a pay raise.

3. If you dress just right, you are right where you need to be and therefore you do not need a pay raise.

Sick Days

We will no longer accept a doctor's certificate as proof of sickness.

If you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

Holiday Days

Each employee will receive 104 personal days a year. They are called Saturday & Sunday.

Compassionate Leave

This is no excuse for missing work. There is nothing you can do for dead friends, relatives or co-workers. Every effort should be made to have non-employees attend to the arrangements.

In rare cases where employee involvement is necessary, the funeral should be scheduled in the late afternoon. We will be glad to allow you to work through your lunch hour and subsequently leave one hour early.

Toilet Use

1. Entirely too much time is being spent in the toilet. There is now a strict three-minute time limit in the cubicles.

2. At the end of three minutes, an alarm will sound, the toilet paper roll will retract, the cubicle door will open, and your picture will be taken.

3. After your second offence, your picture will be posted on the company notice board under the "Chronic Offenders" category.

4. Anyone caught smiling in the picture will be sanctioned under the company's mental health policy.

Lunch Break

1. Skinny people get 30 minutes for lunch, as they need to eat more so that they can look healthy.

2. Normal size people get 15 minutes for lunch to get a balanced meal to maintain their average figure.

3. Chubby people get 5 minutes for lunch, because that's all the time needed to drink a Slim-Fast.

Thank you for your loyalty to our company. Remember we are an employer of choice and we are here to provide a positive employment experience.

Therefore, all questions, comments, concerns, complaints, frustrations, irritations, aggravations, insinuations, allegations, accusations, contemplations, consternation and input should be directed elsewhere.

*for a good laugh & destress from work :) *

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 12/12/2006, 10:24


duckling, I'm e one furthest from that place, what do u think?
Some of your are just mins away from there right??
Anyway, my yan yu with hippos n goldfish not too good in record. Maybe if I lose my way...hmm...

dolphin | 12/12/2006, 11:27


dolphin, i'll invest those few mins only if there is guaranteed returns. chances of catching a hippo there is quite slim, so.....

Hmmm... you'll meet the hippos if you lost your way? Ha! I've finally found one advantage for being a lu chi :p

duckling | 12/12/2006, 12:17


oooohh! i am back!=)=)

bambi, your joke very....(-.-"). but very funny sia, can roll on the floor! haha!

woooo! it sounds like sandy's convert was a great one! some of my frens' frens were talking abt it, and somehow, i really feel like going, but haha! no $$!

elephant, how is your exam?
hope you are feeeling alright now?

parrrrrrooooott!- ARKING! | 12/12/2006, 13:34


Yup duckling, thats how parrot, hamster n sea gull met them last time. I'm not a lu-chi lah... thats y never got the luck to meet them.

dolphin | 12/12/2006, 13:35


haha, yeah, the three of us are licensed LU CHI! hahha!

parrot | 12/12/2006, 13:58

Don't throw away your ATM receipt in public places [Reply]

Hi All, received this from a collegue, not sure how true is it though, but it's better to be careful...

Since all of us have ATM card(s), i would like to share this important news. My friend saw a man before at Novena MRT ATM trying to get all the receipts out of the ATM bin.

Hi all, please read the following message from a friend of mine, it's true, please be careful, it's not a joke.......

Be careful when u draw cash from ATM with receipt which complete with ur account number. Never, never throw the receipt in the public even if u must tear into small pieces before throwing it away.

Today, just got a call from my sister that she had lost all her cash from her account whereby she threw the receipt into the bin provided at ATM recently. Luckily, she only has $633/= in her account.

Not much of suspicious when she was left with $11/= because she thought it was her petrol GIRO payment, however, that's not true. She only got to know it when the petrol company, mobil cut-off the petrol card's transaction that she realized something is wrong. After checking with the bank, she was told that now there is this syndicate who will pick up the ATM receipt & with their IT expert, they are able to draw out your money. The bank will not be able to trace where these people had drawn the money & how they do it, don't ask me, even the bank also can't answer it. They only can advise you to report the case to the police for investigation. My sister is the third victim in this month.

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 12/12/2006, 16:31


you mean is dolphon's card?

parrot | 12/12/2006, 17:34


not dolphin's ba. she said its a message from a friend.

salmon | 12/12/2006, 19:04

correction [Reply]

salah, salah, salah... the 1st encore song was not 当爱已成往事. cos i heard dat song dis morning on radio n its a duet!there was no guest star in concert so its another song with 爱 in it but i juz cant 4 the life of me rem the title! looks like reporter wrong, i oso wrong.
anyway dolphin u r spot on! dat's a classic but me dont realli like dat song.
duckling, we did nothing to earn the "upgrade", i think the organiser greedy wanted to earn > money but cldnt sell off the > ex tic so they moved us down to fill the hall up.their excuse was dat the speakers were blocking our view in the balcony seats so the organiser kindly move us down. their loss, my gain, whoppee! :)
and...i know the hippos hv appeared on i mag b4, thks to all the mlbians 4 alert wn the hippos appear on these chinese mag. i hope dey appear in 8 days cos I'm a 8days subscriber n Eng easier to read, Chinese must take a lot of effort to read but dey hv much juicer news! so far luckily all these mag use quite simple chinese, otherwise a lot of dong dong dong wn i read :)

garfield | 12/12/2006, 21:00


bambi, ure joke v funny. i hv a real life example. my office jus had a xmas lunch and big boss say can go home aft lunch celebration but...everyone went back to office aft lunch while onli big boss happily went home early!?!
So ironic, seems some policies or instructions r meant to be ignored/misinterpreted...

garfield | 12/12/2006, 21:09


Nope, I didn't lost my $ in my bank... cos it is empty!
haha, no lah, that one not me lah.

Go sleep early tonight...

dolphin | 12/12/2006, 21:12


been MIA for few days ler.
quite busy this few days.
so didn't came to tag. ((:

parro, me & hamster where got lu chi?
only walk wrong way.
hahas. xD"

bambi joke is funny.
good way of distress.
hahas. ((:

see ya all on sat.
might not be tagging for the nxt few days to.
got alt of homework to rush.
hahas. xD"

sea gull | 12/12/2006, 21:26


thought is dolphin mah, since you are the one tt is blur blur! hahah!=) blur dolphin!

was here! tml salmon going to become flying salmon right! hahaah! dont forget my shopping list! tsk tsk!muahahha!=)

very sad leh! tongshui dont have 50% off on monday liao! RAH!

parrot! ark ark ark! | 12/12/2006, 21:35

Our Condolence to NpWruss [Reply]

Hi, all.. relaying a sad news..

our dear cutie's beloved mom has just passed on.. to join the angels..

No details yet.. will update u all once i get the details tomorrow..

NpWruss - pls take care of yrself n be strong for yr family..

We the Akians.. join u in yr grief.. i believe yr dear mom will join God, Angels n all her love ones in Heaven.. she will be v happy there .. watching over u n family. n giving u all her Blessings...

Once agn pls take care.. and come bck to join us when everything is over.. n yr frame of mind is better.. we will be waiting for u.. n will welcome u bck..

Treat us as yr cyber family..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 22:03

salmon [Reply]

bon voyage.. enjoy yr trip..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 22:12

NpWruss.. [Reply]

Sorry to hear the news. Be strong and please take good care of yourself.

Your mom will be in good hands. I believe she will want to see the family be strong. Rest assured that she will be watching over you.

Our hearts go out with you. Please take care.

creamy doggy | 12/12/2006, 22:13

elephant [Reply]

how how is yr exam n health today? take care.. n all the best to u..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 22:14

Re - NpWruss [Reply]

is v bzy, arranging the funeral things... pls donot phone her.. leave her alone.. will inform u all the details when i get it fm her tomorrow... tks for yr cooperation..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 22:27

NpWruss.. [Reply]

very sorry to hear the news. Please stay strong and take good card of yourself.

duckling | 12/12/2006, 22:32

elephant [Reply]

how are you doing? how's your paper? feeling better today?

duckling | 12/12/2006, 22:38


Thank cuties... today's paper was alright... comfirm lost 10 marks.. but think still can pass... my eye got worst... it's a bit more swell than ytd... as for flu is due to allergy... so ok la... get used to it already...
Sianz... tml still got paper and tat paper got a lot of things to study...

elephant | 12/12/2006, 22:45


npwruss- stay strong. ak will always be here for you. jiayou.

salmon | 12/12/2006, 22:54

elephant [Reply]

next time dont peek at guy ok..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 23:00


hello cuties! i'm back again..din go to work today cos i woke up feeling giddy..slept the whole day..haha..i realli feel like a pig.. :P

hv to apologise for not gg online often cos i slp realli earli ever since i started work..dun even hv to wake up so earli when i hv lessons..bleah..anyway, ya so actualli when birdie replied tt u guys were at msn aft i posted, i was oredi in dreamland..oops! haha..

doggy, thx for the jiayou..i will de.. :)

birdie, ya i dun see any rule stating one vote per person for e 2nd chance award..so i will vote more den..hehe..

elephant, hope u are feeling better oredi..dun worri abt ur marks as long as u hv done ur best..jiayou! :)

salmon, flying off to thailand tml rite? hv a gd trip! n hope u meet nico thr! :P

duckling, thx for protecting me wors..haha..

piglet, yes i finally appeared..haha..supposed to be here long ago de but was held up with some other stuff..hee..thx for keeping me updated when i was at work.. :)

bambi, ur tt joke super funni can..esp the lunch break part..was laughing like mad jus now..lol!

pink piggie | 12/12/2006, 23:20


npwruss, sorry to hear abt tis news..pls be strong k..n take good care of yourself..cuties will always be here for u..

actualli i was abt to sms her jus now to ask her wad happened..i'm glad i din..else wld hv disturb her..suddenly feel veri heavy hearted aft reading the news..hope she takes it well..gg to slp le..got to wake up early tml..nitey cuties!

pink piggie | 12/12/2006, 23:26


i think know tt such things happened..no wonder just now creamy told mi in the msn, it is very sudden..

was busy repairing myspace key just now.i cant space and i talk like a weird monster..

npwruss, whatever it is, pls stay strong.PLEASE! if yu anyneed someone to talk to ,or share burden with..the cuties will be glad to do so!stay strong, we will be with you!

parrot | 12/12/2006, 23:26

sotong me [Reply]

aiya! what is happening to us cuties here.. is the sotong virus spreading..

today, i was suppose to wait for someone at Kallang MRT.. but i waited at Aljunied MRT physically, n mentally waiting at Kallang MRT..

birdie | 12/12/2006, 23:33


hahas. bambi's joke is veri funni. make mi laugh like mad? =X thx for sharing it! hehe.

npwruss, sad to hear such news. bt pls stay strong! we're here wif uu. take lots of care. we'll wait for uu to come back to AK. =)

hamster | 13/12/2006, 01:21

piglet [Reply]

It is v heart warming, to know that AK gives u the opportunity to be nurtured.. to grow into a more loving n understanding type of person .. that u want to be..

ya, gg thru the pain of a cyber friend's death n receiving so much love n help of Akians.. must hv given u n ttww much comfort..

So let us cont to strive together.. to be better ppl.. to hv purer souls..to spread LOVE..

So.. we must also thank MDC for organising SB n to MLB Blog.. n to yung fen.. Smile!

birdie | 13/12/2006, 01:29


yeah, i was here again at near 3:09am
somehow or rather i cultivated a weird habit of playing guit in the middleof the night, at such time, brain juices somehow works better then..

tsktsk! my spacekey is alright liao! your eyes are not playing tricks on you!

well, tml is wednesday.working still, right for some of us?

salmon went flying to thailand..like going to ship salmon by air to thai to be sold away..

muahahaha! i feel so bad, okay la, enuff of my nonsense..work hard, okay!
for those having holidays, PLAY HARD LA!

parrot | 13/12/2006, 03:11


Good morning all!
haha...ya, the HR policies are funny, glad that you all had a good laugh :)

sorry to hear the news abt npwruss...my condolences to her family, hope npwruss wld be strong...

today gonna be another busy day for me, so might not be taggin much later...so see ya! gotta get back to work now... :(

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 13/12/2006, 09:23


NpWruss - my condolence... take care & hope to c u back again.

birdie - awaiting 4 ur update on d wake.

flamingo | 13/12/2006, 10:02


NpWruss, sorry to hear abt that.
I believe your mom felt blessed to have you as a daughter.
Be strong and take good care of yourself.

dolphin | 13/12/2006, 10:10

garfiled [Reply]

so u went to sandy's concert huh... my fren went too. yet to ask her how was d concert.

by d way, those interested in eason, do go 4 his concert in jan. i've watched his concert in shanghai, it was gd. he was v friendly. during d ending part, he din go in to backstage immediately after d last song. he stayed to bow & wave at d audience 4 few mins den leave v reluctantly.

1st x watching concert out of spore. dun like d sound system in shanghai's indoor stadium. d chinese r oso too noisy, so i was a little disturbed. nxt x hope i can get a chance to watch concerts in hk & taipei.

flamingo | 13/12/2006, 10:11

hi waves ~~~ n Re-NpWruss [Reply]

morning all..

recd addr fm her.. will be gg tonight.. those who wld like to go wake with me n Flora .. pls meet

Time - 7.15pm tonight
Meeting Plc - Tampines MRT Cntrl Stn

To those who wld like to leave yr hp no..
with me or wld like to go yrself.. pls email me at - Caringeagle@hotmail.com
my msn is also temp on.. until 12.30pm

Tks - n hv a nice day..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 11:07

hi all~~ Re - NpWruss [Reply]

morning .. hving comp problem earlier

recd addr fm her.. will be gg tonight.. those who wld like to go wake with me n Flora .. pls meet

Time - 7.15pm tonight
Meeting Plc - Tampines MRT Cntrl Stn

To those who wld like to leave yr hp no..
with me or wld like to go yrself.. pls email me at - Caringeagle@hotmail.com
my msn is also temp on.. until 12.30pm

Tks - n hv a nice day..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 11:16


sori double posting.. cos of comp problem..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 11:18


Funeral is Saturday ..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 11:22


npwruss. please take good care of urself. stay strong. we're all here for u including me myself.

tink im the last to know this piece of news. nobody told me anything. it is just so sudden. so sudden.

ytd was cindy's 100th days and npwruss mum passed away. it would be consider as a double blow for her.

npwruss, i cant say anything else except for take care. though i knw it's hard but anything, u can jux let us knw ya? we're more than willing to share ur sorrows with you.

piglet | 13/12/2006, 11:40



i was reading through the tags and i realised tt my tag wasn't here... bt i thought i came online specially yesterday nite to leave a tag for npwruss...

erm... birdie, wat time will ya be staying until today? cuz i can onli go dere at quite late a timing like after 10 plus cuz i nid to work...

or will you guys go to the funeral instead?

pink penguin | 13/12/2006, 12:02

npwruss [Reply]

i guess i din tag it in the end and closed the window before clicking send... so here it goes again...

if you r upset and in grief, do cry okie? it is carthatic to let it out... you will feel better after that...

but dun grief for long... you still need to be strong and stand up after that... i am sure ur mum in heaven wld want to cya strong...

i dunno how to comfort you cuz if it happens to me i probably cant be comforted too... but plz remember...

that in this small little virtual place, there are AKians supporting you...

you are not alone.

pink penguin | 13/12/2006, 12:07


hey cuties, broke another record last night, slept before 10pm. Well, not a good sign if I slept so early... yup, MC tonight. Good thing is that my company now can accept non-company appointed MC, means I need not to go woodlands or Chua Chu Kang to see a doc now.

Salmon, have a good holiday in Thailand. Hope you can get to miss nico there. :)

dolphin | 13/12/2006, 12:25


typo error: get to meet nico there...
Still a bit blur blur now...

dolphin | 13/12/2006, 12:38

to all cuties [Reply]

pls note, the above notice regarding the demise of NpWruss's beloved mom was poosted immediately, upon receiving the news.. n my msn was opened immediately for u all to come in yesterday nite..

I did not inform cuties individually, cos i do not hv everybody's ct... pls mke it a habit to read AK's tag..

tks n appreciate yr co-operation..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 13:13

further above.. [Reply]

for all info, infact NpWruss prefer to be low-key, cos is pte matter.. but, managed to get her permission to post her.. tks

birdie | 13/12/2006, 13:39


dolphin, your MC is for nite only ya?? :p better go take a rest ba...before you tag all the wrong things here... :p Wishing you a speedy recovery!

salmon, have a wonderful holiday at Thailand! I really, really, sincerely, hope tt you'll meet nico there :p

all cuties, many people has fallen sick these few days. So please remember to take good care of yourself, ya? Drink more water, eat more fruits & vegetables, and sleep early... :)

duckling | 13/12/2006, 14:37


argh~ gg to rain!!!

flamingo | 13/12/2006, 17:08


duckling, not for night only lah. Got an MC for today. The doc said is tension headache... don't really understand what is it. N he gave me a packet of med for gastric ??? Well, i don't have gastric leh... Anyway, felt better now. Yup lot of ppl sick now, there is a virus flying around, more than our spam virus here. My colleagues 1 by 1 kena and whole family was affected too. So must be careful.

dolphin | 13/12/2006, 17:54


hi, i bck ..

dolphin - the side effect of the med for tension headache is gastric.. hence the pkt of med for gastric..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 23:39

hi! [Reply]

duck, creamy, parrot.. glad to meet the 3 of u..

birdie | 13/12/2006, 23:40


hi. im back too..
with a roll of toilet paper beside me. ahahs.. =X

thanks dolphin for the trip back. =P fun chatting with you. =D

nice meeting the cuties 2dae again. been long since we've met up.

will try to go have my rest early 2night de. 2 more days and im free from sch at least for 3 wks. hahas.. but not from my notes though. nvm. hahas.

tis fri class gathering. steamboat!! hees. wondering if i can have my ma la steamboat not? *prays*

gg to get my log cake voucher tis sat. well, bo bian. nd to help my fren with her sales. hahas. can i pass it to weiqi to pass it to nic? hahas.. cux it's a choco log cake!! but duno nice not lehs. ltr not nice, nico come aft me how?? hahas.

i wonder if there'l be ppl passing weiqi things to pass to the other 2 milos not. and of cux him himself la. hahas. =X well, well, shall c on tt day itself then.

piglet | 14/12/2006, 00:09


sry didn't go dwn today. cos too far liaos. paiseh!

hamster | 14/12/2006, 00:19


Birdie..Nice to meet u too.. :)

Goodnite to all cutie, hippos and peeking people...rainbow flower dreamz...

Wish you see lots twinkle twinkle bubble stars in ur dreamz...

creamy doggy | 14/12/2006, 00:23


piglet, now u know that there are fast buses from yishun to a lot of places ah, need not to take train all the time now. :)

nico is back from the Land of Smile?

dolphin | 14/12/2006, 00:53


to doggy, now i knw wad ure referring to le. twinkle twinkle bubble stars. hahas. the phone is nice lo. *envy* hahas. but then hors, wad model is tt arh? =X

dolphin, yep. i knw le. hahas. but im more familiar with trains. hees. ltr take bus i mi lu.. hahas.

nico is back?? really?? so fast??

piglet | 14/12/2006, 01:40


going off to slp. nites to all cuties, hippos & those peeking. XD swt dreams everyone. XP

hamster | 14/12/2006, 02:51


Yeah...nico is back...bunking at mudco's place...

Piglet...that model har?...I think is S*** E****** Z..something...hahas...

Good morning to all cuties! Have a good dae ahead!

creamy doggy | 14/12/2006, 08:16

Good morning to all.... [Reply]

birdie, finally, i gotta meet you...nice to meet you too :)

last nite, it was raining at my area. when i was waiting to cross the traffic lights, the rain suddenly turned very heavy. I almost got blown off by the strong wind. Luckily i was using my brolly. Else I would become a 落汤鸭 le (there's no typo ;p)

i like the twinkle twinkle bubble stars :)

will nico be at the pre-gathering on sat??

duckling | 14/12/2006, 08:52


Morning! Bz day ahead cos yesterday MC, work piles up.
Yes, nico is back ah, n he can't wait but go jamming immediately. Haha...thats our old nico, as usual.

Duckling, be careful ah, with your size will definitely be blown away by the wind. The brolly will become a parachute. hee hee...

dolphin | 14/12/2006, 09:27

hi waves ~~ [Reply]

gd day all

flamingo.. glad to meet u ..

birdie | 14/12/2006, 11:43


piglet/dolphin - u both feeling better today?

duck - i am lucky.. reached home b4 d rain.. tks to FR..

FR - jia jia ni.. for taking the trble to sent some of us home..

birdie | 14/12/2006, 12:03


dolphin, you must be feeling better liao hor? can make fun of ppl liao hor?

piglet, did u sleep well last nite? hope u r feeling better today :) the hp model is Z610i. It comes in pink, blue & black.

din see parrot around. hope she is okay...

duckling | 14/12/2006, 13:27


Haha, duckling, acty still feel a bit giddy today, but still can manage. Yesterday didn't come and forgot all the appointment I had arranged for these 2 days. So this morning rush out to do a testing for a customer and just back to office. Good thing that I just need to go there n explain the technical parts, my colleague did most of the hands-on, so didn't faint under the big sun.

Now back to office, going to have thunder storm in the west soon...must quickly save up my works else die liao nothing left.

dolphin | 14/12/2006, 14:22


sigh...my pc is like me today....slow.... have been having late nites...and gotta wake up early...this morning really like a zombie...

dolphin, still feeling giddy? better dun do any hands-on work today...dangerous, sia? Better go home straight after work to rest, ya?

yah, this morning the sun was glaring. But then during lunch, my office area was pouring. luckily i lunched in...and now it's like dunno going rain or not...sigh...hopefully it's not raining when it's time to knock off...

duckling | 14/12/2006, 14:52


hmm... don't know why, I can even feel sleepy when I'm talking to my colleague. The mind just drift away into lala land and eyelids closing. I had enough sleep and I'm quite sure abt that. not sure is it becos of the tension relaxation med that the doc gave...

Can't go home straight today, going for class tonight. Think sure have hands on later as I'm waiting for a customer to come to do a witness test and I'm alone in the office now. So... bo bian. Maybe go search for something to wake me up.

dolphin | 14/12/2006, 15:20


yah, you r rite. the tension relaxation med will make you sleepy, coz your body feels very relaxed due to the effect of the med. the last time i wz not feeling well, i slept for 2 whole days. when i went back to see the doctor again, then i know i was given some med for relaxation. dun remember tt there is indication on the med that it wld cause drowsiness...hmmm...come to think of it, it's pretty dangerous. What if someone drives after taking the med??

what did you drink to wake yourself up? milo bing, kpoi bing, teh bing, teh terek bing, teh su su, teh c, kopi c? Hmmm..long time never drink teh terek bing liao...

finally it's raining here...POURING, in fact! Almost cldn't see the other building nearby...

duckling | 14/12/2006, 16:43


i also can't go home straight...got official function tonight... :(

duckling | 14/12/2006, 16:59


duckie, it has stopped raining here, for the moment, but sky still dark and it seem to be telling you that it is coming back for more. Gd thing, I remember my brolly today.

I did ask the doc if the med will make me drowsy, and he said will a little. I'm downing chocolate and plain water to keep awake now. Anyway, e bell going to ring soon.

I'm a tek terek n teh si person. Can't drink kopi at all... Tek terek n roti prata, shiok sia!

dolphin | 14/12/2006, 17:00

In Class Now! [Reply]

Hey, I'm in e middle of the class now. Well, in the computer lab doing the hello world program... Sound familiar? boring sia.. Hope the lecturer can let us off early tonight. :(

Anyway, here something just for laugh.

As you are aware, ships have long been characterized as being female (for example, "Steady as she goes" or "She's listing to starboard, Captain!").

Recently, a group of computer scientists (all males) announced that computers should also be referred to as being female. Their top five reasons for drawing this conclusion were:

No one but the Creator understands their internal logic.

The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.

The message "Bad command or file name" is about as informative as, "If you don't know why I'm mad at you, then I'm certainly not going to tell you."

Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.

As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

However, another group of computer scientists (all female) think that computers should be referred to as if they were male. Their top five reasons were:

They have a lot of data, but are still clueless.

They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem.

As soon as you commit to one you realize that, if you had waited a little longer, you could have obtained a better model.

In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.

Big power surges knock them out for the rest of the night.

dolphin | 14/12/2006, 20:27


hello, everyone!
wanted to tag last night, but computer has some problems, so yah..
i am fine! hahah! why duckling ask mi if i am okay not?
i am ah!
fatrhino, thanks for the ride..you drove a car of animals home! thank you!
birdie, nice to meet you too!=)next time, i will learn not to stand bside flamingo liao!she is very tall!! haha!

a parrot is suppose to ARK!
duckling is suppose toQUACK!
bird, you can ark too!
doggy is suppose to bark the cats away!

parrot!-ark! | 14/12/2006, 22:16


thanks birdie and duckling. im feelin better now le. din went to sch today. cux i was feelin weak when i woke up. i cant even get out of my bed..
but luckily i felt better in the afternoon.. heng.. now feelin better le. but still have got abit of running nose..

and nico blogged.. i jux knew it now. haahs.. nvm.. hope he'l be there for the pre-gathering. =D

take care all.. i saw a very nice phone 2dae.. samsung d900.. it's so slim and nice!!! argh.. cam of 3mega pixels.. nvm.. i shall save up my money!!!

piglet | 14/12/2006, 22:19


Oops! Forgot to thank FR for the ride back home.."Thank You". So that would be 2 MLB tee right??!!

Pigle..Dolphin & Ele..feel better not?

creamy doggy | 14/12/2006, 23:00

Parrot.. [Reply]

In this era...parrot ark like crow.
Doggy not necessarily chase cat.
Time has changed.

creamy doggy | 14/12/2006, 23:19


yeah, time changed..
parrot ark in a nicerand cuter way than crow! haha! and birdie didnt get mi the wrong name! haha!yeah,cat chases dogs away!=)

parrot | 14/12/2006, 23:25


hahas...very funni.

I am still itch by the mosquitoes' bites leh!!

creamy doggy | 14/12/2006, 23:28


christmas is coming, so here is another story abt CHRISTMAS! enjoy, akians..i find this story very heart-warming, like the last sentence best.

"And I came to the simple realization that we were actually the ones who received the greatest blessing that year. We had found our Christmas spirit in the doing."

greatest gift is to give and not to receive, true, isnt? when you give, just pay attention to the expression on their faces..it can really really make you tear..

"With Gladness and Glue"

While Christmas shopping in a jewelry store, I discovered a clearance table of gilded ornaments. Detailed and delicate in design, each had a personality all its own. I sorted among the hundreds of filigreed masterpieces, picked out a few and took them home.

Deciding they were much too pretty to disappear among the clutter of a Christmas tree, I used them instead to decorate small eight-inch wreaths. When I stood back to admire my handiwork, a thought crossed my mind: Wouldn't some of our family and friends like these, too? I raced back to the jewelry store to discover that the stack of ornaments had been reduced even further. This time I bought dozens as I thought of the many people who might enjoy one for the holidays.

Armed with a glue gun and bright ribbons of every color, I eagerly began my creative project. The wreaths multiplied like measles and dotted every flat surface in our house. For days, my family tiptoed around, elbowed their way through and slept among the miniature masterpieces.

While I tied dainty bows and glued golden ornaments, my mind wandered to Christmases past, and I pondered how special each had been. I thought about others perhaps not so fortunate. Some people in our community didn't have a family to share the joy of Christmas. Some didn't bother with holiday decorations. Some never left their homes to celebrate the season. I nodded my head in determined satisfaction. They would be at the top of my list to receive a little wreath. My husband joined me in the plan, and we set out together to put it into action.

We visited the aged. We visited the widowed. We visited the lonely. Each one was thrilled with our cheery stops and immediately hung our small gifts—often the only signs of celebration in their homes.

After several days, I realized we had made and given almost two hundred wreaths. Decorated with love and delivered with delight, they filled many homes and hearts with the joy of Christmas.

And I came to the simple realization that we were actually the ones who received the greatest blessing that year. We had found our Christmas spirit in the doing.

-Nancy B. Gibbs

parrot-ARK! | 15/12/2006, 00:09


did come here to peek earlier. bt didn't noe wad to tag. =X jus dropping by to say nites to all cuties, hippos & those peeking. XD hehe. those who r still alive, slp earlier!

hamster | 15/12/2006, 01:42


yep, hope you guys love tt story up there, i have alot of stories on christmas, and i really hope to share with you animals here=)

gonna turning in early today, tml need to wake up freaking early..yep! hope tt all akians are asleep now=)

looking forward to saturday, uh?

parrot | 15/12/2006, 02:46



Was looking at our AK3 yesterday.... found the post by goldfish very funny. Haha, abt the diving in Sembawang n night dive. Haiz... suddenly got the urge of go diving. But now mansoon period, can't dive at all, gotta wait for another few more months. In e meantime... I go snorkelling!

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 10:48

good morning all cuties, hippos & ppl peeking.... [Reply]

my office is super cold today...so is SuperBand Blog.

dolphin, i can't drink kopi at all, teh still okay...But still prefer the good-old sky juice :) Teh terek n roti prata? yap, yap, shiok!

piglet, how r u today? did you go to see the doctor? must take med and rest, k?

a bit sian today, coz my home pc is hving cough & cold :( Hopefully, i can cure it...

and my collic is coughing very badly right infront of me! She always ask ppl to cover their mouth when coughing, yet she is not doing that herself. What's worse is, she is coughing and talking at the same time! So rude! Argh!!!

duckling | 15/12/2006, 10:58


parrot, i was worried abt you cos u din tag tt nite. When i saw nico's blog has two tags when i came in, i tot 1 of them must be yours. Turned out it wasn't and i got worried lor... glad that you r okay :)

duckling | 15/12/2006, 11:32


good afternoon to all..

duckling. i cant differentiate if my nose is having flu or jux being sensitive. ahhas. but my nose is suffering now.

i have a rather sensitive nose. sensitive to dust esp. and when im in an air-con room, my nose will act up. tt's why most of my frens thot im crying everytime. hahas.. =X

well, this time i duno wad's the prob. but i din went to the doc. tink i jux nd a good rest. and a break from everything.

piglet | 15/12/2006, 12:09


haha, cus i am always guarding the blog, uh? then just a bit tt i am not tt when nico blogged..

dont mind mi ah,what is the difference btw diving and snorkelling?

good morning!

parrot | 15/12/2006, 13:11


Duckling, u can go get a mask and put it on. Hinting your colleague that she is spreading the virus around. Acty she should be the one putting on the mask, but since she doesn't, e rest of you got to do so. Hope she embrasses and know what u mean.

Parrot, fly animal doesn't know e different right? Hee hee... ok, scuba diving is dive into the water with diving suit, gas tank, snrkelling mask and weight etc... u need to have license to dive. Snorkelling needs no license and lesser equipments. All you need is a life jacket (depends on individual) & a snorkelling mask. Snorkelling is flooding/ swiming at the surface of the water and use the snorkelling mask to look at the coral reef that are more shallow.

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 13:28

hi al - hv a plesant day ~~ [Reply]

dolphin - goldfish still own us some of his interesting diving stories..

parrot - tks for the xmas story, ya to be able to give - in whatever form .. be it kindness.. concerns.. presents.. monetary form.. is itself a blessing .. to the receiver n the giver..

piglet - i think u got a sensitive nose.. cud be sinus.. better consult a doc..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 13:29


piglet, birdie is rite. be it flu or sensitive nose, you should consult a doc.

hi, birdie. buzy day?

parrot, you juz woke up huh? dunno wat you're trying to say leh...:p

dolphin, just now i told my other collic that this office is full of germ right infront of her, but she still like that lor...aiyah..she's the type tt only know how to comment abt other ppl, but doesn't know that those comments apply to her also one lor...

duckling | 15/12/2006, 13:50

A Dog's Purpose - From a 4 Year Old [Reply]

Wld like to share tis Story, which I recd in my email..
"Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year old Irish wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker and they were hoping for a miracle.

I examined Belker and found he was dying of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do anything for Belker, and offered to perform the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in their home.

As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa told me they thought it would be good for the four-year old Shane to observe the procedure. They felt as though Shane might learn something from the experience.

The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my throat as Belker's family
surrounded him. Shane seemed so calm, patting the old dog for the last time, that I wondered if he understood what was going on. Within a few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully away. The little boy seemed to accept Belker's transition without any difficulty or confusion.

We sat together for a while after Belker's death, wondering aloud about
the sad fact that animal lives are shorter than human lives.

Shane, who had been listening quietly, piped up, "I know why." Startled, we all turned to him. What came out of his mouth next stunned me. I'd never heard a more comforting explanation.

He said, "People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life ..

- 'like loving everybody all the time and being nice, right?'

The four-year-old continued, "Well, dogs already know how to do that, so
they don't have to stay as long."

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly."

birdie | 15/12/2006, 13:50


seriously , i also dont know wat i am trying to say, haha, just woke up two hours ago..hahah!

take a mask to work, then! haha! or you can bring kou zhao..i think you shld let your collic know the importance of covering your outh when you are coughing? bore her with those medical facts, and tell her what is the dangers if she dont covers her mouth when covering! ahhaa!

ooh/i think i won tever go snorkelling or diving, haha, parrot cannot swim sia! i dont want to wet my feathers!


parrot-ARK! | 15/12/2006, 13:55

hi duck [Reply]

ya, bzy today.. like u all.. think there r some inconsiderate ppl who got eyes to c others's fault n got mouths tok.comment abt others .. but blind n dumb when it comes to themselves.. so u better try to avoid such ppl..

2 days ago.. i was riding in the MRT to tampines.. i saw, this boy abt 13-14yrs.. sitting besides his parents a his little bro.. this 13yr kept digging for gold.. n rubbing all over the seat.. so 'err sin' n so filthy.. i got up fm my seat.. spoke to his parents abt it, then move away fm them.. i told them i got no eyes to c..

i feel, upbringing is v impt.. sch shd also hv a subject on hygiene..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 14:00

haha! [Reply]

ya lor birds cannot get wet feathers..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 14:01

dolphin - specialy for u [Reply]

Child Adoption
Are you ready to adopt a child? Tel 9771-7614.


birdie | 15/12/2006, 14:05


yah birdie, he still own us some diving stories. I'm also waiting for his flying stories too. I'm not sure abt this but I heard he tried for pilot before too.

Okay, maybe I'll write a little of my diving story...

Tioman is a diver paradise, the Malaysia government has made it as national park. No one is allowed to pollute it, nothing can be removed from the sea except rubbish. So the water is crystal blue clear and you can see very clearly the underwater beauty.

It was my last dive before I could officially graduate from my basic padi course. I still hadn't seen my Nemo. When I went for my first theory lesson, our instructor asked us what we want to see under the water. Without thinking, my ans was I want to see Nemo, the clown fish. And he promised to show me e Nemo. This spreaded in the diving group, soon, all knew that my instructor owned me a Nemo.

But it was already e last dive, Nemo was still not in sight. Our last spot was the nearest to our camping area, a tiny island in e middle of the sea, but with the most beautiful coral reef in that area. Judging from the level of air in our air tank, our instructor decided to let us dive for another 10 mins. I was behind the others, trying hard to keep neutral buoyancy and take in as much as I can the beautiful scenary in front of me. Suddenly, my buddy tugged me and motioned me to look front. All my group mates gestured me to swim faster to go in front. I swimmed as fast as I could and finally I saw, a tiny Nemo swimming within my instructor's hands. My wish fulfilled.

I told myself, one day, I must let Nemo swimming within my hands too.

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 14:09


the parents didnt even bother to scold the lil boy? sometimes, such act is really disgusting..i rmb once when i am in the foodcourt, eating with some of my frens, this indian couples who are sitting next to us, had put their fingers into the nose to dig for the so called" gold"..it is so disgusting! we havent even started eating and they made us lose all of our appetites!

mudco tried b4 flying? goldfish flys meh? haha!yeah, bird also cannot wet her feathers!=) like parrot!

nemo! did you see dory too?

parrot | 15/12/2006, 14:19

dolphin [Reply]

wow.. ur swim was really interesting..

tis nemo fish is really v cute n suppose to be a intelligent creature rite...

i like cartoons .. but no time to watch.. during the period of this nemo show on tv.. i happened to passed by a bossini shop in TP..

i saw a beautiful cartoon fish on the tee.. i din know is call Nemo.. so i bought the tee n wore it to meet some friends.. my friend's 5yr old beautiful big rounded eye girl pointed at the fish n shouted happily.. Nemo.. that's how i learn d fish's name fm the little girl ..

Another friend..liked it so much too.. asked me to get one for her.. but when i went bck to the shop.. all sold out liow.. so fast..

regreted i shd hv got diff colours of the tee..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 14:27

Adopting [Reply]

Birdie, was quite surprised why you delicate the adopting a child website to me. My idea of going to a sperm bank shocked you? Haha... Thanks anyway.

I may adopt a child, but not at the moment. I'm not ready yet. I still consider myself selfish now. I love my lifestyle and freedom, which is one of the reasons why I'm yet to commit to any relationship. Sometimes I would wonder where will I go from here, will I be alone and sad when I grow old? But the thought vanish once I started to plan for my next trip out.

Practical thinking, I can't get far with committments. Maybe, when I reach e age of 40 or 50 and still alone, I will adopt a child. Not to hope that someone will take care of me when I grow old, but to return something back to the society and have a taste of what is it like to be a mother. :P

For now, its still too far away.

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 14:28


Sorry parrot, I'm still a blur dolphin. Other than Nemo and dolphin, the other sea animals I can recognise are those on my dinning table. :p
Wll have to do more research when I go for my next dive, hopefully can do it next yr.

Birdie, Nemo was very popular at that time, because of the cartoon Finding Nemo. It was so popular that children wanted to rear them, yet didn't know that Nemo is a sea water fish, not fresh water fish. Ther is a big different in rearing sea water fishes comparing to fresh water fishes. Sea water fishes more troublesome as you need to create a miniture sea environment in a fish tank. It is not easy. Therefore a lot of Nemo die at that period becos of this reason.

So thats why I never encourage ppl to rear sea water fishes. If you want to see the fishes, go under the sea, you will see the most beautiful aquarium you never seen.

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 14:38

dolphin [Reply]

i am broaded minded n open hearted type of person rgdg gg to a sperm bank .. is nothing new .. been done by so many ppl already esp outside of Sin..

haha! .. i remembed u mentioned once.. abt abdoption.. n i recd it in my email.. so sharing it with u ..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 14:40


Well, birdie, actually I never thought I adoption before as all along I told myself if I want a child, I would give birth to one. The adoption idea popped up when my mom suggested it to me n my brother 2 yrs ago. She was afraid that both of us will grow old alone without anyone to take care of us. Hmm... and I did consider abt it, but only when I reach e age when I can't conceive anymore. :D

Wondering if all the young ones around here will be affected by our cheem topic. Haha... don't worry, you small ones will hit this question sooner or later.

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 14:58


cheem? not really?
i still can catch whta you guys are talking about..
i dont know why, but cream's story had been lingering in mind for quite a long time..
the story abt the black african child..

parrot | 15/12/2006, 16:18


It felt really weird abt this, parrot, if you are thinking whether to adopt or give birth.

Naturally, ppl would like to have children of their own, especially with someone they truly love. But as a librian who tend to think too much, I would look at another point of view. Population density, and the ratio of adults and children. While singaporean here are trying hard to conceive babies, some places out there, many children parentless. The balancing is out. However, we know that these things will never be balanced. All we can do is to help whatever we can. If you can and willing to adopt a parentless child, why not go ahead with it? Frankly speaking, after knowing about NpWruss's family background, I want to salute to her parents. They are hero n heroine, superman and superwoman.

dolphin | 15/12/2006, 16:54

dolphin/ parrot got short memory! [Reply]

the abdoption story of the african child is by NpWruss .. not creamy la..

dolphin - nowadays, meimeis/didis dont find abv cheem anymore.. what with the tvs, mags n open type of affections everywhere u go.. even students in sch uniforms .. so what is it that the adults kn that they do not know?.. the world has changed.. tis is d 21st century.. haha!..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 18:11


oh ya, we studied in biology or science lessons too..

birdie | 15/12/2006, 18:12

Great News! for dolphin [Reply]

World"s talest man saves dolphin!

In Beijing - Fushun, Liaoning provice.. 2 dolphins at the Royal Jidi Ocean World aquarium, swallowed some plastic fm the edge of the pool, n fell sick..

Attempts to use surgical instruments to remove the plastic fragments failed.. cos of the contractions of the dolphins stomach in response to the instruments...

Veterinarians then called upon a Mr Bao..a 2.36m tall herdsman fm Inner Mongolia .. who used his 1.06m-long arms, to reach deep into the dolphin to pull out the larger fragments of plastics.. some v small pieces r still left in the stomach.. but docs r confidence..that that the dolphins will be able to digest these.. n expected to recover soon.

birdie | 15/12/2006, 19:53


ooh, it was npwruss?
hahaha! really blur liao! hahaha!=)
opps, okay okay, i take back my words..
the african boy story tt npwruss posted! hehe, paisae

yeah, i watched tt dolphin story also . it was on tv jus now=))

parrot | 15/12/2006, 22:40


Ahh...it has been a tiring day for me...coz' have been OTing for the past few days and today stayed even later than the previous 2-3 days...tmr have to go back too, to clear the o/s...my mgr announced some bad news to us today, telling us that it's gonna be even worse next wk, and ask us to be prepared...so to prepare ourselves for the 'tsunami' we gotta make sure that we are ready to take on the tsunami before the arrival of monday...that why, need to clear whatever we can this wkend...

so I guess, I wouldn't be taggin much next wk...until the tsunami has subsided... :(
but for tmr I will still be there to support mudco! so see ya all, those will be there! and good nite everyone!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 16/12/2006, 00:14


hahas. so will be seeing some of the AKians tml uh? XD looking forward to c mudco's design! hamster going lala land liao. tml mus wake up early. hehe. nites to all cuties, hippos & those peeking. swt dreams. XD

hamster | 16/12/2006, 01:05


Dolphin with upset stomach cos eaten the wrong thing? hmm....

Go sleep. Sweet dream cuties!

dolphin | 16/12/2006, 01:10


Good morning all cuties!

So sian...kena arrow to help out in an event today...got even more sian when I found out that there will be 50 staff there helping out already...why do I need to go when TODAY IS MY OFF DAY!

Hey...will the people coming to the event less than our own staff or not??...likely...this is hilarious isn't it???!!!

Arrghh!...meaning that I will have to rush down for the tee thingy...Hope I make it manz!

creamy doggy | 16/12/2006, 08:39


doggy, maybe you can be excused earlier in that the case. Go there and see if they REALLY need ppl. If not, tell your boss u wanna leave early.

Today tee day! Will get to see lots of animals at the park today. All must bring water n brolly. N I'll bring a canopy for duckling so she can try on e tee. haha...

dolphin | 16/12/2006, 10:36

hi all! [Reply]

morning n hv a happy/exciting day at the park ..

myself will meet pp at the funeral svc..

birdie | 16/12/2006, 11:00

hello! where's every1? [Reply]

wa 2day, tis plc v cold le..

glad to meet pp today.. sweet on blog n in person..

so did u all enjoy yrself at the park? must b v happy meeting hippos..

birdie | 16/12/2006, 21:45


guess you guys are not back home yet?
went for dinner?
haha, seems like no akians is online now?

poor goldfish look so tired today, hope he is more energetic now?
and salmon, you are there also!
haha, but salmon fish turned sour, spoilt liaoo..
nvm, you are still there
i didnt witness goldfish eats salmon
dont be sad ah!

parrot | 16/12/2006, 21:46

parrot [Reply]

did u help goldfish?

birdie | 16/12/2006, 21:54

salmon [Reply]

u r bck is it? so how is yr Thailand trip.. share yr adventure with us..

birdie | 16/12/2006, 21:55

Laugh More! [Reply]

"Studies show that ppl with a sense of humour hv few colds n virus attacks. Laughter (even if is forced)triggers of production of antibodies, virus killing T-cells, n blood chemicals that help boost the immune sys. So hang around light hearted ppl, or watch a comedy."

-(fm a mag)..

birdie - | 16/12/2006, 22:14


bird, did you see my msg in msn?
parrot didnt help goldfish la..
i slack there
mostly is dolphin, bambi and cream who are helping in the money issues, and duckling helping to tend the sample shop
salmon will be back on 18th!

parrot | 16/12/2006, 22:17

parrot [Reply]

so u sideline yrself ah? ..so u can admire the 3 bois is it..

birdie | 16/12/2006, 22:53

Fruits n Personalities - just for fun.. [Reply]

which fruits would u pick 1st if u were handed the following:-

1. orange
2. apple
3. banana
4. coconut
5. pineapple
6. papaya
7. mango
8. cherry
9. black grapes
11.custard apple

Pick the fruit u like n read yr personality.. Click on the link to get yr ans..


birdie | 16/12/2006, 23:02

parrot [Reply]

u sent msge to me in msn?

birdie | 16/12/2006, 23:15

parrot [Reply]

i clicked on the msn, but no ans fm u.. i go zzz liow.. cos 2mrow got to get up v early.. gd nite.. n rainbow dreams to every1..

birdie | 16/12/2006, 23:18

yo parrot! [Reply]

will b sending u pics on d gathering!

flamingo | 17/12/2006, 00:02


flamingo, thanks for your pic! Thanks thanks. Now then realise my camera's battery spoilt, no wonder no battery...

Today ah... goldfish looked very tired, must sleep more ok?

dolphin | 17/12/2006, 00:35



so lucky oni batt spoilt nt cam spolit!

flamingo | 17/12/2006, 01:02


Birdie...Thanks for the peronality analysis...It's quite true though..

Agree...Goldfish looked super tired todae..

creamy doggy | 17/12/2006, 01:07


ooh, birdie, i tried to talk to you in msnm, but i was away from computer, yeah , so ,we talk another time? got smth to ask you!=)

thanks flamingo for the pictures.

duckling, slowly take your time to upload it

thanks everyone for today!=)

goldfish is really a goldfish today, so poor thing! hahaha! he very cartoon hor, wan to take pics tt time, still need to zhen li his hair!

parrrrottt-ARK! | 17/12/2006, 01:07


flamingo, got your pics, thanks :)

ya...goldfish is still a goldfish. we almost wanna to put him in the pond le.. :p

duckling | 17/12/2006, 01:08


nitez cuties.. me gg slp soon...

njoy d sunday~

hope it wont b too hot else i'll sure get headache... argh~

flamingo | 17/12/2006, 01:09


thanks flamingo for the pics.. =D

birdie, only 1 hippo (goldfish) turned up 2dae. the other 2 din turned up. yep. =D

piglet | 17/12/2006, 01:10

parrot... [Reply]

U hor...later kena tat "angry stare" by goldfish again...

Take picture mah...muz look mei mei wan u noe??!

creamy doggy | 17/12/2006, 01:15


i had fun with creamy doggy, duckling, piggie, flamingo, elephant, dolphin and bambi 2dae. =D thanks..

thanks piggie, flamingo, duckling and doggy for listenin to my rants.. sorry!!

thanks flamingo for offering to pick me up frm the underpass when it was rainy. =D so sweet of u..

who else have i yet to thanks???
of cux is goldfish la. hahas..

MR goldfish, thot we said we din wish to see a goldfish 2dae?? but well, it's really tiring for u to "entertain" all of the MLBians who turned up hor.. xin ku ni le. next time mux find out who's helpin u lehs. if not, wad if there's no one helping? might turn out to b a havoc?? but thanks for turning up and showing us the sample.

sorry for keep takin pics of the design. =X take care and slp early

piglet | 17/12/2006, 01:16


Very sleepy liao.
Goodnite cuties, hippos n peeking pple...
Rainbow dreamz sia!

creamy doggy | 17/12/2006, 01:19


nights doggy.. =D

piglet | 17/12/2006, 01:25

story time! [Reply]

title:The Christmas Cookie Can
book:"Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury for Kids"
(yeah, i know it is for kids, but this is meaningful in a certain way((:)

It was almost Christmas again, and I was in my father's home . . . one last time. My dad had died a few months before, and the home that we had grown up in had been sold. My sister and I were cleaning out the attic.

I picked up an old Christmas cookie can that my dad had used to store extra Christmas lightbulbs. As I stood there, holding the can, the memory of a past Christmas swirled through my mind like the snowflakes outside the attic window swirling towards the ground.

I was eleven years old, and with Christmas only a week away, I woke up one morning to a perfect day for sledding.

It had snowed all night, and my friends would be hurtling down the sledding hill at the end of our street. It wasn't what you would call a great challenge, but we all had fun, and I couldn't wait to try out the fresh layer of snow on the runs.

Before I could go anywhere, my mom reminded me that I had to shovel the walkways around the house. It seemed like forever, but after about an hour and a half I was finally finished. I went into the house to get a glass of water and my sled. Just as I got to the front door to leave, the phone rang.

"Joey will be right over," my mom said in reply to someone.

Geez, not now, I thought. The guys are waiting for me. I opened the front door, but there just wasn't enough time to get away.

"Joey, Mrs. Bergensen wants you to shovel her sidewalk," my mother stated.

"Mom," I groaned, "tell her I'll do it this afternoon." I started to walk out the door.

"No, you'll do it now. This afternoon you'll be too tired or too cold. I told her you would be right over, so get going."

My mother sure is free with my time, I thought to myself, as I walked around the corner to the old lady's house. I knocked on her door.

The door opened, and there was Mrs. Bergensen with this bright smile on her old face.

"Joey, thanks for coming over. I was hoping someone would come by, but no one did."

I didn't reply, just shook my head and started shoveling. I was pretty mad and wanted to take it out on Mrs. Bergensen. Sure, you were hoping someone would come by. Why would they? You're just an old lady, I fumed in my mind. At first, my anger helped me work pretty fast, but the snow was heavy.

Then I started thinking about Mrs. Bergensen and how her husband had died years ago. I figured she must feel lonely living all by herself. I wondered how long it had taken her to get that old. Then I started wondering if she was going to pay me anything for my work, and if she did, how much she was going to give me. Let's see, maybe $2.50, with a fifty-cent tip thrown in. She likes me. She could have called Jerry, the kid across the street, but she called me. Yep, I'll be getting some bucks! I started to work hard again.

It took me about another hour to finish. Finally, it was done. Okay, time for some money! I knocked on her door.

"Well, Joey, you did an outstanding job and so fast!" I started to grin. "Could you just shovel a path to my garbage cans?"

"Oh . . . sure," I said. My grin faded. "I'll have it done in a few minutes." Those few minutes lasted another half-hour. This has to be worth another buck at least, I thought. Maybe more. Maybe I'll get five bucks altogether. I knocked on her door again.
"I guess you want to get paid?"

"Yes, ma'am," I replied.

"Well, how much do I owe you?" she asked. Suddenly, I was tongue-tied.

"Well, here. Here's a dollar and a fifty-cent tip. How's that?"

"Oh, that's fine," I replied. I left, dragging my shovel behind me. Yeah, right, that's fine. All that work for a buck fifty. What a lousy cheapskate. My feet were freezing, and my cheeks and ears were stinging from the icy weather.

I went home. The thought of being out in the cold no longer appealed to me.

"Aren't you going sledding?" my mom asked as I dragged in the front door.

"No, I'm too tired." I sat down in front of the TV and spent the rest of the day watching some dumb movie.

Later in the week, Mrs. Bergensen came over and told my mom what a good job I had done for her. She asked
if I would come over to shovel her sidewalks every time it snowed. She brought with her a can loaded with homemade Christmas cookies. They were all for me.

As I sat holding that can in my lap and munching the cookies, I figured that shoveling her sidewalk had been a way for me to give her a Christmas gift, one that she could really use. It couldn't be easy for her being all alone with no one to help her. It was what Christmas was really all about . . . giving what you could. Mrs. Bergensen gave me the cookies she made, and I gave her my time. And hard work! I started to feel better about the whole thing, including Mrs. Bergensen.

That summer, Mrs. Bergensen died, and it ended up that I never had to shovel her sidewalk again.

Now, years later, standing in my family's attic and holding that Christmas can, I could almost see Mrs. Bergensen's face and how she had been so glad to see me. I decided to keep the can to remind myself of what I had figured out so many years ago, about the true meaning of Christmas. I dumped the old lightbulbs that were in it into the trash. As I did so, the piece of paper that had been used as the layer between the cookies and the bottom of the can floated into the trash as well. It was then that I saw something taped to the inside of the can.

It was an envelope that said, "Dear Joe, thank you and have a Merry Christmas!" I opened the yellowed envelope to find a twenty-dollar bill . . . a gift to me, with love, from Mrs. Bergensen . . . the cheapskate.

Joseph J. Gurneak

went for the pre-gathering today.
rest one day from my homework. ((:
bt the nxt few daes will be bck mugging at my homework which i was suppose to started right from the begginning of the hols. xD"

today is the only day i can relax.
shall leave a very long tag and a story. ((:
sryy.. will not be tagging for the nxt few days. =((
take care everyone~

sea gull | 17/12/2006, 03:30


ooh, akians, i promise i will nag this stupid seagull to study! hahha!
i will! i will!
it is like 3.32am, are we mad to be alive in this hour?
haha, fatrhino shld be touched to see us practising our guitars in such hours! hahah!
alot alot alot more to catch up!

tml is sun!
enjoy it!

i just love chicken soup!*
esp the xmas one!

parrot | 17/12/2006, 03:33


hahas. maybe parrot & ii can become the owls in AK. lols. alive at this hour. weird? lols~ practising guit! fatrhino dun touch until cry hor. =X hahas.

getting my 'N's result on mon liao. AHHH!~ relax liao. nw is time to worry. stress! wad if ii dun get promoted to sec 5? ii dun wan go ITE! ahh~ poly is waiting for mi de leis. =S

nites to the cuties, hippos & those peeking. XD

hamster | 17/12/2006, 03:40

tks seagull for the lovely xmas story! [Reply]

if every1 can cultivate a kind n thoughtful heart.. the world will be a better plc to live in..

anyway, study hard n jiayou!

birdie | 17/12/2006, 16:44

dear cuties! [Reply]

i believe, tis blog will cease v soon.. n the main MLB blog will move hse.. so what will happen to our dear AK?.. i think we need to discuss..

birdi | 17/12/2006, 17:44


birdie. mayb we can have another blog of our own?
im not sure. if not mayb we can still have our AK in the new blog. cux i believe the new blog would still consists of the guys' previous entries. and i believe someone have already moved the whole blog entries to the new blog that the guys would be holding.

piglet | 17/12/2006, 18:38

piglet n cuties who loves to cont AK [Reply]

think maybe we need to hv a round table conference at MSN one night..

we are part of MLB.. so prefer to be a blog within a blog.. so hv to wait n c..

birdie | 17/12/2006, 19:01


birdie. yep.
i've been to the new blog. tink it's possible for us to continue in their new blog =D

oh ya, samco blogged. =D

piglet | 17/12/2006, 20:00


hey hey, sorry, slept for the whole day. Yawn...(*O*)
When was the last time I can sleep like no tmr? hmm... shiok sia. :p
Anyway, someone own me some consultation fee...

I agree AK should move into their new blog too, its possible, did I mention this before??? blur...

Go eat dinner first. abt the round table, let me know when is it and I'll try to attend. But gotta declare this first, I'm fully occupied in this coming week. From mon to fri, will only be back home after 11pm. (-_-) sianz...

dolphin | 17/12/2006, 20:30

dolphin [Reply]

what abt tonight abt 10pm whoever free to to msn..

birdie | 17/12/2006, 20:38

ya lor! [Reply]

dolphin did mention tis b4 la...

birdie | 17/12/2006, 20:39


who owns you consultation fee?
so cham(X
that person mei you hao ri zi ke guo! hahaha!
blur dolphin((:

yep, birdie, you still there?
comin gto msn later?

parrot | 17/12/2006, 21:17


gd nite evcry1.. rainbow dreams..

birdie | 18/12/2006, 00:30

hi waves~~ [Reply]

today, blue Monday..but air is so cool.. shiok to breathe in, but not shiok for ppl who hv to get up early, cos they rather zzz late haha!
happy working/studying ..

birdie | 18/12/2006, 12:05

Good Afternoon! [Reply]

A very windy and cold day today...all cuties, please take good care of yourselves. dun fall sick, else you won't be able to enjoy this holiday season le...

managed to join last nite's round table conference towards the end. there seems to be no conclusion for the 2nd item on the agenda?

btw, i'll be busy mugging for the next two weeks, so won't be tagging so often le...

all cuties, please take care & enjoy the holiday season. Merry Christmas in advance :)

oh, it's pouring here (central/south) now...if you are going out, dun forget your brolly.

duckling | 18/12/2006, 12:17

Just for Fun! [Reply]

Some questions for u to ponder?

1) What r young virgins said to see, if they light a candle n look in the mirror on Halloween?

2)Why do African elephants hv big ears?

3. You know you're an animal when...

Which of the following is true of all animals?

A) They eat other living things ü
B) They are less intelligent than humans
C) They are mobile
D) All of the above

4. The galaxy we live in is called the Milky Way. It is shaped approximately like:

A) A round ball
B) A doughnut
C) A pretzel
D) A flat spiral

birdie | 18/12/2006, 12:45

hi duck! [Reply]

enjoy yr study la.. jiayou! best wishes in advance - yr study cum xmas..

birdie | 18/12/2006, 12:48

gd day all... [Reply]

wat a grey sun & mon... hope tmr i can c a little sun...

tired fm watching full hse ytd nite.. borrowed d vcd fm my fren 4 more than 2 wks liao still hvnt finish watching. it was a nice drama...

every1, hv a gd day ahead...

nid to get back to work liao.. *yawn*

flamingo | 18/12/2006, 13:17

*faint* [Reply]

though I'm suppose to be busy doing my work but .... (x_x) I'm dying of suffocation here in my office coz' the air-con is down...again!!
OMG...so stuffy in here...and more than half of the day gone liao...but still not fixed...the technician said need to get parts to fix it...when can he get it fixed? help! (>_

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 18/12/2006, 15:00


wah, birdie tt is a very chim questions! haha!

1) see their future husbands?
2) so they can listen much more better?
3)all the above?
4)flat spiral

yeah, seems like there is no conclusion yet? ooh, hiking/bbq?
seems like i had a bad sore throat this morning, i can barely hear mysef..eww

parrot | 18/12/2006, 15:02


I'm currently trying to survive on fan now...(╥_─)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 18/12/2006, 15:04


why fan?
air con in your office is spoilt?
i no voice liao sia!ARGH!
how to survive!

parrot | 18/12/2006, 16:17


ya lor...the air-con is spoilt! somemore, my office at the basement, no windows! argh!
til now still not fixed...

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 18/12/2006, 16:24


east is also pourin liao..
not feeling any better now.

hamster got her results already, she got promoted!! haha!

salmon, are you back?

parrot | 18/12/2006, 19:12


Really CMI leh...when ppl are gg home liao...then the air-con is fixed (-_-¤)

Congrats to hamster on being promoted!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 18/12/2006, 19:39


Why can't I go home....just when I wanna go home liao...it's pouring outside...somemore haven't eat dinner, now hungry ah~

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 18/12/2006, 20:29


you are stuck in your office?
poor bambi!aiyo!
got bring brolly?
or the rain too big?

parrot | 18/12/2006, 20:33


erm...actually I got brolly with me lah...but too heavy rain, will still get wet mah...so wait til the rain not so heavy then go lor...my collegue just checked, she said now no heavy rain liao...so should be leaving office by 9pm lor...:Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 18/12/2006, 20:53


Hello to all cutie *waves* *waves*!

Please take care huh...the weather is bad lately, seldom see the sun...it's been pouring since yesterday. I was caught in the rain too...but I was to be blamed lah...cos I was lasy to take out my umbrella..:P In the end...I was drenched lo...

Bad throat?...frenz around me have been getting bad sore throat...I am starting to feel it too...Cuties please take care huh?..mus start to drink liang teh now so that you can enjoy a fun-filled and good Christmas season.

creamy doggy | 18/12/2006, 21:40


Super heavy rain now in the central area...Looks like it'll be a very cosy night later.

creamy doggy | 18/12/2006, 22:08



parrot miss me so much ah? and you really gave goldfish a box of salmon? zzz

heard from creamy you guys had a lot of fun with weiqi. i want also!!

congrats to hamster for your promotion! (:

thailand was kinda boring cos i didnt go on tours. just went there to shop. but there wasnt much to buy. but i saw this guy, some security guy in the train station that looks like mudco. my sis was like hey that looks like weiqi! i couldnt stop laughing cos he really looked like weiqi.

went to watch cabaret shows. the performers are so pretty. prettier than real women. but i felt it was gross. dont know how thai man survive there. its like how would they know if they fall in love with the girl or a guy.

and another thing, i realised that not all thai guys are like the typicial thai workers you see in sg. most of the guys there look so feminine. its scary

salmon | 18/12/2006, 22:33


the hippos givin away xmas gift - a self made photo frame. mudco posted the pic of the photo frame before in his "i wished..." entry. *the one he wish for xmas*

if any cuties wish to have it, wld have to grab a copy of this week's U Weekly. =D

piglet | 18/12/2006, 22:55


pink piggie say hi to all the cuties here.. =D

she cant get into here.. tt's why.. but she'l tag after work tml.. =)

piglet | 18/12/2006, 23:25


congratulations, hamster!!! got promoted liao :)

salmon, welcome back! Did you go to the right places to shop or not? My friends & I usually can get lots of things one leh....

piglet, thanks for the sms :)

hope tomorrow is a sunny day....

good nite all cuties, hippo, rhino & ppl peeking.....rainbow dreamz...

duckling | 18/12/2006, 23:55


yeah!~ promoted! hahas. scored 9 points for best 3 subjects. =.= nt realli gd. bt at least ii go to sec 5 rite? heh. sad tt some of my frens gt retain or go to ITE. sigh~ hope they work harder nxt time! duno whether ii can cope nxt year's studies anot. hais.

looks like it's been raining these few days? heh. cuties, rmb to bring ur brolly out! dun get caught in the rain hor. XD such a cooling weather to slp in. hahas.

and a veri suay thing happened to mi today. ii was on the way hm wif my fren today. when i'm on the way hm, while alighting the bus & ii nv c the steps properly, tripped & 'fly' out of the bus, and knocked onto a pole. and ii saw many birds flying on top of my head. *_* giddy! nw the right side of my face veri pain! heng nv knock until flat. O.O it's veri embarassing! den the ppl at the bus stop was like staring at mi. =.="

hamster | 19/12/2006, 00:13


whoa. it's pouring nw. such a cooling weather! ii love it. XD ii guess all the cuties, hippos & rhinos is slping soundly le uh? heh. hope aft tt knock ii wont forget anything. if nt jialat. lols. nw still feeling giddy. x_x

going off to bed. nites to all cuties, hippos, rhinos & those peeking. =) swt swt dreams~

hamster | 19/12/2006, 03:05


a cool morning... how i wish i can still b in bed...

gd morning cuties!

flamingo | 19/12/2006, 07:36

hamster [Reply]

Congrats! You've to continue to Jia You wor! Set another height for yourself to reach for the new year ahead yeah?!

creamy doggy | 19/12/2006, 08:22


Good morning to all cuties!

It's been pouring heavily again..haiz..at least at my place here..Where is the sun?!

Well, dun let the rain affect ur mood k? Ya, I'm not going to let it affect me...at most be drenched in the rain again lo..:P

Slept v early last night, around 10 plus. Piglet, thanks for the sms, I only get to see it this morning.

Got to go. All cuties have a funny and nice dae k?

creamy doggy | 19/12/2006, 08:24


Rainy day, flooding day, sleepy day...
Cannot believe my office kena flooded after 3 days of rain... haiz...

dolphin | 19/12/2006, 10:46

hi waves~~ [Reply]

is has been raining n raining.. pre-wet xmas.. substitude for snow...

tis type of weather.. shiok to curl up in bed..

hamster - congrats! but hv to wk harder nxt yr .. u forgot u r not a bird, cannot fly la, so did u pick up that piece of gold that mke yr fly?, sori la jokes aside.. if the giddiness is still there, better c a doc..

birdie | 19/12/2006, 11:45

Garden./ Garden Festival/thailand.. [Reply]

hi, to all the plants who hv not been to the MNG for a long time..

so many visitors there, undesirables n a most desirable one.. our distinquished quest WQ managed to find his way to d garden, n left his mark there..cmfd is him..

also a new plant called mango tree.. is she one of the cutie? if is it, pls enlighten me.. don't be shy .. welcome to be there to help me n rosemary.. warm up the plc.. tks..

Garden Festival - went there yesterday, v relaxing n festing my eyes with all the lovely, myriads type of orchid blooms, on the 4th/flr n beautiful intl landscaping on the 6th/flr.. glad i went..

haha! dolphin loves water n lives in the ocean.. so the flood no problem rite?

salmon - welcome bck.. u shd hv gone for a tour of the town.. like the river tour, where the ppl lives there, bath thre, everything there..doing biz in their tiny boats.. visits to the temples, one of them is a hugh Buddha, mke of PURE GOLD .. n a hugh sleeping buddha.. in another temple.. rose garden..to play with the elephants..
take walks down the streets on yr own no.11 bus.. to the lanes selling diff types of gds/food, mingle with the locals, tok to them as i did in teochews.. n browse around their shops.. go to pasar malam.. eat tom yam soup, take the tuk-tuk, go to the Chinatown area.. buy on the spot steamed crabs... cheap n gd.. dip in hot chilli padi sauce, burnt yr tongue n feeling shiok etc.. lots of roadside stores n cheaper shops cheap nice wallets, purses n handbags.. cheap clothings.. etc..

i went there a few times already.. n ea time enjoyed myself..

birdie | 19/12/2006, 12:34


excuse me la, some errors up there

birdie | 19/12/2006, 12:36


salmon fish is BACK!!
whooooo~ hahaha! FINALLY!!
welcome welcome!
thai is sian?

hamster, you cannot fly la, tt is only the special privilege of some ARK-ing animals!

animals whose offices are being flooded, really floooded ah? as in, the water came in? what is the level of the water? haha, cannot be what!

dr cutie, can you come and see this parrot? i think i am badly sick! ARH! i dont want to be SICK!!

take care, everyone!=))

parrot | 19/12/2006, 13:24


went to MNG to tag! so sorry sia..hais, mia for so long!

was cooking my campbell mushroom and seafood soup just now( or shld i say, i was heating it only?)

realised i dont know how to use a can opener=.="
so how did i open tt can?
i used the ice-breaker( not sure abt the official term), i tried to pock many many holes on the can top, then when the hole is big enuff, i used scissors to cut the thing off..haha! funny ah?too much for someone who can tuse can opener..the soup almost went chao da.my lunch!

parrot | 19/12/2006, 13:58

sick parrot? [Reply]

u r still young, must keep yrself healthy n happy..

sick in d mind?
sick in d heart?
sick in d spirit?
sick in d stomach?
misunderstanding with dad?
misunderstanding with friends?
cos raining.. cannot fly?
worry abt cash?
worry abt work?
no hp to ark ark?
worry abt performances for gathering..
worry abt guit lessons..
miss the hippos?

which one?
write down the points.. ponders .. then strike it off one by one.. finally, burn the paper..
try to be cheerful n happy.. cos yr teens yrs will be over b4 u realise it.. n when u enter d adult world.. u will encounter other forms of worries..

- So "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
- Take things easy..try to remember the 99 gd things that d person(rgdless of who), had done n the happy times together.. sort out the 1 bad pt.. put yrself in her/his shoes..
- Friends are the best in young days..
- In d adult world.. u will encounter diff types of worries..
- Remember, u yrself, r responsible for yr own HAPPINESS..

So enjoy yr childhood days, as happy as u can.. bring gd memories into the adult world.. cos "U CANNOT BRING BACK TIME..TIME ONCE GONE MEANS GONE FOREVER.."

v loh soh rite? sori lah..

dr cutie | 19/12/2006, 14:05


i need dr cutie too! the weather is making me sick.

its raining heavily outside. its raining in my house too. my roof is leaking! i think my house is going to be flooded like dolphin's office.

dolphin, did you remember to bring your brolly to work?

SOMEONE STOP THE RAIN and my leaking roof! ):

salmon | 19/12/2006, 14:11

salmon! [Reply]

haha, r u still living in the attap hse, got leaking roofs?
or stay d top flr of hdb flat?

birdie | 19/12/2006, 14:15


haha. attap house?! the zinc roof got hole!

salmon | 19/12/2006, 14:38


zinc roof, meaning pte landed property..

birdie | 19/12/2006, 14:42

salmon [Reply]

yr parents need to change the zinc roofing..

birdie | 19/12/2006, 14:49


which one ah?

sick in d mind?
-not really, i am normal

sick in d heart?
-heart? no heart prob..

sick in d spirit?
-haha, nope

sick in d stomach?

misunderstanding with dad?

misunderstanding with friends?
-haha, nope

cos raining.. cannot fly?

worry abt cash?
-not really

worry abt work?
-no la

no hp to ark ark?
-got house phone and aanother moblie phone

worry abt performances for gathering..
-still not sure, if we are performing not

worry abt guit lessons..
- nope, no guit lesson this week!

miss the hippos?
-haha, good guess, but ..nope

which one?
haha, i am really sick!
down with a bad flu and sore throat!
no voice to ark!

parrot | 19/12/2006, 15:02


poor salmon, your fish tank kana flooded with rain ah?
aiyah, change your roof la!

parrot | 19/12/2006, 15:12

parrot! [Reply]

u ark so much, nw yr throat is protesting,.. better keep away fm the rain.. yr feathers cannot get wet la... but must drink plenty of warm water to flush out the toxins inside u..

birdie | 19/12/2006, 15:53


ark too much liao, now throat got problem :((
need to drink alot alot of water liao
shldnt have laughed at salmon's roof
my house also kinda flooded now..
i take back my words!

parrot | 19/12/2006, 17:38

salmon ! [Reply]

u ask dr cutie to help u mend yr leaking zinc roof, hahahaaa!


1. change s whole zinc roof
2. use superglue.. to glue water proof material to cover the hole
3. cover d holes with white cement
4. look for a ting ting man to melt some silver metal thing to cover the holes, as in olden days, our mom used him to mend our pots n pans..

hope, above helps..

dr cutie | 19/12/2006, 18:00


I got bring my brolly...
now go class...

dying dolphin | 19/12/2006, 18:05


this season is really making ppl sick..
all cuties, do take care and rest well

ooh, dolphin got her brolly with her!

parrot | 19/12/2006, 19:15


oh no. our dolphin is dying! must revive her if not extinct liao.

my roof not leaking le cos the rain stopped. hooray!

salmon | 19/12/2006, 20:04

Fun with English Language! [Reply]

Have you ever wondered why foreigners have trouble with the English Language?

Let's face it
English is a funny language.
There is no egg in the eggplant
No ham in the hamburger
And neither pine nor apple in the pineapple.
English muffins were not invented in England
French fries were not invented in France

We sometimes take English for granted
But if we examine its paradoxes we find that
Quicksand takes you down slowly
Boxing rings are square
And a guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig.

If writers write, how come fingers don't fing.
If the plural of tooth is teeth
Shouldn't the plural of phone booth be phone beeth
If the teacher taught,
Why didn't the preacher praught

If a vegetarian eats vegetables
What the heck does a humanitarian eat!?
Why do people recite at a play
Yet play at a recital?
Park on driveways and
Drive on parkways

You have to marvel at the unique lunacy
Of a language where a house can burn up as
It burns down
And in which you fill in a form
By filling it out
And a bell is only heard once it goes!

English was invented by people, not computers
And it reflects the creativity of the human race
(Which of course isn't a race at all)

That is why
When the stars are out they are visible
But when the lights are out they are invisible
And why it is that when I wind up my watch
It starts
But when I wind up this observation
It ends,

birdie | 19/12/2006, 20:41


above is extracted fm yahoo

birdie | 19/12/2006, 22:27


that's funny..
helps us to relax our minds

parrot | 19/12/2006, 22:37


hi cuties..veri long din tag liao..blog dun like me la..always reject me..grr..

piglet, thx for the sms n for helping me to pass msg.. :)

hamster, congrats on ur promotion! dun worri abt not being able to cope with next yr's work la..the fact that u are promoted means u can de lor..jiayou! ur face better liao not..my colleague was jus telling me today tt she saw someone flying out from the bus some time ago n now u realli fly ar..hamster dun hv wings de lei..cannot fly..next time be more careful k..c a doc if the pain is still thr..

parrot, wad did u do to get a bad sore throat? ark too much rite? haha..drink more water hor..go to the doc if ur throat still hurts..sometimes need antibiotics to cure the sore throat..

duckling, jiayou with ur mugging! i help u add milo! haha..

salmon, u are back! haha..parrot realli gave mudco salmon sushi during the pre-gathering lei..keke..pae results out liao rite..hope u get into a jc of ur choice.. :)

gg to mng now..havent been thr for so long..it's still raining rite now..when will it ever stop? such a nice weather to slp in..tempted to call in and apply leave every morning..oops..hee..

pink piggie | 19/12/2006, 22:45


actually hor, i also flew out of the bus b4..haha, someone stepped on my shoes when ii wan to alight.then i flew out lo, landed on my knees..
mayb your fren saw hamster!haha((:

ark-ed too much, actually i also dont know what is the cause, i havent been eating fried food often this few days, and it is not like i didnt drink water..weird body

parrot | 19/12/2006, 23:02


haha..it cant be tt my fren saw hamster la..cos it was veri long ago..at orchard..n i was like so amazed how can someone fly out from the bus..now i believe her..u ar, another blur one..dun fly again hor..even though u hv wings.. :p

tink it's the weather la..one moment it's super sunny n the next moment heavy downpour..veri easy sick de..actualli my throat oso super itchy these days n i drink lots of water until my colleague laugh at me for being a shui3 tong3! lol..

alrighty, sleeping time! hv to go to work tml..rmb to keep urselves warm at nite..nitey!

pink piggie | 19/12/2006, 23:13


so many days nv come and tag ler.
so many things to read.
hahas. xD"

took a rest from my stack of homework..
hehes. ((:

parrot, who say you are normal??
you are sick in mind.. 0oPps xDD"

seems like everyone is getting sick.
cus of the weather this few days.
keeps on raining..
from the time i woke up.. rain until i sleep.
make me can't concentrate on my homework..

my hse is also going to flood soon.
can't even go out to buy food.
eating cup noodles everyday. =.=

sea gull | 19/12/2006, 23:35


my roof leaking again. damn sian lor. stupid roof. stupid rain. grrr

piggie, i got into mj. not tj. ):

my house is going to die man! and i've been sneezing like crazy today. almost half a box of tissue le.

why my stupid house like this one! ):

im off to bed. good night cuties and hippos and rhino and the hen li hai de goldfish.

salmon the sick fish | 20/12/2006, 00:05


just a thought, maybe the rain is due to global warming? the lowlands are going to be flooded, freakish weather experienced ect. ah, i hate geog. off to bed. GOOD NIGHT ALL!

salmon, still sick | 20/12/2006, 00:08


hahas. my face ok liao. heng dun hav a big patch of blue black. if nt hw to go out?! lols~ nxt time mus c the steps properly. if nt ii 'fly' again.

salmon, roof leaking? aww~ tt's bad. mus get it repaired soon.

parrot, c la. ARK so much. nw gt sore throat. consult a doc if u're still unwell!

all cuties pls take care of urself! it's been pouring tis few days. rmb to cover ur blanket when u're slping!

hamster | 20/12/2006, 00:10


why salmon copy mi sia?
house also flooded, nose keep running
hais, i dont usee that much of tissue as you..
just tt when i talk , the voice turns out weird..
awful weird.
why am i sick?

rmb to cover blanket?haha, i will..confirm.

is this global warming?
hais, us humans...

was so sian just now, so i played some card games, and then my windows player started to play stephanie sun," tian hei hei"
i going to be like a small kid and say,"I MISS MY GRANDMA!!"
hais, she brought mi up, nutured mi to become what i am ..she nv fails to be my side..when i rejoice of my good results, she is there, preparing nice foods as a reward for all my whole year's hard work..when discouragment comes along, she never fails to encourage..

this year, my birthday is going to be different, cause she is not around.i rmb the times, when she will start nagging at my parents, pestering how are they going to celebrate my birthday, and what food is she going to prepare for the small party..i never forget the times, it seems like she was even more anxious than mi..
memories of my childhood flows back..
where is she?
can i have her back?
can i still be like a little child, calling for my grandma to be back?
i wan to continue hearing all her nice nice stories..
my birthday is never gonna be the same without her..

"treasure who is arnd you, b4 it is too late"

parrot-ARKing | 20/12/2006, 00:49


i cant go to sleep so this is one nice post dedicated to you (if you're peeking).

have been reading the few blog entries written by you, sam and nic and the comments that follow. nice to know that everyone is super happy with the your design. wasnt able to go down personally to order the shirt cos i was overseas but i got parrot to do it for me.

saw your design on a couple of blogs. just want to say that NI ZHEN DE HEN LI HAI. the design is super duper ultra cool! can really see all the efforts you put in. be it designing, getting samples, bargaining with the supplier ect.

just feel really touched by your actions and how you go all out for your supporters. we can be said to be strangers but yet you treat all of us like friends. because of this you sacrifice your sleep (heard you looked like a goldfish on that day huh). just really touched by your actions.

where got celebrity do such things for their fans one? only got fans do things for their favourite stars. maybe cos you guys dont treat yourselves as stars and dont treat us as fans. and this will be one of the reasons which makes me super sure that i will not stop supporting MLB.

so since the shirt orders are settled, do go get more rest. though we have accepted your identity as a goldfish, we really do not like seeing you looking like goldfish. what im trying to say is rest more! do take good care of yourself.

really appreciate the efforts put in. "LOVE THE DESIGN, DAMN NICE LAH!" sounds familiar? you wrote something similar at the back of my board. nah, i'll give them back to you. NI ZHEN DE HEN LI HAI!

salmon | 20/12/2006, 00:51


parrot, my house havent flooded yet.

hamster, i dont know how to fix. stuff tissue paper at the hole? problem is i dont know where is the hole. ):

must pray for rain to go. those tribal people pray to raingod for rain, i better pray for rain to stop.

i dont want to sleep le!

salmon | 20/12/2006, 00:55


天黑黑 黑黑

天黑黑 黑黑

(chorus deleted)

this part, hais, really made mi missed her alot..where is SHE!!
can i have her back? hais, sometimes , i think songs really an express my feeling

sorry for turning the atmosphere here, upside down..hais..

parrot MISSED her! | 20/12/2006, 01:16


cheer up parrot. some things in life cannot be retrived once they are gone. so lets just treasure what we have now and make sure we have no chance for regrets.

salmon | 20/12/2006, 01:35


parrot, cheer up!

ii oso thought of my best fren. sigh~ ytd is the 3rd mth she's gone. and ii missed her like mad. when ii gt my results ytd, ii wished she was there to share my joy. she's a net-baller. whenever ii looked at my sch's parade sqaure, ii thought of her. it's like shadows of her playing netball is all over the parade square. she said to celebrate aft our 'N's is over. go on a cruise. bt she's already gone. ii wan her back too. can ii? she said to celebrate xmas wif mi. bt ii dun tink all tis is going to happen anymore. x(

and she sort of had a misunderstanding wif mi & my fren. my fren told mi when she's lying in the hospital. ii wanted to say sry to her. bt too late? sigh~

hamster | 20/12/2006, 02:18


didn't have a chance to explain to my fren. den she's gone. regret! if onli ii knew she misunderstood us earlier. hais. 3 mths 1 day & ii haven got over wif it. when can ii get over it? crying oso no use. she'll nt come bk anymore. ii miss her craps, laughters & many many more. hw?

sry for granting here. and spoil the atmosphere here? ii realli miss her so much!

so yea lor. treasure all ur loves one around uu.

hamster | 20/12/2006, 02:33


going off to practise guit. weird to practise at such an hr hor? heh?

nites to all cuties, rhinos & those peeking. swt dreams. cover ur blankets!

hamster | 20/12/2006, 02:47


The sun is finally out!
But I still can't my canon rock leh...

Hamster, congrates on your 'N'! must jiayou for your 'O' next yr ah.

Duckling, don't come peek here, concentrate on your studies. Don't worry, we will keep watch for your hippos n fatrhino.

Parrot, don't anyhow sing that song ok. Last time whenever this song was out from the radio, it would start to rain again.

Salmon, drink some honey lemon, get well fast. Don't get sick on the festival season ah.

I go jalan liao... chao...

dolphin | 20/12/2006, 09:14


oops! kena caught by dolphin :p okay, will leave a short tag then i go mug, k? :)

dolphin, dunno why u say u were dying, but hope you r better today. 4 more nites of "home after 11pm" to go. ganbatte ne? :)

yap, the sun is finally out! but it's still windy and cooling, sia?

lotz of places were flooded and affected many ppl. hope everybody's alright now :)

my place was also leaking, but it's from the flood! it happened last year too...the rain was just too heavy and persistent...

hamster, u dun hv wings yet wanna fly?? be more careful and watch where u r going..if the pain persist, must go consult a doc, k?

parrot, go consult a doc. sometimes u really need some antibiotics to help u fight the virus.

birdie, seagull, pink piggie & creamy doggy - have a wonderful day ahead.

i go mugging le...chao

duckling | 20/12/2006, 11:13


OH YES, the sun is finally smiling!

hamster and parrot, dont be so sad le. treasure the present now. dont let there be any room for regrets ya? a bit weird to see both of you so down. cheer up!

dolphin, jiayou with your work! (:

duckling, jiayou with your mugging! (:

to all cuties, have a great day ahead!

salmon | 20/12/2006, 12:22


oops! sorry, typo... i meant..

my place was also leaking, but it's from the *floor!

cannot be from the flood coz i'm staying on high floor... talking abt "English is a funny language". an alphabet can total change a word :p

duckling | 20/12/2006, 12:24


salmon, now that the rain has stopped, no need to look for the hole on the roof liao :)

But weather forecast says singapore will be wet 'till Friday, so all cuties please remember to bring your brolly and keep yourselves warm!

okie...i m not here :p

duckling...gone with the wind... | 20/12/2006, 12:28

hi all waves~~ [Reply]

it has been raining for days.. hurray finally, a little sunshine appears..

salmon - better get yr roof holes patch up la to prevent future leaking, is v annoying..

duck.. tks but dont think my today can be wonderful.. having a headache nw..

parrot - 'TIME' once gone cannot be gostan liow.. like u, sometimes i like to go bck in time to my young days enjoying kg type of lives.. playing five stones, skipping with ropes n rubber bands, stole teacher's chalk n draw on the ground to play hip-hop, play go-le/marbles, hammer n flatened the bottle caps to play, stole a little of my indian neigbours what they call 'tamma' to light a little fire on my little toy tin-stove, n stole my mom's rice to boil rice in my tin-masak(toys) in those young days.. n digged clays fm the ground to mould little toys.. or melted candles to mould little see-hum objects or others using see-hum shells..

i also remembered, always kena chased n pecked by a big kong-ji n a big goose, that my neigbours reared..
so everytime, got to look out for the bullies..

- also picking up the sour tamarind fruits, that dropped fm the tamarind tree, which jutted out fm my neighbour's roof.. n eating the ripe ones.. the upripe green ones, i wld put it in the raw rice to let it rippen..

- saw my neighour boy, being chased by his dad, cos he peeped at his sis bathing..

- picked up a cxxx when i was little girl fm the ground, outside a pte little hotel nearby, was so happy to pick up a 'balloon' wanted to put in my mouth to blow.. but was hit on the hand hard by my big bro.. n warn me not to touch that thing agn.. it was painful n i was blur..

so many childhood adventures hidden in my memories.. well for entertaining myself..nw sharing a little..

birdie gg bck in time | 20/12/2006, 15:02


duckling and doggy. it's alright de. =) more than willing to sms u both. =D

congrats to hamster for gettin promoted though i congrats u le. =D jiayou for next yr.. anything in doubt, can always ask salmon and parrot. can oso study with seagull, monkey and froggie too.. ure not alone. =D

piggie, =D it's my pleasure.. hees..

thanks dolphin for gg down to reckee.. thus savin me the trip.. =D

2dae's weather is good. though it's reali hot. mux rmb to drink loads of water ya?? take care everyone..

welcome back, salmon. =D

was looking for jobs online. hahas. fun. sent in some applications now waitin for replies. hahas.. well, i saw a job that need ppl to lose weight. hees.. and well, i went to apply for it.. hohohoho. LOL. no harm tryin.. hees..

piglet | 20/12/2006, 15:51


tsk tsk*
thanks, dont anyhow sing tt song liao..keke=)
seems like i passed the virus to hamster also, starting to be emo liao hor!
duckling, you are not supposed to be here! NO NO! go away! MUG MUG MUG!!
salmon, we can moniter the three animals to study liao, you can teach your sciences!

parrot | 20/12/2006, 16:52


lol. they better make me teach them now before i forget everything.

salmno | 20/12/2006, 18:11


Dear all cuties!

Finally the sun is out today! Easy to fall ill with such weather. Muz take care k?

creamy doggy | 20/12/2006, 20:37

Thank You.... [Reply]

Came in to say thank you to all the akains that came to my mother's wake. Everything is over. Now is to grief properly. On top of that have to support my siblings. Missed mum lots but i have to let her go cos she had stayed so long because of me. It is my fault that I keep wanting to hold on to her. The house is quiet... 5 rooms is too big for the 2 of us ler.
Thanks Birdie and PP for coming to the funeral.
I hv to pick myself up again and go. Went back to work today but reazlied tt I am 'flat'. No energy to do anything. Aft all this is only the first week. So I am giving myself time.
Once again...bie!

NpWruss | 20/12/2006, 20:43

NpWruss [Reply]

i duno wad to say except for take care.
man man lai ba.

piglet | 20/12/2006, 20:58

NpWruss [Reply]

Time is the best source to give you strength. Take eact step at a time, be in touched with your feelings ba. Take care!

creamy doggy | 20/12/2006, 21:01

Npwruss [Reply]

take one step at one time, dont force yourself to s mile or whatever..yao zheng zuo! but mind your health, okay?

whatever it is, all akians will be there for you, when you need it..we are just a call away, yeah? ni yao jia you! dont give up! man man lai bah

parrot | 20/12/2006, 22:10

its been a long while... [Reply]

since i last tag, right? and it just so happened that npwruss had to come in today too... sorry i cldn't stay long at the funeral cuz of wrk later bt... you must pull urself up okie?

i agree, give urself some time... you deserve the time to yourself.

sorry to the akians too that i been nt tagging... seriously work la...

and to lighten up the atmosphere... i shall tok about my work. haha~ i know many of you are 0.0 now and skeptical that WORK CAN LIGHTEN UP THE ATMOSPHERE?!?

okie... my work isn't exactly funny but get this... i am setting amaths questions for secondary sch... sounds boring rite? yes it is so mentally draining that i believe that is is karma...

why karma, one may ask... cuz i threw away my math notes str aft my a level maths exam and had a gd laugh at nt having to do math for the rest of my life, esp in my job... AND HORRORS OF HORRORS... one of my hol job had to be this... ARGH...

hence, i am looking to change job
(yet again...) k la... the most extreme was i worked half a day and walked out of it... in fact, i am still in this job cuz of my best fren of 5 yrs and countin is there... so tis is a mon to fri job... bt i kinda luv my sat and sun sales job... long hrs but the ppl you meet are so bl8dy interesting... (another long stori of mine... shant bore u guys...) btw, the pt of this long stori is tt yes, i am looking for a job again... cuz i am hoping to switch job... heh.

and oh yes! another great thing that happened to me is that... I AM GOING TO BANGKOK too! went to thailand 2 times, one with family, the other with school... this time round is with friends... and yes, the company will be great... so anywhere to recommend? (hoping a certain hippo who just came back frm there wld blog bout it...) shopping is a definite must... beside MBK anywhere else to recommend?

hoping to see some replies soon...

PS. I still owe flora $! cannot forget!

pink penguin | 20/12/2006, 23:46

Npwruss [Reply]

take care & be strong! jiayou wors. and stay healthy! =) if uu nid any help, we'll be there for you. take care!

hamster | 21/12/2006, 00:18


npwruss- time heals all wounds i believe. so just let time do what it needs to do. stay strong ya.

pp- if you need bkk maps, i have plenty!

salmon | 21/12/2006, 00:21


cant imagine losing my mum though i dun tok to her much. always bz w my own stuff. she is such a fixture in our lives dat it is so easy to take her 4 granted. just caught the movie Spore Dreaming n the mum in dat movie lost herself to her family cos aft getting married, she remarked dat she forgot how to sing (something dat she used to do all the time) n all she do the whole day was mop, clean, go mkting, cook n make liang teh for the family. so sad...tink most traditional mums r like dat. do everything 4 the family n expect nothing in return. Its quite an interesting movie. A local production. most of the dialogue is in hokkien n singlish. the funniest thing is the subtitles are in proper english so it really showed me the contrast of what the proper english version should be vs the singlish version. aft watching it,it really made me self conscious of using singlish. sometimes just cant tell what is proper english n wat is singlish anymore...

garfield | 21/12/2006, 01:36


did the fruit test...wonder if ure character determines the fruit u like or cos of the fruit u like, it defines your character? if it is the former, den isn't it super intriguing dat our character can actually dictate the type of fruit we like to eat!?

garfield | 21/12/2006, 01:42


Npwruss, hope you can get back to our usual cheerful Npwruss as soon as possible. Welcome Home!

PP, don't worry abt the $. As the most I go get some chicken heads (peg heads too ex and heavy) and do some stuffs what loansharks do.

Duckling, I'm dying cos Christmas is approaching!!! And think there must be some curse in my company products, failure rate getting higher at this period. I'm being running around e island for 2 days already. haiz... hope i can rest tmr.

Can't finish my essay... how ah. Just 3 pages but I took 2 weeks to write only 1.5 page. Jialek. Type n delete, type n delete...

dolphin | 21/12/2006, 02:34


why did i see my name appearing there, dolphin?? u mean pig's heads arh?? LOL

there's only one peg in the world. hahas *as if*

pp, any jobs to intro? hahas.. im lookin for jobs too.. but then alot wans admin =.="" but i cant commit to it. hahas.

piglet | 21/12/2006, 09:58


huh??? Oh no! The sotong strikes again!!!

Sorry peg, was very blur n confused last night when tagging. Haha... so I should rephase:

"Pig heads too ex and heavy"

dolphin | 21/12/2006, 10:51


hey cuties.. !!

MLB is featured in today's "the new paper". go grab urself a copy XD..
they went to NUH for charity and there's 2 page article on them. =D it's on pg 22 and 23.

jus in case some din managed to get the new paper. i believe the electric new paper might publish the news (maybe tml)

the new paper reported that.

the 3 milos will be performing in their church on xmas day.
sam will be going to Desaru for a short trip with a few frens of his while the other 2 will take the chance to have a good rest.

they hope to release the EP before Nic gets enlisted on 11th Jan. and it will consist of 5 songs and is expected to be a mix of cover songs and original compositions. XD

piglet | 21/12/2006, 15:15


Good morning to all..
i just woke up
slept at near 8 this morning after drinkin my coffee, think that is the bad effect of coffee..
missed the u weekly
think everything is out of stock already..
so parrot shall give the frame a miss , then
will get the newspaper later..
cool uh?
mudco changed the display pic ah?

parrot | 21/12/2006, 16:31

NpWruss [Reply]

Is only natural, that we always want to hold on to our loved ones.. even friends too.. so dont worry abt it too much.. take it easy..

but, then no matter how reluctant we are or they are, one day they or we will hv to go home to the origin.. where we can meet up agn with our loved ones n friends, i belive...

so try to pick yrself up agn.. only TIME can heal the wound..

u can come bck to tok or just tag out yr feelings..u will definitely feel better .. akians, do care .. time n agn is proven.. they stand by u 'cindy n yr mom' isn't it?

sometimes, they just do not kn what to say.. or scare to say the wrong things.. so they just keep quiet.. but, i can assure u, akians are caring ppl.. cya!

birdie | 21/12/2006, 21:50


oh yes... thanks to birdie for informing me on the newpaper... thankie... it was a welcome new awaited news on the bois...

it been a long time since the superband days huh? when there was reports on them...

Desaru? eh, anyone know where that is? sorrie... i think i am abit to frog in the well le... where exactly is tt place?

hm... piglet, why nt try the tamp courts? the new one with ikea... i am trying that out... hopefully will secure a job there... cuz i realise sales the best la... you can plan ur schedule and meet interesting ppl... yup... gt offered so many admin jobs... but seriously, nt me la...

dolphin... wah, loan shark huh? can i join ur team... we go lend money to some unsuspecting ppl la... haha~ i will do work for ya to pay back the high interest of ur loan... (AHH~ scari...)

BANGKOK! BANGKOK! BANGKOK! haha~ sorrie, i am just really excited about it... hopefully i will have great stories to tell when i come back...

yippee! luv AK!

pink penguin | 21/12/2006, 21:57


PInk Penguin: Desaru a beach area in Malaysia near to JB... hehe... I have been there... It's not bad... but the different for the beach within the resort and outside the resort is very big...

elephant | 21/12/2006, 23:19


pp, try platinum. its in the pratunam area. cheap and good. and a lot of shops

salmon | 21/12/2006, 23:22

pp [Reply]

desaru, is in the the eastern part of the state of johore..

birdie | 21/12/2006, 23:43


thanks pp. but then i can only spare them my 2wks plus laboour nia. hahas. .not sure if they still wan me aft tt not. cux im only having my term break and not sem break. hees..
mayb sem break i can take up more offers. =D

it's alright de, dolphin. hees.. blur sotong strikes again wors.. XD

piglet | 22/12/2006, 00:08


listening to MLB's SB tracks really makes me happy. shuang man! so many patterns, so entertaining. its almost as if you can hear their efforts that they put in. really very gan dong!

alright, going to bed. night night mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. (:

salmon | 22/12/2006, 00:46

desaru - specially for pp [Reply]


birdie | 22/12/2006, 00:50


alamak, gdn alot of v agressive invaders..sianz

birdie | 22/12/2006, 00:52


gg to lala land too.. nite n rainbow dreams to every1

birdie | 22/12/2006, 00:53

TTWW [Reply]

hi may...reali miss yr prescence sia... hope u will be able to cope...life goes on... be strong...courageous...dajie..

fatrhino | 22/12/2006, 01:00


thx piglet for the info on the newpaper. heh. ii bought it liao. so swt of the 3 milos! hahas. XD

xmas is approaching! hope all cuties, hippos, rhinos enjoy urselves on tt day. XD

going to zZzZz le. nites & swt dreams everyone. =)

hamster | 22/12/2006, 01:58


Good morning cutie akians!

Today is Friday, TGIF!
The sun is out too! Great day!
I'm counting down to Christmas
but still got so many things
haven't complete yet.
I think today I'm going to slack at work.
Company's Christmas party at 5pm,
then I got to go Victoral Concert Hall for a church concert.
Aiyo...dun think I've the mood to work lah.
Have a great day, Jia You!

creamy doggy | 22/12/2006, 08:27

突然好想 [Reply]









海豚 | 22/12/2006, 10:09

founders [Reply]


i'm not a naughty peeping person, just keeping track for a reason. could birdie & npwruss - i believe founders of the kingdom & garden contact or msn me

thanks & good morning to all

xiu | 22/12/2006, 10:43



for those cuties who din managed to get a copy of the new paper ytd =D

piglet | 22/12/2006, 11:51


the 2nd part of the article
(which report their updates)


piglet | 22/12/2006, 12:12

xiu [Reply]

ok piglet, n dolphin, tks i had communicted with her at msn..

dolphin n myself agreed together, 'same mind' - reqd xiu to help us create tis special blog, where our goldfish mentioned AK.. she said not 100% , but is ok with us rite?

cos once CS moved, the old blogs will be locked.. we got no choice, so hv to move with CS..

birdie | 22/12/2006, 14:10


sori, above chinese, i cannot understand..

birdie | 22/12/2006, 14:12


i guess we have no choice then. =(

piglet | 22/12/2006, 14:32

Ak5/xiu [Reply]

so, once we moved, not immediate... the new home shall me AK5..

xiu- told said she peeks.. told her, she is our special guest.. can tag if she wants to.. of cos.. since she found us.. we welcome her to transform herself to be part of the family, if she dont mind.. she can share her experiences/thots n expertise with us..

birdie | 22/12/2006, 14:36

hi hippos/goldfish/cuties!!! [Reply]

xmas is just round the corner..

'Here's Wishing all a v MERRY n A WONDERFUL XMAS" Hv a wonderful weekend... c the link...


birdie | 22/12/2006, 16:52

froggiie finding its own way to the south pole to ak4....wait for me...AK!!!! [Reply]

birdie i finally found here....

smilex n_n

i m here....

ok happy dongzhi o
hav a joyful christmas in advance k

take care

froggiie | 22/12/2006, 21:20

froggie [Reply]

u welcome to join the fun here..

birdie | 22/12/2006, 21:53

thanks birdie for the welcomin [Reply]

thanks lotas...

i will nort be lost again...

froggiie | 22/12/2006, 22:08


hamster welcomes froggiie! finally found AK le. congratz! =) dun get mi lu again. heh.

hamster | 22/12/2006, 23:47


it's fri again. and it's quiet! y no parrot ARK here ar? weird.

hamster | 22/12/2006, 23:57


thanks to birdie and elephant for providing information on desaru... looked up the webby... WOW~! beautiful place... hope samco will have loads of fun there!

salmon!!! platinum? din go there the last i went to bangkok... more detail on it plz! luv ya...

and piglet... oh man, that really a short time to work on a job... i doubt there would be a job tt suit u den... maybe something during the christmas season like gift wrapping? bt u have to find it asap... last week i heard toy r us was still looking for gift wrappers...

dolphin, i would say that is rather an emo post... i love chinese... bt a few days ago when i wrote my chinese name for an application form... i was struck by how foreign the name was to me... the last time i wrote it... was probably o levels period? AKians, (excluding those still studying chinese) how long had it been since you wrote your chinese name?

and last but not least, welcome froggiie!

pink penguin | 23/12/2006, 00:51

Merry Christmas [Reply]


Hi cuties..

I've imported tis tree fm CS to brighten up d kingdom. Hv a wonderful holiday! ^^

flamingo | 23/12/2006, 01:37


PP, I just missed tagging in chinese, thats all. Used to tag everything in chinese in BBS. Well, BBS was the IN thing before blogs, and I freq taiwan BBS, tats y. To think back.. hey, I started internet chating since the alamak era! Thats was before IRC. see how long ago it is. How many here actually use IRC before? haha... still can remember I chat until no sleep n go school e next day. Wow, really miss those days.

N oh... dongzhi yesterday?! I missed the rice balls!

dolphin | 23/12/2006, 01:50


pp, yep. that's reali very short period of time to reali find a job.
=(( good qn u raised up. im always typing chinese character but chinese words. when was the last time i wrote them. haa. i reali cant rmb.. =X

thanks flamingo for the christmas tree.. =D yep. i saw it in CS. it's cold there le..

christmas is coming le. but i dun have the mood to celebrate.. argh.. this year christmas is a sad one. hahas... but nvm.. i shall look forward to the countdown (even though im not sure if we're able to go down not cux nd tixs!! i tink.. )

piglet | 23/12/2006, 02:34

Things I'm going to do.. [Reply]

Yes! From now till next yr, no class! Finally, can get some rest and do things which I had missed since class started. I'm going to:

1) Go swimming! Both wet & dry swimming. I missed e water, I missed the table.

2) Shopping! Where is my $150 CK Tang vouchers?

3) Bowling! Gotta take out my bowling ball and shoe to polish and clean.

4) Reading! I missed all my comics and novels.

5) KTV! Going this christmas, sing till throat go soar.

6) Movies! Jay Chou, Takashi, dragons, here I come!

7) Home cook dinner! I missed my mom's cooking...

8) Dramas! Wonder can I finish all in 10 days?

9) Yoga! Should i go back to beginner class?

10) Sleep sleep sleep!!!

dolphin | 23/12/2006, 02:51


Oh! So we gonna move to AK5 huh?...A new place and new environment.

Froggie...welcome, u finally found your way here...bu yao zhai mi lu le!

In case I can't find the time to peep later...Wishing all a blessed Christmas in advance. May you be blessed with lots of good cheers with your loved ones. And wishing you a new year that filled with love, peace, joy and hope!

Merry Christmas!

creamy doggy | 23/12/2006, 09:33


PP- platinum is in the pratunam area. its within walking distance from amari and baiyoke hotel. they call it a fashion mall and they have loads of clothes, bags, accessories. 6 levels, from basement to 5th floor. the way they sell stuffs are quite weird.

its christmas eve eve. WOOHOO!

salmon | 23/12/2006, 10:45

to all cuties/hippos/goldfish [Reply]

it's christmas again.
jux in case i will be mia for awhile.
am here to wish all
awaiting for the countdown and our gathering.. XD
take care all.. =D
may this festive be joyful and enjoyable..

piglet | 23/12/2006, 14:33


hi cuties..haiz..am down with flu..havent been to work for 2 days liao..parrot, u pass ur virus to me is it..haha..

salmon, dun worry abt not being able to get into tj at tis stage..u will definitely do better in ur o's.. :) mj oso not bad la..pp grad from thr de lei.. :)

tink i wun be coming in till mon..so an advanced merry christmas to all of u! :D n parrot, happi birhtday in advanced! ^_^

pink piggie | 23/12/2006, 21:09

parrot, piggie [Reply]

tks piggie.. for reminding us 2morrow is parrot's birthday.. n pls take care.. so yr turn nw got to drink plenty of water n liang teh..

i went galavanting wholeday.. so tired nw.. n forgotten abt it..

2morrow will be a bzy day for me.. so may i wish u in advance...

Dear Parrot - " Many Happy Returns of the DAy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! & May U grow Healthier n Prettier ea day!" click the link for yr b/dae song..


birdie | 23/12/2006, 22:57


so someone, gg to be 16yrs tonight midnight.. young lady liow..

birdie | 23/12/2006, 23:06


HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY PARROT! continue ARK-ing! hahas. hope uu wont get log cake again tis year. heh. =X ARK!~ and may uu grow TALLER! =) gd luck to ur 'O's result! (still long la) heh. enjoy ur hols! XD

hamster | 23/12/2006, 23:58


happy birthday parrot! must tag even if i am talking to you on the phone now.

salmon | 24/12/2006, 00:01

Parrot [Reply]

Happy Birthday to you~ sweet 16~ :-)

flamingo | 24/12/2006, 00:41


Happy 16th Birthday Parrot...
Hope all ur wishes come true.. =)
Dun stop ARK-ing... haha...

Wishing all the Cuties, hippos and Fatrhino advance Merry Christmas..

elephant | 24/12/2006, 00:48


happie bdae to u, parrot..
finally 16 le.. hees..
cant say ure 15+ liaos..
take care.. XD

piglet | 24/12/2006, 01:29


Happy Birthday Parrot!
Finally, you can go to find a job without afraid of being underage now.

And to all the cuties, hippos, goldfish and fatrhino, Merry Christmas!!!!

dolphin | 24/12/2006, 02:18


surprisingly at this time. im not asleep yet..
take care all..
it's christmas eve. ping an ye.. hope everyone will stay ping an forever.. =D

piglet | 24/12/2006, 03:12

just come in to say.... [Reply]


All cuties, hippos, goldfish and fatrhino, have a wonderful Christmas!

ps Goldfish, when can u be hippo again? :p

duckling | 24/12/2006, 19:00


parrot, Happy Birthday!!!

duckling | 24/12/2006, 19:04

Its Holy Night [Reply]

Oh holy night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Savior's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining,
Till He appear'd and the soul felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
Oh night divine, Oh night when Christ was born;
Oh night, Oh night divine, Oh night Divine.

Led by the light of Faith serenely beaming,
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand.
So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming,
Here come the wise men from Orient land.
The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger;
In all our trials born to be our friend.
He knows our need, to our weakness is no stranger,
Behold your King! Before Him lowly bend!
Behold your King, Behold your King.

Truly He taught us to love one another;
His law is love and His gospel is peace.
Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother;
And in His name all oppression shall cease.
Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
Let all within us praise His holy name.
Christ is the Lord! O praise His Name forever,
His power and glory evermore proclaim.
His power and glory evermore proclaim.

Merry Christmas to Akians! Pardon my off-key, high-pitched singing my all time fav xmas song...

xiu | 24/12/2006, 19:10

xiu n cuties [Reply]

tks xiu for yr singing.. n myself forgot to wish every cutie, hippos/goldfish, fatrhino, garfied guests, peekers..


birdie | 24/12/2006, 20:21

'seow wei' [Reply]

hi, today, i attended a Malay friends's son's b/dae party.. wow, so much food to eat..my stomach, bloated up.. n the best part is the Malay hus sang 'seow wei'.. n he cld sing quite well, w a strong voice.. i asked him, u wan to follow Jus-b? learing ch songs?.. he was quite shy abt.. it.. the Malays told me they watch Superband too..

birdie | 24/12/2006, 20:40


somehow i MIA for the past few days, thanks for all the birthday wishes..=)*WINKS!

haha, cool christmas this year, isnt it?

welcome froggie, you are finally back!=)

parrot | 24/12/2006, 21:16


is everyone somewhere outside partying? christmas is so cool!

salmon | 24/12/2006, 23:07


hoped everyone have a happy christmas!!~ ((:

sea gull | 25/12/2006, 00:03

PARROT happy belated bdae ya/// [Reply]

i am so sorry that i cant use the com @ my hse all times le...
cos my elder sis don let me to use and she changed the pw ya///
but other jie let me use todae nite ya...
thx her...
but so sorry to kaysee..tt i was late to wish u happy birthday ya...


kk mahs??

ohya...maybe tml i wont be using com to come in tag again le...or maybe i wont coming to tag for days or dunno when...but i will ask my good jie jie to let me use her account to log in to my hse com...hope tt she can let me use on the other dae & daes


oh...parrot and everiones
a joyful christmas orh!!

smiles owaes...



froggiie | 25/12/2006, 00:22

ALL cute AKians [Reply]


slp tight tight ya...

i cant use com to come here to tag le for dunno how mani days maybe...mths...from tml onwards
but i dun tink so will be mths...
no no no///

and if i got to online again i sure be coming here to tag tag...
so if see my tags here means i am online ya....

froggiie so sorry to all the cute AKians...

will be missing euu all
missing AK

okay yO
sweet DREAMX

( Z__Z)

froggiie | 25/12/2006, 00:30


merry christmas to all. =DD
enjoy ur day..

piglet | 25/12/2006, 00:38

to all the cute akians [Reply]

u all must slp tight rmb dun roll down to the floor//
be careful orh...

ok slp early...ya
if all cuteies in aK will turn into a panda...le

so will have panda 1,2,3 so on...

bye bye



froggiie | 25/12/2006, 00:43

merry xmas darlings! [Reply]

merry xmas to all AKians too...
just realise tt it is gg to be 2000 tag again real soon...

so is birdie going to hit it?


pink penguin | 25/12/2006, 02:13


Is Christmas Day! Ya! The sun is shining brightly today! Love the Christmas carols...had lots of fun yesterday...with family, loved ones and friends!

Wowowo! Hohoho! Wishing all a Very Blessed Year ahead!

creamy doggy | 25/12/2006, 12:01

Parrot! [Reply]

Let me be the 1st one to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday! =P

creamy doggy | 25/12/2006, 12:04


doggy, ure the one who hit 2000 again. hahas.. =XX

merry christmas to all.. =DD
have lottas fun ahead.. for me ma.. lol.. i shd be k-in my notes ba.. hahas.. nd to get ready for my tests and exams le.. hahas.. =P

piglet | 25/12/2006, 12:20



cream hit again. woo. li hai.

salmon | 25/12/2006, 13:07

pp n cuties hi waves~~ [Reply]

haha pp, tks u a dear, but i din follow the comments le.. congrats creamy for hitting 2k agn..

birdie | 25/12/2006, 13:50

to the AK family-just for Fun! [Reply]

http://www.superlaugh.com/1/babylove.htm?stamp=2006_12_25_05_00_37 - singing baby

enjoy tis song..

birdie | 25/12/2006, 14:04

v cute e-card for all but esp for the 2 pigs haha! [Reply]


birdie | 25/12/2006, 14:08

hi all! just a reminder.. [Reply]

Pls take note.. of the move.. the Wq's plan B and AK .. not sure which day.. but anytime b4 the new year.. so be mentally prepared.. cheers!

"United We Stand!
Divided We Fall!"

birdie | 25/12/2006, 16:11

To All Akians.... [Reply]

Merry Christmas and Happy 2007 from very cold Tianjin.....
Stay well!!!!!!!!!!

Lion Puppy - penxiaohai | 25/12/2006, 16:59

LionPuppy [Reply]

Merry Xmas to U n puffy fish... U both take care n keep yrself warm!!!

birdie n all cuties | 25/12/2006, 17:33

Oh No... [Reply]

Gues wat, I partied too hard & got myself so tired that I got to give another party a miss!

Argh... think my friends gotta killed me now, I flied her areoplane twice this wk.

Anyway, happy christmas n happy new yr! Another new set of parties on it's way.

dolphin | 25/12/2006, 19:42

eh....creamy doggy [Reply]

u're not the first one to wish parrot a belated bdae orh...
froggiie was the first one nehs hehe
ok lahs...who is first oso nvm...
s long we got wished parrot happy birthday
can liaos...

see above...

ok lahs nothing else le


froggiie | 25/12/2006, 22:18

dolphin argh! [Reply]

dont fly areoplane anymore ya


oko YO


froggiie | 25/12/2006, 22:22

birdie [Reply]

so ak moving soon mahs???

argh! i nid to find again...

ok ya but nvm....
but maybe i will mi lu again
if we're moving...

froggiie | 25/12/2006, 22:25

Oops! [Reply]

paiseh...didnt' notice that I hit 2000 again...really paiseh =P

yeah...will check the blog regularly...muz oso keep a copy of AK4 too...in case...

creamy doggy | 25/12/2006, 22:31

dolphin [Reply]

haiz, why, u din divide yr energy 50-50 ah! either, u blur sotong agn, forgotten abt or 2nd appt or u enjoy flying aeroplane haha!

birdie | 25/12/2006, 22:40

creamy [Reply]

no need to feel paiseh.. is just a game la.. hitting target is not impt anymore.. nw most imptis, we enjoy the fun n companioship here~

birdie | 25/12/2006, 23:03


haha, birdie, I didn't forget my sec appt. I just no more energy to go. So told my friends to go ahead without me. I need to recover before going back to hell tmr. Argh... why holiday so short?

dolphin | 25/12/2006, 23:35

pp [Reply]

when r u leaving for bkk? enjoy yrself.. but oi, don't get milu ..

birdie | 25/12/2006, 23:36

froggie [Reply]

frogs eyes are looking behind when they stand up.. no wonder u always milu le.. haha! next time.. walk forward n not backward ya..

birdie | 25/12/2006, 23:40

dolphin [Reply]

hi v strange, home come yr msn "All I want for my life is....to leave my footprints all around the world"

is exactly, same as my nephew's.. both dont kn ea other n nvr seen ea other's.. u both got the same twin thinking? errie la..

birdie | 25/12/2006, 23:48

Birdie... [Reply]

The companionship and fun...tat's so true!!

creamy doggy | 25/12/2006, 23:58


birdie, think ur nephew copied me...haha. i had put tat long time ago... i don't think i got a twin bro...

dolphin | 26/12/2006, 00:06

dolphin [Reply]

haha, i add him in msn, he din add me so can't c yrs.. he said is not his, the comp error.. haha.. how come?

birdie | 26/12/2006, 00:18


christmas is over.

dolphin, at least tomorrow isnt monday. tuesdays are better than mondays right? cos its one day closer to weekends. (:

actually cream didnt hit 2000 alone. we all did! cos if there is no 1999 or 1998 (...) there wouldnt be 2000 right? so we all hit 2000 together. cream dont need to paiseh la!

salmon | 26/12/2006, 00:30


i'm late to wish everyone a merry christmas! ahh~ bt still wan to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all cuties, hippos, rhino & those peeking! heh. hope everyone enjoy their day yea? XD

onli managed to reach hm at 6am tis morning. aww~ no cab! frm tajong pagar walk until outram. call the cab oso no one pick up. suay ar! went to town wif my frens. so fun! ppl was playing wif the snow sprays including mi.

hide behind my fren. cos veri scary! everyone had sprays in their hand. and uu duno when r they going to'attack' uu. hahas. =X

xmas is over. and 2007 is coming. lets countdown to 2007! for a better year ahead. smilez! =)

hamster | 26/12/2006, 00:35


Back to work today. Still having hang over from the parties... and to think some more coming this new yr...

To think back, I always partying on Christmas, most of the time running few places on christmas eve. Once even got to take cab to rush from Orchard to BT PJ for countdown, reached just in time. Hmm... maybe I should opt for quiet christmas next yr, I'm not that young anymore...

Today cold n wet weather.. hope I can still in bed now...

dolphin | 26/12/2006, 09:29

hi all waves~~~ [Reply]

usually, ppl will just celebrate like seow.. n forgot there is a tomorrow.. is natural la.. i bzy on pre-eve, eve, rested on xmas day.. n today/tomorrow got xmas parties to attn.. tot of not gg, so much rich food.. is bad for my cholestrol.. but friends pestering me to attn, ask me to eat 1st n diet(die) later..

dolphin - aiya u still young la..

but is strange, out parrot got another love? must be in comptemplating mood.. cannot ark..

hamster, seagull -wa u both must be having a gd time too.. ya enjoy hard.. n in a few days time.. got to study hard liow...

birdie | 26/12/2006, 11:57

rain rain go away! [Reply]

luckily the last 2days no rain, so ppl can hv a gd time.. today pouring agn..

we dont c snow, but we c rain!

happy working!

birdie | 26/12/2006, 12:00

I came across tis interesting article, so sharing! [Reply]

"The Paradox of Our Time in history is that we have taller buildings, but
shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more,
but have less; we buy more, but enjoy it less. We have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time; we have more degrees, but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgment; more experts, but more problems; more medicine, but less wellness.."

birdie | 26/12/2006, 12:54


Hi all cuties, hippos & fatrhino!
Eh...paiseh, haven't been to the blog since last fri...was busy @ work, then over the wkends was out all days...so didn't have time to come here, til now...just finish my lunch and trying to read all that I've missed for the past dew days...

Happy belated x'mas everyone! :Þ
think I'm the last one here to wish you all ah...so paiseh...
today is Boxing Day, though not a public holiday here in SG...sigh~ otherwise, wld be a super long wkend for all of us liao...

Had a rather quiet x'mas this yr, just like nico...but a warm one, coz' was having dinner with family & cousin, so it was nice :)

Wishing all peace & happiness!

I gotta get back to work liao...overshot my lunch hr le... :Þ

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 26/12/2006, 13:15


yeah, was busy lately..and also not able to come to the computer this few days..thus, seeing mi on the computer is not tht easy already..

was embarking on the very special " mission" with salmon! haha we wanted to open this small online shop thingy, not sure of the name yet..think alot of work is to be done.thurs will be going to find the printing company, think it is not easy to open one.

since you guys miss my ark-ing, i will ark here ten times more , yeah?

ark X10

parrot- ARK! | 26/12/2006, 15:34


congrats nico for winning the 2nd chance award..

mux live up to the name wors.. =D

creamy doggy | 26/12/2006, 16:04


congrats nico for winning the 2nd chance award.. hees..
the article can be found on 26th Dec 06's the New Paper, page 28.

*gotta thanks bonnie for informing* =))

piglet | 26/12/2006, 16:06

2nd Chance Flame Award [Reply]

Congrats Nico..

birdie | 26/12/2006, 18:23


congrats nic.. ((:

christmas is over.. =((
bt COUNTDOWN is coming!!~
and soon is sch reopening.. =((
got to study again...

its been raining again since this morning.
make it so difficult for people to go out..

take care everyone ((:
don't get sick

sea gull | 26/12/2006, 21:50

hello.... [Reply]

it's really a wet wet wet Boxing Day!

sat for one of my papers today...dun think i can claim for the bird's nest le... but i m hoping for the best :p

need to work harder for my 2nd paper.. hope my brain cooperates with me...& Mr Zzzzzz... pls dun come look for me for the time being can???

all cuties, hippos, fatrhino & ppl peeking, pls keep yourselves warm so you won't fall sick :)

oh piglet, i forgot the get the papers on my way home juz now :( will read it online tml...tks for the sms

duckling | 26/12/2006, 21:51


haiyo, really a wet and cold christmas this year.

seagull, you start school, i start school too. why so fast! ):

parrot, zhu wo men cheng gong! (:

oh yes, we have set up this blog to host all our edited photos of the 3 hippos. its at milohippos.blogspot.com not much pictures are up yet but if you all are interested can go take a look! (:

salmon | 26/12/2006, 22:22

hi cuties any1 knows who is xuenaa! [Reply]

"Erm cause i like opened a 'guestbook' for all the mlbians to dedicate their messages for Cindy. It's at http://milubing.blogspot.com. Maybe really AM kaypo doing these. =/

xuenaa`-. | 05/09/2006, 22:44 "

HELP IS NEEDED TO LOCATE HER.. if any cutie knows pls ct. via email .. tks!

birdie | 26/12/2006, 22:44


wad a wet christmas tis yr..anyway tis yr was a quiet one for me..spent time with my family.. :) thx for all the christmas smses from the cuties..realli nice of u all.. :)

duckling, jiayou with yr exams..last paper le..jiayou jiayou!! :D

salmon, saw the blog..not bad eh..hehe.. :p hope ur online shop with parrot goes well! :)

congrats nic for winning the 2nd chance award! :D n thx bonnie n piglet for informing me.. :)

nitey akians! rmb to keep urselves warm at nite..dun catch a cold! else u will be arking like parrot n me..hee..actualli i hv recovered la..thx birdie for ur concern.. :)

pink piggie | 26/12/2006, 22:59


for e frame award ah.... wondering if I see e no of votes wrongly. Seem too little leh...

dolphin | 27/12/2006, 00:10


ahh! sch is re-opening nxt week. sigh~ and we gotta MUG & MUG. so enjoy while we can. heh. hope parrot & salmon's online shop would be a success! JIAYOU! if nid any help, can look for mi la. c? I'M SO KIND! hahas. =X

it's pouring again. cuties, hippos & rhinos, rmb to bring ur brolly out! esp the sotong dolphin. dun fall sick wors!

hamster | 27/12/2006, 00:47

xuenaa [Reply]

birdie, uu looking for her? ii saw her friendster before.

hamster | 27/12/2006, 01:04


hamster, u know wat? I lost my brolly... I think it was being blown away when I let it dry outside e house. N I can't find it anywhere today. Sianz... its my longest life brolly, being with me for so many years already... my pinky brolly. Haiz...

Bambi more lucky than me, I picked her brolly up when i came home just now. It was being blown away too, few doors down e corridor...

dolphin | 27/12/2006, 01:07


aww~ tt's bad. means no more brolly? better get one soon. if nt when it pours, u're going to be a luo tang ji! and nt a sotong or dolphin. hahas. =X

hamster | 27/12/2006, 01:19

hamster n cuties [Reply]

tks xuenaa contacted..

birdie | 27/12/2006, 02:29


the blur dolphin striked again??
haha! so no brolly how? it seems like it is going to rain soon..

oh xuena? what happened? i think i see her online.

parrot | 27/12/2006, 10:04


Congrat to nico for winning the 2nd Chance Award!
was a bit shock to see the no. of votes that won him the award :Þ
but nonetheless, happy that our votes won him the award! (^o^)v

here is something for all...something a bit funny and also to make you ponder...

The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered in another race and it won it also.

The local paper read:

The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter the donkey in any more races.

The next day the local paper headline read:

This was too much for the Bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent.

The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline:

The Bishop fainted.

He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey so she sold it to a farmer for $10.

The next day the headlines read:

This was too much for the Bishop, so he ordered the nun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the high plains where it could run free.

The next day the headlines read:

Alas .. the Bishop was buried the next day.

Being concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief and misery and even shorten your life.
So, be yourself and enjoy life.
Stop worrying and you'll live longer.

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 27/12/2006, 10:52

the article of Nic winning the flame award [Reply]


piglet | 27/12/2006, 11:13


parrot, u still ard ma??
tink u got the info frm dada abt the job le hor??
i cant log in to msn so cant tell u.

piglet | 27/12/2006, 12:12


my net is sot 2dae..
i cant go to any other sites except for the superband blog..
hahas. weird right??
i oso dun understand why. hais..
make me cant do anything at all.. argh..
nvm. i shall calm down and everything will be alright ba.. =P
i cant even log in to msn lo..
hahas. =P

piglet | 27/12/2006, 12:25

hi waves all ~~ [Reply]

recently, i am always having internet problems, sign!

piglet.. i was having the same problem as u for days already..n had to get in thru yahoo.. but today cant even get into yahoo.. so i remembered dolphin mentioning abt bookmark.. i went to 'my favorites' to click on it n nw back to original.. can get in direct to superband nw..

birdie | 27/12/2006, 12:40

bambi [Reply]

tks, ya, be yrself n be natural..

birdie | 27/12/2006, 12:44


oh everyone having internet problems?
just now, my net went ki siao..keep signing out, then keep telling mi there is no server around..dont let mi surf the net! RAH! now then finally can get online, but the net is shaky! why! is your server star***?

parrot | 27/12/2006, 13:12

Came Across tis Inspiring Story [Reply]

An Inspiring Christmas Story

"Once upon a time, a man punished his 5-year-old daughter for using up the family's only roll of expensive gold wrapping paper.

Money was tight, and he became even more upset when on Christmas Eve, he saw that the child had pasted the gold paper so as to decorate a shoebox to put under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, the next morning the little girl, filled with excitement, brought the gift box to her father and said, "This is for you, Daddy!"

As he opened the box, the father was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction.

But when he opened it, he found it was empty and again his anger flared. "Don't you know, young lady,” he said harshly, “when you give someone a present there's supposed to be something inside the package!"

The little girl looked up at him with tears rolling from her eyes and said: "Daddy, it's not empty. I blew kisses into it until it was all full."

The father was crushed. He fell on his knees and put his arms around his precious little girl. He begged her to forgive him for his unnecessary anger.

An Accident TOOK THE LIFE of the child only a short time later.

It is told that the father kept that little gold box by his bed for all the years of his life. Whenever he was discouraged or faced difficult problems he would open the box, take out an imaginary kiss, and remember the love of this beautiful child who had put it there.

In a very real sense, each of us as human beings have been given an invisible golden box filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children, family, friends and the ONE above.

There is no more precious possession anyone could hold."

May all yr days be pleasant!

i posted in cs, but don't kn whether ppl read.. repost here..

birdie | 27/12/2006, 13:12


Think cos of the earthquake at Tw yesterday, alot of servers down due to the network cables.

dolphin | 27/12/2006, 13:39


Please ignore this tag. I just wanna scream

Sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz sianz

I wanna quit! Argh!!! Why always dump all these kinds of rubbish to me? Why always try to hide the true till damages are done. How can you act as none is your problem? Why don't u just pick up your stuffs n go home! And give us back our bonus!

angry dolphin | 27/12/2006, 14:50

dolphin [Reply]

what happened?

parrot | 27/12/2006, 15:40


dolphin, calm down.
tough at work arh??
cant be cux of the ... right? cux doesnt sounds like..
but take it easy.
take a deep breathe and calm down.
everything will be alright de.. ya??
all the best.

birdie, ya. i went thru my favourites. able to go in. now alright liaos. can go anywhere le. =p but then msn still sot sot de..

piglet | 27/12/2006, 16:02


haiz... those ppl in my company driving me mad, regardless they are here or oversea. Repeating e same thing yr after yr yet no sign of regrets. Think its really time... i'm tired.

dolphin | 27/12/2006, 16:30


reali time to ...
quit arh?

piglet | 27/12/2006, 16:31

piglet, dolphin [Reply]

piglet - haha, we must thank dolphin our AK IT expert le...

there is a fire coming out of dolphin.. so the meimeis can c, someimes working life is full of heat..

i just borrowed the 2nd Flame Award Fan fm nico.. nw i turned the fan on.. the cool cool fresh air is blowing towards d angry dolphin .. hey! can u FEEL the brand new fresh cool air? .. wow! u lucky le..got fresh air fm nico! ... how feeling better ?

birdie | 27/12/2006, 16:32


birdie. yup. mux reali thank her..
yeah, workin life is nv easy. i knw tt..

for one, i reali thot u borrowed the fan from nico lehs. hahas.. =P

piglet | 27/12/2006, 16:37


it sure is quiet here on a wed..
all having problems coming in arh??
watch the news tt reported that net might be down for 3wks wors..
yup. hahas.. well, well..
let's hope for the better ba.
nth we can do even if we worry. hahas. =P

piglet | 27/12/2006, 22:49


sigh~ it keeps pouring everyday. when will the rain stop?! yea lor. watched the news too. Tw gt earthquake. den internet access would be affected too. =.= hope all things would be fine!~

hamster | 28/12/2006, 00:48


Morning! Its going to be rainy day again. How I wish I can stay at home n zzzzzz, but I don't have many leaves left, so got to ren ming and come to work.

I really hate that temp brolly I took along past few days, so I left it home today, on purpose. Haha, gotta test my power today, see if I can fight against the rain god.

Another long day ahead, but started to have holiday mood already, jialek. Nevermind, I start to count down now... just few more days to go.

PS. I can confirm, e biggest n real sotong in AK is defintely not me.

dolphin | 28/12/2006, 08:38


it's a brand new day again.. =DD
gg to look at it with a positive mind and hope i wun be disappointed.

dolphin and doggy, =D

piglet | 28/12/2006, 11:25

hi waves all~~~ [Reply]

yesterday, was a cold day.. looks like is gg to rain agn..

not able to access hotmail n msn..

so many blur sotongs here le.. think hre got virus already..

wishing all the hippos, fatrhino, goldfish, cuties, peekers -

"A Happy n Peaceful Day!"

birdie | 28/12/2006, 12:39



"Hi! here in AK, we met thru yung fen ..
And in cyber..
Sharing a common love of MLB..
From just a few quiet, peaceful like-minded ppl..
Sharing stories, advices, thoughts, hopes & plans!
Our friendships grow..
In more ways than one!
Meetings, sharing of Sadness & Happiness..
Isn't it great how we have grown
From being perfect strangers
To who we're today..
Tho' our friendships may not be perfect..
But we must be thankful, that we have each other..
I'm so lucky to have you as my friends!"

F = Faithful
R = Reliable
I = Intersting
E = Everlasting
N = Nice
D = Different
S = Sharing
H = Helpful
I = Incredible
P = Patient

birdie | 28/12/2006, 13:24


sorry but i'd like to borrow some space to rant. im feeling super stressed. super duper stressed.

i got myself into mjc with my lousy prelims results. mjc is in pasir ris, a minimum of 90 minutes journey from my house. because i failed my a maths, they dont allow me into science stream and even if im in the arts stream, i cannot take maths. without maths, i cannot do physics and i have to do geog and hist which i have absolutely no idea about.

to make things worst, when i asked for an appeal form, the teacher was like "HUH YOU FAIL YOUR MATHS AH, YOU FAIL YOUR MATHS LEH HOW TO APPEAL? CANNOT LA.' i was super pissed. i mean what kind of teacher is this?

so i made up my mind and told my parents i will not go for 1st three months. thus the quarrels started. we have been arguing about this rubbish jc thing for so long. im so sick of it already. i dont understand why cant they just leave me to figure out a solution for myself. i feel so irritated when they always try to get involved in my things. my friends' parents dont care about what they do at all. even if they dont go to a jc even when they are qualified, their parents still support them. but mine, they always want me to do things their way.

my dad promised if i can find a job he would let me work instead of going for 1st three months but now he isnt even giving me a chance to look for a job. instead, he is trying to get me into NYJC. but my friend who got into mj was rejected by nyjc so how the hell am i suppose to get in? i feel so cheated even though this isnt the first time he is doing this. and he continues to make a nuisance of himself by writing to so many jcs so ask them to take me in. i feel like a beggar.

they never let me do things i want to do since i was young. to them, they are always right even when at times, it is obvious that they are wrong. i try my best to obey but when i do, they force me to do more. and when they do, i feel very stressed up and restricted, just like now.

my dad is very good at maths. he thinks i have to be very good at maths too but the truth is i hate maths. he studied engineering. he wants me to study that as well. but i seriously have no interest. i know i wont do well cos i dont even have a drive to do well. why should i waste a few years of my life to prove him wrong and then pursue my own dream?

to them, doing something related to art is equivalent to having no future. i dont understand how i can get it through to them that this isnt true. i dont even dare to tell them i want to do digital media or film or something related to art

and never mind that i dont get support from home, i dont get support from friends as well. its not hard to understand cos they have secured places in good jcs where they would have plenty of friends and fun. and some are working and making money. they keep telling me to just go and experience but i see no point in wasting 6 weeks to experience something i dont need.

i guess i will just end here incase i pollute ak with too much of my irritation. sorry if i made you read through so much crap but i really need to let it out.

salmon | 28/12/2006, 13:34

poor salmon [Reply]

no problem la.. coincidence, i just tag something abt 'friendship' n sharing..

i am glad, the cuties, trust tis plc & its residents & r willing to share not only yr happiness but woes as well.. tho we can't help much.. as least, we can give u listening ears n shoulders to cry on...

since u are so unhappy with what yr dad is gg to plan for u..n he won't listen to ur heart.. i am thinking.. what abt approaching an elderly relative(someone, he will listen to) or pour out yr concerns to yr church pastor.. n seek his help/advice.. get him to tok to yr dad..

don't worry! just pour yr frustrations here.. let us help u to loosen yr knots a little..

birdie | 28/12/2006, 14:32

salmon [Reply]

my' no problem la.. means.. is ok.. just throw yr woes here.. don't keep it in yr heart..

birdie | 28/12/2006, 14:35


umm, poor salmon is struggling in the water because of first three months?

"i dont understand why cant they just leave me to figure out a solution for myself. i feel so irritated when they always try to get involved in my things. my friends' parents dont care about what they do at all. even if they dont go to a jc even when they are qualified, their parents still support them. but mine, they always want me to do things their way."-salmon

umm, i think we should think from another angle. parents wanted to get involved in such things is not because they have nothing better to do but the truth is, they just want to show their love and care. i think they showed it to you in another channel which you thought they were actually forcing you to make decision. right?

actually, i am very touched at what our father did.
"instead, he is trying to get me into NYJC. but my friend who got into mj was rejected by nyjc so how the hell am i suppose to get in? i feel so cheated even though this isnt the first time he is doing this. and he continues to make a nuisance of himself by writing to so many jcs so ask them to take me in. i feel like a beggar."-salmon

for one thing, i think this is way your father shows his love to you. i find this very touching, i think it is not you who is paisae, i believe he is more paisae isnt it? it was HE who wrote the letters, and the principal read HIS letters. well, somehow, i think you should really cool down , leng jing and slowly talk to your parents though they dont wan to listen or anything. most importantly, i learnt this from ak too, do nt ever comapare your parents to others' parents..instead , think why they do that action to you, is it out of love? is it out of anger? just think and appreciate them..it is hard , i know, i am still struggling in this too

previously, my father kept urging me to go to a jc..okay, fine dont laugh at me! he will just sit down beside me, and say," next time uh, you better go to a good jc! then next time you can go university..blah blaah" at first, my reaction was same as yours, i immediately , sprang to action and talked back to my father..wahahas. so i keep telling him that jc is not suitable for mi, i am not the studious type, blah..then he started to shoot me back, say my maths is good , blah blah, good for jc, blah. then that night, i rmb, i said this very clearly, i said, "if you wan me to get into jc, and i went in, i know you will be happpy, but what about me?"..and then he returned back into his room without saying anything. the next day, the same thing happened, sat beside me , and then i said," if you are asking me to go jc, i will go, but dont waste yoyr saliva liao", he told me that he knows what is my decsion, and he dont wish to force me to do smth that he likes, then he started to ask what course that i like, so he can helps mi to do some researchs on it. so i said, mayb design..alright, that really makes him mad, okay! said something like doing design will not get me to anyway, blah...actually, i knew that this will be his reaction.

since young, they dont let mi to cultivate the interest in music and art, though i have it..somehow,, they believe having interest in music/art, will not get me any way, but having an interest in maths/science will get me far enough.. but my sci sucks, so they keep sending mi for gifted lessons in maths, whatever shit. but i cant say i am forced to love maths, i love maths! haha, few years back ago, i wanted to buy a guitar, so their reaction was.....yeah, you shld guessed it, but they agreed on it, after we sat down to talk.

i think sometimes communication is really imt, though your family might resist you in several things, they dont mean any harm , they just wan to do you good..learning what is their motive will allow you to see the whole situation in another angle.

just think.
why did they do that?
so that they ccan control you or smth?
if you get into a good jc, who is being benefited?

i think i am not in a good position to comment, but well, that are my thoughts
everytime i feel angry at my parents, i will actually thought of this verse..
"1Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2"Honor your father and mother"—which is the first commandment with a promise— 3"that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth."[a] 4Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord" -eph 6:1-4

somehow it helps mi to think..

parrot..ark!* whoa long post! | 28/12/2006, 15:13


the problem now is that if i go, the course i'm facing is going to be one that i will struggle with. geog and history. how not to die. i know i wont do well. so why waste time. this is what no one understands. and its not as if i am not going to a jc, i just want to wait till results are out before i go and do something i can stick with. HAIII. dont want to say liao. make me so angry that i feel i can go kill people.

thanks birdie.

salmon | 28/12/2006, 15:21

salmon [Reply]

parrot is rite communication is impt.. but sometimes parents can be v stubborn n demanding(of cos they mean well).. in tis case a third party is needed, like yr pastor.. or u can try pouring our yr concerns in a letter form n post it to him.. i am sure he will read.. others may hv better suggestions..

birdie | 28/12/2006, 15:27

salmon [Reply]

i too hv gone thru yr stage, n parrot too .. i remembered, i dislike maths.. n wanted to drop the subject.. but my dad n big bro(both gd in maths) insisted that maths is impt.. 2 against 1.. n they wil not accept NO for an ans... tho i hated it.. i got no choice, so i took.. n i flunked.. so, i dont wan u to go thru what i had gone thru.. waste time n effort.. n get duck's egg..

salmon, we understand u.. is gd to thrash it out..

birdie | 28/12/2006, 15:35


think i will try one more time to talk nicely to them tonight. im so tired of arguing with them because of one stupid school. zzz hope everything works out lo.

salmon | 28/12/2006, 15:52

salmon [Reply]

im envy of u.
i rather my parents to interfere in my studies rather than they dun.
can u believe tt till now, they dun even knw the course i studying? it's so pathetic.
since sec2 on, the choice i made in sch is always the option i want and chose myself. mayb it's because they dun have much education, thus they duno which option is right for me ba, thus they let me made my own choice.

haaa. we cant offer much help but at least we can lend u our listenin ears. i agree that maths is very impt in this society, i feel. wad i tink u shd do is to talk to ur parents nicely and i believe they will listen to it de. u mux stress tt u understand wad they are trying to do but at the same time, let them knw tt ur interest is not in engineering.

piglet | 28/12/2006, 17:54


was reading the tags in AK4. realised that our tags become longer and longer. hahas.. =P

and sort of feel tt AK4, we shared even more sorrows together. of cux there's happiness too.. but well, it jux dun feel the same compared to the feeling i have in AK1-3. mayb cux we're more bonded le. =DD

we have 3 new cuties joining AK (if im not wrong)-puffy fish, hamster and seagull.. and not forgetting the "old" cuties that were already in. shared memories, had quarrels and stuffs. it's a great memory. hees..

birdie, isn't it a miracle to see so many cuties in AK?? when we at 1st jux wanted to support mudco's blog. =P im very glad to be in this family.

piglet | 28/12/2006, 18:41

Wondering [Reply]

Hmm... no brolly today, luckily just dizzling. Went 2 shopping malls, still can't find any brolly. Wondering if there really someone selling or not?? Where is that push cart full of brolly which I usually see? How come things always not there when u need it? I don;t care, still refuse to bring that ley chey brolly out. I want to get a folderable one!!

dolphin | 28/12/2006, 20:01


dolphin, wad is folderable?? hahaas..
was looking thru AK1 (or i thot is AK1)

AK1 shd be " *waves :)* entry right? how come towards the end, i saw AK3 instead?? blurred and confused. but dun mind me. i jux realised tt flying cutie had closed the site as AK1.

AK2 is "mmm...MLB comin up!"

AK3 is "the good old days.."



right?? correct me if im wrong..

*waves :) mmm. MLB comin up! the good old days. THANK YOU!*

piglet | 28/12/2006, 20:29


froggie was very late...
wat do i mean by late..?
i m late for the taggies tagged by u guyz before...
now already 28/12 few more daes to new year le...
not online for daes le..
miss ak..
i just read thru most of the taggies ya...
but i really thanks birdie for reflecting
on birdie reflecting | 25/11/2006, 13:53

i felt guilty oso..

so from now onwards, no matter how long i've not been here...will be reading most of the taggies here when i am online so tt i noe wat ya here to most of the cuties animals of AK

i won't be milu ya...
i will be looking forward not backward...
but frog really look backward always argh???
or wat...
i not sure wif the look of a real froggie

froggie | 28/12/2006, 20:30


piglet, u know e outcome of multitasking? keeping typing e wrong word. Somemore I got a very bad habit of not doing spelling checking. Too rely on micosoft word spelling tool already. So it should be "fold able"

dolphin | 28/12/2006, 22:06

piglet, why r u confused [Reply]

迷路兵 (weiqi) : *waves* :)milubing | 15 August, 2006 00:42 = AK1 (comments 2101)

THIS IS AK1 [Reply]
a fying cutie | 05/11/2006, 00:54

迷路兵 (weiqi) : mmm...MLB comin up! milubing | 24 August, 2006 23:58 AK2 (COMMENTS 1526)
so.. lets put a closure to AK2 with the BRAND NEW START of AK3..

lets hold hands cuties jiyou!!!
birdie flying north | 22/09/2006, 12:49

路兵 (weiqi) : the good old days..milubing | 31 August, 2006 02:29 = (comments 3046)
We have migrated..
This site is closed.. X X X X X X X X
birdie | 05/11/2006, 00:15

biride | 28/12/2006, 22:42


the good old days - AK3

birdie | 28/12/2006, 22:44


froggie. u wun be mi lu de.. if mi lu, come find me.. hees.. i guide u along..

dolphin, i agree, multi-taskin causes spelling error. i have got news to tell u and doggy. but then i cant log in to msn.. argh.. foldable make more sense than folderable. =X

piglet | 28/12/2006, 22:47

dolphin [Reply]

nvm le.. i tink nth liaos. hahas.

piglet | 28/12/2006, 22:55

the good old days [Reply]

This is AK3 - 3000 ++ comments [Reply]
We have migrated..
This site is closed.. X X X X X X X X
birdie | 05/11/2006, 00:15

piglet where is the error? everything is ok.. did ur eyes play tricks?

birdie | 28/12/2006, 23:00


Hi, still no news from the bois... I heard from a fren ytd dat she rem seeing an ad in the newpaper last week/wkend dat the vivo countdown tics can be bought at ard $12/$18? but cant rem other details. As i can't verify this info, i can only tag here to c if any of u happen to hv the newpaper from last week or the wkend, mayb scrutinise each pg to c if u can spot the ad if u realli wanna get tic 4 the event. hope this lil clue helps in the meantime?? okie GO! i declare the treasure hunt is started! haha, jus hope my fren didnt bs me.

garfield | 28/12/2006, 23:21


birdie, nahs. i went to AK1 and saw a tag writing, "we're waiting for the cuties to report at AK3" so i was wondering, how come im at AK1 but then we were asked to report to AK3.

but in the end, i saw the tag by u saying tt AK1 is closed. yup. =D

piglet | 28/12/2006, 23:29


hahas. garfield. thanks. but i dun usually buy the newspaper. so ya. duno how liaos. hahas. =P

piglet | 28/12/2006, 23:36

salmon [Reply]

maybe wad uu nid is to hav a gd talk wif ur parents. =) dun feel too stress up! gd luck to uu! if u're feeling veri stressed, try screaming, crying or talk to someone. it'll make uu feel better! lalalas~ smile la. XD

hamster | 29/12/2006, 00:49


hi, some of the cuties, MIA.. wondering, what is happening to them.. hope they are doing well..

duck, ele having exam ... jiayou!
pp, pigge n creamy .. must be bzy with wk.. jiayou! also
the rest of us, jiayou! too..
wq aka goldfish.. must jiayou!

birdie | 29/12/2006, 00:52


Hi cuties sorry for MIA...
Birdie- i'm having holiday now... but had been busy going for driving lessons for the pass 3 days.. need 2 go 4 as many lessons b4 sch start again next wk... coz my timetable is quite packed except for fri.. so i only can go every friday.

Duckling- Jia you =)

Take care all cuties...

elephant | 29/12/2006, 01:11


Hi all cuties...Jiayou!

Salmon....Jiayou! All will be well..

Rainbow dreamz to all cuties...and peeking pple.

creamy doggy | 29/12/2006, 02:07

3rd family renunion [Reply]

details out - ck CS..

birdie | 29/12/2006, 02:29

gd morning~ [Reply]

yeah! last day of work 4 d yr! here comes my long wkend... (^^)/

flamingo | 29/12/2006, 10:02


*inhale* *exhale*
*inhale* *exhale*
*Inhale* *exhale*

Flamingo, I still have another half day to go tmr... :(
K, back to work, gotta finish all things before e long holiday. But the stupid net still can't work ok over here. It seem to work better at home... hee hee, maybe propose to my boss that e rest of e half day n tmr let me work at home, cos better internet connection. Haha...

dolphin | 29/12/2006, 11:06

English is Funny! [Reply]

(1) A man falls down a flight of stairs and somebody rushes over to him and asks, "Did you miss a step?"

"No," he answers, "I hit every one of them!"

(2) Ah Beng, just returned to his car, saw a note "Parking Fine".. he was v happy.. cos he just passed his driving test.. remembered.. the tester had said .. yr Parking fine...

birdie | 29/12/2006, 11:32


Halo all!
hmm...just some updates on myself.....I'm currently clearing my work, emails, etc and to pass my o/s work to my collegue...as today will be my last day.....this yr, here in my office...I'll be on block leave after that...only to start work almost 2 weeks later... sounds like very good to be on block leave right? but not when you are made to go on unpaid leave :(
(it's a HR issue....)

so maybe, I might be able to appear here more often...but then again...judging on my schedules, a couple of days I wld not even be in SG :Þ
but, I wld still come in as and when I can ba...

salmon, not sure if you have managed to speak to your parents last nite, but if you did, hope it turn out well...
all of us are alway ready to lend a listening ear, even when we might not be able to help you much or give you solutions... :)

duckling, all the best for your exams!

ele, jiayou for your driving :)

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/12/2006, 11:59


Good morning all cuties!

My last day of work for this year was yesterday.

Relaxing and resting at home *envy?*...

But for the new year, I'm anticipating a hectic and challenging schedule for me to cope...wish me all the best k?

The sun is out! Hooray! Hope all have a happy day ahead!

(I just woke up though!)

creamy doggy | 29/12/2006, 12:09

Smart kid??? [Reply]

Little Bobby came into the kitchen where his mother was making dinner. His birthday was coming up and he thought this was a good time to tell his mother what he wanted. "Mom, I want a bike for my birthday." Little Bobby was a bit of a troublemaker.He had gotten into trouble at school and at home. Bobby's mother asked him if he thought he deserved to get a bike for his birthday. Little Bobby,of course,thought he did. Bobby's mother, wanted Bobby to reflect on his behavior over the Last year. "Go to your room, Bobby, and think about how you have behaved this year. Then write a letter to God and tell him why you deserve a bike for your birthday." Little Bobby stomped up the steps to his room and sat down to write God a letter.

Letter 1
Dear God,
I have been a very good boy this year and I would like a bike for my birthday. I want a red one.

Your friend,

Bobby knew that this wasn't true. He had not been a very good Boy this year,so he tore up the letter and started over.

Letter 2
Dear God,
This is your friend Bobby. I have been a good boy this year and I would like a red bike for my birthday.

Thank you.
Your friend Bobby

Bobby knew that this wasn't true either. So, he tore up the letter and started again.

Letter 3
Dear God,
I have been an "OK "boy this year. I still would really like a bike for my birthday.


Bobby knew he could not send this letter to God either. So,Bobby wrote a fourth letter.

Letter 4
I know I haven't been a good boy this year. I am very sorry. I will be a good boy if you just send me a bike for my birthday. Please!

Thank you,

Bobby knew, even if it was true, this letter was not going to get him a bike. Now, Bobby was very upset. He went downstairs and told his mom that he wanted to go to church. Bobby's mother thought her plan had worked, as Bobby looked very sad.

"Just be home in time for dinner," Bobby's mother told him.

Bobby walked down the street to the church on the corner. Little Bobby went into the church and up to the altar. He looked around to see if anyone was there. Bobby bent down and picked up a statue of the Virgin Mary. He slipped the statue under his shirt and ran out of the church, down the street, into the house, and up to his room. He shut the door to his room and sat down with a piece of paper and a pen. Bobby began to write his letter to God.

Letter 5

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 29/12/2006, 12:16

AK Cosy Get-To-Gather.. [Reply]

Attention to all Cuties!

There will be a "low-key" but cosy AK little gathering. Details:
When? 7 Jan 2007, Sunday
Where? East Coast Park, Pit C29 (Near Macdonald, Tennis Court &
Time? 5.30pm to 8pm.

We are planning to do pot-luck and a small bbq session for this little meet up; so hope all can participate and join in a little contribution for the makan'ing. Appended below is a list that we hope you can contribute. Kindly send your e-mail to me at creamberrybelle@yahoo.com to let me know what food you will be bringing.

Items will be handled by jie jies:
^ Chicken Wings
^ Otak Otak
^ Satay
^ Packet drinks
^ Charcoal
^ Stew
^ Mee Hoon

Items will be handled by mei meis:
@ Hotdog!
@ Potatoes Chips – Lays (Sweet &
Sour, plain flavour)
@ Salsa Dip and Cheese Dip
@ Banquette (ang mo loti…in hokkien)

Estimated no. of akians will turn up for this cosy outing: 10 pax

1) Kindly inform those who have been MIA and not been able to peep into AK.
2) I'll be posting up the final checklist here on 5 Jan 2007. So do send in your contribution list to me by 3 Jan 2007.
3) Make this gathering a cosy quiet one, no publicity ok ? *wink*

Looking forward for this warm and cosy get-to-gather ya?

creamy doggy | 29/12/2006, 14:13

Adding on... [Reply]

The $ spent on the rental of the pit is borned by the jiejies in AK.

The $ collected from the mlbians for the hippos' party is only for the drinks and cake at the hippos' party. There is no charge of the rental of pit to the hippos' party.

This AK cosy get-to-gather is a separate issue with the hippos' one.

creamy doggy | 29/12/2006, 14:58


thanks doggy for planning. =) dolphin too.. thanks..

jux chk my exam schedule. im havin a paper on mudco's bdae.. hahas.. =.="" somemore it's the 1st paper.. but well, aft my exams, i can havoc le.. hees.. got 8wks of hols.. =P

looking forward to my another hols. hahas..

piglet | 29/12/2006, 22:33


oh ya. duckling. u finally can take a break now le.. =P

piglet | 29/12/2006, 22:44


wee~ finally gt AK gathering. xD can get to noe each other better. heh heh. lalalas~

bt quite suay on tt day. =( ii gt to go community centre to take my merit edusave. at 1.30pm somemore! tt's the same time as the gathering. duno wad time the ceremony will end. SIGH~ =( aft tt CHIONG to east coast!

hamster | 30/12/2006, 00:25


came in to leave a tag for lil salmon. u say u only fail A math rit? means u passed ure math C? y with 1 math subject pass, still cant get into science stream? shld be able to, i tot or did dey change policy again? ur dad so good, take time to help u to enquire at other jcs. realli hope u appreciate his effort.
anyway jus wanna share w u dat I didnt get into my dream jc as well, but on hindsight I am thankful for it cos I could learn at my own pace. If i hv gone to my dream jc, tink i wld hv died fr the pressure cos fr Os to As is already a BIG jump n den hv to compete w those brilliant students, damn stress. And it may be better to experience 1st 3 mths in the arts stream (if realli cant get into science AND if u ureself wanna get into science stream??? not sure fr ure tag) cos this is the honeymoon period, still can slack n see if u can cope w the subjects. Rather den go thru 2 yrs of the nitemare. if aft 1st 3 mths, really cant take it, den let ure parents know u tried. so u r tinking of going to poly instd? Actually grad w diploma is better than grad w As. at least w dip, can get a decent paying job and still hv the 2nd option of going to uni also, if ur parents still so insist.
just my take on it, i wish u well!
ms piggy, it's the New Paper, not newspaper. I forgot the spacing n caps! I realli fail as a reporter, jus read in life! today dat all tics r given FREE in promos by sponsors. Duh! mus go scold my fren 4 wrong info le ;)

garfield | 30/12/2006, 01:26

i am free.... [Reply]

i mean from exams =.=" but need to find time the read the blog....will try to come back soon to read AK, ya?

meantime, all cuties, please take care.

duckling | 30/12/2006, 01:56


to birdie, piglet, parrot, garfield, creamy doggy, hamster and all the other akians who have expressed their concerns.

my interview with nyjc didnt managed to get me a place in the jc. but its alright. im not going to go to mjc still cos i really see no point. instead im going to get notes of subjects which im interested in from my friends from other jc and may go and attend lectures in other jcs illegally. in the mean time i'll be finding a job so i wont waste 6 weeks of precious time.

through this i really can see my dad's love for me. he rarely shows it and sometimes he shows it in the wrong way and makes me feel restricted instead of love. but from today onwards, i am going to appreciate his expressions of love instead of feeling irritated when i feel restricted. (:

thanks for providing me this place to rant and for all the precious suggestions and encouragement. really appreciated it (:

salmon | 30/12/2006, 01:56


Morningzzz.... Today is my last day of work the year! Well... if u don't count tmr... Last day, sianz but still got to come and clear up some papers, then I can go play without worries.

salmon, jiayou!

dolphin | 30/12/2006, 09:13


garfield, it's supposed to be ms piglet. rmb we have another piggie here. cant confuse us if not piggie will "rant" at me. =p

piglet | 30/12/2006, 09:58

hi waves all!~~~ [Reply]

haha, ppl get confused over the littles pigs..initially, myself was confused over piggie n pinkie.. but nw clear la..

garfield - hope u cn join d AK gathering to get to kn us.. & to hv some fun with us..

all MISSING CUTIES, current & EX..u are all invited to join us..but pls report to creamy..

salmon - glad u r able to untie some of yr knots.. congrats!to u, at least u relise.. u got parents, friends & AK jiejies, who show concern for u.. of cos there are many others, silent ones..who love u in their hearts only ..

piglet - the grass is always greener at the other side.. freedom is gd.. but too much becomes wild..sometimes it will be gd for u, if r u not sure to discuss with yr friends.. or ppl who experienced it b4 u.. parental restrictions is gd, but too much of it, one, becomes like a prisioner, n may retard one's growth..

"May u all hv a gt weekend"..

birdie | 30/12/2006, 11:21


birdie, thanks.

piglet | 30/12/2006, 11:40

gathering! [Reply]

wooo~ SO COOL! so any help that i can help in? bring potato chips? cream, are you online? i thought i saw you, but you went offline? haha

parrot | 30/12/2006, 12:16


duckling, HORRAY! three cheers! you defeated the big exam monster! haha you are free!! wah sunday is like a retreat for you, isnt it? haha!

salmon, phew, thank God for you! hope you really htink through!=D

hamster, sorry but can i laugh at you? wahahahs!

parrot | 30/12/2006, 12:19


can i prepare marshmallow?and some other things as well la..haha

parrot | 30/12/2006, 14:04

woo~ bbq! [Reply]

count mi in!

pai sei, hv been bz so seldom blog.. pls email mi how much to contribute, wat to bring/ bye etc..

flamingo | 31/12/2006, 00:10

haiz [Reply]

i still nort sure i going for the both gatherin anot ya???
so blur blur blur...
tml will be the last dae for the registration of the gathering le...
so sad..
but if i comfirmed tt i going for both gathering i will come up here to tag ya..
potato chips..: lays??
y not doritos??
nachos cheese flavour or watever...
i suggest tt but still nort veri sure i coming..not

so if i going on tt dae
i will contribute 2 packs of doritos
if i am nort going means tt's no doritos from me haha,,
kk mahs??

froggie | 31/12/2006, 00:13


froggie. i bringin chips lehs. hahas.. i getting lays. if u gettin doritos de hua, then i dun get too many packs of lays liaos. if not ltr cant finish it..

piglet | 31/12/2006, 00:19

piglet [Reply]

but i am not veri sure tt i will be going ya...
btw u're bringin how many packs of lays chip ya???

so half half ya...
if we nid 2 packs of chips we can bring lyk u contribute one lays pack..
den i contribute one doritos yO
ermx...if i nv go den u settle all the chips bahs haha....:)

froggie | 31/12/2006, 00:30

froggie [Reply]

doggy suggested 3 packs.
i duno how many cuties eat chips lehs..
nvm la. tink we get 2 packs each lo. 2 packs of lays and 2 packs of doritos if ure gg.
=D if u not gg, then i get 3 packs. =P

piglet | 31/12/2006, 00:37

piglet [Reply]

yup yup
double OK.

froggie | 31/12/2006, 00:44

piglet [Reply]

but if i buyin 2packs of doritos ya
den which flavour should i buy ya??

and wat nehs?
u lyk wat..?

and dunno others love wic kind of doritos..haha

froggie | 31/12/2006, 00:46


alright, then what shld i get? dont like that leh, the jie jies prepare the food..umm, actually i wan stingray! hahah! but the sad thing is i dont know how to marinate it..duh! wahahahs, i bring many packets of marshmallow? cool sia! haha, we can either bbq it or dip it in the chocolate fondue? i bring the chocolate fondue..haha, melt chocolate! it is finger licking good!haha, yeah kfc

parrot | 31/12/2006, 00:56


froggie. hahas. i duno lehs. anything ba.. =P tink we all shui bian one ba..

parrot, the jiejies bring the food got their reason de. i jux duno how they gg to store the food for those going to the MLB gathering earlier on nia. like u have to make sure the food dun go bad.

piglet | 31/12/2006, 01:03


waa. si liao. ii duno wad to bring! any suggestions? =(

hamster | 31/12/2006, 01:23

Hi cuties! [Reply]

Wow! really am impressed by your zeal in preparing the food...

Parrot...Ya! Chocolate fondue and marshmellow..superb! I will add on to the list.

Froggie...Yup! Doritos is good too...cheese or other flavour you can think of...i think 2 pkts will be enuff...no nd too much.

Salmon...thanks for the hotdog! Dolphin will love u for this...

creamy doggy | 31/12/2006, 01:29

Hamster... [Reply]

no stress...think of something simple...

creamy doggy | 31/12/2006, 01:31


crabsticks! i love it!
hahah! i like crabsticks! hamster is bringing crabsticks! so cool! mayb someone would like to bring sotong ball?

parrot | 31/12/2006, 01:45

harlo... [Reply]

trying to catch up with the AK gathering thingy...

sorry creamy doggy, i only know how to eat, dunno how to prepare food...and since i can't bring a chef, can i contribute, say, charcoal? but need someone who's driving to help me to bring it there...hee hee...

duckling | 31/12/2006, 01:48


Hamster...yeah crabsticks...thanks!

Duckling...okie...u shall in charge of the charcoal..

Bambi will take care of the drinks..

creamy doggy | 31/12/2006, 01:51

E-mail [Reply]

..eh not sure why some of your e-mails to me have been bounced back...

..if this occurs, you can add me to your msn and PM me your msg...I will check my msn regularly...

..my msn is using my yahoo account, i.e. creamberrybelle@yahoo.com

creamy doggy | 31/12/2006, 02:03


err... was thinking..
can I just take care of the pit?

dolphin | 31/12/2006, 02:14


take care of the pit?
in what way?
yeah, there is sotong balls for us to eat liao!

parrot | 31/12/2006, 02:16


alright.woo~ parrot is really dying, lack of sleep sia! aiyo!

so from what i know right, foods like crabsticks, hotdogs, sotong balls, marshmallow, tibits, bee hoon, charcoal( okay , i know this cant be eaten), etc are being prepareed already.anything else? haha..cool cool! FOOD!

alright, off to sleep..rainbow dreams , everyone!i am anitcipating next sun!

parrot | 31/12/2006, 03:03


oh yes, anyone bringing the plates and cups and spoons and forks? and the satay sticks or skewers or tongs?

salmon | 31/12/2006, 17:32


oh yah. i also thinking of that..tongs, satay sticks, pails, paper plates, paper cups.yep!=) wahahasthough we are animals , we still eat from plates and cuups!

parrot | 31/12/2006, 17:39

hi every1.. d old yr is coming to an end! [Reply]

..i am feeling reluctant to c 2006 leave.. is the yr we met at AK..thru MLB.. a unique friendship... we encountered happiness, sadness, then happiness agn.. we grown bigger(larger).. hopefully, the coming New Year will be a better yr for all of us..

"May I Wish Everyone,
All the Best for 2007..
And May the Coming Year..
Showers on you all that U
Ever Wished For! -
Health, Happiness,
Success, Peace, Beauty.."


birdie | 31/12/2006, 23:29

20007 is Born! [Reply]


birdie | 01/01/2007, 00:02


haha shd be 2007!

birdie | 01/01/2007, 00:03


Life has always been great for me! Hopefully it will be for all of you here too.

Happy 2007! and may it be another fruitful one!

xiu | 01/01/2007, 00:14



sryy for not tagging for so long.
rushing out all my holiday homeworks.
left only 2 more days to school reopen. =((

a new year, a new start!!~
hope everyone will have a happy and brand new year ahead~ ((:

* oh ya.. cream, hamster told you that i will be bring the sotong balls right? should i buy 1 or 2 packets? see ya all at the gathering. ((:

sea gull | 01/01/2007, 01:17

Sea gull [Reply]

2 small pkts of sotong balls will be enuff...dun spend too much k? Thank you!

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 02:23


paper plates and cups..thongs, skewers, satay sticks all these thingy are being taken care of...no worries ya?

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 02:25

AK cuties! [Reply]

Happy New Year! Embrace 2007 with vision and hope!

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 02:26


happy new year.. =DD

piglet | 01/01/2007, 02:44


Happy New Year!!!

duckling | 01/01/2007, 02:56


Happy new year 2007 everyone!

Bambi ~ 麋鹿 | 01/01/2007, 03:16

HAAA [Reply]

Haha, i'm still quite high leh!

dolphin | 01/01/2007, 03:37


Hey! As promise... this is monkey's "friend"!


dolphin | 01/01/2007, 03:51

OMG [Reply]

dolphin, really look alike lehs. scarlie they're bros?? hees..
their features dou hen xiang lo..

piglet | 01/01/2007, 11:34



dolphin, he's really my friend!

hmm, i will help u ask if he has any uncle or brothers.


monkey | 01/01/2007, 12:21


hee hee, just log on and met my friend. She went Zouk last night. Should drag cream along last night to there too. Haha, my friend said wanna intro her new British colleague to me. Nice cute boy. Haha... Not a bad starting for this new yar.

Piglet, he really looks like that Arashi guy hor. Now you know why I'm surprised now. :D

monkey, must use your charm to tie him down ok? hee hee....

dolphin a bit siao in the new yr | 01/01/2007, 12:31


happi new year cuties! :) may all of u here hv a fulfilling n blessed new yr!

doggy, rmb yest u said thr were onli 11 ppl gg for ak gathering? i'm the 12th one..i forgot to send my email out..sorry! :P hmm so wad shld i bring lei?

dolphin, monkey's fren realli looks like tt arashi guy! i was so shocked when i saw e pic..

pink piggie | 01/01/2007, 12:52


WOW, dolphin, the two REALLY look alike lor...maybe they are related? :)

monkey, sorry, late nite forgot to say bi bi to you :p

creammy doggy, r you still high today? hee hee :p

flamingo, glad to see you again :) so sweet of u to give up your mosh pit ticket. it's a pity that you couldn't stay till the countdown...let's have fun on Sunday, k? :)

duckling | 01/01/2007, 13:04

hi all waves~~~ [Reply]

hello monkey did u mia in 2006 cos u will hidding in 2007?

today, i woke up with a bad start le.. can't start my comp..nw using someone's laptop to come in..

pp - ur comp was down for sometime already, hope yr 2007 will be a smooth yr for u..

creamy n co - tks for organising AK's gathering..

tks cuties .. let's all help to mke it a success..

dolphin - wow! gd start for u.. u started on a high note..

to MLB/hippos/goldfish n cuties, all d best for 2007 .. cheers!

birdie | 01/01/2007, 13:07


hello cuties, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

cnt wait for next sunday! (:

salmon | 01/01/2007, 13:26


Bo Wow Wo! A good start for everyone!
Still high like last night??
Great music and great atmosphere...was superb at the countdown..

Eh...i tot all were super high esp...hahas u know who u r...

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 14:11

Pink Piggie... [Reply]

dunoe leh...what can u bring har?
most of the items being taken up le...
Hmm...what about salad? But how to store it cos u'll be there earlier for the hippo's party...

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 14:15


dolphin, ya right. =.=

birdie, was quite busy during the holidays.

so what must i contribute to the bbq huh?

monkey | 01/01/2007, 14:26

Monkey... [Reply]

so u wanna take care of paper plates and cups? Just these 2 items will do...the rest I will assign someone else..

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 14:47


ok. :)

can i help in starting the fire?

need about how packets?

monkey | 01/01/2007, 15:55


hope you guys enjoyed your time yesterday? cool huh!
to me, this year is a very happenning year..haha, i started to be crazy over mlb, go for many of their events and then i know alot of wonderful frens, and of course, i worked hard for my o lvl!haha!

hello monkkey , you coming on sun also? COOL!
i am really very excited abt next sunday!=)

parrot | 01/01/2007, 16:06


eric recorded ytd's performance=)



parrot | 01/01/2007, 16:53


doggy, cannot bring salad lei..i tink it will spoil before the ak gathering..how how..wad shld i bring? cant possibly go thr w/o contributing anything rite..let me go tink first..hees..u still as high? lol!

pink piggie | 01/01/2007, 17:59


umm, haha, let me help you think what you can bring..haha..otah? satay? but hor, you are jie jie or mei mei? so funny.opps

parrot | 01/01/2007, 18:20

Greetings [Reply]

A bit late.. but still 1st Jan 2007 so I take tis opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful and safe year ahead....2007

NpWruss | 01/01/2007, 19:18


dolphin, yep. super alike lo.. hahas.. have a nice hol ahead with ur family.. bambi too.. =DD cya when ure back..

happy new year NpWruss.. =DD

piglet | 01/01/2007, 19:26


dolphin n bambi go retreat for a while... back in 2 days time. Chao...

PS. Great luck today, saw full blown rainbow on the first day of the year.

Dolphin | 01/01/2007, 20:19


Piggie...u wanna take care of plastic cups and plates?

Monkey...Yup u r taking of the starter...please dun forget...without this bbq cannot go on...

Parrot...I'll be in charge of otak...flamingo will be bringing satay...=P

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 20:36


Happy New Year NpWruss!...All will go well!

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 20:55


wait wait! doggy, why you are giving me that impression that you are bringing everything? hahah, i thought you wan to bring chicken wings already? hahha! the dog who owns a supermarket? haha..happy new year, npwruss! new year, new start, k?=)

parrot | 01/01/2007, 22:17


npwruss, glad to see you around. happy new year!

eh i think monkey has to bring lighter also right? if not we need to rub sticks and leaves together liao.

cream, if you need help, feel free to approach us okay!

salmon | 01/01/2007, 22:48


haha,i better bring some umbrellas, just in case it rains or smth(choy!)..haha!

parrot | 01/01/2007, 22:54


doggy, can can..i get the cups n plates.. :)

dolphin n bambi, hv a good hol..enjoy yourselves yea? :)

happi new yr npwruss! glad to c u here..a new yr marks a new beginning..jiayou k.. :)

parrot! u dun be like samco hor..say will rain den later realli rain ar..haha..i heard tt samco was saying tt yest nite sure rain de n true enuf it did lor..luckily it's not heavy downpour..anyway we shall hope for nice weather on tt day.. :)

pink piggie | 01/01/2007, 23:15

Checklist... [Reply]

Hey all, here is the tentative checklist as of to-date.

Please go thru and contact me if there's anything need to be amended..

Attendance as at to-date:

1. Birdie
2. Duckling
3. Dolphin
4. Bambi
5. Parrot
6. Piglet
7. Hamster
8. Sea Gull
9. Salmon
10. Froggie
11. Flamingo
12. Piggie
13. Monkey
14. Creamy


Chicken Wings (20qty)...Birdie
Otah (50pcs)............Creamy Doggy
Satay (50pcs)...........Flamingo
Packet drinks...........Bambi
Mee Hoon................Birdie
Hot Dog (2pkts).........Salmon
Potatoes Chips (1pkt)...Piglet
Chocolate Bar
& Marshmellow...........Parrot
Sotong Balls(2pkts).....Sea gull
Paper plates
& cups (1pkt each).....Piggie
Starter, Lighter........Monkey
Skewers, satay sticks
& Butter................Dolphin/Doggy
Forks & Spoons.........Dolphin/Piglet

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 23:47


Aiyo...dun mention about the rain please...

Ok..contingency plan...if it really rains...take out brolly k?...or tear off the trash bag and wear as rain coat =P

creamy doggy | 01/01/2007, 23:58


i'm late. bt still, HAPPY 2007 EVERYONE! xD heh heh. hope tt 2007 woul dbe a better year ahead! =)

ytd's performance was a blast uh? too bad ii missed it. heard frm piglet tt the performance is a GREAT one! glad to hear tt. xD happi for them too!

gathering is coming le. so excited. looking forward to it! lalalas~ BBQ. yes, FOOD!!!!!!!!

hamster | 02/01/2007, 01:06


ok, noted.. 50 satays..

woo~ i like sotong balls!

flamingo | 02/01/2007, 08:42

qn.. [Reply]

50 pcs of otah.. will it b too many?

check tis out:

nxt x if we organise a bigger bbq, can consider to order d food fm them. tis x we cant order coz min. need to order 100 satays.

flamingo | 02/01/2007, 08:59

AK gatering [Reply]

aiyo....wish i can be there...

fatrhino | 02/01/2007, 11:47

hi waves~~~ [Reply]

today is also a holdiday... Sunshine is here..hihi!

bad start to 2007 for me... my comp went on strike d whole day.. luckily, seow comp tis morning ok liow..

creamy am i rite.. currently abt 12 cuties + 3milos(invited, but donoe whether will attn)..

flamingo - The amt of food to order, let creamy cmf..

i like all d food ordered.. alamak.. we gg to hv a fat yr haha!

May u all hv a gt day today!

birdie | 02/01/2007, 12:15


oops sori .. din read above.. so is 14 cuties +(3hippos, not cmf)..

birdie | 02/01/2007, 12:20

fatrhino [Reply]

aiyo, too bad.. u cannot join in d fun..

birdie | 02/01/2007, 12:22

waves~~~ [Reply]

Happy New Year NpWruss! Glad to see you here!!!

fatrhino, come join us at the AK gathering lah..the cuties will be more than happy to see you! the most we promised that you no need to cook? :p

dolphin, wow! a full blown rainbow? what a great way to start your new year! :)

doggy, since we have packet drinks, we dun need paper cups liao rite?

birdie, doggy has posted the list of ppl going up there liao :)

there's one thing that all cuties need to do...pray for good weather & have fun!

duckling | 02/01/2007, 12:36


haha, must choy choy liao..i will bring my big big umbrella..haha, good choice right? cool! so many foods!yep
marsh. and chocolate..haha

i think 50 otah will be too mnay? hahha..i dont eat otah, i think some of the akians dont eat otah too..

parrot | 02/01/2007, 14:51


Hi cuties,
Late Greeting: happy New year to all... went MIA coz went to stay wif m cousins... Erm i'm still not very sure if could go for both gathering... u all enjoy urself.. =)

elephant | 02/01/2007, 15:55

parrot [Reply]

oi.. dont speak for others.. some of us love otah.. including myself..

birdie | 02/01/2007, 16:06


woohoo sunday is going to be so fun filled! fun fun fun!

i dont think the trio would come ba. especially if its after their gathering. its going to be a bit difficult cos the rest would only leave when the trio leaves. ah, i dont know how to say but i think you get what i mean.

im sure we will enjoy ourselves no matter what and the weather will definately be good! (:

salmon | 02/01/2007, 16:53

Otah har.... [Reply]

Oh by popular demand wor...so 50 pcs should be able to makan diao lah...

Btw..does anyone dun wan chilli otah wan?...muz say hor...if not I will order all chilli wan...

creamy doggy | 02/01/2007, 16:59

birdie [Reply]

oh paisae
hahha, i dont know mah!
haha..make sure there is no wastage on that day!=)

parrot | 02/01/2007, 17:00

otah issue [Reply]

heh heh? i thought all otah is spicy? heh?

parrot | 02/01/2007, 17:02


yea yea~
chilli otah!!~
nicee~~ ((:

parrot cannot eat otah.
parrot only eat dirt.
hahas. xD"

parrot, there's white otah, which is non-spicy one.
blur queen~

sea gull | 02/01/2007, 17:16


parrot...otah got non-spicy one...

creamy doggy | 02/01/2007, 17:17

Paper cups... [Reply]

..still bring paper cups though we have packet drinks...

Since we have satay...the cup can fill the satay sauce for us to dip our satay lo..

creamy doggy | 02/01/2007, 17:21

Flamingo... [Reply]

not sure about the qty of satay...
if 50 is too much..perhaps can order 30?...well, I leave it to u...at the moment the no. of cuties attending is:
14 cuties + 3 milopeng (not confirm one)

creamy doggy | 02/01/2007, 17:24


Elephant will be bringing trash bags...

So now the attendance is:

15 cuties + 3 cannot confirm hippos

creamy doggy | 02/01/2007, 17:38


if the hippos cant be confirmed meaning they are not reali included right?? =X
sorry. tis is jux my opinion.
and well, otay is nicE!!! i will be bringin chilli sauce. hees.. cux i cant see without chilli. whahaahs..

piglet | 02/01/2007, 17:43


sorry. i mean cant eat without chilli. not cant see without chilli. =X

piglet | 02/01/2007, 17:51


LOL, cannot see without chilli. funny man. piglet, you too stressed le ah? (:

salmon | 02/01/2007, 18:00

Serviette [Reply]

Oh! Need a volunteer to bring some serviette...maybe one big roll..

let me know ya?

creamy doggy | 02/01/2007, 18:19

Hoi! AKians [Reply]

I promised NPWruss tt I will come here to leave a note for Birdie and all. Tagging from Canada n will b gg to UK in a week time. All the best to MLB and Akians....pls keep tis plc as happening as ever. Do invite Ayi to join u all in the gathering. To get out n b w friends will help.


Lion Puppy aka pxh | 02/01/2007, 18:22

LionPuppy [Reply]

tks for remembering us..all the best to u n puffy fish.. May Happiness & Success be with you both.. Stay healthy..

I hv invited NpWruss personally via sms.. but no reply fm her.. anyway, will try agn.. later..

birdie | 02/01/2007, 18:33


ooooh! lion puppy! you really come and go like a wind..not sure if i can catch you here.hahah, but well, enjoy your stay at watever country you are in! =) and do take care!

parrot | 02/01/2007, 18:34

hi cuties! [Reply]

can we leave the invitation open to d hippos.. even till the last mom.. tks..

serviette - i can volunteer to bring..

birdie | 02/01/2007, 18:37


lion puppy, nice to hear from you. take loads of care. do drop by some time soon! (:

salmon | 02/01/2007, 18:37

piglet [Reply]

i wld prefer to include d hippos.. cfm or not..

birdie | 02/01/2007, 18:40

Hi all [Reply]

Thks Birdie for consistently keeping in touch and updating me on happenings. Appreciated.
Thks Flamingo oso for consistently keeping in touch and concern. Appreciated.
I have noted the date of the gathering. I am working on Saturday and therefore have to wait and see. Monday is always the 7 of my mum's anniversary. Looks like a long time tt she passed away liao but we just only passed the 3rd 7. Give me sometime.
Thks for all the well wishes from AKians... noted and I will take care de.


NpWruss | 02/01/2007, 20:07


NpWruss, nice to hear frm uu! xD do drop by AK when u're free! =) take lots of care!

went to sentosa today. already had sunburn. T_T i'm a BBQ hamster liao. red roasted hamster. lols. =X

sch is going to reopen tml! jiayou to those who is in the same boat as mi! gotta MUG hard liaos. O lvl! I WAN GO POLY!~

hamster | 02/01/2007, 20:43


salmon, hahas.. too stressed.. dizzy ma. rushed off to bed aft tt last tag. jux woke up. disturbed by fatrhino's sms lo. hahas.. =X

birdie, well. anything lo. if they wish to come, of cux we will welcome them.

for those startin sch tml - seagull, hamster, monkey and froggie. jiayou!! o levels this year le. believe and u will do well.. =DD

piglet | 02/01/2007, 22:46


hais. schooling tml. ii dun wan!~ gt to wake up early. xS off the slp. nites to all cuties, hippos, rhinos & those peeking! jiayou to all who is starting sch again tml. =)

hamster | 02/01/2007, 22:59

jux some random thoughts [Reply]

this jux came to my mind suddenly..

we bond together because of MLB but they can also be the cause of arguments and disagreements among MLBians.
so life is really unpredictable har. we can have good times together and bad times together because of the guys.
i not only once had misunderstandings with the MLBians because of the guys. and somemore some are those rather close to de. but i guess everything is alright now. it doesnt matter to me liaos.
thus, supporting them too much will not bring much good ba?? mux support with the right amount.

one of my resolutions for year 2007 will be to reduce my support for the guys in the sense tt im not over-protective of them.
somehow those whom im close to in the past de have drifted away whereas those whom im not on good terms with de are getting better.

i apologise for droppin something heavy to AK during the 2nd day of year 2007. but at least i got wad i wana say off my chest..

piglet | 02/01/2007, 23:08


hamster, that's early. =D
u finally go off to bed early le. jiayou for tml.

piglet | 02/01/2007, 23:09


going to sleep ler~
tmr got to wake up early again. =.=
sch reopening again.

only praying that tmr wont end sch by timetable.
meaning dont follow timetable.
cause i can predict that my time table for wed will be very late. =((

night everyone. ((:

sea gull | 02/01/2007, 23:12

Hi Guys [Reply]

Can I get you guys 'Jagong', maize, aluminum foil and butter. Let me so something for you guyz. I will probably bring you all a cake....yummu chocolate one.

NpWruss | 03/01/2007, 12:04

gd day~ [Reply]

argh~ back to work.. :'(

creamy doggy - 50 sata